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Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, are you ready for what could be your most sensitive case till date?
King: There's been a murder in the Amish community: the police have never had to intervene with the Amish before... and I need you to handle this case VERY carefully.
David Jones: Oh wow, I've actually never seen an Amish community before. I've heard they live like in the olden days without phones, cars or even electricity.
King: This is precisely why I'm glad <Name> is working on this case Jones, because you're as subtle as a train wreck!
Jones: Oh come one Chief, I promise I'll try my best. Okay then <Rank>, are you ready to travel back in time to the 18th century?

Chapter 1

Investigate Amish Farm.
(Before Investigating)
At the entrance of the Amish community...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, it's so awful!
Jones: Ramirez, you should stop being present on murder scenes if you can't handle the blood.
Ramirez: The crime scene is horrific... but that's not the worst of it! A sweet little Amish kid witnessed the whole murder!
Jones: What the?! All of it?
Ramirez: Yes, but nobody's been able to talk to Isaac, he's just been shaking like a leaf!
Jones: <Name>, I know you'd probably be able to make Isaac talk, but we can't investigate AND spend time with him at the same time...
Jones: Oh you're right: Grace would be perfect for this! We should get dispatch to bring her here, and in the meantime, let's go see what we're up against!
(After Investigating)
Jones: Ugh, the killer definitely has a flourish for the visual: it's just so freaking unsettling!
Jones: The victim's identity card states he was called Tom Blackwater. Let's send the body to get autopsied and see if Nathan can find anything else about him.
Jones: And this kid is wearing a designer shirt, but Amish ONLY dress in plain clothes. He's obviously not Amish... so what the heck was he doing here?
Jones: Let's see what clues you found at the crime scene: a rope and a bible...
Jones: You're right <Name>, this rope is the same one that was used to tie the victim up. Let's sweep it for clues!
Jones: And look at this bible, there's something written on the first page, but it's faded. Can you use your divine powers to recover it for us?
Jones: Now, let's go and see if Grace has managed to calm Isaac down... The poor kid, I still can't believe he witnessed the WHOLE murder.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Nathan: Your victim died a gruesome death. His skin was punctured time and time again by a pitchfork or something similar, which slowly bled him out like a seve.
Jones: Argh, why do killers have to have such twisted imaginations?! Bleeding Tom to death and then turning him into a scarecrow!
Nathan: I'm just thankful <Name> is here to catch such monsters!
Nathan: Now at first I didn't find anything of note on the body... and I honestly didn't think I was going to find anything.
Nathan: But then I screened the body under black light, and I managed to recover a faint trace of a shoeprint.
Nathan: I'm guessing the killer must have stepped on your victim as he was placing him on the fixture to turn him into a scarecrow.
Nathan: The problem is, I was unable to determine from what type of shoe it came from...
Jones: Don't worry Nathan, why don't you hand it over to <Name>? I'm sure such a pro will figure it out in no time!

Examine Shoeprint.
Jones: <Name>, you're incredible! Not even Nathan could determine the killer's type of shoe based on the shoeprint he found on the victim's body...
Jones:...but all it took you was few seconds to deduce that our killer wears boots!

Talk to Isaac about the murder.
(Before talking to Isaac)
Jones: Er, Grace... why are you dressed like an Amish woman?
Grace: Chief King and I agreed that it would be best if I dressed like them so as to fit in better while I kept watch over Isaac.
Grace: And I'm sorry <Name>, but I don't think little Isaac will be able to tell you much about the murder he witnessed.
Grace: The poor lamb is so shaken up, he's not making much sense and I'm scared talking to him about it will just make things worse...
Jones: <Name> will be careful with him, Grace, we promise. But we have to try. We'll even let you do the talking if that helps.

Grace: Hello Isaac, we know how very scary this must be for you, but <Rank> <Name> needs to know what you saw so that we can catch the bad person who did this.
Isaac Hersberger: It... it wasn't a person! It was this huge monster - a beast - with razor sharp claws. It chased after that man and... It was pure Schlecht --
Jones: Pure what?
Isaac Hersberger: Schlecht. It is our word for evil. It was exactly like the monsters my father always told me about.
Isaac Hersberger: Oh Gott! The monster picked the man up and threw him high into the air... And it roared so loudly... and then there was blood. Blood everywhere!
Grace: Ssshhh, don't worry. You're safe now Isaac, we promise.
Jones: Isaac seems convinced it was an actual monster that killed our victim... why do you think that is, Grace?
Grace: Isaac just can't accept that a human could be capable of such a gruesome act. And the only way he could process it is by turning the killer into an actual monster.
Grace: It will take time for him to even be able to remember vague details of what really went on.
Jones: As a key murder witness, we would normally take him back to the station for protection... but because of his Amish beliefs, that would be disrespectful.
Grace: <Name>, please let me stay here in the Amish community to look after Isaac. I promise I'll slowly get him to remember, but it needs to be done with care.
Jones: Really? Well, after all there's nobody we trust more with children. And I guess Nathan could sub for you until all this is over.
Jones: Now, Isaac mentioned his father, Ezekiel Hersberger. I agree <Name>, the right thing to do would be to go talk to him.

