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David Jones: Finally, an evening off! I know you never feel the strain of the job, <Name>, but it's always nice to have some time away to unwind!
Jones: Look, there's a new show at the Opera! They say this show has live snakes in it, with a giant boa at the end of Act Three! I'd love to go see it-
Beatrice Vane: HELP! Please, of my God, somebody help me! Officer, you have to come with me, there's been a murder!
Jones: Calm down, Ma'am, calm down! <Rank> <Name> can help you, just explain the situation to us! Can you tell us who you are?
Beatrice: I'm Beatrice Vane, I'm the lead singer of the Opera, and my husband, he was inside the dressing room, and he's been murdered by... Please, you have to come with me!
Jones: Come on, <Name>, let's go have a look at what's inside that dressing room!

Chapter 1

Investigate Dressing Room.
Jones: A GIANT SNAKE?! Oh my God, it killed this man! Careful, <Name>, the snake may be dozing but it's still alive! Let's get the victim's body out of here!
Jones: It must be the giant snake from the show! But how on Earth did it get there, it can't just have wandered in! Someone murdered this man, and used this snake as the murder weapon!
Beatrice: MY HUSBAND! Where is he? Can I see his body?
Jones: Calm down, Ma'am. I'm really sorry for your loss, but we need your help to start this investigation. Can you tell us a bit about your husband?
Beatrice: His name's Roland Vane, he's the director of the Opera House. I'm Beatrice Vane, the lead singer of the show. I don't know what more I can say...
Jones: It's already a lot, Miss Vane, thank you. <Rank> <Name> will need to ask you more questions once you've calmed down.
Jones: <Rank> <Name>, what's that thing you've picked up, is it the snake's skin? You're right, there's something tattooed on it, but I'll let you look at it...
Jones: And you think that hand mirror's relevant to the case? You're right, those traces of black lipstick look like a message! Can you take a look at it?

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan Pandit: I must say, <Name>, working with you never brings a dull moment! A man-eating snake, you're better than Santa Claus!
Jones: Erm, Nathan, don't you think this is in bad taste...
Nathan: Your victim died of suffocation after the snake crushed him! Only when he was dead did the snake start to eat him!
Jones: And how is the snake doing, by the way?
Nathan: He's fine, I can tell you the snake was handled with care! I looked for traces of bad treatment, bruises, but there was none!
Nathan: Which means your killer obviously knows how to handle snakes!

Talk to Beatrice About the Murder.
Beatrice: WHY?! Why would anyone kill my husband? He's the kindest man I know! I knew this city was bad luck, we never should have come here!
Jones: You and your husband had just arrive in town, Mrs. Vane? For how long had he been the director of the Opera House?
Beatrice: Six months! We weren't here long enough to make friends, how could he have made enemies?!
Beatrice: Roland always works overtime at the theater, and I came to ask him some things about my performance in the show. But the door was locked! It only locks from the outside!
Beatrice: He wasn't answering, so I got the door opened using one of the keys reserved to employees, and I saw Roland being eaten by that MONSTER, oh my GOD!
Jones: Calm down, Mrs. Vane, don't worry. <Rank> <Name> will find your husband's killer. You've been a great help.
(After talking to Beatrice Vane)
Jones: So only the employees of the Opera own a key to the dressing room...
Jones: Which means only someone working here could have locked the door, leaving Roland and the snake together!
Jones: Exactly, <Name>, that means our killer is an Opera employee!

Examine Snake Skin.
Jones: So did you manage to find something interesting on that snake skin, <Name>?
Jones: You found a tracking tattoo? Awesome, it's a way to find out where that man-eating snake comes from! Let's send it to Alex!

Analyze Snake Tattoo.
Alex: I took a look at the number off that snake skin tag, and I found its owner registered in the database of exotic pets!
Alex: The snake who ate your victim belongs to Harper Stone, an animal trainer specialized in reptiles!
Alex: I looked into her website, and she's working with the Opera on their current play!
Alex: All these circumstances make Miss Stone a perfect suspect then! You're right, <Name>, we have to talk to her straight away!

