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David Jones: I don't know about you, <Name>, but I can't get this Rorschach Test you found on the beach out of my head. I mean, three inkblot tests on three different crime scenes? What are the odds?
Jones: Even though there is no patent link between each crime, Alex made very clear these drawings were the signature of a serial killer. What do you think of this, <Name>?
Ramirez: <Name>! There you are! The chief wants to see you! You heard the news?
Jones: Ramirez? So you've heard about the serial killer theory? Who filled you on that?
Ramirez: Serial killer what? No! Wait, maybe. Do you remember Mikhail Levin?
Jones: Of course, the Russian killer with an Oedipal complex! Reminds me of the time when <Name> was still a rookie. What about him?
Ramirez: He just escaped from prison, vanished without a trace! That's why the Chief wants to see you now!

Chief King: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I presume you've heard the terrible news?
Jones: Terrible? This is DISASTROUS! Mikhail has managed to escape from prison... and what if that freak is coming for us?!
Chief King: It's not you I'm worried about, Jones! Frankly, I'm more concerned about the students' safety! According to our intel, Mikhail was last spotted on the campus and-
Jones: Campus? Now that's fishy. Why is that idiot heading there: Is he expecting to get a killer degree or something?
Chief King: This is not the time for cracking jokes, Jones! And there's worse news still: a student, by the name of Tyler Wright has been found murdered in the University's Dean's office!
Jones: Mikhail's killed again? I guess given how he had no qualms murdering his own FATHER, there's no reason he would think twice before slashing some random student...
Chief King: I admit, everything points to Mikhail being the killer, but in our position, we can't take the obvious for granted. The only way to be sure is to catch Mikhail and solving the murder!
Jones: Okay, Chief, we're on it! <Name>, are you ready to check out this murder scene?

Chapter 1

Investigate Dean's Office.
Jones: You want to take bets on how many times the victim was stabbed, <Name>? Cause I'm pretty sure it'll take Nathan hours to count all those wounds.
Jones: It's official, the way our victim was murdered looks like Mikhail's brutal work... But what's up with the message on the victim's forehead: "CHEAT"?
Jones: And you've got a point: we won't be able to talk to the Dean any time soon. Everyone on campus will have hit the panic button by now, she'll have her plate full.
Jones: Right now, we need to warn the head of security about Mikhail's escape. He gave his name as Bryan Vigman when he reported the body.
Jones: And what about these shredded pieces of paper? I'm tempted to piece them back myself, but you're right: it would take too long! I'll just leave it to the pro.

Autopsy the Victim's body.
Nathan: The victim suffered a total of 36 stabs from a sharp object, probably a knife.
Nathan: The sloppy style does recall Mikhail's previous murder, that's for sure...
Nathan: ...but this writing on the forehead, this is very new. Maybe he's looking for some kind of meaning to what he does, that would explain this new kind of act.
Nathan: I had Grace take a look at the ink and she found traces of fully organic, non-toxic xylene. Only ONE brand manufactures permanent markers with such fancy stuff: it's "EVERMARK".
Jones: EVERMARK? As in the permanent marker commercial with the unicat singing "Caaan't faade awayyy"? I could watch it a hundred times in a row!
Nathan: Unbelievable, Jones... I've just told you that your killer uses a permanent marker and all you can do is talk about some stupid commercial.

Talk to Vigman about the murder.
Bryan: Bryan Vigman, head of security, reporting for duty <Rank> <Name>!
Bryan: I saw the body when I checked up on Dean Walker's office, regular drill. What a mess it was! So, I immediately called 911.
Bryan: Soon as I did, I declared curfew. With all the recent murders on campus, that's the least I could do.
Jones: And you did right. We also need to warn you about an escaped convict we're after, Mikhail Levin. We have reason to believe he is hiding on campus.
Bryan: Don't worry, I've done my research on this Mikhail, and I've put posters up warning students about his signalment. I tell you, that scum won't last as long as I'm in charge here!
Bryan: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to patrol the campus lawn and make sure the curfew is being respected. I'll be around if you need me, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Vigman)
Jones: Well, this Vigman guy seems to be quite in control. And I wouldn't disapprove this security escalation either.
Jones: He said he would tour the campus lawn to spread the word. What do you say we also go have a look, <Name>?
Jones: After all, the campus lawn links all of the University, so it's highly likely our killer passed through here!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: Great work, <Name>! Only a pro like you could have pieced together these shreds of paper! And so the pieces make up a pink slip...
Jones: And it has Tyler Wright's name on it! That means our victim was summoned to the Dean's office... and never left it, obviously.
Jones: And look what it says: "Tyler Wright, come to my office RIGHT NOW. You pushed it too far this time. Your attitude will be severely punished!"
Jones: Yikes! It sounds like Tyler definitely did something he shouldn't have. But was it something serious enough to warrant such a harsh letter from the Dean?
Jones: Busy or not, she's gonna have to answer our questions! Maybe she'll be able to explain to us why Tyler Wright was grounded to death in her office!

Ask the Dean why she grounded the victim.
Donna: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. I'm sorry I couldn't see you sooner, but you can imagine the students' parents concern when they heard about the murder.
Jones: Speaking of which, we found out that you summoned Tyler Wright to your office, and judging by your writing, you were more than a little angry with him.
Donna: You have to understand that every teacher hated Tyler. You see, his father owns a very successful company which he was meant to inherit...
Donna: Tyler didn't have to worry about his future, and because of that, he didn't care about his education. He just spent his time making it hell for everyone else.
Jones: You realize that finding Tyler dead in YOUR office and you openly admitting to hating him--
Donna: You're getting it wrong! As much as Tyler was an utter deceiving monster who cheated his way through life, he certainly didn't deserve to end up dead!
(After talking to Donna)
Jones: Phew, that was intense, <Name>! Did you see how the Dean tensed up with anger with rage when she talked about Tyler!
Jones: But you're right, we shouldn't make any sudden judgements.. Huh, I wonder who's calling?
Jones: Hello?
Chief King: It's Chief King here. How is the investigation going? Have you captured Mikhail yet?
Jones: Not yet, but <Name>'s working on it by inspecting every corner of the University, Chief.
Chief King: You need to hurry! Every second that Mikhail is still on campus, a thousand young lives are at risk!
Chief King: Students should never have to fear for their lives... And I can't even imagine how worried the parents must be.
Jones: Try not to worry, Chief: the students' safety is our top priority! And knowing how efficient <Name> is, the case will be solved in no time!
Jones: Jeez, <Name>, I've never heard the Chief so upset before... Come to think about it, he always seems more panicky when there's a murder on campus.
Jones: You're right, for the chief and for the students, we need to push on with this case!

