Philomena Highmore was the victim in The Talking Dead (Case #8 of Mysteries of the Past).


Philomena was a socialite and niece of Lady Highmore. She had short blonde hair, green eyes, and wore a day sky blue dress and a translucent shawl. Besides that, she also wore gold earrings and two beaded necklaces.

Murder details

Philomena was found in the museum garden with her throat slashed. According to Dick, it was done with an obsidian knife, since he found the tip in her neck. This meant the player and Maddie had to keep their eye out for an obsidian blade with a missing tip. Dick also found traces of the oral sedative known as laudanum on the nape of Philomena's neck. This meant the killer took laudanum.

Later, after investigating the victim's room a second time, they managed to locate an obsidian knife with a missing tip. There was a slick substance on the knife's handle, so a sample was procured and sent to Viola for analysis. She discovered the substance was mustache wax, meaning the killer had a mustache.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be a medium named Ignatius Cottingley.

After denying the charges, Ignatius said that he killed Philomena. He said that Philomena found out all the tricks he used as a medium to fake conversations with the dead. Fearing that she would expose his fraud during the museum séance, he paused the event, followed her into the garden, and slashed her throat with an obsidian knife. Judge Takakura sentenced him to 25 years in prison for the murder and for conning the public.

Case appearances