Talk to Harper About her Snake.
Jones: Miss Stone, one of your snakes has been involved in the murder of Roland Va-
Harper: OH MY GOD! Where is he? Is he alright, can I see him?
Jones: Well, Mr. Vane died as a resul--
Harper: Not him, you idiot! My snake, my BABY! They told me you took him, where is he, what happened to him? Let me see him!
Jones: Not before you give us a good explanation of how a gigantic beast could have wandered into the dressing room! How on earth did you get such a massive snake?
Harper: I have all the authorizations, if that's what you're asking. The show requires a giant snake for its final act, and I have my contacts. He's locked in his cage at all times...
Harper: But someone has broke the lock! I went to check and the lock is gone! Someone stole him!

Examine Hand Mirror.
Jones: Great, you revealed the message on the hand mirror you found in the victim's dressing room, <Name>!
Jones: "Forgot suitcase in club"... Do you think Roland left this memo for himself? Which club could this be?
Jones: Oh! You're right, <Name>, it must be the Livingstone Club! Let's go take a look!

Investigate Gentleman's Club.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! This is the only suitcase here, so it must be the one our victim mentioned in the memo! Now, let's see what's inside...
Jones: Wow, that's a LOT of documents! Let's search those papers for something relevant to our investigation!

Examine Suitcase.
Jones: Great job, <Name>, this suitcase you found hid our victim's will! Isn't it weird, a young and healthy man like him already wrote his testament...
Jones: Oh, look at this, it's full of legal mumbo-jumbo! We should send it to Alex, he'll sort through it all!

Analyze Last Will.
Alex: The victim's will that you found in the Livingstone Club was pretty much run off the mill, but I can tell you that it's been modified pretty recently!
Alex: Turns out your victim added none other than Adam Bentley to his list of beneficiaries!
Jones: Wait, THE Adam Bentley?! I had no idea he and Roland knew eachother, it looks like he found a new mentor... You're right, <Name>, we have to talk to him!

Ask Adam About his Relation to the Victim.
Adam: Oh, hello, <Rank> <Name>, how are you doing? I've been pretty busy since the last time we met, how about you?
Jones: I can see that, yes. We have some questions for you, about Roland Vane. He put you in his will, did you know that?
Adam: Well, no, that's a beautiful surprise! I hardly know the man, but how kind of him! I'll thank him as soon as I can!
Jones: You can't, Adam, Roland Vane is dead.
Adam: He's... he's what? Oh. God, I didn't... Sorry, I don't have much to say about that. God, I can't believe it...
Jones: You seem quite moved for someone you only knew in passing.
Adam: Well, someone's death is always a tragedy, <Rank> <Name>. I just mourn the loss of a life. Now, excuse me, I have... I have somewhere I need to be.
(After talking to Adam Bentley)
Jones: And as always, that weasel gets away without really telling us anyth-
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, what is this I hear? Adam Bentley is once again a suspect in a criminal investigation?!
Jones: Uh, yes, sir. The victim added him to his will, si-
Chief King: Now you listen to me closely, both of you. This is the third time a "friend" of Mr. Bentley's has been murdered, and I do not believe in coincidences!
Chief King: You will keep a close eye on him, and report any new development to me, do you understand?
Jones: Yes, sir!
(After talking to Chief King)
Jones: ...What was THAT about, <Name>? I mean, I'm the first one to say Adam's bad news, but I didn't expect the Chief to care!
Jones: Well, at least for once, we actually have his blessing to investigate a member of Maple Heights, and I intend to enjoy it! But let's get back to work, <Name>!

Later, at the Opera House...
Jones: So, <Name>, what have we found in our investigation so far? Roland Vane, director of the Opera House, has been killed by a giant snake...
Jones: We spoke to his wife, the main star of the show, and also the animal trainer, who looked more concerned about the snake than about the victim...
Jones: ...And his will mentions Adam Bentley, who claims to barely know him! We're swimming in murky waters, <Name>, but I know you're not afraid to get wet!
Jones: Well, at least we're lucky to work in such a magnificent place, don't you think--
Jones: OUCH!
Jones: What the hell?! Someone's throwing bricks at us, take cover, <Name>!

Chapter 2

Jones: So, <Name>, what have we found out in our investigation so far? Our victim, Roland Vane, has been killed by a giant snake...
Jones: OUCH!
Jones: What the hell?! Someone's throwing bricks at us! Take cover, <Name>, we're being ambushed!
Jones: Is it over? Have you seen where it came from, <Name>?
Jones: The attacker has run back into the Opera House! <Name>, they're trying to stop our investigation, but we won't let ourselves be intimidated!
Jones: Not by giant snakes, not by projectiles, not by anything! Let's search the Opera House, let's find who aimed at us!