Investigate Campus Lawn.
Jones: How about that, <Name>: you've found today's issue of the University Newspaper!
Jones: What the... Tyler Wright's murder has ALREADY made it on the front page?! But how it could possibly have been printed so quickly?!
Jones: Too bad the dampness has faded the author's name. But if you managed to recover it, we could find out who managed to print this story so fast!
Jones: And you were right in thinking the killer fled through the campus lawn, <Name>: look at this towel you found, it's dripping with blood!
Jones: I guess I would need a good old towel too if I had myself a bloodbath. What about we check it more closely, in case the killer left us a parting gift?

Examine Bloody Towel.
Jones: So, <Name>, was there anything else on this towel besides the victim's blood? What do you mean, "nail clippings"?
Jones: OK, this is the right amount of gross. Let's send it to the lab, and hope Grace can make something of it.

Analyze Nails.
Grace: Perfect instincts as always, <Name>! The towel you found on the campus lawn was drenched with your victim's blood!
Grace: As for the nails you collected on the towel, a very basic partial DNA comparison immediately shows they didn't belong to Tyler Wright.
Grace: Not sure it's really helping, but whoever disposed of this towel bit their nails off with their teeth, not with a nail clipper.
Jones: You're right, <Name>! If the nail clippings didn't belong to Tyler and they were found on this bloody towel, it means it's our killer who bites their nails! Huh, it's a nasty habit for a nasty being.

Examine University Newspaper.
Jones: You did it, <Name>! You managed to make the faded ink of this school paper reappear! Now we know who covered the murder of Tyler Wright so quickly!
Jones: "An article by Stuart O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief". He looks like a genuine press tycoon in the making!
Jones: Great idea, <Name>!, let's go talk to him! I'm curious to learn how he managed to know so much about the murder before everyone else!

Question Stuart about his article on the murder.
Jones: Mr. O'Neil, we know today's journalism is set on a speed basis, but we can hardly believe you could write about Tyler's murder and print it so fast!
Stuart: That's because you're thinking too slow! What is the use of a school paper if it doesn't give the campus news before everyone else!
Jones: We're more concerned about whether a news-hungry student like you is capable of killing just to make his newspaper more sensational?
Stuart: You're thinking to slow again, officers. My bet would guardedly go on Mikhail Levin: his eyes, they are the eyes of a cold-blooded killer and--
Jones: Wait a second, you've seen Mikhail here on campus?! Where?!
Stuart: EVERYWHERE! Vigman's put up Mikhail's wanted poster up on every single space around campus.
(After talking to Stuart)
Jones: What a conceited squint! How can one live with such self-confidence?
Jones: We should watch out for him, <Name>, I don't like it when people think they can outsmart the Grimsborough Police!

Later, at the office...
Jones: Huh, this case is just one big puzzle! Let's look at the pieces, <Name>: we have a moody killer on the loose, a snooty scribbler...
Jones: over-zealous security man, and a Dean with obvious anger issues.
Jones: All things measured, I would still go with Mikhail to win the killer lottery. We still have no sign of him and anyone could recognize his murdering patter--
Donna: <Rank> <Name>, thank heavens you're here! I don't know if I'm being paranoid, but I think I just spotted someone who looks like that escaped convict on campus!
Jones: What the...?!

Chapter 2

Donna: <Rank> <Name>, thank heavens you're here! I think I just spotted the escaped convict you're looking for, on campus!
Jones: Mikhail Levin! Are you sure?!
Donna: Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm pretty sure it was him. He was entering the student dorm, and he obviously looked different from the wanted posters, but...
Jones: It's okay, could you describe what he looked like to <Rank> <Name>? That way, we can compare the description in the database to make sure it's Mikhail.
Donna: Hmm, let me think... He's Caucasian and was wearing a blue hat, he had cold blue eyes and a narrow jaw.

In Chief King's Office...
Jones: Chief, good news: thanks to the Dean we may finally have a confirmation that Mikhail is indeed on campus!
Chief King: You're still not sure?! Time is running out and you still haven't caught Tyler Wright's killer! What if another student dies?!
Chief King: I'm warning you, either you catch this killer quickly or I will ask the Mayor to close down the whole University for the time being!
Jones: Er... understood, Chief.
Chief King: Maybe I went a bit overboard... and I guess I owe you an explanation.
Chief King: <Name>, my very own granddaughter is studying at Grimsborough University... and every time I learn that a killer is on the loose around campus, I fear for her safety.
Jones: Aww, why didn't you say so sooner?
Chief King: Jones, it's not because I've just shared this bit of my personal life that I want to suddenly share EVERYTHING with you!
Jones: Er, right. Sure thing, Chief. I guess <Name> and I will follow up on the possible Mikhail sighting the Dean gave us.
Chief King: Good. And when you have the time, I want you to investigate the college gymnasium. My granddaughter often spotted your victim, Tyler, there... doing God knows what.

Examine Suspect Sighting.
Jones: The suspect description the Dean gave us fits Mikhail's profile! This is it, <Name>, we're finally ready to catch this rat!
Jones: The Dean told us she saw Mikhail walking into the student dormitory. We don't have time to call for back-up, so we're by ourselves for this one.
Jones: Are you ready to make the arrest of the century, <Name>?

