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In Bangalore...
Jack Archer: <Name>, I'd hope to visit Bangalore one day, but never under these circumstances! The mysterious plague we've been called to help with is unlike anything I've seen before!
Jack: The situation's horrible. All over the city people are developing oozing, pus-filled lesions in their mouths and dying within hours!
Jack: Apparently, it's common for diseases to follow natural disasters.
Jack: I just witsh we could do more to help. I'd be good in a fight against SOMBRA, but they're still dormant, and this epidemic leaves me feeling useless!
Jack: Angela and Lars were called here due to their expertise in diseases, but I'm getting worried about them. They're working non-stop with no results...
(A tired Lars enters the room.)
Lars: I'm fine, <Name>! Another coffee and I'll be right as rain!
Jack: Rain's never right, and when did you last sleep?!
Lars: Sometime this week, maybe. Anyway, <Name>, I got a call from the Shiva temple. It's been closed since before the outbreak started and when they reopened, they found one very dead body.
Lars: They asked me to come, but I'm pretty busy, so could you go instead?
Jack: Go... get a plague-ridden corpse?? Are you kidding? I don't want to get infected too!
Lars: Dude, you'll be fine. The disease isn't airborne! It's only transmitted through direct contact. Just don't touch the corpse with your bare hands, <Name>!
Jack: Fine. After all, who doesn't love picking up plague-stricken corpses after breakfast? <Name>, you'd better grab some gloves before we head to the Shiva temple!

Chapter 1

Investigate Shiva Temple.
Jack Archer: Oh god, that body is so - the smell, <Name> - I think I'm about to puke!
Jack: Are those... worms?? <Name>, this corpse is the grossest thing I've ever seen, and I once walked in on my parents!
Jack: <Name>, why are you looking so closely at that decomposing corpse? Oh... yeah, the dead guy's got a strange puncture wound on his hand.
Jack: It seems like the victim was injected with something that left foul traces at the entry point...
Jack: Wait. Something that left such rotting traces couldn't have been medicine! You're right, <Name>, this guy was murdered!
Jack: What better time to kill somebody than during a deadly epidemic? The murderer must've thought nobody would notice. They didn't count on you being here!
Jack: So the victim is... his student ID says, "Sunil Dhudwar." A student, huh? Let's hope Angela will have time to autopsy his body!
Jack: And you've already gathered some clues! A statue? Yeah, it was suspiciously close to the body, and there's weird stuff on it. Let's vacuum it and see what that tells us!
Jack: And what about the diary? The writing says, "My path to moksha."
Jack: That tells me nothing, but we should run the girl's photo through the database to discover who she is and why her belongings are at our crime scene!
Jack: The plague's bad enough without some murderous scum profiting from it! But I know you'll thwart their sick plans, <Name>!

Examine Diary.
(In headquarters...)
Jack: The photo in the diary you found next to the victim matches one Averly Worthington... Apparently, she's an American on an extended trip to India.
Jack: Let's talk to Averly and ask her why her stuff was next to our victim's body!

Ask Averly Worthington why her belongings were at the crime scene.
(Averly is seen in her yoga pose.)
Averly (meditating): Ommmmmmm....
Jack: Uh, Ms Worthington?
Averly (stands up): You've interrupted my mantra! Clearly, you aren't spiritual, or you'd understand that yoga is super important for staying healthy during the epidemic!
Jack: Riiight. Anyway, <Rank> <Name> found your diary in the Shiva temple near Sunil Dhudwar's corpse, and-
Averly: Sunil's dead?? That's horrible!
Jack: Aha, so you knew Sunil?
Averly: Oh, I... didn't know him well. Sunil and I just went on a few dates. I took some university classes with him.
Averly: We broke up quickly. We were too different! Sunil kept babbling about science instead of meditating with me.
Jack: Well, <Rank <Name> might have questions for you later, so don't go far! And maybe don't rely just on yoga to protect yourself from the epidemic...

Examine Ganesh Statue.
Jack: Good job gathering yellow dust from the Ganesh statue you found next to the victim,<Name>! The statue was so close to the body, it's gotta be a useful clue. We need to know what this dust is.
Jack: But Lars is so busy, it's a bad time to bother him... We can do this ourselves! Let's stick the dust under the microscope!

Examine Yellow Dust.
(In Lars' lab...)
Jack: The dust you found on the statue near the victim's body is pollen from the ashoka tree... What the heck is an ashoka tree?
(Dupont enters the room.)
Dupont: <Name>, if I may? The ashoka tree is sacred in Hinduism. It's associated wtih mythological beings called-
Jack: Dupont! At your age, should you even be out here? The disease might be extra dangerous for you, you know!
Dupont: Quoi?? I'm a man in the prime of my life! Which isn't something I'd say about you, Archer!
Dupont: Anyway, <Name>... It's curious that you mention the ashoka tree. Did you know that, around here, it only grows in the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens?
Jack: Really? Then those gardens are where we'll head next! Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Botanical Gardens.
Jack: Hey, that's our victim's face on the phone you picked up, <Name>! so your hunch was right - the victim did come here! Let's unlock his phone and look through it!
Jack: And what else? Some torn paper? True, anything that looks out of place is suspicious. We can restore it and see what it is!
Jack: And these flowers seem like they were thrown together to hide something... Let's see if you find what's under them, <Name>!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Jack: Nice work unlocking the victim's phone! Let's see what it says...
Jack: The last call the victim received was from one Professor Patil.
Jack: You're right, <Name>, we should talk to this professor, pronto!