Investigate Opera House.
Jones: No sign of our attacker, <Name>? Well, I guess it was a long shot, anyway. At least you found the brick they threw at us!
Jones: You're right, there's a message attached to it! Let's take it off that damned brick... The words are too faded to make out! You'll have to take a look at it, <Name>!
Jones: And there's that key you picked up... The tag indicates it's the key to our victim's dressing room! Quick, let's see if we can find something on it!

Examine Faded Letter.
Jones: So what did you find on the letter that was thrown to us, <Name>?
Jones: "Roland had it coming! Now leave us be!" And it's signed... "The Opera Phantom"!
Jones: A ghost? Well, since ghosts can't hold pens or tie letters to bricks, it means someone's playing a game with us!

  • POOF!*

Opera Phantom: I'm not playing a game, <Rank> <Name>, you've just fallen into the mystical world of the OPERA!
Jones: What the...
Jones: I don't know about mystic, Sir, but you're gonna answer <Rank> <Name>'s questions straight away!

Ask the Phantom about the Brick.
Jones: Phantom or not, throwing a brick at a police officer is a criminal offence! And you wrote explicit threat against a victim of murder!
Opera Phantom: I AM INNOCENT! I, the greatest soul the Opera has ever seen, I tell you! It is the witch, the demon, she's the one who murdered this innocent man!
Jones: ...What?
Opera Phantom: It's Eve, the diabolical Eve, she sent her serpent to bring fear and destruction upon us ALL!

  • POOF!*

Jones: NOT AGAIN! Oh, I can't believe I let him get away, I'm sorry, <Name>! But that Phantom sounds like a crazy person to me!
Jones: Oh, and you think and the serpent was a reference to Harper and the snake! Yes, you must be right! Let's go talk to her!

Ask Harper about the Phantom.
Jones: Harper, we've met with someone who calls himself the Opera Phantom, does it ring any bells? He's made some heavy accusations against you!
Harper: Oh, that little... That guy, he lives inside the Opera, in the basement or something. I found him when I was looking for a place for my snake.
Harper: He was crying like a baby, asking me to keep quiet, now to tell anyone he was living there... I thought he was just some homeless guy, he didn't seem threatening.
Harper: That's how I get rewarded... Well, I shouldn't be surprised really. Ever since I had snakes people have been teasing me, calling me Eve and all that...
Harper: I've worked as an animal trainer for the Opera for years now, but they'll never see me as their equal, or my snakes as more than props! Stupid, stupid people, they just get what they deserve!

Examine Dressing Room Key.
Jones: Whoa, look at all the prints you got from that dressing room key you found in front of the Opera House!
Jones: Let's send them to Alex, he'll identify them for us!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Alex: Well, it wasn't easy to find a match, but I finally managed to isolate one fingerprint from the key you found at the Opera House!
Alex: The fingerprint belongs to Annabel Stewart, an understudy at the Opera.
Jones: Great job with that key, it was a goldmine! Let's interrogate Annabel, <Name>!

Talk to Annabel Stewart About the Key.
Annabel: "Oooooh, dear lady of the night!"... No, that's not the right tone! What do you want, <Rank>, is it about Roland's death?
Jones: Yes, Annabel, we've found your fingerprints on a dressing room key that might be connected to the murder.
Annabel: The keys pass through the cast, since I'm an understudy I've handled it like everyone else! But Roland was a nice man, even if we didn't see eye to eye sometimes.
Jones: You were in a conflict with Roland? About what?
Annabel: I WANT a leading role, I NEED it! I'm rehearsing with everything I have but no matter what I do, it's never good enough!
Annabel: I'm working day and night to become an opera singer. I'm training more than ANYONE else, but he didn't see that.
(After talking to Annabel Stewart)
Jones: Well, this dressing room key has helped us get one step closer to the truth about Roland's murder!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the only way to find out more about his killer is to have another look at his dressing room! Let's go!

Investigate Vanity Table.
Jones: Look, a teacup! You're right, <Name>, the tea smells a little strange, and it's the last thing our victim drank! Let's take a sample!
Jones: And that safe you found in the dressing room must have a connection to our victim! Let's try to open it!

