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Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, glad you made it to Saint Petersburg!
Chief Ripley: As your previous investigation has shown, the Russian space program has been compromised by SOMBRA.
Chief Ripley: Our biggest priority right now is to figure out exactly what kind of information SOMBRA has procured and why.
Chief Ripley: Good thing we have Marina's mother, Natasha Romanova, on our side! As the head of COSMORUS, her help could be invaluable!
Chief Ripley: According to her services, the suspicious activity in the Saint Petersburg area seems connected to a place called the Lermontov Estate.
Chief Ripley: The estate is a luxury property owned by the eccentric Russian billionaire, Dmitri Lermontov.
Chief Ripley: If SOMBRA is plotting something at that estate, we need to get the jump on them! Get going, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Estate Gardens.
(Carmen is seen wearing winter attire throughout the murder investigation.)
Carmen Martinez: Dang, <Name>, this estate looks like a palace in a Russian fairy tale! But that body looks like a character from the Brothers Grimm!
Carmen: His head is completely caved in. I agree, this doesn't look accidental. I guess we have another murder on our hands...
Carmen: Did you find anything that could help us catch his killer?
Carmen: Broken wood? Looks a little too fancy for firewood. Maybe you can put the pieces back together and see if it can tell us more about the crime!
Carmen: And you want to look through a bunch of horse pucky? Your hunches are rarely wrong, but I think I'll let you handle that...
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. We came here to check out suspicious activity and murder is pretty suspicious. Let's get to the bottom of this!

Examine Broken Wood.
Carmen: So you pieced that broken wood back together. It's a property sign saying that this is the Lermontov Estate.
Carmen: Looks like the estate's caretaker is a man named Ivan Vysotsky... He probably takes care of security, too...
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. Since he's the estate caretaker, this Ivan Vysotsky might be able to tell us more about what happened here.

Talk to Ivan Vysotsky about the murder on the estate.
Carmen: Mr Vysotsky, <Rank> <Name> was wondering if you knew anything about a dead body being found on the estate? Can you identify this man?
Ivan: Bozhe moy! Prayers DO get answers! Mikhail Karamazov is dead! HA! Good riddance!
Carmen: Wow. That... is not the response we were expecting... So I take it you know the victim?
Ivan: Yes, I told you! It's Mikahil Karamazov! He was a civil notary. He's been nosing around the place. I chased him off the estate a million times!
Carmen: Did you ever chase him with a weapon?
Ivan: Did I chase him with a weapon... Of course! My shotgun! But I never had to shoot at him! He just saw it and ran away!
Ivan: Probably off to the Café Akunin to play cards with the estate owner. They were there all the time! Playing cards all night without a care in the world while I-
Carmen: Thank you for your help, Mr Vysotsky! We may need to question you again, so please stick to the Saint Petersburg area.
Ivan: Nu, where else would I be?
(After talking to Ivan Vysotsky)
Carmen: What a character! Chasing after trespassers with a shotgun! But, you're right, he did give us useful information.
Carmen: We learned that the victim was a civil notary, which means he had access to all sorts of legal documents.
Carmen: Mikhail Karamazov had power over finalizing legal matters. Good point, <Name>, having power means having information. Information that can be used against people...
Carmen: You're right. Vysotsky also said that Karamazov spent a lot of time at Café Akunin...
Carmen: If the victim visited as often as all that, there may be clues at the café that can help solve this murder!

Investigate Russian Café.
Carmen: So has Café Akunin been hiding any useful clues, <Name>? Looks like you found a newspaper...
Carmen: Guess some snow got on it because I can't read a thing! But I do see the victim in that photo! Think you can dust it and uncover the rest?
Carmen: This lacquered box is intriguing, too. Why would anyone need to put a lock on something like this? I'm sure you can crack it and we'll soon find out!

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Carmen: That's an interesting headline on that newspaper: "Is This the Heir to the Russian Royal Fortune?" Pretty sure they mean the fancy lady and not the victim...
Carmen: But who is this lady? I bet you can find a match in our database!

Examine Headline Photo.
Carmen: So who was that lady in the newspaper photo with the victim? What do you mean there was no full name? Are you kidding me?
Carmen: The database just said she goes by the name Duchess Anastasia... Like Anastasia, of the Russian royal family? Who were all executed in 1918?
Carmen: Surely this lady can't be convincing anyone that she's THE Anastasia. She'd have to be over 100 years old!
Carmen: Well, whoever this so-called Duchess Anastasia really is, she knew the victim and that's enough to warrant a conversation, you're right, <Name>!

Question Duchess Anastasia about her relationship with the victim.
Carmen: Ms Anastasia-
Duchess Anastasia: Duchess, please. And I guess no one is big on curtsying these days...
Carmen: DUCHESS Anastasia... <Rank> <Name> found a newspaper article with a photo of you next to a certain Mikhail Karamazov.
Duchess Anastasia: Can you believe that's the picture they chose? A night at the opera and I get photographed next to lower gentry... a notary no less...
Duchess Anastasia: I was petitioning Karamazov to notarize papers proving that I am the great-granddaughter of the Grand Duchess Anastasia.
Carmen: Let me guess, he said no and that's why he's dead!
Duchess Anastasia: He's dead?! And you think I killed him? In THIS dress?!
Carmen: You'd prefer something more formal? Somehow I think we'll be meeting again, Duchess...

