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Frank Knight (fantasizing): Once upon a time, there was a fearless <Rank> named <Name>. Every criminal in Pacific Bay feared their might...
Frank: Sorry <Name>, it's just that today's a special day. Have you ever heard of The Glass Princess? It's a famous fairy tale for kids.
Frank: It was my daughter's favorite book when she was little. Back then it was still easy to know her tastes...
Frank (winking): Anyway, the Mr Sparkles studios are shooting a live-action adaptation of the book right here in Ivywood!
Frank (grinning): They hired the young Jenny Galguera to star in the movie. And my daughter has always been a big fan of hers.
Frank (shocked): As far as I remember, Jenny's been on TV since she was 4, and my daughter followed her all her life. Talk about a career!
Frank: So I thought... If I can get an autograph from Jenny on her favorite book, maybe my daughter will speak to me again, you see?
Frank (pumping his fist): Really <Name>? You think that's a brilliant idea? Let's go to the movie set, then. And of course they'll let us in! What's a police badge made for?

Later, on the movie set...
Frank (excitedly): Here we are, <Name>! We're on the set of The Glass Princess movie! Do you see Jenny anywhere?
Frank (confused): What do you mean, something's not right? Well if you can't be any more specific, I'll just let you search the set for me then!

Chapter 1

Investigate Movie Set.
Frank Knight (shocked): Oh no <Name>, you found Jenny Galguera alright... but she's dead!
Frank (sadly): Clearly someone used that mirror to kill Jenny, the glass debris has cut into her face! We can rule out accident <Name>, this is murder!
Frank: And this is how Jenny's life ends. Born an actress, star for a decade, and now she ends up in an autopsy room...
Frank (desperately): And now she's dead, I'll never get that autograph for my daughter! She will never love me again!
Frank (saluting, sweating): Erm you're right, I guess we should find who pushed Jenny against that mirror quick, <Name>.
Frank: Well at least it looks like you found Jenny's agenda! Let's have a look inside...
Frank: "Dress fittings, song rehearsal, shopping"... She had a busy schedule. The other page is faded, but if you can retrieve what's on it we could know where Jenny went before she died!
Frank (shocked): And you say that music sheet was put on the mirror after it was broken? Could it be a message from the killer?!
Frank: You think you can identify the tune by reading the notes? I doubt it, but let's see...

Examine Music Sheet.
Frank (excitedly): That's not half bad <Name>! Analyzing the notes from the music sheet the killer left on the crime scene, you found out it was written by author Gaston Dumas!
Frank (remembering): Now I remember! Gaston Dumas is the author of The Glass Princess, and that tune is taken from his book!
Frank (grinning): Sure <Name>, our best course of action is to go question Gaston Dumas. What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Talk to Gaston Dumas about the tune from his Glass Princess book.
Frank (shocked): You're Gaston Dumas? You're the one who wrote the Glass Princess? Honestly I expected something different...
Gaston (smoking): Everybody's got to eat, right? Princess books are what sells! What do you know, all the parents love those soppy stories for their brats!
Frank: Right, well <Rank> <Name> found this tune on the set of the Glass Princess movie, right where Jenny Galguera was killed.
Gaston (puts down cigarette, excitedly): Are you telling me the Glass Princess got killed? Now that's entertainment! And you say the killer pinned this tune to the mirror?
Gaston (picks up cigarette and The Glass Princess book): This is the evil witch's song. In my book, she appears inside the Glass Princess' mirror to sing it. It's like an omen, bad news.
Frank (nervously): My daughter hated that part. It gave her the creeps...
Gaston (puts both items down, excitedly): Well at least it definitely means Jenny's killer had read my book! I guess I should feel flattered!
(After talking to Gaston Dumas)
Frank: Gaston may be a horribly cold-hearted man, but I agree, he's got a point. Jenny's killer clearly knows the Glass Princess book by heart!
Frank (shocked): But you're right, Gaston wrote the book! He knows it better than anybody! Let's write that down too!

Examine Victim's Agenda.
Frank (excitedly): Well done <Name>, now we know Jenny was at the Mr Sparkles art studio just before she came to the shooting set!
Frank (happily): Roger that, <Name>. We gotta follow this trail. Let's go to the art studio!

Investigate Sketching Room.
Frank: Come on <Name>, you seriously think this plastic junk will give us something related to our victim's last moments? Well you can restore it on your own then!
Frank: This looks more promising! This purse says "Jenny" as in Jenny Galguera, our victim! I'll let you do the searching though, I'm not comfortable with women's belongings.

Examine Bits of Plastic.
Frank: Sorry <Name>, I can see the Glass Princess on this toy alarm clock you just fixed, but what is your point?
Frank: Wait you're right, there's something written on the clock: "Be late again, get fired!" And it's signed by a certain Horace.
Frank (holding his phone): But who's Horace? Don't move, <Name>. I'll text Hannah about it if it's such a strain on you.
Frank: You're hearing right, I can use a computerized phone now. And Hannah just sent me her reply: this "Horace" must be Horace Foster.
Frank (puts phone down, happily): Not only did Horace Foster give this clock to our victim, but he is the producer of The Glass Princess movie! Let's pay him a visit, <Name>!

