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Previously on Criminal Case...
Amy Young: <Name>, I just don't get why Vanessa would send you a message on a beer coaster, of all things.
Amy: She talks about dark secrets and she drew a tombstone with a note saying "Tonight, 10 PM"...
Frank: You're right <Name>, since there's a tombstone on it, Vanessa must mean the cemetery! She sure as heck chose the right place to reveal dark secrets...
Frank: Looks like this story's gonna take a dark turn, so you should stay behind, Amy: it could be dangerous!
Frank: <Name>, you ready to head to the cemetery and learn about Vanessa's secrets? Then let's go!

Bayou Cemetery, 10 PM...
Frank: Well <Name>, I don't see Vanessa. Either we're early or she's hiding... Huh, why couldn't she just speak to you on the phone instead of all this secrecy?
Frank: Do we really need to go looking for her, <Name>? I mean I'm a bit too old for playing hide and seek... Alright, fine, let's get it over with...

Chapter 1

Investigate Graveyard Entrance.
Frank Knight: Wow, this has got to be the biggest voodoo doll we've seen so far, <Name>! Besides, I thought we were meant to be looking for Vanessa...
Frank: What?! You're telling me this voodoo doll IS Vanessa?! Why didn't you say so earlier?!
Frank: I guess we're too late to hear her secret... I agree <Name>, let's see if Roxie can get her talking again.
Frank: Now, what's this you picked up, <Name>? A torn document? I'll let you piece it back together, I know you like showing off your skills.
Frank: And look at this message: "Vanessa, hide here and you'll be safe"... But you're right <Name>, there's something else on this but it's faded!
Frank: Do you think you can recover the faded ink, so we can see what this is all about, <Name>?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: That's quite a body you sent over, <Name>: a human made to look like a voodoo doll, that's pretty cool!
Frank: I think the victim would disagree, Roxie.
Roxie: Well, she's got her lips sewn shut so she can't say much anyway. And the freaky thing is, her eyes are missing underneath those buttons!
Frank: Ah great, we're obviously dealing with a complete psycho here!
Roxie: All I can tell you for now is that she was strangled to death...
Roxie: And I'm guessing the killer used the tools they had at hand for the stitching because it was done with a fish hook and fishing line!
Frank: So that means our killer fishes! Huh, it's meant to be a calming activity, not a "let's go and rip some poor girl's eyes out" kind of thing.

Examine Torn Document.
Frank: It's getting irritating, <Name>, you're too damned skilled: it makes me look bad. And this document you pieced back together looks an awful lot like a conspiracy document.
Frank: It says those three girls are missing, and there are a lot of scribbled notes around them: "same age", "same place"... What's all this about?
Frank: I agree <Name>, we should send this mystery to the lab. I'm sure the lab rat will enjoy solving this for us!

Analyze Document.
Hannah: I looked into that document you found, <Name>. I had Russell check out the handwriting, and he's positive it belonged to your victim.
Frank: Hm, first Vanessa starts investigating the disappearance of these girls... and then she turns up dead! What can you tell us about it?
Hannah: For one, they all went missing in the bayou over the years. And get this: they all died at the age of 24, just like your victim!
Hannah: And the similarities don't end there: all these girls were prostitutes. Again, just like your victim!
Frank: What do you think, <Name>? Are all these cases linked... and does that mean we're dealing with a serial killer?!
Hannah: That's a difficult one to answer because the cop investigating these girls, Harvey Fitchner, never solved the case.
Frank: Harvey was leading the investigation?! I didn't expect to talk to that old wreck again so soon, but you're right <Name>, we need to see him.

Talk to Harvey about the missing girls.
Frank: Heya Harvey, <Rank> <Name> is looking into a murder which has similarities to those missing girls you were investigating. What can you tell us about it?
Harvey: Go away, the lot of 'ya. I don't wanna talk about that blasted case!
Frank: Come on, Harvey, lives are at risk here! There's a serial killer on the loose!
Harvey: That case haunts me day and night, alright? It was my first assignment on reaching the bayou. I tried my best, but my best wasn't enough and the case was never solved.
Frank: So you turned to drinking instead?!
Harvey: You'd do the same, Frank! I know you too well. What happened to them girls was a nightmare... and the drink keeps those memories at bay! Now leave me alone!
(After talking to Harvey Fitchner)
Frank: Huh, now I kind of understand why Harvey drinks so much, <Name>. I suddenly feel bad for the poor guy...
Frank: You're right, there's a good chance that catching this serial killer might help Harvey put a few demons to rest. At least I hope so...

Examine Faded Map.
Frank: Good job recovering that map, <Name>. Now we know where Vanessa went to hide... with the promise she'd be safe.
Frank: Well, since Vanessa ended up dead, we all know that's a lie. But what is this place? It looks like a hut stuck in a tree...
Frank: You're right <Name>, this tree hut shouldn't be too hard to find in the swamps. So what d'ya say we go see where Vanessa was hiding out?

