The "Calm Down" Effect is a gameplay feature in Criminal Case.


The effect is a 3-second time penalty for multiple and quick miss-clicking (clicking on unlisted items or irrelevant areas) during crime scene investigations or forensic examinations.

During the 3 seconds time penalty, the player will see either David Jones (in Grimsborough), Amy Young (in Pacific Bay), Jack Archer (in the World Edition), or Isaac Bontemps (in Mysteries of the Past) saying "We need to calm down..." and a 3-second countdown during which the player cannot do anything.

The player can also achieve the "Relax" trophy with the help of this effect. To do so, the player will need to get the effect to show up at least 5 times. To get all 5 "Relax" trophies the player must get the effect 50 times.



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