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Amy Young: Hello, <Name>! Guess what? There's no murder investigation today!
Amy: Since we have nothing to do, I thought I might go for a walk in Inner City, would you like to come with me?
Amy: Great! We've seen so much violence so far, but I'm sure there must be some quieter parts in the district, let's see if we can find them!

In a quiet part of Inner City...
Amy: Oh, this place is lovely, don't you think, <Name>? It reminds me of my hometown, there's even a carousel!
Amy: I wonder if they're selling tickets for it... Ah, you're right, there's a lady riding one of the wooden horses, I'll ask her about it.
Amy: Excuse me, miss? Are they still selling tickets to the carousel? ... Miss? Hey you, can you hear me?!
Amy: She isn't responding. Do you think we should have a look around the carousel, <Name>? I agree with you, I've got a bad feeling about this...

Chapter 1

Investigate Carousel.
Amy Young: Oh dear, no wonder that woman didn't answer me, she's... She's dead!
Amy: I've never seen someone crying blood before, have you, <Name>? It's ghastly!
Amy: You're right, it's time to put our investigating caps back on! And I see you've already found some clues! This torn photo might tell us who the victim is!
Amy: And this jacket matches her skirt. It's very high quality... But the message on it, "Evil woman"... Whoever killed her really had a grudge!
Amy: Oh, good idea! It'd be interesting to know what was used to write this despicable message on her jacket. I'll get your collecting kit straight away!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: You put that torn photo back together even more quickly than usual! And look, it's a cute family portrait!
Amy: You're right, the lady on that photo is obviously our victim! ... She doesn't seem very cheerful, does she? Who checks their phone at a moment like that?
Amy: You say you recognize the man on the picture, <Name>? You've met him in your previous investigation... And he's a Russian gangster?!
Amy: Oh right, I've heard Frank talking about him. Nikolai Kamarov is the leader of the Russian community in Inner City, is that right?
Amy: Which means that our victim must be his wife. She's called... Odette Kamarov, according to the files we have on Nikolai.
Amy: Odette Kamarov... That name sounds familiar. She was a dancer, wasn't she? I remember my ballet teacher being sad that Odette ended her career after the birth of her son.
Amy: We better go talk to Nikolai Kamarov and let him know about his wife's death, you're right. I have giving this kind of news to the family... The poor man will be so sad!

Inform Nikolai Kamarov of his wife's death.
Nikolai: Odette is dead?
Amy: I'm afraid so. We're sorry for your loss, Mr Kamarov.
Nikolai: Her killer will be sorry as well! How dare anyone take her from me?! Don't they know who I am?
Amy: Uh... Uh, we found what appears to be a family photo next to her body. Odette seemed unhappy in it... Was everything alright at home?
Nikolai: Not exactly. There was always something more important to her than me and our son!
Nikolai: Odette wasn't a very good mother, no matter how hard I tried to shake some sense into her. But Andrew still needed her!
Nikolai: I'm warning you, <Rank> <Name>! If you don't find out who did this to me and quickly, I'll take matters into my own hands!
(After talking to Nikolai Kamarov)
Amy: <Name>, I don't know how you managed to keep your cool! Kamarov is a scary man!
Amy: And you're right, he didn't seem sad to hear about his wife's death. He was more angry because he thinks someone is disrespecting him!
Amy: He sounds like he genuinely cares about their son, though. He looked like a kind father on the picture you found...
Amy: Oh good idea, <Name>! Having a look around Odette and Nikolai's house might tell us more about our victim... and her family life! Let's do this!

Examine Victim's Living-room.
Amy: You found a magazine rack? Good point, that could be a good place to hide something. And find something!
Amy: And you also found a broken phone! Good thing you're a pro at fixing this kind of device. I wouldn't know what to do with it!

Examine Magazine Rack.
Amy: You found binoculars in that magazine rack? What a weird place to put them!
Amy: Oh, well spotted! There's a name written on the binoculars: "Sergei Yablokov".
Amy: Wait, <Name>, I'll have a look at the files for you... Ah, there, Sergei Yablokov is a Russian criminal. He is the second in command of Nikolai Kamarov!
Amy: We had better go talk to Mr Yablokov, you're right. I just hope he won't be as scary as his boss!

Ask Sergei Yablokov about his binoculars.
Sergei: Yes, those are my binoculars. I used them to keep an eye on Odette for Nikolai.
Amy: Keep an eye on Odette? Why would you have to do that?
Sergei: Oh, Nikolai's always been paranoid. He wanted to make sure nothing would happen to his trophy wife.
Amy: Your surveillance didn't work very well, did it? You didn't even see her getting killed...
Sergei: Look, blondie, I'm not a babysitter, alright? I wasn't about to waste my time looking at Odette when we're at war with the Chinese!
Sergei: Now Kamarov's going to have my head on a plate even though he's the one who was too weak to protect his wife! So if we're done here, I've got damage-control to take care of!

