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Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, there's been a shark attack at Sunny Beach!
Chief Marquez: I need you to go to the beach now! Take Amy with you!

Chapter 1

Investigate Seaside.
Amy Young: That man the shark has killed, it is... was... Jimmy Lewis, also known as Ice P! He's the star of a local reality show!
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, something's fishy here. Ice P's hands are tied together with sticky tape... And, eww, his fingers have been cut off!
Amy: We need to find a lead. You're right, recovering the info on this paper might give us one!
Trevor: Excuse me, Officers! I'm Dr Finn, Shark Expert. I was on the beach. Let me know if I can be of any help!
Amy: Stay here, Dr Finn, we'll have a word with you. So, where should we start, <Rank> <Name>?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Great to meet you, <Rank> <Name>! I'm Roxie Sparks, coroner by day, party girl by night... And I hope you'll be joining us at Happy Hour tonight!
Amy: Uh, Roxie... The Chief sent out a memo about avoiding Happy Hour on weekdays, remember?
Roxie: Ah, Amy, teacher's pet as always! But let's get down to this great corpse you caught...
Roxie: First, let me collect that your victim's death was no accident... and that your killer's murder weapon was indeed a shark!
Roxie: Now, I noticed markings on Ice P's skin, obviously the result of a struggle with his killer.
Roxie: I noticed a particular pattern to these markings, which indicates that they were made by a shell necklace! Your killer's taste in jewelry is pretty questionable, if you ask me!
Amy: Great, <Rank> <Name>! Now we know the killer wears a shell necklace, and I'm sure you'll soon spot somebody matching that description!

See if Trevor Finn can help.
Amy: Sir, you told us you were there during the shark attack. Can you please elaborate?
Trevor: This shark attack is ever so exciting! No, thrilling! No, amazing! No, wonderf-
Amy: Dr. Finn! A man has been killed! I'm not sure it's something you should be rejoicing over!
Trevor: But it was such a perfect kill! The scent of blood from this man's wounds would have titillated the shark's sensory system like a five star meal!
Trevor: What a pity I had to kill it before it finished its mouthful! There's nothing worse than dying with indigestion!
Trevor: Of course, nobody can blame the poor shark for its instincts! Now, has anyone seen where I left my harpoon? I'm always losing the darn thing...

Examine Soggy Paper.
Amy: Nice catch, <Rank> <Name>! That soggy flyer you found on the beach is an advertisement for a Meet & Greet session with our victim and his fans!
Amy: The Meet & Greet session took place yesterday on the boardwalk, I saw it in the newspaper. <Name>, if the killer went there, he might have left some clues!

Investigate Shopping Alley.
Amy: Well spotted, <Name>! This torn photo was probably taken during Ice P's Meet & Greet session with his fans!
Amy: I wonder why it was destroyed, though... Do you think you can piece it back together, <Rank> <Name>?

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: Wow! You restored the photo from Ice's Meet & Greet real quick! You're a true whizz, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: The photo shows our victim and a young fan. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's still cute.
Amy: Oh dear, I'm missing the point, aren't I? You're right, that woman in the background looks as if she hates our victim! This IS suspicious!
Amy: Maybe if we send the picture over to our tech expert, she will be able to identify the angry woman? Let's try it out!

Analyze Fan Photo.
Hannah: Hi, <Rank> <Name>. I'm Hannah Choi, tech genius extraordinaire, and I can tell you we're going to make a great team! That photo you spotted on the boardwalk was a super clue!
Hannah: You've found the only local girl who hates Ice P more than I do! Her name is Maggie Ryder and she's a promising surf champion.
Hannah: What's more, she's already been given a restraining order against Ice P because she kept throwing seaweed at him and his film crew!
Amy: But why would she do something like that? That's not very sportswomanly!
Hannah: Oh, Amy... So sweet and innocent! Why don't you ask Maggie directly? She's probably down at the beach.
Amy: Well, that settles it, I suppose... Let's go talk to Maggie, <Rank> <Name>!

Ask Maggie Ryder why she hated the victim.
Maggie: What do you want with me? I can't speak long, the waves are great at this time of day, I need to surf!
Amy: Well, we heard about your tense relationships with the recently deceased Ice P and <Rank> <Name> wants...
Maggie: Tense relationship? Ha! That's one word for it! Because of him and his stupid Ice P Show, I might not make the surfing championships this year!
Amy: But how could Ice P prevent you from training?
Maggie: His TV crew kept blocking my access to the ocean during prime training hours! They had absolutely no respect for this beach or the people who depend on it... Like ME!
Maggie: Sunny Beach is the best surfing spot in Ocean Shore so I'm glad that idiot got himself eaten! Now I have a chance of catching up on my training!
(After talking to Maggie Ryder)
Amy: Well, it's clear that the filming of Ice P's reality show disturbed the lives of the locals in Ocean Shore...
Amy: But is that a good enough reason to kill somebody? Do people actually go to such extremes, <Rank> <Name>?

