Joe Stanford
Biographical information
Full name Joe Stanford
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Cannonball to the torso
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Reenactment actor
Family Gwen Stanford (daughter)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #20: Open Wounds (s2)

Joe Stanford was the victim in Open Wounds (Case #20 of Pacific Bay).


Joe was an American Civil War reenactment actor who took part in the American Civil War reenactments which took place around Jazz Town.

Aside from that, Joe had short blond hair concealed underneath a large blue colonel rank hat and had blue eyes. He wore a blue Unionist soldier uniform consisting of a black sash over his left shoulder with a gold buckle and the American flag on it. He also sported a gold medal with American colors at the top of it.

Murder details


Joe playing as Colonel Dexter Blade in the reenactment show.

During the grand finale of the American Civil War reenactment show, Joe, who was playing the role of Colonel Dexter Blade, was unexpectedly shot by a cannonball on the stage, thus being killed instantly--prompting Frank and the player to ship his broken corpse to Roxie immediately. Roxie was not pleased when she had to spend three hours (as a part of the autopsy task) sewing Joe's body back together.

As for the autopsy results, Roxie suggested that Joe was smashed by the cannonball as if he was a crash test dummy as per the cause of death, but not without catching wind of mint julep residue on his wounds, suggesting that the killer drank mint julep before splashing the cannonball with the drink. Roxie was generous enough to find splintered wood on the victim's corpse--which turned into a new clue to help the player with Joe's murder investigation.

When Chief Marquez commanded Frank and the player to visit the battlefield before dawn, Frank and the player found a lighter and a wooden quadrant with white fibers. The player did not hesitate to grab a sample of white fibers and shipped both the lighter and white fibers to Yann for analysis. After careful analysis, Yann made clear of two things: the cotton the player pulled from the wooden quadrant suggested the cotton was unrefined and only came from a cotton flower; and the lighter backfired when the killer used the lighter, causing soots to stain the lighter and the killer. This suggested that the killer wore a cotton flower and had a soot stain on their clothes.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be a school teacher named Harriet Davis.

Harriet abhorred violence, but when Frank had to go through the trouble of telling her about the mint julep residue she stained on the cannonball, she admitted to her transgression. Harriet did not like the idea of what she saw as a rifle shooting practice invitation placed within school campus limits at a school she taught at and held strong beliefs that encouraging violence was not to the best of society's interests, but in spite of her beliefs, she was shipped to court.

As Judge Dante led-off the hearing on an uncivilized note, Harriet told the court reenactments and rifle shooting practice classes that encourage violence are out-of-touch with society and took time to criticize Judge Dante for approving war-simulated reenactments to pave the way of a future without violence. Harriet then told Judge Dante that Stanford forgot the real reason the American Civil War erupted, but revealed her real motive for her crime: The Civil War should be remembered for preserving the Union and ensuing freedom for the slaves instead of honoring local Pacific Bay hero Dexter Blade, in which Harriet's ancestor was a slave and joined the Colored Brigade to aid the Union in defeating the Confederacy at all costs.

Harriet was sentenced to 20 years in county jail for the murder of Joe Stanford in spite of her non-violent crusade.

Case appearances