Examine Broken Phone.
Amy: Good job restoring the phone you found in our victim's home, <Name>! Not that I'm surprised!
Amy: And with your super skills, I'm sure you'll be able to unlock this phone in no time at all!

Examine Mobile Phone.
Amy: We're in luck, the phone you found in Kamarov's house must belong to our victim, there's a picture of her on it!
Amy: Hm, her home screen shows an old picture of her doing ballet... She must have really missed the limelight.
Amy: Anyway, you're right, we'd better get this phone to Hannah so she can rummage through its data!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah: Hey there, <Name>. So I had a look at your victim's phone, and shortly before her death she tried to call a certain Ross Barthe.
Amy: Ross Barthe? I know that name! He used to be a famous ballet dancer! We... We all had a crush on him in my ballet class.
Hannah: You did ballet? Ha, how am I not surprised? I can just picture you in your little tutu...
Hannah: Anyway, Ross Barthe also happens to be Odette's former dance partner, <Name>.
Amy: I can't believe we're going to interrogate Ross Barthe! ... I have butterflies in my stomach. Does my hair look alright, <Name>?

Ask Ross Barthe about Odette's calls.
Ross: Odette is dead? I... I can't believe it!
Ross: She tried to call me this morning, but I was working and didn't pick up...
Amy: Did Odette call you often, Mr Barthe?
Ross: She would come to me in times of trouble. And she had her share of trouble. Kamarov is a control freak!
Ross: He treated Odette like she was just another possession! I never understood why she decided to marry him.
Ross: And then she had the kid, and her career was over. Such a waste of talent...

Examine Victim's Jacket.
Amy: Excellent work, <Name>! You collected a perfect sample of powder from the victim's jacket!
Amy: Hopefully Yann can tell us what was used to write this horrible message. I'll get this sample to the lab for you, <Name>!

Analyze Powder.
Yann: The white powdery substance you collected from the victim's jacket wasn't cocaine or anything glamorous. It was chalk!
Yann: My daughter always comes home from school covered in the stuff! That girl loves hopscotch...
Amy: So the killer used chalk to write on the victim's jacket? Hm, you're right <Name>, I'd better write this down!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: We have to stop meeting like this, <Name>... How about Happy Hour next time around?
Roxie: Ah, as long as the murder business is still booming, I guess we can't escape it! Meanwhile, I have the cause of death for your victim.
Roxie: A strong blood thinner was used to make her hemorrhage from all orifices. I found high traces of it in her stomach along with coffee. This was no accidental overdose.
Roxie: Which means that this blood thinner is your murder weapon, <Name>!
Roxie: I also found two reddish-purple marks right over her neck artery -- where people usually check for a pulse!
Roxie: It seems that the killer wanted to make sure she was dead and left some of their lunch behind.
Roxie: On examination of the marks, I found traces of beet juice and onion enzymes... Which are two major ingredients in borsch, a Russian stew!
Amy: So the killer eats Russian stew! Don't worry, I'll add it to the notes!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, we've already found quite a lot of info about our victim! Would you like me to sum it all up for you?
Amy: First, you've discovered that the killer eats Russian stew and uses chalk!
Amy: We've also seen that Nikolai Kamarov, Russian leader and our victim's husband, is on edge and bent on revenge, which can't lead to anything good.
Amy: Ross Barthe used to be Odette's dance partner and seems to disapprove of her new life. But he's still as handsome as ever...
Amy: And Sergei Yablokov, Nikolai's right-hand man, resented having to look after Odette and doesn't even care that she died!
Nikolai: <Rank> <Name>! I demand to speak to <Rank> <Name> this instant!! Ah, there you are!
Amy: Mr Kamarov? What is going on?
Nikolai: I'll tell you what's going on! My son has just been abducted!!