Question Ayush Patil about his call to the victim.
Ayush: <Rank>? How can I help you?
Jack: Mr Patil, <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of Sunil Dhudwar and we'd like to ask you a few questions about him.
Ayush: Sunil was murdered? No! Who'd do such a thing?
Ayush: Sunil took one of my sociology classes at the university, though his main subject was science. A very bright boy.
Jack: According to Sunil's phone log, you were the last person to call him before he died!
Ayush: How tragic! I called all of my students to check on them after the recent disasters, but I didn't realize this would be the last time I'd speak to Sunil.

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: <Name>, that torn paper was a ticket to the concert of some Gourav Gajd... Gajer... Gajendragadkar!
Jack: And the victim's name is on the ticket! So Sunil went to this concert, which took place just a day before the murder!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, this isn't an ordinary ticket - it's a backstage pass! So the victim may have actually talked to this singer the night before his death?
Jack: I know it's a long shot, <Name>, but we're not exactly drowning in leads. Let's talk to this Gourav!

Ask Gourav Gajendragadkar if he knew the victim.
Gourav: My loyal fans! Sneaky, sneaky - you invite me to your office to ask for my autograph! Any excuse to see the great Gourav will do, yes?
Jack: <Rank> <Name> isn't a fan, Gourav! We have questions about-
Gourav: If you need an interview, arrange it with my manager! I don't have time now, I'm too important!
Jack: We don't want your manager! We want to talk to you about the murder of university student Sunil Dhudwar!
Jack: Sunil attended your concert the day before he died, even got a backstage pass. Did you meet him?
Gourav: I have too many fans to remember them all! I doubt I've ever heard of this Sunil.
Gourav: But you know what I've heard of? The epidemic! And I can't stand around where I might get infected! India can't bear the loss of a musical talent like me!
Gourav (dancing): "I must go, and even your devotion won't keep me here!"
Jack: Oh, for crying out loud! We're done with this guy, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Flowers.
Jack: So there really was something under the flowers you picked up, <Name>! Check out this cloth with weird stains on it. Let's hope Lars can tell us what they are!

Analyze Stained Cloth.
Lars: <Name>, I have a new... funny thing. Knock... knock...
Jack: Bro, maybe knock it off this time? I know you're real busy with the epidemic. Just tell us about the stained cloth <Name> found in the botanical gardens!
Lars: There were several substances on that cloth... two of them being chloroform and your victim's DNA.
Jack: Wait, that means the killer used the cloth to knock the victim out with chloroform!
Lars: Ex... actly. And, what's more, there were traces of mango lassi on the cloth.
Jack: This would mean more to me if I knew what mango lassi was.
Lars: You've never had mango lassi, dude? If I ever leave this lab again, I'll buy you one. It's a delicious Indian yogurt-based drink.
Lars: And your dead student didn't have mango lassi in his stomach, so the stains on the cloth must've come from the killer!
Jack: So the killer drinks mango lassi! With you on their trail, <Name>, this will be their last tango with the mango!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, fifteen more people died in the epidemic today, so I don't have much time for talk.
Jack: Just give us a quick rundown on the dead student <Name> found in the temple? Pretty please with an elephant on top?
Angela: <Name> deduced correctly that the death was caused by something injected into the victim's bloodstream.
Angela: But I don't yet know what it was, because the victim's been exposed to the plague as well, and it's hard to tell which issue caused what damage. But I'll keep looking and will let you know!
Jack: Surely you have something else for us already, right? Right?
Angela: Jack, I've got three children and one Lars. Puppy eyes don't work on me. But I do have good news!
Angela: On the victim's clothes, I found traces of tamarind, nutmeg, garam masala... and a lot of chili powder. In short, the ingredients of a very spicy curry.
Angela: The victim's stomach didn't contain this, so the hot curry traces must've come from the killer.
Jack: So the killer likes spicy food! <Name>, you'll definitely spice up their life with a trip to prison!

Shortly afterward...
Jack: <Name>, this case has me stumped. We arrived in Bangalore because Lars and Angela's help was requested with a mysterious plague...
Jack: And then we found the decomposing corpse of science student Sunil Dhudwar in a nearby temple.
Jack: At first, we thought the victim was another casualty of the epidemic, but then we realized he'd been injected with something lethal!
(Angela and Lars enter the room.)
Angela: <Name>! Drop everything you're doing! We finally know what killed your victim!
Lars: Sunil was killed with an injection of the virus that caused this plague!
Jack: You're saying Sunil was injected with the plague?!
Lars: Yeah, bro! Someone injected Sunil with this virus on purpose, and then others caught the infection from him. Sunil is patient zero of the epidemic!