At the Student Dormitory...
Jones: Grimsborough P.D.! Put your hands in the air where we can see them, Mikhail!
Mikhail: You again, <Name>! You really think you can bounce into my room just like that?
Jones: Are you kidding me? You just broke out of jail and you're suspected for the murder of Tyler Wright! Of course we can!
Mikhail: Hey dude, I've got no idea what you're babbling about. Why don't you just leave me alone? You're ruining my efforts to reintegrate society here!
Jones: Cut the crap, Mikhail! How about reintegrating Grimsborough State Penitentiary? How does that grab you?

Question Mikhail about the murder.
Jones: Missed prison much, Mikhail? Why don't you tell <Rank> <Name> how stupid it is to murder a student and stay on campus afterwards?
Mikhail: You've got it all wrong, pig. I never killed Tyler, he was a friend of mine! At first I used to sell him pot, but eventually we pulled a few scams together.
Jones: Oh, come on, you really expect us to believe that an heir to an empire was friends with a small-time crook like you?
Mikhail: You don't know rich kids, do you? They're always looking for trouble... but Tyler didn't deserve to have so much money: he was too much of a coward to have any real fun with it.
Jones: And that's why you killed him? Just like you killed your dad because he was a cheater?
Mikhail: You know what? I've said enough. Why don't you go run your dumbo cop errands, like you usually do?
(After talking to Mikhail)
Jones: Mikhail may still be on top of our suspect list, but we're clearly lacking evidence here.
Jones: And I find it hard to believe he was actually friends with the victim, but I guess Tyler's always been one for trouble.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we have to go through the Dean's office once again. There's something we might have missed and time is a luxury we don't have!
Stuart: <Rank> <Name>! You finally apprehended the murderer, this is major news! Can I have an interview?

Stuart wants to interview you about Mikhail's arrest.
Stuart: I am so excited, <Rank> <Name>! You have just apprehended an escaped convict and I am the first journalist to cover it!
Stuart: Wow, this finally it! This story is a one-way ticket to fame and recognition! Finally, I get a chance to shine at Prom Ball!
Jones: Guess what? We have a one way ticket back to campus for you. Isn't that great?
Stuart: Wait, no: this was meant to be THE interview of my career! ... Just, please, off the record, do you think Mikhail killed Tyler?
Jones: That's classified, Stuart.
Stuart: I'll take that as a "maybe." Now, if the killer is still on the loose, are you following any potential leads?
Jones: Stuart, I swear if you don't stop with your questions, I'll have you locked up!
(After talking to Stuart)
Jones: Stuart seems pretty obsessed with fame, and we know he printed the story about Tyler's death in a suspiciously fast way...
Jones: What if he was asking us all of those questions because he's the killer, and he wanted to know where we're at in the investigation?
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, when he was talking to us, he was biting his nails. We better add that to his profile.

Investigate Dean's Desk.
Jones: Er, about this pile of office papers, <Name>... Do you really expect to find something useful in there?
Jones: Uh, somehow I have the feeling that I'm going to be proved wrong once again, aren't I?

Examine Pile of Papers.
Jones: I can't believe you saw right through this pile of papers, <Name>. And look at this paper knife, it's covered in blood!
Jones: It's covered in blood, you found it on the crime scene and it matches the wounds...
Jones: <Name>, you've just found our murder weapon!
Jones: Let's get the forensic kit our and take a closer look: maybe the killer was kind enough to leave us a souvenir.

Examine Paper Knife.
Jones: So there wasn't only blood on that paper knife you found hidden in those papers, <Name>? What's this?
Jones: At first glance, I would say this black substance is shoe polish or oil...
Jones: You're right: since it was found on our murder weapon, we should send it over to Grace to be sure.

Analyze Black Substance.
Grace: Hello, <Name>, and congratulations on apprehending Mikhail Levin. It seems like a great weight has been lifted off the Chief's shoulders.
Jones: Thanks, Grace, but the thing is our killer could still be on the loose. Did you manage to identify the black substance <Name> found on the paper knife?
Grace: The black substance turned out to be bicycle chain lubricant. The killer clearly had some on their hands when they picked up the knife!
Jones: If our killer had their hands smeared with the stuff, it obviously means that they ride a bike! Thanks for your help, Grace!

Investigate Training Facility.
Jones: Wow, this phone is literally torn asunder! Are you sure you can make something of it this time, <Name>?
Jones: The laptop seems normal, at least. But it's locked, of course. Ready to show off some code-cracking skills, <Name>?

Examine Locked Laptop.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>, you unlocked this laptop... like a boss!
Jones: I have no idea what this laptop was abandoned in the gymnasium, but given the cheap desktop picture, the owner's definitely a man.
Jones: C'mon, let's send it to the lab right away. If this laptop's got something to hide, Alex will find it in no time!

Analyze Laptop.
Alex: The laptop you found in the University Gymnasium belonged to your victim.
Alex: I didn't find anything unusual on it, until I checked out Tyler's Friendnet profile: his last status update message was rather odd.
Alex: It reads: "Soon I'll be dead because I'm a cheat and a fraud..."
Jones: Wait a minute, Tyler wrote that?! How did he even know he was going to die?
Alex: He didn't... because he didn't write it. I compared the time this was posted to the time of the murder and get this: when it was posted, Tyler was already dead!
Jones: Wait a second, you're telling us that the killer wrote this?!
Alex: Yup. And to do so, the killer had to hack into Tyler's Friendnet profile.
Jones: Hm, so now we're looking for a killer with some hefty hacking skills... who also likes to boast about their kills apparently.
Jones: I wouldn't say it out loud in front of Alex, <Name>, but who do you immediately think of when you hear "hacking skills"?

Examine Smashed Phone.
Jones: You did it, <Name>! You managed to piece this phone back together!
Jones: Look, this phone has a name carved on it! "Tyler Wright"! What a lucky strike! This phone belonged to our victim!
Jones: Damn, it's locked! Could you give it a try, <Name>?