Chapter 2

Nikolai Kamarov: I demand to speak to <Rank> <Name> this instant!! My son has just been abducted!!
Amy: Andrew has been abducted?! When did this happen?
Nikolai: Just now! His nanny called to say she'd taken him to the playground, and suddenly he was gone!
Nikolai: First my wife gets killed, then my son gets kidnapped, and you're still standing around like a bunch of idiots!
Russell: If I may, Mr Kamarov, there's no coincidence here. The death of your wife and abduction of your child are too close in time not to be connected.
Russell: This is the work of a single person. Think of where <Rank> <Name> found the body. On a carousel, a children's attraction.
Russell: And now your child was abducted from the playground? Someone is trying to send you a message, Mr Kamarov.
Nikolai: Then I'll send them my reply, with bullets!
Amy: Mr... Mr Kamarov, please, let <Rank> <Name> handle this! We will go to the playground to look for clues about your son's abduction!
Russell: You'd better hurry, <Rank> <Name>. The first three hours are crucial in finding an abducted child. And remember: finding Andrew's kidnapper means finding Odette's killer!
Amy: Oh dear... Yes, <Rank> <Name>, let's hurry to the playground. And good idea, we'd better have a chat with Andrew's nanny, too!

Ask Tammy Baker about Andrew's abduction.
Tammy: Andrew and I were doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk when... when...
Amy: Try to calm down, Ms Baker. Tell <Rank> <Name> exactly what happened.
Tammy: I don't know! I looked away for a second and when I turned back, Andrew was gone!
Tammy: Nikolai is going to kill me for this! He's so violent!
Amy: ... Do you think Nikolai would ever hurt Andrew?
Tammy: I don't know! He's capable of anything. It's no life for a precious little boy like Andrew, growing up in a criminal's house!
Tammy: And now... Now you're saying Andrew's been abducted by his mother's killer! The poor boy! What will happen to him?!
(After talking to Tammy Baker)
Amy: Poor Tammy... She seems terrified of Mr Kamarov's reaction... And I can't blame her!
Amy: But she also sounded genuinely concerned about little Andrew. Oh <Name>, I hope you can find him in time!!
Amy: You're right, for now we must find as many clues as possible. Learning more about Andrew might help us find his abductor! Should we go have a look at his play corner, <Name>?

Investigate Andrew's Play Corner.
Amy: Searching Andrew's play corner was an inspired idea, <Name>! This torn document definitely doesn't belong in there, and you're sure to piece it together in no time!
Amy: And if there's one lesson I have definitely learned from you, it's check all potential hiding places! This toy box could have a major clue in it, let's have a look!

Examine Torn Document.
Amy: The document you found torn in Andrew's play corner is from a bank, <Name>! It's a promise of an investment... for a dance studio!
Amy: You're right, there's our victim's name on it... And there's also the name of her ex-dance partner, Ross Barthe!
Amy: So Odette and Ross Barthe had a plan to open a dance studio...
Amy: I agree, we'd better go talk to Ross about this. Let me just fix my make-up before we go, <Name>! I'll be ready in a flash!

Ask Ross about the promise of an investment.
Ross: Could this wait? It's Russian stew day at my favorite restaurant, and I wanted to go there in Odette's memory.
Amy: I'm really sorry, but you have some explaining to do. <Rank> <Name> found a ripped up promise of investment in Odette's house -- with both your names on it.
Ross: She tore it up? I guess she really meant it when she said she was backing out of investing in my dance studio...
Ross: I can't believe she'd do that to me. Do you know it's because of her my career ended?! When she decided to quit, suddenly nobody wanted to hire me anymore!
Amy: But you're one of the best dancers ever!
Ross: I know! And the dance studio would have helped me regain some of my former glory. Plus Odette had the money to back me up! She owed me as much!
Ross: But instead, I will remain a stagehand at Inner City Ballet, and my hands will be covered in chalk until the day I die! It's a disgrace!

Examine Toy Box.
Amy: You found a real gun in Andrew's toy box?! Thank goodness it wasn't loaded!
Amy: Maybe someone was trying to hide it? It looks so old -- so old I can't even make out the serial number! Could you have a look at it, <Name>? It might be important!

Examine Revolver.
Amy: You deciphered the serial number off the revolver you found in the toy box as if it was nothing! You're amazing, <Name>!
Amy: I'll get this serial number to the lab for you straight away! Hopefully Hannah can trace it to the gun's owner!

Analyze Serial Number.
Hannah: The gun you found in the kid's toy box belongs to Sergei Yablokov, though it once belonged to his father. That's some violent family heirloom!
Amy: Ugh, no! Not Sergei Yablokov! That man gives me a serious case of the creeps!
Amy: No, I know, <Name>, we cannot let personal concerns get in the way of our investigation! Let's go talk to Sergei then...

