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Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, your latest discoveries about SOMBRA's activity in Asia are most alarming!
Chief Ripley: Not only are they abducting orphans, but they could also be brainwashing the children to follow their ideals. We need to figure out how and why!
Chief Ripley: According to Tsukada Chieko, her brother was taken to South Korea. I've told Elliot to keep an eye out for her brother and for any suspicious activity. We'll check in with him for updates.
Chief Ripley: We also need to keep an eye on anything aimed at kids. SOMBRA could be abusing media to reach more children!
Carmen: According to Elliot's research, the most influential children's show in South Korea is "Oh! Crazy Kids!" If SOMBRA's targeting kids, this show could be useful to them!
Chief Ripley: I agree! <Name>, get to the studio that produces "Oh! Crazy Kids!" and see if there's anything out of the ordinary happening there!

Chapter 1

Investigate TV Show Set.
Carmen Martinez: Looks like danger has already struck the television studio, <Name>! We have another murder victim on our hands!
Carmen: Maybe the victim was involved with the show somehow... You're right, <Name>. Given how he's dressed, it's unlikely he was doing the grunt work... The victim could be a VIP.
Carmen: This stagelight pillar looks too heavy to have just fallen over by itself.
Carmen: Someone must've pushed this pillar on top of the victim and tried to make it look like an accident, but we know better, don't we, <Name>?
Carmen: You're right, there's blood on part of the pillar! Think you can get a sample?
Carmen: And this torn paper could give us a lead in the case if you piece it together!
Carmen: Let's get our thinking caps on, <Name>. We have our work cut out for us!

Examine Torn Poster.
Carmen: Who's on that poster you pieced together? SILVERee? Haven't we seen him before?
Carmen: Oh yeah! He's that K-pop star you and Archer met in Sichuan! The one who wanted to recruit Jack!
Carmen: So it looks as though he was appearing on the show produced at the crime scene... Maybe he'll know who the victim was!
Carmen: Let's go get some air time with SILVERee and ask him what he knows!

Ask SILVERee about the victim.
Carmen: So... SILVERee... <Rank> <Name> was wondering, do you know the identity of the man we found murdered on the studio stage?
SILVERee: I'm surprised you don't! That's Gwak Sung-ho. He was the biggest television producer in all of Korea!
SILVERee: Wait! He was murdered?! But everyone here said it was just an unfortunate accident!
SILVERee: Hmmm... that gives me an idea for a song...
SILVERee (singing): "Are you just an unfortunate accident... waiting to happen... IN MY HEART?!"
Carmen: Haunting lyrics, SILVERee, but if you could focus for a moment... You knew the victim well?
SILVERee: He asked me to promote my new single "PANDA-monium" on his show, so yes, I did know him.
SILVERee: Of course, he acted like me being on "Oh! Crazy Kids!" would boost my career, but I knew I was the one doing him the big favor by bringing my music to his show!
SILVERee: Gwak Sung-ho was a really high-strung type, you know. Very difficult. The only time I saw him smile was in the park outside the studio! He went there all the time.
Carmen: Thanks, SILVERee. We'll go check out that park. Maybe you can chill here and write some songs. <Rank> <Name> may have additional questions for you.

Investigate Park Pagoda.
Carmen: Looks like the park has held on a few clues for us! You found a photo of the victim!
Carmen: But who is that hot-shot standing next to him? He obviously doesn't have very good manners! In Korea, it is often considered rude to place your arms or hands on the head and shoulders of someone older than you!
Carmen: Do you think you can identify who our rude boy is by running a comparison in the database?
Carmen: And South Korea is full of gadgets... But you're right, <Name>. This device is out of place just sitting in a park. Think you can unlock it?

Examine Hi-Tech Device.
Carmen: So what was that device you unlocked? Looks like there's a map, so maybe it's some kind of GPS tracking thing?
Carmen: Wait, why was this device tracking the victim?!
Carmen: According to the screen, it belongs to a certain Obaasan... you know her?
Carmen: That's right! You told me Obaasan was a suspect in Sichuan! She's the Japanese grandma!
Carmen: Then what is Obaasan doing in South Korea? And why was she tracking Gwak Sung-ho?
Carmen: I guess we can ask Obaasan why she's in Korea when we ask her about this device!

