Manny Sanchez
Biographical information
Full name Manny Sanchez
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2015
Cause of death Decapitation
Nationality Flag of Mexico Mexican
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Delivery truck driver
Meth manufacturer
Drug dealer
Family Rosa Sanchez (sister)
Tiffany Dunn (wife)
Unnamed mother-in-law †
Unnamed father-in-law †
Unnamed divorced brother-in-law
Unnamed niece(s)/nephew(s)
Affiliation(s) Tacos Niños
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #42: Crystal Death (s2)

Manny Sanchez was the victim in Crystal Death (Case #42 of Pacific Bay).


Manny was a truck driver and drug dealer for the restaurant Tacos Niños, as well as an illegal immigrant from Mexico. At the time of his death, he wore a white t-shirt, a golden chain, and blue jeans. He has a black tattoo tear under his right eye. Manny is survived by his sister, Rosa.

Murder details

Manny's head was found at the train wreckage displayed on a spit. Frank and the player opted to ship the head to Roxie for autopsy. According to her, the victim's head was hacked off by a large blade, but questioned why they did not bring his body. After examining the pole where the head was jammed onto, she managed to find traces of tequila. Since none of it was found in the victim's throat, this meant it was the killer who drank tequila.

Manny's body was eventually found in his meth lab, the lack of bruising showed that this was the primary crime scene. Roxie found out that the head and the body were a perfect match. After going through the victim's pockets, she found a ticket with a threatening message on it, similar to the one found on the train wreck. Examining it closer revealed it was a soccer game ticket, revealing the killer watches soccer.

Another examination of the meth lab managed to reveal a machete covered in blood. It was sent off Yann for analysis, and he found out the blood was the victim's meaning the machete was the murder weapon. Although he was unable to find any fingerprints, he managed to find cloth from a bandana on the handle. He believed the killer wrapped their bandana around the machete so they would not leave fingerprints. This meant that the killer was wearing a bandana.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be border patrol officer Timothy Chubbles.

Frank hated the revelation of a border patrol officer breaking the law simply by beheading Manny in the meth lab with a machete. Manny defended himself by burning Timothy with his chemicals although the killer succeeded in performing the hit. Timothy was fed up with Manny lying to border patrol officials that he was a citizen, but as a border patrol officer, he had to give Manny the benefit of a doubt although he grew up being taught not to trust outsiders for a reason. Manny stole chemicals from Colonel Spangler's military to manufacture meth in Rhine Canyon, so Timothy beheaded the drug dealer, stuck his head into a spit, and wrote a warning to foreigners to stay away from Pacific Bay, but Frank felt that it was an act of racism by killing a foreigner. Timothy believed that he was doing serious police work, but the law is above everybody, including Timothy, so Frank and the player shipped Timothy to court.

In court Judge Dante told Timothy not to speak unless he gave the defendant permission to speak, but at the same time demanded Timothy to state his case in murder. All Timothy wanted to do was to protect Pacific Bay from the likes of Manny, but criminals were to be arrested and tried in the court of law instead of being beheaded like the murder Frank and the player found. Timothy defended his decision by stating that the liar deserved to die, but Judge Dante made things clear that murder is not something to be proud of, which explains why Timothy was given a 30-years jail sentence, not to mention that he was removed from his job as a border patrol officer.

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