Sven Blattner
Biographical information
Full name Sven Blattner
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1949
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Sports commissioner
Affiliation(s) International Skiing Association
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #25: Leap of Death (s2)

Sven Blattner was the killer of ski jumper Anjulie Cruz in Leap of Death (Case #25 of Pacific Bay).


Sven is a now-former sports commissioner of 65 years of age with white hair and bald spots on top. He dons a red shirt with green scarf accompanied by the ISA logo badge. He also wears a pair of yellow spectacles. It is known that Sven has a snow mobile, eats fondue and wears lip balm.

Height 5'11"
Age 65
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Sven Blattner—being the president of the International Skiing Association and apparently a winter athlete in his youth—found himself in trouble after Amy and the player found an anti-gender discrimination flyer at the hot springs of White Peaks, which Hannah deduced as a petition to sue the association for gender discrimination. Hannah added that the association refused to allow women to compete in the Frosty Cup before caving to Anjulie's demands, and stated that Sven ran the organization. Knowing that gender discrimination could be a strong motive for murder, Amy did not hesitate to take the player to Sven for questioning.

Sven claimed Anjulie brought nothing but trouble as she wanted to start fights in which he was referring to Anjulie's lawsuit against the association for gender discrimination, but Amy countered that gender equality would help stimulate Frosty Cup participation to a new level. Sven hated the idea of a female category of ski jumping as it hurt the association's budget. Amy felt Sven was grumpy during their conversation, but suggested to the player to investigate the ski jumping venue before Sven resumed the Frosty Cup.

Chief Marquez ordered Amy and the player to listen to Sven's press conference at the cabin, in which Sven announced his decision to discontinue any female events as of immediately and going forward. The press conference prompted Amy and the player to have another conversation with the sports commissioner.

Amy made Sven aware of his decision to forego female skiing events effective immediately, but Sven claimed it was for the safety of all women. Sven told the authorities that women need longer ramps to gain enough speed for a safe landing, adding outrageous costs to the ISA's budget. Besides that, Sven told Amy and the player that Anjulie's death should be a reminder for other female athletes to stay away from winter competition.

Indeed, Sven's sexist views and his far-fetched budget fears made him an obvious target as his motives (not to mention the evidence incriminating him as the killer) were a no-brainer for Amy and the player. Amy informed Sven about the apparatus he used to seal Anjulie's fate, much to Amy's beliefs of females having an equal chance for a medal in the Frosty Cup. Sven made it clear he is a sexist and that he hated the idea of women being in ski jumping as he recalled during his time ski jumping and the Frosty Cup were serious sports for men only before he was forced to include a women's segment of the sporting event. Sven competed in the Frosty Cup when he was younger but failed to garnish a medal, and as such, allowing women to land a medal in the Frosty Cup would be out of the question on his watch. Amy and the player turned Sven to face trial before Judge Dante.

Sven told the court that winter sports were meant for males for centuries as a true test of heroism but stood tall with his two feet during his testimony. Sven hated the fact he had to make ski ramps safer to accommodate women, which he believed would be a waste in the ISA's budget, causing Sven to believe that there is no more glory in winter sports. What drove Sven to murder was that Anjulie threatened to sue the ISA for alleged sexism unless he allowed women in the Frosty Cup, but Judge Dante told Sven that gender discrimination does not pay under any circumstances. Sven was thus sentenced to 25 years in jail for the premeditated murder of Anjulie and promoting sexism in winter sports.


  • Sven resembles Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.
  • It is highly suggested that Sven is a parody of Sepp Blatter, the eighth president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
    • This could be evidenced by their opinions on women playing the sport. FIFA state "FIFA men’s competitions, only men are eligible to play. For FIFA women’s competitions, only women are eligible to play."
    • This could be argued that women and men cannot compete alongside each other, similar to women being banned from the Ski Jump.
  • Sven's height in the desktop version of the game is 5'11". In the mobile version, however, his height is 5'8".

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