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In South Africa...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, there's not a second to lose. Thanks to Michelle and Elliot, we know that Prince Abioye of Mazunda is being targeted for assassination by SOMBRA!
Chief Ripley: All our efforts to contact Prince Abioye and warn him have failed, but Elliot's discovered that he's still alive and well...
Chief Ripley: And that he's due to give a talk in a nearby village in just moments!
Jack: And you want us to go there? How can we do anything knowing that there's a mole in our team?!
Chief Ripley: Because we still have people to protect. It's imperative that we get to the Prince before anyone can harm him!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, you'll take Michelle with you. She knows SOMBRA better than anyone; she'll be able to identify any threats.
Jack: Yeah, unless Michelle kills the Prince herself! She's a SOMBRA agent, after all!
Chief Ripley: This is not the time for you to question my authority, Archer. Grab Michelle and head to the Zulu village, NOW!

Chapter 1

Investigate Village Square.
Jack Archer: What the heck, <Name>?! This girl looks like she's been fished out of that well!
Jack: And you're right, this was no accident... Her hands and feet have been tied up. We've got another murder on our hands!
Michelle: And this no ordinary murder... I recognize this girl, <Name>!
Michelle: Her name's Kayla Pieterse, and she's a SOMBRA assassin!
Jack: This girl was a SOMBRA assassin?!
Jack: So this Kayla must've been here to assassinate the Prince! Looks like somebody got to her first...
Michelle: Speaking of the Prince, I can't see him anywhere, can you, <Name>?
Jack: Don't worry, Michelle. We'll take it from here. I'm sure <Name>'s already picked up some great clues to help us make sense of this murder!
Jack: Like this... bucket... Um...
Jack: <Name>'s right! If our victim died in the well, this bucket could be a vital clue. I'll grab your dusting kit!
Jack: And this torn paper could shed some light on whatever took place here. Let's tape it up!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: The girl in this photo is clearly our victim!
Jack: But who's the guy she's cozy with? Let's look for this guy in the database!

Examine Photograph.
Jack: The guy in the photo with our victim is Kwanele Mthembu. He's a local who grew up in Soweto, Johannesburg.
Jack: You're right, <Name>. Perhaps this Kwanele could shed some light on our SOMBRA assassin's background!
Jack: But we'd better stay vigilant - Kwanele might also have ties to SOMBRA! Let's inform him of Kayla's death.

Inform Kwanele Mthembu about the victim's death.
Jack: Mr Mthembu, we're sorry to inform you that Kayla Pieterse's been murdered. We take it you were close?
Kwanele: Kayla's... dead?
Kwanele (crying): She can't be! I've known her my whole life, she can't be g-gone!
Jack: How did you two meet?
Kwanele: My parents worked at an orphanage where Kayla was raised. We were inseparable! We said we'd always be best friends. But once we got older, we became more than just that.
Jack: So you and Kayla were a couple?
Kwanele: Yes, though it wasn't always easy. You know how it is, people change as they grow up.
Kwanele: Kayla disappeared for a few months one time... Said she was taking some time to work on herself.
Kwanele: When she returned, she was suddenly more sophisticated... and smarter, too!
Kwanele: Kayla became President of the national yacht club at just 24! I was so proud!
Jack: She had an extraordinary life. Thanks for your help, Mr Mthembu. <Rank> <Name> may have more questions later.

Jack: Well, Kayla fits the SOMBRA stereotype. An orphan who disappeared for several months... It's SOMBRA recruitment 101!
Jack: But if Kwanele knew about Kayla's ties to SOMBRA, he wasn't letting on!
Jack: Good thinking, <Name> - Kwanele said Kayla was the president of the national yacht club! We might discover more at the club's headquarters. Let's go!

Investigate Club Lounge.
Jack: Check out this yacht club, <Name>! I can just picture myself on a yacht, cocktail in hand, Asal by...
Jack (blushing): ...I guess that'll never happen. And you're right - we're here to look for clues. You found a trophy?
Jack: Good thinking - if Kayla was president, she must've been responsible for these trophies! The name on it is illegible, though - you'd better decipher it!
Jack: And the victim's satchel is sure to give us a lead! Let's rummage through it!

Examine Yachting Trophy.
Jack: So this yachting trophy was given to a J. Gilbert. I'll look him up.
Jack (looking at his phone): J. Gilbert seems to be a guy called Jacob Gilbert! He's the grandson of one of South Africa's richest men, and something of a local celebrity.
Jack (holding his phone): He posts something called "Rich Kids of Instapic". It's mostly pictures of him partying on his yacht, a bottle of champagne in each hand... Tough life!
Jack (putting down his phone): C'mon, let's go ask Jacob if he met the victim when he got his trophy... Maybe he'll take us out on his yacht!

Ask Jacob Gilbert if he knew the victim.
Jack (pulling his glasses down): Excuse me, Mr Gilbert? We'd like a quick wor-
Jacob (pulling his glasses down): Sorry, how did you get in here? This club is members only, and you don't look like you can afford the membership fee. No offense, bru.
Jack: We're police officers! We've found Kayla Pieterse murdered and we want answers! Did you know her?
Jacob (yawning): Murdered? Dreadful.
Jacob: I might've met her, I might not. When you're as well-connected as me, you're always surrounded by people.
Jacob: My therapist says I do it intentionally to compensate for the loss of my parents, but what does she know?
Jacob: Anyway, I've got places to go and people to see, <Rank> <Name>. You know where to find me.

