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At the Bureau's Russian headquarters, Moscow...
Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, Chief Ripley and I would like a quick word with you.
Chief Ripley: I know there's some hard feelings about what happened in Europe, <Name>. Misleading you was a difficult but necessary decision.
Chief Ripley: But it worked exactly as I'd hoped! Bahir no longer poses a threat and you've made progress in learning about SOMBRA.
Chief Ripley: However, if we're to take down an international terrorist organization, it's essential that you learn to trust me again.
Chief Ripley: There's no time for group hugs, though. We're here in Russia to assist Natasha Romanova, the head of the country's space agency and incidentally, Marina's mother!
Chief Ripley: I'll let her brief you on the situation, but I will say this: there could be disastrous consequences worldwide if Natasha's suspicions prove to be true!
(Natasha enters the room.)
Natasha: Pleased to meet you <Rank> <Name>. I appreciate you're very busy at the Bureau, but COSMORUS's new project is nearing completion and there's rumors of a mole in the organization.
(Chief Ripley and Ingrid leave the room.)
Natasha: We cannot afford any leaks, so naturally I wanted the best of the best on the case.
(Marina enters the room.)
Marina: And Russian intelligence wasn't good enough for you, mother? I still can't believe we came all the way to Russia just for this, when we're supposed to be hunting down SOMBRA!
Natasha: Don't be so petulant, darling. Aren't you happy to see your mother? Anyway, I was thinking that <Rank> <Name> should get a feel for Moscow, find their feet a little.
Natasha: And where better to begin than the Red Square? I'll meet you there, <Rank> <Name>.
(Natasha leaves the room.)
Marina: <Name>, you need to keep your wits about you. That woman cannot be trusted!
(Jack enters the room, wearing a winter coat.)
Jack: Marina! You shouldn't talk about Ripley like that!
Jack: I know we're all feeling betrayed right now. But we have to remember that the Chief had our best interests at heart!
Jack: Oh, you were discussing your mother? Don't mind me then...
Jack: And we're heading to the Red Square, <Name>? Well you'd better wrap up warm, it's chilly out there!

Chapter 1

Investigate Red Square.
Jack Archer: You've got to be kidding me! Another country, another dead body? We have the worst luck, <Name>!
(Natasha arrives on the scene.)
Natasha: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, you're already her-
Natasha: Oh, my! I know this woman, <Rank> <Name>. Her name's Darya Chernova!
Natasha: I almost didn't recognize her with her glasses missing. They have a unique tortoise shell design... They must be around here somewhere!
Jack: No matter where they are, <Rank> <Name> will find them! We're going to have to ask you to stand aside, Ms Romanova. <Rank> <Name> will need to talk to you about the murder in a moment.
(Natasha steps aside.)
Jack: Have you grabbed any clues, <Name>? Some torn pieces? You're right, they were just next to the victim's hand - she must have dropped them!
Jack: And a gold bracelet? I can't read the inscription, though. Do you think you can make out the letters?

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: Check out this subway ticket, <Name>! It's just like the ones we used to get to the Red Square!
Jack: It's all in Russian, but I've definitely seen these station names before. It looks like the victim traveled to our crime scene from Komsomolskaya station.
Jack: Good thinking, <Name>! Let's retrace Darya's steps by heading to Komsomolskaya station. If we're lucky, we might find some clues about her killer!

Investigate Komsomolskaya Station.
Jack: You picked up a surveillance camera, <Name>? Great idea! If the victim came here, chances are that camera caught her on video!
Jack: You also grabbed some glasses? You're right, these must be the victim's glasses that Natasha told us about. She did say they had a tortoise shell design!
Jack: And you're right, there's a brown substance on them! Let's collect a sample!

Examine Surveillance Camera.
Jack: Great job, <Name>! You unlocked that surveillance camera in a flash!
Jack: No doubt our resident goth geek will be able to decipher all those files in it. Let's send the surveillance camera to Elliot!

Analyze Surveillance Camera.
Elliot: <Name>, I'm not sure you know what you're getting yourself into here...
Elliot: The surveillance camera you picked up in the subway station shows your victim... being followed by another woman!
Elliot: Thing is, I scanned the woman's face into the database, and this so-called Anya Ivanova is like a ghost!
Elliot: I looked up her records and they're almost empty! They just say she's held an unspecified job within the government for several years.
Jack: What's suspicious about that?
Elliot: C'mon, Archer. A government-employed ghost in Russia?
Elliot: Haven't you ever heard of the MGB?! It's the only one of the most infamous organizations in the world! The MGB is in charge of both Russia's domestic security and foreign intelligence.
Jack: So our victim was being followed by an MGB agent? I agree, we need to talk to this Anya, <Name>!