Ask Sergei why his gun was in Andrew's toybox.
Sergei: Yes, that's my gun. I was sure that little brat had taken it!
Sergei: Nikolai never lays down the law with Andrew. He just lets the kid walk all over him, just like he did with his wife!
Sergei: How can he be an effective leader for the Russian community of Inner City when he can't even control his own family?!
Sergei: But anyway. If you're done asking me stupid questions, <Rank> <Name>, I'd love to take your lovely partner out to dinner. What do you say, Officer Young?
Amy: Uh... That is... I'm very busy investigating this murder and abduction, Mr Yablokov!
Sergei: Another time then. The Kalinka restaurant makes the best Russian stew in town. Nikolai even prefers it to his mother's!
Sergei: And now if you don't mind, business calls. I have to go buy chalk for weight training with Nikolai, because apparently I'm nothing more than an errand boy.
(After talking to Sergei Yablokov)
Amy: Oh no! Super scary Sergei likes me! What am I going to do, <Name>?
Amy: Yes, no, I know I can't leave town. We must keep investigating! But thank God you're here to keep me safe!

Investigate Children's Playground.
Amy: Awww, you found a plush bunny, and there's Andrew's name on it! The poor boy must have dropped it when he got abducted! And now he'll be scared and without his bunny...
Amy: I'm sorry, <Name>, I know I must get a grip. But it's the first time I'm working on a child abduction... And to think he's been kidnapped by his mother's killer is only making things worse!
Amy: I'll focus now. The bunny is covered in some kind of pink goo. We'd better collect a sample, you're right!
Amy: And you also found... a book? Hm, there was something written inside, but it's all faded. Do you think we should try and retrieve what was written?

Examine Andrew's Bunny.
Amy: Good job, <Name>! Now that you've collected a sample of pink goo from Andrew's bunny, we can send it to Yann! I'll get on it!

Analyze Pink Substance.
Yann: I've heard about the kidnapping of that little boy. I really hope you will find him safe and sound, <Name>!
Yann: I can't help but think about my own kids. If something happened to them...
Yann: Sorry to digress, <Name>, I know that every second counts. I've had a look at the pink substance you collected from Andrew's bunny.
Yann: And I'm delighted to tell you I've got crystal clear results! This pink substance is actually professional grade nail treatment!
Amy: Which means... Uh, I'm sorry, what does it mean?
Yann: It means that the person who killed Odette Kamarov and kidnapped Andrew gets manicures, <Name>. I hope this information helps you find whoever did this!

Examine Open Book.
Amy: Excellent work as always, <Name>! You've manged to retrieve what was written on this book you found in the playground!
Amy: Except it's all in Chinese and I have no idea what it says! Right, of course, we need to get this book to Hannah! She will find out what it's about!

Analyze Chinese Book.
Hannah: The book you found in the playground is "The Art of War" by the ancient Chinese military general and philosopher, Sun Tzu.
Hannah: And the stamp you revealed inside the book gave me the name of its owner, <Name>! It's Sue Xiong!
Hannah: Yes, the leader of the Chinese community in person owns a book on the art of war! Kinda ominous, don't you think?
Amy: I'll say! And <Name> found her book right where little Andrew Kamarov was abducted! Let's go talk to Ms Xiong, every second counts!

Ask Sue Xiong what her book was doing on the playground.
Sue: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! I have been looking for this book everywhere! I guess it fell out of my bag when I walked through the playground the other day...
Amy: I'm sure you can see why this is a concern. Nikolai Kamarov's son was abducted from the playground earlier today, right after his wife was murdered.
Sue: Kamarov's wife is dead?
Sue: Obviously, I knew of her, but I have nothing to do with any Russians. Or their trophy wives. Or their little brats -- I mean, kids.
Sue: Inner City would be better off without those thugs, that's all I can tell you.

Later on, at the station...
Amy: Alright <Name>, let me just check my notes to see what we have so far...
Amy: Sergei clearly resents Kamarov for letting his kid and wife walk all over him...
Amy: Andrew's nanny didn't see Andrew's abductor and is terrified of Nikolai's reaction, as well she should be!
Amy: As for Ross Barthe, the victim refused to help him open a dance studio, and the poor man obviously took the rejection hard.
Chief Marquez: <Name>! Drop everything, I need you at the playground right this instant!
Amy: Why? Has Andrew been found?
Chief Marquez: No, Kamarov has decided to take the law onto his own hands! He's holding Sue Xiong hostage! Go, NOW!!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, Nikolai Kamarov is holding Sue Xiong hostage at the Inner City playground!
Chief Marquez: Get over there right away! The last thing Inner City needs is a street war between the Russian and Chinese!

