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Frank Knight: Heya <Name>, are you ready to get monumentally drunk?
Chief Marquez: FRANK!
Frank: Chief, it's Saint Patrick's day: the one day in the year where you HAVE to drink.
Chief Marquez: The last time you celebrated Saint Patrick's, you locked YOURSELF up in the station's detention cell!
Chief Marquez: Besides, Saint Patrick's isn't only about drinking... There's the fantastic parade and...
Roxie: Exactly! I'll show <Name> the parade while Frank sits drinking beer in a corner.
Chief Marquez: Fine. But please keep an eye out for Frank, <Name>.

At the Saint Patrick's Day Parade...
Frank: Ah, I'm almost moved to tears <Name>: all these people, united together... by drink.
Roxie: You've always been too sentimental, Frank. Look at all the costumes, <Name>. Isn't it just wild?
Frank: Watch out for Roxie, <Name>: you'll end up in a rave before you know it.
Mark: Hello <Rank> <Name>! It's nice to meet you outside of a murder investigation! So, what do you think of the parade floats?
Frank: I don't know about my partner, but I care more about my beer than the parade and... What is it, <Name>? Something's wrong with that parade float?
Frank: Oh no, don't even think about it, <Name>: this is Saint Patrick's and there will be zero investigations today!
Roxie: Wow, normally I'm stuck in my morgue... So this is the first time I get to see <Name> at work. Go get them, tiger!

Chapter 1

Investigate Street Parade.
Mark McKenzie: Everybody make way, I'm a doctor!
Frank: Er, doc, maybe it's the booze messing with your judgment, but this guy's clearly as dead as they get.
Mark: Argh, that face! I know him: it's Angus O'Brian, the local Irish priest!
Frank: You knew him? Stick around doc, because <Rank> <Name> is gonna have to question you.
Frank: And you're interested in this notebook, <Name>? Think about it first, you can either recover the writing... or go for a beer.
Frank: You're right, it's filled with drawings of Molotov cocktails... Hm fine, it could be important!
Frank: Well <Name>, it looks like this is going to be one long sober-filled case. Huh, time to take off the hat.

Talk to Mark about the victim.
Mark: There's always something that comes and ruins the fun in Inner City. We can't celebrate for more than 5 minutes without a murder on our streets.
Frank: I hear ya, doc, but <Rank> <Name> has caught more killers than I care to count, and you can bet that they'll catch this one!
Frank: But what can you tell us about the victim? You said you knew him, right?
Mark: Angus was a priest at Saint Mary's Church. We used to work together in the rougher parts of Inner City: I would heal their bones, and he would heal their souls.
Mark: He was a good man and a pillar of the Irish community. He fought for good in Inner City, but it looks like evil won.
(After talking to Mark McKenzie)
Frank: You're right <Name>, Mark mentioned the victim worked at Saint Mary's Church, so we better go check it out...
Frank: Just don't ask me to go to confession, ha-ha!

Investigate Church Garden.
Frank: Well <Name>, how did the search go in the garden of the victim's church? Did you find religion?
Frank: Ha-ha, sorry, bad joke. So you found a pile of leaves and a sleeping bag...
Frank: Hm, this sleeping bag proves somebody slept out in the church garden. Do you think you could recover the owner's name, <Name>?
Frank: And sorry, but I ain't going to help you search through that pile of leaves: I already get mistaken for a bum, so I don't wanna make matters worse.

Examine Pile of Leaves.
Frank: I don't know about that collar you found searching through that soggy pile of leaves, <Name>, but I can tell you one thing you lost: your dignity. Ha-ha!
Frank: You're right, that white strip in the middle means it's a clerical collar. Excellent find <Name>, it had to belong to our victim!
Frank: And it's covered in blood! I'll go fetch the forensic kit for you!

Examine Clerical Collar.
Frank: Nicely done <Name>, let's send this blood sample you collected from the victim's clerical collar over to the lab!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Yann: I analyzed that blood sample you collected from the victim's clerical collar, <Name>...
Yann: ... and I can confirm the blood matches your victim's.
Yann: But interesting thing is there were also beer molecules mixed in with the blood... You didn't contaminate the evidence, did you Frank?
Frank: Ha, there's no chance of that! <Name> did all the work... as always.
Yann: I know the beer wasn't in the blood because only the ethanol molecules from the alcohol enter the blood stream, and not the alcohol molecules themselves.
Yann: This proves the beer was deposited on the collar after the murder... by your killer!
Frank: So our killer drinks beer? Huh, I was set out to hate them, but this complicates the matter.

Examine Sleeping Bag.
Frank: Well done, <Name>: you managed to recover the name on that sleeping bag you found in the church garden.
Frank: "O'Brian"... You're right, that's the same surname as our victim's! But why would this Colin sleep out in the church garden if his relative lives here?
Colin: Oi, what are you doing stealing my stuff?!
Frank: Easy there, Ginger. <Rank> <Name>, needs to talk to you about the murder of Angus O'Brian.
Colin: My brother's been murdered?! Ha, best news ever!

