Mysteries of the Past
Mysteries of the Past Teaser
Reveal artwork
General information
Season 4
Setting Concordia, U.S.
No. of cases 60
No. of districts 10
Initial release date 17th November 2016
Season guide
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Season 3: World Edition

Mysteries of the Past is the title given to the fourth season of Criminal Case. It was released on November 17, 2016.

Set in the late 19th century Victorian city of Concordia, Mysteries of the Past serves as a prequel to the previous seasons of the game, with its events purely visualized by Jack Archer as he narrates Charles Dupont's journal to his friends and fellow associates of the Bureau.


Main article: Concordia

The city of Concordia is featured as the main setting for events occurring in Mysteries of the Past. It is made up of ten districts, and is home to a total of sixty cases that are planned for the season.



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