Jenny Galguera
Biographical information
Full name Jenny Galguera
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 2000
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss
(stab wound to the neck)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Actress
Family Miranda Galguera (mother; incarcerated)
Unnamed father
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #32: Once Upon a Crime (s2)

Jenny Galguera (2000-2014)[note 1] was the victim in Once Upon a Crime (Case #32 of Pacific Bay).


Jenny was a teen soap sensation and a child star who played a significant amount of princess roles in her short acting career. According to Frank, Jenny was his daughter's childhood idol.

Jenny had brown eyes and long brown hair, and at the time of death wore a yellow princess dress accompanied by a silver necklace around her neck, a golden tiara on her head, and a pair of round earrings.

Murder details

The Glass Princess

Jenny met her demise while rehearsing for the live-action adaption of Gaston Dumas's fairy tale The Glass Princess.

All Frank wanted to do was to see his daughter for the first time in years, and if he got an autograph from Jenny—who was a role model for Frank's daughter—his ex-wife would likely have to lift the restraining order once and for all. This was cut short as Frank and the player headed to the movie set of The Glass Princess only to find Jenny lifeless, with her face encrusted with glass debris. The player did not hesitate to ship Jenny to Roxie for autopsy.

Roxie started her autopsy result with a joke, something which Frank was not in the mood for given that the victim was about the same age as his daughter. Coming back to the point, Roxie suggested that the killer shoved Jenny against the mirror hard enough for it to shatter as a starter. After the mirror glass broke, the killer grabbed a broken shard and stabbed the victim in the neck and her head with it. Frank found the shattered mirror glass in the movie set, and Roxie was thus able to confirm the shards as the murder weapon. Also, she could not help but notice residue of anti-aging cream on the broken mirror glass shard which suggested that the killer used anti-aging cream—prompting Frank to wonder if the killer had to be addicted to their looks given what Roxie said about the residue.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be her mother, Miranda Galguera.

Miranda was aghast when Frank and the player incriminated her as the killer as she claimed to have loved her daughter more than anything else. Moreso, Miranda showed signs of emotional instability suggesting that she felt regret for the murder, but Frank continuously grilled her for juvenile homicide. Miranda eventually knelt before the player's investigative expertise so Frank permitted the player to ship Miranda to court.

All Judge Dante remembered was Jenny's annoying voice when he watched a couple of soap opera episodes of her with his granddaughter, but with that aside, he wanted an explanation as to why Miranda killed Jenny. Miranda wanted to help Jenny out during her rehearsal of a live-action adaption of Gaston Dumas's fairy tale The Glass Princess, but her emotional insecurities caused her to assume that she bothered Jenny more than she helped out, which prompted Jenny to inform her mother that she did not need her throughout the play. Miranda and Jenny looked at the mirror and realized that Miranda was once a beautiful princess, but due to her age she could no longer be what Jenny was, so she slammed her daughter in anger and stabbed her to death with broken glass. Miranda wanted the court to know how much she sacrificed her life to raise Jenny—stating that when she was pregnant with the victim, she had to put her career on hold, and due to a divorce not explained in the game, Miranda had to raise Jenny by herself. Miranda was not happy when Jenny cared about her own fame more than her mother, which drove the mother to a thirst for blood. Judge Dante heard enough and informed Miranda that there's no excuse for blood to be shed, so he gave a 30-year jail sentence for Miranda.


  • Jenny's physical appearance is most likely inspired by Belle from the Disney media franchise Beauty and the Beast and Princess Rosalinda María Montoya Fiore from the Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Program.
  • Being 14 years old, Jenny is the youngest victim in the game.
  • Jenny's death at the hands of her mother is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Pacific Bay.

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  1. Jenny's age is never explicitly mentioned in the game; however, Frank does mention that she had "been on TV since she was 4" and that she was a "star for a decade"—meaning Jenny was 14 years of age at the time of her death.