Examine Precious Box.
Carmen: You opened the lacquered box from the café, huh? But what was inside that required locking up? A little black book? Hold up, going to check what the heck that Russian on the cover means...
Carmen: Those letters spell out Mikhail Karamazov! This book belonged to the victim!
Carmen: What's inside the book? You're right, there are names and sums next to them...
Carmen: This looks like a ledger! And this name says Lermontov! Like the estate!
Carmen: Well, we know the estate owner and the victim played cards together. Now we know Dmitri Lermontov owed Karamazov money!
Carmen: Smells like a motive to me, right, <Name>? Let's track down this Dmitri Lermontov and grill him about his debt to the victim!

Ask Dmitri Lermontov about his gambling debt.
Dmitri: Of course, Karamazov! Sure, I played cards with him once or twice. He was a total buffoon! I think you say the ass of a horse, da?
Carmen: According to the ledger <Rank> <Name> found at Café Akunin, you were in debt to him...
Dmitri: Please, I lost a little money to a little man. Nothing to cry over. I am billionaire! Richest man in Russia!
Carmen: Well, you'll never have to pay off that debt, Mr Lermontov. Karamazov was murdered on YOUR estate!
Dmitri: A murder on my estate! It's like we're in an old Russian novel! How exciting!
Carmen: Well, here's hoping for your sake that you aren't the anti-hero protagonist of this "novel", Mr Lermontov!

Examine Manure.
Carmen: Is that a decorative egg? Looks pretty fancy, how did it end up in manure?
Carmen: Do you think the victim could have stolen it? Maybe the killer tried to stop him, but tried a little too hard?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, speculation will get us nowhere. Lars can check out this egg and get us some real answers!

Analyze Fabergé Egg.
Lars: Hey, <Name>! Quite an egg-cellent lab sample you found in that horse manure at the Lermontov Estate! An original Fabergé egg!
Lars: Fabergé eggs are precious works of art! They were commissioned by the Russian royal family as imperial Easter eggs.
Lars: But they also served to showcase the high level of Russian skill at jeweled arts and mechanics.
Lars: Only 50 were produced between 1885 and 1917. Of those, only 43 remain... So you can imagine how expensive they are...
Lars: I was very careful when I examined the egg, but I did find traces of blood and some hair on it!
Lars: The blood definitely belonged to the victim. As for the hair... it was canine!
Lars: The sample I ran showed the dog to be a purebred Russian wolfhound, otherwise known as a Borzoi...
Lars: Those dogs shed like crazy, so the killer is definitely in regular contact with this breed!
Carmen: So our killer has contact with Borzoi dogs... Well, I hope they aren't too attached. They'll be on a short leash in prison!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Oh <Name>! Glad to see you! Thought you might want to see my latest matryoshka doll!
Angela: See? It's you, Carmen! Because you're our resident badass!!
Carmen: Ok... thanks... you made me look really angry... Anyway, how about some information about the murder victim?
Angela: Oh yeah! Well, <Name> the victim definitely met his end thanks to blunt force trauma. Whoever killed him sneaked up from behind and struck the victim with a heavy instrument.
Angela: Because of these injuries, you'll want to keep an eye out for a solid metal object with rounded edges!
Carmen: So not a handmade matryoshka doll...
Angela: Definitely not! But the killer does have a hobby that is of interest...
Angela: Judging by the key cleaner traces left by the killer's hand on the victim's shoulder, the killer plays piano.
Angela: And that makes sense! Saint Petersburg is a musical city. Is conservatory produced Tchaikovsky, composer of "The Nutcracker" and "Swan Lake"!
Carmen: So we have a piano-playing killer, huh? Well, there won't be any ivories to tickle once <Name> puts them behind bars!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: So, <Name>... So far, we've met three suspects with a definite motive for bashing in Mikhail Karamazov's head... and don't they all seem a little special to you? Like they're stuck in "Old Russia"?
Carmen: We found the victim's body on the estate owned by Dmitri Lermontov, an eccentric billionaire who dresses like he's in the 19th century...
Carmen: The caretaker of said property, Ivan Vysotsky, has a habit of chasing trespassers away with a shotgun! Maybe he decided to mix things up and choose a new weapon?
Carmen: That Duchess Anastasia... Please tell me she's just running a scam and doesn't actually believe she is related to the Romanovs. Who knows how far a delusional person might go?
(Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>! There's a commotion right by the victim's office! Someone's celebrating his death!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: Dang, <Name>... How on earth did we go from tracking SOMBRA to investigating a murder straight out of an old Russian novel?
Carmen: Any one of the suspects we've interrogated had motive to bash in Mikhail Karamazov's head, but would any of them be sane enough to stand trial?
(Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>! There's a commotion on the Bank Bridge - right by the victim's office! Someone's celebrating his death!
Carmen: Someone's celebrating Karamazov's death?! You're right, <Name>, we need to get to that bridge!