Investigate Hut Pathway.
Frank: Huh, it's not every day you see a hut like that perched in a tree... So this is where Vanessa was hiding out, hey?
Frank: And so you found a trophy mount, <Name>? Hahaha, don't tell me you wanna hang this trashy decoration up in your home!
Frank: Oh right, good call <Name>, I didn't see the faded inscription on it! Well, recovering the text can go two ways: watch me make a mess of it, or have you ace it in seconds.
Frank: Dang, that's true! This is a photo of our victim, but look at the drawing on it: we've seen enough of these by now to know it's a voodoo spell!
Frank: You've got a good point <Name>: everybody seems to practice voodoo around these parts, so let's start by identifying the spell before we go around pointing fingers.
Frank: And you wanna search through that fish trap? Fine by me, just watch out for any water snakes hiding in there. I'd hate to be given a new partner.

Examine Faded Trophy.
Frank: Hm, not bad I guess. So you managed to recover that message on the trophy mount, <Name>.
Frank: It reads: Don't you get it Vanessa?? You're the prey!" And it's signed Betty-Lou!
Frank: I'm kind of relieved she's mean to everybody, not just to me.
Frank: You're right <Name>, just previously a head turned up in Betty-Lou's bar...
Frank: And now it sounds like Betty-Lou's threatening to stick Vanessa's head on a trophy mount! I agree, we need to talk to her!

Question Betty-Lou about her threat to the victim.
Frank: Betty-Lou, <Rank> <Name> found the threat you so sweetly carved out for Vanessa, stating that she was the prey. What did you mean by that?
Betty-Lou: It wasn't a threat, it's just the way I talk. I wanted her to leave the bayou for good, is all, before something bad happened to her.
Frank: It still sounds like a threat, Betty-Lou! Were you mad at Vanessa because you discovered she was a prostitute?
Betty-Lou: What do I care what she did? She was a pretty one alright, and dolls like her just end up getting ruined in the bayou. I didn't envy her for that.
Frank: "Pretty dolls like her"? That's a poor choice of words, Betty-Lou! You know Vanessa's killer turned her into a human voodoo doll?!
Betty-Lou: Heck, don't look at me! If I was gonna kill someone, I'd just blast them with my shotgun and feed 'em to the gators. Quick and easy. Just ask my ex-husband!

Examine Voodoo Photo.
Frank: You've become pretty knowledgeable in all things voodoo, <Name>! So you identified this spell cast on Vanessa's photo?
Frank: You're right, we've actually seen this voodoo signature before, and it belongs to none other than Erikah Mabayo! Ugh, why am I not surprised?
Frank: You know, for someone who works in the shadows, Erikah ain't very good at staying in them! But then again, I ain't complaining...
Frank: But it seems this was a protection spell... What was Erikah trying to protect Vanessa from? I agree, let's just go see this sorceress and ask her directly!

Quiz Erikah over her voodoo spell on the victim.
Frank: Erikah, <Rank> <Name> discovered that you placed a protection spell on Vanessa Kimmel. And sorry to break it to you, but the spell didn't work.
Erikah: How dare you question my powers, you mere mortal! My spells always work!
Frank: Well, she's been murdered... So no, they don't really work.
Erikah: That protection spell was to help Vanessa! She was scared of something so I used my magic and begged her to go talk to <Rank> <Name> immediately!
Erikah: But it seems that I failed her. I will try and speak to her spirit in the shadow world and ask for forgiveness...
Frank: Yeah yeah, why don't you just save us some time and ask Vanessa who killed her, would ya?

Examine Fish Trap.
Frank: Sorry <Name>, if you were fishing for compliments, you ain't gonna get none: you picked out the most uninteresting thing in that fish trap...
Frank: You think this is the necklace our victim used to wear, <Name>? Alright, I guess it's not such a bad find after all! And I agree, we should collect some of that blood.

Examine Victim's Necklace.
Frank: You want to send this blood you collected from the victim's necklace over to the lab, <Name>? That means less work for us, so I'm all for it!

Analyze Blood.
Yann: I analyzed the blood you found on the victim's necklace, <Name>...
Yann: ... and it's a mix of your victim's blood... and chili powder!
Yann: As the chili powder was ON the blood and not in her blood stream, it obviously means it got deposited on the necklace after the murder by your killer!
Yann: And thanks to this, I can tell you that your killer enjoys spicy food!
Frank: Ha-ha, it sounds like you're reading from the killer's online dating profile, Yann: enjoys spicy food, long walks on the beach and watching sunsets...
Frank: You're right <Name>, I should be grateful now that we're one step closer to catching our chili-loving killer!

In the Chief's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, if we've got a serial killer on our hands, things are going to get a whole lot more complicated around here!
Chief Marquez: This investigation has already destroyed one of my officers' lives, and I don't want the same thing happening to you, so be careful.
Chief Marquez: And Frank, given that Harvey is now a suspect, it would be best if you were taken off this case.
Frank: Phew, that's kind of a relief, Chief: I don't know if I could investigate my old mentor for murder. And don't worry <Name>, I know you'll ace it!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I'll have Amy come round and I'll let you brief her. This is going to be her first big case, so I'm happy she gets to do it with you.