Examine Safe.
Jones: So did you managed to unlock the victim's safe, <Name>? Wow, that's a lot of files!
Jones: We can't look through them all! Better send them to Alex for analysis!

Analyze Files.
Alex: I looked into the files you found in the victim's safe, and apparently Roland Vane and Adam Bentley were closer relations than we realized!
Alex: Those files are family heirlooms, school papers, drawings, pictures... Turns out Adam was Roland's foster brother!, he spent several years placed with the Vane family!
Jones: What? But Adam claimed not to know Roland Vane! We need to talk to him, <Name>!

Talk to Adam about his Foster Brother.
Adam: Hello, <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry, but I don't know how I can help you. I didn't know Roland--
Jones: Cut the lies, Adam! We know you and Roland were foster brothers! Why would you hide something like that from us?
Adam: SHHHHHH! Please, don't speak so loud! Yes, it's true, we both grew up in the same foster home, but our paths didn't cross again until he moved to Maple Heights!
Adam: I know he just tried to look after me, he always did when we were younger, but I couldn't let people know I came from the foster system! My reputation would be destroyed!
Adam: I just want the people of Maple Heights to see me as one of their own! But for that, I had to reinvent myself entirely!
Adam: But now that Roland's dead, I regret turning my back on him. He was the only family I ever had, and I just threw him away like he meant nothing... He deserved a better brother than me.
(After talking to Adam Bentley)
Jones: Adam wants so desperately to fit in with the crowd of Maple Heights that he had to sacrifice everything he had... I would almost pity him.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the people here will never see him as one of their own. No matter how hard he tries, how wicked his schemes are, he'll always be an outsider.
Jones: Oh, you're right, I guess we'd better go tell King about this? I don't really see how it matters, but I'd rather not upset him further.

A few minutes later, in Chief King's office...
Jones: ...And so Adam actually grew up in a foster home. And that's about it, Chief.
Chief King: I see. Well, it's as I suspected. This young man has been lying to everyone from the start.
Jones: Chief, I don't like Adam either but I think he only wanted a chance at-
Chief King: This conman has managed to fool the Mayor! A perfect stranger of whom we know almost nothing about has been gravitating around the most important person in this town!
Chief King: If anything happens to Howard Johnson because of Adam Bentley, I'll hold you personally responsible, Jones. Is that perfectly clear?
Jones: Y-Yes, it is.
Chief King: Good. Now go! Roland Vane's death isn't going to solve itself!

Examine Teacup.
Jones: There was some tea left in that teacup! This tea is the last thing our victim drank, let's send the sample to Grace!

Analyze Tea.
Grace: I've analyzed the substance you found inside the cup, <Name>, and it is indeed tea! Jasmin tea, to be exact.
Grace: But that's not all! Mixed in with the tea were medication, sleeping pills to be exact!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, maybe Roland Vane was taking sleeping pills on his own...
Jones: Or someone drugged him to kill him! And who would know better than his wife if he took medication! Let's talk to her!

Ask Beatrice about her husband's medication.
Jones: Beatrice, did your husband take medication? Sleeping pills for example?
Beatrice: No, never! He hated sleeping pills, he said that it interfered with his creativity!
Beatrice: I never understood his side of the argument, I take sleeping pills every night, they work wonders when you're stressed out!
Jones: I must say, I never realized being an opera singer was so stressful! I just thought it came naturally.
Beatrice: You have no idea how much work we have to do. Opera is my life, <Rank> <Name>, I will do it no matter what, even if it means learning how to handle snakes for a show!
Beatrice: And to think Roland wanted me to take a break! Saying I was working too hard, I'm sure he just thought I was too old for the role. But I'll never stop singing, NEVER!
(After talking to Beatrice Vane)
Jones: Have you heard that, <Name>? Roland never took sleeping pills, and yet we found traces of it in his evening tea!
Jones: Which means Roland has been tricked into taking sleeping pills, which explains why the snake didn't wake him up! Great job, <Name>, that's one hell of a deduction!
Jones: So the killer has access to sleeping pills! You're right, <Name>, we'll have to check all of our suspects!
Jones: We already know Beatrice takes them, so that's a start!

