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David Jones (excitedly): Hi, <Rank> <Name>! Ready to solve a new case?
Jones (winking): After what we had to put up with last time, I'd understand if you were reluctant...
Jones: But I guarantee you this murder is not as gruesome as what we just went through! They're waiting for us to process the scene, let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate The Docks.
David Jones: So, our victim's name is... Dan Broke, at least according to his ID.
Jones (happily): The autopsy results won't be ready for a few hours, but what you found will keep us busy enough! Especially Dan's wallet!
Jones (wondering): As for that broken badge you picked up, I wonder... Do you think you could piece it back together? It might be relevant to our case.
Jones: Oh, and the man who called it in, James Smith, is right over there. We can go speak to him whenever you're ready, <Name>!

Get the Barge Driver’s testimony.
Jones: James Smith is the person who reported the crime. If we're lucky, he'll have seen Dan's killer!

James: I was driving the barge back to port when I saw that guy on the docks. I called out to him, but he wouldn't answer.
James: That's when I saw the blood. I freaked out, like... and I thought I'd better call the cops!
Jones: Did you see anyone else on the docks?
James: Nah. That part of the river's always deserted. That's why I was surprised to find someone there...

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Nathan: I've got several things for you. Dan was stabbed in the stomach with a sharp object, probably a knife.
Nathan (confidently): From the angle of the wounds, I can already tell you that your killer is left-handed!
Jones: You can't seriously see that from a gash, can you?!
Nathan: I wouldn't work here if I couldn't.
Nathan: I also found some red hair under Dan's fingernails. Needless to say, those weren't his. Which means your killer is a redhead!

Examine Broken Badge.
Jones: Well that was fast! Great job, <Name>!
Jones: This being said... A skull badge, really? Are we still in the 80s?
Jones (in thought): You're right, this badge didn't get on our crime scene by chance. Let's send it to the lab for analysis.

Analyze Skull badge.
Alex (in thought): Your badge was covered with Dan's fingerprints... but only on its backside, as if Dan had grabbed it during the struggle.
Alex: And there are no holes on Dan's shirt, meaning he ripped the badge off his killer's clothes!

Examine Dan’s Wallet.
Jones: What did you find, <Name>?
Jones: Hey, I know that address, it's in Caribou Corner! We're often called there for ODs and fights. Not the safest neighborhood...
Jones: Let's go see Gloria, she's the building superintendent. With a bit of luck she'll recognize Dan!

Ask the building supervisor about the victim.
Jones: Gloria! My favourite superintendent in this dodgy neighborhood. Meet <Rank> <Name>, my new partner. They've got a question for you.
Gloria: Nice to meet you, honey... If I know this man? Sure, he's got a girlfriend on the third floor. Got into trouble again?
Jones: Actually, he's dead.
Gloria: Oh!
Gloria: Oh well, at least he won't be throwing up on the stairs anymore, right?
Jones: Your grief is touching, Gloria. What's his girlfriend's name?
Gloria: Sally Stone. She lives in apartment 315. And I'll be here if you need to... interrogate me some more, honey.

Question Sally Stone about the victim.
Sally: I... I don't know any Dan.
Jones: Really? Your superintendent told us you were dating.
Sally (furiously): Mrs Roach is an old witch, always snooping around, telling stories! She should learn to keep her ugly nose out of other people's lives!
Jones: All the same, <Rank> <Name> and I are going to have a quick look around your studio, miss.

Investigate Living Room.
Jones (glad): Nice catch, <Rank> <Name>! Miss, we're going to have a look at your bag.
Sally: What? You can't do that! This is mine! ...I want to see a warrant. I know my rights!
Jones: A warrant? That's sweet. We'll return your bag to you when we're done.

Examine Sally’s Bag.
Jones: <Name>, I think you've struck gold with that bag!
Jones: I wonder how Sally will explain having a bracelet with Dan's name... don't you?

Question Sally about the bracelet you found in her bag.
Sally (nervously): This bracelet isn't mine. I don't know how it got in my bag!
Jones: Look, there's only so much bullshit we can take. Stop lying and tell us what you know!
Sally (crying): Alright! Me and Dan were dating. But I hadn't seen him in days, and I don't know who killed him!
Jones: know, we never told you Dan had been murdered.
Sally (shouting): Why else would you be here? Cops only pay attention to people like us when we're DEAD!