Amy: Reporting for duty, <Rank> <Name>, and ready to catch this serial killer! So what have you got so far?
Amy: You've discovered that Betty-Lou sent Vanessa a death threat, but insisted it was actually just a friendly note to tell her to leave the bayou? Okay then...
Amy: And Erikah Mabayo wanted to protect the victim... Yet the style of murder strongly suggests the killer dabbles in voodoo. That's interesting...
Hannah: Hey <Name>, you've got to listen to this! I pinpointed the locations where those girls went missing and triangulated the coordinates.
Hannah: It led me to a colonial mansion, buried deep in the swamp. What's weird is that for such a secluded place, a lot of young attractive women seem to gather there.
Hannah: <Name>, you previously discovered Vanessa was featured in a book about prostitutes, right? Well, I think we've just found the brothel she worked at!
Amy: Wow, a voodoo murder, a serial killer and now a hidden brothel! You're right <Name>, we need to check it out asap!

At the address...
Amy: Oh no, <Name>, we've finally found the brothel Vanessa worked at... But it's on fire!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Oh my gosh <Name>, we've been hunting down Vanessa's killer all over the bayou...
Amy: ... and then Hannah sends us to this mansion because she's convinced it's in fact a brothel... But it's on fire!
Amy: I agree <Name>, the killer must have known we were coming. I mean they burnt down this brothel before we could even get here!
Amy: But this proves Hannah was right: Vanessa and those missing girls worked in this brothel!
Amy: Ahem, you're right, I better stop talking before the fire destroys everything! Are you ready to brave the flames, <Name>?

Investigate Brothel Lounge.
Amy: Phew, for a moment there I thought we were going to end up barbecued, <Name>! The killer sure didn't want us searching the place!
Amy: And you found a tip jar? Okay... I'm obviously no expert here, but isn't it weird to find that kind of thing in a brothel?
Amy: Ah, you think so too! And you're right, there's a faded logo on it. Do you think you can recover it, <Name>?
Amy: And you picked up... a prenatal ultrasound?! Okay, now that definitely doesn't belong in a brothel!
Amy: Well spotted <Name>, that string of numbers at the top of the ultrasound might tell us who it belonged to... But I can't make sense of them. Can you?
Amy: And you also picked up this broken painting... You want to restore it? I love how you never leave anything to chance, <Name>!
Amy: You're right: the killer burnt down the brothel to destroy all evidence, so all these clues could be vital. Are you ready, <Name>?

Examine Ultrasound.
Amy: Nice work, <Name>! You managed to decipher those numbers on that prenatal ultrasound you found in the brothel.
Amy: Good idea, we should send this patient number over to Hannah: she'll be able to tell us which girl was pregnant!

Analyze Patient Number.
Hannah: I checked out that patient number from the ultrasound you found in the brothel, <Name>. Turns out it belonged to your victim!
Amy: So Vanessa was pregnant!
Hannah: And you're never going to believe who's the father: it's Alec Howard!
Amy: You're right <Name>, we've dealt with Alec once before during the murder of that businesswoman in his Gator Land park!
Amy: <Name>, do you think Alec knew that Vanessa was pregnant... and that she was a prostitute?
Amy: You're right, we need to talk to Alec. But it's night time, so be extra careful for any hungry alligators roaming around Gator Land, <Name>!

Talk to Alec about his affair with the victim.
Amy: Mr Howard, <Rank> <Name> has discovered that Vanessa Kimmel was carrying your child and...
Alec: Boohoo, how I loved her!
Alec: She was wild like the bayou, magical like a voodoo apparition and hot like the food I love... And just like that, my sweetie's gone!
Amy: Sorry to ask... But did you know that she, ahem, worked in a brothel?
Alec: We've all done things we're not proud of to get by. And her past was her past, all I cared about was our future together. We were gonna start a family!
Alec: But she hadn't been herself lately. She was worried about something, and instead of talking to me about it, she preferred to go hide out in some tree!
(After talking to Alec Howard)
Amy: Aww, I'm pleasantly surprised that Alec saw past Vanessa's grim history and concentrated on their bright future together, <Name>.
Amy: Oops, you're right <Name>, we need to concentrate! Alec mentioned the hut Vanessa was hiding in. I haven't been there yet, so I'm curious to see what this tree house is all about!

Investigate Tree House.
Amy: So this is the tree house Vanessa hid out in... Did you manage to find anything of interest, <Name>?
Amy: A tree stump? I don't know what you expect to find in there besides loads of creepy crawlies... But sure, er, let's search through it... If we have to...
Amy: And what about this drawing? It's signed "V.K"... Oooh, you're so right, it obviously stands for Vanessa Kimmel, so she's the one who made it. But who did she draw?
Amy: <Name>, you're telling me that if you ran this drawing through the database, you'd be able to identify the woman? Alrighty then: I'm ready to be impressed!

