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Bureau Headquarters, Morocco…
Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, what a catastrophe! With Chief Ripley dead, we have no one to command this ship! What will we do?!
Ingrid: I still can’t fathom who’d want to kill her. She was such a strong, intelligent woman. The best the Bureau’s ever seen. We’re doomed!
Jack: Whoa! Calm down, Ingrid! Breathe…
Ingrid: Archer, I didn’t hear you come in! I… was just having a chat with <Name>.
Jack: I saw that. Figured <Name> could use some back up.
Ingrid: Anyway, now that we’re in Morocco, we don’t have a second to waste! We must go after Ripley’s killer!
Jack: We know the orange dye on the dart that killed the Chief comes from a poppy flower native to Morocco, meaning the killer is here, or was here recently.
Jack: It’s not much, but it’s a start!
Ingrid: The US embassy’s granted assistance for the investigation. Your contact is Adam Hassan, the military attaché to the ambassador.
Ingrid: Mr Hassan is waiting for you on the docks. <Name>, I’m counting on you to bring the Chief’s killer to justice!

Chapter 1

Investigate Docks.
Jack Archer: <Name>, the man in that fishing boat looks just like our contact. Please tell me he’s sleeping… or drunk.
Jack: I can’t believe it! Our contact’s dead! Of all the rotten luck!
Jack: You’re right, <Name>. Adam has a dart in his neck that looks exactly like the one that killed Ripley!
Jack: Not only is our contact dead, but now we’ve got a double homicide on our hands! The question is, who’d want them both dead?
Jack: This cellphone you found is a good place to start. Can you unlock it, <Name>?
Jack: This charm you found near the body has a message on it. It’ll get your dusting kit so you can take a closer look.
Jack: Alright, <Name>, we’ve got TWO murders to solve! Let’s do this for Ripley!

Examine Cellphone.
Jack: Good job unlocking the phone you found on the docks, <Name>. Clearly, it belonged to the victim.
Jack: The victim has 10 missed calls from a certain Ambassador Stern, who apparently…
Jessica: Can someone tell me why Adam isn’t answering his phone?! I’ve called him a million times!
Jack: … really wanted to reach him. Uh, Ambassador Stern?
Jessica: Yes. Who are you? And where’s Adam? He’s not answering his phone!
Jack: I’m Jack Archer and this is <Rank> <Name>. Adam is dead, and we’ll need to ask you some questions.

Question Ambassador Stern about the victim’s death.
Jessica: I can’t believe Adam’s dead! I knew something was up when he didn’t bring my favorite dates from the souk around the corner. He does it every morning!
Jack: As you know, Chief Ripley was killed by the same type of dart that killed your attaché. That’s quite a coincidence, don’t you think?
Jessica: What are you implying, <Rank> <Name>? That it’s the embassy’s fault?!
Jack: No, <Rank> <Name> and I were just sayin’-
Jessica: This isn’t our fault! This is the Bureau’s fault! You couldn’t keep your Chief alive and now you’ve killed my military attaché! Go away before you cause any more trouble!
(After talking to Jessica Stern)
Jack: Did Ambassador Stern actually imply it’s our fault the Chief is dead?! Who does she think she is?!
Jack: She mentioned something about Adam going to the nearby souk every morning? A lead is a lead. Let’s check out the souk.

Investigate Souk.
Jack: Of all the things here, you picked up a torn photo?
Jack: Whatever you say, <Name>. I see your mind is set: let’s just restore it.
Jack: That basket you grabbed is more of my kind of clue. Let’s have a look inside!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: Crafty work on that photo you found at the souk, <Name>. It shows our victim with some woman at the beach.
Jack: Unfortunately, the woman’s face is cut off. If only people took decent selfies! At least buy the stick!
Jack: Why don’t you run that woman’s face through the database, <Name>?

Examine Vacation Selfie.
Jack: Nicely done, <Name>! The woman in the selfie with our victim is called Christy Mathis.
Jack: According to her file, Christy’s an American, living in Morocco on a student visa.
Jack: It seems Christy was close to our victim. We’ll need to question her. I’m sure the embassy can help us find her.

Ask Christy Mathis about the vacation photo.
Christy: I can’t believe Adam’s dead! How sad!
Jack: We found a photo of the two of you on a beach. We take it you were friendly?
Christy: We dated for a little while, but it wasn’t serious. We ended it a few weeks ago.
Christy: He was nice, charming, and of course, handsome, but I was getting distracted. I needed to concentrate on my studies… that’s why I’m here after all. So I broke up with him.
Jack: And did you see him after that?
Christy: We’d run into each other at the souk. We’d tried to talk, but it was awkward. And now we’ll never talk again!
Jack: Ms Mathis, you can’t blame yourself… but please stick around in case <Rank> <Name> has more questions.

Examine Colorful Basket.
Jack: You found some broken pieces in the basket? We could be onto something… if you repair it first.

Examine Broken Device.
Jack: You’re right, <Name>! That thing you repaired does look like a pair of high-tech binoculars. Let’s send them to Elliot!