Later, at Bank Bridge...
Agrafena: One down and nine to go! Karamazov was a shmo!
Carmen: Hey! Cool it! <Rank> <Name> needs to ask you some questions about-
Agrafena: You can't stop me from protesting, Bureau stooge!
Carmen: Bureau stooge?! How the heck do you know we're from the Bureau?!
Agrafena: A girl has to keep tabs on enemies of liberty wherever and whoever they are!
Carmen: Enemy of liberty?! Hey, wait a minute, <Name>! I recognize her! She's Agrafena Raskolnikova, Russia's most famous civil liberties activist!
Carmen: It's nice to see you out of jail, Agrafena, but you better settle down a bit. <Rank> <Name> has a few questions for you.
(Agrafena steps aside.)
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, there might also be some clues this close to the victim's office! And we should check out the Bank Bridge!

Question Agrafena Raskolnikova about her celebration of the victim's death.
Carmen: So in your little chant just now, you said: "One down and nine to go! Karamazov was a shmo!" You meant Mikhail Karamazov, didn't you?
Agrafena: I just mentioned Mikhail Karamazov as an example. That doesn't mean I killed him!
Carmen: I don't know, sounds like he was the first on your hit list of ten people...
Agrafena: Hit list? I don't kill people! I fight for civil liberties! I want justice and people cannot answer for their crimes against civil liberty if they are dead!
Carmen: Answer for their crimes, huh? As relieved as I am to be talking to someone firmly planted in this century, you are intense, Ms Raskolnikova!
Agrafena: And I know that if the Bureau is involved with this case, there is definitely more to Karamazov's murder than meets the eye!

Investigate Bank Bridge.
Carmen: So, <Name>, was there anything on the Bank Bridge that could help us find Mikhail Karamazov's killer?
Carmen: You found a briefcase?! Hey, look at the name! It belonged to the victim! Digging through that is bound to get us a lead!
Carmen: And you picked up a scarf? What's so special about it?
Carmen: Oh you're right... There's black gunk all over it! Think you can grab a sample with the vacuum?

Examine Victim's Briefcase.
Carmen: Looks like you found some kind of file in the victim's briefcase... That lady looks like a nightmare waiting to happen...
Carmen: Think your dusting kit will help us get a name to go with the face, <Name>?

Examine Faded File.
Carmen: So the subject of the file is one Sveta Rasputina... And she's a... let me test my Cyrillic alphabet skills...
Carmen: She's a medium? You mean one of those kooks who claim to read the future and talk to the dead?
Carmen: Why would the victim have an official file on a medium in his briefcase? We'd better go talk to this Sveta Rasputina and find out!

Ask Sveta Rasputina about the victim's file on her.
(Sveta is holding a crystal ball throughout the interrogation.)
Carmen: Ms Rasputina, <Rank> <Name> found an official file on you in the belongings of Mikhail Karamazov.
Sveta: May he rest in peace...
Sveta: I met Karamazov at a séance once, but I have no idea why he would have a file on me. Maybe he had changed his mind about my powers...
Sveta: Karamazov did not strike me or anyone else at the séance as a spiritual person. Even my Borzoi growled at him all evening.
Sveta: He cracked jokes, made fart noises... It was impossible to maintain a connection to the spirit world with him around...
Sveta: Perhaps now that Karamazov is on the other side, he will understand that one should not make fun of the occult!
Carmen: I hope for your sake that it wasn't you who decided to teach him that lesson, Ms Rasputina. You better stick to this plane of existence for the foreseeable future.

Examine Dirty Scarf.
Carmen: Great, you got a sample of that black gunk from that scarf!
Carmen: And are those initials on the scarf? "MK"... Like Mikhail Karamazov!
Carmen: Whatever that black gunk is, it was on the victim's scarf. I bet Lars can tell us all about it!

Analyze Black Grains.
Lars: Dude, that black gunk you cleaned from the victim's scarf was some top shelf stuff... Too bad there wasn't more of it!
Lars: More of that sample would have gone well with my home-distilled vodka. Guess I'll tell Archer that he still has to pick some up for tonight...
Carmen: Pick up what, Lars? Seriously, get to the point. What are those black grains?
Lars: Caviar! That scarf was covered in pricey Russian caviar from Café Akunin!
Carmen: Alright, but maybe our victim was just a slob. What's to say he didn't eat this caviar himself?
Lars: He can't have eaten this caviar... I found traces of his blood on the eggs! This blood was deposited on the scarf after the victim's death!
Lars: But whoever the killer is, they have taste!
Carmen: And stinky fish breath! Guess I'll have to bring some gum when you arrest the caviar-loving killer, <Name>!
Carmen: Wait, Lars, did you say the caviar came from Café Akunin? I agree, <Name>, we'd better go check that place out again!

Investigate Café Table.
Carmen: So what did you find on a second sweep of the café, <Name>? A torn photo? Think you can fit the pieces together?
Carmen: Finally, some helpful technology! A security camera! Think you can unlock it? We know the victim spent a lot of time here, so that camera is bound to have filmed him at some point!