Examine Mysterious Woman.
Amy: Unbelievable <Name>, you managed to identify that woman in Vanessa's drawing!
Amy: Sharon Kimmel... Oooh, you're right <Name>, this has to be Vanessa's mother! So that's why they look so much alike!
Amy: I agree, it's not gonna be easy, but we need to talk to Sharon about her daughter's death.

Talk to Sharon about her deceased daughter.
Amy: Mrs Kimmel, we're sorry for your loss but we need to know what your relationship was like with your daughter.
Sharon: Even though I was her momma, that girl hated me from the day she was born. All her life she despised me for not being able to offer her a better, richer life!
Sharon: Heck, she hated me even more than the spicy food we all eat round these parts.
Sharon: And I heard rumors of my daughter working in a brothel! That girl would do anything for money!
Amy: Surely Vanessa worked there because she didn't have any other choice, Mrs Kimmel...
Sharon: We all have a choice! And that girl decided to dirty the family name by lying on her backside. She doesn't even deserve a proper burial!

Examine Tree Stump.
Amy: Eeeeeeeek! You're telling me you just found a leech in that tree stump, <Name>?!
Amy: Get that blood-sucking monster far away from me! Yes, good idea! Send it to Yann! Anywhere but here!

Analyze Leech.
Yann: I studied that beautiful leech you found in the tree stump near that hut, <Name>.
Amy: "Beautiful" and "leech" are two words that should never be spoken in the same sentence, Yann!
Yann: You're too judgmental, Amy, but I'll blame that on your youth. Now, I found traces of spicy food on its tail where someone pulled it off their skin.
Yann: Of course, your killer eats spicy food and it's likely they went by the victim's hut...
Yann: ... and that's when the leech attacked your killer!
Yann: Sadly, the spicy food burnt your leech's skin and caused it to vomit, so there's none of the killer's blood left in it.
Amy: Ewwww, Yann!
Yann: But still, I'm glad to tell you that you're looking for a killer with suction marks on their skin, left by Mr Leech here!

Examine Smashed Painting.
Amy: Great work restoring that painting you found in the brothel, <Name>! And...
Amy: ... it's a portrait of Erikah Mabayo?!
Amy: I don't get it, why would a brothel have the portrait of a voodoo queen?! Something's wrong here!
Amy: You're right <Name>, her charms may work on Frank, but they won't work on us! Let's go see this witch, just watch out for her tricks!

Question Erikah about her portrait in the brothel.
Erikah: You're interrupting an important ritual here: I've gutted some catfish and I need to pick some chilies while the moon is still out, otherwise the spirits will remain hungry... for blood.
Amy: Save us the mumbo jumbo, Erikah. <Rank> <Name> found a portrait of yours in the brothel. You better tell us what it was doing there!
Erikah: Do I need to remind you that I am the voodoo queen?! It's normal people worship me by hanging up my portrait.
Amy: <Rank> <Name> is right: we know our way around the bayou now, and we've never seen any other portraits of you! So start telling us the truth!
Erikah: Look, you found my portrait in the brothel because I used to be one of the girls working there...
Erikah: ... but thanks to my voodoo powers, I managed to escape before suffering the same fate as the other girls.
Amy: What happens to the girls who work there, Erikah?!
Erikah: All I know is that they go missing. And I didn't want to stick around to find out any more. That place is evil, <Rank> <Name>, stay away from it!

Examine Faded Tip Jar.
Amy: Way to go, <Name>! You managed to recover the faded ink on this tip jar you found in the brothel, and it comes from the Mad Cow Bar. You're right, that's Betty-Lou's place!
Amy: We know Vanessa just quit her job working for Betty-Lou. Do you think she stole the tip jar when she left, <Name>?
Amy: Betty-Lou already had a grudge against Vanessa, but maybe this pushed her to the edge! Good point <Name>, we need to talk to her... But can I let you do the talking? She scares me.

Talk to Betty-Lou about the tip jar.
Betty-Lou: Well hello again, <Rank> <Name>! Fancy some food? It's Betty-Lou's own catch of the day, and cops get a special discount!
Amy: We're just hungry for the truth, Betty-Lou! <Rank> <Name> found your bar's tip jar in the brothel Vanessa worked at. We'd like to know why!
Betty-Lou: Vanessa stole my tip jar! I gave her a job and this is how she thanks me!
Amy: Wait a second: you killed Vanessa because of a tip jar?!
Betty-Lou: Heck no! I wanted to bash her teeth in, sure, but that's just our way of dealing with thieves around these parts... But otherwise I'm a peaceful gal!
Betty-Lou: I was mad at Vanessa, but since she stole my money, she should have used it to leave the brothel and get the hell out of the bayou!
Betty-Lou: But instead she returned to the brothel. Stupid girl... Such a waste of life.