Question Anya Ivanova about her following the victim.
Jack: Care to explain this footage of you following a woman who we later found murdered, Ms Ivanova?
Anya: I don't have to explain myself to you. This is a matter of national security, we don't need the Bureau involved.
Jack: I beg to differ, considering the head of COSMORUS invited us here herself. She clearly thinks you need the Bureau's help!
Jack: And besides, need I remind you that the Bureau has treaties with countries all over the world, including Russia? We're here with the support of your government, not to work against you!
Anya: The MGB has a handle on the matter!
Jack: Oh, really? And how exactly does the MGB have a handle on things?
Anya: If you must know, the organization has been carrying out surveillance on all of COSMORUS's employees since we heard about the possible mole.
Anya: But... well... to be honest, we have yet to find out who it is!
Jack: Well, don't go far, Anya. <Rank> <Name> is the one keeping tabs now!

Examine Glasses.
Jack: You've collected a sample of that gross brown substance from the victim's glasses! Well, rather you than me! Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Brown Substance.
Lars: <Name>, you're just in time! I've got a joke for you. Knock, knock.
Jack: Who's there?
Lars: Termite.
Jack: Termite who?
Lars: Termite be something wrong with your glasses... it's me, Lars! Get it? Termite? "There might"?
Jack: You've... lost me there, dude.
Lars: Admittedly, it's funnier in an Irish accent. But Angela has forbidden me from ever doing my Irish impression again!
Jack: Moving on... Can you tell us anything about the brown substance on the victim's glasses, bro?
Lars: The substance was beef stroganoff, a delicious Russian dish containing beef and sour cream!
Jack: And as the victim's glasses obviously didn't end up on the subway by themselves, that means the killer must have touched them!
Jack: So we're looking for a killer who eats beef stroganoff! Well, they've definitely got a beef with you, <Name>!

Examine Gold Bracelet.
Jack: What does the name plate on this gold bracelet say? "Darya and Oleg"? So the bracelet belonged to our victim!
Jack: And I'd bet my bottom dollar that this Oleg was her husband. We'd better inform him of his wife's death, <Name>!

Inform Oleg Chernov of his wife's murder.
Jack: Mr Chernov, I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> is here to inform you that your wife has been murdered. Can you think of anyone who might've wanted to hurt her?
Oleg: What the hell would I know? I hardly ever saw the woman. She was always working!
Oleg: All Darya cared about... was her job. It was always... job first, Oleg second!
Jack: You don't seem very upset about her murder. How much have you drank, may I ask?
Oleg: And that's notherthing! She always say Oleg drink too much! But... not true! Bryed! Oleg not drink too much. Darya not drink enough!
Jack: <Name>, I don't think we're going to get anything of use out of this guy. Stick around, Mr Chernov. We'll talk to you again when you're sober.

Ask Natasha Romanova about the victim.
Jack: Ms Romanova, what can you tell us about the victim?
Natasha: Darya was one of my most trusted employees! She's worked for me at COSMORUS for years!
Natasha: Darya was head of project management. She was my right-hand woman, in charge of funding and implementing new projects. She might have had a high-flying job, but she wouldn't have hurt a fly!
Natasha: I simply can't imagine why anyone would want to do something like this to someone as harmless as Darya!
Natasha: Unless... unless she uncovered something about the mole in COSMORUS!
Natasha: Yes! That must be it. She must have identified the mole and they killed her to avoid being unmasked!
Natasha: Oh, this is all my fault! If only I'd called you sooner, <Rank> <Name>. Maybe Darya would still be alive!
Jack: Let's not jump to conclusions just yet, Ms Romanova. <Rank> <Name> will examine all the evidence and get to the bottom of this murder!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Privyet, <Name>! I got pretty bored waiting for you to send me a new body... So I've taken up a new hobby!
Angela: I've started painting matryoshka dolls! They're traditional Russian dolls made from wood, and each one contains a smaller doll.
Angela: But best of all, I've decided to paint each team member's face on a different doll! This one is Dupont, see?
Jack: That's... disturbing. Can we get back to our dead body, Angela?
Angela: Well, you have a very Russian murder on your hands, I have to say! Your victim clearly suffered a wound to her neck, which severed one of the two carotid arteries.
Angela: And here's a fun fact for you: in the right conditions, blood can spurt up to 30 feet following such an injury!
Jack: Riiight. But why is this murder specifically Russian?
Angela: Well, I examined the width of the wound and the jagged pattern in which the skin was perforated... and determined that it was caused by broken glass!
Angela: And combined with the fact I found traces of vodka in the wound, I can tell you that your victim was stabbed in the neck with a broken vodka bottle!
Jack: So we're looking for a vodka-drinking killer! Well, it'll soon be last orders with you on their trail, <Name>!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: I think it's time for a recap, <Name>. Natasha Romanova called us here to investigate a security breach in Russia's space program...
Jack: But instead, we've found one of COSMORUS's employees murdered and we have no idea who's behind it!
Jack: Natasha believes that the victim uncovered something about the supposed mole within COSMORUS, and that's what got her killed!
Jack: Then there's Anya, an MGB spy who was monitoring our victim's movements, but claims it was just routine surveillance.
Jack: And all this just seems like one big distraction from SOMBRA! We still have no idea what they're up to...
(Elliot runs into the room.)
Elliot: Hey, guys! You'll never guess what I've just managed to do! I've hacked into the MGB's servers!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, we've made no headway with this murder, and it's not getting us any closer to SOMBRA!
Jack: We came here to Moscow to investigate the possibility of a mole in COSMORUS...
Jack: But now we think our mole might also be a murderer! Natasha is convinced that Darya uncovered something about the mole, and paid the ultimate price for it!
Jack: We also know that Anya was tailing our victim shortly before her de-
(Elliot runs into the room.)
Elliot: Hey, guys! You'll never guess what I've just managed to do! I've hacked into the MGB's servers!
Jack: You've hacked into the servers of one of the world's most powerful organizations?! Try not to get us arrested - we've only just arrived in Russia!
Elliot: You're going to thank me for this one, Archer. I pulled up the MGB's records on Darya and discovered something.
Elliot: Your victim used to visit Gorky Park at exactly the same time every day, always alone! And Gorky Park's a pretty cool place actually, it houses a life-sized prototype of the Buran spaceship!
Elliot: But I digress. The MGB was trying to figure out what Darya was doing there, but they didn't have any luck.
Jack: Well, where the MGB failed, I bet <Name> will succeed! Let's go check out Gorky Park!

