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Levels & Ranks

Ranks are a progression feature integrated into Criminal Case. The player will rank up each time after a certain level is reached.


Every time the player ranks up, they get promoted to a higher rank although it doesn't effect the storyline of the game in any way—meaning ranking up is not essential to progress in the game. However, there are certain advantages of ranking up:

  • Once the player ranks up, they can share a bag of Potato Chips for their teammates or other Criminal Case players to claim.
    • If the claimer chooses to send a Lucky Card in return, the player will receive a random Lucky Card and may get a chance to collect a Royal Flush if lucky enough.
  • Throughout the storyline, certain characters may also refer to the player as their current rank although this may seem to be more of an achievement than an advantage.

Rank Ups

There are currently 17 Rank Ups and they occur when the player reaches the following levels:

  • Level 1 — Officer
  • Level 5 — Deputy
  • Level 12 — Detective
  • Level 20 — Corporal
  • Level 32 — Sergeant
  • Level 45 — Lieutenant
  • Level 60 — Captain
  • Level 75 — Major
  • Level 100 — Inspector
  • Level 125 — Lead Inspector
  • Level 150 — Commander
  • Level 175 — Deputy Chief
  • Level 200 — Commissioner
  • Level 250 — Sheriff
  • Level 300 — Ranger
  • Level 350 — Marshal
  • Level 400 — Senior Trooper


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