At the playground...
Nikolai: Don't come any closer or I'll kill her!
Amy: Drop the gun, Kamarov! You have no proof that Sue Xiong is responsible for Odette's death and Andrew's abduction!
Sue: He's lost his head! Shoot him before he shoots me!!
Amy: Mr Kamarov, I will not tell you again! Drop your gun and let Ms Xiong go!
Nikolai: Alright, alright!
Nikolai: But I warned you, <Rank> <Name>! I said I would take matters into my own hands!
Sue: And so you attacked me? How did you even DARE?!
Nikolai: Don't play dumb, Sue! I'm sure you had something to do with all of this!
Amy: Mr Kamarov, you're under arrest. Hopefully some time in the detention cell will help you cool off!

Amy: Phew, I'm glad that crisis is averted. But what should we do now, <Name>?
Amy: Oh right, first of all, we'll need to talk to Sue, get her side of the story.
Amy: And you also think we should have another look at the playground? I guess you're right, after all this is where Andrew was abducted. Let's do this!

Talk to Sue about Nikolai taking her hostage.
Sue: I'm sorry <Rank> <Name>, but I'm still in shock. I can't believe Kamarov took me hostage!
Sue: I was walking through the park on my way to a manicure when he jumped out and pointed a gun at me!
Sue: He started rambling about how he was sure I was the one who had killed his wife and kidnapped his son! What would I even do with a Russian brat?!
Sue: You know what I think, <Rank> <Name>? I think Kamarov has orchestrated all this just to blame the Chinese and launch the war between factions.
Amy: Ms Xiong, you cannot seriously think a man would kill his own wife and kidnap his kid just to launch a street war, can you?!
Sue: <Rank> <Name>, your partner still has a lot to learn, I see. But you're more world-wise than she is. You know what people are capable of...

Investigate Playground Structure.
Amy: You found a leather wallet with Tammy's name on it? Hm, we'd better have a look inside, you're right.
Amy: And you found a card from a law firm? And there's a handwritten note to Nikolai Kamarov on it!
Amy: The note reads: "Nikolai, call me about case..." Oh darn, the case number is illegible!
Amy: Good thing you're an ace at deciphering the undecipherable, <Name>!

Examine Tammy's Wallet.
Amy: So, <Name>, what did you find in Tammy's wallet?
Amy: A vaccination card for Andrew! Why would she have that in her wallet?
Amy: The card lists several vaccines, but the status column is completely faded... But I know you'll manage to retrieve that information in no time, <Name>!

Examine Vaccination Card.
Amy: Oh dear, Andrew wasn't vaccinated against any of those diseases!! That's really dangerous!
Amy: Why did his nanny carry his card around if she didn't get him vaccinated?! I agree, we need another chat with Tammy!

Ask Tammy about Andrew's lack of vaccination.
Tammy: You think I'm the reason Andrew didn't get his vaccines?! That's rich!
Tammy: Odette was so negligent. She could never remember when Andrew needed new vaccines, but she refused to let me handle it!
Amy: Are you saying that she didn't take good care of her child?
Tammy: That's exactly what I'm saying! Why do you think Nikolai hired a nanny? He knew his wife did not care about their son! All she did was whine about her lost career!
Tammy: Can I go now? I've got to prepare the stew for tonight's dinner and peeling the beets always ruins my manicure!

Examine Business Card.
Amy: I knew it! You managed to decipher the case number on that business card in no time at all!
Amy: Now we can send the case number to Hannah and figure out what Nikolai needed a law firm for!

Analyze Case Number.
Hannah: Well, <Name>, the case number you found on that law firm card referred to a divorce case!
Hannah: And not just any divorce. Kamarov was thinking about divorcing his wife, your victim!
Amy: Nikolai Kamarov was about to divorce Odette?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it's time to let Kamarov out of the holding cell. I'll do my best not to let him intimidate me!

