Simon Armstrong was the victim in The Summoning (Case #26 of Grimsborough).


Simon was a Cooper High School student with black hair, blue eyes, and a gothic appearance. Some of his friends included Ophelia LincolnElvira Milton and Steven Crowe. Simon wore a black shirt with a bull brooch on the middle.

Murder details

Simon was a gothic boy who believed in the devil and other satanic things. Ironically, Simon was found in a crypt on the floor laying in his own blood. He was lying dead with symbols (occult drawings of pentagrams) carved into his chest, as part of a paganist ritual (in which you have to carve the symbols into the person while praying for the favour of the underworld and then drink the victim's blood).

After completing the autopsy, Nathan discovered that Simon was carved up and as a result, he bled to death on the floor. The victim had tried to get off his bounds but unfortunately, he had no chance. Nathan confirmed the team that the murder weapon should've been a blade, or small knife more probably. He had also found scratched skin under Simon's nail which was obviously the killer's. With it, he had managed to find that the killer had a tattoo on their skin.

The team then went to search the local cemetry after an anonymous girl called them and said that she knew something about the murder. There, they found a trash bag and interrogated Ophelia Lincoln, and also a goth named Elvira Milton who told the team that she was the anonymous caller.

Inside the trash bag, the team had found a knife full of blood. They realized that Nathan had told them that the murder weapon was most probably a small knife, and so, they quickly gave the object to Grace for analysis. After six hours of analysis, Grace finally confirmed the team that the bloody knife was the murder weapon. She said that she had compared the knife's blood with the blood found on the victim, and that they were a perfect match. When asked if she managed to find anything about the killer, Grace told the team she had extracted some hair stuck in the blood, and with that, she had discovered the killer had black hair. 

Killer and motives

The killer turned out also to be high schooler Ophelia Lincoln. 

Ophelia had a mental illness and suffered from lapse of memory. One night, while she was in a crypt helping Simon, she suddenly had a nightmare and saw all sorts of weird things. She was out of her mind and, as a result, she killed Simon without any thinking. Since Ophelia had no control over her actions due to her illness, she was ordered to stay 3 years in Grimsborough Psychiatric Hostipal, at the end of which the court would reevaluate the sentence.

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