Talk to Colin about his brother.
Colin: So you're saying my brother's dead! Good: he had it coming!
Colin: Just recently, I get here in Inner City, and I needed a place to stay so I ask my brother... And he says the only place he'll let me sleep is outside!
Colin: Can you imagine? So much for a charitable priest!
Frank: And so you killed him because of his lack of charity?!
Colin: I couldn't kill my own flesh and blood. That ain't the Irish way, but I would buy his killer a drink or two!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Frank: Okay <Name>, you managed to recover the text on that notebook. It reads: "Hang them! Burn them! From their ashes we will rise!" Okay then...
Frank: I agree, we can't take any chances, so let's send it to Russell!

Analyze Notebook.
Russell: Ah <Name>, that notebook you found on the crime scene is a diary: it's filled with the typical anarchist talk about wanting to destroy our society.
Frank: So an anarchist wrote this?
Russell: Yes. Remember <Name>, there's a large group of anarchists here in Inner City who call themselves the Inner Chaos.
Frank: You're right <Name>, Chief Marquez mentioned that group... And she warned us to stay well away from them!
Russell: Given the writing on this diary, this anarchist is clearly self-obsessed and dangerous. They believe they're practically the Chosen One.
Russell: This profile matches a certain Fredo Mancini, the leader of Inner Chaos!
Frank: I agree <Name>, it looks like we're finally gonna get to meet this psycho anarchist leader. Huh, what a treat.

Talk to Fredo about the murder.
Fredo: What are you doing here?! I ain't talking to no pigs!
Frank: Your diary has done all the talking we need. You shouldn't pour your heart out so easily about wanting to burn down Inner City.
Fredo: Mock me all you want: but I will liberate this city by restoring chaos on its streets!
Frank: Starting with the death of a priest?!
Fredo: Ha-ha, I saw that dead priest floating along with the parade. But even if we're anarchists, it doesn't mean we killed him!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: I apologize <Name>, I'm still a bit drunk. Sigh, I was out having fun until this corpse arrived... Ha-ha, I was talking about the victim, not you Frank.
Roxie: Still, I can tell you that your killer first tried to strangle your victim: as evidenced by the rope fibers I found around the victim's neck.
Roxie: I analyzed these rope fibers and I can confirm the killer used a jump rope.
Roxie: Now, before you say anything Frank, jump ropes are widely used by adults and killers alike: it's a great way to stay fit!
Roxie: But the jump rope is not your murder weapon. It's something way cooler: turns out your victim was killed by being forced to ingest helium!
Frank: Roxie, we know you're still drunk but c'mon, helium?! It just makes your voice sound funny.
Roxie: Helium can be a lethal weapon, Frank! A large dose will make your insides explode. BOOM!
Frank: A rope, helium... Was our killer trying to turn the victim into a balloon or something?!
Roxie: Well, his spine was missing too... That's what made the body so shapeless, so maybe.
Frank: Wait, the spine's missing?!
Frank: You're right <Name>, since we've been in Inner City, first a heart went missing, then some lungs... And now a spine?!
Frank: Two can be passed off as being a coincidence, but three is too important to ignore... Let's hope this case offers up some answers, <Name>.

Later at the station...
Frank: Well <Name>, because of the killer, I've so far spent Saint Patrick's sober, so this case has just gotten personal! What do you have so far?
Frank: The victim was floating in the Saint Patrick's day parade... And his spine was missing! Is that some kind of message?
Frank: And we spoke to the surgeon who was not only on the scene of the crime, but he also knew the victim since they worked together.
Frank: And you're right, more puzzling still, there's the victim's brother who was forced to sleep in the church garden rather than at the victim's. What was that all about?
Frank: And then there's the anarchist leader: I can't say I liked him much and he obviously has a taste for trouble.
Roxie: <Name>, I'm sorry it took me a while to sober up after all my partying - you owe me drinks by the way - but I found this torn flyer in the victim's pocket.
Frank: Well <Name>, looks like we haven't hit a dead end after all. You ready to piece this together?

Examine Torn Flyer.
Frank: Not bad, <Name>! So that torn flyer in the victim's pocket was for some kind of fight tournament. Okay, so far so good...
Frank: ... but what was this flyer doing in the victim's pocket? It's not like a priest would be interested in watching people fight, right?
Frank: Hm, you're right <Name>, our victim has a boxer's nose... On top of that, the tournament prize was for a lot of money...
Frank: Wow, I think you're on to something here: it looks like our priest was a fighter and stepped back into the ring for one last fight!
Frank: A priest fighting dirty? Now you're talking!