Later at the station...
Amy: Ooh, this case is such a head-scratcher, <Name>. The killer turned our victim into a voodoo doll! ... And I've got to admit I'm kind of scared.
Amy: But you're right, when we thought we were dealing with voodoo in previous cases, there was always a rational explanation.
Amy: What have we got so far? We know that Alec got Vanessa pregnant...
Amy: And then there's Vanessa's mother. Sharon told us that Vanessa hated her right from the start... But you're right, the hatred seems mutual.
Amy: And I still can't believe that Vanessa's murder is the work of a serial killer, <Name>!
Harvey: <Rank> <Name>... The eyes... Look into the eyes...
Amy: Jeez Harvey, you're a drunken mess, go home.
Harvey: The eyes... LOOK INTO THE EYES!
Amy: Eeek! Those are HUMAN eyes!

Chapter 3

Harvey Fitchner: <Rank> <Name>... The eyes... Look into her eyes!
Amy: Eeek! Those are human eyes!
Amy: Oh no... Don't tell me they are Vanessa's eyes?! Argh, I think I'm going to faint!
Amy: Answer <Rank> <Name>, Harvey, did you murder Vanessa?!
Harvey: I... I don't know. All I can remember is being drawn to the burning building... Such pretty eyes...
Harvey: I... What have I done?!
Harvey: Ugh, I don't feel well...
Amy: Huh, Harvey's so drunk he just passed out, <Name>! You're right, we should lock him up and question him when he's sobered up.
Amy: And now that Harvey's touched the eyes, the evidence is contaminated. We can't do anything with them... which is kind of a relief but still!
Amy: Ooh you're right <Name>, Harvey mentioned a burning building, he must have meant the brothel! If he was there, we need to check it out!

Interrogate Harvey about the victim's eyeballs.
Harvey: Ugh, what the heck am I doing here, <Rank> <Name>? And if you're not gonna give me any more drink, can I get some real spicy food in here? It'd sober me up in seconds.
Amy: You're locked up in here because you showed up at the police station, with the victim's eyes in your hand, Harvey!
Harvey: WHAT?! All I remember is that after talking to <Rank> <Name> about those ghosts from the past, I was shaken up.
Harvey: So I went fishing, to clear my head... and maybe I drank too much. All the rest is a blur...
Amy: Harvey, Frank was taken off the case because he couldn't tell you this: but the fact is you're now the prime suspect in a case you used to be investigating!
Harvey: WHAT?! I'd never hurt Vanessa or those other girls... I wanted to protect them... Such sweet girls...
(After talking to Harvey Fitchner)
Amy: I agree <Name>, Harvey's raving mad and seems completely obsessed with those missing girls... And there's a possibility he killed Vanessa as well!
Amy: And you're right, he started drinking heavily around that time... What if he started drinking so much because he was racked with guilt about the murders?!

Investigate Boudoir.
Amy: So you picked up an old article? It reads "Girl Attacks..." but the rest is faded. Do you think you can recover it, <Name>?
Amy: And you want to piece back together this torn photo? Good idea!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: Oooh, you've just pieced back a photo of Alec and Vanessa. And they look so happy together.
Amy: Oh my gosh you're right, <Name>! Alec is clearly paying Vanessa...
Amy: ... which means Alec wasn't her lover, he was her CLIENT!
Amy: I agree, Alec had us believe that he and Vanessa were actually in love... But who pays for love?
Amy: Good idea <Name>, we need to go see Alec and this time he better tell us the whole truth!

Grill Alec about being the victim's client.
Amy: Alec, <Rank> <Name> has just discovered a photo of you in the brothel... with Vanessa! You were her client!
Alec: I'm always alone! Either I'm with my gators, or I'm out fishing. The bayou's a lonely place, so you can't blame me for paying for a bit of company!
Amy: But what about the baby you and Vanessa were meant to have?
Alec: Well obviously I didn't want a baby with a prostitute!
Amy: That's a pretty strong murder motive right there, Alec. Why don't you spare <Rank> <Name> the time and confess!
Alec: I didn't do it! But whoever killed her killed two birds with one stone: it's made my life a lot easier.
Amy: You're a disgusting person, Alec... And for a moment there I actually believed you were in love with her! I feel so foolish!
(After talking to Alec Howard)
Amy: You're right <Name>, we already knew that Alec enjoys hunting, and now we know he sees women like just another trophy...
Amy: So what if he was the serial killer, <Name>: hunting those poor women for sport?!

Examine Faded Article.
Amy: Oh my gosh, you're right: you recovered a photo of our victim... holding a broken bottle in her hand! Who did she attack?!
Amy: I agree <Name>, half of the article is clearly missing. But now that we know it's of importance, we should send it to the lab for more information!

Analyze Article.
Hannah: I checked out the article you found <Name>, and as you clearly noticed, half of it was missing... So I dug up a microfilm of it.
Amy: So you found out who our victim attacked with that broken bottle?!
Hannah: Yup. It turns out your victim attacked her own mother, Sharon Kimmel!
Amy: No way?! You're right <Name>, we don't know what happened between mother and daughter, but I guess we're gonna have to reopen old wounds by asking Sharon!