Amy: Well, it's clear that the filming of Ice P's reality show disturbed the lives of the locals in Ocean Shore...
Amy: But is that a good enough reason to kill somebody?
Amy: The shark attack was indeed very violent, <Name>. You're right, we need to investigate this beach once again!

Investigate Seaside.
Amy: Good job! You found the victim's chain... We should collect some of these tiny feather to look for clues.
Amy: And once repaired, this broken watch might give us a new lead!

Examine Victim's Chain.
Amy: Nice work, <Name>! You've collected tiny feathers from the victim's chain!
Amy: I wonder how they ended up stuck in that chain, though...
Amy: Good idea, <Name>, let's send them to the lab!

Analyze Feathers.
Yann: <Name>! Good to meet you, I'm Yann Toussaint, I take care of all of the forensic analyses.
Yann: I heard about how well you're handling this shark attack murder... And I'm delighted to be the bearer of good news for you!
Yann: I've identified the small feathers you found on your victim's chain... They're the soft, fine type that you find on the underbelly of parrots.
Yann: However, finding feathers on one of your victim's possessions is exceptionally strange... Everyone in Pacific Bay knew he had a severe bird phobia!
Amy: Oh, yes! On one of the episodes of the show, he got attacked by a group of angry pigeons! And afterwards, people posted photos of Ice P crying and covered in feathers on the internet... Poor thing!
Amy: But if Ice P wouldn't have approached a parrot... Could the feathers have come from his killer?
Amy: Oh you agree, <Rank> <Name>? I'm so happy! So Ice P's killer is in contact with parrots! I'd better write this down!

Examine Broken Object.
Amy: Wow, <Rank> <Name>! I've never seen anyone fix a watch that fast!
Amy: It looks quite expensive. And you're right, it's even been customized... There's a picture on the dial!
Amy: Oh! It's a picture of Carly Lewis, Ice P's wife! So this watch must belong to our victim!
Amy: I can't believe I forgot to inform you about Carly... But it's not too late to go and talk to her, <Name>! Let's go!

Talk to Carly Lewis about her deceased husband.
Amy: Mrs Carly Lewis, <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you some questions about your husband...
Carly: Oh, my poor baby boo... He, he... He was so rich!
Amy: Erm, when did you see your husband for the last time? I assume you're both pretty busy filming your reality show.
Carly: It was on the beach. We were filming a scene in which Ice P surprised me with the most DIVINE crystal bikini...
Carly: But now... Oh, oh... He'll never be able to buy me things again! I can't believe this is happening to me!
Amy: Oh, Mrs Lewis, I'm so sorry... But you know what they say, every dark cloud has its silver lining! Maybe this will be a good opportunity to--
Carly: You're RIGHT! This tragedy will make a GREAT season finale for the show! It'll be the perfect thing to honor my poor baby boo's moment!
(After talking to Carly Lewis)
Amy: Well... Mrs. Lewis is, uh... something else! Her reaction to her husband's death was a bit off color, don't you think?
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>. We'll definitely need to keep an eye on her!

Back at the station...
Amy: Well, I hate to say this, but I really don't know where to turn next. Do you, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: You're right, recapping what we know will help us move forward! Let's see... Our victim was fed to a shark by a killer...
Amy: A killer who wears a shell necklace and has recently been in contact with a parrot!
Amy: We've also met our victim's wife, who has... an interesting way of expressing her grief. And his local enemy, Maggie...
Roxie: Hey, do you guys have a minute? This is kind of embarrassing, but... Uh, I just had a freaky flashback from when I was last at the Tiki Shack...
Roxie: It's still a bit blurry, but the point is, I'm pretty sure I saw your victim there!
Amy: Well, it's a popular place in Ocean Shore. Ice P must have-
Roxie: You're not getting it. It saw your victim at the Tiki Shack right before he was killed! He didn't look too fresh, either, and when he left, someone followed him!
Amy: What?! Roxie, are you seriously telling us drank so much that you don't remember being the last person to see our victim alive?!
Roxie: Well...

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Roxie! How could you forget to tell us you saw out victim right before he died??
Roxie: Well, Amy, there's a little something that happens when you play drinking games... and it's called a blackout! When I woke up, I hardly remembered anything!
Roxie: But now, I've popped a couple aspirin, the haze has started to lift: I definitely saw Ice P leaving the Tiki Shack... and he was followed by someone!
Amy: This could be a great lead! Can you tell us what the person looked like? What they were wearing, the color of their hair...?
Roxie: Honey, I still have to figure out what I did with my house keys! But it can only have been a couple of hours before the murder... Trust the coroner on this!
Amy: I agree, <Rank> <Name>, let's go have a look around the Tiki Shack and search for answers!