Chapter 2

Angela Douglas: <Name>, earlier, I couldn't tell the plague apart from the poison injected into the victim's hand, and that's because...
Angela: They're one and the same! Sunil was killed with an injection of the virus that caused this plague!
Jack: You're saying Sunil was injected with the plague?!
Lars: Yeah, bro! Someone injected Sunil with this virus on purpose, and then others caught the infection from him. Sunil is patient zero of the epidemic!
Angela: While studying this epidemic, we realized that something didn't add up. There were clear signs of artificial mutations induced by site-directed mutagenesis. This virus is man-made!
Lars: If we find whoever killed Sunil, we'll find whoever unleashed the plague!
Angela: This might even help us find the cure!
Jack: Then we must find Sunil's killer ASAP! Do you have any idea where the virus came from?
Angela: None. The resistance this virus shows to all medical intervention reminded me of that experimental drug distributed by O.M. MediLab in New Delhi... But that's only speculation.
Jack: Damn it, we need new leads, STAT! You're right, <Name>, Sunil was a university student... so we should investigate the university to learn more about him!

Investigate University Lobby.
Jack: What've you got, <Name>? A university computer? Great, there's bound to be information about Sunil on there! I'm sure you can crack the password!
Jack: But be careful when you vacuum hair off that cushion, <Name>. It might be contaminated with the virus!

Examine Cushion.
Jack: <Name>, I hope you took precautions against the virus while vacuuming hair from that cushion. If you're sure it's necessary, let's send the hair to Lars...

Analyze Hair.
Lars: What a crafty virus... The virions have helical head bound to an icosahedral-
Jack: Dude, we know you're busy, but we're here about the hair!
Lars: What? Your hair is fine, bro!
Jack: The hair <Name> found on a cushion at the university! Come on, talk to us and then we'll be... out of your hair.
Lars: Heh, alright. That hair... it was actually from a familiar source. I'm sure <Name> remembers Warren Goodfellow, the dude from the Rising Hope NGO!
Jack: Huh? I get why this Warren might be in the area, given the epidemic, but what's he doing at the victim's university? I agree, <Name>, we need to talk to him!

Ask Warren Goodfellow what he's doing at the university.
Warren: Good to see you again, <Rank> <Name>, but let's be brief, because I'm very busy with this health crisis! Rising Hope is doing its utmost to save lives!
Jack: That's why we're here, too. We're investigating the murder of Sunil Dhudwar, patient zero of this man-made virus epidemic.
Warren: What? The disease is man-made? Are you saying it was intentionally unleashed on the public??
Jack: That's exactly what we're saying, and we're trying to figure out who killed Sunil and released the virus. What were you doing at the university?
Warren: I was originally invited to give guest lectures. I thought it'd be a pleasant break, sit back with a mango lassi, enjoy the sun... but then all hell broke loose.
Warren: I wish I could help you more, but I've no clue who this patient zero is, and I've got my hands full already. So if that's all, I must return to my work!

A while later...
Jack: <Name>, we've made some progress, but it's not enough! Everyone's counting on you to find Sunil's murderer and stop the epidemic!
Jack: You're right, we'll head back to the temple and see if we've missed any clues. Let's go!

Investigate Temple Courtyard.
Jack: Eek, that garish pocket watch's got blood on it! <Name>, what if it's contaminated with the virus? I'm not touching it! Can you collect some blood instead?
Jack: And Sunil's name is on top of the student essay you found. Some bits of the essay are faded, but I know you can reveal what it says!
Jack: Let's do it back at the office, though. The victim's body isn't here anymore, but I can still smell it!

Examine Faded Essay.
(At headquarters...)
Jack: The victim's essay you found at the temple got a really low grade: 10%. Wow, harsh! And look at this comment: "You understand nothing of sociology!"
Jack: You're right, <Name>, we know exactly which teacher wrote this, because we've met Sunil's sociology professor before. Last we spoke, he praised Sunil to the skies!
(Marina enters the room.)
Marina: <Name>, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. That comment's more than harsh - it's belittling! And it suggests serious underlying problems.
Marina: I'd like to come with you to talk to this professor, <Name>.
Jack: Great! You two talk to Ayush Patil, then get me afterward and tell me how it went!

Talk to Ayush Patil about his harsh comments on the victim's essay.
Marina: Mr Patil, we've found Sunil's essay with scathing comments from you. This, after you told us how smart he was and how much you liked him...
Ayush: Oh, that essay... where did you get that, <Rank> <Name>?
Marina: From your comments, it sounds like Sunil was a frustrating pupil.
Ayush: Yes! I mean, no. I mean, I gave Sunil some bad grades, but that's because, though he was so bright when it came to science, he really didn't get a thing about sociology!
Marina: Well, he was a science student first and foremost, after all... But that must've been difficult for you!
Ayush: It was maddening! He should've been brilliant, but every essay he submitted, every discussion we had, proved that he didn't understand a thing I said.
Ayush: For me, his work was like going to a five-star restaurant, anticipating a delicious spicy dish, and getting tasteless slop instead. I expected better from him!
Marina: Your feelings about this seem disproportionately strong, Mr Patil! I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will keep this in mind!

