Dr. Ruth Campbell
Biographical information
Full name Ruth Campbell
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age 35
Birth 1980
Death 2015
Cause of death Dismemberment
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Scientist
Family Nigel Campbell (husband; incarcerated)
Milo (creation)
Ruth (creation; genetic clone)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #48: Blood in the Blender (s2)

Dr. Ruth Campbell (1980-2015) was the victim in Blood in the Blender (Case #48 of Pacific Bay).


Ruth was a 35-year-old scientist in Innovation Valley working on cloning. She was responsible for the creations of Milo and Ruth.

Ruth had black hair and wore a pair of glasses. At the time of her death, Ruth was seen donning a lab coat over a pink blouse and was seen holding a stethoscope.

Murder details

Ruth was found at a juice bar with her body parts sticking out of blenders. When sent to Roxie, she found that the victim was cut into pieces by some kind of saw. Then the killer proceeded to put parts of her body into a blender, along with several fruits. Roxie stated the killer chose specific fruits which would attack the body, making it easier for it to turn into pulp. She informed the player and Amy that whoever killed her knew how to make smoothies.

After a second examination of the juice bar, they managed to find a saw covered in blood. They sent a sample to Yann, and he confirmed that most of it was the victim's, meaning the saw was the murder weapon. He also found another person's blood sample on it, considering how messy the murder was, he was not surprised that the killer cut themselves. He managed to confirm the killer's blood type was O+.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be her husband, Nigel Campbell.

Nigel thought Amy and the player were out of their minds, but Amy got down to business by presenting evidence as proof of Nigel performing the first-degree manslaughter. Nigel was a house husband and eventually wanted children, but when he had an affair with clone Ruth, it was the last straw as he was fed up with Ruth's workaholic lifestyle. Nigel thought Clone Ruth was more loyal than the real Ruth, so he sliced the real Ruth with a saw, and then shredded her using the blenders available in the juice bar. Amy had enough, so she allowed the player to ship the estranged husband to face Judge Dante.

All Nigel wanted from Ruth was love, but admitted that her workaholic lifestyle led to discontent. Ruth Campbell created a clone of herself so that Nigel would have a love affair, but Nigel wanted the real thing, per his testimony to the Judge. So Judge Dante made one thing clear: 30 years in jail for Nigel.


  • Ruth's death at the hands of her husband is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Pacific Bay.

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