Investigate Tiki Shack.
Amy: The writing you found on that paper is pretty faded, isn't it, <Name>? Is there any chance you could use some powder to reveal what was written on it?
Amy: And what about this cooler you found? I would have never noticed it, but I clearly still have a lot to learn! Shall we look inside?

Examine Cooler.
Amy: Your instincts were spot-on, <Name>! The role of sticky tape you found in that cooler looks exactly like the one which was used to tape Ice P's hands together!
Amy: You're right, we'd better inspect it more closely! If it belonged to the killer, they might have left something on it!

Examine Sticky Tape.
Amy: That was a real feat of precision, <Rank> <Name>! You've managed to extract grease from the tape roll you found in the Tiki Shack!
Amy: You're right, we need to get this sample to forensics as soon as possible!

Analyze Grease.
Yann: This is superb work, <Name>! I compared the tape you found in the Tiki Shack to the tape around the victim's wrists, and they're a perfect match... right down to the severing spot!
Amy: Yay, I knew you were right, <Rank> <Name>! Which means that the grease you collected on it must come from Ice P's killer, right, Yann?
Yann: You're perfectly correct. The grease <Name> collected is very unhealthy stuff, but nevertheless very popular among beach bums.
Yann: It's a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and sausage grease... To put it simply: hot dog grease.
Amy: You're telling us our killer enjoyed a hot dog right before murdering Ice P? How could they think of eating at a time like that?!
Yann: The human psyche works in very strange ways, Amy.

Examine Faded Paper.
Amy: Fantastic, <Rank> <Name>! The paper you found in the Tiki Shack is as clear as day now... and it's a filming waiver for Ice P's show!
Amy: According to the waiver, a certain Zack Taylor authorized the Ice P Show to broadcast footage of him. So he must have known the victim! But where might we find him?
Amy: Great idea, <Rank> <Name>, let's just ask our tech expert to track this Zack Taylor down in her database of local residents! I'll call her up!
Hannah: I'm in the middle of fixing a catastrophic error in our intelligence mainframe. What d'you need, <Name>?
Amy: Hannah, could you help us track down a certain Zack Taylor, resident of Sunny Beach, please?
Hannah: Just gimme a sec... There you go! Zack Taylor, Sunny Beach resident and lifeguard! And according to the coast guard's shift schedule, he's on beach duty right now.
Amy: Super! <Rank> <Name>, it looks like we've got another suspect! Let's go question him right away!

Question Zack Taylor about the filming waiver.
Amy: Excuse me, sir... are you Zack Taylor?
Zack: Why yes, honey... Why do you ask?
Amy: We believe you were a regular on the Ice P Show, and <Rank> <Name> would like to know of your dealings with the show's deceased star...
Zack: Well, I met Ice P last summer when he fell off a cruise boat. He was trying to recreate a scene from Titanic for the cameras, hahaha!
Zack: Anyway, he panicked, and I had to rescue him and take him back to the shore. This became a popular episode of the show, and I became good friends with Ice P after this.
Amy: Aww... that's such a beautiful start of a friendship! I wish I could be a hero to my friends!
Zack: Well, I don't know if Ice P would have agreed... When I took him to recover in the lifeguard hut, he saw our pet parrot and totally freaked out!
(After talking to Zack Taylor)
Amy: That lifeguard's so... ahem, impressive, isn't he, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Oops, sorry... You're right, I need to stay focused.
Amy: Oh, that's a great idea, <Rank> <Name>... we should definitely look around the boardwalk again! Our victim spent some of his final hours there, so maybe his killer did, too!

Investigate Ice Cream Kiosk.
Amy: Oh, someone's lost their cellphone! And from what's written on the screen, it looks like the owner is a fan of our victim! A new suspect, maybe?
Amy: Oh darn... it's locked. I'm terrible with codes... Can you please try unlocked it, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Ah, you've also found a fishing vest! Good idea, let's have a look through the pockets for clues.

Examine Fishing Vest.
Amy: Wonderful! You found a map of the Ocean Shore coastline in that discarded fishing vest!
Amy: Part of this map seems to have writing on it, but it's faded... Great idea, <Name>, your powdering skills will soon reveal what this map is hiding, and it might be crucial for our investigation!

Examine Faded Map.
Amy: Great job, <Rank> <Name>! You've uncovered lines on the map which indicate the migration routes of sharks near Sunny Beach!
Amy: Who on earth would need a map like this? Ah, you're right! It must belong to Dr Finn, the shark expert! Let's go pay him a visit!

