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Snacks (also known as energy items) are energy-restoring items the player can use in Criminal Case.


There are three types of snacks:

  • Orange Juice – The most common snack available. Orange Juice can be collected from friends' timeline (limited to three quantities per day) and by receiving lucky finds from certain police pets. Orange Juice is also available as a regular daily gift on the Criminal Case app page on Facebook. This snack gives 20 energy points per bottle. The player can buy a bottle for 10 cash.
  • Potato Chips – This snack is less common than Orange Juice. Potato Chips can be claimed from friends' timeline as well, but each player is limited to one of such kind per day. Similar to Orange Juice, Potato Chips can be collected by receiving lucky finds from certain premium police pets and occasionally on the Criminal Case app page. This snack gives 50 energy points per bag. The player can buy a bag for 25 cash. In mobile, Potato Chips are replaced with Fries.


  • Prior to the "Burger Update" (25 July 2013), Burgers gave 100 energy points.
  • In Criminal Case: Pacific Bay:
    • All snacks have different artwork.
    • Potato Chips are replaced with Fries.
  • In the mobile variant of Criminal Case and (both the desktop and mobile versions of) Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, there is an exclusive snack called Pizza that can only can be bought with cash (in desktop) or real-life currency (in mobile) and increases the maximum energy to 170 for 7 days.


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