Jimmy "Ice P" Lewis
Biographical information
Full name Jimmy Lewis
Alias(es) Ice P
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Shark attack
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Reality television star
Family Carly Lewis (wife)
Partner(s) Zack Taylor (boyfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: Shark Attack! (s2)

Jimmy "Ice P" Lewis was the victim in Shark Attack! (Case #1 of Pacific Bay).


Ice P was a famous reality TV personality who sported tattoos on both of his shoulders,had one of his ears pierced with a silver bob, usually wore a purple tank top with yellow streaks, sported a gold necklace with a dollar sign on it, and also wore a purple-yellow hat. Ice P had black hair, black eyes and sported a black stubble.

Murder details

Ice P was found on the beaches of Ocean Shore half-eaten by a shark with his fingers pried off and his hands taped together. After careful analysis, Roxie, the coroner of the Pacific Bay Police Department, determined that the murder was not an accident and confirmed that the shark was the murder weapon. Roxie also saw markings on the victim's skin which resulted from a fight between him and his killer. She further determined that the markings came from a shell necklace, meaning that the killer wore a shell necklace.

Later on, Roxie received permission from Pacific Bay's board of marine science to autopsy the murder weapon. After Roxie conducted the autopsy, Amy and the player found the victim's fingers stained with a blue substance and the knife the killer used to chop them off with strange creatures on it. According to Yann, the blue substance on the fingers were lens cleaning fluid, meaning that the killer wore glasses. Furthermore, the creatures found on the knife were micro-jellyfish that got on the knife when the killer submerged in the water. Because the killer swam in jellyfish-infested waters, the killer must have also been stung by jellyfish.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be shark expert Trevor Finn.

Trevor blamed Ice P for his downfall because Ice P drove the sharks out of the shoreline so that Ice P would make his reality TV show safe to film, causing Trevor to seek work as a parrot keeper in a zoo in Pacific Bay. Trevor was mad because without sharks in the beach, he could not be a shark expert like he was once before. So Trevor blueprinted his comeback so that he could have his life back, but Amy and the player shipped Trevor to court where he had to explain the methods before Judge Dante, who currently serves as the city's justice.

Trevor told the Honorable Dante that Ice P was to be blamed for the destruction of his career, and continuing from Amy and the player arresting Trevor, he saw Ice P grossly drunk exiting out of the Tiki Shack, giving Trevor a good opportunity to lead him to a secluded spot in the beach. There Trevor tied Ice P's hands with sticky tape and sliced the victim's fingers with his sailing knife, threw those fingers into the sea, and shortly afterwards, dragged Ice P into the waters as well. Ice P did not go down without a fight as he struggled to stay away from the waters by lodging Trevor a bite but alas, Trevor succeeded; putting Ice P in the waters just long enough for the shark to make contact with the victim. Trevor swam away afterwards. These were sufficient grounds for the Honorable Dante to issue a lifetime jail sentence with no parole to Trevor.



A photo of Ice P kissing Zack Taylor, exposing the two as LGBTs.

  • Ice P seems to have been modeled after the likes of American rappers Kanye West and Ice-T.

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