Chapter 2

Frank Knight: Well how about that, <Name>! It turns out our dead priest participated in this bare-knuckle fighting tournament!
Frank: Bare-knuckle fighting isn't illegal... But it does attract a lot of illegal operations. It's a dangerous crowd, that's for sure!
Frank: According to this flyer, the tournament took place at the Inner City gym. Okay <Name>, are you ready to step into the ring?

Investigate Fight Club.
Frank: Huh, this place stinks of sweat, blood, and stale booze. It reminds me of my first apartment, haha!
Frank: So you want to piece back together this broken object, <Name>? Well I ain't gonna stop you.
Frank: And look at what you found! This fight bib is for Colin O'Brian... So he was also a fighter!
Frank: Hm, you're right, there seems to be something faded on it. Can you make out what it says, <Name>?
Frank: And what about this coat of arms? You think you can find out the name of the family by running it through the database? Okay, now you're just showing off.

Examine Fight Bib.
Frank: Okay <Name>, so you managed to recover the stamp on Colin's fight big: it says here he was disqualified from the tournament!
Frank: We already knew his brother was a fighter in the tournament...
Frank: ... but I wonder why Colin was disqualified. You're right <Name>, we should go ask him directly!

Question Colin about his disqualification from the fight tournament.
Frank: Colin, <Rank> <Name> discovered that you were meant to fight in the same tournament as your brother...
Colin: When I came here to see my brother, he treated my like dirt! But when I showed him the flyer for the tournament, he started acting all friendly!
Colin: Heck, he even helped me with my jump rope exercises and kept giving me drink after drink...
Colin: But it was all just to trick me! He got me so drunk that I didn't wake up in time for the tournament!
Colin: Angus wanted all that prize money for himself, and he knew the only way to beat me was if I was drunk!
Frank: Couldn't you just have refused the drinks?
Colin: Don't be daft, you can't turn down a drink!
Colin: But my brother's always been a cheater and a liar. I thought he had changed when he became a priest, but he's still as spineless as ever!

Examine Coat of Arms.
Frank: Smooth going <Name>, so this coat of arms you found in the fight club belongs to a Russian family! That of a certain Nikolai Kamarov...
Frank: Wait a minute, I've heard of this Nikolai... He's like the leader of the Russian community!
Frank: How do I know of this Nikolai? Ha-ha, it's a long story... One I'd rather not remember. But you're right, we should go talk to him!

Question Nikolai about attending the fight club.
Frank: Mr. Kamarov, <Rank> <Name> found proof of your presence in the fight club. We'd like to know what you were doing there.
Nikolai: Watching people fight. For cops, you ain't too smart. And for wasting my precious time, you're even less smart.
Nikolai: But talking about fighters, I heard Angus O'Brian got killed. I guess the luck of that Irish man has ran out, ha?
Frank: And how come you heard about the murder so fast?
Nikolai: Because it is my job to know. Power is not only strength, it is also knowledge. Angus fought well, but I did not like him. Too Irish.
Nikolai: You know, just because the Irish like to drink, they think us Russians are alike. But I find them... How do you say? Spineless.

Examine Broken Board.
Frank: Ah, you and puzzles, hey? I might need you to help me piece back together my latest bank statement I tore up in a rage, haha.
Frank: And you're right, it looks like you restored a betting board used for the tournament.
Frank: "The Sinner vs Miss Piggy" in the final match...
Frank: Yup, the fighters obviously used nicknames. Well, how about we send it to Hannah? She could take a look at it if she's not too busy messaging her girlfriend.

Analyze Betting Board.
Hannah: I analyzed those nicknames on that betting board you found in the fight club, <Name>.
Hannah: "The Sinner" stands for your victim, Angus O'Brian.
Hannah: He made it all the way to the final match, and won against "Miss Piggy". As you can guess, she's a woman.
Hannah: You've actually met "Miss Piggy" before, <Name>: turns out she's none other than Shelly Dulard. Remember, you met her in the bayou!
Frank: Wait, isn't she the one who threw fish guts on Amy's head? Ha-ha, I guess she's now put all that violence to good use.
Hannah: She sure has: the odds were stacked against her - I mean she had 60 chances to 1 of winning... And yet she still made it to the final round.
Frank: Wow, Shelly made it all that way... Only to be defeated in the last match. She must be furious! You're right <Name>, we should go pay her a visit!

Ask Shelly about her career change.
Shelly: Well I'll be damned, it's <Rank> <Name> as I live and breathe!
Shelly: And I've got to say I'm happy you finally got rid of that stick-insect and replaced her with a real man!
Shelly: But yeah, I got fed up with all the mosquitoes in the bayou. And I like drinking and fighting, so might as well make a living out of it, right?
Shelly: And man, I'm a beast in the ring! I've never beaten up so many men for money before!
Frank: But then you lost against Angus O'Brian...
Shelly: Don't talk to me about Angus! Winning that tournament was my dream... And he took it away from me!
Frank: So you decided to take his life?!
Shelly: Ha-ha, look at you when you're all serious. I could just eat you up! But nah, I didn't kill him. That ain't the warrior's way, sweetie!
(After talking to Shelly Dulard)
Frank: I'm warning you <Name>, if you tell anyone back at the station that Shelly likes me, you will regret it.
Frank: Let's get back to it: the victim was a priest but it also turns out he was this bare-knuckle boxing champion. He sure had his secrets!
Frank: Good idea, <Name>! If we want to learn more about the victim, we should go back to his church. Who knows what other secrets he's hiding!