Examine Phone.
Jones: Impressive, <Name>: you unlocked the victim's phone as if you already knew the code! Now, let's see if it rewards us with anything worthy.
Jones: Don't you feel dirty sometimes, rummaging through people's texts? Well, I guess otherwise we wouldn't find precious info, like this particular text from "Cathy".
Jones: Listen to this: "You only ever wanted to be with me when I was The @rtist, never when I was just Cathy. Is that why you could cheat on me so easily?
Jones: Wait, this text message was sent by the @rtist! And apparently, she knew our victim.
Jones: We already knew the cunning hacker known as the @rtist or "C.K." that helped us lately was a she, but now we know her REAL name: Cathy...
Jones: You're right, <Name>! If Tyler cheated on Cathy, that means they were in a relationship!
Jones: I agree, even though Cathy has helped us solve a few cases, this time she's a real suspect and we need to treat her like one.
Jones: Cathy's still hiding behind her mask as the @rtist, so all we can do is phone her up. But for now, that will have to do.

Quiz the @rtist About Her Link with the Victim.
Jones: Since we still only know Cathy as the @rtist, the only way to talk to her is via video-chat. Ah, she's online now.
Cathy: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. Need help cracking another case?
Jones: We'll do the asking this time... Cathy! Looking through Tyler Wright's phone, we found out about the relationship you had with him.
Cathy: Now that's embarrassing. So you've found out my name is Cathy and yeah, Tyler and I dated. Kind of. What about it?
Jones: "What about it" is that Tyler wound up dead with "CHEAT" written on his forehead... and you broke up with him because you accused him of CHEATING!
Cathy: Hold on, I didn't kill Tyler, ok? He was full of himself, an arrogant douche who may have hurt me, but I didn't care about him enough to actually kill him!
Jones: Either way, as a suspect, you can't remain anonymous any more Cathy. I think it's time you took off your mask and revealed your full name.
Cathy: I can't, not yet! But I promise I will come to you unmasked very soon. You will understand when you see me, I guarantee it.
(After talking to Cathy)
Jones: Gosh, I hate it when people hang up on me!
Jones: Well, now we've got confirmation that Cathy was in a relationship with the victim... until he cheated on her: that's a substantial murder motive in my book.
Jones: But what's that about her coming to us unmasked very shortly, <Name>? And what do you think she looks like under that mask?

Back at King's Office...
Chief King: I knew I could rely on you for bringing Mikhail behind bars, <Name>! And I know it's just a matter of time before you prove he's the killer!
Chief King: And with the University once again safe, I can stop worrying about my granddaughter. She's actually stopped by to visit.
Chief King: Cathy, sweetie, come say hello to the best <Rank> this town has ever known!
Cathy King: Hi, I'm Cathy King! My Grandfather has told me so much about you, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief King: Don't be fooled by her audacious looks, <Name>. Cathy is a brilliant student with a bright career ahead of her in communications technology!
Chief King: If she ever fell on the wrong side of the law, she'd be a fearful hacker, let me tell you!
Jones: A hacker, really? And your name's Cathy King. Which means your initials are C.K...
Jones: Oh my God!! But you're the @r-

Chapter 3

Chief King: Jones, why are you looking at my granddaughter like she was some kind of freak? I know the pink hair is a little bold, but still!
Jones: I...I'm sorry, Chief, haha! It's just... I didn't expect your granddaughter to be the @r...dorable woman she is!
Cathy: You're too kind, <Rank>. Well, <Rank> <Name>, it was really nice meeting you but I should be getting back to class. I'm sure we'll see each other very soon.
Jones: I'm sure we will, Cathy! <Rank> <Name> and I are looking forward to it!
Chief King: Cathy's a bright girl and she'll go far... I just wish she'd change the color of her hair.
Chief King: Right, now that she's gone, back to business: I was told Mikhail Levin has agreed to undergo a lie detector test.
Chief King: Unfortunately, this machinery hasn't been used in a long time, and it might need a little tuning. Pretty much the job for the technical genius in you, <Name>!
(After talking to Chief King)
Jones: OK, my head is spinning like crazy right now, <Name>! Cathy King's initials are C.K., and King himself said she could be a fearful hacker if she wanted to!
Jones: And, on the other hand, we've got the @rtist, the best hacker we've ever met, whose first name is Cathy and whose initials are C.K....
Jones: There's no doubt about it: Cathy King is the @rtist! She's King's Granddaughter!!! I can't believe this, can you, <Name>?
Jones: All this time she's been helping us, staying off our radar! The way she owned her game makes me feel so obsolete! Damn, I need cookies to help me cope right now!
Jones: Aah, that's better... Still, I hate to say it, but what with her hacking skills, Cathy's still a solid suspect. I'd rather not let my imagination wander on how all this could turn out.
Jones: That'd better be it for today's surprises. And you're right, <Name>: Tyler liked to hand out that the campus gymnasium. We should definitely have another look!
Jones: And don't you want to speak to Donna Walker again? I am really eager to know how she feels now Mikhail's back in jail.

Examine Lie Detector.
(Before Examining Lie Detector)
Jones: Wow, I don't think this lie detector has been used for decades. Okay, let's start by seeing if it even turns on.
Jones: Hm, well, that's a start... but now it's flashing like crazy asking for a "reset code". <Name>, would you mind?
(After Examining Lie Detector)
Jones: Once again you did it, <Name>! You managed to have this lie detector to work again by finding the right code!
Jones: You realize that since Mikhail has agreed to undergo the test, we finally have a chance to knowing if he killed Tyler!
Jones: Ha, I can't wait to see him wired with this stuff!