Examine Pocket Watch.
Jack: Good job collecting blood from the pocket watch you found in the temple, <Name>. I feel bad giving more work to Lars, but we gotta send this to him!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: Twinkle twinkle, little virus... how I wonder what you are...
Jack: Uh, bro? What can you tell us about the blood <Name> collected from the pocket watch found in the temple?
Lars: The... oh, right, the blood. It belongs to that dude, y'know? The one with the singing. Gourav, that's the name.
Lars: Curiously, though, your singing sensation's DNA profile is a genetic match for the victim's!
Jack: Sunil is related to Gourav??
Lars: Pre... cisely. Gourav is your victim's father!
Jack: And Gourav claimed he didn't know who Sunil was! He'd better come clean now, <Name>!

Confront Gourav Gajendragadkar about being the victim's father.
Jack: Gourav, you lied to us! You said you didn't know Sunil, but you're actually his father!
Gourav (holding a mango lassi): By all that is holy, how did you find out, <Rank> <Name>?? Shh, not so loud! Nobody must know! Uh, let me put down my drink and then we'll talk...
Gourav (puts the drink down): Sunil was my illegitimate son. I was already married when I met his mother.
Gourav: My relationship with her was spicy like a really good curry!
Gourav: But then she got pregnant, and acknowledging Sunil would've been a huge scandal! Terrible for my career! I'm too great to destroy myself over an affair!
Jack: So did Sunil find out? Did you kill him to shut him up?
Gourav: No, I don't kill! I sing! I sing very well! If you want, I'll sing for you right now, and we'll forget this whole-
Jack: You know what, Gourav, if you did kill your son, you'll be singing in prison!

Examine University Computer.
Jack: Looks like the computer you unlocked is displaying a list of the university's Department Heads...
Jack: True, <Name>, we've heard that the victim studied science. Let's see... The Head of the Science Department is one Dr Shweta Noorani. We should definitely talk to her!

Ask Shweta Noorani about the victim.
Jack: Dr Noorani? <Rank> <Name> wants to talk to you about the murder of your student Sunil Dhudwar.
Jack: He was injected with the virus that's currently-
Shweta: What do you mean, "injected"?!
Jack: Well, you see, the virus is man-made, and so-
Shweta: You don't have to explain that part to me - I know it's man-made! I made it, and Sunil was my assistant!
Jack: What?? You created the virus that's been killing hundreds of people for two weeks?!
Shweta: The virus was only a research experiment! It was never supposed to leave the lab! The university's secure, only students and staff can get in. Adn there's been no break-in!
Shweat: I didn't even know the virus was gone until the epidemic, and since then I've been trying to find the cure. I can hardly eat from worry, not even my favorite vindaloo curry!
Jack: Well, you're not working fast enough! I'm trusting you to transfer all virus-related information to our experts. And <Rank> <Name> will be keeping an eye on you!
(After talking to Shweta Noorani)
Jack: <Name>, I can't believe this! Not only is the virus man-made, but our victim helped make it!
Jack: Dr Noorani says the virus was locked in the lab, but clearly someone got it out. For all we know, she was the one who did it!
Jack: Good point, <Name>, she admitted that only university students and staff could access those areas, and nobody's broken in...
Jack: This means the killer has a university access badge! With you on the case, <Name>, I know soon they won't have access to anything but prison!

Later on...
(In headquarters...)
Lars: <Name>, have you found anything to help us with the virus research?
Jack: Not particularly. Gotta say, when they called the team to Bangalore to aid with this epidemic, I never thought it was caused by a man-made virus...
Jack: Or that the murder of a university student would hold the answers to how the epidemic began.
Jack: But if we find whoever injected Sunil with the virus, we'll find whoever took the virus from the lab and unleashed it on the public!
Jack: Dr Noorani claims the virus was a research project which was never meant to leave the lab... but can we trust her word?
Lars: I just hope you'll solve the case soon, <Name>, because I... I...
Jack: Bro? Hey, are you okay?
Lars: I'm perfectly fi-
(Lars faints.)
Jack: LARS!!

Chapter 3

Lars Douglas: <Name>, I... I...
(Lars faints.)
Jack: LARS!!
Jack: <Name>, help! What do we do?! First aid, CPR, call the emergency services, something!!
Jack: You're right, we've got to get Lars to the infirmary! I'll carry him and you lead the way, quick!

At the Bureau infirmary...
Jack: Angela, what's going on?! Is Lars okay?
Angela: No, he isn't! <Name>, look at the lesions in his mouth! You must know what this means!
Jack: No!! Don't tell me he... No, it can't be true!
Angela (crying): There's no point in denying it. Lars caught the virus!
Angela: And we still haven't found the cure. If we don't do it soon, Lars won't live to see tomorrow!
Jack: No! <Name>, we're not letting my best friend die!
Jack: You're right, we're going to find out who killed patient zero and started the epidemic, and we'll get answers about the cure!
Jack: The virus was stolen from the university, so we should search the place! Lars, buddy, just hang in there!