Investigate Statue.
Frank: Okay <Name>, you want to look through that box full of bibles? You're preaching to the choir buddy, so just go for it!
Frank: And you also picked up... a steroid vial?! People use this to illegally bulk up their body weight.
Frank: You're right, with all this talk about fight tournaments, this steroid vial could be linked to our case. Do you think you can recover the faded text on it, <Name>?

Examine Faded Steroid Vial.
Frank: Great job recovering the writing on that steroid vial, <Name>. "Angus, find another supplier!" Hey, that's the name of our victim, you're right!
Frank: I agree, Angus must have used steroids to help him win the tournament. But who gave them to him?
Frank: Good point <Name>, McKenzie knew the victim and as a surgeon, he'd have access to steroids. So there's a chance he gave them to him. But let's go ask him ourselves!

Grill Mark over supplying the victim with steroids.
Mark: Ah <Rank> <Name>, would you like a beer? I've got plenty left after the Saint Patrick's parade was canceled.
Frank: Mmm beer...
Frank: I mean no. <Rank> <Name> wants to know if you've been supplying Angus O'Brian with steroids.
Mark: I didn't have a choice! Angus wanted to bulk his muscles for the fight tournament and he forced me to give them to him!
Frank: And he forced you how? By giving you loads of money?
Mark: He didn't pay me a single cent. Instead he used all the secrets I told him during my confessions to blackmail me into giving him drugs!
Mark: Can you believe it? He used his position as a priest to listen to all my secrets... and then used them to trick me!
Mark: But why am I surprised? Nobody has a moral backbone in Inner City! Just this morning, someone stole my jump rope while I was training for the marathon!

Examine Bible Box.
Frank: You had fun looking through that box of bibles, <Name>? Huh, and now you want to play with this jump rope... Aren't you a bit old for that?
Frank: Oh, you're right: we know the killer uses a jump rope... So this one could be theirs!
Frank: <Name>, you're a genius! C'mon, let's send this jump rope to the lab!

Analyze Jump Rope.
Yann: Thanks for sending over that jump rope you found in the church garden, <Name>.
Yann: My daughter begged me to let her play with it. You've ever tried saying no to a 8 year old?
Yann: But before she could contaminate the jump rope, I found skin cells belonging to your victim...
Yann: The victim's skin cells must have ended up on the jump rope from when the killer tried to strangle him!
Yann: But what's interesting is the substance I found on the handles: grease!
Yann: The grease comes from some kind of mystery meat, so I can't tell you what the killer ate... Only that they're a real slob. It's everywhere!
Frank: So we're looking for a slob?
Yann: Very funny, Frank. What I was trying to say is that your killer is such a slob, they obviously got that grease all over their clothes too!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Okay <Name>, the sooner we solve this case, the sooner I can get back to drinking. I refuse to spend a whole Saint Patrick's day sober!
Frank: What do we have so far? Mark told us the victim used his confessional secrets to blackmail him.
Frank: Our victim jumped back into the ring and defeated Shelly... crushing her dreams of winning the tournament.
Frank: That's true, the victim even managed to get his brother disqualified from the tournament!
Frank: You're right, all the suspects seemed to agree that the victim didn't have a moral backbone: so maybe that could explain his missing spine?
Frank: And of course, you can't have an investigation in Inner City without some leader turning up, and we've got two: the Russian leader and that crazy anarchist. Can't they give us a break?
Hannah: <Name>, come quick! Fredo has taken over the victim's church! He says he's going to burn it to the ground!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: Oh my gosh, <Name>! Fredo has taken over the victim's church! He says he's going to burn it to the ground to mark the beginning of the revolution!
Frank: What the?! Somebody's got to explain to that lunatic that anarchism isn't just about burning everything to the ground! C'mon <Name>, let's go stop him!

At the church...
Fredo: People of Inner City! You have been brainwashed by the capitalist state! Let's send them a message that we've had enough! Together, let's burn it all down!
Frank: Hold it right there, Mancini. You're not burning anything!
Fredo: You think you pigs can stop me?! I refuse to obey to your rules!
Frank: Okay, let's change tactics here. Put the Molotov cocktail down or the only fire you'll come into contact with is on your funeral pyre!
Fredo: Okay, okay... Until I have completed my mission, my life is more important than this church. So I surrender, <Rank> <Name>.
Frank: Spin it any way you want, Mancini: you're still a coward. You're right <Name>, let's lock him up!