Analyze Binoculars.
Elliot: Hey <Name>. How are you not melting? It’s a hundred degrees here!
Jack: What are you complaining about? You never go outside.
Elliot: Funny… I guess you want to know about the binoculars you found in the basket at the souk?
Jack: So they are binoculars? I knew it! Well, <Name> knew it. Did you find anything on them?
Elliot: Uh, yeah. They’re digital recording binoculars capable of shooting both video and still images with wicked high def and 3D technology.
Elliot: Although they were pretty beat up, I was able to extract a saved photo from the memory card. It’s a photo of your victim.
Jack: A photo of our victim? That means someone must have been following him. But who?
Elliot: One step ahead of you, Archer. These binoculars are pricey and in limited production, making it easy to track them. This particular pair was military issued to a soldier named Jonah Karam.
Elliot: He went rogue… left the military a while back, binoculars in hand.
Jack: So this Karam guy was staking out our victim. I wonder what he’d want with Adam? <Name>, let’s go smoke this rogue soldier out from wherever he’s hiding!

Ask Jonah Karam why he was following the victim.
Jack: Jonah Karam. I’m Agent Jack Archer and this is <Rank> <Name>. We’ve got a few questions regarding the murder of Adam Hassan.
Jonah: Adam’s dead? What do you want with me? I didn’t kill the man.
Jack: You were following him. We’ve got proof. The question is, why is an ex-military following an embassy attaché?
Jonah: I was paid to follow that guy. It’s my job.
Jack: So you’re a hired gun? That makes you suspect number one. Any chance you’ll tell us who hired you to spy on our victim?
Jonah: I already told you all I know… I was paid to follow a target. That target happens to be dead. Guess my job here is done.
Jack: Your job might be, but ours isn’t. Stay close by for further questioning… just not too close ‘cause you’re kind of scary. 

Examine Faded Amulet.
Jack: Great work on that charm you found at the docks, <Name>! Now, if we could figure out what those symbols on the bottom mean…
Jack: You’re right! Strange eyeball charms and bizarre writing are Dupont’s specialties.

Analyze Amulet Inscription.
Dupont: <Name>, it’s comforting to see you again. I’m disconsolate at the loss of our Chief. Quel dommage. Please let me know what I can do to help.
Jack: Well, you can tell us about that weird charm we found on the docks, the one with the eye and strange writing on it.
Dupont: Ah oui! You mean the curse amulet. Quite an intriguing artifact!
Jack: Curse amulet?! Who believes in curses?
Dupont: Apparently, your killer does. This is the evil eye, or ayn al-hasud in Arabic. Many cultures believe that it’s a curse cast by malevolent glare, causing the receiver misfortune or injury.
Jack: Well, our victim was dead. That’s as injured as you can get.
Dupont: What’s fascinating is the script etched onto the amulet. I discovered it’s an ancient form of Arabic, dating back to the Nabataean Empire of 2nd century BC.
Dupont: It wasn’t easy, but I managed to translate the message: “An eye for an eye”. Quite fitting, don’t you think?
Jack: So our killer knows ancient Arabic! Well, <Name>, that should limit our search!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Salaam, <Name>! Isn’t Morocco just beautiful? I wish the kids were here to see it!
Angela: If only we were here under better circumstances. So sad what happened to the Chief.
Jack: Yeah, and now we’ve got another murder to solve besides Ripley’s, one that seems awfully close, too.
Angela: Keen observation being that both murders are indeed exactly alike. Your victim was killed by the same type of poisoned blow dart used on Chief Ripley, identifiable by the orange-feathered tail.
Angela: The blow dart is the murder weapon, <Name>.
Angela: However, this time the killer was sloppy. They left traces of crocus sativus, commonly known as saffron, all over the dart.
Jack: So our killer eats saffron! If only that wasn’t in every dish here…
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. You’re right! We need to track down this killer before they can dine on another murder!

Back at Bureau Headquarters…
Jack: <Name>, I’m glad to be back where there’s air conditioning. It’s hot out there!
Ingrid: <Name>, what are you doing back here so soon? Did you find the Chief’s killer already?
Jack: Ingrid, <Name> and I were just about to go over the case notes-
Ingrid: We don’t have time for pleasantries, Archer! What do you have?
Jack: Geez! Okay! We know the poisoned dart used in Adam’s murder was the same kind used to kill the Chief, we just don’t know how else the cases are linked.
Jack: We found our victim’s ex. They were dating, but she broke up with him because she wanted to study more.
Jack: We also met Jonah, rogue soldier come hired gun. He was paid to follow Adam, but that’s all we know because that’s literally all he told us.
Jack: Ambassador Stern is one morning date away from a diplomatic meltdown. Have you met that woman?! And we still-
Elliot: Hey <Name>, didn’t want to interrupt Archer’s award-winning monologue there, but I got some information for you.
Elliot: I think I know why your victim was killed!

Chapter 2

Elliot Clayton: <Name>, you know those high-tech binoculars you had me check out? I managed to extract another photo from the memory card and I think I know why your victim was killed!
Jack: Well… what are you waiting for?!
Elliot: Since you asked so nicely… I found another photo of Adam, but this time he was meeting with some pretty elusive rebel tribal leaders. To get a meeting with them, you’ve got to have deep connections.
Jack: Adam was meeting with rebel leaders? What could he want with them? I wonder if this was sanctioned by the embassy or if he was at this alone?
Jack: Do you have any idea of where they’d meet?
Elliot: Because I’m awesome, I do. I zoomed in on the background for distinguishing marks that identify the location.
Elliot: First, the interior courtyard and central water fountain indicate it’s a riad.
Elliot: Second, there are two columns with a certain stonework known to be the style of one sculptor, specializing in ancient architectural replicas.
Jack: You did all that since we last talked? That’s… impressive.
Elliot: I know. But I’m not done. I cross-referenced the picture with the sculptor’s work and found the exact riad we’re looking for. Even got the address for you.
Jack: <Name>, you heard the kid! Let’s get to that riad!