Confront Horace Foster about his threat of firing the victim.
Horace (smoking a cigar): Okay officers, you have my attention. Two minutes tops, cause time is money and time I'm lacking!
Frank: Talking about time Mr Foster, why berate Jenny for coming late with this Glass Princess alarm clock?!
Horace: Well I admit, not everything about Jenny was perfect. She could act, sing and dance alright, but she was always late!
Horace: Let me tell you, it would never have happened back in the 70s... That was the time when actors were devoted and compliant! We owned them with real contracts! Those were the years!
Horace (shouting): But above all, actors finished their movies before dying! How am I supposed to work with spoiled brats like Jenny?!

Examine Victim's Purse.
Frank (sadly): Gee, <Name>... I just figured out this girl's purse is something my daughter could have. She must be so grown-up now...
Frank (nervously): Sorry <Name>, I got carried away again... You say you found a scribbled sheet inside the victim's purse?
Frank (shocked): Wow, Jenny scribbled "I am a Princess" over and over again... the kid must have been really disturbed.
Frank (happily): And you say there used to be something else here on this page? Well all I'm asking is that you retrieve it!

Examine Scribbled Sheet.
Frank (happily): You're on the right track <Name>, you've revealed an inkblot on the victim's sheet!
Frank: Of course I know what an inkblot test is <Name>, I'm not stupid! Shrinks use it to, well... mess with your head!
Frank (grinning): Good call <Name>, speaking about messing with your head, we should send the inkblot test off to Russell. He'll know what to make of it.

Analyze Inkblot Test.
Russell (nervously): Hey <Name>. Glad to see you again. I'd like to apologize again for my little mistake the other day, making you arrest the wrong suspect and all...
Frank: Alright Russell, down to brass tacks, shall we? What's with the inkblot test <Name> found in the victim's purse?
Russell (biting his glasses): As you know, people see what they want in an inkblot. And it appears your victim saw a princess in that shape.
Russell (puts glasses away): And according to what she wrote in these pages, your victim thought she was an actual princess!
Russell (reading his book): I'd say her neurosis is on a reality/fiction struggle basis, but just in case, you should ask the victim's psychiatrist, Dr Trevor Neuman.
Russell (puts book away): Neuman got his reputation from helping star children deal with their careers.
Frank (confidently): You got it <Name>, that's our man! Time to go see the shrink! But I'm warning you, he'd better not try to mess with MY head!

Ask Trevor Neuman about the victim's therapy.
Trevor (holding his pipe, shocked): Ah, you're here about Jenny's murder, I assume. I am so sorry for her, all her life she's been struggling. And now she's dead!
Frank: The reason we're here is that Jenny seems to have been a little... unbalanced. <Rank> <Name> would like to know more about this.
Trevor (smoking his pipe): I can see you're not from around here. Ivywood is one tough place to grow up in. The competition, the peer pressure... not exactly a safe environment for kids.
Trevor (angrily): And Jenny was like any other kid who started her career before learning how to read. She couldn't really build proper empathy and well, fell into depression.
Trevor (stressed): What do you know? Ivywood is such a jungle... maybe Jenny is happier where she is now!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (laughing): Hey Frank! Did the mirror shatter on the victim before or after you looked into it?
Frank (sadly): That's a low blow. Even for you, Roxie. And I'm not in the mood for jokes. A young girl the age of my daughter has just been murdered. This is all kinds of wrong.
Roxie (nervously): Alright, the killer pushed Jenny against the mirror hard enough to make it shatter. And that was just the start.
Roxie (shocked): What sealed the deal is this piece of glass. The killer had the guts to stab it in her neck. Delicate move, but that worked perfectly!
Frank: Good work, Roxie. And <Name> is right, we can file this piece of glass as our murder weapon!
Roxie (winking): Sadly for the killer, that glass debris gave us precious information, as I found residue of anti-aging cream while doing a culture on it!
Frank (happily): Interesting, so the killer uses anti-aging cream? They gotta be addicted to their reflection, just like the Glass Princess!

Later on, at the station...
Frank (sadly): This is a bad day, <Name>. Normally I enjoy the excitement of chasing a murderer, but not when an innocent teenager is the victim!
Frank: Jenny was under great pressure as she was about to star in The Glass Princess live-action adaptation, a big thing for such a young girl.
Frank: Her producer, Horace Foster, berated her for coming late on stage and threatened to fire her if she kept doing so.
Frank (sadly): Jenny was also seeing a psychiatrist, Trevor Neuman, who told us she was missing a few marbles. But according to him, nothing uncommon for a child star.
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, shocked): <Name>! There's a situation at the Mr Sparkles flagship store! The Glass Princess fans got wind of their idol's death, and they have gone crazy!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez (crossing her arms, shocked): <Name>! There's a situation at the Mr Sparkles flagship store!
Chief Marquez (sadly): Your victim was supposed to make an appearance in her princess dress there, all her fans were waiting for her.
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): But when they got wind of her death, the fans had a massive temper tantrum!
Frank: Yeah, what about it? Jenny's fans are a bunch of 8-year-old kids. What should we fear from them?
Chief Marquez (skeptically): Really, Frank? So you've handled a hundred of angry kids before?
Frank (nervously): Oh, now you say it that way... It's true my daughter was tough to deal with when she was angry!
Frank: A whole bunch of angry kids must be a force to reckon with! Alright <Name>, we better go to that shop now!