Back at the station...
Frank: Damn, I hate anarchists. And we can either question Fredo now, or keep him stewing in his cell while we go check out the fight club. Your call, <Name>!

Grill Fredo about wanting to burn down the church.
Fredo: You should have let me burn down that church! I was trying to free the people from this capitalist state!
Frank: Killing a priest wasn't enough, you also had to burn down his church?!
Fredo: I didn't kill that priest, but seeing his body strung up inspired me to take action!
Frank: C'mon, admit it! You anarchists are well-known for being anti-religious. You just chose the easiest option to get noticed!
Fredo: Inner Chaos doesn't act like the rest of them: I lead, I don't follow! But people like you will never understand. You've been brainwashed to only see what they tell you!
Frank: What I'm seeing right now is an idiot... And that seems about right to me. But fine, if you don't want to talk, we ain't gonna let you out!
Fredo: Wait, if you're gonna keep me locked up for long, can you at least get me my jump rope? Exercise is good for the mind.

Investigate Tables.
Frank: Well <Name>, what did you find this time round? A locked box and a torn photo?
Frank: I don't know why people systematically tear up their photos around these parts. It just makes you more curious about them.
Frank: And I'm guessing this lock isn't going to stop you from opening up that box, right?

Examine Locked Box.
Frank: Okay, now we're getting somewhere. You cracked open that locked box in no time and...
Frank: ... there's an empty envelope inside. Huh, that's a bit of a anti-climax...
Frank: You're right <Name>, since the envelope was in the box, it must have been important! Do you think you can recover the writing on it?

Examine Faded Envelope.
Frank: Nice going recovering the ink on that envelope, <Name>. Now, we can either learn Russian... or send this to the lab for translation.

Analyze Russian Text.
Hannah: Hey there <Name>, I translated the Russian on that empty envelope you found locked in a box in the fight club.
Hannah: ... and it reads: "For the Sinner, 50.000 dollars to make sure you go down in the second round."
Frank: You're right <Name>, the Sinner was our victim's nickname during the tournament. So somebody bribed him to cheat during the final round?!
Hannah: And surprise surprise, a partial fingerprint on the envelope allowed me to positively identify Nikolai Kamarov as the one who wrote this!
Frank: So Nikolai wanted Angus to lose... But why?
Frank: Ah you're right <Name>: all the odds were against Shelly...
Frank: ... so Nikolai would have won a fortune if the victim lost!
Frank: But that's true, Angus won the tournament. So he obviously didn't listen to Nikolai, and instead took the money and ran!
Frank: I agree, if Angus double-played Nikolai, you can bet the Russian would have wanted him dead! Let's go talk to him!

Quiz Nikolai about fixing the fight tournament.
Frank: And the plot thickens, Nikolai: <Rank> <Name> has just found out that you paid Angus to lose in the final match.
Nikolai: And what? You're here because I fixed a fight? Big deal!
Nikolai: In my community, I have to give appearance of always winning against ALL ODDS. That way, people will never dare gamble with me.
Frank: But Angus did just that: he double-crossed YOU by taking the money AND winning!
Nikolai: Exactly! I lost my bet and got insulted in the process! I haven't been this humiliated since I was caught doing jump rope exercises!
Frank: And so you killed him to send a message that you're still the most powerful man here?!
Nikolai: That dourak deserved to die, but sadly, I did not kill him. Still, if people believe that, it is fine with me!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank: Smooth going, you restored that photo in no time, and it's of... Shelly?!
Frank: Yikes, this can't be unseen! And you're right, there's a message: "For my Angus"!
Frank: What the?! Shelly didn't just fight the victim in the tournament...
Frank: ... she also fancied him?! That woman is full of surprises... and contradictions.
Frank: You're right <Name>, all this raises a million questions, so it might just be easier to go ask Shelly about this directly!

Talk to Shelly about her relationship with the victim.
Shelly: What the heck are you doing with my picture?! You better give me answers, unless you want to answer to MY fist in YOUR face!
Frank: Easy now, Shelly. <Rank> <Name> found your picture in the fight club. Were you and Angus lovers?
Shelly: I thought so... I met Angus at the gym a few weeks back. He encouraged me to take up jump rope exercises...
Shelly: So we started fighting together for practice... It was so romantic: every punch to the face was like a kiss!
Shelly: I was so passionately in love with him, I hit the hardest, and I would win every single time!
Shelly: But just before the tournament, Angus told me that he never loved me: it was all a lie!
Shelly: I fight out of passion - and with that gone - I couldn't fight at all. He knew the only way he could defeat me was with his words... And now I hope that liar rots in hell!