Later, at the police station...
Jones: First the snake, now Roland's been drugged? This case is getting weirder by the minute, <Name>! Not talking about the ghos--
Opera Phantom: FEAR MY WRATH!!! For I am the Opera Phantom, and YOU have disturbed my sleep!
Eduardo Ramirez: GOTCHA! And here's a beautiful picture of a not-so-scary ghost!
Opera Phantom: For the love of God, you blinded me! I must retreat!
Jones: What the... Ramirez, give me that photo NOW!

Chapter 3

Jones: This investigation is getting complicated! First our victim was eaten by a giant snake, and now it looks as if he was drugged as well!
Jones: And let's not even mention that crazy ph--
Opera Phantom: FEAR MY WRATH!!! For I am the Opera Phantom, and YOU have disturbed my sleep!
Ramirez: GOTCHA! And here's a beautiful picture of a not-so-scary ghost!
Opera Phantom: For the love of God, you blinded me! I must retreat!
Ramirez: YEAH! I can't believe it worked!
Jones: What the HECK just happened, Ramirez? What is all that gear and outfit about?
Ramirez: Well, I heard that there was a ghost in your investigation AGAIN, so... There, the picture should help you find the identity of your ghost!
Jones: Thank you, Ramirez, that's oddly thoughtful of you. Part of his face is visible, we should find out his identity using our face recognition software!
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, we shouldn't forget to take a closer look at the Livingstone Club! I'm sure this place still holds some secrets!

Examine Phantom Photo.
Jones: So did Ramirez's photo help you find the identity of the Opera Phantom, <Name>?
Ramirez: Oh, please, you make me blush!
Jones: Let's see, the Opera Phantom's name is Gerald Riverton, and he used to be an actor at the Opera!
Jones: So that explains why we met him there the first time, and how he bumped into Harper... Let's catch him, <Name>!

Talk to Gerald about his Phantom masquerade.
Jones: So, Gerald, is it? What the hell was your little game all about? Trying to scare and harm police officers?
Opera Phantom: Oh, I was just having a bit of fun, you can't say that brick really hurt you, now, did it?
Opera Phantom: As for my motivations, Roland was the maker of my demise! Me, he FIRED me, the great star of the Opera! Saying that the Opera had to have new talents, how dare he!
Opera Phantom: I did everything he asked of me, even learning how to handle those stupid snakes! And, God knows how I hate REPTILES! But no, nothing was good enough for that know-it-all!
Opera Phantom: But look who's laughing now! No more sleeping pills for me, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
Opera Phantom: Time for the Phantom to disappear and for Gerald to take his rightful place in the Opera!
Jones: He disappeared again?! From a close room? How can he do that, that guy must be a wizard or something!

Investigate Smoking Tables.
Jones: Those torn-up papers you found in the club look interesting, <Name>, we should take a closer look!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: So what was that torn up paper you found in the club about, <Name>? Wait, you're right, it looks like the drawing of a poster, it must be for the new Opera show!
Jones: Some of it has faded, but it will help us know what Roland Vane was planning. We know who's going to be on it! Let's find out, <Name>!

Examine Poster Drawing.
Jones: Look, <Name>, that drawing you found at the Livingstone Club lists Annabel as the new star of the Opera Roland was planning!
Jones: Maybe Beatrice was right to think that Roland was gonna replace her because of her age... Let's go talk to Annabel!

Ask Annabel about the next show.
Jones: See, Annabel, all your hard work paid off, Roland has chosen you to be the star of the new opera! So why did you tell us otherwise?
Annabel: You think it's a joke? I won't be made fun of, <Rank> <Name>! I'm already stressed out enough that I have to take sleeping pills, I don't need you lying to my face!
Jones: It's not a lie, we found proof that Roland was planning to have you as the headliner for the next show!
Annabel: Oh, God. He did. He was... He was going to give me my chance. He told me he would after I complained about having to handle snakes for the show, but I thought it was just to calm me!
Annabel: It's so unfair! It's just so unfair! Those guys, they always lie, they make promises they never keep!
Annabel: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>, it's just, first the tragedy of losing Roland and now this... I don't know if I should be happy or not!

Later, at the police station...
Jones: Well, we now have a distressed understudy and a jobless madman on our hands, you can say that this is one tricky case!
Jones: So what is your next step, <Name>? What do you think we should do?
Jones: The Opera House? You think we can still find something there? Well, I'll follow you to the end of the world, <Name>, lead the way!