Question Sharon about the victim attacking her.
Amy: Sharon, <Rank> <Name> discovered an old article about how your daughter attacked you years ago...
Sharon: Vanessa made my life miserable ever since my husband left! She blamed me and hated me for it. Oh, she was so horrible to me!
Sharon: So one day, I was out fishing with my new beau...
Sharon: But Vanessa didn't like seeing me with another man, and so she smashed a bottle in my face!
Sharon: Can you imagine, she made me ugly just to make sure I would never be able to find another man again! That girl was the devil!
Amy: And is the scarring the reason you killed Vanessa? You wanted to disfigure her in your own way?!
Sharon: I wouldn't have killed her, that would have been too easy a revenge: I wanted her to suffer. I would have ruined her face like she ruined mine!

Later at the station...
Amy: Well <Name>, I still can't believe there's a brothel hidden away in the bayou. It makes my skin crawl!
Amy: You're right, Vanessa's killer obviously burnt down the brothel to stop us from finding out the truth about her murder...
Amy: ... but you're better than them, <Name>! I know you'll catch them before daybreak!
Amy: So you want to re-canvas the cemetery, <Name>? Why, of course, that's where Vanessa got murdered! It's our best chance of finding the remaining evidence!

Investigate Tombstones.
Amy: So what did you find on the crime scene this time round, <Name>? A stone box? Well, if you think we should search through it, let's go!
Amy: And you want to piece this slab back together? I agree <Name>, if we want to catch our killer, we can't leave anything to chance!

Examine Stone Box.
Amy: Why did you single out this fishing line from all the other items in that stone box, <Name>?
Amy: Oooh, of course! We know the killer used fishing line to sew up the victim's eyes and mouth... And since you found it on the crime scene, it must belong to our killer! Yes!
Amy: If you can use your skills to sweep this fishing line for clues, we'll be able to use it to lure the killer in! We're almost there, <Name>!

Examine Fishing Line.
Amy: You're the best, <Name>! And you're right, we should send these skin cells from the killer's fishing line over to the lab!
Amy: We're so close to catching the killer, <Name>, I can feel it!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Yann: I analyzed those skin cells you collected from that fishing line, <Name>!
Yann: First of all, the skin cells belong to two people: the first sample belongs to your victim...
Amy: ... which proves this fishing line was indeed the one used by the killer! Way to go, <Name>!
Yann: Aw, you ruined the big reveal. Indeed, the second skin sample obviously comes from your killer!
Yann: Sadly, the skin sample was badly damaged with the humidity and there was less of it: but I can confirm the killer is a woman!
Amy: I don't know about you <Name>, but with all this talk about brothels and murdered girls... I'm surprised the killer's a woman!

Examine Broken Slab.
Amy: Oh my gosh <Name>, this tombstone you pieced back together is covered in blood! Should I go fetch the forensic kit from the car?
Amy: Oh, you want to send this tombstone straight to the lab, <Name>? You're right, it could be vital in catching our killer and every second counts!

Analyze Tombstone.
Yann: I analyzed that tombstone you pieced back together from the cemetery, <Name>, and the blood on it belonged to your victim!
Yann: Now this is where things get interesting. Your killer pushed your victim into the tombstone and that's how it broke!
Yann: From that, I calculated the strength of the tombstone, the velocity at which the victim was pushed, your victim's weight and...
Amy: Yann, this all sounds super interesting... But could you please cut to the chase?
Yann: Fine. Basically, after numerous calculations, I can tell you that your killer weighs 145 pounds!
Amy: So we're looking for a killer who weighs 145 pounds? Haha, <Name>, it looks like the scales of justice are starting to lean in our favor!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: Alrighty <Name>, let's put an end to this voodoo terror and arrest this monstrous killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Erikah Mabayo, you're under arrest for the gruesome murder of Vanessa Kimmel!
Erikah: Don't come any closer or I'll kill you! This is your last chance to walk away from this... and live!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> is right: we've seen enough voodoo dolls to know they don't work! You don't frighten us!
Erikah: Ignorant fools, prepare to die!
Amy: Well how about that? We're still alive, Erikah, which means you're a fraud! Ha-ha, you know nothing about voodoo!
Amy: <Rank> <Name> has figured it all out: you're the owner of the brothel, aren't you? You just use voodoo to scare people so that they leave you alone!
Erikah: People in Bayou Bleu will believe anything! They are so easy to control!
Erikah: As well as those stupid girls, only interested in making money to leave this place. It was so easy to enslave them!
Amy: No person deserves that! And when those girls tried to escape, you killed them! But you had to replace them, and that's where Vanessa comes in!
Erikah: And if she hadn't gotten pregnant with one of her clients, you would never have found out the truth!
Erikah: But that little pest's maternal instinct made her want to escape the bayou... But not before exposing me! She had to die!
Amy: You have no right to decide who dies or not: you're neither a god or a voodoo priestess, Erikah, you're just a fraud and a murderer! And that's why you're now under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Erikah Mabayo, you are being charged for the despicable murder of Vanessa Kimmel and the three other women you confessed to killing!
Honorable Dante: Surely I'm reading this wrong: you've killed four people in total as well as run an illegal brothel? You really must give me some tips on how to multi-task because...
Honorable Dante: Ahem, <Rank> <Name> is right, this is a trial, not a tea party... Although I do have some biscuits here and... Right, of course, back to work.
Honorable Dante: Miss Mabayo, you preyed on the weakest, women without options, and you have defiled humanity!
Erikah: I was one of those women once! I have been used, abused and tortured by fellow men. It is they who should be charged, not me! I'm the victim!
Honorable Dante: It is true I do not know what desperate events led you to exploit other women. And sadly justice sometimes fail... But only because people are too scared to speak up!
Honorable Dante: And you, Erikah, with your false use of voodoo, made sure that everybody was too scared to seek the help of justice! And for that alone, you should be ashamed!
Honorable Dante: And that is why I sentence you to life imprisonment without chance of parole!
Erikah: Curse you! Curse you ALL!
Harvey: You ruined my life, Erikah! If you hadn't killed those girls, I'd still be a decent cop!
Erikah: If you were a decent cop, you'd have caught me by now!
Frank: Come on Harvey, it's all over now. We've won.