Investigate Entrance Hall.
Jack: <Name>, with Lars's life hanging in the balance, there's no time to lose! Let's sort through these clues, quick!
Jack: True, this torn photo is suspicious, restoring it might give us a good lead!
Jack: This locked briefcase doesn't look like it belongs to a student... Let's crack the code and see what's inside.
Jack: And a box of confiscated items might definitely hold an important clue. Let's search it ASAP!
Jack: With Lars near death, I can't think of anything else, but I know you're right, <Name>... The best way to help him is to concentrate on the investigation. It's hard, but I'll try to stay focused!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: That's our victim in the photo you restored!
Jack: Wait, is he wearing a Rising Hope T-shirt??
Jack: The picture's signed: "First day volunteering!" So Sunil did a student project with the NGO!
Jack: And Warren said he'd never heard of Sunil. Let's see if he changes his tune now!

Confront Warren Goodfellow with the fact that he worked with the victim.
Jack: Mr Goodfellow, you told us you didn't know Sunil, but we've got proof that he volunteered with your NGO!
Warren: Ah... that small, unimportant detail... however did you find out, <Rank> <Name>?
Warren: Yes, Sunil did a student internship with Rising Hope. All above-board, nothing to get suspicious about!
Jack: <Rank> <Name> is plenty suspicious about the fact that you lied to us! People's lives are at stake, Mr Goodfellow!
Warren: I simply forgot! I've got enough on my mind, especially with the virus epidemic! Sure, I knew the boy, went out for Laal Maas curry with him sometimes...
Warren: It's not a crime to know a person. I don't know about you, but I don't actually kill all of my acquaintances!
Jack: Hundreds of people are dead, and our colleague's fighting for his life! If you're lying again, Mr Goodfellow, your next acquaintance will be your prison cellmate!

Examine Briefcase.
Jack: What the heck! The briefcase you unlocked is full of cash!
Jack: You're right, there's a note inside the briefcase! Now, what does it say...
Jack: I can't read this Indian script, but, wait, the note's got the logo of O.M. MediLab on it!
Jack: Weren't O.M. MediLab the ones behind the shady drug back in New Delhi? We need to get this note to Dupont ASAP!

Analyze Note.
Dupont: <Name>, the note you found in the briefcase at the university was written in Kannada!
Dupont: It's a language spoken primarily in the South Indian state of Karnataka, of which Bengaluru is the capital. I say Bengaluru because it's the new official name of Bangalore, and so-
Jack: Dupont, cut to the chase! Lars is dying as we speak! Tell us what's on the note and how O.M. MediLab are involved!
Dupont: Mille pardons, <Name>! I do get carried away so...
Dupont: Your note says, "Here's something to encourge you to test your virus, Dr Noorani!"
Jack: What?? O.M. MediLab bribed Dr Noorani to test the virus she created?!
Jack: Last we heard of O.M. MediLab, they were testing a drug more lethal than the diseases it was supposed to cure...
Jack: And now they wanted Dr Noorani to test her virus? Test it on whom? On Sunil?
Jack: <Name>, we must talk to Dr Noorani immediately!

Confront Shweta Noorani about the money she received to test the virus.
Shweta: <Rank> <Name>, you caught me going out! I'm getting a mango lassi with Professor Patil.
Jack: How nice that you can go out for drinks while the virus you created is decimating the city's population!
Jack: But then maybe it's not surprising, given that you were bribed to release the virus!
Shweta: What? I don't know what you're talking about, <Rank> <Name>.
Jack: We found the money O.M. MediLab sent you to test your virus on humans, Dr Noorani! How could you?!
Shweta: I... I can explain...
Shweta: O.M. MediLab contacted me a year ago, asking me to experiment with an antiviral drug they wanted to commercialize.
Shweta: But I quickly realized this drug was dangerous! It could breed a brutal virus!
Shweta: It was fascinating research! I managed to isolate the most dangerous components of the drug and create a pure supervirus.
Jack: And then you decided to inject your assistant with it? Was he to be your only guinea pig, or did you deliberately cause the epidemic?
Shweta: No! Please, believe me! I refused to test the virus on humans! I didn't take the bribe!
Jack: Your creation's killed hundreds of people and it might kill our colleague, too! If you started it all, better believe you'll end it behind bars!
(After talking to Shweta Noorani)
Jack: Dang it, <Name>! Not only were O.M. MediLab aware that their drug was shady, but they've clearly been trying to get a virus out of it!
Jack: The virus is a real biological weapon! Why would they need it? Who are they? Stopping the epidemic must remain our priority right now, <Name>, but we'll keep an eye out for O.M. MediLab in the future!

Examine Confiscated Items.
Jack: You're found a blueprint in the box of confiscated items! There's smudged writing on it... Let's grab your dusting brush, <Name>! There's not a second to lose!

Examine Faded Blueprint.
Jack: The writing on the blueprint reads, "Sunil's lab - will be useful later."
Jack: "Sunil's lab"?! So this is the floor plan of the lab where the virus was created!
Jack: We know the killer got into the lab, so anyone trying to do the same is extremely suspicious. We need to know who wrote this!
Jack: Good point, <Name>, only one person would put hearts around Sunil's name.
Jack: Averly better have a good explanation for us!