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen: So you pieced together that photo from the café? Wait... is that the Grand Duchess Anastasia? I mean, the royal one, of course!
Carmen: Someone wrote a message: "You can't say no to me now!" And it's signed by a certain MK... Same initials as Mikhail Karamazov...
Carmen: And we know that our suspect, Duchess Anastasia, was trying to get Karamazov to sign papers that would officially recognize her relation to the woman in this photo...
Carmen: What do you say we go ask Duchess Anastasia what Karamazov meant by this message, <Name>?

Talk to Anastasia about the victim's message.
Duchess Anastasia: You found the photo?! But how?! I ripped it up!
Carmen: And why would you rip up a beautiful photo of your supposed great-grandmother? Did it have something to do with Karamazov's message?
Duchess Anastasia: What else could I do but rip that photo to shreds? He accused me of being a fraud!
Duchess Anastasia: Karamazov said he knew that I was no relation to the Grand Duchess, and that he wouldn't tell a soul if I agreed to marry him!
Duchess Anastasia: But I am NOT A FRAUD! Would a fraud have studied piano under the greatest instructors in Europe?
Duchess Anastasia: Would a fake own the snuggliest wuggliest purebred Borzoi in Russia?!
Duchess Anastasia: Would an imposter be able to afford the best caviar in Saint Petersburg?!
Carmen: Enough already! We get it! But fraud or not, Duchess, getting rid of a blackmailer is a strong motive to kill...
Duchess Anastasia: You must believe me, I would never sully my hands with that man's blood!
Carmen: Desperate times call for desperate measures, Duchess. And <Rank> <Name> will find out just how desperate you got!

Examine Security Camera.
Carmen: You got that security camera from the cafe unlocked as quickly as ever, <Name>! Elliot will be able to show us its secrets!

Analyze Security Camera.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>. That security camera from the cafe had a lot of footage to go through, but one thing's for certain, the victim spent a lot of time at Café Akunin...
Carmen: Thanks, kiddo. We knew that already...
Elliot: Wait for it... He didn't just drink tea and play cards there. Sometimes things got a little heated... Take a look...

Start of footage...
Ivan: You have no right! My family has tended that estate since-
Mikhail: Your family? What do I care about your family? I spit on your family!
Ivan: You what?! You won't live to see another sunrise, I swear on my babushka's grave!

End of footage...
Carmen: DANG! Did Ivan Vysotsky say what I think he said?! Karamazov wouldn't live to see another sunrise?
Dupont: If I may step in, mes amis, you should never, ever insult a Russian's family...
Dupont: In Russia, family honor is very important - as important as not exchanging money after the sun sets!
Carmen: So you think Vysotsky's threat was real, <Name>? I mean, he DOES chase people off the Lermontov Estate with a shotgun for a hobby...
Carmen: We'd better go ask Ivan Vysotsky to give us more details about his argument with the victim!

Question Ivan about his argument with the victim.
Carmen: Not long before he died, you had a serious argument with Mikhail Karamazov, Mr Vysotsky. You threatened his life...
Ivan: That Karamazov said he was going to kick us off the estate! My family has tended this place since 1810!
Ivan: And Mr Lermontov, that lovesick durak with his head in the clouds, mooning about and writing poetry... That idiot doesn't even know what's going on!
Ivan: I'm the one who takes care of everything on the state now! It's practically mine! I even brush the Borzoi dogs every day!
Carmen: But the estate would be a distant memory if Karamazov followed through with his plan to kick you off the land...
Ivan: Look, I steal a little caviar from the larder from time to time, but I'm not a murderer! I was just going to prove that he had no right to the estate!
Carmen: Well, you better hope that <Rank> <Name> doesn't prove you killed Karamazov! There's no caviar in prison!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: Seriously, <Name>, this investigation is like living in a Russian novel!
Carmen: A civil notary named Karamazov is bashed in the head with a blunt object...
Carmen: Duchess Anastasia had serious motive to kill if Karamazov was blackmailing her!
Carmen: And I know that some people think of Agrafena Raskolnikova as a hero. But would she be above killing if she thought it could further her cause?!
(Sveta enters the room with her crystal ball.)
Sveta: <Rank> <Name>! Your struggle is at an end!
Carmen: What the? Ms Rasputina, what are you doing he-
Sveta: You must listen to me! I have had a vision that could close this case!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: Seriously, <Name>, this investigation IS like living in a Russian novel!
Carmen: Not only do we have a civil notary named Karamazov murdered by blunt force trauma, but we have a supposed Russian royal as a suspect!
(Sveta enters the room with her crystal ball.)
Sveta: <Rank> <Name>! I have had a vision that could close this case!
Sveta: The victim has a message for you, <Rank> <Name>! A message he has chosen ME to deliver!
Carmen: Why should the Bureau use your "powers" when we have <Rank> <Name>'s very real skills, Ms Rasputina?
Sveta: Do not block the psychic energy coursing through me, skeptic! Mikhail Karamazov must speak to <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: Are you serious, <Name>? You want me to dim the lights? Is this some kind of "good-cop" tactic?
(Marina enters the room.)
Marina: Actually, I think <Name> is on to something. Mind if I sit in on Sveta's interrogation - I mean, seance?