Investigate Entrance Steps.
Jones: Those fragments you found in front of the Opera House seem to come from a stone... Can you restore it, <Name>?
Jones: And there's that surveillance camera, maybe it recorded something! But you'll have to fix it beforehand, nor that it will be a problem for you!

Examine Broken Jewel.
Jones: Great, now that you've restored this jewel, we can have a closer look at it!
Jones: I wonder what those brown stains are... Let's take a sample from it!

Examine Emerald.
Jones: Great job on finding that substance on that piece of emerald you found at the Opera, <Name>!
Jones: Quick, let's send it to Grace right away!

Analyze Brown Substance.
Grace: So I looked into the substance that was on that piece of emerald you found at the Opera, and I can tell you it's mostly tea!
Grace: But that's not all! Inside that sample, mixed in with the tea, I found traces of sleeping pills!
Jones: You mean it's...
Grace: Yes, Jones, it's the same tea that was in Roland's teacup, the one he drank before being eaten by the snake!
Jones: And as the killer put the sleeping pills in Roland's tea, it must be their jewel! Great deduction, <Name>!!

Examine Broken Camera.
Jones: You managed to restore that surveillance camera, <Name>? Great! Now, let's take a look at the footage...
Jones: It's protected by a password! It'll just be a trifle for you, <Name>, isn't it?

Examine Locked Camera.
Jones: Great, you managed to unlock the security camera! Now we can have a look at...
Jones: Oh for the love of God, the footage is encrypted!? Let's send it to Alex, he'll take care of that!

Analyze Camera Footage.
Alex: The surveillance camera you found at the Opera House was badly damaged, but your golden fingers have saved the footage, <Name>!
Alex: The camera was pointing right at the exit door of the Opera, so I fast forwarded the footage to the time of the murder, and I saw a silhouette running away!
Alex: So that silhouette can only be your killer fleeing from the crime scene!
Alex: The image is over very bad quality but I enhanced it and I can confirm that your killer is wearing brown clothes!

Jones: Here we are, <Name>! Time to put Roland's killer behind bars! Roll call, the show is over!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Annabel?! You're Roland Vane's killer?! But why? How could you do such a thing when he made you the star of the next show?!
Annabel: I didn't know he had!! I thought he'd given his stupid wife the lead role again!!
Annabel: Look, when Roland became the director, I really thought my big break had come. But no, he just fired Gerald and made Beatrice the star of the company!
Annabel: I worked SO hard, day and night, I did everything to show him I had what it took to be the lead, but nothing seemed to matter!
Annabel: I thought the only way to get a break was if a new director was named. So I decided... I decided to kill him.
Annabel: I put sleeping pills in his tea, broke the cage of the snake and trapped them both in the dressing room. Then I ran away!
Annabel: I was in such a frenzy, I lost my key and one of my jewels. I knew I should have looked for them!
Jones: What you should have done is TALK to the man instead of killing him!
Annabel: I know! Why didn't I believe him, why?! He was going to reward all my hard work, and I killed him because I wasn't PATIENT! It's all my FAULT!
Jones: Annabel Stewart, you're under arrest for the murder of Roland Vane. Everything you say may and will be held against you...

Judge Hall: Annabel Stewart, you are on trial today for the murder of Roland Vane. What do you have to say for your defence?
Annabel: Nothing your Honor, I screwed up, I screwed up everything! My career is over, and it's all because of me!
Judge Hall: You killed an innocent man and the only thing you can think of is your CAREER?! Do you have any idea of what you've done?
Annabel: IT WAS MY TIME! I earned my place, I earned my place in my spotlight! I worked too hard to be distinguished by someone's untalented wife!
Judge Hall: And yet Mr. Vane was going to give you what you wished for! You were going to have the lead role, but now the only audience you'll have is the prison personnel!
Judge Hall: Annabel Stewart, you're now condemned to 20 years in prison for the murder of Roland Vane, with a chance of parole in 17 years. Court dismissed!

Jones: I can't believe Annabel killed Roland just because she couldn't trust him. Ambition and impatience drove her to murder.
Jones: It always makes me safe when I meet a young person with a lot of potential, and they waste it all away by murdering someone. We're bound to see a lot of them in our line of work.
Jones: Yes, you're right, <Name>, I mustn't get myself down like that. Let's go back to the station, I'm sure seeing Ramirez in that ridiculous outfit will cheer me up!

