Khalid Souleyman
Biographical information
Full name Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2013
Cause of death Blunt force trauma
Nationality Sultanistan Sultanistani
Residence Sultanistan
Profession(s) King
Family Mohammad Souleyman (son)
Affiliation(s) Souleyman Petroleum Consortium
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #49: All the King's Horses (s1)

Khalid Ben Omar Souleyman (Arab: خالد بن عمر سليمان) was the victim in All the King's Horses (Case #49 of Grimsborough).


Souleyman was the crowned king of Sultanistan. He was from the Souleyman Royal Family of Sultanistan. His son was Mohammad Souleyman, the crowned prince. Khalid had black hair and brown eyes. He donned a white keffiyeh with a green and gold band on his head, and wore a thawb of the same color. He also wore golden chains.

Murder details

King Souleyman was found dead in the horse stables of Grimsborough's Horse Riding League. When the body was found, it was sent to Nathan Pandit, the coroner. Nathan confirmed that this case of death was by a horse. He discovered that the king's skull was smashed by a horse's hoofs. He continued saying that King Khalid was a famous horse-enthusiast. He said he brought the horse who killed him as a gift for Mayor Johnson. He further said that the king knew how to act around stallions and he'd never have frightened the horse. Nathan then said that the killer killed the king by frightening the horse to make it mad so it would rear up and smash the King's skull. Nathan concluded that the killer wanted to make the murder look like an accident. However, Nathan could not find any clue about the killer in spite of performing the autopsy very carefully.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Mohammad's personal nanny Hilda Tipton.

Hilda did not like the fact that the King did not trust her with his son apart from picking his toys. She wanted to do more for him, like being the King's personal consultant. Given that Khalid never listened to Hilda and claiming that Mohammad trusted her, Hilda planned to get rid of Khalid in the Grimsborough Horse Riding League so that she could counsel Mohammad. Hilda had strong beliefs that Khalid spent most of the time in those stables and knew about Grimsborough's security holes, and managed to exploit those security holes by pretending that she was delivering her daily report on his son, but in reality she lit the firecracker to break the beehive, allowing the bees to anger a horse which was taken as a gift from King Khalid to the Mayor, and causing the horse to smash Khalid's skull with its metallic foot.

During the hearing at Grimsborough Court, Hilda felt that her killing Khalid was a glorious day for Sultanistan because Mohammad would be a king much better than Khalid, but the judge countered that Mohammad now had to bear an excessive burden of power whilst being parentless. Mohammad told the court that Hilda lied to him all along, in which the judge told Hilda that she pretended to care for him but was found that she wanted to seize more power and overthrow the Sultanistan Imperial Rule. Due to the crimes being political and international in nature, the judge opted to fill in her report of Hilda's arrest in Grimsborough and ordered International Authorities to detain Hilda where she would face trial at the International Judicial level.

David Jones and the player averted an oil embargo, and Mohammad thanked the team for putting Hilda to justice, although he needed to sign some oil contracts before returning to Sultanistan at the promise that he would come through as a responsible head of state.

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