Give Mikhail a Polygraph Test.
Jones: Mikhail, just for the record, you've agreed to undergo a lie detector test. Is that right?
Mikhail: Yup. And I just can't wait to see your faces when this hunk of junk draws you a total blank. Fetch me some popcorn by the way, I wanna be sure to enjoy this.
Jones: We will start with a very simple question. Try to answer it without thinking, ok? Where were you born, Mikhail?
Mikhail: I was born on the moon, what d'ya think bozo?
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail was lying).
Jones: We understand there was a rivalry growing between you and Tyler. Did you kill him to get rid of the competition?
Mikhail: You realize I'm only doing the stupid test because it beats the sh*t out of sitting in a cell? Doesn't mean I have to answer anything I don't want to.
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail was telling the truth).
Jones: Stop acting dumb, Mikhail! How could someone as thick as you even manage to break out of prison?!
Mikhail: Ha, breaking out of there was a blast! I just hacked my way to freedom by accessing the prison's mainframe!
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail was telling the truth).
Jones: And then, you decided to chill on campus and take your chances with the local cheerleaders? Is that why you're still wearing this "Vote For Madison" badge?
Mikhail: That's pretty much it, you dumbo! The chicks and the bicycle equipment!
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail was telling the truth).
Mikhail: And have you even seen that Madison chick? She's so freaking hot! She and I, we made out. It was cool, but I think she's in love with me, what a bummer.
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail is lying).
Jones: Well, I guess it's pretty lucky for her that you're now locked away. Right, next question. Please stay focused...

Two Hours Worth of Questions Later...
Jones: OK, Mikhail, we're going to ask you one last time, and you'd better give us a straight forward answer: did you or did you not kill Tyler Wright?!
Mikhail: What do you know? Maybe I prayed so hard for this koziol to die it actually happened! Or maybe I killed him in some parallel universe and a reality breach put him in the Dean's Office.
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail is lying).
Jones: Spare us your low-rent wits, Mikhail! Is it YES or NO? You don't want to push <Rank> <Name> to the limits, trust me!
Mikhail: Yes? No? How can you rely on such fragile concepts? Honestly, I expected more from top cops like you...
(Lie Detector indicates Mikhail is telling the truth).
(After talking to Mikhail)
Jones: Geez, we must have grilled Mikhail with at least a hundred questions back there! I'm exhausted! <Name>, sound the cookie-break alarm please!
Jones: The only way we can be sure the answers on the graph we obtained from the lie detector are accurate is to send them to Alex. He'll know how to decipher this kind of data!

Analyze Lie Detector Readings.
Alex: It's a pity you couldn't get Mikhail to answer whether he murdered Tyler Wright or not, because the Lie Detector would have spotted his lie a mile off.
Jones: It's not for want of trying. <Rank> <Name> must have asked him that question twenty times! Is there anything you can be totally sure about?
Alex: Yes, there is. When asked how Mikhail escaped prison, he replied with a flawless, straight answer.
Jones: By hacking the prison's security system, that's what he said. I guess this tool has some brains after all.
Alex: He was also telling the truth when he said he made use of the bicycle equipment on campus. But that's about it.
Jones: You've got to be kidding me? Out of more than a hundred questions, he only gave 2 straight answers? I'll give him this: he sure knows how to lie!

Talk to the Dean About the Recent Developments.
Jones: Dean Walker, we came by to inform you that Mikhail Levin is back in prison. We're thankful you came to us as soon as you spotted him.
Donna: I guess I should be relieved, but I've been biting my nails all day just thinking about meeting Tyler's parents again. They're such bullies!
Donna: ...Just look at the child they produced: he never studied, just spent all his time either in the gymnasium or flirting with the girls on the campus lawn.
Jones: Dean Walker, I'd suggest you start looking for a good lawyer, before you incriminate yourself even further.
Donna: Oh, but I thought... since you caught his obvious killer, the case was over.
Jones: Just because we've caught one likely suspect, it doesn't mean <Rank> <Name> is going to stop investigating EVERY lead!
(After Talking to Donna)
Jones: I know the Dean has to deal with hundreds of students, and some of them might be pains... but the grudge she holds for Tyler is out of this world!
Jones: But thanks to her, we know how much Tyler liked spending his days on the campus lawn. What do you say we go check it out, <Name>?

Investigate Bike Rack.
Jones: Well <Name>, I'd rather jump into that pile of leaves than search through it... but maybe we can do both?

Examine Pile of Leaves.
Jones: What did you find in that pile of leaves, <Name>? An old article from the Grimsborough Tribune?
Jones: Wait a minute, the headline mentions Bryan Vigman! And look, there's even a picture of him... though looking much younger!
Jones: The headline reads: "Student Officer Vigman kicked out of Police Academy".
Jones: That's a surprise: given how serious Vigman is about his security job on campus, I'd have thought he would have made a good cop...
Jones: The rest of the article states he was kicked out after they found pot in his locker. He didn't face charges, but was banned irrevocably.
Jones: Everybody has a past, I guess. And I think it's high time we went to ask Vigman about his.

Have a Chat with Vigman About His Past.
Jones: Mr. Vigman, we happened to find an old article that claims you got kicked out of the Police Academy for having drugs.
Bryan: Please! It was a set up: the pot they found belonged to one of my former students I was about to denounce! My only mistake was to have warned him first!
Bryan: Talk about backfire! They kicked me out without a second thought! Maybe, it's for the best after all. Now the University has the best campus security officer there is!
Jones: Understatement of the year! Troublemakers, beware! Officer Vigman is watching you!
Bryan: You're damn right! Just today, I managed to spot students violating curfew. They're in big trouble, I can tell you!
Bryan: I hacked into their smartphones to link them up to my own and from that I could pinpoint them like polka dots on a battleships board.
Bryan: I admit I got a lot of fun out of it. It was even better than a video game! Heck, I almost bit my fingers to blood with all that excitement!
Jones: So much for privacy rights. But it's all about the greater good of the students... I guess.
(After talking to Bryan)
Jones: I feel sorry for Vigman: losing out on your dream career all because some of your fellow students framed you...
Jones: And call me Captain Obvious, but given Vigman's bike helmet, it's safe to say he rides a bike. You agree with me, <Name>?

