Nomena Leroy
Biographical information
Full name Nomena Leroy
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2016
Cause of death Cardiac arrest
Nationality Flag of Madagascar Malagasy
Profession(s) Rally racer
Diamond smuggler
Affiliation(s) De Brills Racing
Rocket Cow
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #41: Going the Distance (s3)

Nomena Leroy was the victim in Going the Distance (Case #41 of World Edition).


Nomena was a rally racer who assisted Lily Karam in their team, De Brills Racing, during the Road Rage Rally. She had long curly brown hair, brown eyes, and wore a black-and-white rally race suit depicting her team's sponsors at the time of her death.

Murder details


Bitis nasicornis, the snake the killer used to kill Nomena.

Nomena was found on the finish line of the 3R race with her arm swollen and blackened, clutching diamonds. According to Angela, Nomena's arm sustained necrosis, which was caused by the venom of Bitis nasicornis, or rhinoceros viper, a venomous snake whose venom causes human flesh to rot and causes cardiac arrest within six hours of entry. When Carmen thought it could be an accident, Angela said she found that the snake's fangs were filed to allow more venom to enter, which meant that it was not an accident. In order to successfully perform this feat, the killer had to have knowledge about snakes.

After looking again at the jungle pit stop of the 3R race, Carmen and the player found a snake hidden in a toolbox. It was sent off to Lars, and he confirmed it was the murder weapon due to the fangs being consistent with the bite marks on the victim. He also managed to find the killer's blood on the snake's spines. From that blood, he confirmed the killer had blue eyes.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be the heiress of the largest diamond company in the world and one of Nomena's team's sponsors named Lavinia De Brills.

After denying involvement, Lavinia admitted she killed Nomena because Nomena had blackmailed her. Lavinia was smuggling her own diamonds for SOMBRA. Nomena wanted her own race team, and when she got wind of the smuggling, she threatened to expose Lavinia if she did not fulfill her wish. Feeling jeopardized and offended, Lavinia slipped a venomous snake into Nomena's toolbox. Judge Adaku sentenced her to 50 years in jail for the murder of Nomena Leroy, smuggling diamonds, and refusing to cooperate with the authorities.


  • Her team's sponsors are listed as follows:
    • De Brills Racing, which is a subsidiary of De Brills Diamonds, which has been mentioned in all of Africa's cases of the World Edition.
    • Rocket Cow, which made its debut in Dead Girl Rolling (Case #4 of Pacific Bay).
    • SandOil, which made its debut in Death in the Desert (Case #8 of World Edition).

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