Investigate Leisure Park.
Jack: Score! You've grabbed a folder with the COSMORUS logo on it! You'd better recover the missing info, <Name>!
Jack: And check out this photo! It looks like Darya was enjoying a cozy dinner... but who's this guy? I'll let you find a match in the database!
Jack: You also picked up a trash can? Well, don't look at me - I'm not getting my hands dirty looking through it!

Examine Faded Folder.
Jack: So what does it say on that COSMORUS folder, <Name>?
Jack: It reads, "Application for funding." And it's addressed to our victim! Let's get this to Elliot, STAT!

Analyze Funding Request.
Elliot: Alright, <Name>? That folder which was addressed to your victim was a real snoozefest.
Elliot: I thought space stuff would be fun, but it's all paperwork and red tape!
Elliot: Anyway, the documents outlined the details of a new space suit project, led by a certain Nikolai Sharapov.
Elliot: Sharapov is one of COSMORUS's lead scientists, and this was his application for funding for the space suit project...
Jack: An application which was awaiting approval by our victim!
Jack: You're right, <Name>. We'd better go talk to this Nikolai!

Ask Nikolai Sharapov about his working relationship with the victim.
Jack: Nikolai, can you tell us about your relationship with Darya Chernova?
Nikolai: She's one of the big shots at COSMORUS. I have to go through her to request funding for all of my projects.
Nikolai: Though if I had my way, I'd just deal with the head of COSMORUS directly!
Nikolai: Darya's simply a power-hungry pen pusher in my opinion. Every time I have a meeting with her, I have to have a shot of vodka beforehand to steel my nerves!
Nikolai: Just the thought of the future of my hard work depending on that woman's whims makes me sick to my stomach. I could almost throw up that beef stroganoff I ate earlier!
Jack: Well, your projects won't depend on Darya anymore - we've found her murdered!
Nikolai: She's dead?! I... That's t-terrible news, <Rank> <Name>!
Nikolai: It's going to be even harder to get my funding approved in time now!

Examine Mysterious Man.
Jack: You found a match in the database for that guy Darya was dining with! His name's Liam Hall, and according to our records, he's a 26-year-old from the UK who's been in Russia for just over a year...
Jack: I wonder what a young British guy would be doing having dinner with a Russian paper-pusher. Let's ask this Liam how he knows the victim!

Ask Liam Hall about his relationship with the victim.
Jack: Liam, can you explain this photo of you with Darya Chernova? You look pretty close.
Liam: Sure, that was just a cozy dinner between friends! The beef stroganoff I had was exceptional!
Liam: Darya often invites me to her business dinners instead of her husband. She says he always shows her up! Just between us, I think he might have a bit of an alcohol problem...
Liam: I mean, I love a bit of vodka, but you have to know when enough is enough, right? Anyway, why are you asking me about Darya?
Jack: <Rank> <Name> is here to inform you that Darya has been found murdered!
Liam: Wait, what? Darya's dead?!
Liam: That's tragic, <Rank> <Name>... I'll really miss the time we spent together. I do enjoy the company of an older woman!

Examine Trash Can.
Jack: Check out this book you found in the trash can, <Name>! It's covered in blood!
Jack: You're right, there's no blood on the trash can itself, so someone must have been trying to hide the book in there!
Jack: The title is "War and Peace" and it was written by Tolstoy...
Jack: Well, that's hardly light reading, <Name>. No wonder somebody tossed it in the trash!
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. I know... Tolstoy's supposed to be one of the greatest Russian authors ever. Let's just get the book to Lars...

Analyze Bloody Book.
(Lars is seen reading War and Peace.)
Lars: Oh hey, guys! I was just reading this book you sent me!
Jack: Boooring! Who wants to read Tolstoy? And that book is a piece of evidence, y'know...
Lars: Dude, Tolstoy is anything but boring! I saw this great adaptation of War and Peace the other day, it was wicked! We should totally watch it for our next movie night!
Jack: I'll... er, pencil it into my diary. Anyway, what did you find out about the blood on the book?
Lars: Well, I checked with Angela and the blood on the book belongs to your victim!
Lars: I guess the killer must have tried to get rid of it after the murder.
Jack: And <Name> is right! That means that our killer reads Tolstoy! Well, they'll have plenty of time for reading once they're behind bars!