Amy: Phew, what a case, <Name>! I've never dealt with anything so dark in my life. I'm just glad you had the courage to see it through!
Amy: All throughout the bayou, people were convinced voodoo really did rule over the swamps...
Amy: ... but it was just Erikah who had pulled a cloth over their eyes! I agree, it's disgusting how she used fear to make sure nobody would speak up against her.
Amy: But thanks to you, no one has to fear her anymore! C'mon <Name>, let's head back to the station: I've seen enough of the bayou to last me a lifetime!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, you did us all proud. You've put an end to the bayou's worst series of crimes!
Chief Marquez: But it's not over yet! We still don't know what happened to the bodies of these three girls who went missing... It's time to reopen these cases!
Chief Marquez: And I also need you to go back to the brothel. The area is secluded but I'd rather make sure it's secure until they've managed to put the fire out.
Frank: <Name>, maybe we could talk to Harvey about the cold cases? They have haunted him for so long... I agree, it might be good for him to "help" us get to the bottom of this.
Amy: That seems like a sensible idea! <Name>, I can meet you up at the mansion when you're done with Harvey!

Question Harvey about the missing girls.
Harvey: <Rank> <Name>, you're really telling me you're reopening the cases of the missing bayou girls? Please tell me you've found a new lead o-or whatever!
Harvey: I had given up on them... But I should've done what you did, I should've been able to stop that crazy voodoo chick!
Frank: Stop beating yourself up over this, Harvey. <Rank> <Name>'s giving you one last chance to close this case, seize it!
Harvey: It's useless! Even that poor Vanessa knew more about the case than I did! I've lost my touch long ago, Frank, no matter what <Rank> <Name> says!
Frank: ... Actually, <Rank> <Name>'s right, you raised a good point! Vanessa's the one person who knew the most about this unsolved case!
Frank: And she may have gathered more info. Good call, <Name>, let's go back to that hut she hid in! Thanks for the input, Harvey, we'll keep you updated.

Investigate Hut Pathway.
Frank: So you found an ID card... Oh! Well observed, <Name>, she's one of our three missing girls!
Frank: Dolores Lovelace... She's the first girl who disappeared. I wonder where Vanessa found this card. I agree, we'd better have a closer look at it.

Examine ID Card.
Frank: You got a nice set of fingerprints off of Dolores' ID card, <Name>! And since she vanished years ago, chances are these aren't hers! Let's get them to the lab!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: Hey, <Name>! Thanks for the fingerprints you sent me, the quality was top notch. And I have big news!
Hannah: Some of these fingerprints belonged to Vanessa, which makes sense since she's probably the one who found Dolores' ID card...
Hannah: But the other prints belong to Alec Howard!
Frank: What? How the hell did Alec get his hands on Dolores' ID card?!
Frank: Do you think he met Dolores while she was still alive, <Name>? Agreed, let's go ask Alec about this.

Quiz Alec about Dolores' ID card.
Alec: You found my fingerprints on another prostitute's ID card... So what? Vanessa wasn't my first, and, you know, I like to know the identity of my partners...
Frank: Cut the crap, Alec! All these girls died because of that brothel, because of people like you! Show some respect!
Alec: Hey, I didn't kill them! <Rank> <Name>'s proved it was Mabayo! Heck, I myself saw her one night, burying a body in the cemetery!
Frank: What the... You saw her burying someone and didn't report it?! And you didn't say anything while we were investigating?!
Alec: You don't understand! After Mabayo left, I picked up the ID card that had fallen from the body, and I recognized poor Dolores...
Alec: But Mabayo saw me, and you know how intimidating she can be! She said since I'd been Dolores' last customer, she'd make it so the Police believed I was the murderer!
Alec: She was ready to ruin my life! ... Look, I want to make amends! I know where Dolores' body is! There's a bronze rose over her grave in the cemetery...
Frank: You swine, you're under arrest for obstruction of justice! I agree, <Rank> <Name>, let's grab a quick meal and some shovels before heading to the cemetery.