Investigate Toy Store.
Frank: The crazy Glass Princess fans have left the place, but look at the mess they left behind!
Frank: Now that homage shrine to the victim is one nice thing! You think we should search through it?
Frank (grinning): Sure <Name>, these scraps of paper could probably lead us to a new clue. But we both know who's good at puzzles in this team, so I'll just wait for you to be done!
Trevor (holding a brick, shouting): Go away! Go away, scum! Leave Jenny alone!
Frank (shocked): Wow, calm down doc! What are you doing here? And you might wanna lower that brick, too.
Trevor (puts down brick, shocked): But you don't understand! The shop couldn't use Jenny to sell their toys so they set up her death into another marketing stunt!
Frank (sadly): I know doc, it's sad. But for now just calm down, <Rank> <Name> will have a few more questions about Jenny.

Stop Trevor Neuman from vandalizing the Mr. Sparkles store.
Trevor (holding his pipe, crying): I can't take it any more, <Rank> <Name>. This place, this industry... and all these kids we take away from their childhood. Ivywood killed Jenny!
Frank (sadly): I know, doc. I too have a daughter, about the same age as Jenny. I wouldn't want this kind of life for her.
Trevor (angrily): How many kids do we have to sacrifice so the masses can keep having their cheap entertainment?
Trevor: And really it's sad to see how a book as bad as The Glass Princess can be so successful! I read it, it only glorifies youth and beauty! A terrible message for young girls!
Trevor (shouting): This age glorification is a plague for our society. Even I am a victim. I use anti-aging cream every morning, even though it is completely useless! Can you believe it?

Examine Homage Shrine.
Frank (grinning): Found anything worthwhile searching through the homage shrine, <Name>? A picture?
Frank: Oh, there's a note on it: "Forever a princess." But why would someone leave this picture in the victim's shrine?
Frank (shocked): Well spotted, <Name>! That little girl right here is our victim! But who's the other person next to her?
Frank (winking): Okay <Name>, I'll let you run this picture through our database. I'm pretty sure you'll find out who this woman is!

Examine Picture.
Frank (grinning): Well done <Name>, you found out who was on this picture you salvaged from the Mr Sparkles toy store. So the name is Miranda Galguera!
Frank: Galguera, as in Jenny Galguera, our victim? Which means the other person on this picture must be her mother!
Frank (remembering): Of course! Miranda Galguera played in many princess movies a few decades ago! She was really famous, but honestly I had completely forgotten about her!
Frank (nervously): I'll follow your lead on this one, <Name>. I mean, interrogating a dead teenager's mom? Not excited...

See how Miranda Galguera is holding up after her daughter's death.
Miranda (crying): Oh my god, Jenny! Why? Jenny was my only child! She was a real angel, a true princess!
Frank (nervously): Erm, don't worry Ma'am, <Rank> <Name> here will catch the perp that did it. That's a promise. Hum... Right, <Name>?
Miranda (sadly): That's very nice of you, <Rank> <Name>. But I'm afraid it won't make me feel any better. Jenny was everything to me!
Miranda (fantasizing): She was to carry my heritage, you know? I'm too old to be a princess in a movie now, no matter how much anti-aging cream I use!
Miranda (crying): And the Glass Princess was her favorite book, I've been reading it to her all her life! Do you think it's a sign? Do you think our family is cursed?

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: Not too shabby, <Name>! This poster you just fixed shows the Glass Princess singing in front of her mirror, but the reflection shows the witch instead.
Frank (nervously): But what's the deal with the victim's crossed-out face and that message, "It's my turn now!"? It's like the witch is threatening the princess!
Frank (shocked): All the more ominous when you know the victim was killed with a mirror...
Frank (pumping his fist): Well <Name>, I never thought I'd say this in my career, but we need to hunt a witch! Let's send the poster to Hannah so she can tell us who we're dealing with!

Analyze Movie Poster.
Hannah: <Name>, the poster you found at the Mr Sparkles store was a preview for the upcoming Glass Princess movie.
Hannah: In the movie, the witch is played by comedian Susan Blair. Susan's been acting in many big franchises, but... only as villain characters.
Frank: I got it <Name>, if we stick to The Glass Princess book logic, we could see Susan as our victim's arch-enemy.
Frank: And you're right, her message speaks for itself: "It's my turn now!" We got a snappy witch here!
Frank (happily): I'm with you <Name>, let's go talk to Susan!