Later on, at headquarters...
Jack: Darn it, <Name>, we need more leads! All we know is that we're looking for a Tolstoy-reading murderer...
Jack: And that our victim took a 26-year-old kid to her official dinners! What kind of leads are those?!
Jack: And the fact that SOMBRA is still lurking in the shadows is making me nervous... For all we know, they could be operating here in Russia, right under our noses!
Jack: You think we should go back to the subway station, <Name>? Well, I don't have a better suggestion. Let's go!

Investigate Subway Stairs.
Jack: Woah, be careful where you point that blade, <Name>! That thing looks pretty dangerous. I wonder what someone was doing with it in the subway!
Jack: And you're right - the blade is covered in hair! Well, I'll let you collect a sample if you think it might be useful.
Jack: And nice, you found some shredded paper? I'd put it back together myself, but I'm sure you could use the practice!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: Check this out, <Name>! That shredded paper you found in the subway is an email sent to Darya!
Jack: The message reads, "Mrs Chernova, We are willing to pay $5,000,000 in exchange for the classified information that we have requested. We await your response."
Jack: So somebody was prepared to pay Darya $5,000,000 for classified information?! That sounds like she was the one doing the spying!
Jack: Though to be honest... I'd almost consider becoming a mole myself for that kind of money!
Jack: I'm sorry, <Name>. I know, I know... This is a serious matter. You're right, maybe Natasha was wrong about Darya being killed by the mole...
Jack: Maybe Darya WAS the mole! We need to inform Natasha, now!

Talk to Natasha about the email received by the victim.
Natasha: Let's make this quick, <Rank> <Name>. My beef stroganoff is getting cold and my vodka is getting warm!
Jack: Natasha, <Rank> <Name> found an email offering Darya money in exchange for classified information... We believe it's possible that she may have been the mole in COSMORUS!
Natasha: This... This can't be possible!
Natasha: How dare Darya betray me like that! I trusted her implicitly!
Natasha: I really thought I knew Darya... But I suppose, as Tolstoy says, "We can know only that we know nothing."
Jack: Nothing is certain yet, but we also need to know what information the victim had access to, so we can determine what she might have leaked.
Natasha: I'm sorry, but that's out of the question, <Rank> <Name>. That information is classified!
Jack: You don't seem very eager to help our investigation, Natasha. Maybe you'd already realized that Darya was the mole... And decided to take matters into your own hands!
Natasha: How dare you suggest such a thing, <Rank> <Name>! I'm a government official, not some common thug!
Jack: Well, if <Rank> <Name> finds out that you did kill Darya, being a government official won't help you escape a prison sentence!

Examine Knuckle Knife.
Jack: You've collected a sample of the hair on the knuckle knife! Let's stick it under the microscope!

Examine Hair.
Jack: The hair on that knuckle knife you found belongs to Oleg Chernov! A weapon like that could do some serious damage in the hands of someone who drinks that much vodka!
Jack: You're right. I think we need another chat with the victim's husband, <Name>!

Ask Oleg Chernov about his knuckle knife.
Jack: Mr Chernov, can you explain what you were doing with a knuckle knife in the subway station? You could do some serious harm with a weapon like that!
Oleg: Oh, you found that, <Rank> <Name>...
Oleg: Well, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Darya was cheating on me!
Jack: What?! Your wife was having an affair and you didn't think to tell us? Do you have any proof?
Oleg: No, but a husband just feels these things. She was neglecting her wifely duties... Her beef stroganoff was terrible and she forgot to buy me razors! Look at my face, I had to shave with my knuckle knife!
Oleg: The same knife you were presumably planning to attack her with?!
Oleg: Of course I was not planning to attack Darya! I followed her into the subway to try and catch her in the act.
Oleg: It was the man she was cheating with that I planned to attack! If only I could have found him! Anyway, leave me in peace with my vodka, <Rank> <Name>.

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, tell me you're close to wrapping up this investigation! What have you learned so far?
Jack: Well, we know that Darya was offered money to act as a mole within COSMORUS...
Jack: But we have no idea whether she actually went through with it or not!
Jack: And it doesn't hep that Natasha won't tell us exactly what information the victim had acc-
(Elliot walks into the room, nervously.)
Elliot: Uh, guys? You remember how I mentioned that I'd hacked into the MGB's servers earlier? Well, they kinda noticed...
Jack: Oh, no! Elliot! What have you gotten us into this time?!

