Lt. Nora Lewis
Biographical information
Full name Nora Lewis
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Chemical burns
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Army lieutenant
Affiliation(s) United States Army
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #8: The Root of All Evil (s2)

Lieutenant Nora Lewis was the victim in The Root of All Evil (Case #8 of Pacific Bay).


Lt. Lewis was a military officer of the United States Army, stationed in Fort Lafayette inside Bayou Bleu. Sporting short dark blonde hair, Nora had blue eyes and wore a camouflage army duty suit.

Murder details

Lt. Lewis was found eaten alive by a huge carnivorous plant upon Frank having to start his civic duty of cleaning the Swamp Forest of any littered trash. Roxie deduced that the carnivorous plant's digestive acid was the substance that killed Lt. Lewis, making the carnivorous plant which ate Lt. Lewis alive the murder weapon. Roxie also said that carnivorous plants trap bugs with digestive acid as glue. Since Lt. Lewis was trained to fight back, Roxie deduced that the victim was knocked unconscious and found traces of fertilizer on the victim's body, grounds for the carnivorous plant to score the kill. Since the fertilizer was custom-made, it was suggested that the killer knew gardening very well.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be former plant scientist Ray Westman.

Ray believes that plants are people, and was not too pleased when Army Lt. Lewis attempted to hurt his beloved carnivorous plant, Julian, including but not limited to destroying the gigantic plant. Ray would go far to keep Julian alive by taking care of the plant, even if he was ordered to leave the plant rotting in the Swamp Forests of Bayou Bleu, so he took care of the plant day by day using the fertilizer formula that was considered his life's work, in spite of the formula being halted due to conflicts between the military and a company called Pacific Pharma. Frank caught Ray lying to the team during the investigation, in which Ray did not mean to kill Lt. Lewis, but unfortunately Lt. Lewis was going to make a military arrest for feeding the carnivorous plant, which Ray refused to halt when he realized Nora stared at Ray's plant as she was threatening him. Ray did not want anyone to bother his life's work, so he took advantage of Nora's inattention by snatching her gun away from her, gun-butting her unconscious using the hand gun's hilt, and then poured fertilizer on Nora so the carnivorous plant could eat Nora, killing her with its digestive acid. While Ray thought this was a perfect opportunity to see his experiment shine, Frank did not like this idea and brought Ray to trial.

Although the Honorable Dante admitted to the court that he had an infatuation for plants, the court determined that Ray had taken things too far by having a carnivorous plant kill an innocent soldier, which was grounds for a 40-year jail sentence for Ray.

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