Ask Nikolai about his divorce plans.
Amy: Mr Kamarov, there's no room for vigilante justice in Inner City or anywhere in Pacific Bay!
Nikolai: I am very sorry for my rash behavior, <Rank> <Name>, but I am so worried about my little Andrew! We're running out of time!
Nikolai: I'll never forgive myself for failing to protect him from all this violence...
Amy: According to this business card, you also intended to get rid of his mother...
Nikolai: Odette never had an ounce of maternal instinct. She blamed Andrew for ending her career, can you believe it?
Nikolai: I called the lawyers the other day before getting a manicure with Sergei. I had to force him, but that guy really needs a little more class...
(After talking to Nikolai Kamarov)
Amy: Sergei Yablokov getting a manicure! That's hard to picture! I bet he resents Nikolai even more now...
Amy: You know, <Name>, I've been thinking and... Uh, well, I'm sure you have noticed already but...
Amy: Well, Ross Barthe clearly must get manicures too, right? His hands are perfect!
Amy: Ah, I knew you'd have noticed. I guess I'll add it to his file then... But I'm sure it doesn't mean anything! Such a talented dancer wouldn't hurt a fly!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: I sense that we're closer than ever to catching the killer, <Name>, but everyone has a strong motive!
Amy: Nikolai Kamarov had started a divorce case against Odette and clearly resented her for not taking care of their son.
Amy: Ross Barthe lost his chance at a big comeback and a return to glory with his dance studio... And his hands are gorgeous...
Amy: Or could it be Sergei Yablokov? He disagrees with Kamarov's way of dealing with problems. Maybe he's trying to steal Kamarov's power in the Russian faction.
Amy: Or maybe Sergei wanted revenge after Nikolai forced him to get a manicure? Oops! Sorry, <Name>! I know this is no time to joke around!
Amy: This case is really stumping me. I hope that you can bring the killer to justice soon and find Andrew! He must be so scared!
Amy: You're right. We need to get back to the original crime scene. The killer may have left more clues behind when they returned to check on Odette!

Investigate Carousel Horse.
Amy: <Name>, this prescription box you've found is filled with blood thinner pills! That's what was used to kill Odette!
Amy: ... Well of course you knew that, that's why you picked it up. Sorry, <Name>...
Amy: But you're right, the box seems to be covered in some kind of oily substance... Do you think you could get a sample?
Amy: And great idea, we should also have a closer look at this stirrup, since that's where the victim was sitting! I would have never thought of that, but you never miss a lead!

Examine Prescription Box.
Amy: <Name>, you got a perfect sample of the oily substance from the killer's prescription box! I'll get it to Yann straight away!

Analyze Oily Substance.
Yann: That oily substance you collected from the killer's prescription box was quite interesting, <Name>!
Yann: I isolated silicone and jojoba oil in the substance, ingredients typically used in hair treatments for split ends.
Yann: And do you know who uses this treatment? People with long hair!
Amy: So if you found traces of this product on the killer's prescription box... Then it means the killer has long hair!

Examine Carousel Stirrup.
Amy: You found purple fibers in the carousel stirrup? I'll get them to the lab for you, <Name>!

Analyze Purple Fibers.
Yann: <Name>, I've had a look at those purple fibers you found on the carousel stirrup and... they weren't purple at all!
Yann: Those fibers had actually been stained with beet juice and other components of the classic Russian stew, borsch.
Yann: And it wasn't hard to reveal that the fibers' original color was... blue!
Amy: So the killer is wearing blue! Thank you Yann, I'm sure this will be helpful!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: According to my notes, we have enough evidence to arrest the person who killed Odette and kidnapped Andrew!
Amy: Let's go get the bad guy, <Name>! I just really hope it's not too late to save Andrew!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Tammy Baker, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Odette Kamarov and the kidnapping of Andrew Kamarov!
Tammy: I don't know what you're talking about! I never laid a finger on Odette, and you know Andrew was taken from me at the playground!
Amy: That's not what the evidence says. You left traces of stew when you took Odette's pulse, and you also left nail treatment on Andrew's bunny!
Amy: How could you, Ms Baker? How could you kill this woman in cold blood, then kidnap her son?! You were supposed to look after his welfare!
Tammy: And that's exactly why I did it! Can't you see? I couldn't take it anymore!
Tammy: Odette resented darling Andrew for ending her career, she barely spent any time with him, she neglected his health!
Tammy: I needed to get Andrew away from her for good. So I crushed blood thinner in Odette's afternoon coffee.
Tammy: The medicine doesn't work right away, so she was able to come with me to pick Andrew up from school. She wanted to play Mommy for once.
Tammy: When she started to feel ill, I left her at the carousel and took Andrew through the playground to my apartment.
Tammy: Then I came back to make sure Odette was dead. Luckily, no one was around to see me.
Tammy: I was so overcome with anger, I left a message on her jacket. I wanted the world to know what she really was!
Amy: And what about Andrew? Where is he? Did you hurt him?
Tammy: No! I did this to protect him! He's safe and sound in my apartment!
Amy: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, let's go get Andrew! But first... you're under arrest, Tammy Baker!

At Tammy Baker's apartment...
Amy: Tammy said that Andrew Kamarov was here in her apartment. I hope she didn't lie to us!
Amy: Andrew? Andrew, are you here? Are you okay?
Andrew: Tammy? Wait, you're not Tammy. You're the police!
Amy: Yes, we are, sweetie. I'm Officer Amy, and this is <Rank> <Name>. We're here to take you home to your father.
Andrew: But where's Tammy? She promised me a hot fudge sundae!
Amy: Tammy's going away for a while, but I'm sure that your father will give you all the hot fudge sundaes you want!