Chapter 3

Elliot Clayton: Uh, guys? You remember how I mentioned that I'd hacked into the MGB's servers earlier? Well, they kinda noticed...
Jack: You've gotta be kidding me, Elliot! The MGB knows you hacked into their servers?
Elliot: Yah, and they're uh... not too happy about it...
Elliot: I've managed to hold off their attempts to hack into the Bureau's servers in retaliation so far, but you need to wrap up this investigation before the MGB can jeopardize our entire network!
Jack: Oh, great! I'm sure that'll be a real help in figuring out whether our victim was the COSMORUS mole and who killed her, don't you, <Name>?
Jack: Well, we know the victim went to Gorky Park every day, and we know she might have leaked information. So perhaps she went there to meet a contact! Quick, let's go!

Investigate Park Shuttle.
Jack: C'mon, <Name>. Tell me you've grabbed some clues! We're running out of time! The MGB could shut down our servers any minute now!
Jack: You picked up a bag with the name "D. Chernova" embroidered on it? That's our victim! We'd better get looking through it!
Jack: And you're right, this phone must have fallen out of Darya's bag! Look, it has a picture of Darya and Oleg in the background! You'd better unlock it, and fast!
Jack: And there's the victim's picture in that notebook! We need to recover the missing info - this could blow the case wide open!

Examine Locked Phone.
Jack: Woah! That's quite the set of abs in that photo on the victim's phone, <Name>!
Jack: Though obviously they're not as good as mine.
Jack: Hey, you're right! We know this guy! That's Liam, our victim's "friend".
Jack: What was Darya doing with a picture of Liam like that on her phone? I don't know about you, <Name>, but I don't usually have sexy selfies of my friends on my phone.
Jack: And check out this message. It reads, "200,000 rubles and I'm yours"!
Jack: 200,000 rubles? That must be something like 3,000 dollars... I agree, we need to ask Liam about this, straight away!

Ask Liam Hall about his sexy selfie.
Jack: So, Liam, you forgot to mention the victim was paying you to be her "friend".
Jack: 200,000 rubles, eh? You're hardly selling yourself cheap!
Liam: Well, I could offer you a discount if you like.
Jack: A discount... I... Don't try to change the subject, it won't work!
Jack: Did Darya refuse to pay you for your services and you killed her? Is that it?
Liam: Of course not. Darya was very happy with my performance, and she paid well.
Liam: Though to be honest, I didn't think our relationship would end this way...
Liam: But as Tolstoy says, "Everything ends in death, everything."
Jack: Well, if <Rank> <Name> discovers you had a hand in Darya's murder, everything will end in prison for you!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Jack: You found some torn pieces in the victim's handbag, <Name>? Let's get piecing them back together then!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: Check it out, <Name>. This check you found in the victim's handbag was from COSMORUS.
Jack: It was addressed to Nikolai, that scientist we met earlier.
Jack: But Darya crossed out his name and added her own instead! Does this mean that the victim was embezzling COSMORUS's money?
Jack: You're right, we obviously can't ask Darya about this... But we can talk to Nikolai!

Question Nikolai Sharapov about the check.
Jack: Nikolai, <Rank> <Name> found a check addressed to you, but the victim was clearly intending to cash it in herse-
Nikolai: I knew it! I knew she was stealing my funding money!
Jack: Wait, you knew the victim was stealing money from COSMORUS and you didn't think to tell us?
Nikolai: Well, I didn't know, exactly. But I always suspected it! Darya was as corrupt as they come. I don't know how she ever got a government job!
Nikolai: I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised though. Crooks like Darya always come off best. Perhaps Tolstoy was right when he said, "One must be cunning and wicked in this world."
Jack: Well, let's hope you didn't kill her based on your suspicions, else funding will be the least of your worries!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Jack: Great! You've recovered the text written next to our victim's picture in that notebook you found!
Jack: ...and it's all written in Russian, of course. What do we do now?!
Jack: Oh, good thinking, <Name>. Marina will be able to tell us what this says! Let's send the notebook to her, quick!

Analyze Russian Writing.
Marina: Have you found out what my mother is up to yet, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, come on, Marina! There's no reason to be jealous of your mother. Now what can you tell us about the message in the notebook?
Marina: It simply reads, "This woman will ruin me!", written over and over again. The repetition suggests an obsession with the target, who is obviously your victim.
Marina: While the spacing between the letters implies that the person who wrote it was a woman...
Marina: Furthermore, the rigidity with which the letters were penned demonstrates the writer's pathological need for order, despite the obvious frustration in the message.
Marina: Trust me, <Name>, this shows all the hallmarks of an MGB agent!
Jack: A female MGB agent? Seems like Anya didn't tell us the whole truth when we questioned her about following the victim, <Name>! We need to talk to her about this notebook!

Talk to Anya Ivanova about her notebook.
Jack: You need to explain this notebook, Anya. Writing "This woman will ruin me!" over and over again? Seems like you were pretty fixated on our victim!
Anya: How embarrassing, I thought I'd disposed of that...
Jack: Did you find out that Darya had been offered money to leak classified information from COSMORUS? A breach like that wouldn't have looked good for the MGB.
Anya: So that's what it was! I knew she was hiding something - I just couldn't figure out what!
Anya: You wouldn't believe how many nights I sat at home, eating beef stroganoff and drinking vodka, trying to figure out what she was doing.
Jack: Vodka and beef stroganoff, eh? Funny you should mention those, since our killer likes both!
Anya: So do a lot of people, <Rank> <Name>. A foreign organization like the Bureau being brought in is a professional failure for me! The MGB prides itself on its efficiency.
Anya: I guess I just didn't try hard enough. Like Tolstoy said, "A battle is won by him who is firmly resolved to win it."
Jack: Well, if <Rank> <Name> finds out you were behind Darya's murder, the only thing you'll be winning is a lengthy prison sentence!