Ask Trevor about the map found in the fishing vest.
Trevor: <Rank> <Name>, you found my map! I've been searching for it for hours, and I wanted to show you something!
Trevor: You see the red cross on the map? This is the point at which the shark's migration route comes closest to the shoreline...
Amy: But isn't that also where Ice P was attacked by the shark?!
Trevor: Exactly! He wouldn't have stood a flipper of a chance! And how delighted that magnificent shark must have been to find a tasty morsel smack bam in his path!!
Trevor: Sorry, I'm letting my enthusiasm get the better of me... I just miss the good old days, when there were enough sharks in the bay to keep every expert busy!
Trevor: Nowadays, I've been reduced to working part-time as a parrot keeper at the local zoo. They're alright, I suppose... But they're not sharks. I love sharks!

Examine Cellphone.
Amy: Wow! I've never seen someone crack a phone password that fast! You've got a special talent, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: And this cellphone's owner is a little girl! Look, her screensaver is a photo of her with Ice P and Carly at the Meet & Greet!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we should send this phone to Hannah. She'll be able to identify who the little girl is in no time!

Analyze Unlocked Cellphone.
Hannah: <Name>, you're suspiciously good at tracking down hidden clues! I'd swear you were an ex-spy!
Hannah: The cellphone you unlocked belongs to a local kid called Augusta, she's the girl on the photo.
Hannah: She's a BIG fan of Ice P's reality show and pretty much follows the film crew everywhere they go...
Hannah: And she believes Ice P and Carly are living a "real life fairytale", isn't that sad?
Amy: Aw, I think it's cute!
Hannah: Hmph, you would! But if the frantic text message she sent to her friends are anything to go by, she got a harsh reality check the other day.
Hannah: In her own words, she said she witnessed "that naughty noo" Ice P having a blood-curdling argument with "poor" Carly...Intense, eh?
Amy: Hm, now that Ice P's dead, this information could be of vital importance! What should we do, <Name>?
Amy: You're right, we should verify the reliability of the witness first. Let's find little Augusta and ask her exactly what she saw!

Talk to Augusta about what she saw the victim do.
Amy: Hello little girl, are you Augusta? <Rank> <Name> and I would like to talk to you about Ice P.
Augusta: I won't talk about him! I'm not his number one fan anymore, hmph!
Augusta: He... He... Ooooh! It's so horrible! He swore to be her prince forever... And I know, because I saw the proposal episode a gazillion times... But he LIED!
Amy: Why do you say he lied, sweetie? They are married, aren't they? Like princes and princesses are...
Augusta: I heard him tell Carly he didn't love her anymore! That he had fallen in love with someone else! That's not something a prince says to a princess!
Augusta: And then Carly hit him with her parrot feather handbag and he passed out! And that made my happy!
(After talking to Augusta)
Amy: You're right, <Name>... From what Augusta just told us, it's clear that Ice P and Carly were having marital problems!
Amy: And now we know that his wife has been in contact with parrot feathers... She's moving straight to the top of the suspect list! Let's go see her, <Rank> <Name>!

Talk to Carly about the argument with her husband.
Carly: Hahahaha! That's so cute! You think my marriage was on the rocks because Ice P and me were arguing? Oh my God... You people must live so boooring lives!
Carly: We fight in public all the time... It's good for the show's ratings!
Carly: Ok, so he did get angry enough this time to mention the D-word, but...
Amy: The "D-Word"? D like divorce? Ice P said he wanted a divorce?
Carly: But he didn't really mean it! And if he did, I would have made him change his mind! I'd rather see him dead than with someone else!

Back at the station...
Amy: Well, <Rank> <Name>, thanks to you, we've made some good progress in our murder investigation! It's only a matter of hours before we catch Ice P's killer, I'm sure!
Amy: We've got one new piece of evidence, in that his killer eats hot dogs!
Amy: And we also know that he wanted to divorce Carly, which I'm afraid make her our prime suspect!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, Amy, I'm glad to see you here! While you were busy investigating, someone dropped this photo into the station for you!
Chief Marquez: Unfortunately, this photo has been torn quite badly... But from what Amy tells me, I'm sure you'll have it pieced back together in no time!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: Great work, <Rank> <Name>... You've perfectly restored the photo that was sent to us! And there's our victim on it!
Amy: And it looks like he's about to... uh... about to kiss someone... someone who definitely isn't Carly!
Amy: Oh deary me, am I crazy or is Ice P about to kiss Zack the lifeguard!?

Chapter 3

Amy Young: You perfectly restored the torn photo that was sent to us, <Rank> <Name>! And look... our victim's in it!
Amy: Um, but is he about to... uh... kiss Zack the lifeguard?!
Amy: No, you're right, <Name>. Before I jump to any hasty conclusions, we should go talk to Zack about his relationship with the victim.
Amy: Oh, good point! Since this picture was taken at the Tiki Shack, we'd better have another look there! I'm ready to do, <Rank> <Name>!