Question Susan Blair about the message she left to the victim.
Frank: Miss Blair, <Rank> <Name> found this poster you left at the Mr Sparkles store. It reads: "It's my turn now!" Wanna start explaining?
Susan (chuckling): Oh but you don't understand! This poster was just a little joke! It's just that, as a villain character, I don't get much attention, that's all!
Frank (shouting): A little joke? You made a joke over a teenager's murder! Sorry but we missed the part where this is funny, Miss Blair!
Susan: Oh come on, you're not going to believe I'm a bad person just because I'm a witch in a movie, right?
Susan (chuckling): You know, it's funny because Jenny herself believed I was mean, just because I always play evil characters! Ah Jenny, she was really born to be a princess!
Susan (sadly): It's a shame I won't be able to play in the Glass Princess with her. It's such a good book! And I'm pretty sure that with her as the lead role it would have been a blast!
(After talking to Susan Blair)
Frank: <Name>, I have the feeling we're getting closer to catching Jenny's killer, but we're not there yet!
Frank: I guess you're right. We know the art studio is the last place Jenny visited. It's likely we'll find something new there, let's go!

Investigate Drafting Tables.
Frank (playing along): <Rank> <Name> combing the art studio, take two! What's that, a locked briefcase? Well that's a job for you, I'm afraid!
Frank (grinning): And a pile of sketches? Someone should search through it... But searching through stuff, that's your department, right <Name>? Action!

Examine Pile of Sketches.
Frank: You're on the right track <Name>, you found a bloody blister pack hidden among these Glass Princess sketches!
Frank (grinning): But as good as you may be, your service ends here. We're gonna need Yann to analyze this bloody blister pack!

Analyze Bloody Blister Pack.
Yann (drinking from his mug): Alright <Name>, I've had a look at the blister pack you found in those Glass Princess sketches.
Yann (holding his mug, smiling): First, you should know that the blood on the pack comes from your victim, Jenny. Which means the pack was left there by the killer!
Yann (puts down mug): And the pack used to hold Nevrax pills. They're antidepressants. Strong stuff for an authorized happy pill.
Frank (grinning): Right <Name>. I guess that in this Ivywood madplace everyone needs happy pills. And now we know our killer is on antidepressants too!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Frank: Yeah yeah, I know, you got that briefcase unlocked in a flash... Same old same old, really.
Frank (saluting nervously): And I should be grateful you're here to speed things along, of course! Anyway, what's in that briefcase then? A movie script?
Frank (happily): Oh I see, this is the original screenplay for the Glass Princess live-action movie! This might be important, so I'm counting on you to retrieve the missing part!

Examine Faded Movie Script.
Frank (excitedly): Nice going <Name>, someone wrote: "This is my story, you can't change it!" on the cover of the Glass Princess movie script.
Frank: You're right, Gaston Dumas is the author of the book that originated the movie. Do you think he could have written this? Well we'd better go ask him!

Ask Gaston Dumas about what he thinks of the movie.
Gaston (shouting): Are you pulling my leg? Of course I'm angry! They completely rewrote my story for their stupid movie! At Jenny Galguera's request, that puritanical brat!
Frank (confused): Puritanical? What do you mean?
Gaston (holding his book and smoking a cigarette): In my book, the Glass Princess dresses up as a man and seduces her mother in order to release her from a spell. It is a moment of high emotion, written with a complex and cryptic angle.
Frank (nervously): Wow, I don't remember that part... And my daughter digged that book?
Gaston (puts both items down, angrily): And my Glass Princess is a war princess, not a stupid doll like this Jenny Galguera! I hope the studio will hire a real woman to play that role, with a less annoying voice!
Gaston (shouting): Mr Sparkles is just a soulless cheap dream factory! They can't understand the complexity of my literature! The hell with this movie, I'm out of here!

Later on, at the station...
Frank (holding his whiskey): Alright <Name>, all those Ivywood nutcases are messing with my head, I could use a recap. And a sip of whiskey too!
Frank (puts whiskey down): Actress Jenny Galguera was rehearsing at the Mr Sparkles studio for her role in the adaptation of the Glass Princess book. That's where you found her body.
Frank: We also met the victim's mother, Miranda, who used to play in princess movies too, and is sad her daughter won't be here to uphold her actress heritage.
Frank: Susan Blair was to play the evil witch in the movie, and she lived up to the role by leaving this message in memory of the victim! What a-
Susan (littered): <Rank> <Name>, thank God I've found you! I need you, I need protection! They want to kill me!

Chapter 3

Frank Knight (rubbing his head): Alright <Name>, we need to find out who killed Jenny Galguera quickly, otherwise we're going to get stuck in this bad fairy tale forever!
Susan (littered): <Rank> <Name>, thank God I found you! I need you, I need protection! They want to kill me!
Frank (shocked): Hey Miss Blair, slow down, who wants to kill you?
Susan (sadly): The Glass Princess fans' parents! I went by the Mr Sparkles store and suddenly all the kids started crying! They said I killed the Glass Princess!
Susan (shocked): The parents said this will cost them years of kid therapy and want to kill me because of it!
Frank: ... Alright. Well you're safe here, Miss Blair, but <Rank> <Name> will need to ask you a few questions.
Frank: Understood <Name>, we'd better go back to the Mr Sparkles store on the double. Who knows what may be waiting for us there!