Honorable Dante: A murder AND a child abduction? I've heard of multitasking, but this is ridiculous! Tammy Baker, you've taken it too far.
Honorable Dante: A good thing <Rank> <Name> was around to get your number! Do you have anything to say in your defense?
Tammy: All I ever wanted was for Andrew to be safe and loved. Please, make sure that he's well taken care of when I'm in jail.
Honorable Dante: Don't you worry about that! I'm sure Nikolai Kamarov can find a better nanny next time around! Preferably one without a criminal record...
Honorable Dante: Tammy Baker, for the murder of Odette Kamarov and the abduction of Andrew Kamarov, I hearby sentence you to life without parole.

Amy: Tammy's intentions were good, but what she actually did to protect Andrew cannot be excused!
Amy: It's sad to see a kid being exposed to violence every day. But I guess it cannot be helped, considering who his father is...
Amy: And Andrew is definitely his father's son. You'd think he was angry that you rescued him! I guess he didn't understand what was happening, poor kid...
Amy: Thank goodness you were on this investigation, <Rank> <Name>! I couldn't have faced this without you!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, I know you've already done a lot on this investigation, but I'd be grateful if you could go check up on Nikolai Kamarov.
Chief Marquez: Several of his neighbors have called the station to complain about shouts coming from his house. They also reported hearing a child crying.
Chief Marquez: I have an important meeting with the vice squad right now. But, please, keep me up to date about this Kamarov thing.
Hannah: <Name>, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you... I've... I've got a favor to ask.
Hannah: I know Chief Marquez wants to keep me away from Inner Chaos, but ever since we talked to Fredo I've grown more and more worried.
Hannah: I can't stay holed up in here while Fredo's running free outside, planning God-knows-what! I need to do something!
Hannah: I'm so glad you understand, <Name>. And you've heard that Inner Chaos members have been seen hanging around the playground? That's great! We should go there right away!
Amy: Both of you are surely right to go check up on Inner Chaos activities but, <Name>, please do not forget about Andrea's request concerning Kamarov. I'm really worried about Andrew!

See what's going on with Nikolai.
Amy: Mr Kamarov, there have been reports of shouts coming from your house, as well as the sound of a child crying...
Nikolai: It's none of your business! Let me deal with my family issues in private!
Andrew: But daaaaddy! I just wanted t-to...
Nikolai: Do not talk about anything in front of cops, Andrew! You're my son, you should know better!
Amy: Mr Kamarov! Andrew has been through a lot, how can you shout at him so?!
Nikolai: Wait, are you telling me how to educate my son? Ha! A police bimbo, telling me how to be a father!
Amy: OK, that's enough! I'm fining you for insulting an officer of the peace!
Nikolai: Take your damn money! I still have nothing to tell you! Andrew, come, some fresh air will do us good.
(After talking to Nikolai Kamarov)
Amy: Wow, Kamarov was really tense! Poor Andrew, he was just playing around... What could have gotten his dad so angry?
Amy: You want to have a look around the house? Oh I'm so glad, <Name>! I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what drove Kamarov to such a rage!

Investigate Andrew's Play Corner.
Amy: You think the clue to Kamarov's outburst might be hidden in Andrew's magician kit, <Name>? Well, I know better than to doubt your instincts! Let's have a look inside!

Examine Magician's Kit.
Amy: You found a torn picture in Andrew's magician kit, <Name>? I agree, it's a weird place for it...
Amy: Luckily, I know putting this picture back together won't take you but a second, <Name>! I can't wait to see what's on it!

Examine Torn Picture.
Amy: Great, <Name>, I was sure putting back together the pieces of this picture you found in Andrew's magician kit wouldn't be a problem for you!
Amy: Hm, it looks like an old picture of some high school cultural exchange... It's Nikolai on the picture...
Amy: Wait, you're right, <Name>! It's Sue Xiong next to Nikolai! And they're smiling at each other, too!
Amy: So Nikolai Kamarov and Sue Xiong, leaders of warring factions, were actually friends in high school? Who could have guessed it?!
Amy: I agree <Name>, let's question Kamarov about this. I really wonder what's the story behind this picture, don't you?