Talk to Zack about that "kiss".
Zack: Hey, <Rank> <Name>! What can I do for you now? It better be quick though... It's my turn to cook hot dogs for the team. We're all crazy about hot dogs!
Amy: Well, erm... This is a little delicate but we found this rather, ahem... intimate... picture of you with Ice P.
Zack: What?! Where did you... Who... Oh my God... please don't show this to anyone, <Rank> <Name>! I'd lose everything!
Zack: Being a lifeguard on Sunny Beach isn't just about saving lives... You've got to make people dream! If I'm not the perfect ladies man, they won't renew my contract for next summer!
Zack: You see, Ice P and I had fallen in love... And if he'd been able to divorce his wife, I would have had the money to leave my job and come out of the closet... But now...
Amy: Oh, Mr Taylor, I'm so sorry, we-
Zack: Look, please just leave me alone... I've already lost the love of my life... And I don't need any more financial hardship this week!

Investigate Bar Shelves.
Amy: Great job, <Rank> <Name>! This broken device you found in the Tiki Shack might contain some important information.
Amy: And I'm confident you'll have this device repaired in no time! Your hands work pure magic!
Amy: Ah, you found a surfboard... Hmm, it must belong to that surfer we met earlier, Maggie... Ah yes, it even has her name on it!
Amy: But what on earth has happened to her surfboard? It looks like it's been chewed on! Good thinking, <Rank> <Name>, let's get the collecting kit out again!

Examine Surfboard.
Amy: Amazing, <Rank> <Name>! You've collected DNA from the surfboard you found in the Tiki Shack!
Amy: What should we do with it, though?
Amy: Try and match this DNA with the DNA registered in our database? That's a super idea! You're a real pro, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine DNA.
Amy: I can't believe it! The DNA you collected on Maggie's surfboard belongs to the shark that killed our victim!
Amy: You're right, Maggie must have been in the water when the shark savaged Ice P! We need to talk to her again!

Ask Maggie about the shark bites on her surfboard.
Amy: Maggie, we know you hated Ice P and now <Rank> <Name>'s discovered that you came into contact with the shark that killed him!
Amy: Now, if you had been attacked by this shark, surely you would have mentioned it the first time <Rank> <Name> questioned you, but-
Maggie: Whoa, hold it right there! Surfers get attacked by sharks all the time! It's an occupational hazard!
Maggie: Once it saw that idiot Ice P flailing around in the waves, it let go of my board and swam towards him... And the next I knew it was trashing Ice P around in its jaws!
Maggie: I'd like to saw I wanted to help him... But that just ain't true. I paddled my board back to shore and went for a hot dog at the Tiki Shack.
Maggie: When I told that crazy shark guy about the attack, he left his own hot dog mid-bite and ran to the beach!
Amy: Maggie! How could you leave this man to such a dreadful fate?!
Maggie: Hey, I wasn't armed! What was I supposed to do? Stupidly risk my life for a man who was ruining my career?! Get real!
(After talking to Maggie Ryder)
Amy: I can't believe Maggie witnessed Ice P's murder and didn't say anything to us before, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: You're right, maybe she was more than just a witness! She was there when Ice P got attacked, after all... We'd better keep a very close eye on her!

Examine Broken Device.
Amy: Great work, <Rank> <Name>! You've repaired the broken device you found at the Tiki Shack! Ooh, and it's a cute kids camera!
Amy: You're right, we'd better send this camera over to Hannah to she can analyze the data for us!

Analyze Camera.
Hannah: I don't compliment people often, <Name>, but I must say I'm pretty damn impressed with the repair job you did on this camera! It works perfectly!
Hannah: Now, I had a look at the camera's memory card, and I found the digital negative of the photo you were sent!
Hannah: What's more, judging from the countless selfies of Augusta and her pet parrot, she must be the owner of this camera!
Amy: So it was Augusta who sent us a copy of this photo!
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we should go see Augusta to get the full story!

Talk to Augusta about the photo she took.
Amy: Augusta... Why did you tear that picture of Zack and Ice P to shreds? We know you're the one who sent it to <Rank> <Name>.
Augusta: Because I was so angry with them! Ice P abandoned his princess for a lifeguard! And lifeguards don't even wear crowns! And now Ice P's DEAD and Carly's all alone!
Augusta: I thought the Police should know about it! Have you arrested that bad man yet?
Amy: It's more complicated than that, sweetie. You can't arrest people just because they fell in love!
Augusta: But it's not FAIR! Who will take Carly out to eat hot dogs now? They used to go to the same hot dog vendor as I do and I was so happy because I could see them!
Augusta: I will never believe in fairy tales EVER AGAIN! It's lies, all of it!

Later on, at the police station...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, we must be close to catching Ice P's killer now! You've done such stellar investigation work!
Amy: I'm still a little unsure which of our suspects could be the killer, though... Was it Carly, because he wanted to leave her?
Amy: Or maybe it was Maggie... Ice P was threatening her surfing career and we know she was right next to the shark during the murder!
Amy: It couldn't have been that little girl... could it? But she's so adorable!
Roxie: You guys! Great news! I've received permission from the board of marine science to autopsy your killer shark!
Roxie: I'm so excited... This will be my first ever legal shark dissection! C'mon, <Rank> <Name>, let's GO!