Chapter 2

Chief Samuel King: So! <Rank> <Name>, Jones, how is this case going? Have you found Dan's killer yet?
Jones: It's a... slow start, chief. We found Dan's girlfriend, Sally, and we know his killer was left-handed. That's pretty much it.
Jones (thinking): At least that rules out Gloria, she's right-handed. Not that she was a likely suspect anyway.
Samuel: Likely suspect or not, a good police officer follows every lead. Always remember that, <Rank> <Name>!
Samuel: And now I would like you both to have another look at the crime scene. Dan died in front of an open container, you might find more clues in there.

Investigate A Container.
Jones: A cigarette butt? Didn't James say nobody EVER comes here?
Jones: I agree with you, <Name>. Let's have a closer look at this. It may well prove interesting.

Examine Cigarette Butt.
Jones (proudly): Clever call, <Name>! DNA would take hours to process, but the fingerprint you collected from that cigarette butt might give us a suspect in a matter of minutes!

Analyze Fingerprint.
Alex: The fingerprint you found on that cigarette butt matches the prints of a certain James Smith.
Jones: Oh. I'd been hoping for something different...
Jones: But you know, <Name>, this cigarette is the perfect opportunity to put some pressure on James.
Jones: He looked really fidgety when we first talked to him, and I don't think it had to do with the fact he discovered the body. I'm sure he's keeping stuff from us.

See what James Smith wants.
James: Y-yes, I smoked that cigarette while I was waiting for the police to show up, after I found the body. Am I going to get a fine for littering?
Jones: Contaminating a crime scene is a serious offense. But we might forget about it, if you cooperate. Are you a righty or a lefty, James?
James (sweating): ... I'm right-handed, but, uh, what's that got to do with your dead guy?
Jones (interrogating): Let us worry about that. Now, are you SURE there's nothing you'd like to tell <Rank> <Name>?
James: I, uh... Well there is ONE thing, like, that I found. Next to the body. Maybe... maybe you need it?
Jones: I knew it! ... Either that's a drug package, or I'm the Queen of England! I can't make out what's written on it... <Rank> <Name>, what do you see?

Examine Drug Package.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! I just wish the code on that drug package wasn't a total mystery!
Jones: I guess we don't have any other choice... We must go see Bart. He's our snitch in Caribou Corner; knows everything that's happening there.
Jones (angrily): It's just that he really, REALLY gets on my nerves. Cocky son of a...
Jones: But anyway! Maybe we also should have a better look at Sally's studio. She's clearly keeping stuff away from us.

Talk to Bart about the drug package.
Bart: What do I get if I help you out?
Jones: I can't tell you that, but I can tell you what you won't get: my boot in your face.
Bart: ...alright. Show me the code.
Bart (confidently): Oh yeah, I know this, that's Bulldog's handle! He mostly deals in Oakville alley, behind Kempe's Barbershop.
Jones: One last thing: that badge, on your jacket, where did you get it?
Bart: What, this? Dude, EVERYONE wears them, it's the latest fad. You really don't know anything, do you?
(After talking to Bart Williams)
Jones: You know, I really wish Bart had red hair... Why? Because he's left-handed of course!
Jones (devil horns): That and red hair would have been enough to get him a few hours behind bars, as a suspect.
Jones: Ah, if only... Anyway! Let's go see this Bulldog he told us about!

Question Bulldog about the victim.
Bulldog: Wait, so a stupid junkie's found dead miles away from here with a piece of paper... how exactly is this supposed to implicate me again?
Jones: Don't play smart with me, Bulldog! We know you were Dan's dealer!
Bulldog (trying to hide guilt): Oh really? Do you see drugs on me? What kind of moron do you think I am?!
Jones: A pretty big one. Step aside, we need to take a look around this alley, or should I say your "office"?

Investigate Backstreet.
Jones (impressed): <Name>, I'm impressed. The blood on this poster is still fresh, and it might very well belong to Dan! Let's collect a sample!

Examine Bloody Poster.
Jones (proudly): Great job, <Name>!
Jones (in thought): I just hope that poster's not a red-herring. Let's get this blood to the lab and find out!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: Tests are positive: the blood is Dan's.
Grace: You've got your primary crime scene, guys. Dan was killed in Oakville alley, then dumped on the docks!
Jones: Well, <Name>, Bulldog's just earned himself another visit!

Question Bulldog about the blood found in the alley.
Bulldog (whistling): Oh looksie, here comes the Incompetent Parade.
Jones: Look, asswipe, you're getting on my nerves and I can guarantee you won't like me when I'm angry.
Jones: Dan's blood is all over a trashbin in the alley where you "work"! Any idea how it got there?
Bulldog (shouting): No, and I don't give a shit about it. Now f**k off!
Jones (angrily): This isn't over, Bulldog. One way or another, I'll make your life a living hell!
(After talking to Bulldog)
Jones: Remember, <Rank> <Name>, getting suspects angry often yields interesting results...
Jones (confidently): Did you see which hand our friend Bulldog gave us the finger with when we left? He's left-handed!

