Lee Dupree
Biographical information
Full name Lee Dupree
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Stab wound to the heart
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Waiter
Family Ignatius Dupree (uncle)
Affiliation(s) Gumbo Jumbo
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #6: Bayou Blood (s2)

Lee Dupree was the victim in Bayou Blood (Case #6 of Pacific Bay).



Lee's Gumbo Jumbo Employee Card

Lee was an Ocean Shore native sporting a black hooded jacket with silver chains around his neck and a white t-shirt underneath his jacket. Lee also sported combed black hair with a quasi-stubble on his face, and had brown eyes. Lee worked at the Gumbo Jumbo seafood restaurant at the time of his death, a reason as to why he had a Gumbo Jumbo name tag on his jacket.

Murder details

Roxie was amazed about the player finding a dead body at the Bayou's swamps, but found bacteria (in the form of shrimp juice) in the skewers that were inserted into the victim's shoulders and the heart wound that killed Lee, which meant that the killer was in contact with shrimps at the time the killer offed Lee. Furthermore, Yann analyzed blood that was on top of the tobacco can and concluded that Lee was against using tobacco, so it was deduced that the killer also chewed tobacco.

Later, when the team found Lee's knife at the crime scene, powdery residue from cowrie shells were analyzed by Yann suggesting Lee made a hit on one of the killer's hair shells before he fell, which meant he tried to defend himself from getting skewered from the barbecue skewers, which were the murder weapon found earlier on and verified by Yann. This concluded that the killer had shells in their hair.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Gumbo Jumbo waitress Shawna Knox.

When Frank and the player had enough evidence to hold Shawna accountable for the gruesome murder, Shawna claimed she had to kill Lee in an act of self-defense because according to Shawna, Lee was a troublesome child and wanted to mock someone, so he chose to pick on Shawna. Shawna did not like Lee's advances as she felt it was an act of sexual harassment, and had to do something about Lee's disturbing behavior, even though she had to go to extremes.


Lee's voodoo doll.

Shawna submitted a plea of guilt for manslaughter in spite of being brought before Judge Dante for first-degree murder charges but Judge Dante wanted to know as to why Shawna needed those BBQ Skewers with her, as he firmly believed self-defense can be achieved without violence. Shawna mentioned Lee's "trouble-child" premise when he started working at the Gumbo Jumbo, but added that he chose not to just bully Shawna, but wanted to sexually harass Shawna without any exceptions, as he felt he had the right to dominate Shawna by all means possible. Shawna told Judge Dante the purpose of her to have those BBQ Skewers with her was to be ready for Lee's trap at anytime, so when Lee attempted to sexually harass Shawna, she let Lee have it at the heart, and then pinned Lee with two more on each of his shoulders so it would look similar to a voodoo doll she found at Bill Farnham's Voodoo Shop, in which after she sent the voodoo doll to the Pacific Bay Police Force so that she would shift the blame to Bill for the murder—a feat in which did not help Shawna at all.

Judge Dante accepted Shawna's plea of guilt for the manslaughter, alas he had to institutionalize Shawna to an institution for violent minors, in which the Honorable Dante claims will help Shawna build better coping strategies and a new life through the years to come, since Shawna was only 17 years of age and the crime's severity did not warrant any adult-level punishments.

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