Prince Albert
Biographical information
Full name Albert
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2015
Cause of death Gas poisoning
Nationality Flag of United Kingdom British
Residence London, England, United Kingdom
Profession(s) Crown prince
Family Prince Rupert (cousin)
Queen Mary III (grandmother)
Partner(s) Enid Grimshaw (girlfriend; incarcerated)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: God Save the Prince (s3)

Prince Albert was the victim in God Save the Prince (Case #1 of World Edition).


Albert was the Prince of England and heir to the throne. At the time of his death, he was wearing his royal outfit, and he had fawn hair and green eyes.

Murder details

Prince Albert was found in a phone booth suffocated to death. The body was sent off to the coroner, Angela, and she confirmed that the Prince died from poisonous gas. She also determined that the phone receiver he was holding was where the gas released, meaning that the phone booth Albert was in was the murder weapon. Angela also managed to find traces of tea in the device set up to kill the Prince. While Jack questioned how useful it would be, this meant that the killer drinks tea.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be chambermaid Enid Grimshaw.

Enid claimed that she had nothing to do with the murder, but Jack urged the chambermaid to confess to manslaughter. Throwing a fit with Enid, Jack asked her to spit out the reasons to kill a member of the English Royal Family. Enid loved the prince, but refused to kill anyone, but she told Jack and the player that she was forced to kill the prince as she was blackmailed. When Jack asked Enid who made her kill the prince, she couldn't out the party who made her do it as she had to obey the blackmail message without any questions asked. Prince Albert refused to believe Enid, so she had to use her Shakespeare knowledge to seduce him into meeting her at Westminster. Before she executed the order, she had to rig the phone booth so that she would fulfill her obligation. Enid rang the phone to call Prince Albert at the Westminster phone booth, but never knew that the device contained poisonous gas that killed the prince, causing the maid to declare the murder an involuntary action. Jack opted to hold Enid liable for the murder if she refused to out the party who gave Enid those orders, so the player sent the maid to trial at the International Court.

Judge Adaku was not pleased about being forced out of retirement about the player's first arrest as a Bureau operations agent, but went on ahead and asked Enid on how she pleaded for the murder of Prince Albert. Enid pleaded guilty, given the overwhelming evidence that the player had against her. Judge Adaku realized that an execution was necessary for any civilian who stands accused of slaughtering a member of the Royal Family based on what he knew from the past. Instead, he chose to sentence Enid to 10 years in jail for the premeditated, involuntary manslaughter of the prince given that she did not mean to do it, but was forced.


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