Scott Lee Allan
Biographical information
Full name Scott Lee Allan
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Rat attack
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Family Kitty LaBombe (son)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #22: Of Rats and Men (s2)

Scott Lee Allan was the victim in Of Rats and Men (Case #22 of Pacific Bay).


Scott was a prisoner who managed to escape from the penitentiary into Jazz Town by taking advantage of a looting riot occurring throughout the streets of the town. He was a middle-aged man who sported brown hair with graying temples. He had brown eyes and a darkening beard forming. He donned a typical prison uniform with a name tag which read, "LEE ALLAN". Above that read his prisoner identification number, "243342".

Murder details

Moments after escaping prison, Scott was found tied up in a pink sofa and cannibalized by rats in an abandoned theater in Jazz Town. The player was brave enough to ship Scott's body to Roxie, although Roxie told the player they could have removed the rats before shipping the victim for autopsy.

After tedious hours of autopsy, Roxie informed Frank and the player that the victim was covered in a substance called Rat Attract, which is used by pest control experts to attract rats, grounds for the rats to eat Scott to death. This meant the killer used the rats and the Rat Attract substance to off Scott, although the murder weapon was officially registered as being rats. Roxie also noticed that the rope used to tie Scott to the pink sofa was a military-grade rope called a Mexican Handcuff Knot, which is a rope used only in the military. This implied that the killer had military training.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be the his cell mate, Andre Roche.

Andre learned of Scott's hidden loot in which Scott refused to out details, but also had to put up with the victim's bullying during his hard time. When Andre learned of Scott's breakaway from prison, he saw an opportunity to get even with his oppressive cell mate by exploiting his weakness, in this case Scott hated rats. Andre lured Scott into the abandoned theater, and then he tied the escaped convict using his military training. Andre intended to torture Scott so that he would learn the location of the hidden loot but little did he know he covered him with Rat Attract—allowing the rats to cannibalize his former cell mate. Andre attempted to release him after Scott bubbled out the hidden loot's location, but to no avail.

Judge Dante informed the court that he had his vehicle stolen by looters but also pin-pointed that Pacific Bay rats are protected species under Pacific Bay law, a move which infuriated Judge Dante for the first time in the game. For the premeditated murder of Scott Lee Allan and the alleged endangerment of the Pacific Bay rats, Andre was sentenced to 40 years in jail assigned to a cell mate who was known to snore in their sleep. Judge Dante also gave Andre a chance to come clean by asking him where Scott's loot was located at, but Andre refused to out it before Judge Dante. Therefore, the sentence stood.

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