Jack: I can't believe how pretentious Jacob was, <Name>!
Jack: Who wears sunglasses indoors? And did you see all that cleavage he had on show?!
Jack: What do you mean Jacob and I look similar, <Name>?! We don't! I just like to uphold the law in style, that's all!

Examine Satchel.
Jack: There was a note in the victim's satchel, <Name>? Great!
Jack: Except I can't understand a word! Guess we've gotta send the note to Monsieur "I speak every language under the sun" Dupont!

Analyze Note.
Dupont: Hello, <Name>! Or should I say, "goeie dag"?
Jack: Just tell us what the note <Name> found in the victim's satchel said.
Dupont: Firstly, I should specify that the note is written in one of South Africa's eleven official languages!
Dupont: Most ashamedly, I must admit that I can only speak seven.
Jack: Don't tell us you couldn't decipher the note?!
Dupont: Please, Monsieur Archer. The note is written in Afrikaans, which is descended from Dutch. And I am, of course, fluent in Dutch.
Dupont: The note says, "Let's meet at the well at midnight"!
Jack: "At the well"? It must be referring to the well our victim drowned in!
Jack: So our killer speaks Afrikaans! They'll be tongue-tied once you've caught them, <Name>!

Examine Bucket.
Jack: Wait, this bucket has a name on it? "Thembisile Ndlovu"...
Jack: This Thembisile must be one of the villagers! Let's go ask them about the murder!

Ask Thembisile Ndlovu about the murder.
Jack: Ms Ndlovu, <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you-
Thembisile: The only reason why I didn't call the police is because I panicked! I didn't know what to do!
Jack: So YOU fished Kayla out of the well?
Thembisile: Yes... When I came to get water this morning, my bucket caught on something.
Thembisile: I thought an animal had got trapped, but when we pulled it out...
Thembisile (crying): It wasn't an animal - it was a g-g-girl!
Jack: You must've had quite the shock, Ms Ndlovu. Please, take some time to recover. <Rank> <Name> will speak to you later.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, every time I think the bodies of young people have stopped piling up on my slab, you send me another one.
Jack: I don't feel bad about the murder of an assassin, Angela. If Kayla wasn't dead, the Prince would be!
Angela: It's easy to judge the dead, Jack. They can hardly defend themselves.
Jack: Just tell us what you found.
Angela: Prior to being lowered into the well, she was knocked out and tied up by her attacker.
Angela: But that's where your killer slipped up, <Name>, because I found traces of melktert between the victim's skin and the rope!
Jack: Melktert? Great!
Jack: And... what is melktert, exactly?
Dupont: Monsieur Archer, one hardly needs to be a language expert like myself to realize that melktert translates into "milk tart"!
Dupont: Melktert is a local dessert made from milk, flour, sugar, and eggs... C'est délicieux!
Jack: So our killer eats melktert! They'll be getting their just desserts once you've caught them, <Name>!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, I still can't believe that Ripley made us take Michelle to the village.
Jack: How can we trust an ex-SOMBRA operative when we don't even know who to trust in the Bureau?!
Jack: You're right, though. Michelle came in useful by identifying our victim as a SOMBRA assassin. And that fits with our theory that SOMBRA intends to kill the Prince!
Jack: But that's where it all falls to pieces! Somebody presumably got to Kayla before she could get to the Prince... who never showed up at the village!
Jack: Perhaps he got wind of the assassination attempt and stayed away?
Jack: Or perhaps Prince Abioye was involved with the murder. For all we know, he might've acted in self-defense!
Jack: Man, we're never going to solve this murder without talking to the Prince. But we've no idea where he is!
Elliot: Speak for yourself... I know exactly where Prince Abioye's hiding!
Jack: You know where the Prince is?!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: Let's recap, <Name>. We've got a dead SOMBRA assassin who was drowned before she could carry out her mission.
Jack: Thanks to her boyfriend, we know the victim had reintegrated into society and established a high-flying career.
Jack: It makes sense that SOMBRA would want their recruits mingling with the rich and famous, like Jacob "I'm better than you" Gilbert.
Jack: But we won't be able to solve this murder without asking Kayla's intended target, Prince Abioye, why SOMBRA's after him. And we have no idea where he is!
Elliot: Speak for yourself! <Name>, I hacked into the local surveillance camera network...
Elliot: And I've got the exact coordinates of the street where Prince Abioye just showed up in Soweto!
Jack: The Prince is in Soweto?! <Name>, we need to go find him, quick!

Investigate Soweto Street.
Jack: Man, we must've missed him! I can't see the Prince anywhere!
Jack: And this gun isn't a good sign! We know SOMBRA's after the Prince... What if they got to him?!
Jack: You also found a torn painting? The only way we'll know what it shows is by taping it up!
Jack: And I don't know what you expect to find in that wheelbarrow, but I'm not about to get dirt under my fingernails. It's all yours, <Name>!