Question Obaasan about why she was tracking the victim.
Carmen: Obaasan, <Rank> <Name> found your tracking device...
Obaasan: Oh that silly thing! My son gave it to me because he was sick of me asking where my keys were, where my brush was, you know...
Obaasan: It makes me sad that he would choose to let some machine look after his own mother rather than just help me find my things, but kids today...
Carmen: But if you used the device to find objects, why would you be tracking the television producer, Gwak Sung-ho?
Obaasan: Oh, one of my grandkids rigged the goofy thing to follow celebrities! As if an old granny could even care about such things!
Obaasan: If you ask me, kids today are just too obsessed with TV and celebrity culture! They should be studying to make something of themselves, but they just want to be stars!
Obaasan: But my grandchildren BEGGED me to bring them to a live taping of "Oh! Crazy Kids!" because SILVERee was going to sing... And, you know, I can't deny them a single thing in the world!
Carmen: Well, Obaasan, be sure that <Rank> <Name> won't lose track of you!

Examine Photograph.
Carmen: So the hot-shot hanging off the victim in that photo was a certain Pyo Kun-woo? Looks like he just graduated from film school...
Carmen: Let's track him down, <Name>. Maybe this Pyo Kun-woo can tell us more about our victim.

Ask Pyo Kun-woo about his photo with the victim.
Carmen: Pyo Kun-woo? <Rank> <Name> has a few questions to ask you about Gwak Sung-ho.
Pyo: I just can't believe he's dead... Korean TV has lost its guiding light!
Carmen: You seem pretty broken up... You seemed close in the photo we found of you two...
Pyo: Gwak was my hero! The man single-handedly changed Korean TV forever! We wouldn't have half the shows we have today if it wasn't for him!
Pyo (putting papers down, with right hand on chest): Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be just like him! The man was a genius!
Carmen: Well, Pyo, we'll leave you alone to grieve. But <Rank> <Name> may have more questions for you as the investigation progresses...
Pyo (holding papers again): I will make myself available night and day! Anything I can do to help you find his killer!

Examine Pillar chunk.
Carmen: You got a perfect blood sample from that chunk of pillar that was toppled on the victim! Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: Hey, <Name>! The blood sample you collected from the pillar came back positive as belonging to the victim, so good call there!
Lars: But the blood also had traces of fermented cabbage, fish oil, and chili pepper, which are all found in kimchi, Korea's national dish!
Carmen: You found kimchi in the victim's blood? How is that possible?
Lars: The food wasn't inside the victim! My theory is the killer deposited the kimchi on the light pillar when they pushed it onto the victim!
Carmen: Well, I doubt the killer can get good kimchi in jail, so they better chow down while they can!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Hey, <Name>! I finally have a triplet-free day around here! Jack took them shopping! He's a braver soul than I thought...
Angela: As for the victim, the pillar was a red herring. On closer examination, I found a puncture wound between his cervical vertebrae. The placement of the weapon stopped his heart!
Angela: The pillar was clearly pushed onto the victim to make the whole thing look like an accident, but they couldn't fool you, <Name>!
Carmen: So any idea as to what was used to puncture the back of the victim's neck?
Angela: Well, the circumference tells me it's bigger than a needle. You need to keep your eyes peeled for an ice pick.
Angela: But you also need to note if any of the suspects plays hwatu. The killer left a hwatu card in the victim's mouth.
Carmen: Hwatu? That's a really popular card game in Korea, right? But it's harmless, isn't it? Mostly people play with their families on holidays...
Angela: That's true, but as with any card game, the stakes can be raised. Hwatu gambling has become a real problem for some people in South Korea.
Carmen: Well, <Name>, we may not know why the killer left this card in the victim's mouth, but now we know they play hwatu!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: So let's review... a big-shot Korean TV producer was murdered on the set of his own television show...
Carmen: We have an old grandma, who unwittingly followed the victim's every move...
Carmen: And while the victim's mega-fan is devastated, SILVERee is more concerned about promoting his single than about a murder...
Carmen: And we still have no idea whether any of this is linked to SOMBRA and how they're brainwashing kids!
Elliot: <Name>! I have a lead for your case!
Elliot: The victim may be on Angela's slab, but his credit card was just used at a karaoke bar!
Carmen: What?! Someone just used the victim's credit card?!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: So, <Name>, we have a Korean TV producer, who someone stabbed in the neck then crushed under a stage prop...
Carmen: They wanted it to look like an accident, but you called it! It was murder!
Elliot: <Name>! I have a lead in your case! The victim's credit card was used five minutes ago at a karaoke bar!
Carmen: How is that possible? The victim is on Angela's slab. He can't use his credit card!
Carmen: Which means someone else took his credit card and is using it at the karaoke bar! This could be a lead! Let's go!