Investigate Riad.
Jack: What a sweet place! Not what I expected for a rebel hangout. Let’s see what you found!
Jack: Whoa! This is quite the sexy business card… and I know sexy, it belongs to a certain “Asal, private dancer.”
Jack: It’s addressed to our victim, and there’s a message written on it. <Name>, you should definitely dust that!
Jack: The leather briefcase you picked looks unassuming, but why don’t you decode that lock and see what we find!

Examine Business Card.
Jack: <Name>, the message on that business card you dusted says “I’m always yours.” Interesting.
Jack: And there’s a phone number too. My kind of lady.
Jack: Why don’t I give her a call, <Name>? After all, talking to women is what I do best.
Jack: Hello, can I speak to Asal… uh… private dancer?
Asal: This is Asal. Whom may I ask is speaking?
Jack: This is Agent Jack Archer. We need to talk to you asap.

Question Asal Hawaa about her relationship to the victim.
Asal: Marhaba, my friends! May I dance for you?
Jack: Uh huh… I mean yeah… I mean… ahem. We spoke earlier.
Asal: Ah, yes. You’re investigating Adam’s murder. It’s so tragic. He was a fascinating man.
Jack: We found the business card you left for him. Were you two dating?
Asal: Adam and I? It was strictly professional. He would hire me for the private parties he’d host for politicians and dignitaries. Always the lavish feast.
Asal: He’d even import my favorite saffron, just for me. As you can see, he always made it worth my while.
Jack: I can see why… I mean, you should stick around. I… we… might need to talk to you again. I hope.

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Jack: You unlocked the briefcase you found at the riad, <Name>, but look at all that stuff in it!
Jack: Good idea! Let’s send the briefcase to Elliot. He’s got nothing better to do.

Analyze Open Briefcase.
Elliot: <Name>, you think I have nothing better to do than rummaging through a briefcase?
Jack: Pretty much. So… did you find anything?
Elliot: Whatever. The briefcase belongs to the riad’s owner, Omar Bahir.
Jack: You knew who owned the riad and you didn’t tell us?!
Elliot: You didn’t ask. Anyway, he’s just a professor. I didn’t think he was important. Except… I found a usb key in his briefcase.
Elliot: The data on the key was cloaked, but it took mere seconds to find Omar’s research on tribal leaders.
Elliot: I found evidence Omar’s got connections to some dangerous people, including the ones that met with Adam.
Jack: How does this professor have so many connections? And enough money to afford his fancy home?
Elliot: The money isn’t coming from teaching. Omar Bahir is not the only leading scholar on ancient Arabic, but also a highly sought-out advisor on ancient tribal strategy.
Elliot: Both ventures equal big bucks for the professor.
Jack: Looks like Omar Bahir can now add “leading suspect in a murder investigation” to his credentials.
Jack: Come on, <Name>! Let’s go quiz Omar on his connection to Adam’s death!

Ask Omar Bahir about his connections to tribal leaders.
Omar: Welcome to my home! Please make yourselves comfortable. May I get you a dish of saffron rice? It is, as you say, to die for.
Jack: Uh… no thanks. Mr Bahir, we found proof that you hosted a meeting between Adam Hassan and some rebel leaders in your home. Is that normal in a professor’s line of work?
Omar: The gentlemen you are referring to are elder tribal leaders. Whether or not they happen to be part of any rebellion is of no importance to me… or my line of work.
Omar: Adam had contacted me through his embassy, and requested information regarding ancient tribal influences on modern rebel intelligence.
Omar: We’d meet regularly to discuss my research. I became his mentor. I figured he’d benefit from talking to some of the tribesmen, so I arranged a meeting.
Jack: Do you often invite your mentees and rebelling tribesmen to your home?
Omar: Adam and I would normally meet at the souk, but for this I thought it best to meet at my home.
Omar: It’s such a shame what happened to Adam, <Name>. He was so eager.
(After talking to Omar Bahir)
Jack: Good point, <Name>. Omar mentioned that he and Adam would meet at the souk. We should head back there.

Investigate Vendor Stall.
Jack: <Name>, the blowpipe you found could be the missing part of our murder weapon, and there’s some dried liquid around the mouthpiece. We need a sample!
Jack: That notebook you grabbed looks pretty beat up, but our victim’s name is written in it. I’m sure a good dusting could tell us more!
Jack: Oh great, <Name>, you got us lunch!
Jack: Wait… you want to dig for clues in a tagine? But that’s food! If you think you can find something in there, knock yourself out.

Examine Blowpipe.
Jack: <Name>, now that you got that sample off the blowpipe mouthpiece, let’s get it to Lars!

Analyze Saliva.
Lars: How’s the case going, <Name>? I’m still shocked at what happened to Ripley. It’s not right! We need to find whoever did this!
Lars: And I might have some info that can help! I can confirm that the blowpipe you found belongs to the killer!
Lars: In your sample, I managed to identify the molecule for crocus sativa, which is-
Jack: Saffron! Angela said there was saffron on the dart that killed Adam… so this blowpipe has to belong to our killer!
Lars: Right! Along with that, I also identified the menthe spicata cultivar’s R-(-)-carvone molecule. Not surprising since it’s served almost everywhere around here.
Jack: Awesome! Uh, what does that mean?
Lars: Mentha spicata is the scientific name for spearmint. It’s used in a variety of local dishes, but primarily in mint tea. And due to the color of the sample, I’d say that’s exactly what it is.
Jack: So our killer drinks mint tea!
Jack: <Name>, we’ve got to hunt down our killer before they serve themselves another cup of steaming hot murder!