Examine Handgun.
Jack: You've collected a sample of that substance from the handgun, <Name>? If we're lucky, it'll give us a lead on whoever's after the Prince! Let's get it to Lars, ASAP!

Analyze Clear Substance.
Lars: Hey, <Name>. Here's what I found about the substance on the gun-
Jack: Dude, you're not even going to offer us a knock-knock joke first?!
Lars: It hardly feels appropriate. Everyone's so on edge, knowing there's a mole in the team.
Lars: The only one holding up okay is Dupont! Not that I'm implying it's suspicious, but...
Jack: It's hard on everyone, bro. I still can't believe any of our friends would betray us!
Lars: And as you still have a case to solve, <Name>, I can tell you that the substance from the gun was sweat from a Willem Nieuwoudt.
Lars: Elliot looked him up and it turns out Willem is Prince Abioye's bodyguard!
Jack: Phew, so the gun didn't belong to a SOMBRA agent! And you're right, <Name> - Willem might still be in Soweto! Let's go ask him about Prince Abioye, quick!

Ask Willem Nieuwoudt where the Prince is.
Willem: Goeie dag, <Rank> <Name>. How can I help you?
Jack: Mr Nieuwoudt, <Rank> <Name> and I work for the Bureau - we're looking for Prince Abioye.
Jack: We believe he narrowly escaped an attempt on his life, and while his would-be assassin is no longer a threat, we desperately need to talk to him! Where is he?
Willem: An attempt on his life?!
Willem: Then the situation is even worse than I thought! I turned my back for a few moments to buy melktert... and the Prince ran off! I don't know where he is!
Jack: What?! Why would he run away from his own bodyguard?
Willem: Beats me! And what's worse is that I lost the device I was using to track him!
Willem: But if I knew the Prince, I'd bet he's gone to the yacht club. I've gotta head there to look for him!

Jack: <Name>, what kind of bodyguard loses the person they're supposed to protect?! I don't trust this Willem. If the Prince is at the yacht club, we'd better go look for him!

Investigate View on the Marina.
Jack: So much for Prince Abioye being here - he's nowhere to be seen!
Jack: But you've picked up a digital watch, <Name>? I wonder if this is the tracking device Willem mentioned. Let's unlock it and find out!
Jack: And check out this piece of paper! Not only is it addressed to our victim, it also has a key on it! You'd better recover the writing.

Examine Digital Watch.
Jack: Well done decoding that watch, <Name>! It definitely looks like the device the Prince's bodyguard told us about. Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze GPS Watch.
Jack: So was <Name> right, Elliot? Is this watch the device the bodyguard was using to track Prince Abioye?
Elliot: It sure is, <Name>! The watch is linked to a similar device carried by the Prince...
Elliot: Which allowed me to pinpoint his exact location!
Elliot: You'll find Prince Abioye at the Zulu village!
Jack: So Prince Abioye showed up at the village after all! We're finally going to be able to ask him why SOMBRA wants him dead! Let's go, <Name>!

Ask Prince Abioye why SOMBRA is after him.
Jack: Your Highness, we're from the Bureau. We're here to warn you that you scarcely avoided an attempt on your life!
Abioye: What?! An assassination attempt?
Abioye: I thought I'd be safe here! I've been keeping a low profile, learning Afrikaans to blend in...
Jack: If you can just tell us why a criminal organization wants you dead-
Abioye: I have no idea! But I can't stay! I have to hide!
(Abioye runs away.)
Jack (shouting): Your Highness, wait up! We can help-
Jack: Darn it, <Name>. We've spent so long trying to find the Prince, only for him to run off! Let's hope we can corner him before SOMBRA makes another move...

Examine Note with Keychain.
Jack: So the note addressed to our victim says "Here's your key. I never want to see you again!!!"
Jack: And it was signed by Kwanele, the victim's childhood sweetheart!
Jack: He said things were difficult with Kayla, but he never said they were over! We need another chat with Kwanele!

Question Kwanele about his breakup with the victim.
Jack: Kwanele, <Rank> <Name> found this note you left Kayla. You failed to tell us you'd broken up!
Kwanele: Well, it's like I told you. Kayla's career started taking its toll on our relationship. I resented her trying to change me to suit her new lifestyle!
Kwanele: She was constantly berating me for preferring melktert over caviar, and she even insisted I learn Afrikaans so I could make conversation with her new "friends."
Kwanele: And she wasn't even around half the time! Just a week ago, she ditched me to go to some island, with no explanation!
Kwanele: So when she returned two days ago, I told her I just didn't feel the same way about her since she'd changed. She might've been happy to forget her roots, but I wasn't!
Jack: Well, let's hope you didn't forget all sense of reason and kill Kayla, because if you did, <Rank> <Name> will find out!

Jack: So Kayla left for "some island" a week ago, and only returned two days ago...
Jack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? Kayla must've been on that SOMBRA island!
Jack: We may not know how many assassins came to Africa, <Name>, but at least now there's one less loaded gun roaming around.

Examine Wheelbarrow.
Jack: There was a bit of rope in that wheelbarrow, <Name>? I'm not sure what you think we'll learn from it, but if you want to send it to Lars, go ahead!