Talk to Ezekiel about Isaac.
Ezekiel Hersberger: What are you doing talking to my son like that? Can't you see Isaac's in no state to talk, have you no shame?!
Jones: We're sorry Mr. Hersberger, but it's police regulation. We're treating him the best we can and a woman from our department will stay here to look after him.
Ezekiel: Oh weh, why did this murder have to happen on our land? We try and close ourselves off from the evils of the outside world, and still they try to come in!
Jones: How can you be so sure it wasn't an Amish who killed that boy?
Ezekiel: "Resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite thee on my right cheek, turn to him the other also...": that is from the Gospel of Matthew.
Jones: And it means...?
Ezekiel: It means we Amish are not killers. We strongly believe in nonviolence: we would rather be killed than even defend ourselves. That is Gott's will!

Examine Rope.
Jones: Excellent work <Name>! You managed to find some hairs on the rope that was used to tie the victim up!
Jones: I have no idea what these hairs are... but how about we place them under the microscope for a better look?
Jones: Wow, look at how detailed this hair is... Do you think it'd be possible for you to run it through the database to find out what or whom it belongs to, <Name>?

Examine Hair.
Jones: Great job, you took a microscopic enhancement of that hair you found on the rope used for the murder...
Jones: and from that you managed to determine that it is a horse hair!
Jones: I honestly doubt our killer is an actual horse. I mean, there's no way a horse could have turned our victim into a scarecrow, not with the hooves they have.
Jones:...but for so many horse hairs to have been present on the crime scene, it obviously means our killer must have been riding one!

Examine Bible.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! So what's up with the writing you recovered from the bible that you found on the crime scene?
Jones: "I vow to never stray from the Ordnung and to resist the English way. Madison Springer"...
Jones: Huh, do you think this is THE Madison Springer, the Grimsborough College cheerleader who often gets caught up in our investigations?
Jones: But if it is the Madison we know, it wouldn't make one drop of sense for her to refer to the Ordnung, which is the Amish set of rules...
Jones:...unless she is actually Amish! But surely that's impossible, I mean look at her: she's everything the Amish stand against!
Jones: You're right <Name>, we should just go and ask her before my mind implodes.

Talk to Madison about the bible.
Jones: Madison, we need your help in solving quite the mystery: we have reason to believe you're Amish. Is that true?
Madison Springer: What?! That's just like so absurd: do I even look freakin' Amish to you?! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a prom ball to organize.
Jones: Okay then. I guess we'll just go back to the Amish community and ask them if they know of this party-loving cheerleader girl who --
Madison: Alright, alright! Just please don't tell ANYONE! It's true, I'm Amish. I was born and grew up there, and I was always told what I could and could not do...
Madison:... and then when I was of age, Rumspringa came along and it freed me: it is a time in an Amish teenager's life where they can leave the community to live among you people, the "English".
Madison: But now that a college student has been murdered on Amish soil, I'm scared they'll force me to come back --
Jones: Wait a second, Tom Blackwater was a student at Grimsborough College?!
Madison: Yeah. I only knew Tom by reputation: he was an a**hole and a massive womanizer. I'm not saying I'm glad he's dead, but a lot of girls will be.
Jones: I know <Name>, I just can't believe Madison is Amish either! I mean, she's the MOST popular girl at Grimsborough College!
Jones: Just imagine how hard she's had to work to keep her Amish faith a secret all these years.
Jones: And there's no way her community knows what she is up to in College otherwise they would have shun her for good!
Jones: You're right, it must be extremely stressful having to lead a double life like that, and it seems we greatly underestimated her...
Jones: But thanks to that double life of hers, we now know our victim was a student at Grimsborough College. What do you say we go search his dorm room?

Investigate Student Bedroom
Jones: At first glance, this box of student belongings in our victim's bedroom doesn't seem to hold anything of interest to us...
Jones:... but since students always bury everything under a pile of crap, who knows what we could find! Are you ready to get looking <Name>?

Examine Student Belongings
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Now, I wonder what's on that confidential compact disc you found in Tom's personal belongings?
Jones: After all, it's written "confidential" on it... which instantly makes me want to know what's on there, don't you agree?
Jones: Let's send it to Alex and see what he can find!

Analyze Confidential Compact Disc
Alex: Honestly, why do people write "confidential" on compact discs they don't want anybody to look at?!
Jones: I know, right! But more to the point, what did you find on the compact disc that was in our victim's bedroom?
Alex: Well, it turns out your victim, as well as being a student, also had a part-time job on the side for a company called Golden Land.
Alex: The company Golden Land buys up agricultural land and turns it into railway lines. It often gets attacked by ecological groups for destroying the countryside.
Jones: And Tom's job was to buy the land?!
Alex: Yup. Tom was supervised by a certain Dylan Cobbs. And get this: Tom's latest assignment was to help buy up the Amish land to build a railway line through it.
Jones: Uh, do they have no shame?! Building a railway line through it would ruin the peaceful Amish community for good!
Jones: We can't speak to Tom because he wound up dead on the Amish land he wanted to buy. But we can go question his employer, Dylan Cobbs!