Examine Tagine Dish.
Jack: <Name>, I still can’t believe you actually searched through that tagine you nabbed at the souk. I lost my appetite!
Jack: That ring you found inside looks pretty expensive, could be an engagement ring. There’s a message engraved on it: “Christy, forever mine. Adam”.
Jack: Christy? As in Christy Mathis, the victim’s ex?!
Jack: Christy said her relationship with Adam was casual, but it looks like it was anything but. Time to pay her another visit to see why we found her ring… in a tagine!

Question Christy Mathis about her engagement to the victim.
Christy: Yes, Adam and I were engaged, but I broke it off!
Jack: Care to tell us why you lied?
Christy: Because I didn’t think it was a big deal. Things end all the time.
Jack: Yeah, but they don’t always end with the expensive engagement ring in a tagine. That’s making a statement. A strange one but a statement nonetheless.
Christy: I was angry. I was at the souk with Adam buying some saffron. We were fighting, so I took off the ring and threw it. I just wanted it off!
Jack: That must have been some fight for you to throw away your engagement ring.
Christy: You’d be angry too if you learned your fiancé had cheated on you! He slept with my roommate and who knows how many more women! That man was a pig!
Christy: How could I have been so gullible to think that a charming man like Adam could be faithful to a quiet, ancient Arabic student like me? He broke my heart!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Jack: <Name>, the notebook you found in the souk with Adam’s name scribbled in it is covered in a long series of numbers and words. I wonder what this all means?
Jack: Good idea! Let’s get this over to Marina. If anyone can decipher random scribbles, it’s her. Plus, I think she misses me.

Analyze Notebook.
Marina: It’s always so nice to see you, <Name>! Archer, you, not so much.
Jack: You are such a tease, Marina!
Marina: Yes… well, I assume you’re here to discuss the notebook you found at the market, the one with your victim’s name written in it. The handwritten annotations are, in fact, surveillance notes.
Marina: The numbers indicate date and time while the words indicate locations and actions. Your victim’s every movement had been detailed meticulously in this notebook.
Jack: We know Jonah Karam was paid to follow Adam. This is probably his notebook!
Marina: Well, whomever this Jonah person is, he’s a dangerous individual. Through the science of graphology, I could determine certain characteristics about your suspect.
Marina: Let me explain: the pointed letters indicate he is aggressive and intense; the messy quality of the script means he is quick and impatient; and the fact that it’s illegible means that he expects privacy.
Jack: That doesn’t sound too dangerous to me. I’m sure I could take him.
Marina: What concerns me is the variation in slant and baseline. It indicates a struggle between containing and revealing emotion which translates into a volatile instability, seen primarily in serial killers.
Jack: I knew there was something off about him! <Name>, we have to talk to Jonah before he goes serial killer on us… from a safe distance, of course!

Ask Jonah Karam about the surveillance notebook.
Jonah: You again? Can’t a man eat his saffron rice in peace?
Jack: Mr Karam, we found your surveillance notebook detailing all of Adam’s movements.
Jonah: I told you already, I was paid to keep tabs on him.
Jack: But what you didn’t tell us is that you were a serial killer in the making!
Jonah: What? You’re talking crazy, man. I ain’t no serial killer… but I have been known to kill a man or two. I was a sniper in the army, stationed out here because of my expertise in ancient Arabic.
Jonah: But I wasn’t aiming at sniping Adam.
Jonah: That fool was up to no good. Getting involved with dangerous people. I was trying to figure out what it was, but got as far as the notes you read before he was killed.
Jack: Mr Karam, you better be telling us the truth, ‘cause if we find out you killed Adam, you’ll see just how crazy dangerous <Rank> <Name> can be!

Back at Bureau headquarters…
Ingrid: <Name>, do you have any news leads on Chief Ripley’s murder? Time is of the essence!
Jack: Hello to you too, Ingrid. You know, Ripley had a much softer bedside manner. Just saying…
Jack: <Name> and I are hot on our suspects’ trails! Jonah is an unstable, trigger-happy, ex-sniper capable of wiping us all out in a moment’s notice.
Jack: Christy was engaged to Adam, but apparently he was quite the playboy so she broke off their engagement.
Jack: And I got the number of a sexy belly dancer, so I’m counting that as a win
Ingrid: Does any of this have any bearing on Chief Ripley’s murder?
Jack: We’re not sure… yet. Adam had some pretty dangerous ties and Jonah was paid to follow him. I’m wondering if Jonah found something out about him and, as a result, Adam ended up on the wrong side of a poisoned dart.
Ingrid: <Name>, I need you and Archer to… Excuse me. My phone is ringing.
Ingrid: Bureau Headquarters. Uh huh… yes… I see… I understand.
Ingrid: <Name>, that was Ambassador Stern. The Bureau must leave the country… today!

Chapter 3

Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, this is a catastrophe! Ambassador Stern just called. She’s closing down the embassy. The Bureau must leave the country by the end of the day!
Jack: By the end of the day? That’s impossible! We’ll never be able to catch Adam’s killer so fast!
Jack: She can’t do this to us. We’re the Bureau!
Ingrid: Well, she can and she is. She IS the Ambassador.
Jack: We won’t let this happen! <Name>, we need to talk to Ambassador Stern asap!
Jack: And you’re right, we should also swing by Omar’s riad again. There’s something about that place I can’t put my finger on.

