Sally Stone was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend, junkie Dan Broke, in The Dockyard Killer (Case #4 of Grimsborough).


Sally is a 19-year-old red-haired woman with a cross earring. She wears a navy t-shirt with what looks like a skull on it and a skull badge on her gray hoodie. It is known that Sally is left-handed.

Height 5'5"
Age 19
Weight 100 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Sally was called in by the police while they were investigating the murder of Dan Broke, Sally's boyfriend and fellow junkie. She told Jones and the player that she did not know any Dan. After this, the team investigated her place, and found a bracelet which said "Dan". They interrogated Sally about it, but she kept eluding the questions.

The team continued investigating, and after speaking police informant Bart Williams, they met Sally's dealer Bulldog. They also learned Sally had been around the primary crime scene since her shoes got covered with the soil from the crime scene, and confronted her. She said she got lost looking for him, and found him dead in the docks. After investigating Bulldog's workplace, they arrested him and Sally was let go.

In the Additional Investigation, the team checked up on Sally, and she told them that she had lost her antidepressant pills. The team looked for them and made sure they were safe. They brought them back to her and she said she would go back home with her parents in Maple Heights.


  • As revealed in the case, Sally lives in apartment 315.

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