Analyze Rope.
Jack: Dude, what did you find about the rope <Name> found in Soweto?
Lars: Under close inspection, I found minute traces of melktert on the rope.
Lars: That gave me a hunch, so I took a look at the rope used to tie up your victim...
Lars: And the rope you found and the one used to tie up Kayla are the same!
Lars: What's particular about this type of rope is that it's used on sailing yachts, most commonly as an anchor line.
Jack: So our killer goes yachting! High-five!
Jack: Wait, why do you seem so bummed out, bro?
Lars: I... I'm sure it's nothing.
Jack: Come on, dude. We're among friends. What's bothering you?
Lars: I just don't know how Angela could've failed to notice that the victim was bound with yacht rope. She's normally so thorough...
Jack: Everyone's been distracted lately, bro. We're all worried about there being a mole in the team... But Angela would never do anything to hinder us!
Lars: You're right - Angela probably just needs a break!
Jack: I'm glad that's cleared up. And now we know our killer goes yachting!
Jack: That's another black mark against Jacob, <Name>!

Examine Torn Painting.
Jack: This painting looks familiar - it's the village where our victim was killed!
Jack: And well spotted, the dedication reads "For Kayla"... and it was signed by Thembisile!
Jack: Thembisile never mentioned she knew the victim when we spoke to her! I reckon it's time for another chat!

Question Thembisile Ndlovu about the painting.
Jack: Thembisile, <Rank> <Name> found this painting you gave Kayla. You never mentioned you knew her!
Thembisile: We became friends recently. I'd seen her hanging around the village, observing what was going on.
Thembisile: So I approached her! I'm always happy to share Zulu culture with anyone eager to learn.
Thembisile: And Kayla was definitely eager! She had tons of questions about Zulu life, the comings-and-goings in the village...
Thembisile: She bought me a melktert as a thank you for my help, and in exchange, I gave her this painting!
Jack: Thembisile, we believe Kayla's intentions weren't so innocent. She was planning a murder in the village and was likely using you to gain insider info.
Thembisile: Plotting a... a murder?!
Thembisile: What a fool I was, trusting her like that! Now I understand how she ended up dead... No evil deed goes unpunished!
Jack: Let's just hope you didn't decide to punish her yourself, Thembisile.

Later, at the yacht club...
Jack: This case is turning into a disaster, <Name>. We're still no closer to figuring out who killed Kayla!
Jack: But we do know that everything seems to revolve around this yacht club. Not only did the victim work here, we also know that our killer goes yachting!
Jack: Could this murder be linked to our victim's public life, rather than her SOMBRA secret?
Jack: And speaking of secrets, what's the deal with Prince Abioye? I can't believe he ran away from us! It's hard to imagine he's innocent when he won't talk-
(Prince Abioye enters the yacht club.)
Abioye: I resent that accusation, <Rank> <Name>!
(Willem enters the club and goes to Abioye's side.)
Willem: Your Highness, I told you to stay behind me. It's not sa-
(Three gunshots fire at the Prince and Willem, with one bullet hitting Willem in the left shoulder. Willem puts his hand on the wound while the Prince clutches him.)
Abioye: Willem? WILLEM?!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: This case is a disaster, <Name>. We're still no closer to figuring out who killed our SOMBRA assassin!
Jack: If only Prince Abioye had told us why SOMBRA is after him. It'd hard to believe he's innocent when he won't talk-
(Prince Abioye enters the yacht club.)
Abioye: I resent that accusation, <Rank> <Name>!
(Willem enters the club and goes to Abioye's side.)
Willem: Your Highness, I told you to stay out of sight. It's not sa-

(Three gunshots fire, with one hitting Willem in the left shoulder. Willem puts his hand on the wound while the Prince clutches him.)
Willem: I... What...
Abioye: Willem? WILLEM?!
Jack (drawing his gun): Your Highness, take cover!

A few minutes later...
Jack (holding his gun): Darnit! The shooter made a run for it... I couldn't catch them!
Willem: I... I'll go after them!
Jack (putting his gun down): Don't be silly, Willem! An ambulance is on its way for you.
Willem: Don't worry about me... I can still protect you, your Highness!
Abioye: <Rank> <Name> is right, Willem. You need to go to the hospital!
Jack: And as for you, your Highness, you're clearly not safe here. We're taking you back to the Bureau!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, we've got Prince Abioye in protective custody and Willem is being treated at a local hospital. He's expected to make a full recovery.
Jack: We assumed that the immediate threat to the Prince's life was over after Kayla was murdered... but this shooting confirms someone else is now after him!
Jack: The question is, has SOMBRA sent a second assassin, or does somebody else want the Prince dead? And how does this tie in with Kayla's murder?
Jack: This would be much easier to figure out if we knew SOMBRA's motivations for targeting the Prince!
Jack: But His Highness is still refusing to talk!
Jack: Oh, good idea, <Name>! If we can't convince Prince Abioye that we're on his side, maybe we could persuade Willem! Let's see if he's able to talk to us!

