Judge Nigel Adaku
Biographical information
Full name Nigel Adaku
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of Nigeria Nigerian (unconfirmed)
Residence The Bahamas (formerly)
Profession(s) Judge
Affiliation(s) International Court
The Bureau
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: God Save the Prince (s3)
Hatred and murder are the oldest traditions in history. But I'm not sure they're worth saving.
—Nigel Adaku

Judge Nigel Adaku is a recurring character featured in Season 3 of Criminal Case.


Adaku has brown eyes, brown skin, and balding gray hair. As the judge of the International Court service, he wears a dark purple standard judge's robe. Underneath the robe, he wears a white shirt and a striped tie which sports a design of gold scales on it. He also sports a striped scarf around his robe.


Name Case Sentence
Enid Grimshaw God Save the Prince 10 years in jail
Constantin Perrier Off with Their Heads 25 years in jail
Johan Schnee Auf Wieder-Slain 25 years in jail
Nikolaos Costas Murder's Cheap 30 years in jail
Brother Klaus When Shadows Fall 25 years in jail
Archibald Gilchrist The Impossible Dream Life in jail
Christy Mathis Murder by Proxy 10 years in jail
Mama Yasmine Death in the Desert 20 years in jail
Thomas Cox Killing Spring 10 years in jail
Zarah Salah I Spy a Mummy 50 years in jail
Fiona Cummings The Parting Shot 10 years in jail
Liam Hall Moscow Mole 5 years in jail
Dmitri Lermontov Only Truth Remains 25 years in jail
Asal Hawaa O Deadly Night Granted immunity for the crime
(Arrested 2015)
Nikita Rukhin Fast Track to Murder 25 years in jail
Tsetseg Horseback Mountain 30 years in jail
Yelena Tereshkova Countdown to Murder 50 years in jail
Natasha Romanova 75 years in jail under maximum security
Dr Sumati Misra Bad Medicine 25 years in jail
Amrita Kumar Treacherous Waters 7 years in jail
Ayush Patil Plagued by Death Life in jail
Vikram Joshi Bloodywood Life in jail
Tashi Peace and Dead Quiet 10 years in jail
Warren Goodfellow Insides Out Life in jail
Zhao Mei The Killer in the Rice Detained in an institution for young offenders
(Arrested 2016)
Ellen Morowitz Dead in the Water 20 years in jail
Fang Di Yun A Twist of Fate 10 years in jail
Kang Dong-yun Oh! Crazy Kill! 25 years in jail
Emily Wallace A Death Wish 10 years in jail
Obaasan The Murder Games Life in jail
Chon Sansurin Death Match 20 years in jail
Anbu Devanesan A Stab in the Dark Life in jail
Maya Salim The Sweet Escape 30 years in jail
Jermaine Waaka Speak, Friend, and Die 25 years in jail
Veronica Salter Six Feet Down Under 35 years in jail
Brice LeBeau Out of the Blue Extradition to France to face trial for justifiable homicide
(Arrested/extradited 2016)
Aristide Akintola Crash and Burn 30 years in jail
Nyota Adhiambo The Circle of Death 10 years in jail
Kwanele Mthembu Kicking the Bucket 30 years in jail
Olivier Feraud Diamond in the Rough 15 years in jail (parole in 5 years)
Lavinia De Brills Going the Distance 50 years in jail
Angela Douglas In Plain Sight Life in jail
Lorena Pratx Murder, He Wrote 40 years in jail
Valentina Silva Shadow Nation 30 years in jail
Claudio Aguirre Total Eclipse of the Heart 50 years in jail
Edson Caetano Cheaters Never Win 5 years in jail
Arsenio Castillo The King's Shadow Life in jail under maximum security
Madena Cuervo Day of the Dead 30 years in jail
Terrance Williams Up in Smoke 30 years in jail
Virginia Purnell Lifeless in Seattle Detained in a high security medical institution
(Arrested 2016)
Joel Heller Double Trouble Life in jail
Sidney Hirsch Politically Incorrect 18 years in jail
Anya Ivanova Operation Spyfall Life in jail
Hector Montoya Down to the Wire Life in jail



Selecting Adaku as a partner.

The player may choose Adaku from their list of "teammates" (friends who play Criminal Case and are recruited to the player's team, as well as Ingrid, Jack, Carmen, MichelleLars, Elliot, and Marina) to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any World Edition case) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 2-hint partner. 

This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case.

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