Investigate Shark Stomach.
Amy: Oh my Gosh... This is just...
Roxie: Amazing! Look, <Name>'s found the victim's severed fingers! I can't wait to see what you'll collect from them, <Name>!
Amy: Roxie... you've got... You're covered in...
Roxie: Oh, you mean my clothes? It's just a little bit of blood and guts, Amy. Nothing to fret about!
Roxie: Oh, but look at what these poor sharks are forced to eat these days! There's a knife in its stomach!
Roxie: Oh, wait, I've just realized something: your victim's fingers were removed with a semi-serrated blade... just like this one! <Name>, you've just found the killer's knife!
Amy: Haha! Ice P's killer is as good as caught! <Rank> <Name>, I'll hurry back to the lab and prepare what you need to inspect those fingers and that knife!

Examine Fingers.
Amy: Great job, <Rank> <Name>! I'm sure the blue liquid you collected from the victim's fingers will be the decisive clue we're missing!
Amy: Let's send this sample to Yann straight away, I'm on it!

Analyze Blue Substance.
Yann: Nice catch, <Name>! The blue liquid you collected from the victim's fingers is lens cleaning fluid!
Amy: That's great!
Amy: Uh, but what does that tell us?
Yann: In itself? Not much. But, when you take into account that most of the liquid was ON the finger stumps, it means it got there after the fingers had been cut...
Yann: Ah, I see <Name>'s got it! Amy, it means the lens cleansing fluid was left there by the person who cut the fingers.
Amy: By Ice P's killer! So they're wearing glasses! I'm totally writing this down, <Rank> <Name>! We'll get to that killer any second now!

Examine Sailing Knife.
Amy: What are those tiny creatures you've collected from the killer's knife, <Rank> <Name>! They look so strange!
Amy: You're right, these little things might tell us a lot about Ice P's killer! Let's get them to forensics asap!

Analyze Strange Creatures.
Yann: Those tiny creatures you found on the knife are actually micro jellyfish, <Name>! They're hardly found in these waters... But I saw lots of them when I went to Cuckoo Island!
Amy: And do these micro jellyfish reveal anything about Ice P's killer, Yann? We need more evidence to put them behind bars!
Yann: Don't worry, I've got one fine piece of evidence for you. The only way these lil guys could have ended up on this knife is if the killer got into the water.
Amy: And if the killer got into the jellyfish infested waters...
Yann: They must have been stung!
Amy: So now we know Ice P's killer must have very specific sting marks on their bodies! This is great, <Rank> <Name>! We're one step closer to catching them!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, I've been re-reading my notes and if I'm correct...
Amy: We've got enough evidence to arrest Ice P's killer! We've done it, <Rank> <Name>! Go us!
Amy: I've never arrested anyone before, but since you're with me, I know it'll go well! Let's go bust their chops, as they say!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Dr Finn, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the pre-meditated murder of Ice P... And you have a lot of explaining to do!
Trevor: Explaining? What is there to explain? Ice P's the reason I lost everything, and now he's paid for it!
Trevor: That idiot drove away the sharks so the shoreline would be safe for his stupid reality show! Now, there's hardly any left in Pacific Bay!
Trevor: Because of him, I went from being a renowned shark expert to feeding parrots in a zoo! And then I had to watch him strutting around on the beach, taunting me!
Trevor: But how can I be a shark expert if there are no shark attacks?!
Trevor: So I thought it would be fitting if the man who destroyed my career would be the one to help me with my comeback. And, by Triton, now everybody will want my advice!
Amy: Dr. Finn, I very much doubt anyone in the county jail will need advice on sharks! You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Now, what do we have here... Another darn crazy murder? Well, luckily, <Rank> <Name> was here to catch the perpetrator!
Honorable Dante: Dr Trevor Finn, I'll give you the credit of being the most creative with your killing techniques than most murderers... But now, it's time you told us all how you did it!
Trevor: Well, ever since Ice P ruined my chances of a career comeback, I decided I'd make him discover the darker side of the shark world one day...
Trevor: So when I saw him stumble out of the Tiki Shack... Pitifully drunk and ignorant of his surroundings... I seized the opportunity and led him away to a secluded corner of the beach.
Trevor: Then I tied his hands together with sticky tape... and began to cut away at his fingers! Hahaha... He looked so pathetic and powerless for once!
Honorable Dante: Pipe down and stop your gloating or I'll throw my pudding snack at you... Actually, no... That would be a waste of good pudding... Just get to the point, Dr. Finn!
Trevor: Well, I threw Ice P's fingers into the sea and then dragged him too... Ice P started to struggle a little, but I plunged his head under the waves and swam back to shore just in time to save the day!
Honorable Dante: Well, that was very enlightening, my dear fishy freak, but the only creatures you'll be seeing from now on will be the ones drawn on the wall of Ocean Shore's prison toilets!
Honorable Dante: Dr. Finn, for the murder of Ice P, I sentence you to life without parole!

