Odette Kamarov
Biographical information
Full name Odette Kamarov
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss
Nationality Flag of RussiaFlag of USA Russian-American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Ballet dancer (formerly)
Family Andrew Kamarov (son)
Nikolai Kamarov (husband)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #15: Murder-Go-Round (s2)

Odette Kamarov (Rus: Одетте Камаров) was the victim in Murder-Go-Round (Case #15 of Pacific Bay).


Odette was a Russian woman with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She was the wife of Russian mafia boss Nikolai Kamarov and mother of Andrew Kamarov. Prior to her pregnancy, she was a ballet dancer with her dance partner Ross Barthe. At the time of her death, Odette donned red lipstick and a gold necklace. She also wore a burgundy jacket with black laces. As seen at the crime scene, she additionally wore a black patterned tank top under her jacket. 

Murder details

Odette was found weeping blood on a carousel, stripped of her jacket with the words "Evil Woman" written on display for others to be aware of. The team did not hesitate to send Odette's body to Roxie for autopsy after she was dead on top of the horse. After careful examination, Roxie determined the cause of death was a wanton overdose of blood thinners (also called anti-coagulants, available only by prescription), thus it was discovered to be the murder weapon given Odette's blood could not coagulate and became more liquid, causing her to die of a massive hemorrhage and to bleed from every orifice Roxie could name and/or describe.

The team sent a sample of white powder to Yann after the player extracted a sample out of Odette's jacket. After careful observation, Yann was able to determine the killer used chalk. Nearing the end of the investigation, the team went to the carousel for the second time and found the blood thinner package that killed Odette in which the player extracted a sample of an oily substance and did not hesitate to ship a sample to Yann for forensical analysis. After careful analysis, Yann determined that the killer had to use gross amounts of shampoo to keep their hair from deteriorating, thus Yann was able to deduce the killer had long hair.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Andrew's nanny, Tammy Baker

Tammy viewed Odette as a bad mother because Odette refused to allow vaccinations to be administered to Andrew arising from Odette's beliefs that her ballet career ended due to her giving birth to Andrew. Tammy had enough of Odette's negligence, so she rigged Odette's coffee with blood thinners before Odette consumed her cup. One day Odette came to Tammy to pick Andrew up from school wanting to play Mommy for once but, after she consumed her coffee, she felt ill. Tammy seized Andrew so she could give Andrew the treatment Odette never gave him. Tammy wanted to make sure Odette was dead, and after she confirmed it, she took Odette's jacket, wrote the words "Evil Woman" on it, and displayed it to make Inner City aware of Odette's mannerisms. Amy wanted to know where Tammy held Andrew, so Tammy told Amy that Andrew was safe in her apartment. Andrew was found in Tammy's apartment, but he wanted to know where Tammy was, but Amy told Andrew she and the player were present to send him back to Nikolai.

In court, Tammy told Judge Dante the reason for the murder was to ensure Andrew was properly treated (starting with immunizations, found in Tammy's wallet), but alas, Judge Dante was confident (in spite of Nikolai's mental instability) that Nikolai could find a nanny with no criminal record, and therefore, Judge Dante gave Tammy a lifetime jail sentence with no eligibility for parole.

While Amy thought Tammy attempting to give Andrew Kamarov immunizations was thoughtful of her, Tammy killing Odette was inexcusable.

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