Investigate Karaoke Booth.
Carmen: Wow, <Name>, the screens and lighting in this karaoke bar are making me feel a little funky...
Carmen: You're right, focusing on the clues will get my mind off it...
Carmen: Looks like we have a torn magazine of some kind... Think you can piece it together to get a whole picture?
Carmen: Not sure why you want to check out that karaoke microphone, but it does have a substance on the handle. Maybe you can get a sample of it?
Carmen: And could that be the infamous credit card we're trying to chase down? The victim's name is on it!
Kang: Hey, put that card down! It's not yours!
Carmen: It's not yours either! Who are you anyway?
Kang: Have you been living under a rock? I'm Kang Dong-yun! I'm the host of "Oh! Crazy Kids!"
Carmen: Now that we've established that, Mr Kang, maybe you can tell <Rank> <Name> what you were doing with Gwak Sung-ho's credit card!

Question Kang Dong-yun about his use of the victim's credit card.
Carmen: Mr Kang, how did you end up with Gwak Sung-ho's credit card?
Kang: Gwak always lets me use his card! He's generous like that! Who else would have taken a chance on a goofball like me and given me my big break on TV?
Kang: Look, you can call him if you don't believe me! He'll tell you himself!
Carmen: He can't, Mr Kang. Gwak Sung-ho was murdered at the television studio earlier.
Kang: Gwak was murdered? No!
Kang: That explains why he didn't show up for our hwatu game here...
Kang: Can you please give me the card now? I am getting hungry and want to order some kimchi.
Carmen: The card's evidence, Kang. Sit tight. Warm up your voice. We may have some questions for you and you'll need to be ready to sing!

Examine Karaoke Mic.
Carmen: You got a sample of the substance from the karaoke microphone? Still not sure what you hope to get from that, but we should get it over to Lars!

Analyze Substance.
Lars (posing a rocker gesture): Hey, <Name>! Wanna hear my go-to karaoke song? It ROCKS!
June (posing a rocker gesture): I love that song, Daddy! Sing it! Sing it!
Lars: Junebug! What are you doing here? I thought you were out with Uncle Jack!
June: Meh, I got bored with shopping. But science ROCKS! So I came back to the lab!
Lars: You came back to the lab all by yourself?! I better call Jack so he doesn't freak out!
Carmen: Before you do that Lars, <Name> wants to know what you got from the sample collected from the karaoke microphone...
Lars: Oh yeah, that... Well, the sample you brought me from the karaoke bar was saliva: the victim's saliva!
Carmen: That's odd... how did that saliva end up on the handle of the microphone?
Lars: By the killer's hand! Didn't you say the killer left something in the victim's mouth?
Lars: The victim's saliva was transferred to the microphone handle when the killer touched the microphone!
Carmen: So the killer decided to go sing karaoke after the murder?!
Carmen: Good point, <Name>! To get to this karaoke bar from the studio, the killer would've had to pass through the park! Maybe we should take another sweep!

Investigate Park Path.
Carmen: Well, <Name>, another sweep of the park has turned up a... trash can?
Carmen: I've learned to trust your hunches. Have a dig through the trash if you think it will help!
Carmen: Looks like someone left their smartphone behind, too. Think you can unlock it?

Examine Trash Can.
Carmen: That paper you found in the trash has a photo of Pyo Kun-woo on it!
Carmen: Looks like there's something else written on the paper, <Name>. You'll need to get your dusting kit to get to the rest!

Examine Faded Poster.
Carmen: So this paper you found with Pyo's face on it says he was BANNED from the studio?!
Carmen: Interesting... Pyo Kun-woo never mentioned any tension between himself and the victim or any problems at the studio... We better go grill him about this!

Question Pyo about being banned from the television studio.
Carmen: Pyo Kun-woo, you failed to mention that Gwak Sung-ho had you banned from the "Oh! Crazy Kids!" studio...
Pyo: Look, Gwak overreacted. I had some great ideas for the show. He just ignored them!
Pyo: But I refused to give up. I wanted to show Gwak that I have the same bulldog-mentality like he had.
Pyo (putting papers down, with right hand on chest): Even once I was banned, I still came to the studio. I even brought him my favorite kimchi as a gift!
Carmen: And how did that work out for you?
Pyo: Gwak had his security goons beat me up! They literally threw me out into the park! I was so embarrassed...
Carmen: Embarrassed enough to take revenge, Pyo? Sit tight. We may need to speak with you again.

Examine Locked Smartphone.
Carmen: You unlocked the smartphone? Elliot will need to take a look at this! Let's get it to him!

Analyze Smartphone.
Elliot: Well, <Name>, I rummaged around in the smartphone. It definitely belongs to SILVERee. I don't think I've ever seen this many selfies in one phone!
Elliot: But along with the selfies, I found an interesting video! It will give you a whole new idea on SILVERe... Take a look!