Confront Averly Worthington about the lab blueprint.
Jack: Ms Worthington, how did you get the blueprint for Sunil's lab?
Averly: Blueprint, what blueprint?
Jack: This isn't a game, Miss Worthington! The virus that killed Sunil was made in that lab! What were you looking for there?
Averly: Urgh, your shouting disturbs the vibrations of the universe! Fine, you caught me, I took the blueprint, but not because of any stupid virus.
Averly: I thought I'd find drugs in the lab! Y'know, something to help me ascend to the higher plane? Mango lassi alone won't cut it.
Averly: But I didn't find anything. Just... science stuff.
Jack: And we're supposed to believe you left without taking the virus?!
Averly: Why would anyone take it? Viruses are freaky! People are sick everywhere! Yesterday I was enjoying Chicken Chettinad and my waitress just keeled over!
Averly: But I'm practicing yoga and I'm not sick. People should be more spiritual, like me, and then they'd stay healthy.
Jack: Enough of this! If you did kill Sunil, you'll comfort yourself with yoga in prison!

Later, at the Bureau infirmary...
Angela: <Name>, tell me you've found something. Lars is fading with every minute!
Jack: That's why we're here. We wanted to check on him...
(Lars is seen on the infirmary bed, unconscious.)
Jack: It's not getting easier to see him like this. Hang in there, buddy!
Angela: Jack, pull yourself together! I need both you and <Name> to give your all to the case! Give me the news!
Jack: Well, your hunch about O.M. MediLab was right. They're involved, and they wanted Dr Noorani to test the virus. But we still don't have solid proof for who actually released the plague...
Jack: You're right, <Name>, we know the killer chloroformed Sunil in the botanical gardens. Maybe we've missed something there!
Jack: Let's search the botanical gardens again, <Name>! This might be our last shot at saving Lars!

Investigate Garden Fountain.
Jack: The security camera you found is broken, dang it! Can you restore it, <Name>?
Jack: And this freshly disturbed soil looks like someone's buried something there... Let's look for whatever it is. The clock's ticking!

Examine Broken Security Camera.
Jack: Thank god, you've restored the security camera, <Name>. Let's get it to Elliot! There's no time to waste!

Analyze Security Camera.
Elliot: <Name>, I visited Lars, and it's... it's hard to see him like this.
Jack: Believe me, we know. But our only hope of helping him is to keep this investigation going. What can you tell us about the security camera <Name> found in the botanical gardens?
Elliot: The gardens were definitely the scene of the crime! The camera caught the victim falling unconscious to the ground on the day of the murder!
Elliot: And after Sunil fell, someone approached the camera to disable it!
Jack: Please say you saw who the killer was!
Elliot: The killer was smart enough to hide, but the camera still caught a glimpse of their clothes. And that was our breakthrough! The killer was wearing a brooch!
Jack: So the killer wears a brooch! There's no way they're getting away from you now, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Dirt.
Jack: You found a syringe in that pile of dirt?? <Name>, this might be the crucial clue! Let's send it to Angela at once!

Analyze Syringe.
(In Lars' lab...)
Angela: <Name>, the syringe you found buried in the botanical gardens contained the virus!
Jack: So the killer used this syringe to administer the virus to the victim!
Angela: Yes, and what's more, I found traces of DNA on the syringe. It wasn't a lot, so I can't tell you much...
Jack: Dang it, you must have SOMETHING!
Angela: Don't get short with me, Jack, it's my husband whose life's in danger! I'm aware that finding the killer might be our only way to get the cure!
Angela: As I was saying, there wasn't much DNA on the syringe, so I can only tell you this: the killer is a man!
Jack: The killer is a man whose days of freedom are numbered! You're closing in on him, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Jack: <Name>, we can at last handcuff the killer who unleashed devastation in Bangalore and put Lars on his deathbed! Let's go, there's not a minute to lose!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Ayush Patil, you're under arrest for the murder of Sunil Dhudwar!
Ayush: I teach students, I don't kill them. The distinction might be lost on you, but-
Jack: Cut the crap! Your brooch was caught on a security camera!
Ayush: The brooch is something all the university teachers wear!
Jack: Yes, and university teachers also wear the badge that allowed you to get close to the virus!
Ayush: You can't arrest someone for wearing a badge!
Jack: Stop lying! Your DNA was on the syringe you used to inject Sunil with the virus!
Ayush: It... but I buried it!
Ayush: Fine, you got me, <Rank> <Name>. I killed Sunil. And launched a new era for the world!
Jack: A new era? You call causing hundreds of deaths a new era?!
Ayush: The world must be saved from itself. As a sociologist, I know! We've got a huge overpopulation problem! Over a billion people in India alone!
Ayush: The recent disasters were a sign. This virus is the perfect solution to overpopulation!
Ayush: When Sunil told me about his research, I knew. The virus would kill millions and free up the planet for those who managed to survive!
Jack: Do you even know how to stop the plague you unleashed? Do you have any idea for the cure? A backup plan? Anything??
Ayush: The cure? No, why would I? My work is already complete!
Jack: What? You unleashed a virus you didn't even know how to stop?! Just the sight of you makes me sick! You're under arrest for this murder and for all the deaths you've caused!