Later at the station...
Frank: Argh <Name>, I don't know how long I can keep going without a drink. Why does everybody else get to have fun apart from us?
Frank: We have a Russian, an Anarchist, an Irishman, a surgeon and a fighter... Huh, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.
Chief Marquez: <Name>, we can't keep people from celebrating Saint Patrick's any longer. You need to go back to the parade asap!
Frank: To join in the celebrations?
Chief Marquez: No Frank, to solve this case before all the evidence gets contaminated at the parade!
Frank: Okay okay, come on <Name>, the partying is gonna have to wait a little longer. And even if this is one bad joke, we'll be sure to deliver the punch line!

Investigate Parade Float.
Frank: A helium can? Don't tell me you're going to blow up some balloons and make funny animals out of them, <Name>. Because I hate clowns and everything associated with them!
Frank: Oh you're right! Roxie said the killer used helium on the victim which exploded his lungs!
Frank: <Name>, you genius, you just found our murder weapon!
Frank: ... but what are those marks on it? Yup, we should collect a sample!
Frank: And you want to search through those Saint Patrick's giveaways? Sounds good to me: it will help put us in a party mood!
Frank: Because believe me, I'll be out celebrating once you've put the killer behind bars! We're so close, I can already taste that first sip of beer on my lips!

Examine Helium Can.
Frank: Way to go <Name>, I don't know what you managed to collect on that helium can but I do know it will bring us one step closer to our killer! Let's hurry and send it to the lab!

Analyze Green Substance.
Yann: I looked at the green sediment you collected from the murder weapon, <Name>.
Yann: The green sediment comes from a plant. Just like humans, plants have DNA structures, and this sample you gave me comes from the clover family.
Yann: I dug a little deeper and analyzed the molecular marker, and I successfully detected the gene of the four-leaf clover!
Yann: Given the marks on the murder weapon, the killer was wearing a four-leaf clover when they picked it up to kill your victim!
Frank: So our killer is wearing a four-leaf clover! Ha, it's meant to bring luck but that won't stop you from arresting them! We've got them now, <Name>!

Examine Promotional Products.
Frank: Huh <Name>, there were all those bottles in those Saint Patrick's giveaways and instead you picked out an ice pack?
Frank: First you need to drink before getting a hangover, and that's when the ice pack is meant to come in...
Frank: Oh, you think it's related to our case? Okay, let's send it to the lab. I can't wait to see how this leads to our killer!

Analyze Ice Pack.
Yann: I analyzed that ice pack you found among those giveaways at the Saint Patrick's parade, <Name>.
Yann: I found beer molecules on it, which is what your killer drinks. And since you found it on the crime scene, there's no doubt it belongs to your killer!
Yann: I also found blood serum on it. Now, blood serum is an odd thing: it is blood but doesn't contain any red or white blood cells, so it's little of use.
Yann: However, blood serum is secreted when the body is bruised...
Yann: So obviously, your killer was using this ice pack to treat their bruises!
Frank: So our killer is covered in bruises? With this, you'll be able to catch them in no time, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Okay <Name>, what do you say we go arrest our killer and then go enjoy the rest of the Saint Patrick's celebrations?

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Shelly Dulard, you're under arrest for the gruesome murder of Angus O'Brian!
Shelly: Oh cutie, you're jealous I flirted with Angus and so you want to get back at me? That's so romantic!
Frank: Nice try, Shelly, but <Rank> <Name> has figured it all out: after you lost the fight to Angus, you drank a few beers before confronting him.
Frank: During the confrontation, you ended up strangling him with a jump rope...
Frank: ... before filling him up with helium!
Shelly: Angus got what he deserved!
Shelly: When I arrived in Inner City, it was like a fairy tale: I had found my dream man and my dream job!
Shelly: But during the fight, Angus showed that photo I gave him to EVERYBODY! He humiliated me just so he could win the tournament!
Shelly: It was meant to be the start of my career, and in that one moment, he crushed my dreams and my heart! They are wounds that will never heal!
Shelly: I thought Angus should experience what it feels like being me, so I decided to blow him up like a balloon. And as I'm sure he can tell you, it ain't a nice feeling!
Frank: <Rank> <Name> is right, we've heard enough from you. But I'm sure the judge will wanna hear all about this. For now, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Shelly Dulard, you're being tried for the despicable murder of Angus O'Brian, a priest and a fighter... Ahem, am I reading that right?
Honorable Dante: Now I understand the victim had no moral backbone: he cheated a many lot of you... But you cannot kill any person who plays with your feelings and mocks you...
Honorable Dante: ...If that were permitted, I would have killed a lot of cyberbullies by now. How am I meant to know what "LOL" means? ... But I digress.
Honorable Dante: And Officer Young confirms that you've got a short-temper and are potentially dangerous...
Honorable Dante: As for the grisly murder, I sentence you to 20 years!
Shelly: Fine! See if I care! I've never had much luck in this world, and I'm used to it by now!
Honorable Dante: On a final note, I've decided not to condemn you to solitary confinement, but please, don't make me regret it by starting prison fights.