Investigate Training Mats.
Jones: Look at this pinboard... What caught your attention about it, <Name>?
Jones: The broken heart? Ha, I totally understand: I'm a sucker for gossip, especially when it's about broken hearts!
Jones: Too bad the graffiti on this pinboard got lost when someone ripped through the layers of posters... Do you think you could recover it from the layers underneath?

Examine Pinboard.
Jones: This graffiti you found on the gymnasium's wall is of a mask. Wait! This is the mask of the @rtist! What does it say?
Jones: It says: "Cheaters beware. I do not forgive. I do not forget."
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we already know that C.K. was in a relationship with Tyler until he cheated on her... and now this...
Jones: Whether she's the Chief's granddaughter or not, we need to treat her just like any other suspect. Let's go talk to her directly this time!

Talk to the @rtist About her Graffiti.
Jones: Cathy, before we start, could you please confirm that you are indeed the @rtist!
Cathy: I'm indeed, the one and only. Jeez, it's so weird talking to you guys without my mask.
Cathy: Anyway, I must thank you for not letting it slip while we were at my Grandfather's office.
Cathy: My Grandfather can never know that I'm a part time hacker who's been helping his own people by giving them stolen hacked evidence.
Jones: Er, now you mention it that way...
Jones: ...But back on point, we're here to talk to you about that graffiti you left in the Gymnasium: "Cheaters beware. I do not forgive. I do not forget."
Cathy: Ah man, I wish I could hide my embarrassment behind my mask. Yeah, I can get emotional... and sometimes a little graffiti calms me down.
Jones: A little graffiti that warns cheaters what you're all about... Cheaters like Tyler?
Cathy: Argh, not this again! Yes, I was in a relationship with him. Look, I know I'm a suspect here, so just do what you have to do... Just please don't judge me too quickly.

After a Hard Day's Work...
Cathy: Hey, guys. I rode my bike all the way here as fast as I could. I've got something for you.
Jones: Er, Cathy, this is awkward... but since you're a suspect in this investigation, I'm not sure you should be allowed into Police Headquarters...
Cathy: That's why I came, actually. I feel bad about being all mysterious and all, and so, as a gesture of good faith, I brought you something: a picture of the killer!
Jones: What the?! How did you even manage to get such a picture?
Cathy: Well, I hacked into Tyler's Friendnet profile and using that, I tracked back into your killer's computer.
Cathy: I didn't have time to gather a name or an IP, so I hacked into the killer's webcam. Unfortunately, the only picture I managed to take is very fuzzy...
Jones: Holy cow! Your skills are truly overwhelming. You handle these things like they're a hobby to you!
Jones: And I'm pretty sure <Name> will know what to do with this. Picture Enhancement Codecs are a common language to you, aren't they, <Name>?

Examine Blurred Photo.
(Before Examining Blurred Photo)
Jones: Okay, <Name>, this fuzzy photo of the killer is useless to us if we're not able to make it clearer.
Jones: And the only person who can do this is you! You need to find the right enhancement codecs to make this picture visible. Are you ready?
(After Examining Blurred Photo)
Jones: How many skills do you have, <Name>? You've changed this pixel mash into a sharp image!
Jones: But we sure can't take this piece of evidence for granted. Even if I want to believe very hard that Cathy brought us a real picture of our actual killer.
Jones: Why don't we give it to Alex? He's pretty capable of telling us if this photograph is accurate or not.

Analyze Killer's Picture.
Alex: I've looked at this photograph taken with the killer's webcam and I can assure you it's genuine: its signature matches the one I found on Tyler Wright's laptop!
Alex: Sorry for asking, but how did you manage to even get hold of such a picture?
Jones: Ah-hem... well, it's nobody you know. Thing is, investigation is still pending, so it's not like we can share everything with you, see?
Alex: Right. Anyway, maybe we can't see the killer's face on this pic, but we can certainly be sure they're very supportive of Madison.
Jones: You're right! It's that badge again! I don't know about you, <Name>, but it looks like the critical evidence we were lacking so far!
(After talking to Alex)
Jones: Okay, <Name>, it's time to cowboy up and bring our killer to justice!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Bryan Vigman! I must admit you had my sympathy, until <Rank> <Name> figured out who you really were!
Bryan: What do you mean by that? Is this some kind of joke?
Jones: You were to be a fine policeman, Vigman. So, tell me. Why did you fall off the merry-go-round?
Bryan: Oh, what's the point... I was out fixing my bike when I heard some student say that Tyler Wright was going to share the term quizzes on Friendnet.
Bryan: I found this swine in the gymnasium and dragged him into the Dean's Office, but she wasn't there! That's when he started grinning, pretending his parents would have me fired!
Bryan: It made my blood boil: I just can't stand cheaters. So I grabbed a paper knife and ripped the little demon to shreds! He wasn't laughing anymore, oh no!
Bryan: How can you conceive a decent society when students start cheating and putting themselves above the law? Someone had to set an example!
Jones: You seriously believe cheating is punishable by DEATH?! You really ought to think it over when you're in prison!

Judge Hall: Bryan Vigman, you stand before this Court for the murder of Tyler Wright: a student at Grimsborough University and heir to Wright Corp.
Bryan: Your Honor, I'll duly accept this sentence. I've always been committed to abiding the law, and that will never change.
Judge Hall: How can you say you're a law abiding citizen when you've just broken one of the cardinal rules all because you caught a student cheating?!
Bryan: Your Honor, I assume a woman in your position understood long ago that cheating is the mother lode of all evil.
Bryan: When I found out that Tyler was about to share his forfeit with all of campus, I felt I had to give him the justice he deserved.
Judge Hall: Justice is about balance and understanding, not blind, mindless retribution!
Bryan: A definition I'm not sharing, your Honor. With a bit of common sense, you'd know I acted right.
Judge Hall: ENOUGH! Bryan Vigman, for the senseless murder of Tyler Wright, the court hereby sentences you to life imprisonment!