Judge Adaku: Never before have I had to preside over a trial for mass murder on this scale. Ayush Patil, you stand accused of murdering Sunil Dhudwar and unleashing an unstoppable virus on the city! How do you plead?
Ayush: Guilty and proud, Your Honor! Sunil died for a better world.
Judge Adaku: Your idea of a better world is very different from mine! Mass murder is never the solution!
Ayush: Sunil didn't understand, either. He told me about his virus research, but he didn't see what it meant for the world.
Ayush: No matter. He still became the first sacrifice on the altar of a brighter tomorrow!
Judge Adaku: I'm shocked you don't display even a shred of regret for the deaths you've caused! For your heinous crime, this Court sentences you to life in prison!
Ayush: My life doesn't matter to me! You've arrested me, but I've won. The virus is out there, doing my work!

Shortly afterward...
Jack: <Name>, I can't believe that Lars and all those others got sick because of some maniacal idiot decided to play god!
Jack: The murderer wasn't even working for O.M. MediLab, and he still gave them the virus test they wanted. How ironic.
Jack: But we're not letting him win! No way is Lars dying on our watch. Let's go, <Name>, we'll do everything we can to help Angela find the cure!

A New Light (3/6)

Angela Douglas: <Name>, arresting the mass murderer who started the virus epidemic didn't get us closer to the cure, and time's running out fast!
Angela (crying): I'm getting desperate. Without the cure, Lars won't last the day!
Angela: You're right, <Name>, I can't give up! We're most likely to find a lead at the university where the virus was created. I'll come with you and help you look!
(Chief Ripley enters the room.)
Chief Ripley: <Name>, looking for the cure is definitely the top priority, but, once you have time, I also need you to check out the temple. Apparently, an American's caused some disturbance, so take Archer, and-
Jack: No way! I'm not skipping around temples while Lars is lying sick! If I can't help with the cure, let me sit with him at least!
(Carmen enters the room.)
Carmen: We're all worried about Lars, Jack, but we've got to keep going. <Name>, I'll accompany you to the temple and check out this disturbance!

Investigate University Lobby.
Angela: This broken vial with blood in it is definitely out of place! It could be a major lead!
Angela: I've got to calm down, my hands are shaking... Could you collect some blood for me, <Name>?

Examine Broken Vial.
Angela: Thanks for helping me get a sample of blood from the broken vial, <Name>! I'll rush it to the lab. There's not a moment to waste!

Analyze Blood.
Angela: <Name>, the blood you got from the broken vial at the university was exactly what I'd hoped to find...
Angela: It's the blood of someone immune to the virus!
Angela: Unfortunately, while this is a step towards the cure, it's still not enough to save Lars.
Angela: You're right, <Name>, something this relevant to virus research must've come from Dr Noorani's lab.
Angela: Last I spoke to her, Dr Noorani didn't mention this. How could she withhold such information from us?! Maybe she'll be more talkative if you come with me, <Name>!

Ask Shweta Noorani about the vial of blood immune to the virus.
Angela: Dr Noorani, you said you didn't have leads for the cure, but <Rank> <Name> found evidence to the contrary!
Angela: Why did you hide the fact that you'd found blood immune to the virus? Did you throw that vial away on purpose?
Shweta: No, the vial must've dropped out of my bag earlier, that's all! I was just testing the blood to make sure it was immune! I was going to share my findings with you later!
Angela: My husband's at death's door! We don't have time for your excuses!
Angela: I have an idea for the cure, but I'm missing something. If you know anything else, you'd better share it now!
Shweta: Well, I was next going to try a plant called Gloriosa superba. It's very rich in alkaloids. They should have it in the botanical gardens...
Angela: Then the botanical gardens are our next port of call, <Name>!
Shweta: Don't forget to eat as you work! The virus preys on the weary! Here, <Rank> <Name>, have this, it'll tide you over!

Investigate Botanical Gardens.
Angela: <Name>, I think the plant you found is what Dr Noorani recommended for the cure, but we'd better check it in the database to make certain!

Examine Plant.
(At headquarters...)
Angela: The flower you found in the botanical gardens is Gloriosa superba, or flame lily.
Angela: But of course! Despite being highly toxic, Gloriosa superba has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.
Angela: Hopefully, this plant, together with the immune blood you found earlier, will be enough to find the cure and save Lars...
Angela: Thank you so much for your help, <Name>. I'll let you know as soon as I have news!

Investigate Shiva Temple.
Carmen: Jack has a point, <Name>... It's not easy to focus on normal tasks when Lars might die any minute. But working helps me not to dwell on the worst.
Carmen: There's no sign of the disturbance the Chief told us about, but this laptop certainly doesn't belong here. Let's crack the password to check whose it is!

Examine Laptop.
Carmen: Figures the laptop you unlocked belongs to Averly Worthington.
Carmen: And look, she's posing with guru Om Padmasana! Just what we need, him popping up again during this crisis!
Carmen: I've never liked the look of that guru, but I trust him even less since learning that he's got a criminal record as hippie Ezra Hope. Such convenient self-reinvention!
Carmen: Good idea, <Name>, let's send the laptop to Elliot. He'll see if there's anything about the guru on there!