Ask Susan Blair about working with the victim.
Susan (no longer littered): Can you believe it, <Rank> <Name>? I thought the Glass Princess fans' parents were going to kill me, all that because I play a witch!
Susan (angrily): I'm tired of people treating me like a villain. This is why I asked the studio to change the end of the story, but they wouldn't listen!
Susan (sadly): Mr Sparkles always uses a black and white morality trope, the villains never redeem themselves. This is why the audience hates them, this is why they hate me!
Susan (pleasantly): But I am a really nice person! And I'm sure I can still play a princess, I still look young thanks to this anti-aging cream I use every morning! Right?
Susan (sadly): It's a tragedy really, people will never know my good nature. I'll always be remembered as someone evil, I don't deserve this!

Investigate Toy Shelves.
Frank: Look at this mess, <Name>. The parents are just as crazy as their children. Really, this cult following has gone to hell!
Frank (grinning): Oh, you found a tablet! You're right, it's not the kind of toy Mr Sparkles has in store. You say it's locked? Well clearly this is your area of expertise, <Name>.
Frank: But I don't see what's so unusual about this broken toy. The parents have just trashed the store after all! You'll have to repair it to convince me...

Examine Locked Tablet.
Frank: I guess I should say you did pretty well by unlocking this tablet, <Name>. But since I don't understand what "unlock a tablet" means, I might as well say nothing.
Frank: But this, I know what it is, it's a digital press article, and look, there's our victim on it!
Frank (nervously): Erm, the article also says that Jenny's recent success has surpassed by far her mother's old fame.
Frank: I agree <Name>, this article is pretty harsh. We gotta go talk to Miranda about it!

Ask Miranda Galguera about her daughter's fame.
Miranda (surprised): You found my tablet, thank you <Rank> <Name>!
Miranda: I must have lost it when my daughter's fans stomped over me to go grab the last Glass Princess toys. Fans used to be a bit more respectful in my time...
Frank: What about that article <Rank> <Name> found in it? Must have been tough to be outshone by your own daughter!
Miranda (winking): You're getting it wrong! The most important thing is that my daughter will be remembered for her talent! Who cares about my old career?
Miranda: Through the years my psychiatrist taught me how not to chase fame at all cost. And I succeeded! Thanks to a lot of antidepressants, I admit, but I did it!
Miranda (winking): Trevor Neuman, my daughter's psychiatrist, prescribed the pills to me. He takes some too you know, but don't tell anyone!
Miranda (crying): And between us, the pills will help dull the pain from my loss. Poor Jenny... last time I saw her, she was so beautiful!
(After talking to Miranda Galguera)
Frank: We gotta stop Jenny's murderer fast, <Name>. I can't stand the thought of a teenager's killer still wandering out there!
Frank: Good point. You proved the killer went to the art studio before. It's pretty likely we will find new clues there, you're right!
Frank (pumping both fists): We gotta hurry <Name>, I got a good feeling about this. Let's hit the art studio now!

Investigate Sketching Room.
Frank: Searching through this trash would be a complete waste of time, <Name>! Do you really expect to find something in there?
Frank (pointing at his watch): Well I admit, I've been wrong before. Alright, if this is what you want <Name>, I'll let you search through this trash. But please be quick!

Examine Trash.
Frank (shocked): Well I'll be... You actually found a handkerchief smudged with blood in this trash!
Frank (confidently): Of course <Name>, first the blister pack, then this handkerchief... We have to take a closer look at this new clue!

Examine Bloody Tissue.
Frank (shocked): That's not half bad <Name>, you isolated some glass shards off that bloody handkerchief!
Frank (excitedly): Glass shards? Same here <Name>, this reminds me of the mirror on the set, where Jenny was killed! Wanna bet they were left here by the killer?
Frank (angrily pumping his fist): We're closing in, <Name>! Once Yann is done processing these glass shards, you'll be able to put the killer behind bars, I'm sure!

Analyze Bloody Glass Shards.
Yann: I analyzed the glass debris you found on the killer's handkerchief, <Name>.
Yann (sadly): The blood was mixed with a foreign body, which made a proper analysis impossible to run, I'm sorry.
Frank (angrily): Oh come on Yann, we're one clue away from catching the killer, there's gotta be something on these shards <Name> sent you!
Yann (sweating, nervously): Easy Frank, I was getting to it! I determined what the foreign body was, it turned out to be Fluorescein.
Yann: It is a synthetic compound found in antiseptics. And this one in particular came from one made to treat pierced ears!
Yann (excitedly): The killer must have cut themselves while grabbing the piece of glass to stab the victim with it.
Yann (winking): And they used the handkerchief you found to treat their wound!
Frank (happily): So Jenny's killer is wearing earrings! This is it <Name>, the killer won't be able to escape us now!

Examine Broken Toy.
Frank: Well <Name>, if I had known the plastic bits you just put together would give us such a horrible toy camera, I wouldn't have let you touch it!
Frank (shocked): Don't tell me you want to send this stupid toy to Hannah for analysis? But there's no time, <Name>!
Frank (saluting nervously): Of course I trust you, you know that! And I also know there's no time to lose! Alright, let's get this camera to the lab!