Talk to Dylan about his land-buying activity
Jones: Dylan Cobbs, we would like to ask you a few questions concerning your employee, Tom Blackwater, and his untimely death.
Dylan Cobbs: I can give you a minute, but time is money and at the moment I don't have enough of either.
Dylan: So yeah, Tom... it's just my luck that my most promising employee had to go and die. I mean, can you imagine the hours I spent training him?!
Dylan: But maybe it's a blessing in disguise: Tom had changed recently. His last assignment here was to buy out that Amish land but he failed at it.
Jones: You mean you weren't able to transform that idyllic land into a massive railway line?!
Dylan: Hey, don't get mad at me, pal: I bet you it's those Amish freaks who killed Tom! I'm telling you, you should close down that circus for good!
(After talking to Dylan)
Jones: What a jerk... Dylan doesn't even seem to care about Tom's death! All he seems to care about is making money!
Jones: Well, if Dylan turns out to be our killer, I'd be more than happy to give him a small parcel of land, and free of charge!
(Later, at the office...)
Jones: This case just keeps getting weirder and weirder... A college kid dies on Amish soil, somewhere he definitely wasn't meant to be.
Jones: And then we discover that the University queen bee is in fact Amish, yet she seems to be desperate to hide her double life from both sides.
Jones: Why do the Amish have to go such extremes to shut the modern world out, and why does the modern world feel intent on mocking them?
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I did some asking around and apparently your victim was spotted recently with a girl!!!
Jones: We're living in the 21st century Ramirez, so why would that be so shocking?
Ramirez: Because the girl Tom was seen with was... Amish!
Jones: What the?!
Ramirez: There you go, THAT's the reaction I was looking for!

Chapter 2

Ramirez: <Name>, your victim was seen with an Amish girl!!
Jones: What the?! Amish aren't allowed to date non-Amish people... if ever it was found out, it could have caused a scandal in the Amish community!
Jones:... But how on earth will we ever find out who that Amish girl was?
Ramirez: When I was younger, I always used to take my future wife-to-be to the Kissing Spot. It's the most romantic place in all of Grimsborough, so maybe that's where your lovebirds went?
Jones: Er... thanks for sharing, Ramirez. But it's true, if Tom and his Amish girlfriend wanted somewhere secluded from the world, it'd make sense they'd go there.
Jones: Well <Name>, what do you say we go check it out?
Ramirez: If you hurry, you'll be able to catch the sunset! It's so beautiful!

Jones: Argh, why does my phone have to ring just as we're about to leave? I'll keep it short... Hello?
Grace: Hello there! Look, I shouldn't be talking on the phone --
Jones: -- why? Are you in trouble, Grace?!
Grace: Of course not silly, I'm just trying to be respectful of the Amish way! They don't believe in modern technology...
Grace:... but I thought I should phone because I've been asking around the community, and Dylan was recently spotted fighting with your victim.
Grace: As for the murder witness, Isaac, he's starting to open up but he's not there yet. I'll keep you posted. Good luck out there!
Jones: Hm, having your employee fall for an Amish girl must have complicated Dylan's attempt to buy up the Amish land. You're right <Name>, we should go talk to him!

Investigate Kissing Spot.
(Before Investigating)
Jones: Look at that sunset <Name>... And the view! This spot overlooks the whole of Grimsborough!
Jones: You're right, let's not get sidetracked: we're here to look for clues as to whether our victim came here with an Amish girl. Ready when you are!
(After Investigating)
Jones: Oh my god <Name>, look at this pitchfork: it's covered in blood! And you're right, Nathan did say our victim died from a pitchfork stabbing...
Jones: Chances are that blood on it is our victim's, and that this pitchfork is the murder weapon! Let's get the forensic kit out and search it for clues!
Jones: But this doesn't tell us if our victim was here with an Amish girl...
Jones: You think this pile of dirt might hold a vital clue, <Name>? Well, we better get digging then!

Examine Pitchfork.
Jones: You're a true forensics expert, <Name>! These bloodied fibers you scraped off this bloody pitchfork will surely be vital in cracking the case!
Jones: Since Grace is at the Amish community looking after our murder witness...
Jones:... we should send these bloodied fibers over to Nathan who's subbing for her. Even though it's not his department, I'm sure he'll manage to find something!

Analyze Bloodied Fibers.
Nathan: I analyzed the blood from the bloodied fibers you retrieved from that pitchfork you found at the Kissing Spot, and I can confirm it belonged to your victim!
Jones: So we've found our murder weapon! Kudos to you, <Name>!
Nathan: As for the bloodied fibers you collected, it turn out various strands are actually blond human hairs. And since Tom wasn't blond...
Jones:... it can only be our killer! Thanks Nathan!
Nathan: If Grace would have analyzed those hairs, I'm sure she would have found out more... But since she's looking after your key murder witness, I had to make do.
Jones: Don't worry about it Nathan, you did great!

Jones: Oh my god, you're right <Name>! When we first spoke to our murder witness, Isaac and about the killer - he didn't make much sense.
Jones: He described the killer as being an actual monster with razor sharp claws...
Jones:... but in reality, the monster's claws must have been the pitchfork! This is amazing, it actually means that Isaac IS a reliable witness!
Jones: But we still need to wait for Grace to slowly get the boy to open up before we hope to learn anything else about what he really saw.

Examine Pile of Dirt.
Jones: So what buried treasure did you find in that pile of dirt from the Kissing Spot, <Name>?
Jones: Hm, a note... and look, there's our victim's name written on it!
Jones: Why on earth would he go through the trouble of burying a note, I wonder?
Jones: Good point <Name>, if you could recover the faded text, maybe the mystery will reveal itself!

Examine Faded Note.
Jones: As skilled as ever <Name>! Look at the writing on this note you recovered: it's a promise between two lovers.
Jones: "I vow to love you, in this life and the next. Hannah Hersberger, Tom Blackwater".
Jones: Hannah Hersberger? That's the same last name as Ezekiel and Isaac's!
Jones: So Tom was in love with an Amish girl! Whoa, that wouldn't have been well-accepted by the Amish community!
Jones: You're right, Hannah must be Ezekiel's daughter. C'mon, we better go talk to her.