Additional Investigation

Chief King: I might say this investigation was like fighting snakes, but you handled it really well, <Rank> <Name>! Good job!
Chief King: Speaking of snakes, this Adam Bentley is still troubling me! He is in Howard Johnson's entourage, and he seems to be at every Red Party's event.
Chief King: However, he was also spotted at Martha Price's political rallies! How is it possible for us to still know nothing about him when he seems to show up everywhere?
Chief King: The elections are pretty close now, I refuse to let him put the candidates at risk! I'm taking matters into my own hands, <Rank> <Name>, and you'll accompany me!

Jones: <Name>, once you're done with Adam, I'd like to check up on Beatrice Vane. She just lost her husband, after all...
Ramirez: <Name>, Harper Stone just called! One of her snakes is apparently on the loose, it could harm people!
Jones: Argh, not another snake! I'm sorry, <Name>, but would you mind taking Nathan with you for this? He knows more about animals than I do...
Jones: I'll be fine just checking on Beatrice, haha! But <Name>, between her, Adam and Harper's snake, you have plenty of work to do!

Talk to Harper Stone about the missing snake.
Harper: Finally, you're here, <Rank> <Name>! I'm glad you brought reinforcements! Joe, my cottonmouth snake... He escaped!
Harper: I don't want him to get hurt! He is the nicest snake ever, but people... You know how they are. They could attack him!
Nathan: A cottonmouth? I haven't seen one in ages! It's dangerous-looking and pretty venomous! It could cause a panic!
Harper: Oh, Joe wouldn't hurt a fly! He is one of my oldest snakes, just like a pet with scales, really!
Nathan: Nevertheless, we'd better catch him fast... For his own safety. <Name>, we could take a look around the Opera, what do you think?

Investigate Opera Entrance.
Nathan: Great job, <Name>, you found Miss Stone's snake! It does look pretty tame, but we'd better be careful all the same.
Nathan: You know, it seems a little fat, even for a cottonmouth... And it doesn't look like it's feeling too good...
Nathan: Actually, it looks like it has eaten something too big for its stomach. <Name>, let's take Joe back to the lab, I might need to perform surgery!

Analyze Sick Snake.
Nathan: The surgery was a success, <Name>! I extracted a mass of objects from the snake's body, it definitely had eyes bigger than its stomach!
Nathan: Something in there must have made him sick, we'd better make sure what is was. Would you mind sorting through this while I stitch Joe back up, <Name>!

Examine Snake's Stomach.
Nathan: Perfect job as always, <Name>! And so Joe ate... a scepter?!
Nathan: Seriously? And I'm not even talking about the other mess it had in his stomach... Harper's got a compulsive eater on her hands!
Nathan: Well, let's get Joe back to Harper... and the scepter to the Opera, I guess? Let's go!

Give her snake back to Harper Stone.
Nathan: Miss Stone, <Rank> <Name> found your snake! It was in a spot of trouble after eating an opera prop, but we fixed it right up!
Harper: An opera prop? Oh, that silly snake just can't resist eating whatever's passing by! Thank you so much for taking care of him, <Rank> <Name>!
Nathan: It was our pleasure. I've always found snakes to be fascinating, and Joe's a really nice specimen! Funnily enough, I've got a tattoo that looks a lot like it.
Nathan: Although I can't really show it, because it's... I had it tattooed on... nevermind. Forget I said anything!
Harper: Haha, I see... Maybe another time? Anyway, thanks again for what you did, <Rank> <Name>. Why don't you have a burger at the opera's restaurant? It's on me!

Talk to Adam Bentley.
Chief King: Mr. Bentley, I am Samuel King, Chief of the police department, and I have questions about your implications in our Mayor's campaign.
Adam: I fail to see the problem, sir, I'm just interested in politics... Anyway, I'm in a hurry, could we talk later?
Chief King: I'm afraid not. The elections are approaching an-
Adam: The elections, exactly! That's why I don't have time! Please, <Rank> <Name>, I don't want to impose on you, or on the Grimsborough police Chief himself, but I've lost an important letter!
Adam: I must have dropped it somewhere in the smoking room! Please, could you give me a hand and search it? You have an eye for this kind of things...
Chief King: The police isn't here to retrieve every lost document in the city, Mr. Bentley! However... We'll help you this once, to make sure you'll stop snooping around!