Frank: Geez <Name>, I was looking forward to celebrating once this case was solved... But now the mood's kind of gone.
Frank: Damn it, I forgot to ask Shelly what she did with the victim's spine! I need to start writing things down.
Frank: But that's true, this is now the third case in which a body part has "mysteriously" vanished. Let's recap, shall we?
Frank: There was a missing heart for a love story. Missing lungs taken from a smoke peddler. And now a missing spine taken from a spineless priest. At least the killers are consistent...
Frank: But you're right, we were lead to believe that these missing body parts were because of a Russian-Chinese feud...
Frank: ... but this murder has nothing to do with the Russian or Chinese communities!
Frank: So does that mean we've got a psycho going around stealing body parts? And if yes, what do they do with them?
Frank: You know what <Name>, I kinda need that drink after all...

Additional Investigation

Frank Knight: Well, <Name>, I'm glad we're done here... Now maybe we can finally celebrat-
Ramirez: <Name>! Oh, I'm so glad I found you here! I'm dreadfully sorry to interrupt but I'm in trouble so I immediately thought about you! Please could you help m-
Frank: Wait, hold on, giant pineapple guy! Slow down a bit...
Ramirez: Sorry, it's so embarrassing! I lost my notebook at the parade. It contains all my investigation about Mark McKenzie! A big hospital hired me to run a background check on him.
Ramirez: <Name>, you're the best when it comes to finding stuff, would you mind helping me a bit?
Frank: Wait, <Name>'s right, Mark has been involved in two of our investigations already! I agree, it might be useful to get more information about him!
Ramirez: Really? It'd be amazing if my info helped you! Let's go to the parade right away, my notebook should be there!
Chief Marquez: Wait a minute, <Name>!
Chief Marquez: After his stunt at the church, we're still holding Fredo in custody. But we'll have to release him soon, so I need you to make sure he's calmed down!
Chief Marquez: Of course, it's not urgent. Fredo can wait in his cell for hours for all I care! You can talk to him later if you'd rather help your friend at the parade first!

Check up on Fredo Mancini.
Fredo: Back again, <Rank> <Name>? When are you pigs gonna let me out of here?
Frank: Keep talking like that, and I'll find a way to keep you locked up forever!
Fredo: For what motive? I haven't done anything... yet!
Fredo: If it's about burning the church, you'd better keep an eye on it instead of losing your time here. Who knows what my guys could do to that place while I'm stuck here...
Frank: Is that a threat, Fredo? <Name>, I've got a bad feeling about this. I agree, let's go check out the church!

Investigate Church Garden.
Frank: I can't believe it, <Name>, these punks have nailed their freakin' manifesto to the church! Listen: "Anarchy is order, whereas government is civil war"...
Frank: But the names of the punks who wrote this crap are smudged... You know what, <Name>? If you can clear them up, I'm ready to arrest them!

Examine Anarchist Manifesto.
Frank: Wait, <Name>, I don't understand. That signature you've retrieved from the anarchist manifesto... It's Hannah's name!
Frank: But that... That can't be her, right? I know she used to be part of Inner Chaos, but she's on our side now!
Frank: You're right, there's no point in freaking out. Maybe Russell can be of use for once, let's send that manifesto to him!

Analyze Anarchist Manifesto.
Russell: Well, <Name>, I'm sorry to confirm that the signature you found on this anarchist pamphlet is definitely Hannah's handwriting, as is the rest of it all.
Frank: WHAT? But she's not a member of that gang anymore!
Russell: However... This handwriting is quite old and doesn't fit Hannah's current handwriting. It shows confusion, frustration... So I thought I'd ask her t-
Hannah: I can't believe it! These jerks! I can't believe they've dug this up!
Hannah: Look, <Name>, I was young and stupid when I wrote this! At the time, Fredo was like a brother, or a guide... He even taught me my first anarchist slogan!
Hannah: I thought we were the good guys. That fighting dirty was a necessary evil to wake people up...
Hannah: Look, let me talk to Fredo. Finding the only manifesto I wrote today isn't a coincidence, I want him to give us an explanation!

Confront Fredo Mancini about Hannah's manifesto.
Fredo: My, my... Ain't that Hannah Choi, hacker extraordinaire? <Name>, I bet you've found my little present!
Hannah: Cut the jokes, Fredo! You suddenly decided to dig up my old manifesto and left it at the church. That's no coincidence, what are you scheming?
Fredo: Come on, Hannah, don't look so upset, I just wanted to send you a reminder of your own beliefs! You were better with us, at least you had real convictions then!
Fredo: I found you, I taught you how to fight the pigs! And now you're one of them? Instead of hunting the corrupt government, you work for them... How does it feel to betray yourself?
Hannah: It's true, you found me, and then you nearly led me to jail for some abstract dogma! Thanks, but I'm better off with <Name>, at least they make things right without creating fights!
Hannah: Come on, <Rank> <Name>, let's get out of here, I need a break from this, how about lunch?