Analyze Laptop.
Elliot: <Name>, this is torture! I've spent so long with Averly's laptop, I can now tell you all about chakras and yoga outfits!
Carmen: Tell us about the guru instead! How come he was on Averly's laptop background?
Elliot: There's a bunch of emails and bank transactions on Averly's laptop - all about her making huge donations to the guru!
Elliot: Did you know Averly's rich? Apparently, she's a trust fund baby. And she's made a will leaving her entire fortune to Om Padmasana!
Carmen: What?? So not only are the guru's followers hanging on his every word as if brainwashed, they're even giving him money! Sounds like one big scam, doesn't it?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, it's time we talked to Averly!

Ask Averly Worthington about her donations to the guru.
Carmen: Ms Worthington, <Rank> <Name> noticed that you've given substantial amounts of money to Om Padmasana. Is he pressuring you to do that?
Averly: What? No! How dare you! Om Padmasana is the best! Thanks to him, I've been cleansed by the flashing light!
Carmen: Cleansed by the... I feel like I've heard that before...
Averly: Om Padmasana showed me the true path. I came to India to follow in his footsteps!
Averly: And now Om Padmasana's here, in this city! He's giving a talk near the temple very soon. He's supporting us during this terrible epidemic!
Carmen: The guru's here? Then we have a chance to confront him! Let's go, <Name>!

Confront Om Padmasana about receiving money from followers.
Om: Namaste, <Rank> <Name>! Are you here to discuss the liberation of your spirit?
Carmen: No, we're here to ask you about the liberation of cash that you've been pulling on your followers! We know that Averly Worthington, at least, is giving you donations!
Om: Yes, kind people often give me money! I never ask, but they want to thank me for emancipating their authentic selves. It would be wrong of me to refuse!
Carmen: Oh, so you're completely innocent and not scamming your followers at all?
Om: Scamming, me? Only a person besieged by worldly fears could've thought of that. <Rank> <Name>, don't you think your partner's aura appears dampened? She should try meditation.
Carmen: Are you mocking me?!
Om: Take these clothes to practice in. Maybe you'll awaken the Kundalini energy!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: <Name>, while you were gone, Angela booted me from Lars's room! She looked frantic, I don't know what's going on!
Jack: She muttered something about tests but didn't explain anything! Do you know what's happening?
(Angela walks in the room.)
Angela: <Name>? Jack? I've got a surprise for you.
Jack: What's going on? Is Lars-
(Lars walks in the room, still wearing his hospital gown.)
Lars: Knock-knock!
Jack: LARS!! Buddy, you're alive!
(Jack and Lars hug.)
Lars (still hugging Jack): Bro, you should've played along. I had a great knock-knock joke! It was like, disease! Disease me, Lars! This is me! Get it?
Angela: He's been saving that joke, <Name>...
(Jack and Lars let go.)
Lars: <Name>, thank you for helping to find the cure! My wifey's magical, but this would've been impossible without you!
Angela: We should inform the NGO that we've got the cure. They can help us distribute it to the sick!
Angela: I'll come with you to tell Warren, <Name>!

Inform Warren Goodfellow about the virus cure.
Angela: Mr Goodfellow, we've found the cure to the virus! We can save the city!
Warren: You've got the cure? Great news! I'll mobilize Rising Hope and distribute the cure for you.
Warren: There's nothing we can do for those already claimed by the virus, but we can still save so many lives!
Angela: Before you go, a word of warning about O.M. MediLab. We know you sold your unused medicine stock to them...
Angela: However, O.M. MediLab funded the research behind the virus's creation, and they wanted to test it on the public! So we advise staying away from them in the future!
Warren: What?! Thank you for alerting me, <Rank> <Name>! We only sold medicine to them that once, but we'll be sure to cut all ties!
Warren: And now, please take this money and make as much of the cure as you can!

Chief Ripley: <Name>, this was a harrowing case! Not only did we almost lose Lars...
Chief Ripley: But it's become blatant that O.M. MediLab pose a serious threat to the population at large! If they were to get their hands on the virus-
Elliot: We don't have to worry about that! Angela confiscated all the research and all the test samples of the virus. O.M. MediLab will get nothing!
Elliot: But O.M. MediLab themselves are a nightmare. I've tried tracing them again, but they're virtually invisible! All I'm getting are dead ends. They're everywhere and nowhere at once!
Chief Ripley: Keep trying, Elliot! Stop monitoring SOMBRA for now and focus on O.M. MediLab! This is a more pressing threat!
Lars: Well... at least one good thing came from this case. Being so close to death made me realize the importance of spiritual enlightenment! That guru has a point, y'know!
Jack: What? Bro, no! The guru has no points at all! Zero points! <Name>, discovered that he's taking money from his followers!
Jack: If the guru isn't scamming them, I'll eat my... uh, I don't have a hat... but I'll try to take a good bite of my sunglasses!
Lars: I don't know, dude. The guru's message rings true to me.
Jack: So help me, if you too start talking about being cleansed by the flashing light...!
Lars: The flashing light? Sounds wicked. Maybe I should read the guru's book!
Jack: Oh heck no. Dude, I have a better idea! Instead of books, how about we go to a movie set? I hear they're shooting a Bollywood film not far from here!
Lars: That does sound pretty great. Costumes... singing...
Chief Ripley: Archer is right, <Name>. We'll definitely keep an eye on that guru and on O.M. MediLab, but the team must first recuperate from this challenging case!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, our next destination is Bollywood!