Jones: Maybe you think, doesn't it, <Name>? I certainly don't want to give credit to Vigman here, the way he took is not the one to be taken.
Jones: But seriously, what becomes of University excellence when students spend more energy in cheating than doing their homework?
Jones: You're right, at that age, nothing seems important. As they say, "Youth is wasted on the young..."
Jones: Oh, and we didn't find any more Rorschach Test after all. But we'd better keep our eyes peeled for them, <Name>.
Jones: Something tells me our serial killer is about to prepare another murder that could be the most gruesome one yet!

Additional Investigation

Chief King: <Rank> <Name>! You've brilliantly led this investigation, but I summoned you for a pressing matter: we still don't know how Mikhail Levin got out of jail!
Chief King: How could he go out of prison without anyone noticing?! I'd like you to interrogate him about this. We need to know if he has an accomplice!
Chief King: This is reflecting badly on our reputation, but I know how to settle the media: Stuart O'Neil asked for an interview with, <Rank> <Name>. Impress him so he'll write a nice article!
Ramirez: Chief! Chief King! Have you seen <Rank>-
Ramirez: Oh! You're here, <Rank> <Name>! Mrs Walker, the college Dean, just called you in her office! Did you do something bad?
Chief King: Come on, Ramirez, this is not high school! She isn't about to punish a student's misbehavior! But why don't you accompany <Rank> <Name> and see for yourself?
(After Talking to Chief King)
Alex: Hey, <Name>! I have to tell you, I won't be available for a while. You'll never guess why!
Alex: The prettiest girl stopped by my office earlier on, and she... she asked me to pick her up at eight! I really don't know how that happened, but I think it's awesome!
Jones: Do you mean Cathy by any chance?
Alex: Yes, that's her name! Isn't it pretty? Anyway, I'm going to be super-busy preparing everything, to make my date perfect! Meanwhile, don't ask me anything! I'm totally unavailable until then! Alright? Alright!
Jones: Alex, wait! Cathy is the @rt... Damn, he's already locked in his lab. And I doubt he'll hear us from Cloud Nine.

See What the Dean Wants to Talk to You About.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, being here gives me the heebie jeebies! I've always hated being called to the Principal's office!
Ramirez: Do you think the Dean is going to lecture us? I hope she won't call our parents or anything...
Donna: <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you came so fast! I just wanted to thank you for catching Mikhail Levin and putting Bryan Vigman behind bars.
Donna: You've protected the students of this university once again, but I hope no other murder will befall us. The students can't work properly in those conditions!
Donna: And... Well, I know you're busy, but I need to ask you a favor. Could you and your partner check my office? I want to be sure there isn't any trace of the murder left.
Ramirez: Sure, Mrs Walker, we'll do it! Of course! Your office will be totally clean, devoid of any murder traces! <Rank> <Name> could spot a blood spatter from a mile!

Investigate Dean's Office.
Ramirez: I'm relieved, <Rank> <Name>, there's no trace of the murder here! Apart maybe from this broken frame you found. Poor Mrs Walker, she has so much to do with her head of security in jail.
Ramirez: And now this! Come on, <Rank> <Name>! I'm sure you can repair this, could you at least give it a try? Let's spare her some trouble!

Examine Broken Frame.
Ramirez: So it's not a picture, it's a diploma! You restored it so quickly, I didn't even have time to read what's on it! Let me see...
Ramirez: Oh! Apparently, Mrs Walker won the Best Disco Singer diploma! I didn't know they taught disco here! She even got a mention for her "groovy dance moves in awesome platform shoes..."
Ramirez: What? Oh, you're right, it's a joke diploma, <Rank> <Name>! I knew "Disco" sounded unusual for a college class... Anyway, let's give it back to her.

Give the Joke Diploma back to the Dean.
Ramirez: Mrs Walker? Your office is clean, there is no sign of the murder left. And... Well, your diploma was broken, so I asked <Rank> <Name> to repair it...
Donna: My diploma? Which one wa- Oh! Oh, THAT diploma! I thought I had hidden it!
Donna: I mean... thank you for checking my office. But... I'd like to keep this secret. I love disco, and the Dana Winter imitations are famous. But I'd rather the students didn't know!
Ramirez: I apologize, Mrs Walker! I didn't know what it was, and I'm the one who talked <Rank> <Name> into mending it! I should've asked you beforehand, I won't do it again!
Donna: No need to panic, Officer. I'm grateful for your help, and for mending this. I just wish you hadn't been... so zealous?
Donna: But, you know, I still go dancing sometimes... Maybe I'll go next Saturday to change my mind after this murder. You should join me, <Rank> <Name>! You could wear this!

Give an Interview to Stuart.
Jones: I'm glad you asked for this interview, Stuart. I can't wait to see <Rank> <Name> answering your questions! It's like we're celebrities!
Stuart: You surely are famous, Officer Jones... I heard the "Oh my Jones!" Friendnet page has more than 1,000 hearts!
Jones: Very clever. I haven't found a way to shut it down yet, and Chief King won't help me! Let's just start the interview, okay?
Stuart: Sure! Are you ready, <Rank> <Name>? I have a few questions and then maybe we could take some pictures here on the campus lawn? It'll accompany my article and-
Stuart: ...Uh? Have you, by any luck, seen a notebook around here? It contains my questions for you... Damn! I can't do the interview without it!
Jones: What? That's just too bad! I was looking forward to this interview, weren't you, <Rank> <Name>? Alright, we'll take a look around, Stuart... Maybe you dropped your notebook?

Investigate Campus Lawn.
Jones: Here it is! Stuart's notebook! Well done, <Name>! Thanks to your efficiency, this interview will be a success!
Jones: Or it would be if some questions weren't erased! I wonder why every damn time we find a notebook, the information we need is missing! It's a good thing you're handy with powder, <Name>!