Investigate Bed.
Jones (in thought): The dirt on those shoes is still fresh. I wonder where they've been worn... What do you say we find that out, <Name>?

Examine Sally's Shoes.
Jones: Nice job on those shoes, <Name>! Let's hope this soil sample will be enough for Grace to track down Sally's movements!

Analyze Soil Sample.
Grace: So I had a look at the soil sample you took from Sally's shoes...
Grace: I compared it with samples taken from the docks and found similarities... but there's something more troubling.
Grace: I also found traces of Dan's blood in the dirt! So, not only was Sally with Dan when he died...
Jones: ...but she may be his killer! <Name>, I think little Sally has got some explaining to do...

Confront Sally about being on the docks.
Sally: Why won't you leave me alone?! Yes, I was on the docks last night! I found Dan, but when I realized he was dead, I freaked out! I ran away!
Jones (furiously): And you just HAPPENED to hang out on that godforsaken place at the exact time Dan was dying?! Come on, Sally!
Sally (crying): I... I... I got lost, looking for him! I didn't hurt him, okay? I loved him! Now leave me the f**k ALONE!!!
(After talking to Sally Stone)
Jones: I know, I shouldn't make girls cry... but a little more of that and I'm sure she'll come clean!
Jones (confidently): What's more, did you notice? Sally's wearing her watch on her right wrist... which means she's left-handed!

Chapter 3

Chief Samuel King: Face it, officers, you won't get anything more from Bulldog and Sally.
Jones: What? No, we're so close! I'm sure we can make them spill the beans!
Samuel: In a week, maybe, but we don't have a week! No, what you NEED right now is a murder weapon!
Samuel: Go back to the alley! Anything could be hidden in those trashbins!

Investigate Garbage Bin.
Jones: Jackpot! A knife, and it's got traces of blood on the blade! How much are you ready to bet this blood is Dan's?

Examine Knife.
Jones (impressed): Perfect job as always, <Name>! When I think of how long it took ME to master those procedures...
Jones: I'll let you send this blood to the lab. I'm sure that knife was used to kill Dan, we just need to prove it!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: I've got good news! Not only is this knife covered in Dan's blood, but Nathan confirms it matches the wounds on Dan's body!
Grace: Officers, you've got your murder weapon!
Grace (confused): As for who it might belong to... I took a closer look at the blade; there's a weird symbol etched on it. Does it look familiar to either of you?
Jones: I believe it does, yes! <Rank> <Name>, time to put that killer behind bars!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: The game is up, Bulldog! We know you killed Dan. WHY you killed him, however...
Bulldog: That punk had it coming! I TOLD him it'd get nasty if he didn't pay me the $2000 he owed me!
Jones: It's going to get even nastier very soon, for you at least.
Jones: Bulldog, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law...

Judge Hall: Silence in Court! Mr... Bulldog, what do you have to say for yourself?
Bulldog (whistling): F***ing lawyer said it all, didn't he? I'm a victim of circumstances! That crazed junkie came at me with his fists, I had to defend myself!
Judge Hall: You ought to take this more seriously. You took a human life! Does it mean nothing to you?!
Sally (crying): Yeah, does it mean nothing?! How COULD you kill Dan, you BASTARD?! He was going to pay you back, he just needed a little more time!!
Sally (shouting): I swear, I will kill you for this, Bulldog! I WILL KILL YOU!!
Judge Hall: Young lady, calm down. There is no need for further bloodshed.
Judge Hall: Bulldog. For the murder of Dan Broke, the Court thereby sentences you to 20 years to life!
Bulldog (shouting): For doing this city a favor? You're gonna cry for a f***ing parasite?! Burn in hell, all of you!!
Judge Hall: Officers, take this man away. Court is adjourned!

Jones: Well, that's one murderer out for good, hopefully. I think we handled it all pretty well, don't you, <Name>?
Jones: Listen, what do you say we go out for a cup of coffee? The doughnuts are on me!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, splendid job on that case!
Samuel: However, don't forget that you're working for the citizens of Grimsborough City. I'm sure some of them still need your help!

Check up on James Smith.
James: Oh, there you are! Inspectors, I really need your help here!
Jones (curiously): What's wrong, Mr Smith?
James (sweating): Your guys have completely shut down the docks, but I lost my delivery form there! How am I supposed to keep my job if I don't know where to go?!
Jones (understanding): I see. We'll see what we can do, ok? <Name>, can you go ahead to the docks? I'll finish that report for King and be right with you!