Later, at headquarters...
Jack: This investigation has taken an unexpected turn, <Name>. We originally thought Darya was just a paper-pusher, but she seems to have been devious in all aspects of her life!
Jack: Not only did she steal Nikolai's funding, and possibly sell confidential information...
Jack: She was also paying Liam for "favors"! That's just wrong, <Name>!
(Ingrid walks in the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>, office hours are almost over, which means that local workers are starting to gather at the Christmas market on your crime scene!
Jack: Oh, man! Between that and the MGB on our backs... We need to get back there before any last clues are lost in the crowds!

Investigate Christmas Market.
Jack: Whoa, <Name>! I know we don't always get along, but please don't hit me with that broken bottle!
Jack: Oh, right. Angela did say that the victim had been stabbed with a broken vodka bottle. You've just found our murder weapon, <Name>!
Jack: Good thinking, we should take a sample of that dried blood on the bottle! If we're lucky, it might not just be the victim's!
Jack: But why are you interested in that snowman?
Jack: The snowman wasn't there the first time we investigated the crime scene? So what?
Jack: Oh, right! The kids who made this might have accidentally scooped up some evidence with the snow! You'd better get looking through the snowman then!

Examine Bottle Handle.
Jack: You collected a sample of that blood on the bottle handle like a pro, <Name>! Let's send it to Lars before the MGB compromises our investigation!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: Trying to extract the killer's blood from your victim's blood on the bottle was a bloody nightmare, <Name>!
Jack: So the dried blood on the murder weapon was a mixture of the victim's and the killer's blood?
Lars: It sure was! Obviously I haven't had enough time to do a full DNA profile on the killer's blood...
Lars: But I can tell you that your killer has red hair!
Jack: Great work, Lars! That narrows the list of suspects down! Let's keep an eye out for this red-haired killer, <Name>!

Examine Snowman.
Jack: You found a dirty napkin in that snowman?
Jack: Well, I guess we have nothing to lose. We need to wrap up this investigation before the MGB jeopardizes our entire network! Let's give the napkin to Lars, quick!

Analyze Napkin.
Jack: Dude, what can you tell us about that napkin <Name> sent you?
Lars: Well, the stain was beef stroganoff, which proves it belongs to your killer! But I don't know if you noticed that the pattern of the stain was broken by an object placed in front of it.
Lars: I took the outline of the shape and ran it through the database. It took a few hours, but I managed to figure out exactly what left that outline in the stain!
Jack: Don't keep us waiting, bro! What was it?
Lars: That shape was made by a coin necklace!
Jack: So now we know that the killer is wearing a coin necklace! They won't have much use for coins where they're going, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Jack: This is it, <Name>. You've gathered all the evidence you need to arrest Darya Chernova's killer. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Liam Hall, you're under arrest for the murder of Darya Chernova!
Liam: What? That's ridiculous, <Rank> <Name>. I would never have hurt Darya! I even started reading Tolstoy so we had something to discuss!
Jack: Speaking of which, we found your coopy of War and Peace in the trash, covered in Darya's blood!
Liam: That could have been anyone's book! There's no proof it's mine!
Jack: <Rank> <Name> also found your napkin, covered in beef stroganoff except for a perfect circle which matches the coin necklace you're wearing!
Liam: So what? Eating beef stroganoff isn't a crime!
Jack: And how do you explain your blood on the handle of the broken vodka bottle which you used to stab Darya?
Liam: Oh, God... I... I really did kill her, didn't I?
Liam: We went out for dinner the night Darya was killed. I was taking advantage of the alcohol flowing and we... we both got drunk.
Liam: I just remember us walking through Red Square when we started arguing...
Liam: Darya kept pressuring me to do a favor for her, you see.
Jack: We don't need to hear any more about your "favors", Liam!
Liam: You don't get it! It wasn't sexual. She just wanted me to drop off a briefcase for her!
Liam: I don't know what it contained, but I'm not stupid. I knew she couldn't have been up to any good. I left the UK to escape all the trouble I'd gotten into there... I didn't want to do the same here!
Liam: But then I... I blacked out! I woke up in my bed the next morning with no memory of what happened after the argument, and a nasty cut on my hand!
Jack: Well, you'd better hope the judge cuts you a lenient sentence, because you're under arrest for Darya's murder!

Judge Adaku: Liam Hall, you stand accused of killing Darya Chernova. How do you plead?
Liam: Guilty, Your Honor. But it was a terrible accident, I just lost my temper! I wouldn't have killed one of my best clients on purpose!
Judge Adaku: Your client? Oh, yes. I see it says here that you've been working as an escort. If you don't mind me asking, how much does one make in that line of work?
Judge Adaku: I sometimes wonder if it's not too late for a career change...
Judge Adaku: Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Given that the murder was not premeditated, the International Court hereby sentences you to five years in prison!
Liam: Well, I guess my services might come in useful in there...