Listen to Sveta's message from the victim.
(The lights are dimmed in the interrogation room.)
Sveta: Do not break the chain of physical connection, I beg of you!
Marina: Never fear, Ms Rasputina, we're paying very close attention to what you have to say...
Sveta: Mikhail Karamazov, you have a message for <Rank> <Name>! Speak through me, your spirit vessel!
Sveta: "It is I, Mikhail Karamazov..."
Sveta: "<Rank> <Name>! I was a sad excuse for a human being. I was a petty, sniveling, conniving cretin and I deserved to die!"
Sveta: "But know this! My killer was not Sveta Rasputina! You need no longer include her among your suspects!"

Seconds later...
(The lights are now fully on in the interrogation room.)
Sveta: Wha... What? What just happened?
Sveta: You pulled me out of a trance?! You could have killed me!
Marina: Hardly... That was a pretty lame attempt at misdirecting our attention...
Marina: Since you're not a very good psychic, I'm guessing business hasn't been great... Or was there something more to it?
Sveta: Business hasn't been great because that idiot Karamazov wouldn't help me!
Sveta: In order for me to be a professional psychic in Saint Petersburg, he was the notary who needed to legalize my permit. But he wouldn't!
Sveta: He didn't understand! I was born to eat caviar, not give piano lessons to snot-nosed brats!
Marina: And now that he's out of the way, you hope his replacement will be more understanding about the permit...
Marina: Here, let me read your palm, Ms Rasputina... Oh my, <Rank> <Name>, do you see those lines all in a row there? Don't they remind you of prison bars?

A few moments later...
Marina: Thanks for letting me sit in on that interrogation, <Name>. Debunking Sveta Rasputina helped me get my mind off my mother!
Carmen: But is it true? Do psychics in Russia really need permits to practice?
Marina: It is... And it spells a big motive for Sveta Rasputina... You can see how quickly she flew off the handle...
Marina: If Karamazov put himself between her and her livelihood, she definitely could have killed in a fit of passion!
Carmen: We came here to investigate SOMBRA, and now we're dealing with so-called psychics! Who knows what SOMBRA's doing while we're trying to make sense of all this!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, that's no reason to get sloppy. We need to close this case before getting back on SOMBRA's tail! Let's have another swipe at the crime scene!

Investigate Coach.
Carmen: Whoa! What's this clunky old laptop doing out here on the Lermontov Estate? Haven't seen one of these in a while...
Carmen: Wait! This was Karamazov's laptop! I bet there will be more information once you unlock it!
Carmen: You also found a playing card... And there's some kind of weird purple stuff on it... Think you can get a sample?
Carmen: We've got to get going and put that killer behind bars, <Name>! Every minute we spend on this case, SOMBRA is getting further away from us!

Examine Victim's Laptop.
Carmen: So you unlocked the victim's laptop? What is that home screen? Wait! Isn't that Agrafena Raskolnikova?! 
Carmen: Why on earth would the victim have a picture of a civil liberties activist on his laptop?
Carmen: You're right! I bet Elliot can get to the bottom of this mystery... Let's send this laptop to him!

Analyze Victim's Laptop.
Elliot: Wicked! Big find at the Lermontov Estate, <Name>! I heard this model of laptop was still out there in the world, but I never thought I'd see one with my own eyes!
Carmen: Enough geeking out, little man. What is the story with that home screen?
Elliot: Oh, that was no home screen... That was a virus. Still trying to crack it... Every single action I try to take gets stopped and this image pops up.
Elliot: Agrafena Raskolnikova basically shut down Karamazov's computer. He couldn't access anything in it!
Elliot: The Russian in the image is the motto of the Young Pioneers, the Soviet version of the Scouts. It means "Always ready"...
Carmen: Hmmm... Seems that Agrafena Raskolnikova was more concerned with the victim than she claimed... Looks like we need to have another chat with her, <Name>!

Question Agrafena about the virus she sent to the victim's computer.
Carmen: The virus that you put on Karamazov's computer proves you had a vendetta against the victim, Ms Raskolnikova...
Agrafena: It's true that I hated Mikhail Karamazov, <Rank> <Name>. More than my old piano teacher! And she used to slam my hands with the keyboard cover!
Agrafena: Mikhail Karamazov was helping nine Russian senators draft a law that would let the government spy on us from space with impunity! Like Stalin all over again, but with better technology!
Agrafena: Those nine senators needed Karamazov to research the legal loopholes they would need to make that law a reality!
Carmen: Whoa there, Agrafena! You say nine Russian senators. Are they the "nine to go" you mentioned before? So you DO have a hit list!
Agrafena: Wait! No! I'm not going to kill them! I'm going to send them the same virus I used on Karamazov!
Carmen: Well, you should get ready for some jail time if <Rank> <Name> finds out you didn't stop at messing with Karamazov's computer!

Examine Playing Card.
Carmen: Great, you got a sample of that purple stuff from the playing card! Think this might be a job for the microscope?