Investigate The Docks.
Jones: Good job on finding that delivery form so fast, <Name>! Let's get it to James!

Give James his delivery form.
Jones: Mr Smith, good news! <Rank> <Name> has found your delivery form!
James (nervously): Cool, thank y- Oh crap. Crap! The paper's soaked through, I can't read the delivery address! ...what am I going to DO?!
Jones: Gee, you really need to chill out, you know...
James: You don't understand, I could lose my job for this! F*ck, I'm dead, they'll fire me this time, for sure!
Jones: Actually, you're in luck. <Rank> <Name> is the best decipherer I know! They'll have that address straightened out in no time, won't you <Name>?

Examine Delivery Form.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! Let's go give that address to James!

Give James his delivery address.
Jones: There you go, Mr Smith, here is your delivery address! Didn't I tell you <Rank> <Name> was the best?
James: Phew! Thanks guys, you just saved my neck! Please, take this, as thanks!

Check up on Sally Stone.
Sally: Not you again! What, are you here to tell me someone else I loved just died?!
Jones: Sally, <Rank> <Name> and me just wanted to check up on you, see how you were holding up...
Sally (crying): I'm NOT holding up! I can't even find those stupid antidepressants that damn doctor gave me! I... I...
Jones: ... Listen, why don't you go for a walk, take the fresh air? <Rank> <Name> has a sixth sense when it comes to finding stuff, I'm sure they can find your pills!
Sally: You'd do that for me? ...thanks.

Investigate Living Room.
Jones: A grocery bag? Hm, you're right <Rank> <Name>, we should have a look at this, the pills may be in there!

Examine Groceries.
Jones: You were inspired to look at that bag, <Name>! Here are the pills!
Jones (in thought): Although... what if they're not really antidepressants? I mean, with Dan's past... you won't make me believe Sally doesn't take drugs.
Jones: She won't be back for a while. What do you think, <Name>? Maybe we could take these to Grace, see if they're safe...

Analyze Pills.
Grace: Alright, I've got your results. Those pills really are antidepressants. The girl didn't lie.
Jones: Well that's a relief! Thanks a lot Grace, we won't forget this!
Jones: Come on <Name>, let's go give Sally her pills!

Give her pills back to Sally.
Sally: Where were you? Didn't you find my pills?
Jones: We did, don't worry! I told you, <Rank> <Name>'s the best at finding lost objects!
Jones: Here are your antidepressants. But be careful with the dosage, ok?
Sally: I will, don't worry. I think... I think I'm going to go to my parents' for a while, get away from all this.
Sally: Thanks again, <Rank> <Name>, Officer Jones! I won't forget this! Here, please, take this, for your time!

Check up on Bart Williams.
Bart: Oh great, just the people I needed! I've lost my wallet, you've got to help me get it back!
Jones (annoyed): And what makes you think we'd want to help YOU, exactly?
Bart (sweating): Oh come on! You know the Vipers are heavy in these streets! They tolerated Bulldog, but they've never exactly warmed up to me. I don't want to die for a freaking wallet!
Jones: ... You're lucky, we've just solved a case and I'm in a good mood. But you'd better have something good for us in exchange!
Jones: So! What d'you say, <Name>, shall we go have a look in that street for Bart's wallet?

Investigate Backstreet.
Jones: Great, you found the wallet!
Jones: Hey, <Name>, what do you say we... have a look at it?
Jones: Come ooon, I'm SURE Bart's hiding stuff from us! Just a little look, okay? Great!

Examine Bart's Wallet.
Jones: Well would you look at that! I wonder why Bart keeps that torn photo in his wallet... I'm sure it's someone important!
Jones: <Name>, time to display your puzzle-skills! You're much better at this than I am!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jones: I'll be damned if I know who's the guy on this picture, but he clearly belongs to the Vipers! Let's go grill Bart about it!

Ask Bart about the picture in his wallet.
Jones: Bart, this is your lucky day, we've got your wallet!
Jones: BUT... we also found a picture of one of the Vipers in it! You'd better tell us who this is, if you want your wallet back...
Bart: Whoa, Jones, that's low, even for you. And seeing the look on <Rank> <Name>'s face, they weren't the ones snooping around!
Bart (annoyed): I mean what good is it, paying so many taxes, if cops search through your stuff...
Jones: Yeah, like YOU pay taxes! Come on Bart, spill the beans!
Bart: Whatever. The guy on the picture is Salvador Cordero, the Vipers' new leader. Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't know this already.
Jones: Holy Moly, I didn't expect him to be THAT important! The boss will be thrilled! Thanks Bart, here's your wallet!