Sammy Duncan
Biographical information
Full name Sammy Duncan
Alias(es) Sammy the Swindler
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Decapitation
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Street swindler
Moonshine distiller
Partner(s) Vanessa Kimmel (girlfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #9: Death by Moonshine (s2)

Sammy Duncan, also known as Sammy the Swindler, was the victim in Death by Moonshine (Case #9 of Pacific Bay).


Sammy was a Bayou Bleu local who was flagged as being a street swindler per Betty-Lou Logan, owner of the Mad Cow bar of Bayou Bleu. Sammy wore a reddish wicker shirt with buttons, had brown hair that extended to the length of his shoulders, sported a brown beard and green eyes.

Murder details

Sammy's head was found chopped off from his body and was placed in display at Betty-Lou's bar, The Mad Cow. In the morgue, Roxie deduced the head was hacked off with a sharp blade while Sammy was alive although Frank and the player required the murder weapon to be sure. The good news was that Roxie found traces of egg whites in the wound to alleviate the bleeding while placing the head as a trophy, which meant that the killer used eggs.

Later on, Frank and the player found Sammy's headless body during a second trip to the creepy forest, and Roxie was able to verify the body belonged to Sammy. Roxie found a strange symbol on the victim's skin in the form of a rectangular line in the middle—grounds for Roxie to consult Russell about the strange wound left in the body shortly after Sammy was beheaded. Russell recognized the strange mark as a domino, and while Roxie determined that it was the killer who left the mark shortly after Sammy's death, Russell thus determined that the killer played dominoes.

Nearing the end of the case, the team made a second trip to the bar and found an axe (from which they took a blood sample for Yann to analyse). Yann determined that the blood collected from the axe contained Sammy's blood—confirming the axe to be used as the murder weapon while the second blood type belonged to the killer, in which through careful examination, Yann determined thus the killer's blood type was A-.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be poacher Joe Littlehat.

Sammy and Joe ran a moonshine distillery, which was against federal law as alcoholic drinks are regulated even in Pacific Bay. Joe created the recipe for the moonshine, and in turn expected Sammy's cooperation in accepting his help, personal respect, and a share of the profit resulting from the sale of moonshine. According to Joe, Sammy was a selfish person, but Frank countered that the moonshine partnership had excessive bumps due to a mutual disagreement between the two, so the team sent Joe to face trial for Sammy's murder.

Once in trial, Judge Dante was prepared to indict Joe for the murder of Sammy, although the endangerment of Frank's pet turtle, Duke, was also on the list of charges, much to the justice's disbelief as Joe admitted to endangering a pet turtle in hope to get a lesser sentence. Knowing that profits were the reason for the murder, Joe told Judge Dante that Sammy refused to share the profits in spite of him supplying the ingredients for the moonshine, erupting into hatred. Joe then took an axe, beheaded Sammy, used eggs to alleviate the bleeding, and pinned the head on the Mad Cow's trophy mount because Joe also hated moments when Betty-Lou spat on his beer.

The final verdict was a 25-year jail sentence for Joe.

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