Margaret Littlewood
Biographical information
Full name Margaret Littlewood
Gender Female
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1931
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Family Unnamed child
Unnamed grandchildren
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #22: To Die or Not to Die (s1)

Margaret Littlewood was a suspect in the murder investigations of three different people before she killed dog pageant participant Molly Robinson and three dogs in Dog Eat Dog (Case #31 of Grimsborough).


Margaret is an 82-year-old lady with chin-length gray hair and brown eyes. She wears a white shirt underneath a white robe with a brooch of a lady on the frilled collar. She also wears lipstick, dark sea green glasses, and brown hat with two roses on it.

In her first appearance, it is known that Margaret wears make-up and drinks wine.

In her second appearance, she dons a dinosaur museum badge. It is discovered that she loves the theater.

In her third appearance, Margaret replaced her badge with a cross. It is also revealed that she uses petroleum jelly and bobby pins.

In her fourth appearance, she replaces the cross with a Dog Pageant badge and has a dog bite on her right hand. It is noted that Margaret cooks and uses ether and hairspray.

Height 5'3"
Age 82
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

To Die or Not to Die

Margaret was a pensioner who, in this case, played a minor role. She appeared when Ramirez told Jones and the player that an old lady had come to meet them. When asked what she wanted to say, Margaret gave the team a couple of cookies and told them that she just wanted to greet them as they were new to the district. From then on, Jones became a fan of her cookies and used to admire her a lot.

Anatomy of a Murder

Margaret returned when the team was spending their leisure time in the local Grimsborough museum. There, the team had found the dead body of a writer named Wilfred Turnscrew, who was taxidermied and put on display. After seeing this, Margaret became very frightened and looked tense, so the team quickly went to assuage her. Later, when the team found a paw print in an overgrown garden, they matched it with their database and discovered that it was a husky print. Since Margaret had a lot of information about everything that went on in the Historical Center, the team went to ask her who the dog belonged to. Margaret replied that the dog belonged to a hunter named James Savage. She also warned the team to be careful since James was a dangerous man.

The Haunting of Elm Manor


Astrid, Margaret's dog.

Margaret again returned as a suspect in The Haunting of Elm Manor after the death of a man named Hector Fernandez. The team went to talk to her since she was the neighbor of Hector, who lived in a haunted house called Elm Manor. Margaret told the team that she had heard Hector's haunted house came "alive" as it tortured the victim. She also said that she had heard Hector's screams of torment and then a loud crash. As a result, her dog, Astrid could not stop barking. When Jones said that he did not think that the house was actually haunted, Margaret answered that it really was and that it used to eat people's souls. She then concluded that she was glad that Hector started going to church before the tragedy.

The team again visited Margaret to ask her about Aurelio Angelo, the Fernandez's baby boy. She griefly said that she remembered Aurelio, who loved Astrid and always used to smile, and that one day, the house took him. When asked what had happened exactly, Margaret answered that one night, the house had become alive with evil and all the mirrors broke into a thousand pieces, and there were terrifying screams everywhere. Aurelio had smashed right through the stairs and when it all stopped, Hector found his baby boy lying dead on the stairs. Margaret then cried and said that the doctor had told them that Aurelio had fell from the top banister, but they all knew that it was the haunted house that took the poor baby's soul.

Dog Eat Dog

Dog Pageant

Artwork depicting the annual Dog Pageant contest.

Margaret had participated in the annual Dog Pageant. She used a carrot cupcake recipe mixed with poison to kill Poochikin (Molly's dog), who was Astrid's (Margaret's Dog) key competitor. Unfortunately, both Molly and Poochikin ate the poisoned cupcake and died in the middle of the Dog Pageant's obstacle course. Margaret then went on to kill the dogs of other participants, most noticeably Mr. Snuggles (Gertrude Piccadilly's dog) and the husky of James Savage. She had also poisoned Jones so that she would not get caught and arrested. She did this when the team had went to give her the ribbon of Astrid. Just then, she gave Jones to eat one of her cupcakes which was rigged with poison. This incapacitated Jones and Ramirez had to fill-in for the remainder of the investigation.

Finally, after being arrested, Margaret explained that she wanted to win the competition at any cost since her grandchildren never visited her and this competition was her only opportunity to shine.

In the court, after being asked for it, Margaret handed the police the antidote to her poison which eventually cured Jones. She also asked the police to give Jones her secret book of recipes, and her dog, Astrid, so that he could take care of it and enter the Dog Pageant competition. For the murder of Molly, three dogs, and the attempted murder of Jones, Judge Hall sentenced Margaret to life imprisonment with a chance for parole in 15 years.


  • In her mugshot photo from Anatomy of a Murder, Margaret's dinosaur badge is missing.
  • Margaret is one of the few suspects who has appeared in four cases.
  • At 82 years old, Margaret is the second oldest killer in the game, and the oldest female killer.

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