Talk to Ambassador Stern about the embassy shutdown.
Jessica: <Name>, I don’t have time for this. As you can see, I’m shutting down the embassy. Where’s my mint tea?!
Jack: Uh… that’s why we’re here. Why the sudden urge to vacate the country? We’re not done investigating Adam’s death yet.
Jessica: Adam’s shenanigans have caused a political scandal. It’s seen as a weakness in our security, and I can’t have that; therefore, I’m temporarily closing this embassy as a show of authority.
Jack: Yeah, but you’re kicking us out! It’s like you don’t want us to solve Adam’s murder…
Jessica: I don’t care if he’d been tarred, feathered and dragged into a chorus line of Mamma Mia. That double-crosser tried to steal my job! Did he think I wouldn’t find out?
Jack: Adam tried to steal your job? Sounds like a motive for murder, wouldn’t you say, Ambassador Stern?
Jessica: Don’t try to pin this on me! HE was the traitor! This is MY embassy!
Andrew: Mom, I’m done with my homework. Can I play video games now?
Jessica: Of course, my darling. Whatever you want, my little angel. Mommy loves you.
Jack: YOU have a son?
Jessica: You have until the end of the day to complete your investigation and leave this country or you will be escorted out… by force!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Jack: I knew we were right to come back here! Our victim’s name is written on that paper you just found, but it’s covered in leaves. Time to play housemaid and vacuum them up!
Jack: Whoa… what’s in that bowl? It smells like… Is that… pee?! Who does that? I’m NOT touching that! You take the sample, <Name>.

Examine Invoice.
Jack: Vacuuming up all those dried leaves revealed a message to the victim: “Adam, you owe me 50,000 MAD!”
Jack: I guess whoever wrote that message was really “mad” at Adam.
Jack: Oh, <Name>, MAD stands for Moroccan dirham? I knew that….
Jack: You’re right, <Name>! The invoice isn’t signed, but the leaves you collected on it might tell us who wrote it. Let’s send them to Lars!

Analyze Dried Leaves.
Lars: Hey, <Name>, I heard the ambassador wants us out today. Too bad, I was really liking Morocco. Just started getting into mummification… and look at my new hat!
Lars: I know it’s Egyptian, but there’s just something about the Sahara that inspires my inner mummifier!
Jack: Sorry, bro. I know how excited you were. What could you find out about those dried leaves <Name> found on the invoice?
Lars: Right, the leaves. You found yourselves a hefty dose of lawsonia inermis, known traditionally in many countries as henna.
Lars: Henna also refers to the dye made from the plant and the temporary body art created by staining the skin with the dye. Women who use the dye tend to paint intricate designs on their hands and feet.
Jack: Intricate designs? <Name>, didn’t Asal have something like that on her hands? This invoice must belong to her!
Jack: Let’s go have a chat with Asal to see why Adam owed her so much money! … Do I look okay?

Ask Asal Hawaa about the invoice.
Asal: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! It’s a pleasure to see you again. May I pour you a cup of mint tea?
Jack: What, no welcome dance? Ah man…
Jack: Uh… Ms Hawaa, we found the invoice you left Adam. Apparently he owed you a chunk of money. Good reason to want someone dead.
Asal: I didn’t kill Adam, but I wanted to. I bent over backwards, literally, to make sure his guests received supreme entertainment.
Asal: But at his last party, he became very intoxicated. He threw me into the night barely dressed and refused to pay me! I had to beg for him to at least throw me my clothes!
Asal: I went to university. I have a degree in ancient Arabic and I had to beg that man for my clothes! He humiliated me! Unforgivable!
Jack: Ms Hawaa, you’ll be belly dancing to a whole other tune if we find out you murdered Adam!

Examine Antique Bowl.
Jack: I can’t believe you took a sample of that urine from that pot, <Name>. You’re braver than me! Just… wash your hands…
Jack: You should get that urine sample under a microscope asap! The countdown clock is ticking!

Examine Urine.
Jack: Wait, <Name>, you’re telling me the urine you found in that bowl in the riad was our victim’s?
Jack: What is our victim’s urine doing in a bowl at Omar’s house? That’s just weird. Regardless, we need to have a talk with Omar!

Question Omar Bahir about the victim peeing in his house.
Omar: Back so soon, <Rank> <Name>? What a nice surprise. Can I offer you some mint tea and dates?
Omar: One of my students just made a fresh pot before she left. Christy Mathis. I believe you know her.
Jack: Christy is one of your students? She didn’t mention it.
Omar: She probably figured it wasn’t important, <Rank> <Name>. After all, this is a murder investigation, not a census of my students.
Jack: Speaking of, we found a bowl of Adam’s… urine… in your house. Care to explain?
Omar: That “bowl” is an ancient artifact uncovered from the third century Roman civilization of Banasa. It cost me a fortune to secure it!
Omar: Adam arrived one evening intoxicated, demanded I give him the contact details of all my tribal associates, and when I refused, he proceeded to relieve himself in that artifact!
Omar: I’m not surprised he ended up murdered. He had no respect for order, history, or authority!
Jack: Mr Bahir, you better hope that’s not a confession, because if it is, you can be sure to kiss your days of tea and dates goodbye!