Examine Purple Goo.
Carmen: So that purple stuff from the playing card was invisible ink?! Didn't look so invisible to me...
Carmen: Good point! If the card had been exposed to lemon juice, invisible ink would show up as bright as day! This is a marked card! Someone was cheating!
Carmen: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? We know that Dmitri Lermontov played cards with the victim...
Carmen: Then you find this doctored playing card on Lermontov's Estate, where we also found the victim's body...
Carmen: Do you think Karamazov was cheating and Lermontov found out?! We'd better go grill him!

Question Dmitri about cheating at cards against the victim.
Carmen: Mr Lermontov, <Rank> <Name> found a marked playing card on your estate and-
Dmitri: I hope you aren't accusing ME of cheating! I wasn't cheating at cards! Karamazov was!
Dmitri: I was drunk... I bet the estate and I lost it!
Carmen: You lost the Lermontov Estate?! Just the land or-
Dmitri: I lost it all: the land, the mansion, my heirloom piano, even my Borzoi dogs!
Dmitri: But when I realized that Karamazov won my estate not be a clever buff, but by cheating?! I spit out my caviar!
Carmen: Are you sure that's all you did?!
Dmitri: Of course not! This was a question of honor! I challenged Karamazov to a duel at sunrise! But he never showed...
Carmen: Or maybe you made sure that you would win that duel by getting the jump on him! Get comfy, Lermontov, you haven't seen the last of <Rank> <Name>!

Later on...
Carmen: Man, <Name>, nothing in this case is getting any clearer and we need to get the upper hand!
Carmen: Sveta the Psychic tried to obstruct the investigation, so we definitely need to keep her in the suspect pool.
Carmen: And Lermontov challenged the victim to a duel! That's perfectly in character for someone like him, but would he have left it at that?
Carmen: And a sweep of the crime scene didn't net us any hint of a murder weapon...
Carmen: Good point, <Name>. The killer might have tried to get rid of it at the same place they tried to get rid of the victim's briefcase and scarf! Let's go back to Bank Bridge!

Investigate Winged Lion Statues.
Carmen: Please tell me that you found the murder weapon, <Name>! No? Well, good point, we can always search through this trash can!
Carmen: And that's the fanciest dog collar I have ever seen! I'm gonna see if I can find out more about this model online...
Carmen: Well, what do you know? This type of collar is specifically for Borzoi dogs! Exactly the dog breed our killer has contact with, you're right!
Carmen: There's hair stuck in it. A sample could hold new information we need to catch the killer!

Examine Dog Collar.
Carmen: So you got the hair off that Borzoi collar? Let's rush it to Lars!

Analyze Hair.
Lars: Well done, <Name>, the hair you found on that collar was from a Borzoi!
Lars: But that's not all there was in the sample...
Lars: The rest of the sample was fur from "Vulpes vulpes", otherwise known as a fox, a silver fox, to be exact!
Carmen: Dogs? Now foxes? What's next, the Russian bigfoot?
Lars: Russian bigfoot? You mean the Almasty? Don't be silly, Carmen... This is fox fur and it was definitely treated with alum salts and soda ash to be wearable as a garment!
Carmen: So we know that the killer has contact with Borzoi dogs... now we know that they are wearing fox fur! Well, they better not get too cozy with <Name> on their tail!

Examine Trash Can.
Carmen: So what did you find in that trash can, <Name>? Looks like a brass pestle...
Carmen: But it's heavy and there's blood on it! This could inflict some serious damage to someone's skull. We'd better get this brass pestle to Angela, you're right!

Analyze Brass Pestle.
(In Lars' lab...)
Angela: So excited to help close a case for once, <Name>! Lars let me use his lab to analyze this brass pestle with some of his equipment!
Lars: Anything for you, Miss Boo! You found some good stuff, too! Hey, that rhymes!
Angela: You're a poet and you didn't know it! Now, hush! I have to give <Name> some good news!
Angela: This brass pestle is definitely the murder weapon, <Name>! I found tiny specks of the victim's blood dried on it!
Lars: Not only that, but with the force of the attack, the killer left some skin cells on the pestle!
Lars: And those skin cells gave us the killer's eye color: green!
Carmen: So the killer has green eyes... Well, those eyes will be shedding tears when <Name> puts the killer away!