Talk to Hannah about the lover's vow.
Jones: Hannah Hersberger, we've recently found out you were romantically linked to our murder victim, Tom Blackwater and --
Hannah Hersberger: Sssshhh, I beg of you to keep quiet! If my community found out I was with a non-Amish, I would be shunned for life. It is against the Ordnung!
Hannah: Meet me at the Kissing Spot and I will tell you everything. Now please go before I get in trouble!
(Back at the Kissing Spot...)
Hannah: Thank you for being discreet, <Rank> <Name>. Maybe it's hard for you to understand, but we Amish have very strict rules to follow.
Jones: We understand, Hannah, and in our eyes you haven't done anything wrong. But could you tell us about your relationship with Tom Blackwater?
Hannah: Oh Tom! The first time I saw him, I thought he was cute but I was shocked by his eyes: they were cold, as if he were completely devoid of love...
Hannah:... but every time Tom came by, I saw a change in his eyes... and his heart: he was falling in love with our lifestyle, I was sure of it.
Hannah: And then one day I caught him trying to learn our language: Pennsylvanian Dutch. He asked me to teach him and I agreed to do so in secret.
Hannah: We quickly became hopelessly, madly in love! Even with all the elements against us, we didn't care: we had each other ...
Hannah: Oh Tom! What cruel fate is it to find your one true love, to taste heaven, only to then have God take it all away from you?!
(After talking to Hannah)
Jones: Poor Hannah, she braved her community just to be with Tom, and she clearly loved him so much and now...
Jones: I know <Name>, when it comes to tales of star-crossed lovers, it's impossible not to get all emotional.
Jones: You're right, it must be the view from the Kissing Spot that's making us all mushy... let's leave before I break down crying.

Quiz Dylan about Tom.
Jones: Dylan, various sources claim to have seen you fighting with Tom on the outskirts of the Amish community.
Dylan: Ah c'mon, I don't have time for this!
Jones: We can always handcuff you and take you back to the station, see if that's quicker.
Dylan: Look, I was desperate to buy that Amish land: I went there on horseback to impress them.
Dylan: Heck, I even helped them with the farming until my boots looked like balls of mud! ... I mean, I really wanted that land!
Dylan: But when I sent Tom there to help me buy it, the fool started to respect those freaks and he tried to STOP ME from buying the land!
Dylan: I got mad but then I figured, what the hell, he's just a kid. I guess his last life lesson - that the Amish aren't to be trusted - came a bit too late.

Jones: That jerk feels no empathy... which, just in passing happens to be one of the main traits of serial killers!
Jones: But I'm impressed that Tom managed to stand up against Dylan, by trying to stop him from buying out the Amish community.
Jones: Tom is a much more complex figure than I first thought. Let's head back to his student bedroom, and see what other secret he's hiding!

Investigate Jumbled Room.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! Our victim's laptop is still opened on his Friendnet login page.
Jones: Ah Friendnet, carefully storing away every single detail of your private life. It's a gold mine for detectives like us!
Jones: All we need is a password: <Rank> <Name>, I think it's time to show off those hacking skills of yours!

Examine Victim's Laptop.
Jones: Beautifully done, <Rank>! You managed to hack into our victim's Friendnet account in no time at all!
Jones: Well, let's send all this to Alex: just like most kids, he loves snooping around Friendnet!

Analyze Friendnet Account.
Alex: So I searched through your victim's Friendnet account, and boy, did he have a rocking social life!
Alex: But more to the point, I checked his private messages and I found quite a few exchanges between Madison Springer and him.
Alex: And I'm telling you, it's quite the story! See, your victim found out Madison was Amish --
Jones: -- something she wanted to keep deadly secrets from the students at Grimsborough College!
Alex: Exactly! But Madison found out Tom wanted to buy up the Amish territory to turn it into a railway line...
Alex:... and that's something Tom wanted to keep deadly secret from the Amish, because he promised Madison that he had changed.
Jones: So both had deadly secrets on one another, which means neither one could tell anyone. That's quite the mind game!
Jones: But now Tom has taken the secret to his grave... which makes Madison one of our prime suspects! C'mon <Name>, we've got some grilling to do!

Question Madison about her mind game with Tom.
Jones: Madison, we have proof that you were in contact with Tom, yet the first time we spoke to you, you promised us you didn't know him!
Madison: I'm sorry I lied, it's just become second nature to me: I have to not only lie to my community, but also to my friends.
Madison: When I left my Amish community to come here, I first studied how people talked and dressed for hours... just so I could fit in!
Madison: It may seem crazy to you, but I know you would understand me if only you knew how badly the outside word mocks us Amish!
Madison: And on the other hand, my Amish community would never accept me living my life like this. They would say it goes against God's will and shun me...
Madison: I'm tired of the Amish life, and yet if I decide to stay in the English world once I graduate, I know my community will never allow me back.
Madison: And before you ask, I wasn't scared of Tom telling anybody about my secret anymore, because I could see he had changed for the better... even though it came too late.
(After a hard day's work...)
Jones: <Name>, do you also have this horrible feeling that our victim's death is going to spark even more tragedy before this case ends?
Madison: <Rank> <Name>, you've got to help me! It's horrible, my cousin, Hannah...
Madison: I'm scared she's going to kill herself to be reunited with Tom!
Jones: Oh god! This can't be happening!

