Stuart Huckabee
Biographical information
Full name Stuart Huckabee
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1941
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss
(slashed throat)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Family Elma Huckabee (ancestor)
Pip Huckabee (ancestral cousin)
Reginald Huckabee (ancestor)
Susan Huckabee (sister; incarcerated)
Unnamed brother-in-law
Unnamed children-in-law
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #51: It All Ends Here (s1)

Stuart Huckabee (1941-2014) made his first appearance during the finale of It All Ends Here (Case #51 of Grimsborough). Stuart was then the victim in A Brave New World.


Stuart was a 72-year-old man who was an old friend of Samuel King and Serena Johnson. He was bald on top with white hair from the front to the back at the sides and a bushy mustache and beard. He wore a brown gentleman's clothes with a white shirt underneath it and a polka-dotted bowtie on his collar. He had brown eyes and wore a pair of spectacles. He was also seen holding a "History of Grimsborough" book on his right arm when he appeared in It All Ends Here.

Events of Criminal Case

It All Ends Here

When Samuel King was incriminated to be the killer of socialite Adam Bentley, the player took David Jones to the Chief's office to arrest Samuel, but Jones did not understand the reason as to why, but also refused to think Samuel would kill Adam. Much to Jones's beliefs, Samuel admitted to Jones and the player that he killed Adam, but Jones still refused to believe Samuel as Adam never harmed the mayor, but Samuel guiltily countered that him killing Adam had nothing to do with the mayor. Jones went ahead and demanded answers from Samuel up to and including explaining to the Judge as to why he did it, but Samuel felt guilty of what he did, advised the team to find their own answers, wept, and pointed a gun in his head. Jones told Samuel not to commit suicide as punishment for Adam's murder, but Samuel felt that he had no choice but to commit suicide for the actions he took. In his last words, Samuel told the team that working with them has been an honor, and alas, he shot himself to death in a tragic outcome. Thus, Samuel's motives to kill Adam remains a mystery. 

Chief King's motives to kill Adam Bentley remained a mystery, and so, the team went to talk to Serena Johnson about this in the Additional Investigation. Serena did not want to help them and just said that if Samuel wanted to tell the team about his motives, he would have done so.

So, the team searched the Red Party offices and there, they found Serena's wallet, which had a picture of her with Samuel and an unknown person. The team then went to Alex Turner, the head of digital forensics, to give him the photo so that he could find out who that unknown person was.

Alex said that the unknown man was nowhere to be seen, as if he had vanished from the earth. But he was still able to gather some information about him. He discovered that the man's name was Stuart Huckabee and that he used to be in college with Samuel and Serena. But two years after graduation, his name just "disappeared" from all the files. No social insurance, no known address. Alex then said that it was possible that Stuart was dead.

After the case was closed, Stuart suddenly came in to the station to talk to the team. He told them that he knew why many murders took place in Grimsborough. He then concluded and asked the team to go to the natural harbor and grab digging tools in order to seek the truth behind the murders happening in Grimsborough.

A Brave New World

The team proceeded to the Airport district to search the natural harbor. Jones grabbed a shovel and started digging, which led the team to find a skeleton and a faded scroll. The team were accompanied by GPD's coroner, Nathan Pandit, who told them that the skeleton belonged to a kid who was killed 400 years ago.

The team then examined the skull and found out that it belonged to a Pilgrim boy. They got curious to know about the murderer of the young Pilgrim and decided to continue the investigation. They then examined the faded scroll and found a note which read, "Where the sun shines at night your answers will be revealed". Jones realized it would lead them to the lighthouse, and thus they proceeded to investigate the scene. Shockingly, they found Stuart there, lying dead on the ground with his neck slashed open and his tongue pulled out of it.

Later on, Nathan came in to talk to the team and said that he had just discovered that the Pilgrim boy and Stuart had the same DNA, which meant that they were relatives. Nathan further said that the Pilgrim boy was actually Pip Huckabee, Stuart's ancestral cousin.

Murder details

Stuart was found murdered on fisherman Herman Cavendish's land. Immediately, the body was then sent for autopsy. Nathan discovered that the method used to kill Stuart was called a "Colombian necktie". Nathan told the team that a "Colombian necktie" is when the killer slashes the victim's throat open, and then pulls the victim's tongue out through the open wound. Nathan believed that the message of killing Stuart was because the killer wanted him silent as he talked too much. Nathan also said that he found shellfish molecules on Stuart's tongue which turned out to be oyster molecules. He further said that the victim was allergic to shellfish, and guessed that the traces of oyster were on the killer's hands when the killer pulled Stuart's tongue out of his throat. This confirmed that the killer used to eat oysters.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be his sister, Susan Huckabee.

After being arrested for the horrific murder, Susan claimed that she was trying to protect her family—Stuart was recently obsessed with proving about the fact that a secret society called the Crimson Order killed his ancestral cousin, Pip Huckabee, 400 years ago. According to Susan, it was a secret which was meant to stay in the Huckabee family and not get spoiled. Susan begged Stuart to stop his researches, but he did not listen, and Susan started seeing Crimson Order members everywhere she went, which she obviously considered a warning from them. The Crimson Order was threatening Susan to keep the secret or die, and since she was a mother, she could not risk putting her whole family in danger, so she decided to kill Stuart before the Crimson Order tried to kill her entire family. She slashed Stuart’s throat open and pulled his tongue out because she wanted to send a message to the Crimson Order promising them that they would not talk any more.

In court, Susan was being sentenced for slaying her brother horrifically, but Judge Hall requested Susan to tell them everything she knew about the Crimson Order. Susan refused to out any information before the authorities as it would get her family in danger, and in spite of the police promising to keep the Huckabees safe, Susan said that no one in Grimsborough was safe from the Crimson Order and the only way she could protect the Huckabees was by not talking. Susan's horrific murder of Stuart and her refusal to cooperate with the Grimsborough authorities in outing any information leading to incriminating the Crimson Order's extensive list of crimes were grounds for a lifetime jail sentence.


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