After completing all tasks...
Carmen: Looks like we have all the goods we need to arrest the killer and wrap up this crazy case, <Name>! Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Dmitri Lermontov, <Rank> <Name> is placing you under arrest for the murder of Mikhail Karamazov!
Dmitri: Oh! Is this the moment where you lay out the evidence from your investigation? I'm thrilled, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: This is not some cozy murder mystery to read beside the fire with your Borzois, Lermontov! We know it was you!
Dmitri: I defy you! Prove it!
Carmen: You left your caviar all over the victim's scarf for a start!
Dmitri: Maybe Karamazov was just a slob when he ate caviar? You'll need more than that to put me on trial!
Carmen: Then you shouldn't have left your DNA all over the murder weapon! Your green eyes sealed the deal!
Dmitri: I've played at enough card tables to know you aren't bluffing...
Dmitri: Well, <Rank> <Name>, you're 100% correct! I killed Mikhail Karamazov with a literary touch all my own! And I would kill him a thousand times over!
Carmen: To get back your estate and get rid of your gambling debt?
Dmitri: If you think this was about money, you couldn't be more wrong! I killed him for HONOR!
Carmen: Because he cheated at cards...
Dmitri: Not MY honor! I did it to protect Duchess Anastasia!
Carmen: Duchess Anastasia?! The woman who thinks she's Russian royalty? You want to protect the honor of some delusional duchess?
Dmitri: Who else would stand up for her?! When I learned that Karamazov was trying to blackmail her into marriage, I could not contain myself!
Dmitri: I love her, you see! I don't care if she's royalty or not! I couldn't let that vermin destroy her life!
Carmen: Save your passion for your prison novel, Lermontov. You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Dmitri Lermontov, you stand accused of murdering Mikhail Karamazov by bashing in his skull with a brass pestle...
Dmitri: He deserved every blow and many more besides!
Judge Adaku: Ah, you see, that's where we disagree. Karamazov may have been a petty paper-pusher wielding what little power he had to ruin people's lives... But that is not a justification for murder!
Judge Adaku: If it were, no country would have a functional government!
Judge Adaku: As a result of our disagreement, Mr Lermontov, this Court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison!
Dmitri: Oh, my beautiful Anastasia! When will I ever see her again?!

Carmen: Given the amounts in Dmitri Lermontov's various bank accounts, I doubt he'll be in prison for a full 25 years, but justice was served.
Carmen: Now at least we can get back to chasing SOMBRA! We must find out what information they purchased after the COSMORUS security breech!
Carmen: But SOMBRA has a head start and I hate playing catch-up <Name>! Let's get back on their trail!

Darkness Descends 2

Back at headquarters...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: Great work putting Dmitri Lermontov behind bars, <Name>! Now we can shift our focus back to SOMBRA!
Chief Ripley: We need to find out what information SOMBRA bought from the victim in Moscow and we need to know fast!
Chief Ripley: Bank Bridge is a high activity area, I think you should try to get back on SOMBRA's trail there.
(Marina walks in the room.)
Marina: <Name>, if you have a moment, I need your help... I'm concerned about one of the former suspects, Duchess Anastasia.
Marina: Between her delusions and people killing for her, she could be dangerous!
Marina: Would you mind coming along with me for a consult so we can see who we're really dealing with?
Carmen: Well, Marina, whatever gets you to stop complaining about your mother is fine by me...
Carmen: Looks like your dance card's filling up, <Name>! I'll gather up what we have on SOMBRA and wait for you at Bank Bridge!

Investigate Bank Bridge.
Carmen: Finding a SOMBRA agent on Bank Bridge was a little optimistic, I'll admit it. But the phone you found could give us a lead! Think you can crack the code?

Examine Locked Smartphone.
Carmen: So the home screen for the phone you found on Bank Bridge is on a search engine... And the last search was on Global Flux Ltd.
Carmen: That company name sounds familiar... You're right! Global Flux Ltd was the ghost company SOMBRA used to pay the COSMORUS mole!
Carmen: Good point! Elliot can find out who owns this phone! It could lead us straight to SOMBRA!

Analyze Unlocked Smartphone.
Elliot: Hey, <Name>! The phone you sent me from Bank Bridge was full of surprises!
Elliot: But I have bad news, the phone did not belong to a SOMBRA operative.
Carmen: Of course, not! That would have been too easy...
Elliot: But it did belong to everyone's favorite civil liberties activist, Agrafena! And she has been researching Global Flux Ltd like a fiend!
Carmen: Why was Agrafena researching Global Flux Ltd? You're right, we'd better go ask her!

Ask Agrafena about her SOMBRA research.
Carmen: Agrafena, why do you have so much research on your phone about Global Flux Ltd?
Agrafena: You have my phone! And you've already looked through the contents! That's a gross infringement of my civil liberties!
Carmen: Don't sidestep the question! What do you know about this company?
Agrafena: Not as much as I'd like... But in my research about government spying, the name kept coming up...
Agrafena: I just followed the money, the contracts... I followed them right to Lermontov's Estate!
Agrafena: Global Flux Ltd was about to sign a lucrative contract with one of Dmitri Lermontov's companies.
Agrafena: Business media mentioned that the contracts between Global Flux Ltd and Lermontov were being negotiated at the Estate!
Carmen: Well, if members of Global Flux Ltd were spending time at the Lermontov Estate, we need to check out that place again!
Agrafena: Was I onto something? Is that company a front for a criminal scheme?
Carmen: That's... classified. But <Rank> <Name> and I would love to hear more about your research... Want to grab a burger with us?

A while later...
Carmen: Dang... Agrafena sure has a lot of theories! Not sure all of them make sense, but she did give us a lead!
Carmen: Global Flux Ltd is a ghost company for SOMBRA... If members were at the Lermontov estate, we can get back on SOMBRA's trail!

Investigate Estate Gardens.
Carmen: Hey! There's a COSMORUS logo on that faded paper! This could be the information that was sold to SOMBRA!
Carmen: The snow has done a number on the document, though. I can barely read a thing, <Name>... Think you can uncover the information?