Amy: Whew, this sure was an exiting investigation... and I loved watching you in action, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: I can't wait to see what your super criminal instincts and expert forensic skills will solve next!

Additional Investigation

Amy Young: Congrats, <Rank> <Name>! Your first investigation in Pacific Bay is a success!
Roxie: Let's have a drink at the Tiki Shack to celebrate your first solved case here! Amy, wanna join?
Amy: Huh... I don't know, I still have reports to finish, and...
Roxie: Oh, come on! It'll be fun! And you have the right to take a break from time to time, sweetie, ain't that right, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: Alright, I guess a break won't hurt, and it's also a good occasion to socialize and get to know you better, <Rank> <Name>.
Roxie: Great! We're good to go, <Rank> <Name>!

Later, at the Tiki Shack...
Roxie: "Carpe Diem", as they say! Feels great to have some good times after work!
Roxie: So, <Name>, what have- Wait, is that a kid over there? What is a kid doing in a bar? And why is she coming straight towards us?!
Augusta: I can't believe it! All my dreams are broken! I can't trust anybody, everything is a lie! I'm leaving... forever! FOR-EVER!!
Roxie: Ok... What the hell of earth was that?!
Amy: It's Augusta! We interrogated her after Ice P's death! <Rank> <Name>, what do you think happened to her?
Amy: She seemed devastated, and she's just a kid... She might come to harm! Please, can we go look for her?
Roxie: Just when we were starting to relax and have fun... And I have to say, I'm not really comfortable when it comes to kids. Even when I was a kid, I didn't much like them.
Roxie: <Name>, I guess I could help you have a look around the Tiki Shack and see if we can find what caused this little girl's outburst.
Amy: Great! And, <Rank> <Name>, I'll go ahead to the beach, since Augusta seemed to be heading there. I'll be waiting for you there!

Investigate Tiki Shack.
Roxie: <Name>, what should we do now? I mean, I deal with dead bodies at work, not little kids!
Roxie: You say you noticed Miss "I'm leaving forever" drop this ticket when she ran away? Nicely spotted!
Roxie: Let's see... Ticket's in a pretty bad shape, most of the text is faded. The sooner we decipher the missing parts, the sooner we'll get answers! Let's do this!

Examine Faded Ticket.
Roxie: Great! The ticket you found at the Tiki Shack really is Augusta's, there's her name on it!
Roxie: It's a VIP ticket for today's episode of the Ice P Show. Wait, they're still filming it? Didn't I autopsy Ice P this morning?
Roxie: You're right, <Name>, something's wrong here. This must be the reason behind that girl's runaway act!
Roxie: We don't know where Augusta is, but we do know where to find Carly, you're right! Let's go have a little chat with her about this episode!

Ask Carly if she knows about Augusta's outburst.
Roxie: Carly Lewis, am I right? Do you know anything about one of your fans freaking out after going to the filming of today's episode of the Ice P show?
Roxie: While we're at it, why is the show still running? Considering the circumstances...
Carly: We're running one last episode to pay tribute to Ice P. Maybe this little girl got all emotional when the filing began, what's the big deal?
Roxie: I see you care deeply about your fans, Mrs. Lewis. It's heartwarming, truly.
Carly: Look, kids will be kids, right? Sorry, guys, but I need to get back on set. Even if my baby boo's gone, I still need to make money!

Investigate Seaside.
Amy: Well spotted, <Rank> <Name>! Maybe Augusta destroyed this sandcastle when she ran away.
Amy: You want to have a closer look at it? You think it's a trail? Oh, I do hope you're right! I'm so worried about Augusta!

Examine Sandcastle.
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, you're incredible! That magic wand you found in the sandcastle definitely looks like something Augusta would carry around!
Amy: So, it means she was at the beach for sure!
Amy: But she's nowhere to be seen... Where could she be right now?
Amy: Oh! Of course, <Name>, Zack is this beach's lifeguard, he probably saw something! Let's talk to him!

Ask Zack if he saw Augusta.
Amy: Hello again, Zack. Is there any way you've seen a little girl in a princess dress passing by?
Zack: No, I didn't see anything, sorry. But I've been pretty preoccupied since Ice P...
Amy: Ooooh, of course! Sorry, I forgot...
Zack: Heh! It's alright! Life goes on for me at least!
Amy: Zack, could you give <Rank> <Name> a hand? You could ask around to see if anybody saw the girl. Her name's Augusta Lopez.
Zack: Sure thing, I'll spread the word. Part of the lifeguard's duty! I'll let you know as soon as I've got some info, <Rank> <Name>.
Zack: And take this spare lifeguard outfit, as a gift. You've more than proved you were as dedicated to the safety of the people around here as I am!