Chapter 3

Madison: <Rank> <Name>, you've got to help me! My cousin, Hannah...
Madison:... I'm scared she's gone to kill herself! I heard her talking aloud, promising Tom she would join him!
Jones: Oh god! This can't be happening!
Madison: I don't know where she's gone but please, you've got to stop Hannah! I don't know what I'd do if she died...
Jones: Grimsborough's such a big city... so how on earth will we ever find her before she dies all in the name of love?!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: Hannah must have gone to the Kissing Spot. After all, that's where she fell in love with Tom! Let's just hope we're not too late!

Investigate Picnic Area.
(Before Investigating)
Jones: There's Hannah! But...
Hannah: Losing your soulmate is a fate much worse than death!
Jones: No, Hannah, don't drink that poison!
Hannah: My love... wait for me...
Jones: Nooooo! <Name>, the poison has already taken effect: we've got to rush her to the hospital!
Jones: And we need to try and find which poison she swallowed to make an antidote for her. Hurry <Name>, only you can save her!
(After Investigating)
Jones: Great work, <Name>! Those broken pieces of glass must be from the phial that Hannah swallowed!
Jones: We have to piece it back together if ever we hope to identify the poison. And remember, time is of the essence!

Examine Broken Phial.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! These pieces of glass you restored make up a phial...
Jones:... and I'm pretty sure it contains the poison Hannah swallowed!
Jones: Ah, Nathan's probably calling for an update! Hello?
Nathan: <Name>, you've got to hurry! The doctors have placed Hannah in an artificial coma to slow down the poison's progress...
Nathan: ... but without a sample of the poison, there's no way of knowing what antidote to give her!
Jones: <Name> has already restored the phial, Nathan. And we were just about to collect a sample!
Nathan: That's great, rush it to the lab as soon as you've succeeded. We're all counting on you, <Name>!
Jones: We need to hurry! I just hope there's enough poison left for you to retrieve a sample!

Examine Poison Phial.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You managed to collect a sample of poison from the phial that Hannah drank from!
Jones: Let's rush this sample to the lab and hope that Nathan can pinpoint what poison it is in time to save her life.
Jones: And instead of idling around in fear until Nathan's finished, we should go and inform Hannah's father of this tragic development...

Analyze Poison.
Nathan: <Name>, it's lucky you were able to retrieve a sample of poison from Hannah's phial.
Nathan: Thanks to you, I was able to determine that this is the poison ironically called "Lover's Death" because of the way it attacks the heart.
Nathan: To die like that is a horrible and torturous death... and bears much resemblance to the ache of a broken heart --
Jones: Oh my god, Hannah's going to die?!
Nathan: No, thanks to <Name>, I was able to inform the doctors of the type of antidote needed to save Hannah.
Nathan: I'm happy to say Hannah will live and is in a stable enough condition to talk.
Jones: C'mon <Name>, I know you're dying to check up on her. Thanks again for all your help, Nathan.

Talk to Hannah about her suicide attempt.
Hannah: What happened to my clothes?! Let me get out of here --
Jones: -- so that you can kill yourself?
Hannah: Tom vowed to love me in this life and the next: I'm ready to die if it's to be with him!
Jones: Oh, Hannah. We know it may seem like the world has ended right now, but you can't give up. You owe it to yourself and to Tom to live and be happy.
Hannah: Oh Tom! The last time I saw him and we had a massive row because he confessed that he originally approached us Amish to try and buy our land.
Hannah: I was furious, I felt completely betrayed: I suddenly imagined that he was just pretending to love me in order to facilitate the buyout!
Hannah: I told him to leave and never come back, that our love was over...
Hannah:... but the day he died, he must have sneaked back on Amish land to come and see me... I killed him, I killed my one true love all because I refused to believe him!

Inform Ezekiel about his daughter.
Ezekiel: Oh Hannah, "meine kleine liebe" ... Why?! Why would she ever do such a thing?!
Jones: We... don't know, Ezekiel. But don't worry, she's in good hands now...
Ezekiel: It's all your fault, you English! If I wasn't Amish, I would have given you one kick with my boots and sent you on your way!
Jones: This isn't our fault, Ezekiel. We're only here to investigate a murder which sadly happened on your land.
Ezekiel: If everybody followed the Amish way there would be no use for you police men anymore. There would be no crime and no violence.
Jones: Maybe you're right, but for the time being we've got a murder to solve and if that's alright with you, we'd like to get on with it.
(After talking to Ezekiel)
Jones: I agree <Name>, it was the right thing to do: we couldn't risk telling Ezekiel about Hannah's involvement with Tom.
Jones: But I feel bad for Ezekiel: this incident risks causing his whole community to fall apart...
Jones: ... Good idea: let's hurry up and search the murder scene one last time so that we can leave the Amish in peace!

Investigate Cart Lane.
Jones: <Name>, you seriously think we should search through that feeding trough you found on the crime scene?
Jones: I know we're often looking for the needle in the haystack... but I never expected us to REALLY do it! But okay then, I'm sure the cows won't mind that much.
Jones: And this looks like a broken warning sign... would you mind piecing it back together so that we can see what it's warning us about?