Examine Faded Document.
Carmen: So you uncovered a mess of numbers on that COSMORUS document? What are we supposed to do with this?
Carmen: WHAT?! Darya Chernova's name is at the bottom of the document?! This is the information she sold to SOMBRA!
Carmen: Good point! As the head of COSMORUS, Natasha Romanova needs to see this STAT!

Talk to Natasha Romanova about the COSMORUS document.
Carmen: Ms Romanova, <Rank> <Name> found a COSMORUS document at the Lermontov estate with Darya Chernova's name on it!
Natasha: Darya Chernova!? This COSMORUS document must be what she sold to SOMBRA! Please, let me see it!
Natasha: Oh no... this can't be happening... SOMBRA couldn't have...
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, these are launch codes!
Carmen: Launch codes? For what? A missile? A rocket?!
Natasha: It could be anything! But whatever will be launched, it will go to space... And SOMBRA is at the controls!
Natasha: Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I only hope that we have time to change the launch codes and keep SOMBRA from following through with their plan!
Natasha: I will liberate whatever funds you might need to track down SOMBRA! Please, act quickly!

Talk to Anastasia about her identity.
Marina: Duchess Anastasia? Pardon our intrusion... My name is Marina Romanova...
Duchess Anastasia: Did you say your last name is Romanova? Like the Russian royal family? We could be cousins!
Duchess Anastasia: Since we are probably related, you could help me! I just want to prove once and for all that I am Russian royalty!
Marina: <Rank> <Name> and I are here to help you in any way we can!
Marina: Good idea, <Rank> <Name>! Is there something here in the café that could have your DNA on it for proof of your lineage, Duchess?
Duchess Anastasia: My tea glass! I set it down somewhere...
Duchess Anastasia: The waiters at this café have an annoying habit of clearing the table before I am finished with my tea... They don't wait for me to clap or anything!

Investigate Russian Café.
Marina: Excellent work, <Name>! That tea glass you found has a print of the lipstick the Duchess is wearing!
Marina: Think you can get some DNA from the glass? Then we'll know for sure just who Duchess Anastasia is!

Examine Russian Tea Glass.
Marina: So, <Name>, did you manage to get a DNA sample from Anastasia's tea glass?
Marina: Great! Let's get the sample to Lars and settle this Duchess Anastasia story once and for all!

Analyze Saliva.
Lars: That DNA sample you sent me from the Russian tea glass you found in the café left no room for doubt about Anastasia's lineage, <Name>...
Marina: You're joking... Duchess Anastasia can't be...
Lars: Oh no, she isn't. Two separate forensics teams verified that Grand Duchess Anastasia was executed in July 1918 along with the rest of the Russian royal family.
Lars: The DNA from Duchess Anastasia did not match any of the DNA belonging to the Russian royal family...
Lars: But the DNA did match a certain Irina Tsvetaeva. No criminal record, her parents were bakers and she was an orphan by age 3...
Lars: <Name>, I do not envy you right now. How are you going to tell her?
Marina: Very carefully... But even then, I'm not sure the Duchess will believe that she's not a royal...

Inform Anastasia about her lack of relation to Russian royals.
Duchess Anastasia: So, <Rank> <Name>, have you found proof that I am the great-granddaughter of Grand Duchess Anastasia?!
Marina: I'm afraid not. Your DNA did not match anyone in the Russian royal family.
Duchess Anastasia: What?! No, you must be mistaken!
Marina: Your name is Irina Tsvetaeva. Your parents were bakers, but they died when you were very young...
Marina: You constructed this Duchess Anastasia story to help heal from that loss, but the only way you will ever get closure is to face reality.
Duchess Anastasia: But what do I do if my whole life is just a big story I made up?!
Marina: You can get help. I know some specialists. I can give you their contact information...
Duchess Anastasia: Everything has changed in the blink of an eye... But I thank you for your help. Please accept a token of my gratitude.
(After talking to Duchess Anastasia)
Marina: Well, she took the news about as well as she could... But at least we know now that she's not dangerous.
Marina: Thank you for your help, <Name>. It sets my mind at ease. Now I can help you chase SOMBRA down!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: I can't believe that SOMBRA stole launch codes from COSMORUS! And who knows what they plan to do with them?
Carmen: It's too bad that Natasha couldn't help us more...
Marina: That's no surprise, <Name>! My mother is clearly not on our side...
Carmen: Marina, don't you think you're being a little harsh? She's been as helpful as she can be so far!
(Elliot walks in the room.)
Elliot: Hey, <Name>! I took a look at those launch codes... Did Natasha mention the geographical coordinates in the sequence?
Carmen: No, she left those out... But maybe she didn't notice them...
Marina: Didn't notice them?! Yeah, right. She's the head of COSMORUS! My mother's hiding information! You just cannot trust her!
Carmen: Marina, we have bigger problems to deal with than your mommy issues! We need to figure out what SOMBRA wants with those codes!
Elliot: At least we know where SOMBRA's heading next: Siberia! There's a COSMORUS outpost there!
Carmen: You'd better wrap up warm, <Name>, looks like you're heading for Siberia!

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