Chief Ripley: Congratulations on putting Liam Hall behind bars, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: But you still need to figure out whether or not your victim actually succeeded in leaking any of COSMORUS's information!
Chief Ripley: It won't be easy, given that Natasha has refused to tell us what information Darya had access to. But if anyone can succeed, I'm sure it's you, <Name>!

Darkness Descends 1

At headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, good job arresting Liam Hall for the murder of Darya Chernova.
Chief Ripley: But we still need to determine whether the victim succeeded in selling any of COSMORUS's classified information!
Marina: It'd be a lot easier if my mother would just tell us what information Darya had access to, <Name>!
Marina: Though thinking about it... The MGB does have all of COSMORUS's employees under surveillance. So perhaps it wouldn't hurt if we had a little chat with Anya about my mother!
Jack: Good idea, Marina. And we also need to find out who sent Darya that email offering her $5,000,000 in exchange for classified information!
Jack: I reckon we should have a chat with Liam, <Name>. After all, Darya confided in him about the information drop-off. Who knows what else she might have told him! Let's do this!

Question Liam Hall about the information Darya wanted to sell.
Jack: Liam, what can you tell us about Darya's attempt to sell classified information? Was it the first time she'd tried to leak information from COSMORUS?
Liam: It was the first drop-off that she'd asked me to do... But I knew she'd done others in the past. How do you think she funded our "encounters"?
Liam: This drop-off was supposed to be the biggest yet, but Darya knew she was under surveillance by the MGB. It was too risky for her to carry it out herself... That's why she asked me to do it!
Jack: And what about the buyer? Do you know who was supposed to pick up the briefcase?
Liam: I have no idea. All I can tell you is that Darya carried out the previous drop-offs in the Red Square!
Jack: The Red Square, eh? Well, let's head back there and see if we can find any clues about our mystery buyer, <Name>!

Investigate Red Square.
Jack: You found a bag full of Christmas stuff, <Name>? Great! That'll save me some Christmas shopping!
Jack: I'm just kidding. Of course you want to look through the bag! Let's get started!

Examine Christmas Bag.
Jack: Great! You found a... What's that thing you found in the bag of Christmas stuff, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, it's a keycard? And you're right, it has Darya's name on it!
Jack: Well, I have no clue what it could unlock... but you're right, Elliot might! Let's send the keycard to him, quick!

Analyze Keycard.
(Jonah is also present in the room.)
Elliot: This keycard you found unlocks a bank vault, <Name>!
Elliot: Though obviously even with the keycard, only Darya herself could access the vault...
Elliot: But being the genius that I am, I managed to find the bank account linked to the vault! And what I found inside is going to make your day!
Elliot: Darya received a payment of $500,000 in July, then $700,000 in September and another $500,000 in November.
Jack: You're right, <Name>. It's not quite the $5,000,000 mentioned in the email Darya received, but maybe that was just the beginning!
Elliot: Well, each payment came from a company called Global Flux Ltd, which claims to be a logistics firm.
Elliot: I was a bit confused about why a logistics company would be paying Darya so much, but then I realized that our new recruit might have some ideas!
Jonah: Hello, <Name>. During my investigation into SOMBRA, I encountered a number of aliases. The group uses them to hide their financial transactions, among other things.
Jonah: And Global Flux Ltd is one of SOMBRA's aliases!
Jack: So now we know that Darya was leaking COSMORUS's classified information to SOMBRA!
Jack: That doesn't bode well, <Name>... SOMBRA seems to crop up everywhere! What on earth could they want with information about Russia's space program?
Jack: You're right, Natasha won't tell us anything, but there's one other person who might know what information our victim sold - Nikolai!
Jonah: <Name>, if you don't mind, I'd like to come with you. I'm sure a nervous little guy like Nikolai will crack as soon as he lays eyes on me!

Ask Nikolai Sharapov what he knows about COSMORUS's confidential info.
Jonah: We have discovered a breach in COSMORUS's security, little man. You need to tell us what you know, NOW!
Nikolai: A security breach? I... I... This is terrible news, <Rank> <Name>. It could be a d-disaster for COSMORUS's projects! In fact, it could be disastrous for the world!
Jonah: Right. So you'd better tell <Rank> <Name> everything, if you don't want my fist in your face, pal! Tell us what information Darya Chernova had access to!
Nikolai: I'm t-terribly sorry, but I'm afraid I can't, <Rank> <Name>. The scientists simply d-don't have access to COSMORUS's classified data!
Nikolai: B-but I t-truly appreciate your efforts to protect the space program, <Rank> <Name>, so please let me o-offer you a burger. And d-don't let him hit me!
(After talking to Nikolai Sharapov)
Jonah: Hmm, I guess intimidation didn't really work on that guy, <Name>... You know, I'm not sure I'm cut out for this whole interrogation thing just yet...
Jonah: But if you find any weapons you want me to take a look at, I'll be at the office!