Analyze Toy Camera.
Hannah (excitedly): I'm done looking at the toy camera you brought me. Once again, that was a good hunch, <Name>.
Hannah: Some kid must have used this camera to take pics of your victim, back at the Mr Sparkles store.
Hannah: One picture in particular caught my attention. Judging from your victim's expression, she was clearly upset about something.
Hannah (shocked): And that's when I saw him! On the picture we can see she's speaking to Horace Foster, the movie producer!
Frank (skeptically): Why would Jenny be upset about being given cash, <Name>? You're right, we gotta go find Horace Foster and ask him about it!

Question Horace Foster about his fight with the victim.
Horace (smoking his cigar): Nothing escapes your sight, right, <Rank> <Name>? I admit it! I pressured Jenny into taking my money so she would accept to star in the Glass Princess sequel!
Frank (confused): A sequel to the Glass Princess? But... it's just one book, right? Not to mention Jenny didn't seem too happy about your offer.
Horace (angrily): I know, she refused! I couldn't even tame her with money, what was I supposed to do? And then I wonder why I'm on antidepressants!
Horace (sweating): Jenny hated me, she even called me an angry old man, can you believe it? But I'm not old, I use anti-aging cream every day!
Horace: But it's alright, I read the Glass Princess book, and I know any young girl in Ivywood can take over that role! Girls like Jenny, they're expendable!

A few minutes later, in the office...
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): <Name>! The Mr Sparkles studio just called to tell us they're about to dismantle the Glass Princess set! They need it for another movie!
Frank (shocked): What, already? The Ivywood money-making machine never stops I guess! It's like their actress had never died!
Frank (worried): This industry, it's so messed up. Jenny was just another expendable asset, she was a victim in more ways than one.
Frank (pointing at his watch): Sorry <Name> you're right! We're out of time, we gotta search the crime scene one last time before they trample it. Let's go!

Investigate Princess Bed.
Frank (pumping his fist): We gotta act fast! This encrypted security laptop may be the lead we're lacking to apprehend Jenny's killer! Thank God you're a fast hacker, <Name>!

Examine Security Laptop.
Frank: Okay <Name>, the computer you just unlocked appears to be handling the shooting set's security.
Frank (angrily pumping his fist): Do you think it could have saved anything about Jenny's killer, <Name>? Quick, let's send the laptop to Hannah, we need an answer NOW!

Analyze Security Laptop.
Hannah: Ok <Name>, I'm done analyzing the security laptop you found on the shooting set.
Hannah (happily): This laptop keeps an entry for every in and out on the set, and you need a badge to be granted access.
Hannah: I could also determine when was the last time someone used their badge and sent this information to Roxie.
Roxie (excitedly): Thanks Hannah. <Name>, I compared this to my estimated time of death, and it all adds up: someone used an access badge 5 minutes prior to Jenny's murder!
Hannah: Which means the killer used their badge to enter the set, killed Jenny and used it again to get out!
Frank (happily): You're one step closer to catching the killer, <Name>! Now we know they're wearing an access badge! We're almost there!

After completing all tasks...
Frank (grinning): That's a wrap, <Name>! Someone's gotta pay for Jenny Galguera's murder! And with all the evidence you've got, there won't be any happily ever after for the killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank (angrily): Miranda Galguera! <Rank> <Name> found it all out! You killed Jenny, you killed your own daughter!
Miranda (shocked): How... How could you say such a monstrous thing? I loved my Jenny more than anything else! How in the world could I have harmed her?
Frank: Cut the crap, you cut yourself when you stabbed her, and disinfected the wound with a tissue you left in the art studio.
Miranda (crying): Please stop accusing me, you got it all wrong! I'm a fragile woman, and I just buried my child, stop it! I... I want to see my lawyer!
Frank (grinning): How about seeing your shrink for a happy pill refill? Because judging from that blister pack <Rank> <Name> found, you popped the whole thing while hiding clues at the art studio!
Miranda (biting her nails): I don't feel so well, I could use one of those Nevrax pills, actually... I'm an actress, I'm sensitive!
Frank (angrily): Oh we know you're an actress, alright. The computer <Name> found proved that as an actress, you were granted access to the studios.
Frank (shouting): This is how you could enter the set when Jenny was rehearsing alone, and this is when you killed her!
Miranda (crying): Oh I can't take it no more, <Name>. I won't deny it no longer, I killed her! I killed my poor little Jenny!
Frank: Well done <Name>, your reasoning was right, as always! Miss Galguera, you're under arrest for the murder of your own daughter, Jenny Galguera!

