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Keme Peota
Biographical information
Full name Keme Peota
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Family Delsin Peota (descendant)
Inaya (ex-fiancée)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #53: Burying the Hatchet (s1)

Keme Peota is a minor character in Criminal Case appearing in Burying the Hatchet (Case #53 of Grimsborough) and There Will Be Blood (Case #56 of Grimsborough).


Keme was an Aloki Indian who lived in the Aloki Village as it was in 1643. Keme sported a bandana with feathers on his right side, wore a panther amulet, and male Aloki clothing. Keme had the same birthmark his descendant, Delsin Peota, sported.

Events of Criminal Case

Keme was the finest warrior in the Aloki tribe at his time.

Anakee told a love story to Jones and the player in which Keme and Inaya were supposed to spend the rest of their lives together in harmony. However, Inaya saved the lives of the pilgrim crew led by Solomon Grimmes (who struggled to survive in the harsh winter) and suddenly fell in love with the Pilgrim. Keme strongly disagreed with Inaya about her marrying Solomon, but could not forgo Inaya's wishes to marry Solomon, and for the rest of his life Keme had to live as a heartbroken individual, but not without making a vow to the great spirits: Keme pleaded one of his descendants to avenge the loss of Inaya by fatally removing the hand of a descendant of Solomon Grimmes. Keme's plea played a central role in the murder of Sandy Grimmes in an Aloki settlement.

Keme was also mentioned in the ouster of the Crimson Order as Anakee told the team that instead of showing up to Pilgrim Feast doubling as the wedding celebration of Solomon and Inaya, Keme went bison hunting for some time, and when he returned back, Keme found his tribe missing and out of reach. The Grimsborough Police Department played an important role in vindicating Keme by finding the mass grave of massacred Aloki, and finding out eventually that Solomon seduced Inaya, married her, and hosted a Pilgrim-Aloki feast just to off the Aloki in the feast for the love of the Aloki gold mine The Crimson Order stole, and securing the Order's secrecy for the following four centuries.

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