Lily Bennett
Unknown Character
Biographical information
Full name Lily Bennett
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1921
Death 1974
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Family One-Tooth Sam (husband)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case (mentioned)

Lily Bennett (1921-1974), appearing as an unseen minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned as being the deceased wife of One-Tooth Sam during the events of Into the Vipers' Nest (Case #11 of Grimsborough).


Lily died in 1974 at the age of 53, leaving her husband Sam widowed.


When Lily died, Sam was so upset, he threw away many of his old army possessions and fortune. Many years later, during the investigation of the murder of The Vipers' gang leader Salvador Cordero, Jones and the player found a knife which belonged to Samuel Bennett. They discovered that Samuel Bennett was actually One-Tooth-Sam, who later told them that he was once rich. After Tony Marconi was arrested for the murder, Sam decided to dig up his past. He enlisted Jones' help and sent him into the sewers to find a metal box. There, Jones and his partner found jewels inside the metal box. Then, they gave it to Grace Delaney for analysis. After completing the analysis, Grace told the team that the jewels were real and they really did belong to Sam, who once again became rich.

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