Honorable Dante: I watched Jenny Galguera's soaps with my granddaughter last summer, but I mostly remember her annoying voice. Is that the reason you killed her?
Miranda (fantasizing): What? No! Jenny had my voice, it's a lovely voice! And she had my features too, that's what I realized when I saw her singing in front of this mirror.
Miranda (sadly): It was a big scene for Jenny. The scene of the mirror is the most famous in the Glass Princess, so I went to the studio to help her rehearse.
Miranda (crying): I felt I was bothering her, but I kept trying to be helpful. And that's when she said it: "Mom, I don't need you any more."
Miranda (biting her nails): I saw both our faces in the mirror when she said it. I could see Jenny, young and beautiful. And me, with my old wrinkled face! That's when I realized I could never be a princess again!
Miranda (angrily): I just lost it! I slammed her against the mirror in anger and stabbed her to finish the job!
Miranda (shouting): You don't know how much I sacrificed for Jenny. I put my career on hold when I got pregnant and I raised her alone after her father left!
Miranda (crying): I loved my baby Jenny, but that role got into her head! She was not my daughter anymore, she cared more about her fame than me!
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Well, where you're going you'll have plenty of time to work on your fame, Miss Galguera. For the murder of your daughter, this Court sentences you to 30 years in prison!

Frank (sadly): Sad to see how the race to fame can destroy entire families. Is it the price of entertainment, <Name>?
Frank (fantasizing): Makes me think... I guess my family situation is not too messed up compared to what we've just witnessed!
Frank: Can we make a deal, you and I? Is it OK for you if I tell my daughter I am the one who arrested Jenny's killer? Maybe that way she'll want to speak to me again...
Frank (pumping his fist): Really? I'll just call her now! You're a real partner, <Name>! And a real friend too!

Ivywood Confidential 2

Chief Andrea Marquez (pointing her finger): Russell, enough is enough!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, sadly): Just a week ago you were suspected of murder, and now you've managed to botch up a simple theft investigation by arresting the wrong suspect!
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips): You're the best profiler I've seen, Russell, and <Rank> <Name> is vouching for you to stay in the team, but if you mess up again I'll be forced to suspend you!
Russell (sadly): I should have guessed coming back to Ivywood would only bring me trouble...

Frank (nervously): Hey, <Name>, this is embarrassing but... can I talk to you in private for a minute?
Frank (shocked): See, I called my daughter up, to tell her about our investigation and... She didn't care at all! She said that the Glass Princess was for kids and that I was lame!
Frank (sadly): I just don't know what to do. I haven't seen her in ages, she must be so big now... I need help, <Name>.
Frank: Do you think we could go see Trevor? After all, he specializes in child psychiatry... Maybe he could help. But I don't want to go alone...
Frank (happily): Oh, you'll come with me? Thank you, <Name>, that's a relief!
Russell (laughing): What are you both whispering about? Come on, Frank, I wanna hear! Especially if it's something embarrassing about you!
Frank: You should talk less, Russell, especially after you arrested the wrong suspect last time!
Russell (biting his glasses): Oh, that's all in the past now. I'm so over it! Which reminds me, <Name>, Horace Foster has turned up at the station and needs your help. I'd like to assist you again.
Frank (grinning): You're lucky <Name> is more forgiving than me, Russell!
Frank: And um, when you're ready to go see "You-know-who", <Name>, just let me know. But it can wait till after you talked to Horace, I guess.

Help Frank ask for Trevor's help.
Frank (nervously): Hello Trevor, I was wondering whether you had a minute. I guess I'm here because I... need help. Professional help. Thing is, I want to be a better father and...
Trevor (holding his pipe): I would have helped you with pleasure! I've actually just written a research paper talking about the difficulties young girls face in our current culture...
Trevor (shocked): ... but I lost it all during that stampede of angry children at the Mr Sparkles' store! I can't help anybody without my valuable research!
Frank (pumping his fist): <Rank> <Name> is right, we can help you find it! And after that, we can have a little talk about my parenting issues! Let's go!

Investigate Toy Store.
Frank: Do you think this suitcase belongs to Trevor, <Name>? Yeah, there's only one way to be sure... Let's have a look inside!

Examine Suitcase.
Frank: Okay, <Name>, you found a notebook in that suitcase... Still doesn't tell us if it belongs to our shrink friend...
Frank: Huh... Yeah, you're right, of course I noticed the stuff that was written on the cover has faded! Do you think you could recover it?

Examine Faded Notebook.
Frank: Alright, so, what was written on that notebook then? "Effect of Ivywood's culture on teenage girls"? Sounds like something a shrink would write, alright!
Frank (winking): I don't know for you, but I don't feel like reading the whole thing to make sure Trevor wrote it... What d'you say we send it to Hannah? It will distract her from those internet blogs she reads!

Analyze Notebook Label.
Hannah (grinning): Alright guys, the notebook you gave me was definitely Trevor Neuman's research. And, Frank, if you think it would've bothered me to read it, think again, it was pretty interesting!
Hannah: It's about how Ivywood, the star system and its culture can have a harmful influence on teenagers, especially girls.
Frank (grinning): Poor girls... they're having such a hard time trying to wear the same clothes as their idols and braggin' about it on Friendnet!
Hannah (disgruntled): Frank! Ivywood is projecting this "perfect image" of what girls are meant to look and act like. Imagine the pressure these girls are under just to fit in!
Frank: Huh, I always thought girls enjoyed dressing up and all that. I never realized how badly it messed with their self-esteem...
Frank (sadly): I kinda wish I had the opportunity to help my daughter get through her teenage years...
Frank: But you're right <Name>, we should give Trevor his notebook back! And maybe then, I'll be able to have that "talk" with him.