Ask Willem Nieuwoudt why SOMBRA wants the Prince dead.
(Willem is now wearing a hospital gown, with an IV attached to him.)
Jack: Willem, <Rank> <Name> has some urgent questions. We need to know why SOMBRA is targeting Prince Abioye, so we can figure out how to stop them!
Willem: I'm afraid I can't help you, <Rank> <Name>. I work on a strictly need-to-know basis.
Willem: Anything more would distract me from my main task: protecting the Prince.
Jack: And we'd seen that you'd go as far as taking a bullet to protect him...
Jack: How far does that dedication stretch? As far as killing a potential threat?
Willem: If it came to that, yes.
Jack: Did you do it, then? Kayla Pieterse was killed just hours before she was due to assassinate the Prince. Were you just... doing your job?
Willem: I don't know anything about the girl, <Rank> <Name>...
Willem: Except that I'm glad she's dead! One less assassin to protect the Prince from is good news, as far as I'm concerned!
Jack: Well, let's hope it won't be bad news for you when <Rank> <Name> finishes narrowing down the suspect list!

Jack: <Name>, we need new leads and fast!
Jack: We've still got a murder to solve AND there's a gun-toting maniac with a grudge against the Prince roaming around! Could the same person be responsible for both Kayla's murder and the shooting?
Jack: You're right, <Name>. It's too late to go after the shooter, but at least we know that the killer went to Soweto to get rid of evidence. We might find a new lead there!
Jack: If we're to thwart SOMBRA's plans, there's no time to waste. Let's head to Soweto!

Investigate Gutter.
Jack: You've found our victim's ID card, <Name>! And look, there's some kind of substance on it! I'll let you collect a sample.
Jack: You also grabbed some weird-looking necklace thing? Well spotted - the locket opens up!
Jack: That's odd... The locket contains some kind of powder! If you think it's worth investigating, I'll grab your vacuuming kit.
Jack: We might not know if Kayla's killer is also our shooter, but I'm sure these clues will give us a lead! Let's do this!

Examine ID Card.
Jack: You've collected a sample of that substance from the victim's ID card! Let's stick it under the microscope and see what it is, quick!

Examine Brownish Particules.
Jack: According to the microscope report, the substance on the victim's ID card was... dandruff from Prince Abioye?! Ugh, I'm glad you handled it rather than me, <Name>!
Jack: When we first spoke to him, the Prince was obviously too busy running away to mention that he knew his would-be assassin!
Jack: He'll be forced to give us answers this time. Let's go talk to Prince Abioye!

Ask Prince Abioye how he obtained the victim's ID card.
Jack: Your Highness, it's time you gave us answers. What were you doing with your would-be assassin's ID card? You never mentioned you knew Kayla!
Abioye: The person who tried to kill me was Kayla?!
Abioye: So she WAS up to something! I knew it!
Abioye: I did meet the victim. But it was only once...
Abioye: Kayla and her boyfriend were at a fundraising yacht party which Willem and I attended. Said she was head of the yacht club.
Abioye: I didn't pay her much attention. But then I overheard Kayla trying to sweet-talk Willem into giving her the details of my schedule!
Abioye: Of course, he didn't fall for it. Instead, he stole her ID so we could run a profile on it...
Abioye: But then we lost it in Soweto before we could do anything with it!
Jack: Okay... Say we believe you, Your Highness. Why does SOMBRA want you dead?
Abioye: Forgive me, <Rank> <Name>, but it's safer for me if I do not disclose more information than is necessary. I won't tell you a thing!
Jack: We can't force you to talk, Your Highness. But we won't be able to protect you from SOMBRA if you keep refusing to cooperate!

Examine Open Locket.
Jack: Hopefully Lars can shed some light on this weird powder you vacuumed up from the locket. Let's send it to him!

Analyze White Powder.
Lars: I'll cut straight to the chase, <Name>. The powder you sent me is actually cocaine. And mixed in with it, I found some tiny nasal hairs...
Lars: Belonging to a certain Jacob Gilbert!
Jack: So Jacob takes cocaine! I guess that's not a huge surprise. That doesn't link him to Kayla's murder, though. Or the shooting!
Lars: Right, I knew that wouldn't be enough for you, so I decided to take a look at Jacob's medical records!
Jack: Is digging into people's medical records legal?
Lars: Well, I had a little help from Elliot. And it turns out that Jacob went to Indonesia for a few months a while back... to go to rehab!
Lars: Except I checked it out, and there is no rehab center in Indonesia!
Jack: But we do know what IS there - a SOMBRA camp! We found it back when we investigated that SOMBRA recruit's murder!
Jack: And hey, didn't Jacob mention he was an orphan, <Name>?
Jack: That's it! What do you want to bet Jacob's another SOMBRA assassin? Let's go bust him!

Interrogate Jacob Gilbert about his time in Indonesia.
Jacob: You again, <Rank> <Name>? I was just about to enjoy a delicious melktert, if you wouldn't mind giving me some peace-
Jack: How about you tell us what you were doing in Indonesia, NOW!
Jacob: Indonesia? ...I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying. I only understand Afrikaans.
Jack: You're speaking English right now! We know there's an illicit organization operating out there! Are you with them?
Jacob: An illicit organization? You mean like... an underground club?
Jacob: I can't believe I wasn't invited!
Jack: Stop playing dumb! We saw your medical records. They say you went to rehab, but there's no rehab center in Indonesia!
Jacob: Well, of course there's no registered rehab center. The paparazzi would be crawling all over it! I was at an exclusive establishment!
Jack: You really think we're stupid? You'd better not be lying to us, Jacob, otherwise the next "exclusive establishment" you'll be visiting is prison!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, the Prince might be safe for now, but whoever tried to shoot him is still at large. And we don't even know if they're also our victim's killer!
Jack: You're right. Let's tackle one issue at a time. Figuring out who murdered Kayla might lead us to whoever is after the Prince!
Jack: And the best way to find Kayla's killer is to head back to the scene of the crime! Let's go!