Ask Nikolai about the picture.
Amy: Mr Kamarov, <Rank> <Name> found this picture in your apartment... Could you tell us more about it?
Nikolai: How dare you piece this picture back together?! Get it out of my sight!
Amy: Mr... Mr Kamarov, there's no need to get so angry! We'd just like to know wh-
Nikolai: There's nothing to say about this! It was a long time ago, before this woman and I knew better! We were too young and too stupid to understand the importance of communitarianism!
Amy: But you were friends! What brought you to fight like this?! You could bring peace between your communities!
Nikolai: Never, do you hear me?! I will never negotiate with this woman! Do not be fooled by this picture, Sue Xiong is a predator, and I kill predators!
Andrew: B-but daddy... I... I wanted to k-keep that p-picture! You look s-so happy on it!
Nikolai: Son, daddy is sorry he shouted at you. But you have to understand that the Chinese are our enemy. It will be your duty, when you're grown up, to defend your fellow Russians from those snakes!
Andrew: I will, daddy, I promise!
Nikolai: Good boy. Now if you'll excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, I have business to attend to. But please, accept this as an apology for my earlier lack of restraint.

Investigate Children's Playground.
Hannah: Hm, I agree <Name>, sometimes the classics are the safest option! Let's go the old school way and check what might be hidden in this trash can!

Examine Trash Can.
Hannah: You found a prepaid phone in the playground's trash can, <Name>?
Hannah: I remember Inner Chaos used those a lot back in the day... It was an easy way to remain anonymous, and not having your phone tapped.
Hannah: Yup, maybe this phone could give us some precious intel... Obviously, it's locked... The question is... Will you unlock it faster than I would?
Hannah: Challenge accepted, <Name>? Alright, show me what you got!

Examine Locked Phone.
Hannah: OK, <Name>, I'll give you that, you unlocked this phone pretty fast... May even have been as fast as me!
Hannah: Anyway, let's have a look at it. Ha! Typical Inner Chaos: they've erased every single bit of data! As if that would fool me...
Hannah: Retrieving the erased data is going to take me some time, <Name>, but I'll get it, don't you worry!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Hannah: Hey, <Name>! You're right on time, I've just managed to retrieve the last message that was sent from this phone!
Hannah: And it was sent to Sergei Yablokov! Isn't he Kamarov's second in command, <Name>?
Hannah: And the message says... "You scratch our back, we scratch yours. Contact us if you're interested. Inner Chaos."
Hannah: WHAT?! What the... What the hell is Inner Chaos up to?! Now they're dealing with criminals! They're completely out of their minds!
Hannah: Sorry, <Name>, I'll calm down. But we need to have a talk with Sergei about this message, and fast!

Ask Sergei about Inner Chaos's message.
Hannah: Mr Yablokov, <Rank> <Name> has just found proof that you have been dealing with Inner Chaos! We want all the details, and we want them now!
Sergei: Hey, <Rank> <Name>, restrain your watchdog! She might bite!
Sergei: But sure, I've got nothing to hide anyway. That joke of a group contacted me a week ago.
Sergei: They thought I'd see an opportunity in Kamarov's potential "retirement". You know, him out of the picture... Me taking the lead...
Sergei: But they were wrong. Kamarov may not be the leader he was for us, but I'll never betray him... Certainly not with the help of these fools, at least.
Hannah: Yeah, you'd better stay far away from them! If we ever catch y-
Sergei: Hey! Easy... I told you I have nothing to do with these guys... So, if we're done here, I've got some grown-up stuff to take care of.
Hannah: I really hope he's telling the truth, <Rank> <Name>! Because if Inner Chaos is getting help from criminals... Things are going to go very wrong very fast!
Hannah: Anyway, I guess we're done here. Would you like to go grab something to eat before we get back to the station? I'm starving!

Later, at the station...
Hannah: Hey, <Name>, I wanted to thank you for helping me figure out what Inner Chaos is up to...
Hannah: I'm sorry I flipped out a bit back there, but I'm getting really worried. If Inner Chaos tried to deal with Sergei, what's to say they're not reaching out to other criminals?
Hannah: They were supposed to fight communities related crime, not hire the ones they were fighting to do who knows what!
Hannah: Fredo needs to be stopped before he really hurts people... But fighting fair isn't going to work this time.
Hannah: Please, <Name>, don't mention any of this to the Chief, alright? I don't want her to try and stop me from fixing this mess.
Hannah: ... Alright. I promise you I won't do anything foolish. I promise, okay?
Hannah: Look, I've got to go. I've got... I've got things to do. Thanks again, <Name>! And don't worry, things are going to get better soon!
Amy: Is Hannah alright, <Rank> <Name>? She looks really tense...
Amy: You know, I keep thinking about that picture you found at Kamarov's place. It feels strange to think that he and Sue Xiong used to be friends!
Amy: Now, they're trying to kill each other! It's so sad to see people ending up in hatred like that... I hope this situation will be solved soon, <Name>!