Investigate Gentleman's Club.
Chief King: Well done, <Rank> <Name>, I see you managed to find the letter Mr. Bentley lost!
Chief King: As much as I object to wasting your time on such trivial matters, I appreciate your help in this.
Chief King: The colors of this letter are familiar, but I can't read the text. Could you make it legible, <Rank> <Name>? We must know why Adam wanted this letter so badly!

Examine Invitation Letter.
Chief King: Good job, <Rank> <Name>! And I knew this letter looked familiar, this is an invitation to the Red Party's final meeting!
Chief King: This cannot be! Howard only invited very important members of his party! Mr. Bentley must have forged this invitation for devious purposes!
Chief King: Let's go talk to him, <Rank> <Name>!

Question Adam Bentley about the Red Party's invitation.
Adam: My invitation! Tell me you've found it, <Rank> <Name>! Without it, I wouldn't be able to attend the meeting and I-
Chief King: Cut it out, Mr. Bentley, I want an explanation! How did you get an invite to the Red Party's conference? You're not a member, and we know you're also involved with the Blue Party!
Adam: You're wrong. I'm a member of the Red Party. The Mayor knows he has my support! Not that my political opinions are any of the police's business...
Chief King: This is our business when it might compromise the elections security! I don't buy your sudden political turnaround, Mr. Bentley! I hope you know how dangerous the game you're playing at!
Adam: I am not playing a game! No offense, sir, but my foster brother has just been killed, and my life in Maple Heights isn't easy. I think I'm allowed a break!
Adam: I know what I'm doing and I have... ways to protect myself! Nonetheless, you've spared me a lot of trouble, <Rank> <Name>. Take this gift, Grimsborough P.D. deserves it!

Check up on Beatrice Vane.
Jones: Hello, Mrs. Vane. <Rank> <Name> wanted to make sure you were holding up. We know these must be difficult times for you.
Beatrice: And they're even harder now! Somebody stole a lovely harpsichord Roland gave to me years ago, and is now using it to play some of the most evil-sounding melodies I've ever heard!
Beatrice: Not only is it ruining my memories of Roland playing sweet tunes to me, but it's scaring the entire company! I don't know what to do anymore!
Jones: Beatrice, <Rank> <Name> is the best at retrieving stolen objects. We'll find this harpsichord in no time. Let's have a look around the place!

Investigate Dressing Room.
Jones: <Name>, this must be the instrument that was stolen from Beatrice! But, it's been shattered to pieces!
Jones: Don't you think this sounds like one of the Phantom's tricks? Scaring people with awful melodies is probably a hobby to that freak!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, let's fix this instrument first and foremost, so Beatrice can have it back!

Examine Broken Harpsichord.
Jones: Nice job, <Name>! This harpsichord looks as if it'd never been broken, Beatrice will be pleased! Let's go bring it back to her!

Give the harpsichord back to Beatrice Vane.
Beatrice: You found Roland's harpsichord! Oh, thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>, it means the world to me!
Jones: You're most welcome. But you should be careful. We think Gerald Riverton might have stol-
Opera Phantom: Yes! It was me! I stole the harpsichord! I played it with all the passion, all the grandeur a true opera master such as me has to display!
Opera Phantom: I wanted to play it until my fervor set it on fire... But it broke down under my passionate fingers... What a shame!
Jones: Damn it! Beatrice, do you want to press charges against that lunatic? We'll be most happy to-
Beatrice: No, there's no need. I guess my poor husband should not have dismissed Gerald so harshly. He's harmless.
Beatrice: I would like to thank you for what you did, <Rank> <Name>. Please, accept these clothes, they're from my favorite opera! They will be perfect for your next visit!

A while later, in King's office...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, Jones. The elections are about to end soon, and I would like to insist on one point!
Chief King: I will not tolerate any crime or whatever else happening on Election Day! Am I making myself clear?
Chief King: Many people will be out on the streets to celebrate or support their candidate, and things could easily go wrong. We must be on top of things!
Chief King: I will personally take care of our Mayor's protection on Election Day, and I want you to be on the lookout until then! Now, I need to handle the preparations, I'll see you later!
Jones: Damn, Chief King is really on the warpath... I'll feel relieved when the elections are done! Do you know how you'll be voting for, <Name>?