Investigate Village Hut.
Jack: Bingo, <Name>! Look at those yachts on the scarf - this must be our victim's! Let's get a sample of that blood.
Jack: And I guess we can search through that Zulu basket if your <Rank>-sense is tingling!
Jack: We're getting closer to catching Kayla's killer, <Name>, I can feel it!

Examine Zulu Basket.
Jack: You've done it again, <Name>! Who would've expected to find this bloody wooden club in that basket?! Let's send it to Lars, STAT!

Analyze Bloody Club.
Jack: Bro, what can you tell us from that wooden club <Name> found at the crime scene?
Lars: Well, thanks to Jonah talking my ear off for the past half hour, I can tell you that the club is actually known as a knobkierie, and it's a traditional Zulu weapon.
Jack: Jonah? Talking your ear off?!
Lars: Yes! Jonah can be quite enthusiastic when you get him talking about weird weapons. But more importantly, the knobkierie had both blood and hair on it... belonging to your victim!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! Angela did say that our victim was knocked unconscious before she was lowered into the well - the killer must've used this knob thing!
Lars: And that's not all. Among the blood and hair, there were some black fibers. And as your victim wasn't wearing anything black...
Jack: It must've come from our killer!
Jack: So now we know that our victim wears black clothing to match their black heart, <Name>!

Examine Bloody Scarf.
Jack: Let's send that blood sample you collected from the victim's scarf to Lars, STAT!

Analyze Blood.
Jack: Did you manage to find anything about that blood <Name> collected from the victim's scarf, dude?
Lars: I can tell you that your victim definitely put up a fight before her death...
Lars: Because the sample you collected contained any two blood types!
Lars: One is a match for your victim... But I also found minute traces of blood from a second individual!
Lars: It wasn't enough to draw up a full DNA profile, but I can tell you this: their blood type is A-!
Jack: Our killer's blood type might be A-, but I'm positive you'll soon have them in cuffs, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: This is it, <Name>! You've collected all evidence you need to arrest Kayla Pieterse's killer. If we're lucky, they'll also be the one who tried to kill the Prince! Grab your cuffs and let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Kwanele Mthembu, you're under arrest for the murder of Kayla Pieterse.
Jack: Why'd you do it? Because you resented her new life?
Kwanele: Don't be ridiculous, <Rank> <Name>. Things might not have worked out between us, but I would've never hurt Kayla!
Jack: Then how come we found the note you wrote in Afrikaans, luring Kayla to the village so you could kill her?
Kwanele: Afrikaans is the third most spoken language in South Africa! Anyone could've written that note!
Jack: What about the traces of your melktert <Rank> <Name> found on the yacht rope you used to tie Kayla up?
Kwanele: Who doesn't enjoy melktert? And besides, I've only been yachting a handful of times!
Jack: Cut it out, Kwanele. We found your blood on Kayla's scarf!
Kwanele: Alright, I admit it! I killed Kayla! But it wasn't because I resented her new lifestyle...
Kwanele: It was because I wanted to join SOMBRA!
Jack: What?! You know about SOMBRA?!
Jack: So you DID know about Kayla's secret life!
Kwanele: After I returned her key, Kayla explained all about her double life.
Kwanele: All those last minute "work trips" she went on were actually missions for some super-secret organization called SOMBRA!
Kwanele: And this SOMBRA even genetically enhanced her to be super-intelligent!
Kwanele: Naturally, I wanted in! I mean, who doesn't dream of being a super-soldier?
Kwanele: So I decided to show some initiative. SOMBRA believes "the weak die," <Rank> <Name>...
Kwanele: So what better way to impress them than by outsmarting one of their most intelligent recruits... And completing her mission!
Jack: So it was YOU who shot at Prince Abioye!
Kwanele: Yes, and it would've been my ticket into SOMBRA if that stupid bodyguard hadn't got in the way!
Jack: The only place you'll be getting a ticket into is jail, Kwanele! You're under arrest for the murder of Kayla Pieterse!

Judge Adaku: Mr Mthembu, you stand accused of the murder of Kayla Pieterse and the attempted murder of Prince Abioye. How do you plead?
Kwanele: Guilty, your Honor. But I had to do it so I could become a super-soldier!
Judge Adaku: A super-soldier? Ah, yes. I see here that you thought murdering your ex-girlfriend and assassinating her target would permit you to join SOMBRA.
Judge Adaku: I hope you at least enquired about the benefits package before you went to such extreme lengths.
Judge Adaku: Anyway, the only thing you'll be seeing now is a prison cell, because this Court hereby sentences you to 30 years in prison for the murder of Kayla Pieterse and the attempted murder of Prince Abioye!
Kwanele: This is all <Rank> <Name>'s fault! If I'd managed to kill the Prince, SOMBRA would've been forced to notice me!

