Rex Logan
Biographical information
Full name Rex Logan
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Chemical burns
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Actor
Affiliation(s) Utopian Cult
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #35: Star Crime (s2)

Rex Logan was the victim in Star Crime (Case #35 of Pacific Bay).


Rex was a famous science-fiction actor with brown hair and blue eyes who, at the time of his death, wore a black sci-fi armor (accompanied by the badge of an infamous cult) while shooting for Warzone Pacific.

Murder details

Warzone Pacific

Amy Young and the player were dispatched to patrol the set of Warzone Pacific, a sci-fi movie that was currently being filmed at Studio 51.

Rex was found melted to death with acid on the movie set of Warzone Pacific, at Studio 51. In spite of Amy's post-traumatic instabilities from the start of the investigation, the player managed to find an acid bottle, and given that the bottle was apparently used to melt the actor to death, it was registered as the murder weapon right on the spot. The corpse was then shipped to Roxie for autopsy.

Roxie was surprised that the player was correct about the acid being the murder weapon in spite of the corpse's position being unnatural based on the crime scene photos she observed, suggesting that the victim was staged post-mortem by the killer. Furthermore, Roxie found traces of talcum powder on Rex's elbows and knees--meaning the killer made contact at those spots during the post-mortem staging. Alas the killer was confirmed to have used talcum powder.

Besides that, Amy and the player had to ship the acid bottle to Yann and since time was of essence, Yann went straight to the point: the killer sustained acid burns on the skins as a result of use.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be his co-star, Daniel Lambert


The Utopian statuette Daniel used to stage the corpse of Rex.

Although Daniel refused to admit to the crime once Amy and the player attempted to arrest him, he eventually conceded by stating that Rex was untalented and was not fit to star in any film project. Daniel believed that Rex abused his Utopian faith to get the lead role for Warzone Pacific, which prompted the co-star to label the victim as a traitor to the Utopians. In addition, he wanted Rex gone so that he could have some time to shine in Ivywood, not to mention that he wanted to make the Utopians proud. Furthermore, Daniel felt that the victim was not well-synchronized with the cult's faith. So, to fool the player, he stole a bottle of acid from the costume designer's prop room, threw it at Rex when he and the victim were alone on the set, and configured the corpse to resemble the Utopian statuette of "Adel"—a legendary Utopian figure who, according to a Utopian mythology, was accused of betraying his brothers and breaking the teachings of the cult's faith. Daniel thus fled the scene, hoping that the acid would destroy the evidence. The player was foolproof in the investigation per Amy, so Daniel was shipped to court.

In court, Judge Dante informed Daniel that he was not qualified to convict extraterrestrials (due to Daniel wearing heavy makeup for the movie), but the actor replied that it was understandably nothing more than just makeup. Despite his alleged xenophobia, the judge then concluded that a murder is a felony, thus issuing a 30-year jail sentence to Daniel for grand homicide.


  • Rex bears a strong resemblance to Richard Castle (portrayed by Nathan Fillion) from the American crime drama television series Castle.
    • He somewhat resembles American actor and filmmaker Tom Cruise as well. This is possible because the concept of Rex's character seems to have been based off of the real-life actor.

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