Start of footage...
SILVERee (lip-synching): There's PANDA-monium in my heart! My love for you tears me apart!
(SILVERee points and gets ready to lip-synch the next line, but the music stops. He pauses, speechless and nervous.)
SILVERee: Wait, what happened to the music?
Gwak: Looks like we need to cut to commercial, doesn't it?
SILVERee: GWAK! I KNOW you cut my music! You're going to pay for this!

End of footage...
Carmen: Are you kidding me?! SILVERee was lip-synching this whole time? He doesn't sing his songs live?
Carmen: And SILVERee thought the victim cut his music on live television! That's not good...
Carmen: I bet he was really angry about that! But was he angry enough to kill? We'd better go check in on SILVERee and ask him!

Talk to SILVERee about the victim embarrassing him on national television.
Carmen: So, SILVERee, <Rank> <Name> discovered that you were lip-synching your performance on "Oh! Crazy Kids!"
SILVERee: I'm sorry if I let you down, <Rank> <Name>. Life on the road isn't just playing hwatu in the tour bus. If I feel that I can't do my best, yes, I mouth the words.
SILVERee: But I can usually count on producers like Gwak Sung-ho to be professional enough and not play little petty games with their big-name guests!
SILVERee: I mean, this is the big time! I'm not singing in a karaoke bar anymore!
SILVERee: Anyway, I was so angry after that, I threw my kimchi at Gwak. That fishy smell was never going to come out in the wash...
Carmen: Well, you might get a chance to have laundry detail in prison if it turns out you killed Gwak Sung-ho!

Examine Torn Magazine.
Carmen: So that torn paper was a ripped up gossip magazine cover? And the victim is on the cover!
Carmen: Here he is kissing and cuddling some girl young enough to be his daughter...
Carmen: We need to talk to this mistress of his... Looks like her name is Park Eun-ji... Let's track her down!

Ask Park Eun-ji about her affair with the victim.
Carmen: Ms Park, <Rank> <Name> found a torn gossip magazine cover showing you kissing Gwak Sung-ho...
Park: We couldn't keep the paparazzi away! They even ran a feature on me eating kimchi!
Carmen: How serious a couple were you two? We thought Gwak was married!
Park: Gwak was his own man. We met when I was a consultant for a card matching game on his show! I'm one of the best hwatu players in Korea!
Park: Frankly, I was flattered that such a powerful man was interested in me...
Park (wiping tears with tissue): But now he's gone... Please excuse me, I am having a difficult time coming to terms with this news...
Carmen: We understand, Ms Park. But we need to bring up the unpleasant subject of Gwak's murder again as the investigation proceeds.

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: Dang, <Name>! We came to Korea to find out how and why SOMBRA could be brainwashing orphans and we're not getting anywhere!
Carmen: But we did find Gwak Sung-ho, who appeared to have been crushed on the set of his own television show, but was really stabbed in the neck...
Carmen: Turns out Pyo Kun-woo was banned from the studio by the victim but didn't exactly accept his fate!
Carmen: And we have a humiliated K-pop star, as well as a TV show host who seemed to owe the victim a lot...
Ingrid: <Name>! Ms Park, the victim's mistress, is creating a stir at the television studio! She's taken over the airwaves!
Ingrid: She's saying the victim was brainwashing children!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: Man, <Name>! We came to Korea to find out how and why SOMBRA is brainwashing orphans and we're not getting anywhere!
Carmen: But we did find Gwak Sung-ho, who appeared to have been crushed on the set of his own television show, but was really stabbed in the neck...
Carmen: Turns out Pyo Kun-woo was banned from the studio by the victim but didn't exactly accept his fate!
Carmen: And we have a humiliated K-pop star, as well as a TV show host who seemed to owe the victim a lot...
Ingrid: <Name>! The victim's mistress is creating a stir at the television studio! She's taken over the airwaves!
Carmen: I hardly think someone hogging the microphone constitutes an emergency...
Ingrid: Even if she's talking about how the victim was brainwashing children?
Carmen: WHAT?! Let's go over to that television studio and talk to Park Eun-ji right away, <Name>!