Investigate Street Parade.
Frank: Well, <Name>, you've found a pile of leftovers from the parade, and some metallic pieces... I thought we were looking for a notebook?
Ramirez: Hey, <Rank> <Name>'s instincts are never wrong! I'm sure they've picked these items for a good reason!
Frank: Alright, alright! Geez, I was just teasing... Okay, <Name>, how about we try to put those metallic pieces back together?
Ramirez: And I'd be delighted to assist you with this garbage, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Parade Leftovers.
Ramirez: Awesome, you've found my notebook! You're still as good as ever, <Rank> <Name>! Nobody would have guessed it was in this garbage from the parade!
Ramirez: I haven't found much about Dr McKenzie, but maybe some of it could be useful to you? There was a bank account I wanted to check out... Oh dear, it's all smudged out!
Ramirez: You think you can decipher that bank account number, <Rank> <Name>? Oh, that would be wonderful!

Examine Ramirez's Notebook.
Ramirez: I can't believe you managed to decipher the bank account number so fast, <Rank> <Name>!
Ramirez: You think your tech expert could find out more about this bank account? Oh that's wonderful, <Rank> <Name>! Let's send it to her!

Analyze Account Number.
Hannah: Hey, <Name>, I don't know where you found that account number, but it led me to some very interesting info about Mark McKenzie!
Ramirez: Really? I'm lucky <Rank> <Name> helped me retrieve my notes from the parade! And I'm so happy to meet you!
Hannah: Oh, you must be <Name>'s old colleague... Frank told me about your... enthusiasm.
Hannah: Anyway, this number leads to an account Mark opened more than 20 years ago! And he's received very high sums of money on it!
Hannah: And I know he's a famous surgeon, but this was even before he got his diploma!
Hannah: So I took a closer look at where the payments came from: they all come from shady blacklisted accounts owned by patrons accused of offenses, like money laundering, scams...
Ramirez: Dr McKenzie received money from criminals! Oh, you're right <Rank> <Name>, we should question him now!

Question Mark McKenzie about his old account.
Ramirez: Dr McKenzie, <Rank> <Name> discovered you had a secret account supplied with big amounts of money coming from criminals! Do you have an explanation?
Mark: Med school is expensive, I had to find some funds... It doesn't make me a criminal!
Mark: I agreed in the past to perform surgeries on questionable people because it was well paid... But I've made amends! By the way, I'm really busy now, I have to check on a patient!
Ramirez: Well... That was rude. My employer will be disappointed, but this Dr McKenzie is too suspicious, they shouldn't hire him!
Ramirez: I have to admit, it was very exciting to investigate with you again, <Rank> <Name>! How about we go celebrating the end of Saint Patrick together?

Examine Metal Pieces.
Frank: No kidding, <Name>, these pieces you found were part of a trophy? And a very extravagant one! Seriously, a ferocious bear eating a small dragon?
Frank: I agree with you, <Name>, it's a ridiculous metaphor of the feud between the Russian and Chinese communities... And it's written "Fight Club Tournament Winner".
Frank: You're right, we know someone who has a hand in the fight club and has a bone against the Chinese! I'm sure Nikolai will have a lot to say about this trophy.

Talk to Nikolai Kamarov about the provocative trophy.
Nikolai: Ha, I see you've found my nice gift for the last fight club tournament, <Rank> <Name>! Such a pity it got broken, I had to throw it with the parade garbage...
Frank: Your "gift"? You really think encouraging the community feud is funny?
Nikolai: Oh, but this new tournament was hilarious! Of course, the winner was Russian, you should have seen these Chinese fighters' faces! It did wonders for my reputation!
Nikolai: This proved everyone I was still on top! Everyone has already forgotten I lost a bet...
Frank: Actually, <Rank> <Name> is right, what you've done is incitement to violence! And, guess what, this we can fine you for!

Later, at the police station...
Hannah: I'm really sorry that Inner Chaos is causing so much trouble, <Name>. I can't believe I used to be one of them!
Hannah: I did a lot of stupid things in this gang. But it's true, I believed in our fight... I've grown up as an illegal immigrant, I know how inhuman the system can be!
Hannah: When I met Fredo, I was sick of the system taking advantage of the people, of the government lies. And I wanted to... to change things!
Hannah: You're right, I should know better now... I just need some time alone to think. I'll be back in my lab if you need me!
Frank: She seems shaken, I don't like that. Intimidation, manipulation... Fredo acts like a crazy gangster, really. He'd get along great with Nikolai if he forgot his anarchist shtick!
Frank: They both think they can do whatever they want, even wage little wars, for their own goals. And they think they can get away with it!
Frank: And even seemingly well-intentioned people happen to have worked for criminals... This district is corrupt to the core, but at least with you, we'll set it straight, <Name>!