Chief Ripley: Congratulations on putting Kayla's killer behind bars, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: It's good to see we can still get the bad guys despite having a traitor in our midst.
Chief Ripley: Your work isn't finished, though. We haven't gotten to the bottom of Prince Abioye's story...
Chief Ripley: It won't be easy to win the Prince's trust, but if anyone can do it, it's you, <Name>!

The Enemy Within (3/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: Congratulations on putting Kayla's killer behind bars, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: There's a lot of mistrust among the team, knowing that there's a traitor within our ranks. But you got the job done!
Chief Ripley: I know we all want to identify the mole as quickly as possible, but we have an even more pressing issue to address.
Chief Ripley: We've got Prince Abioye in protective custody... And he still won't tell us why SOMBRA wants him dead!
Chief Ripley: All we know is that he might be linked to Lavinia De Brills' missing diamonds! It'll be almost impossible to protect him without knowing SOMBRA's motivations.
Chief Ripley: I think you and Jack should talk to his bodyguard again, <Name>. Now the dust has settled, he might've changed his mind about helping us.
Ingrid: Before you go, <Rank> <Name>, Marina also wants a word. You'll find her in her office!
Jack: I do hope Marina doesn't want to gush about Jonah! I don't think I could stomach it...
Jack: Wouldn't you rather talk to Willem before seeing what Marina wants, <Name>?

Check up on Marina.
Marina: Hey, <Name>. I'm sorry to bother you at such a difficult time, but I was hoping you could do something for me.
Marina: I've been looking into Jonah's background-
Jack: A-ha! So you think Jonah is the mole! You've been sleeping with the enemy! It's always the quiet ones...
Marina: I have no doubts about Jonah's loyalty, Jack. Your desperation to cast suspicion on him, however, raises some questions.
Jack: I... Never mind. What did you want, Marina?
Marina: It turns out that Jonah spent part of his childhood in Soweto, and I'd like to see for myself! Obviously I can't tell him I've been snooping, so would you come with me, <Name>?
Jack: I think you can handle Marina's relationship problems without me, <Name>. You guys head to Soweto!

Investigate Soweto Street.
Marina: I can't work out why Jonah didn't tell me he grew up here, <Name>. I know he's a private person, but we've been dating for a while now!
Marina: What's that, <Name>? You've found a phone? You're right - this is Jonah's! I remember him taking this photo!
Marina: That's strange... Jonah must've been here recently! I feel bad about asking you to do this, but would you mind unlocking the phone for me, <Name>?
Marina: ...What? He did look through my bag that one time, remember? This is no worse than that!

Examine Locked Cellphone.
Marina: You've unlocked Jonah's phone, but the files are corrupted!
Marina: I know Elliot's busy trying to fix the damage the mole did to BØB, but do you think he'd look at the phone, if I asked nicely?

Analyze Cellphone.
Elliot: <Name>, don't you know how busy I am trying to fix BØB?! I've got better things to do than going through Jonah's selfies!
Marina: Jonah takes selfies?!
Elliot: Yeah, you should see the selfie he took with the puppy filter on SnapPix!
Elliot: In fact, all the files on his phone were photos... Nothing to incriminate him as the mole.
Elliot (showing a photo of Jonah on his phone): But, and I can't believe I'm doing this, you might want to take a look at the last photo he took, just yesterday.
Marina: Who's that girl he's with?!
Marina: Tell me you checked her out in the database, Elliot! I want to know who she is, and what she was doing with my boyfriend!
Elliot (putting Jonah's phone down): I've helped you snoop enough, Marina! If you want answers, why don't you talk to Jonah?! I need to focus on getting BØB back online!
Marina: I'm sorry, Elliot. You're right... <Name>, let's go ask Jonah who this woman is.

Ask Jonah about the woman in the photo.
Jonah: Marina, what a surprise! What are you and <Name> doing here, butter biscuit?
Marina: <Name> found your phone in Soweto, Jonah. Who the heck is the girl in this photo?
Jonah: ... You went through my phone?!
Marina: Don't act like you never went through my stuff! Now tell me who this girl is!
Jonah: That was different! When I snooped, it was to find out what you liked, not to spy on you!
Jonah: A relationship is nothing without trust, Marina. When have I ever given you reason to doubt me?
Marina: How can I trust you when you share nothing with me?! You never even told me about this girl!
Jonah: Invading my privacy isn't the solution. And if you think I'm going to encourage that kind of behavior by giving you information, you're wrong.
Marina: Fine, I'll figure it out by myself! Come on, <Name>. I need a pick-me-up to calm down.

Marina: I can't believe Jonah won't tell me who that girl is!
Marina: I mean... Yes, I know, <Name>. I shouldn't have gone through his phone.
Marina: Maybe I'm overreacting, but something's wrong and I won't be able to put it out of my mind until I get to the bottom of it!
Marina: That's it! The photo was obviously taken in Soweto - we need to head back there to find out more about this girl!

Investigate Gutter.
Marina: You've found some torn paper, <Name>? Are you sure it's not just trash?
Marina: Well, if you've got a hunch, let's put this paper back together!