Examine Feeding Trough.
Jones: Hm, I wonder how this stirrup wound up in a feeding trough. It obviously comes from a saddle... and look there's blood on it!
Jones: Wait, we know the killer rides horses...
Jones: ... which means this stirrup could quite possibly belong to our killer! What do you think <Name>?
Jones: Good point: the only way to know for sure is to send it to the lab and let Nathan work his magic!

Analyze Stirrup.
Nathan: I analyzed that stirrup you found in that feeding trough on the crime scene and I've got some great news!
Jones: Great news is our favorite kind of news!
Nathan: First off, the blood on the stirrup belongs to your victim. The killer must have obviously stepped in Tom's blood before getting back on their horse.
Nathan: And now comes my favorite part: stirrups are leveled on the saddle to perfectly match the rider's height...
Nathan:... and so thanks to that stirrup, I did some quick calculations and with Alex's help we did a few tests to confirm it...
Nathan:... and I can assure you that your killer's height is 6 feet tall.
Jones: Excellent work, Nathan! Well <Name>, we're 6 feet closer to catching our killer!

Examine Broken Sign.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! So this broken sign from the crime scene is an Amish crossing warning sign...
Jones: You're right, I can't believe I failed to realize it: the Amish don't have cars, they only ride horses...
Jones: ... and we know our killer rides horses too!
Jones: I wish it was otherwise, but this means that all our Amish suspects have just become a whole lot more suspicious.

(After doing all the tasks above)
King: <Rank> <Name>, Grace has just sent you a letter asking you to come see her at the Amish community as soon as possible!
Jones: She sent a LETTER? Haha, Grace has become so completely Amish that she doesn't even use her phone anymore!
King: Jones, if you had bothered to read her letter before cracking jokes, you would have found out that her cell phone battery is dead.
Jones: Ah... I forgot that the Amish don't have any electricity... Okay then <Name>, let's go see what Grace wants us for.
(At the Amish community...)
Jones: Hey Grace, we came as soon as we got your letter. What did you want us for?
Grace: Well <Name>. I've made great progress with Isaac. He's still to shocked by the murder to talk...
Grace:... but I managed to get him to express himself through drawings until he was finally able to draw what he remembered of the murder scene!
Grace: But here is the thing: Ezekiel saw the drawing of the child's rendering of the murder... and as there was a lot of blood in it...
Grace: Ezekiel tore the picture up in a rage, saying this drawing was everything the Amish stand against.
Jones: Huh, just our luck...
Jones: ... but Ezekiel hadn't counted on <Name>'s keen eyes and deft fingers to piece it back together!

Examine Isaac's Drawing.
Jones: So this is a picture of the murder as Isaac remembers it. It's terrifying!
Jones: The killer's definitely a monster alright... And look, it's giant claws must be Isaac's imagining of the pitchfork!
Jones: <Name>, maybe if we asked Isaac to explain his drawing in detail, there's a chance we could learn more about our killer!
Jones: Good thinking: we should let Grace do the talking since she's the one who managed to get through to Isaac and earn his trust.

Talk to Isaac about his drawing.
Grace: Isaac sweetie, <Rank> <Name> needs to talk to you just a little bit more about that picture you drew.
Isaac: Of the "Scheusal"? ... I mean the monster.
Grace: Yes of the horrible monster. We know this must be very hard for you but I also know how brave you are.
Isaac: Alright...
Grace: Good boy. Now, close your eyes and think back hard on that drawing you made and tell us everything you can about it...
Grace: And remember, <Rank><Name> and I will be right next to you every step of the way, okay? Now, are you ready?
Isaac: Ready...
(Isaac's drawing...)
Isaac's Drawing: This is my drawing...
Isaac's Drawing: This is the monster with its huge claws...
Isaac's Drawing: The monster is wearing a hat to protect it from the sun because everybody knows monsters can only come out at night!
Isaac's Drawing: So the sun is very sad, because it cannot do anything to stop the horrible monster from hurting Tom.
Isaac's Drawing: And Tom is crying, because he is so afraid, and the monster, it's screaming, and...
Isaac's Drawing: ...and then the monster attacked... and there was blood everywhere!

Isaac: Why do you think the monster was so angry with Tom, <Rank> <Name>?
Grace: Who knows what makes monsters angry Isaac, but thanks to you and <Rank> <Name>, this one will be locked away for ever and ever.
Isaac: I don't feel like I've been very helpful... not towards my community...
Grace: Don't say that Isaac, you've been amazing: I'm so proud of you.

Grace: Ah, Isaac is such a sweet kid... It breaks my heart what he's been through.
Jones: We all feel for him, Grace... and I understand how Isaac's crazy story about a monster is easier for him to accept than the truth, but it's of no use to us.
Jones: I mean, all we've learnt from it is that monsters can't come out during the day unless they wear a hat...
Grace: Jones, sometimes I really do think you wouldn't get anywhere if it wasn't for <Name>.
Grace: The greatest <Rank> alive deduced that the monster's claws were in fact the killer's pitchfork...
Grace: ...and if the monster was wearing a hat --
Jones: -- then that means our killer was wearing one too! I can't believe I failed to realize that!
Jones: Well <Name>, I think we're finally ready to put this monster behind bars, don't you?