Later, back at Bureau Headquarters…
Jack: Before you ask, Ingrid, the answer is no. <Name> and I have not arrested Adam’s killer yet. But we’re close, I can feel it!
Ingrid: Close is not enough, Archer! Ambassador Stern is in the process of shutting down our entire operation and forcing us out of the country. We don’t have time for you to “feel” things!
Ingrid: Between the Chief’s and Adam’s murder, you are dealing with one, possibly two, sophisticated killers clearly out to target high ranking authority. This must be stopped immediately!
Ingrid: Now, we’ve got a case to solve! I suggest you return to the docks promptly. The fishermen are returning home for the evening and all evidence will be lost for good!
Jack: This could make or break our case, <Name>! Let’s get back to the docks to see what we can reel in!

Investigate Fishing Boat.
Jack: We don’t have a lot of time, <Name>! What did you find?
Jack: A fishing net is bound to drag in all sorts of stuff… hopefully, something we can use to fry our killer. You’ve got a sharp eye, so I’ll let you search through it.
Jack: This book seems to be written in the same ancient Arabic script as the one on the killer’s amulet. There’s also a phrase circled in red in it.
Jack: You’re right, <Name>! The phrase circled IS the same phrase etched into the amulet. This can mean only one thing… this book belongs to our killer!
Jack: There seems to be blood on the book too. I wonder if it’s the killer’s. Grab a sample for analysis, quick!

Examine Fishing Net.
Jack: <Name>, you sorted through all that sea stuff and found a piece of cloth and a crab, and you want to send the cloth… and the crab… to Lars?
Jack: If you think it’ll help us throw the net around our killer, go for it!

Analyze Blue Cloth.
Lars: <Name>, the crab you sent in with the blue cloth is feisty! Too bad the kids aren’t here. He’d make a great pet!
Lars: I think I’ll name him Cliff.
Lars: Anyway… about the cloth that was attached to Cliff here, good catch on finding a piece of the killer’s clothes, <Name>!
Jack: How do you know this piece of cloth belongs to the killer?
Lars: I put the cloth under the microscope and discovered faint traces of blow dart poison. Angela confirmed it’s the same poison used to kill your victim.
Lars: The molecular composition of the cloth also indicates it’s one hundred percent cotton, dyed indigo.
Lars: Which means your killer wears a blue veil or scarf!
Jack: So our killer wears a blue scarf! They’ll have another reason to be blue once we send them to jail for red-hot murder, <Name>!

Examine Book.
Jack: Now that you’ve got a sample from the killer’s book, let’s rush it over to Lars! Our time here is running out!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Lars: <Name>, you must be anxious to catch Adam’s killer! I’ve got exactly what you need!
Lars: The specimen you obtained from the killer’s book is indeed blood. I cross-referenced it with the victim’s blood and it didn’t match; therefore, it’s the killer’s!
Jack: How could the killer get so much blood on that book? That’s one hell of a papercut.
Lars: The killer suffers from hemophilia: any injury that draws blood will have them bleeding for longer than average.
Lars: I also extracted a DNA sample from the blood in order to create a genetic profile and discovered that your killer is a female!
Jack: <Name>, let’s get going! We’ve got ourselves a femme fatale to find!

After completing all tasks…
Jack: Just in the nick of time, <Name>! You’ve got all the proof necessary to make an arrest. Let’s do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Christy Mathis, you’re under arrest for the murder of Adam Hassan!
Christy: What? Me? I would never hurt Adam.
Jack: Then why did <Rank> <Name> find the amulet you left with a message written in ancient Arabic? “An eye for an eye.” Sounds like deadly revenge for his cheating ways!
Christy: He might have cheated on me but that wouldn’t merit me killing him. That would be crazy!
Jack: You mean crazy like killing him with a poisoned blow dart that was covered in the saffron you bought at the souk?
Christy: That’s ridiculous! I wouldn’t even know where to get a poisoned dart… and besides… I was at the library studying all last night.
Jack: We’ve got your DNA, Christy. You do realize you’re also our main suspect in the recent murder of the Bureau Chief? I’d start telling the truth, if I were you.
Christy: What?! I didn’t kill your Chief! I just killed Adam! I swear! I only used the same weapon because I heard about it and thought you’d think it was the same killer!
Jack: Say we believe you, why did you kill Adam then? Is it because he cheated on you?
Christy: He didn’t just cheat on me! Do you think I would have killed him for that?!
Christy: He… the night I broke up with him, he got really drunk… and angry… and mean.
Christy: He said he’d remind me why we were so good together. He… he… I never thought he could do that to me.
Jack: Christy, what did Adam do? … Did he force himself on you?
Christy: I told him “no” and he didn’t listen. And then he left… as if nothing had happened.
Christy: Do you understand now why I killed him, <Rank> <Name>? What if he did that to another student? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, not after what he did to me!
Jack: What Adam did to you is foul and unforgivable. No one should ever be forced to suffer through that. But… it still doesn’t excuse murder. I hate to say it, but Christy Mathis, you’re under arrest.

Judge Adaku: Christy Mathis, you stand trial for the murder of Adam Hassan. How do you plead?
Christy: Guilty, Your Honor! I did it! I killed him! But he deserved it!
Christy: If he did it to me, who knows how many other women he could have done it to. With his diplomatic immunity, he would have kept getting away with it. Someone had to stop him!
Judge Adaku: A violation of this sort is indeed vile and should be duly punished, but in a Court of Law, murder is never justifiable despite the trauma behind it. Christy Mathis, this Court sentences you to 10 years in prison.
Christy: Adam killed a part of me the moment he did what he did! It was his turn to die! An eye for an eye!

Jack: It’s sad that Christy felt she had no other choice but to kill Adam. Life is pretty bleak when murder is the only option.
Jack: I agree, <Name>. I believe Christy had nothing to do with Chief Ripley’s murder… which means her killer is still at large!
Jack: Something is just not right about it all! The plot thickens!
Jack: We can’t stop now, <Name>! Chief Ripley’s killer is still out there somewhere and we won’t stop ‘til they’re safe… behind bars!