Give the Research Paper back to Trevor.
Trevor (holding his pipe, surprised): You found my notebook, <Rank> <Name>! I thought it was lost for good!
Trevor (smoking his pipe): I'm writing a column for the Daily Dawn to support their headline article about Jenny's murder, and I really needed my notes, thanks!
Trevor (holding his pipe, angrily): This column, I hope, will make people more aware of the fact that Ivywood's movies about perfect teens can be dangerous for younger generations!
Trevor: While researching, I noticed that teenage girls of Pacific Bay are the most likely to be subject to the harmful and perverting effect the industry can have. It's a serious issue...
Trevor: But, I digress... <Rank> <Name>, please let me give you a little something as a reward for your help, you're a life saver!
Trevor (smoking his pipe): And Detective Knight, I suggest we have that talk about you and your daughter. I'm always glad to see people trying to become better parents!

See why Horace needs your help.
Horace (smoking his cigar, angrily): <Rank> <Name>, someone's stolen the script of my next project and I want their head on a platter! Those pages are worth a lot of money!
Russell (sternly): There's been enough blood spilled as it is, Horace. We'll help you catch the thief but there will be no killing. Now, where did the robbery take place?
Horace (shocked): The script was stolen from the art studio, but there wasn't any sign of a break-in...
Russell: Well then, there's no point going to the art studio... But you're right, <Name>, to leave the art studio, people have to go through the movie set! Let's check there!

Investigate Movie Set.
Russell: You think this torn script could be the script we're looking for, <Name>? I'll wait to decide on the matter until you've pieced it back together.

Examine Torn Script.
Russell (excitedly): Unbelievable, <Name>, this is the script Horace was looking for!
Russell (confused): This is rather strange... Why would someone steal it only to then shred it to pieces right afterwards?
Russell: I agree, we should dust the script and see if we can find some fingerprints!

Examine Script.
Russell (smiling): Amazing work, <Name>. So the thief definitely left fingerprints on the script... Yes, let's send them to Hannah!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: Alright, <Name>, the fingerprints you found on that script belong to Gaston Dumas.
Russell (biting his glasses): Gaston Dumas... You're saying he's the Glass Princess' writer, <Name>? But why would he steal the script and then just shred it and leave it behind?!
Russell (puts glasses away): All this is getting very strange... I agree <Name>, let's start by questioning Gaston!

Interrogate Gaston about the theft.
Russell: Gaston Dumas, <Rank> <Name> has discovered you stole a film script from Horace Foster's office! Why did you destroy it?!
Gaston (brainwashed): My orders were to steal and destroy that script and I obeyed. It is all for the greater good!
Russell (nervously): Er, Gaston... your eyes... Are you okay?
Gaston: Obey! Obey! It is all for the greater good!
Russell (shocked): <Name>, it looks like our friend Gaston has been brainwashed! This is fascinating!
Russell (reading his book): I had heard of brainwashing before, of course. People basically erasing other people's minds and placing their own ideas inside their heads...
Russell (puts book away, excitedly): But I did not think it could really work! Gaston is like a robot, repeating what he was told!
Gaston: Obey! Obey! It is all for the greater good!
Russell: Fascinating...
Russell (biting his glasses): Of course, you're right, studying him will need to wait. For now, let's go and give Horace his script back. But first, let's get some brain food. I'm famished!

Bring back the script to Horace.
Horace (smoking his cigar, excitedly): Ah, <Rank> <Name>, you found my script, thanks for solving this so quickly! Which scoundrel dared steal from me?!
Russell: It turns out that Gaston Dumas stole it from you, but when we arrested him, he appeared to be brainwashed...
Horace (nervously): He was brainwashed into stealing my script and then destroying it?!
Horace: Heck, I thought I had seen everything in Ivywood, but this is a first!
Horace (creating a square with his fingers): Hm, this could actually make the plot for a good movie. When you figure out the ending, come let me know!
Horace: And thanks for giving me back my script, this movie's promising! Please, <Rank> <Name>, take these as a thank you!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Thanks for helping me initiate that talk with Trevor, <Name>. It made me realize I need to try harder to be a good father... and be there for my daughter.
Russell: Well isn't this heartwarming... As for me, I'm still fascinated by Gaston Dumas's apparent brainwashing...
Russell (excitedly): Just think, <Name>! Think of what a person capable of successfully brainwashing another human being might do!
Frank (confused): Brainwashing? As in, making people believe what you want? Isn't that just in movies?
Russell (grinning): If you take a look at Gaston Dumas, Frank, you'll see it's very real. He was brainwashed into stealing and destroying a movie script, as if he was just obeying orders!
Frank: Well I'm not saying I believe you, but I agree with <Name>, that stuff sounds dangerous! What if they decide to brainwash someone into killing people?!
Russell (excitedly): I guess I hadn't considered this angle... Still, this is thrilling! And believe me, it's real! Gaston's case proves brainwashing works!
Russell (winking): <Name>, we will need to keep our eyes open. Maybe we will come upon other victims of this brainwashing... And this time, we'll be ready!