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Ezekiel Hersberger, you're under arrest for the murder of Tom Blackwater!
Ezekiel: Parade me in front of your judge but it shall all be in vain: only the Lord can truly judge me for my sins!
Jones: This isn't just a "sin", Ezekiel, it's a gruesome crime! And I thought the Amish weren't ever allowed to take a human life?!
Ezekiel: They aren't. But every day more of you English people try to take over our land and corrupt my people with your evil ways.
Ezekiel: As not only a father to my children, but to the whole community, I had to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Jones: So you killed an innocent boy?!
Ezekiel: Do you know what we Amish call your outside world? We call it the Devil's Playground! See, none of you are innocent...
Ezekiel: And especially not Tom! When he realized he coudn't buy our land, he decided to steal my sweet Hannah away from me.
Jones: You knew about Tom and Hannah?!
Ezekiel: The day he died is the day he boasted about him and Hannah being madly in love. He knew my weakness and made it grow into a monster!
Ezekiel: I tried to stay calm, to ask Gott for guidance... but before I knew it I was chasing him down on horseback with a pitchfork in my hand...
Ezekiel: Why can't you people just leave us in peace? Why do you always feel the need to come and destroy everything that is good?!
Ezekiel: That is what I asked myself as I turned Tom into a scarecrow. I did it as a warning to all you crows, you scavengers, to stay away from our land!

Judge Hall: Mr. Hersberger, do you have anything to add before you receive your sentence to the murder of Tom Blackwater?
Ezekiel: What I did stands against everything the Amish believe in. They are good people, true children of God, who ask nothing more than to be left alone.
Hall: Your words have been noted, Mr. Hersberger. And it's true: your arrest is the first Amish arrest there's ever been in the history of Grimsborough...
Hall:... and it is with a heavy heart that I listened to the gruesome story that was told in detail here today.
Hall: And so, for your barbaric crime, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment.
Hall: Now, you've expressed your desire to be allowed to wear your Amish clothes in prison since it's part of your belief: even though you do not deserve to remain Amish, I cannot oppose that.
Ezekiel: Thank you for your understanding, your Honor. I am ready to be taken away now.

Jones: Grace definitely seemed to love the simplicity of the Amish life, but to belong you do have to make a lot of sacrifices.
Jones: I mean look at Madison, she's completely at ease in both the Amish world and the modern one: yet she can't openly be a part of both.
Jones: But she's way stronger than I first thought and I'm positive everything will turn out the way she wants in the end.
Jones: C'mon <Name?, after such a long stint in the countryside, what do you say we go get our geek on and check out the Sci-fi Fantasy Festival?

Additional Investigation

King: <Rank> <Name>, you were perfect, as usual! I have to say, the Amish may not use electricity, but this murder was a real shock!
King: Jokes aside, we have a problem with one of the suspects. Ramirez was watching the victim's room this morning, when Dylan Cobbs pretended to be Tom Blackwater's uncle to enter the dorms!
King: You must be rubbing off on him, <Name>, because Ramirez recognized Dylan and tried to stop him! But the man can only do so much: he's going to need your help.
Jones: Aw, of course he needs us! We need to rescue little Ramirez, before he gets eaten by the big bad Cobbs!
King: That's rich coming from you, Jones: you'd be lost without <Rank> <Name>! Oh before I forget, Miss Hersberger asked after you. You'll find her at the hospital.

Grace: <Name>! Wait a minute!
Jones: Grace? Why are you still wearing that Amish dress? I thought you'd be back to your lab by now...
Grace: I was, but... I'm still worried about Isaac. The poor kid has been through so much, he's just been told the monster who killed Tom was his father!
Grace: Please, <Name>, could you come with me to the farm? I would really like to make sure the poor lamb is doing okay.

Interrogate Dylan Cobbs.
Ramirez: Thank God you're here, <Rank> <Name>! Mr. Cobbs refuses to cooperate, he keeps repeating that he doesn't have to tell us why he wanted to get in Tom's room!
Dylan: Of course I won't tell you! This is none of your business! It's a private matter, something between me and Tom! All this is just a waste of time and money for me!
Jones: Well, Tom is still dead, so whatever business you have, you will have to discuss with <Rank> <Name>, What were you looking for here?
Dylan: I just wanted to visit a recently deceased friend's room! I didn't know I had to report everything I do to the police! Do you also want to know what I ate this morning, <Rank>?
Jones: You don't want to cooperate? Fine with us! <Rank> <Name>, why don't we have a look around and find for ourselves what our little friend wants to get back so badly?

Investigate Student Bedroom.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! That briefcase looks very high class, it's not your everyday student's bag. Now, let's see what's in it...

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: No lock can resist you, <Name>! This briefcase you found in Tom's room wasn't even a challenge! Let's see what's in it...
Jones: Well, there is just one file, stamped "Confidential"! I don't know for you but all this legal mumbo-jumbo means nothing to me. Maybe Alex could help us?

Analyze Confidential File.
Jones: Alright Alex, did you understand what this file <Name> found in Tom's briefcase means? I hope it's linked to Dylan, going through this dorm room would be a pain...
Alex: Don't worry, that file held a contract, and Dylan's name was everywhere in it! I carefully read the document and ran the names through the database... It took some time, but I discovered something big!
Alex: Actually the whole contract is a fraud! All the names and documents are forgeries, except the unlucky buyer's and Dylan's.
Alex: Even the land's location is a fake! Dylan was trying to sell a non-existing land to his customer! And he'd have gotten a nice amount of money out of this... What a scam!
Jones: Wait, so the documents such as property titles have all been forged? <Name>, let's go put that crook in custody!