Crossing the Desert 1

Jack Archer: <Name>, good work on finding Adam Hassan’s killer! It’s a shame you had to arrest Christy Mathis, but murder is murder.
Ingrid: Now with one killer jailed, you can concentrate on finding the Chief’s! They’re still out there!
Jack: Don’t worry, Ingrid! <Name> and I will bring them to justice!
Ingrid: <Name>, you must investigate all leads possible!
Ingrid: I suggest you start by interrogating Christy. She heard about the Chief’s murder and copied it, but that doesn’t explain how she got the same kind of dart.
Marina: Excuse me, <Name>. I hope you don’t mind my interrupting. I know you’re busy, but I’d like to request we investigate one of your suspects further.
Marina: Jonah Karam’s psychological profile caught my attention… negatively. I think we need to keep a close eye on him. I’d like to interrogate him.
Ingrid: Very well. It’s time to get to work. We’re counting on you, <Name>! Find the Chief’s killer!

Ask Christy Mathis where she got the poisoned dart.
Christy: You’re back for more, <Rank> <Name>? It was difficult enough the first time. What more could you want?
Jack: Ms Mathis, we need to know where you obtained the blow darts. They’re not that easy to find… unless you know where to look.
Christy: Honestly, they just appeared. I came home from class one afternoon and found a package in my bag. I opened it, and found a pipe and a dart inside.
Christy: I didn’t have them when I left campus. All I can think is that they were dropped in my bag while I was at the souk shopping.
Jack: You want us to believe that they just appeared in your bag… like that?
Christy: What do I have to gain from lying, <Rank> <Name>? I’m already in jail.
Christy: There was a note inside the package. It said: “What kills a chief, kills an ex, and no one will be the wiser.” Unfortunately, I threw it out.
Jack: And you’ve got no proof of any of this?! <Name>, our best bet is to search the souk again! Let’s go!

Investigate Souk.
Jack: <Name>, you inspected this entire souk and all you found was a spice crate? There are at least a hundred spice vendors here!
Jack: You’re right, <Name>. When you’ve got a hunch, it’s best to run with it! Let’s look inside!

Examine Spice Crate.
Jack: <Name>, I was right to let you search through the spice crate at the souk! You found another clue and not just any clue. It’s a package of poisoned darts and pipes!
Jack: Could these be the same type of darts that were used on the Chief and Adam? They have the orange-feathered tail, so they must be!
Jack: <Name>, a good dusting might give us an address on this package. I’ll get your kit ready!

Examine Ripped Package.
Jack: Scratching the package of darts we found in the spice crate didn’t reveal an address… but it gave us some fingerprints!
Jack: <Name>, let’s get these prints over to Elliot!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>, I can’t believe you found an entire package of poisoned darts in a spice crate. That’s kind of cool.
Jack: We don’t have much time to chit-chat, Elliot. Can you tell us who these fingerprints belong to?
Elliot: I don’t call what we do chit-chatting, Archer. And yeah, I can tell you about the fingerprints.
Elliot: The fingerprints belong to a man called Rafid Habadi. His file says he’s a spice vendor at the souk. I got his stall number for you.
Jack: Someone else to drag into this investigation? Guess we can add spice vendor to our list of suspects. Let’s go talk to this Rafid guy, <Name>!

Question Rafid Habadi about the package of poisoned darts.
Jack: Rafid Habadi? I’m Agent Jack Archer… this is <Rank> <Name>. We’re from the Bureau. We need to know why you’ve been illegally trafficking poisoned darts to your customers.
Rafid: What? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just a humble spice seller. Please, have some food.
Jack: Cut the act, Mr Habadi. We found your fingerprints all over a package of poisoned darts.
Rafid: I have a family to protect. If they were to find out, they would have us all killed!
Jack: Who’s “they”, Mr Habadi? Are you working for someone?
Rafid: “The Sword”. I’ve never met them. I just hold the packages until they come for them.
Jack: “The Sword”… sounds like one sharp codename. And all you do is hold their poisoned dart packages?
Rafid: Normally, yes, but recently the paid me to drop a dart in the bag of an American girl. I have a family to provide for!
Jack: <Name>, this is big news! We’ve got the codename to the Chief’s killer!
Rafid: Please, you mustn’t tell anyone I’ve talked! Take this clothing! It’s a gift! You say nothing, yes?

Ask Jonah Karam why he is in Morocco.
Marina: Mr Karam, we’re keeping you as a suspect in our larger investigation due to your violent history and questionable connections. How does that make you feel?
Jonah: You’re just doing your job.
Marina: Doesn’t it upset you to be scrutinized and distrusted by authoritative figures?
Jonah: I was in the military. I showered in scrutiny and distrust.
Marina: Yes, and you left. Shows that you do have a problem with it.
Jonah: I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, lady, but if you want to know something, why don’t you just ask?
Marina: Fine. Why are you still here in the Middle East, Mr Karam, if your time in the military is over?
Jonah: I’m just here to eat, drink and enjoy the architecture. Now if you’re done, I’ve got to get back to my relaxation time.
(After talking to Jonah Karam)
Marina: <Name>, I apologize for failing Jonah’s interrogation. He’s difficult to read.
Marina: Interesting, he mentioned liking the architecture here. He doesn’t strike me as the type. Could he be implying something?
Marina: You’re right, <Name>! The riad you visited earlier is quite the architectural splendor. Maybe that’s what Jonah was referring to. If you want to go investigate again, I’ll go with you!

