Sandy Grimmes
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Biographical information
Full name Sandy Grimmes
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss
(chop wounds to the hands)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Profession(s) Social worker
Family Milton Grimmes (distant cousin; incarcerated)
Solomon Grimmes (ancestor)
Partner(s) Delsin Peota (boyfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #53: Burying the Hatchet (s1)

Sandy Grimmes was the victim in Burying the Hatchet (Case #53 of Grimsborough).


Sandy was a distant cousin of Milton Grimmes, and the descendant of Solomon Grimmes, as discovered during her murder investigation.

Sandy was a social worker who started working in the Aloki settlement at some point in her life. She had neck-length blonde hair and green eyes, and donned a gray overcoat with a purple blouse underneath it. She also wore a name tag with her name on it on the right side of her coat.

Murder details

Sandy was found mutilated and had both of her hands chopped off before being tied to a post in the Aloki Settlement to be left for dead.

After her body was found, it was immediately sent to the coroner, Nathan Pandit, for autopsy. Nathan told David Jones and the player that Sandy died from blood loss due to the savage removal of her hands. The particular method of execution was a well-known punishment for incorrigible thieves in many Native American cultures, such as the Aloki Indians. Nathan also came across the cigarette burns on Sandy's chest, which confirmed that the killer was a smoker.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Aloki Indian Shanaya Peota.

Sandy was a social worker, and she had to make changes in the Aloki Settlement. But Shanaya hated her, because after Shanaya and her husband, Delsin Peota, got divorced, Sandy had an affair with him, and Sandy also sent Shanaya's kids to foster care.

Shanaya did not want to submit to Grimsborough's law, and told the team that what she did was right during her moment of arrest. She knew what she had to do, so when Sandy arrived for an appointment with the juvenile offender Keanu Ashokan, she jumped at Sandy and tied her to the pole which could be found in the Aloki Settlement. Shanaya then hacked off Sandy's hands with an Indian hatchet she stole from Grim Gas, Ron Riggs's gas station.

At court, Shanaya was proud of committing the murder because of Sandy's crimes. Shanaya said that she was a happy Aloki wife until Sandy started working in the Aloki Settlement. When Sandy arrived, she made Shanaya the laughing stock of the Aloki community. Shanaya continued by stating that Sandy's affair with Delsin was not the first time that this happened to the Aloki Indians since Sandy's ancestor, Solomon Grimmes, stole Inaya—the love interest of Keme Peota, Delsin's ancestor—from Keme back in 1643. Although Shanaya avenged Keme by killing Sandy, the Judge countered that past wrongs could not be made right with new crimes.

Shanaya was sentenced to life imprisonment for the pitiless murder of Sandy Grimmes. Jones said that the team should thank Anakee for her willingness to help them and to guide them to the truth. He then concluded that the communities would accomplish a great job if they worked together.

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