Examine Stuart's Notebook.
Jones: Alright, <Name>! I think Stuart's notes are legible now, thanks to you. I'm curious, what does he want to ask you? Am I mentioned in some questions?
Jones: I am? Great! I knew I'd get the recognition I deserve someday! I'm flattered! Do you think Stuart will ask me questions too?
Jones: What do you mean they're funny? Let me read... "Inspector Jones isn't the brightest"? "IS JONES EVER THINKING ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE THAN EATING"? No way! Stuart can't write this!

Give his Notebook Back to Stuart.
Jones: Stuart O'Neil! <Rank> <Name> found your notebook, and I read your questions! Do you really think-
Stuart: Perfect! Are you ready to start the interview then, <Rank> <Name>? My readers are eager to know more about you!
Jones: Hey! Don't ignore me! I refuse to let you publish those questions about me! Seriously, that's... That's slanderous!
Stuart: So, how long have you worked for the Grimsborough Police? What was your most difficult case to solve? Also, after all the murders on campus, do you still have faith in the next generation?
Jones: <Rank> <Name>! Say something, please! You can't let him do this to me!
Stuart: But, before we start talking about more... saucy topics, take this as a thank you, <Rank> <Name>! I got a lot of gift vouchers from an overenthusiastic sponsor...

Interrogate Mikhail About his Escape.
Mikhail: Damn! Why are you govnosos back here? I thought your investigation was over, killer arrested and escapee back to jail?
Jones: You sound bitter, Mikhail, tired of your cell already? Going back must be hard after your little vacation...
Jones: Anyway, your jailbreak is the reason we're here. You never told us how you escaped, beside the security system's hack.
Mikhail: Ha! I knew you'd want to know! Well, you can stick it where the sun doesn't shine, Officer Jones! I cooperated enough with that Lie Detector test!
Jones: Take it down a notch, Mikhail! <Rank> <Name> will discover how you did it one way or another, so don't waste our time! I bet you had an accomplice, you can't escape on your own!
Mikhail: An accomplice? Hell no! I cheated the guards all by myself! The only help I got was from Tyler, and I was already out of here! Even he barely recognized me! Now, f*ck off!
(After talking to Mikhail)
Jones: Oh, the nerves of that little... You'd think he'd learned respect by now! I wonder what he meant by "Tyler barely recognized me". I mean, he hasn't changed that much in prison...
Jones: Oh! But, of course, <Name>, it probably means Mikhail disguised himself to deceive the prison guards! And then he went to Tyler, who helped him enter the campus...
Jones: You're right, Tyler was always hanging around the gym, <Name>! Maybe he hid the clothes there! Let's go, we'll need those clothes to confirm Mikhail's claim.

Investigate Training Facility.
Jones: Nice catch, <Name>, Mikhail's costume could in this pile of clothes! Let's dig into it, we'll need a proof for Chief King!

Examine Pile of Clothes.
Jones: What's this you found, <Name>? A blonde wig... Do you think we're dealing with a cheerleader with hair issues?
Jones: Good idea, <Name>. Whoever wore this wig must have left hair inside it, which means Grace can run a DNA test... Let's try, it'd be priceless if Mikhail had worn it!

Analyze Wig.
Jones: So, Grace, let us know everything! Pretty please with a cherry on top, tell us the wig <Name> found among girl's clothes belongs to Mikhail!
Grace: Calm down, Jones, you look like a child on a sugar high! I just spent hours separating human hair from that wig's hair... Happily the result of the DNA Analysis is crystal clear.
Grace: I confirm it's Mikhail Levin's hair. He must have worn that wig to deceive everyone and run away. I checked the jail's cameras records, and I spotted him wearing it!
Jones: I knew it! He looks so ridiculous in this cheerleader outfit! Thank you, Grace! This is so great, I can't wait to rub it in his face!
(After talking to Grace)
Jones: Mikhail in that cheerleader outfit is the funniest thing ever! We have to hurry up, I want to see his face when we'll tell him we know about his costume!
Alex: <Name>! Finally, you're back! WHY THE HECK DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ANYTHING?
Jones: Alex? What's wrong? I thought you were "unavailable" until your date with the @rti-... I mean, Cathy!
Alex: I was, but I've just heard the truth! Cathy is the @rtist! I HAVE A DATE WITH THE @RTIST! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!
Jones: Are you kidding me? I tried to-... Hey! HEY! DON'T LEAVE! That's it! I'm done with this love-struck idiot, <Name>! Let's go back to funnier topics, and to Mikhail's cell!

Confront Mikhail with the wig you found.
Jones: We're back, Mikhail! And guess what <Rank> <Name> found at the gym! Yes, that's it, that's your pretty blond wig! I can't believe you dressed as a woman to escape!
Mikhail: So what? I worked, didn't it? Now that you know how I got out of jail, can't you just leave me alone?
Jones: Aw, don't be like that, those long blond hair suited you! Especially the pink bow! We've seen the security camera records, we can print a picture if you want to keep a memory!
Mikhail: F*ck off! I've seen your Friendnet page, genius! You look just like a kozel in that heroine outfit!
Mikhail: You know what, we should start a club, the Grim's Drags! I bet it'd be a success, especially if you wore that outfit again!
Jones: WHAT?! Don't you dare! I'm so done with this Friendnet thing! And with you! I don't even know what a kozel means in Russian!
Jones: But fine! Be that way! You're stuck here again, anyway! Let's go, <Rank> <Name>, I'm hungry. We should stop for hot dogs... Or maybe burgers, on our way back. See you, Miss Levin!

Back at the Police Station...
Alex: <Name>! Look! What do you think? Do I look good? I'm ready for my date! I still can't believe I'm having dinner with the @rtist! Oh my God! I have a date with Cathy!
Chief King: Cathy? Are you talking about my Granddaughter?
Alex: I don't know, is your granddaughter the cutest girl I've ever seen with a rocky hairdo?
Chief King: YES SHE IS! What are you proposing to do with her?!?
Alex: Oh, crap! Well, this is something else I hadn't been told... Uh... I guess I'll... See you all later? Bye, <Name>!