Show the forged documents to Dylan Cobbs.
Jones: Dylan, look at this business contract <Rank> <Name> found! You can stop lying about your business in Tom's room now, we know everything about your shameful scam!
Dylan: Wait, how did you get this? It's a confidential document! How did you open the briefcase? It's a violation of private property! My business relies on privacy and discretion!
Jones: Oh yeah? Well, private or not, this document is now your one-way ticket to one of our cells!
Dylan: You wish! But Tom is the one who forged those documents, a little before he got himself killed by those damn Amish. He was really good at it...
Dylan: And this contract may be forged, but it isn't signed! It was waiting in the briefcase, unused. Hence, I haven't done any actual fraud!
Jones: You're really shameless! Be sure we'll keep an eye on you and your shenanigans, and for now, you can at least get a very heavy fine for attempted robbery!

Check up on Isaac Hersberger.
Grace: Hello, Isaac. How are you doing? <Rank> <Name> and I came to see if you needed anything...
Isaac: Miss Delaney! You're back! Thank Gott! I- I don't know what to do! I feel so... mad! Everything has gone wrong!
Isaac: I don't understand why he... how... My father can't be the Scheusal! He taught me the Ordnung, always told me violence wasn't a solution! Why would he teach me all this and then kill someone?
Isaac: I know being angry is wrong, but I don't want to see him ever again! I smashed the toy train he made me! I wanted him to teach me woodwork... But not anymore!
Grace: It's normal to feel upset, Isaac, you had to face some very traumatic events! I think you're really brave! You should try to sleep a little, alright? <Name> and I will be back when you wake up!

Grace: Please, <Name>, can you help me find Isaac's broken train? You are awesome at restoring stuff, and Isaac is lost right now, but he'll regret breaking his toy in a while!

Investigate Amish Farm.
Grace: Thank God, you found the train pieces, <Name>! But Isaac didn't lie when he said he broke his toy, he literally dismanted it!
Grace: This proves how bad he's feeling about all this... I hope it's not too broken to mend it. Please, give it your best for Isaac, <Name>!

Examine Wooden Pieces.
Grace: Unbelievable! You repaired that handmade train so quickly, <Name>! It's so beautiful, Isaac was right about his father's talent for woodwork.
Grace: Let's hope having that toy back will help him get through all this!

Give his train back to Isaac.
Grace: Hey, Isaac! Look: <Rank> <Name> repaired your train! I know you feel upset, but you should keep this toy. It represents a good memory of your father, doesn't it?
Isaac: My train! You really repaired it! It's... It's exactly like it was when my father made it for me! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Isaac: I've always been proud of it! But when I saw that train after the trial, I just... Suddenly I wanted to destroy it so much! Does that make me a Scheusal too? I don't want to be a bad person!
Isaac: I regret this so much! I just want my father back! Why did this have to happen to us?
Grace: Oh Isaac! I'm sorry you had to go through all this! You're a very good child, don't worry! If you want, <Name> and I can stay with you and we can talk about it. How does that sound?
Isaac: I'd- I'd like that a lot! With the murder and everything, no one pays attention to me... I feel lonely. You're really nice people! You should have lunch here with us, <Rank> <Name>!

Check how Hannah Hersberger is doing.
Jones: Hello Hannah, we heard you asked to see <Rank> <Name>. Are you alright? How long are you supposed to stay at the hospital?
Hannah: Thank you for coming, <Rank> <Name>. I'm still very weak, but the doctors say I should be able to go back home soon. I called you, because I need some help.
Hannah: You see, I can't leave that room. I wasn't even there for my father's trial! I can't go see my little brother either... I'm just stuck here!
Hannah: I guess at least I don't have to face anything. Neither Tom's death, nor my father's imprisonment... Oh! I fear going back home will just make everything real!
Hannah: And the thing is, I lost my hairpin, It was Tom's gift, a symbol of our love I could hide under my prayer Kapp. And I lost it!
Jones: No no! Don't cry, Hannah! I'm sure we can find your hairpin, right <Name>? I bet it fell from your hair when you, uh, tumbled at the Kissing Spot! We'll bring it back, okay?

Investigate Kissing Spot.
Jones: Finding a hairpin here could take hours! And if it's in that pile of leaves, you'll find it faster than I ever will, <Name>!

Examine Pile of Leaves.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You were right, as usual, about finding Hannah's hairpin in that pile of leaves!
Jones: It's beautiful! Tom managed to find a discreet, yet very refined present for his beloved. It's no wonder Hannah wants it back. Let's go to the hospital, she must be waiting for us!

Give the hairpin to Hannah.
Jones: We're back, Hannah! <Rank> <Name> found your hairpin among dirt and leaves at the Kissing Spot!
Hannah: My hairpin! I'm so glad I can have it back! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! You have no icea how much it means to me...
Hannah: It was such a delicate attention from Tom! As an Amish, I mustn't wear jewelry, nor any outstanding clothes. But he said that he just wanted to give me something pretty, because I was the prettiest.
Hannah: So he found this beautiful hairpin, and offered it to me. Saying it was like our love: I could bring it with me everywhere but I had to conceal it. Under my bonnet, in my bible...
Hannah: Oh I miss him! I can't believe my father killed him! I wish things had turned out differently, we could have led a happy life together...
Hannah: I'm sorry, the pain is still too fresh. Please, <Rank> <Name>, take these clothes as a thank you. They'll help you look like Plain Folk if you visit us again!