Question Park about her claim that the victim brainwashed children.
Park (reading a paper and holding a microphone): Gwak Sung-ho knowingly and intentionally perpetrated the mass brainwashing of Korean youth starting with his first show in 1996...
Carmen: Turn off the cameras! Everybody out! Except you, Ms Park!
Park: But I have an important message to deliver!
Carmen: Exactly. You need to deliver it to <Rank> <Name>, not to all of South Korea. What's all this about Gwak Sung-ho brainwashing children?
Park: His shows dumbed down Korean children and made them achieve less at school!
Carmen: I see... So you're talking about metaphorical brainwashing... He wasn't forcing ideas into kids' heads...
Park: You think I really believe he could brainwash children through the TV? That's crazy!
Carmen: You know what seems to be crazy to me, Ms Park? You claimed to love Gwak, but here you are trying to ruin his reputation on national television!
Park: He promised me that he would stop making shows for kids, but he didn't! He never intended to stop! He was just full of empty promises!
Carmen: So did you stop him, Ms Park? Don't go far. We may meet again sooner than you think!
(After talking to Park Eun-ji)
Carmen: Dang it, <Name>! I really thought we had a break in the SOMBRA case with all that talk of the victim brainwashing kids!
Carmen: But you're right, we'll only get to the bottom of that mystery once we arrest Gwak Sung-ho's killer! Let's take another look at the television studio!

Investigate Judges' Chairs.
Carmen: You found more torn paper? I'm sure you'll piece it together in no time. Here's hoping it gives us a lead!
Carmen: And what's with this sequin-tastic mess on that DVD case? Looks like a sample collection job. I'll let you get to it!

Examine Torn Flyer.
Carmen: The paper you pieced together was an audition flyer? Somebody wrote a message, but it's in Japanese!
Carmen: Maybe Dupont can clue us in to what the message means. Let's get this flyer to him!

Analyze Message on Flyer.
Dupont: <Name>, this flyer is a specimen absolument fascinant... The message says someone's grandson has real talent...
Dupont: But the most important part of the message is that it's in red ink!
Carmen: So the message is in red ink... Why is that so important?
Dupont: In Korea, red ink is, how do you say, a no-no? A big one! If you write someone's name in red ink, you are practically wishing them death!
Dupont: Red ink is used to place the name of a deceased person in the family register! This message is anything but banal - it's a threat to the victim! And it was signed by Obaasan!
Carmen: Obaasan?! Why didn't you lead with that, Dupont?!
Carmen: But why did she want Gwak to showcase her grandson in "Oh! Crazy Kids!"? Didn't Obaasan think the show was stupid? We'd better go talk to her!

Interrogate Obaasan about her threat to the victim.
Carmen: Obaasan, <Rank> <Name> found a message you wrote to the victim... Something about putting your grandson on "Oh! Crazy Kids!" Why would you want him on the show?
Obaasan: Well, yes. I wanted Gwak Sung-ho to put my grandson on his show for the talent segment!
Obaasan: He had so many untalented brats in "Oh! Crazy Kids!" But my grandson is a genius!
Carmen: But why write the victim's name in red ink, Obaasan? That's like wishing Gwak dead!
Obaasan: Red ink? So what? I couldn't find another pen! Look, I slipped Gwak the photo of my grandson when I was able to sit in on one of his hwatu games. But he wasn't keen and that was that!
Carmen: Was it, Obaasan? Or did he pay the ultimate price for his lack of interest?

Examine DVD Case.
Carmen: So all those sequins were covering a message on the DVD case: "Enjoy your free time - you're fired!" And it was signed by the victim!
Carmen: The DVD title has the Korean word I see outside all the karaoke bars and we know the killer sings karaoke...
Carmen: But who was Gwak firing, <Name>? Maybe a microscopic analysis of the sequin sample can tell us more!

Examine Sequins.
Carmen: You were able to extract Kang Dong-yun's DNA from those sequins? He does wear an awful lot of sequins...
Carmen: So was Gwak firing Kang?!
Carmen: Why didn't Kang mention this before? We'd better go track him down and find out!

Ask Kang whether or not the victim fired him.
Carmen: Kang Dong-yun, can you explain the message <Rank> <Name> found on this DVD case? Did Gwak fire you?
Kang: Oh that... That was nothing...
Kang: It's true that he wanted me off the show. He thought new blood could pick the ratings up, breathe new life into the program...
Carmen: So Gwak DID fire you! That sounds like you had a major motive to me! Bet you were pretty angry!
Kang: No, I was totally OK with leaving the show! It was always just a springboard for me. I was going to make the move to film! I'm going to be a HUGE STAR!
Kang: No more trying to pick up chicks with my smooth tunes at the karaoke bar for me!
Kang: I know it's hard to believe, but Park Eun-ji and I used to sing together there before she ran off with Gwak...
Carmen: Well, don't call your agent just yet, Kang. We may call you for further questioning.