Later, at the Tiki Shack...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, I'm really worried. It's been hours and there's still no trace of Augusta! Maybe we should report her missing...
Roxie: <Name>'s right, Amy, you shouldn't worry so. Let's recap what we've learned, alright?
Roxie: So we know that Augusta was at the filming of the Ice P Show and then freaked out and ran away.
Roxie: And thanks to <Name>, we also know that she was at the beach at some point. She probably didn't go far.
Roxie: Let's just hope Mister Handsome over there did what you asked him to do and is coming to see us with some useful info!
Zack: Hey, <Rank> <Name>, I spread the word like you said. A lot of people told me they saw a little girl sobbing and eating ice cream on the boardwalk.
Roxie: See, Amy? I bet you that's Augusta! Thanks, gorgeous! Care for a drink?
Amy: Roxie, this isn't the time! <Rank> <Name>, let's go to the boardwalk to see if Augusta's still there!

Investigate Ice Cream Kiosk.
Amy: You found her, <Rank> <Name>! You found Augusta!
Amy: Hey, sweetie! You gave us all such a fright! Are you alright?
Augusta: Leave me alone, don't call me sweetie, I hate it!
Amy: Augusta, wait! <Rank> <Name>, what should we do? We can't leave her like this!
Amy: Oh, you're right! We haven't even given her back her magic wand! Let's catch up with her!

Ask Augusta what's wrong.
Augusta: Leave me alone, I don't want to talk to anybody! I was betrayed!
Amy: Aw, we're sorry you're feeling so sad. But <Rank> <Name> found your magic wand, look!
Augusta: My wand! Thanks, <Rank> <Name>!
Augusta: My Mommy bought me a VIP ticket to the Ice P show filming. But when I got there, there were... Men, and I... I...
Augusta: Boooohoooohooo! I'm so mad at Carly! She's not a princess at all!
Amy: Wait, hold on, honey what are you talking about exactly? What mean? What did you see?
Augusta: I took a picture on my phone, look! I don't want to look at it ever again!
Amy: Oh dear, <Rank> <Name>, this phone looks broken. We'll have to see Hannah to fix it...
Amy: Please, Augusta, wait for us here, okay? We'll be back soon!

Hannah: You want me to get info from that broken phone? Look at this mess! Kids... They shouldn't have the right to have phones!
Hannah: Alright, I can extract the data, maybe even fix it, who knows. I'll tell you when I'm done with this little brat's phone, <Name>.

Analyze Augusta's Broken Phone.
Hannah: <Name>, this kid's phone is corrupted to the core! I found ice cream everywhere! Like, really...
Hannah: Of course, since it's me we're talking about, I still managed to save the phone's files. And... Could someone explain to me what this picture is all about?
Amy: Those men all look like Ice P! Did they... Did they organize a casting to replace the real Ice P?!
Amy: I'm so confused! But, you're right, <Rank> <Name>, we should go talk to Carly about this casting. I'll pick Augusta up on the way to the set!

See Carly to get explanations about the Ice P look alikes casting.
Carly: You again, <Rank> <Name>? I guess nobody gets tired of being around stars like me!
Augusta: You monster! You want to replace Ice P! I saw all the people in the line, they all looked like him, but he's DEAD!
Augusta: They were actors who wanted to replace him in the show! They even repeated for... for the scene WHERE HE DIES! Boohoohoo!
Amy: What?! Carly, is that true?!
Augusta: Yes it is! I SAW it!! Tell them, Carly!
Carly: OK, fine, the little girl's right! I planned to use actors to reenact my baby boo's tragic end. That's how it works, drama sells. Ice P would have wanted the show to go on!
Carly: But none of these wannabees came close to Ice P's classiness! So we scrapped the idea. We'll have to think of something else.
Augusta: So no one will replace Ice P?
Carly: No, little girl, it seems nobody can. And what a shame it is...
Carly: But never mind! Ice P liked to splurge, and so do I! <Rank> <Name>, here's a little donation, for finding my baby boo's killer. And I'm treating all of you to some hamburgers!

Back at the Tiki Shack...
Roxie: Feels great not to chase after this kid anymore, <Name>! And I have to say how I wonder how you didn't lose your nerve... She was a handful!
Amy: I'm just so happy we found Augusta! Thank you so much for taking care of it, <Rank> <Name>, I definitely couldn't have done it on my own!
Roxie: So! We're here, having fun, having drinks after this looooong day...
Roxie: And... What do you say we all watch the last episode of the Ice P Show? I mean, we deserve to have some fun after slaving so hard!
Amy: Well... Ok, why not! But can we stop at the ice cream shop on the way home? I don't know why, but I have been craving ice cream all day long! Let's go have fun, <Rank> <Name>!