Question Anya Ivanova about her surveillance on Natasha.
Marina: Anya, I hear you're the best MGB agent in town. So I'm sure you've gathered plenty of information on my mother, Natasha Romanova.
Anya: Natasha is under surveillance, of course...
Anya: But I can't tell you any more than that. The MGB doesn't release its secrets to foreign organizations.
Marina: The Bureau is admitting that we need your help, Anya. Wouldn't it look good if you helped us pin down a criminal?
Anya: Well, I suppose I could give you some non-classified information, <Rank> <Name>...
Anya: I was tailing Natasha about half an hour ago, but I lost her on the subway!
Anya: If you head there now, you might be able to pick up her trail. And here, take this money to help your investigation. Bringing down a corrupt government official would definitely stand out on my résumé!

Investigate Komsomolskaya Station.
Marina: There's no sign of my mother but I'm positive this shoe you picked up belongs to her, <Name>!
Marina: Honestly, she's the only woman in Moscow who'd dare to wear high heels in the ice and snow... I bet she lost it while she was giving Anya the slip!
Marina: You think we should vacuum up a sample of that dirt on the shoe? Let's do it then!

Examine High-heeled Shoe.
Marina: Great job, <Name>! You collected a sample of the dirt from my mother's high heel! Let's put it under the microscope and see if it can shed any light on her movements!

Examine Dirt.
Marina: What does the microscope report say about the substance on my mother's shoe, <Name>?
Marina: So the substance was dirt... No surprises there... but it also contained flakes of metal!
Marina: And the metal flakes were made of an old aluminum composite that was used to build space shuttles?
Marina: What's that, <Name>? Right! There's an old space shuttle in Gorky Park! We need to head there immediately!

Investigate Leisure Park.
Marina: That briefcase you picked up has my mother's name on it, <Name>!
Marina: If there's anything we can pin on her, I'm sure it'll be inside! You're the whiz at decoding these things, so I'll let you unlock the briefcase.

Examine Briefcase.
Marina: Check out all these folders in my mother's briefcase, <Name>! I agree, we don't have hours to spend trying to figure out what they contain. Elliot will get the job done - let's send it to him!

Analyze Natasha's Files.
Elliot: Good news, Marina! These documents put your mother in the clear!
Marina: Wait, what? That's not possible, <Name>!
Marina: I know what government officials are like here in Russia. They're all as corrupt as each other! Just look at your victim!
Elliot: Honestly, Marina, I took a look at the folders and you've got it all wrong! Natasha is actually working to bring down a corrupt organization!
Elliot: These folders are full of documents detailing the illegal activities of one of COSMORUS's contractors.
Elliot: Natasha realized that they were siphoning off government money and she's amassed enough proof for a criminal investigation!
Marina: But I know my mother, <Name>! Even if she's doing something good, then it's no doubt for the wrong reasons.
Elliot: And I thought I had issues with my parents, <Name>...
Marina: I do NOT have issues with my parents!
Marina: I promise you that everything my mother does is for personal gain, <Name>. And I will prove it - let's go talk to her!

Talk to Natasha Romanova about bringing down a corrupt organization.
Marina: We hear you're in the process of bringing down a corrupt organization, mother. Why don't you tell us what's in it for you?
Natasha: There's no need for such skepticism, darling. As a government official, I'm obliged to report the misuse of public funds!
Marina: So the government only turns a blind eye to its own corruption, is that it?
Natasha: Marina, I do wish you'd get over this personal vendetta against the government.
Marina: "Get over it?!" Bringing down the Russian President almost got me killed!
Natasha: Well, you did overreach a little, considering it was just a student project...
Natasha: Anyway, that's all in the past now. And to thank you for returning my files, I'd like you to have this, <Name>.

Later, at headquarters...
Marina: Surely you cannot believe my mother over me, <Name>! She IS corrupt, I know it! Just you wait and see!
Jonah: I'm with Marina on this one, <Name>. I know all about corrupt Russian government officials, and I don't have a good feeling about Natasha.
Marina: See? Even this blockhead agrees with me!
Jonah: "Thank you" would have been enough. Anyway, thanks to <Name>, we know that the classified information which Darya leaked was bought by SOMBRA!
Jonah: But we don't know why SOMBRA wants information relating to Russia's space program, or what it plans to do with it...
Chief Ripley: Which is why it's imperative that <Rank> <Name> finds out exactly what documents SOMBRA has obtained!
Chief Ripley: We've seen what SOMBRA is capable of. Their grand debut almost saw me killed, and their affiliation with the Promethians and The Sword spread terror across Europe and the Sahara!
Chief Ripley: Whatever they're plotting now, it's crucial that we stop them, <Name>! We've just had word from Natasha. COSMORUS's internal security services have reported suspicious activity in Saint Petersburg!
Chief Ripley: If we're to stay hot on SOMBRA's trail, there's no time to lose. So get ready, because we're putting you on the next flight to Saint Petersburg!

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