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: We need more leads if we're going to catch Gwak Sung-ho's killer... And we still haven't found the murder weapon...
Carmen: You're right, <Name>! We know that the killer went to the karaoke bar! Maybe we'll find the murder weapon there!

Investigate Karaoke Couch.
Carmen: You want to look through this plastic crate, <Name>? It's full of cocktail stuff, but if you think a clue is hiding in there, I won't stop you from digging in!
Carmen: And hey, that's a hwatu card set! The killer plays hwatu! And it looks as though something was written on the box. Think you can uncover what it says?
Carmen: With these clues, I know we're back on the right track! They'll lead us straight to the killer!

Examine Plastic Crate.
Carmen: Whoa, <Name>, what did you find in that crate? Is that an ice pick?
Carmen: You're right! Angela told us that an ice pick would match the wound on the victim!
Carmen: What's this weird blue liquid on the handle? You're right! There's no time to lose! Let's get this ice pick to Lars!

Analyze Ice Pick.
Lars: <Name>! It's a good thing you're so picky! Get it? Picky? Ice pick?
Carmen: I am not even going to dignify that with a response, Lars. Is it the murder weapon or not?
Lars: The victim's blood on the tip says this ice pick IS the murder weapon! But wait! There's more!
Lars: The blue liquid on the handle corresponds to a fluid used to clean glasses!
Lars: It's clear that the killer transferred the glasses cleaning fluid to the handle when they committed the murder!
Carmen: So the killer wears glasses, huh? Well, <Name> sees them a little clearer now! We're on their trail!

Examine Hwatu Box.
Carmen: There was a message on the hwatu box that you found? It reads: "Gwak - Hyung, three pairs. You're dead!"
Carmen: I agree, this has to have been written by the killer! Not only is it a direct threat, but the victim was found dead with a hwatu card in his mouth!
Carmen: But what does the reference to three pairs mean? Could this threat tell us anything about the killer? Good point, <Name>! Dupont will probably know! Let's rush this to him!

Analyze Written Note.
Dupont: <Name>, the message on this hwatu card set presented a slight cultural conundrum, but nothing I couldn't solve...
Dupont: First, three pairs in the game of hwatu can be a losing hand. I am not sure if the killer was being poetic or the victim had truly lost a game, but no matter.
Dupont: The most salient aspect of the clue was in one word: "Hyung." It's a Korean word that means "big brother." It's a term of respect!
Carmen: Well, there wasn't a lot of respect here since Gwak is dead...
Dupont: As I was about to say before you interrupted me... The term "Hyung" is only used by men to speak to a man who is older than they are.
Carmen: So this means the person who wrote this threat to the victim is male! We're closing in on this killer now, <Name>!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: We have everything we need to arrest Gwak Sung-ho's killer, <Name>! Let's go get him!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Kang Dong-yun, you're under arrest for the murder of television producer Gwak Sung-ho!
Kang: WHAT?! That's insane! Why would I kill the man who made my perfect life possible?
Carmen: Knock it off, Kang. We know the killer sings karaoke and that's where we first met you! Not long after the murder!
Kang: Is that supposed to scare me?! Do you know how many people sing karaoke in this town? By the way, you're in Korea, so the word for karaoke is "noraebang." You might want to jot that down.
Carmen: Believe me, Kang, with us, the best defense is not an offense! We know it was a man who killed Gwak and you had the perfect opportunity!
Kang: What about that K-pop cretin, SILVERee? Gwak exposed him as a lip-syncher! I was right there when it happened! SILVERee was furious!
Carmen: Yes, but SILVERee doesn't wear glasses, Kang. So he couldn't have left glasses cleaner on the murder weapon! You did!
Kang (wiping tears): I can't believe you got me!
Kang: I DID kill Gwak Sung-ho! But I didn't have a choice!
Carmen: There is always a choice, Kang. Most people never resort to murder!
Kang: But you don't get it! He wanted me to leave the show and, at first, I was OK with that. But I couldn't get any movie roles at all!
Kang: Do you know how much gambling debt I have from playing hwatu? The thugs I owed were going to kill me!
Carmen: But how did Gwak Sung-ho fit into your gambling debt story, Kang?
Kang: Gwak Sung-ho wasn't just the producer of "Oh! Crazy Kids!" He also produced an exposé show and the latest episode delved into hwatu gambling...
Kang: What he uncovered about the thugs running hwatu gambling got too close to the truth. They said I would have all my debt erased if I erased Gwak.
Kang: But I had to leave a hwatu card in his mouth to prove that I killed him...
Carmen: Well, you erased your debt, but we're taking you straight to jail, Kang. You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Kang Dong-yun, you stand accused of murdering Gwak Sung-ho by stabbing him with an ice pick. I thought the report said he was crushed?
Kang: No, your Honor, I stabbed him in the neck and then I pushed the stage light pillar onto him to make it look like an accident...
Judge Adaku: So that's an admission of guilt! Good to have that out of the way! Makes my job so much easier...
Judge Adaku: And you killed him just to get rid of a gambling debt... Ah, money! One of the great classics of murder motives. And one of the most pathetic.
Judge Adaku: As the result of your premeditation and intent, this Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison!
Kang (crying): You can't put me in jail! I'm a CELEBRITY!

