Radovan Radich
Biographical information
Full name Radovan Radich
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Impalement
Nationality Flag of SerbiaFlag of USA Serbian-American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Shop owner
Family Manka Srebnik (daughter)
Steve Srebnik (son-in-law)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #13: Eastern Promises (s2)

Radovan Radich (Srb: Радован Радић) was the victim in Eastern Promises (Case #13 of Pacific Bay).


Radovan was the father of the bride, Manka Radich, in the Serbian wedding. He had short gray hair, blue eyes, and a light stubble. He donned a long white tunic shirt, a red collar, and a brown overcoat. He also donned a pair of brown jeans and shoes.

Murder details

Radovan was found impaled on a wedding decoration in the reception room. Moments before Radovan was taken to Roxie for autopsy, Frank realized the arrow's sculpture was used to off Radovan, but the killer shoved Radovan towards Cupid's Arrow to pack the final wallop, which meant although the Cupid's Arrow was used as the murder weapon, the victim was shoved towards Cupid's Arrow per Frank.

After tedious time of careful autopsy, Roxie determined that the victim's lungs were missing from the body, which suggested that the lungs were removed after the murder. Roxie also found handprints in Radovan's body, and managed to isolate a tobacco/flavored liquid residue from them, which suggested the killer smoked shisha pipes.

A second visit to the wedding reception room allowed Frank and the player to take samples of cake crumbs and an unknown liquid substance to Yann for clinical analysis. Yann was able to extract DNA from the cake crumbs (left on Radovan's handkerchief) and determined that the killer had brown eyes, while his liquid substance analysis suggested that the killer wore earrings based on the liquid's earring-cleaning purpose.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be hammam masseur Tom Zhang.

Tom lived his life in solitude but could take it no more, so he resolved to do something to make a Chinese gang notice him, since he wanted to belong somewhere in the world. The task fell in proving his toughness to the Chinese community. Radovan frequented Tom and during his massage sessions, always bragged about his daughter and felt he deserved to be invited to Manka's wedding. Tom used Manka's wedding as an excuse to kill Radovan so that the Chinese gang could recognize him, but received no recognition from the Chinese gang. Frank and the player sent Tom to trial as murdering people just for recognition was a bad idea.

In his speaking in court, Tom believed that him killing Radovan would unite the Chinese community against the Russian community with feelings that even Sue Xiong was secretly proud of him, although she could not admit she was the leader of a Chinese gang, of which Judge Dante thought was a ridiculous statement. Russell's psychological report suggested solitude was the driving reason that led Tom to grand homicide, but even with homicidal delusions the report declared Tom sane, which explained why Tom was given a 20-year jail sentence instead of treatment in an institution for the criminally insane.


  • As revealed in the finale of Inner City—Radovan, Ling and Angus's respective organs were all stolen by none other than the crooked surgeon Mark McKenzie, who was eventually arrested for his involvement in the organ-stealing scheme as he obeyed his contractor's orders to remove the organs and give them to him in clandestine terms.

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