Investigate Graveyard Entrance.
Frank: I can't see the grave Alec told us about, can you, <Name>? Hm, you're right, these metal pieces you found look promising... I guess it's puzzle-time!

Examine Metal Pieces.
Frank: Bingo, that's the bronze rose Alec told us about! Which means Dolores' resting place should be around that area!
Frank: Now that's my kind of job, <Name>! I'll start digging up!

Thirty minutes later...
Frank: Damnit! Feels like I've been digging for ages and I still can't find a casket, or a body! What if Alec lied to us, <Name>?
Frank: You still want to have a look at what I've dug up? Sure, be my guest, it's right over there.

Investigate Tombstones.
Frank: Alright, that's everything I've dug up, and it's all yours. Hope you can find something useful in all that muck, <Name>!

Examine Fresh Dirt.
Frank: Whoa, what the heck are those skulls about, <Name>? Those buttons... Yes, it's exactly like the buttons on Vanessa's corpse!
Frank: Three skulls, three missing girls... And the same modus operandi... You're right, one of these skulls is Dolores' for sure!
Frank: Which means you've done it, <Name>! You've put Mabayo behind bars AND retrieved the bodies of her victims! This case can finally be closed!
Frank: Good idea, let's start by giving the good news to Harvey! Ha, I can't wait to see his face when you tell him it's over!

Tell Harvey that the missing girls' case is finally closed.
Harvey: You... You've done it, <Rank> <Name>! You've found these poor girls' bodies! Finally, this nightmare is over!
Harvey: And you think... You really think I could be the one bringing the news to the girls' families? I... I'd like that. It's time they got closure.
Frank: I'm glad you can put that behind you, Harvey. No more turning up drunk with bloody eyes in your hands, right?
Harvey: Gosh, no! Never again, <Name>. I'm done with this investigation and... with all of this! You know what, I'll give Chief Marquez my resignation!
Frank: Your resignation? Harvey, you always said you lived for your job! Are you sure?
Harvey: Yes, I'm done! I've seen too much, done too much. I'm too old for this! <Rank> <Name>, I wish you luck. Here is a little gift, to remember the good ol' times...

Investigate Brothel Lounge.
Amy: Please be careful, <Name>! The place seems secure enough, but don't burn your hands with these embers when you have a look through them!

Examine Embers.
Amy: You found a pendant? Good thing you could take it from that burning mess before it got destroyed, <Name>!
Amy: This pendant looks like a cherished memory, there's even a lock of hair! I agree, we'd better send this to Yann...

Analyze Open Pendant.
Yann: I've analyzed the DNA of the hair in the pendant you found in the brothel, <Name>, and I can say for sure that it's Vanessa's!
Yann: But the hair wasn't cut recently. A simple analysis helped me determine that this hair dates back to Vanessa's childhood!
Amy: So someone was keeping an old lock of Vanessa's hair in a pendant? You're right, <Name>, it must have been someone close to her!
Amy: And the only relative we know of is Vanessa's mother. But if the pendant is hers, how did it end up in that burning mansion?? You're right, we'd better go talk to Sharon!

Give the pendant back to Sharon.
Sharon: Hey, that's my pendant! I left it to burn in that hellhole! Why do you have it, <Rank> <Name>?
Amy: B-but it's an old memory of your daughter! Why would you want to get rid of that pendant, Mrs Kimmel?!
Sharon: You don't get it, this place is the reason my daughter died! It might as well take my memories now that it has taken my daughter!
Sharon: That pendant was a reminder of sweeter times, when Vanessa showed respect for her mother... And when I treated her like a proper daughter.
Sharon: But what good are memories now? We wasted so much time hating each other, and now she's dead! I will never get to make... to make amends! I'm better off forgetting!
Sharon: Still, I'd like to thank you, <Rank> <Name>, for arresting her killer. It's a relief to know that sinful place won't ruin more lives. Here, this is all I have to show my gratitude...

Later at the station...
Frank: <Name>, what you've done for Harvey... Well, I just wanted to thank you. I think... I think he's finally ready to move on!
Amy: I'm so happy that Mr Fitchner is feeling better, Frank! This must be a great relief for you!
Amy: <Name>, watching you work in the bayou was truly inspirational. Thanks to everything you have done here, the inhabitants can feel hopeful again!
Chief Marquez: I agree, you're a really positive influence on this team, <Name>! Come with me to my office, please, I need to talk to you...

In Chief Marquez' office...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, I have to thank you. You've done a lot for the bayou, but I think you've more than deserved a change of scenery!
Chief Marquez: Which is why I'm sending you to Inner City! It's a colorful and lively place, always a festival or a celebration going on... I bet you'll be glad to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city!
Chief Marquez: I have to warn you, however, that lately tensions within some of the communities have arisen. This may well prove to be one of your toughest challenges yet, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief Marquez: But I know you'll make the Pacific Bay PD proud, as always! Now why don't you and the team go for a little celebration? You've earned it!