Carmen: I'm glad we were able to put Gwak Sung-ho's killer behind bars, but it didn't get us any closer to solving our main mystery...
Carmen: We need to figure out why SOMBRA is brainwashing the orphans they kidnap!
Elliot: I may have the beginning of an answer to that, <Name>! There's been strange activity at the karaoke bar!

Innocence Lost (4/6)

Elliot Clayton: I'm telling you, <Name>, there's strange stuff going on at the karaoke bar! Groups of children are going there...
Elliot: I hacked into the bar's servers and found that the bar is reserved for kids from ten to noon every day!
Elliot: And the only music played is by SILVERee! He's also scheduled to sign autographs there every day!
Jack: How could these kids listen to the same songs every single day? Their brains must be melting!
Jack: Wait, <Name>, do you think this could all be linked to SOMBRA? We are fairly sure those orphans are being brainwashed...
Jack: Could the karaoke bar have a role in their scheme? We need to talk to SILVERee!
Jack: <Name>, I know exactly what to do! Meet me at the karaoke bar!
(Elliot and Jack leave the room.)
Carmen: Hey, <Name>. I need your help. Angela left for the crime scene two hours ago and still hasn't come back...
Carmen: She's been acting weird lately. When you have time, could you come with me to the television studio to look for her?

Interrogate SILVERee about strange activity at the karaoke bar.
(Before talking to SILVERee)
(Jack is dressed as a K-pop star.)
Jack (holding K-pop star mask): <Name>! Check out this transformation!
Jack (putting on mask): I have been watching a ton of K-pop videos and working on getting the look down!
Jack (with mask on): SILVERee won't recognize me! You can take my sunglasses to help cover your identity! Who knows what he might tell us!

At the karaoke bar...
(Jack is in full disguise throughout the interrogation.)
SILVERee: Hey, what are you doing here! This is MY turf, loser! Get your own marketing gimmick!
Jack: Oh, but Mr SILVERee! I came here for your guidance! You're the best! How do you make kids love your music so much? I hear it's all they play here!
SILVERee: Must be my natural talent. But you can learn something from my videos! The kids just love them!
SILVERee (pointing): Right now, I have a meet and greet with my fans, but perhaps I could take you on a tour after my contractual obligation is fulfilled.
SILVERee: In the meantime, go warm up your voice. There's a laptop in every booth full of my videos. But first, you have to do something about your hair! It's pathetic!
(SILVERee leaves.)
Jack: Good point, <Name>! SILVERee won't stop mentioning those videos... We'd better have a look around the karaoke bar for one of those laptops!

Investigate Karaoke Booth.
Jack (in disguise): You found a laptop! This could be exactly what we're looking for! Think you can unlock it?

Examine Laptop.
Jack (in disguise): You got the laptop unlocked! There's no way watching all those SILVERee videos ourselves! Let's get this to Elliot!

Analyze Laptop.
(Jack has taken off the K-pop mask.)
Elliot: This laptop full of SILVERee videos is a goldmine!
Jack: Elliot, I did not peg you for a K-pop fan!
Elliot: I'm not. Can't stand the stuff. But the videos were interesting. They seemed normal at first...
Elliot: But when I went through the videos frame by frame... I saw a SOMBRA logo and a bunch of stuff about not being weak and doing one's duty interspersed between the frames!
Jack: Not being weak and doing one's duty... Carmen said Sanjay wouldn't shut up about not being weak and doing his duty back in Beijing!
Elliot: It's clever, really... SOMBRA's using subliminal messages! Visual stimuli that are flashed before the human mind can process them, but the ideals projected stick. Classic conditioning...
Jack (holding K-pop mask): Subliminal messages! So that's how SOMBRA is brainwashing these poor kids!
Jack (putting mask on): Looks like we need to go back to the karaoke bar and grill SILVERee! He must know something about this!

