Margaret Hatchman
Biographical information
Full name Margaret Hatchman
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Lion attack
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Film director
Family Phillip Hatchman (husband)
Unnamed son
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #36: Deadly Legacy (s2)

Margaret Hatchman was the victim in Deadly Legacy (Case #36 of Pacific Bay).



Margaret with her child and her husband.

Margaret was the forefront of motion female movie directors in Ivywood, and had a child at the time of her death with her husband, Phillip Hatchman. She had green eyes and medium blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a striped white shirt underneath a beige vest adorned with a golden brooch and a camera badge. She also sported a gold necklace, a pair of silver earrings, and red lipstick, as well as holding a director's megaphone.

Murder details

Margaret was found dead on the set of her unfinished epic film Legacy, which was currently in production and was to revolve around gladiators in ancient Rome. She was tied unto a stone pillar with shackles and viciously slaughtered to death, which was enough to be declared as murder. Amy could not help but notice the stomach and head wounds as the player shipped the director's corpse to Roxie for autopsy.


The gladiator shield, or Roman Parma, that was used to knock Margaret unconscious.

Roxie was shocked to see the vicious wounds on Margaret's body, but since Amy mentioned "lion", she made things clear that the lion was the weapon used to kill the victim, although the team had to find the wild animal as a vehicle to arrest the killer. The wounds Amy noticed during the team's visit to the set of Legacy came from a lion given the tooth marks and feline hairs Roxie found during the autopsy. Amy was dumbfounded after Roxie stated the cause of death, but the coroner stated that human foul play was also involved in addition to the lion bites given that Margaret was tied down with shackles, declaring the murder to be a premeditated one. Roxie continued her discussion by stating that Margaret was knocked down unconscious with a hard object before being shackled to the stone pillar.

Just as the team found themselves in a hopeless state, Roxie saw purple stains around the shackles and, doing the lab analysis herself, it turned out to be red wine; Roxie could not find any trace of wine in Margaret's system, so the killer was the one who drank wine before committing the murder.

Following the autopsy, Russell informed Amy and the player that the lion had escaped into the symphony room. For the sake of protection, Amy took time to don heavy armor before she and the player succeeded in capturing the lion, which took Yann's forensic intervention to be registered as the murder weapon. Furthermore, the duo found a Roman Parma (a circular shield), on which the player found a pink substance and shipped it to Yann for analysis. The analysis made it clear that the killer used bath salts.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be actor Tobias Frankenberger.

Tobias followed Margaret to Ashley's Salon (where the victim was a regular customer) chronically after finding out that he was to be killed off in the very first scene of Legacy, a feat he did not like since he was initially promised a prominent role in the film. So one day at the set of Legacy, Tobias throttled Margaret with a Roman Parma in disgust of having to play a minor role in her film, tied her to a stone pillar, and used his golden brooch to pick the lock of the lion's cage, alas unleashing the lion to do the dirty work for him. Tobias then ran to the symphony room, from where he rushed to the emergency exit to flee the lion's reach, admitting that he planned the premeditated murder perfectly. Prior to the murder, Tobias had also written a death threat to Margaret in Latin, but it only tipped the odds to Amy and the player as they shipped the actor to trial.

In court, all Judge Dante knew about Tobias was that he played a couple of grumpy elder roles and thus hailed him as a "grandpa of the silver screen", to which the actor replied he wanted to be known as a star in his own right. Furthermore, Tobias admitted that he could not land any major roles in his career lately and hoped his role in Legacy to be something big. He believed that he had the right to be remembered as a star, for his work in the silver screen was a legacy to remember, something Margaret never agreed with. To conclude, Judge Dante issued a 20-year jail sentence to Tobias for premeditated homicide, not to mention that he would not be allowed to attend the annual Ivywood Film Awards.


  • Although Margaret's portrait shows she has green eyes, in-game dialogue from Yann suggest she has blue eyes. This is likely a developer oversight.

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