Examine Torn Paper.
Marina: These are tickets to bungee jump off the towers here in Soweto, <Name>.
Marina: Look, this one is in Jonah's name...
Marina: And this one is for a Lily... Karam?! That's the same last name as Jonah's!
Marina: What the heck, <Name>? Lily Karam?!
Marina: Surely that can't mean what I think it means? That Jonah's got... a wife?!
Lily: Lady, I don't know who you are, but you're barking up the wrong tree!
Marina: You're the woman in the picture!
Lily: I'm not Jonah's wife... I'm his sister!
Marina: Jonah has a sister?!
Marina: Well, this is embarrassing... Can we have a word, Miss Karam?

Speak to Lily Karam about Jonah.
Marina: So, you're Jonah's sister? He never mentioned any siblings!
Lily: Half-sister. Same father, different mother.
Lily: And you must be the girlfriend he's been raving about. Marina, right?
Marina: He... told you about me?
Lily: Wouldn't shut up about you! I hadn't seen him in years, and you were all he could talk about!
Lily: He talked so much, I didn't even manage to tell him about the rally race I've got coming up! It's gonna be rad!
Lily: Anyway, it was nice to finally meet you, <Rank> <Name>. I've gotta get going, though. I need to prepare for the race! See you around!
Marina: It was a pleasure to have met you, Lily. I hope our paths cross again someday!

Marina: That was unexpected, <Name>. Who knew I'd meet Jonah's half-sister when we came to South Africa?
Marina: I'm so embarrassed by my behavior... I'm not usually like that, I swear! I guess I care about Jonah even more than I thought...
Jonah: You do?!
Marina: What can I say? You've got a way with words!
Marina: I'm so sorry for going behind your back, Jonah. I should've just spoken to you.
Jonah: And I'm sorry for not telling you about Lily... You know I just find it hard to talk about my feelings and stuff.
Marina: That's something we can work on. <Name>, we'll see you later!

Ask Willem Nieuwoudt for information on the Prince.
Willem: <Rank> <Name>, thank goodness you're here! I've been so worried about the Prince - is he okay?!
Jack: Prince Abioye is safe... for now. But we can't keep him in custody forever.
Jack: Which is why we're here. We NEED you to tell us why SOMBRA wants the Prince dead!
Jack: Is it tied to Lavinia De Brills' missing diamonds?
Willem: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>. I meant what I said earlier: I operate on a need-to-know basis! I don't know anything about SOMBRA, or Lavinia De Brills...
Willem: What I do know is that protecting my Prince is my top priority. Now I'm out of action, only you can do that!
Willem: The Prince and I were hiding at the yacht club. If you're going to find anything to help you, you'll find it there! And please, take this money to keep him safe!
Jack: We appreciate your help, Willem. <Name>, we're off to the yacht club!

Investigate Club Lounge.
Jack: You think we might find something in that bag, <Name>? Anything is worth a shot - let's look through it!

Examine Nautical Bag.
Jack: What was that map doing under the signal flags in the bag, <Name>?
Jack: Good point. Last time we found a map of Africa, we discovered SOMBRA's plans! We'd better retrieve the faded info on this map!

Examine Faded Map.
Jack: <Name>, this is Prince Abioye's itinerary!
Jack: Look at those crosses! He sure has been getting around!
Jack: And with all these convenient dates, SOMBRA would have no trouble tracking him down! We'd better return this map to the Prince!

Return the map to Prince Abioye.
Jack: Prince Abioye, <Rank> <Name> would like to return this map we found at the yacht club. You'd be in deep trouble if this fell into the wrong hands!
Abioye: My itinerary! I did not know it had been lost. Thank you, <Rank> <Name>. How can I repay you?
Jack: How about you start by telling us why SOMBRA's trying to assassinate you?
Abioye: Alright. I'm sorry for not being open with you earlier, but it's difficult to know who to trust.
Abioye: The truth is, I had to leave my country because SOMBRA, as you call them, have been smuggling diamonds through it!
Abioye: I spent years fighting to eliminate the illegal diamond trade...
Abioye: But SOMBRA fought back by threatening the good people of Mazunda!
Abioye: I'm prepared to risk my life for the cause, but I wouldn't put my people in harm's way! So I left Mazunda in order to protect them.
Abioye: I've been traveling around Africa ever since, raising awareness of smuggling.
Jack: Okay... And what about Lavinia De Brills? She seemed to think you knew something about her missing diamonds.
Abioye: I suppose she simply wanted to seek my expertise, <Rank> <Name>.
Abioye: Anyway, thank you for your hospitality, but I must continue fighting the good fight! Please, take this as a sign of my appreciation.

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, you did an excellent job of winning Prince Abioye's trust. You're as professional as ever, despite our organization being compromised.
Chief Ripley: There's nothing we can do for Prince Abioye now he's left custody, but at least we know why SOMBRA is targeting him...
Jack: Yeah, he claims to be fighting to stop SOMBRA smuggling diamonds through Mazunda!
Chief Ripley: The question is: do we believe him? And how does this tie in with Lavinia De Brills' missing diamonds?
Jack: These diamonds are clearly at the heart of whatever SOMBRA's up to - but what do we do next?
Chief Ripley: It's time we went deeper into De Brills. There's no better way of figuring out what SOMBRA's after than by following the diamonds!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, pack your bags, we're going the largest De Brills mine in Africa!