Ask SILVERee about the subliminal messages in his videos.
(Jack is wearing the full disguise one again.)
SILVERee: Oh, there you are, little K-pop wannabe! I see you didn't change your hairstyle! I guess I'll work with what I've got...
Jack: About that... I tried to sing along to your videos... but my eyes got so tired! And I couldn't stop thinking about SOMBRA!
SILVERee: SOMBRA?! Is that some other K-pop star or something?!
Jack (taking off K-pop mask): You know what SOMBRA is, SILVERee! They put the subliminal messages in your videos to brainwash children!
SILVERee: Wait! What's going on here!? You're not a K-pop wannabe!
SILVERee: That was a mean trick! I swear I have no idea what this SOMBRA thing is!
SILVERee: I just star in my videos. I just want to get as much exposure as possible!
SILVERee: But if anyone is using my videos like that without paying royalties, then I have a big problem with them! I better go look into this!
Jack: Well, you keep an eye on your intellectual property, SILVERee, but if you think <Rank> <Name> won't keep an eye on you, you have another thing coming!
SILVERee: I appreciate that you have a job to do, <Rank> <Name>. It must be really exhausting! Why don't you relax here a bit and recharge your batteries!

Investigate TV Show Set.
Carmen: I can't see Angela anywhere, but I see that you found a toy owl?
Carmen: This is a show for kids... Maybe one of them left the toy at the television studio...
Carmen: It looks like there's some substance on it... Let's examine that toy and see what we find!

Examine Owl Toy.
Carmen: So you got a skin sample off that toy owl? Well, I guess we'll get it to Lars-
Angela: NO! I'll analyze it.
Carmen: Angela! We've been looking for you! Are you feeling alright?
Angela: I'm fine, <Name>, but there's really no need to trouble Lars with this. He's looking after the girls! So I'd be happy to help analyze the sample!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Carmen: So, Angela, we're all ears! What's the story? Whose skin cells were on the toy owl?
Angela: I'd recognized the owl, but I didn't want to believe it could be true...
Angela: But there's no doubt. The skin cells belong to my daughter, May!
Carmen: Ok, alright... You know your girls are all over the place. One got away from Jack earlier. Maybe one went through the studio and forgot her toy!
Angela: No! You don't get it! The girls were never at the television studio! So, tell me, HOW did this owl get here?!
Carmen: Angela, I think you need some fresh air... Hey, <Name>, maybe we could all go take a walk in the park?

Investigate Park Pagoda.
Carmen: Looks like a kid forgot their backpack here at the park...
Angela: This is April's backpack! Look, her name is on it!
Angela: <Name>! What if she got abducted?!
Carmen: Angela, call Lars. Maybe April is with him. In the meantime, <Name> will look through the backpack for clues!

Examine Child's Backpack.
Angela: Thank goodness... April is safe with Lars and her sisters... <Name>, did you find anything in the backpack?
Carmen: There was nothing out of the ordinary apart from a faded photo... <Name>, can you recover what's missing?

Examine Faded Photo.
Carmen: The photo you found in April's backpack shows a bunch of kids climbing all over some guy. Why do I feel like we've seen this guy before? He seems really familiar...
Angela: <Name>, you saw him in Yunnan! He went by Ronin. He was a suspect! And we're almost totally sure that he recruits for SOMBRA!
Angela: I can't take much more of this...
(Angela leaves.)
Carmen: Wow, <Name>! I don't think I've ever seen Angela so upset! We'd better go talk to her and get to the bottom of this!

Persuade Angela to explain why she's so upset.
Carmen: Angela? What's going on? Tell us how we can help you!
Angela: I know that I've been acting strangely, <Name>... I have just felt under threat since we came here... With SOMBRA taking all these kids...
Angela: Then finding April's backpack in the park... With that photo inside of a potential SOMBRA recruiter... I just want to keep my babies safe!
Carmen: Believe us, Angela, <Name> and the whole team, we're going to do all we can to keep your girls safe!
Angela: You're right, <Name>! Getting all worked up won't solve anything. Let's all go have a drink! The first round's on me!

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: So we know SOMBRA is planting subliminal messages into SILVERee music videos in order to brainwash orphans...
Chief Ripley: But what does SOMBRA gain by brainwashing kids into obedient little contributors, <Name>? Why are they doing this?
Elliot: I can't answer that, but I know where they take the kids! The photo of Ronin that <Name> found was taken in an arcade in Tokyo! I've been there before!
Chief Ripley: Could Ronin be in charge of getting the kids from Korea to Japan?! <Name>, this could give us proof that he's a SOMBRA recruiter!
Chief Ripley: We need to shut down SOMBRA's little recruiting ring for good, <Name>! You're heading to Tokyo!

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