Investigate Riad.
Marina: <Name>, you weren’t exaggerating. This place is indeed elegant for a professor. Seems suspicious to me.
Marina: You’ve found an answering machine? I didn’t know they were still in use anywhere outside of Siberia.
Marina: But you’ll have to unlock it, to see if it’s any use!

Examine Answering Machine.
Marina: <Name>, well done unlocking this answering machine so quickly. Perhaps we can take this back to my office and analyze it there?

Analyze Answering Machine.
Marina: <Name>, there’s a message on the answering machine we found at the riad. It’s actually a conversation between Omar and Jonah.
Marina: Jonah was leaving a message, but Omar picked up halfway through, so their conversation was recorded… fortunately for us.
Marina: The tone of it is argumentative and cold. Jonah was trying to obtain something from Omar, but Omar wasn’t acquiescing.
Marina: Jonah’s demeanor was threatening, but that’s not unusual given his profile. Interesting though, Omar didn’t seem the least fazed by it, proof he’s no stranger to menace.
Marina: <Name>, you’re correct again! A brief conversation with Mr Bahir would be very wise indeed!

Ask Omar Bahir about the answering machine message.
Omar: Welcome back, <Rank> <Name>! I see that you’re not with the gentleman agent. I must confess, your new partner is far more attractive.
Marina: Mr Bahir, flattery may get you far, but not with me. We’re here to discuss a recent conversation you had with Jonah Karam.
Omar: Ah yes, Mr Karam. We briefly spoke a few days ago. Nothing of interest, I’m afraid.
Marina: Really? That’s not what your answering machine told us. The conversation you had was very heated.
Omar: There is talk of a rebellion between feuding tribes. Mr Karam knows I have ties to certain tribal leaders and wanted me to make some introductions.
Omar: I don’t appreciate his methods and I certainly don’t trust ex-military, so I refused. Needless to say, he was quite angry.
Marina: Is that all, Mr Bahir? I have the feeling you have more to say, but you’re holding back. You know you can trust <Rank> <Name> and I.
Omar: Of course I can… I don’t know much more other than Jonah was at the docks when we spoke. Maybe you should investigate there?
Omar: But enough with that. It’s lunchtime. I prefer to dine than talk. <Name>, allow me to prepare you some of my famous hamburgers. They’re exquisite!
(After talking to Omar Bahir)
Marina: The conversation with Omar didn’t give us much except for the fact that Jonah was at the docks when they spoke.
Marina: I agree, <Name>. We must return to the docks for further investigation!

Investigate Docks.
Marina: <Name>, you were inspired to return to the docks… and you’ve found another clue!
Marina: Could Jonah have taken this torn photo? We’ll know more when you’ve restored it!

Examine Torn Photo.
Marina: <Name>, the torn photo you’ve restored is a surveillance photo.
Marina: Adam is standing next to what looks like the limousine of the US President. We can’t see who’s inside, but the person is handing over an envelope of money in exchange for a file.
Marina: There’s also a message written on it: “Watch your back!” Why would Adam be making a secret deal with the President? And how is this linked to Jonah? It’s all a bit murky.
Marina: Good thinking, <Name>! Maybe Ambassador Stern can clear things up!

Question Ambassador Stern about the suspicious photo.
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>, I apologize for my behavior. You’ve spared us a major political catastrophe. I’m impressed.
Jessica: In thanks, I’d like to offer you this reward money!
Marina: Ambassador Stern, we can’t accept monetary compensation. It would be seen as a bribe.
Marina: Speaking of, we found a photo of Adam exchanging secrets for money. Would you know anything about that?
Jessica: That photo was a warning. It’s how I found out Adam’s plan to steal my job!
Marina: How did you get this photo? Was it from Jonah Karam?
Jessica: I have many field operatives. Sometimes I hire them for special assignments. Jonah’s one of the best out there.
Jessica: Now, if you’ll excuse me, <Rank> <Name>. I’m taking my son to his mommy-and-me Arabic class. Don’t forget your money! It’s on my desk!

Later, back at Bureau Headquarters…
Jack: <Name>, you did good today! Let’s go over our-
Lars: Hey, <Name>, look what I did! A mummified orange!
Jack: Bro! That’s... actually kind of strange even for you.
Ingrid: Gentleman! Act like the adults you’re supposed to be! We’ve got our Chief’s murder to solve!
Jack: Ingrid, we finally know who killed the Chief! They’re operating under the codename: The Sword. The orange-feathered poisoned dart is their MO!
Jack: We just don’t know why The Sword would help Christy. The two murders seem unrelated, and yet we’ve got proof The Sword gave the dart package to Christy.
Marina: I’m afraid, I wasn’t as successful. We know Jonah’s trying to contact rebel tribes, but we don’t know why.
Marina: Let me try once more. I know I can make him talk.

Marina: Mr Karam, <Rank> <Name> and I KNOW you’re involved with the rebels. It’s time to talk!
Jonah: Fine. I’ve been investigating someone called The Sword. I’ve been trying to infiltrate rebel camps to get more information.
Jonah: It was working until you came along. Just found out The Sword knows you’re onto them! They just fled into the desert!
Marina: Why should we trust you?
Jonah: Because it’s the only lead you’ve got!
Marina: <Name>, what should we do?
Marina: You’re right! This might be our only shot! <Name>, we’re heading to the desert!