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David Jones (grossed out): I really hope you haven't just eaten, <Rank> <Name>. We've got a new case, and all I can tell you is that Jennifer Carter did not have a happy ending...
Jones: In fact, she was found in one of the butcher warehouses, near the docks. I can't say I'm thrilled, but let's go, shall we?

Chapter 1

Investigate Warehouse.
David Jones (shocked): It's even worse than I expected it to be! The poor girl was butchered just like... just like a pig!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we need to focus on the clues. Like that... pool of blood you spotted...
Jones (shocked): Oh, right, there's a shoe print in there! And the way the blood goes AROUND it means... You're right! The killer must have stood there while Jennifer bled to death!
Jones (in agreement): We'd better send this shoe print for analysis, I agree. We'll have to drop by the lab to get the autopsy results anyway.
Jones: And so you think we should have a look at that garbage can? So be it, but you're the one digging in!
Jones: As for Raoul Colletti, the owner of this warehouse, he's waiting to be interrogated. What should we start with, <Name>?

Talk to Raoul Colletti.
Raoul: Such a tragedy... Jennifer often came to the shop to buy meat. She was a sweet kid, always smiling.
Jones (curiously): Mr Colletti, apart from you, who has access to this warehouse?
Raoul (thinking): Well... my apprentice, Raphael Soza, has a set of keys. And my daughter, of course. She's the one who discovered the body, you know.
(After talking to Raoul Colletti)
Jones (in agreement): I agree, <Name>, we need to have a chat with Raphael and Raoul's daughter! They had the keys to the warehouse, so they're definitely suspects!

Examine Garbage Can.
Jones (shocked): Aaaand we have our murder weapon, ladies and gentlemen! I can't believe it was in the trash!
Jones: Ugh, imagine having someone waving this in front of your nose... Jennifer must have been terrified!

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Nathan: Jennifer was hit over the head with a blunt object, but she was still alive when the killer sliced her open.
Nathan: And what's more, her heart is missing!
Nathan (worried for Jones): Are you alright Jones? You look a little green.
Jones (disgusted): No, I'm... okay. Continue, please.
Nathan: Jennifer was also tortured. There are numerous burn marks on her breasts. Her killer is obviously a smoker...
Nathan: ... but they can't be very experienced. They left strands of their hair in Jennifer's wounds. <Name>, you're looking for someone with black hair!

Analyze Bloody Shoe Print.
Alex (confidently): The shoe print you found leaves a lot to be desired, you know.
Alex: But since I'm awesome, I was still able to determine that your killer's feet are 10 inches long!

Talk to Trish Colletti.
Trish: I still can't shake that image out of my head... She looked like a pig!
Jones: I'm sorry you had to see that. Were you friends with Jennifer?
Trish: Oh no, we didn't hang out together. She was too posh for me.
Trish: And she was a flirt, I can tell you THAT. I wouldn't be surprised if she got the wrong kind of guy excited...!

Talk to Raphael Soza.
Raphael: I've been Mr Colletti's apprentice for two years. After my mother split on me and left me to rot in that hobo camp, he's the only one who gave me a chance.
Jones: I see... He told us Jennifer regularly came to the shop. Did you know her well?
Raphael: Uh... We talked, nothing more. I've been dating Trish for 6 months. I, I don't pay attention to other girls.
Jones: So you're working for the father and dating the daughter? That's quite a comfy arrangement you've got there!
Raphael: The Collettis have been very kind to me. Life in Cooperville's tough, you know. I'm glad they're not afraid of me.
Jones: Alright. <Rank> <Name> will still need to have a look at your possessions, Raphael. Let's head off to Cooperville!

Investigate Homeless Camp.
(Before investigating Homeless Camp)
One-Tooth-Sam: Jones! Long time no see. Who's the new recruit?
Jones: Sam, this is <Rank> <Name>, my new partner. <Name>, this is One-Tooth-Sam, the de facto mayor of Cooperville and an old friend.
One-Tooth-Sam: Yeah, though I wish you wouldn't just stop by when things are bad... Anyway, you're here for the boy, not me. Raphael sleeps in that shack, over there.
(After investigating Homeless Camp)
Jones: Those panties are a bit fancy for the neighborhood, I agree. And look at that "J"...
Jones: You're right, we can't be sure it stands for Jennifer... But maybe a closer look at those panties could confirm it!

Examine Panties.
Jones (giving praise): Perfect! Now that you've collected some DNA from the panties you found in Cooperville, we can send it to Grace!

Analyze DNA.
Grace (excitedly): Great job, <Name>! I've compared the DNA you collected from those panties with Jennifer's and it's definitely hers!
Grace: But there wasn't just her DNA on those panties! I also found DNA belonging to a certain Raphael Soza!
Jones: Well I'll be! Raphael may be dating Trish Colletti, but thanks to you, <Name>, we have the proof he's also fooled around with our victim!
Jones: Hm, good point. Sam might have seen something, too. It's time to have a proper chat with him!

Talk to One-Tooth-Sam.
One-Tooth-Sam: I don't think Raphael was seeing Jennifer, no. You're not really suspecting the kid, are you? Raphael's a sweet boy, he'd never do something like that!
Jones: Well, that's up to us to determine, Sam, and the fact that his DNA was found on Jennifer's panties makes him our number one suspect.
One-Tooth-Sam: There must be another explanation for it! But I'm sure you and <Rank> <Name> will get to the bottom of things!

Talk to Raphael Soza.
Jones: We've got quite a mystery on our hands, Raphael. How did your DNA end up on Jennifer's panties? Did you exchange underwear?
Raphael: No need to be so sarcastic, mister. We were friends, nothing more! I don't know how my DNA ended up on those!
Jones: Surely you must have an idea... <Rank> <Name>'ll be keeping a close eye on you, Raphael, you can be sure of that.

Later on, in the station...
Jones: Well, <Name>, this is a grisly case and no mistake! Poor Jennifer was hung up like a piece of meat in a warehouse, and there's no way we'll let her killer get away with it!
Jones: At least thanks to you, we've got several leads. We know Raphael Soza, the butcher's apprentice, was probably having an affair with her...
Jones: And we know that the killer has got black hair and smokes! Now we just need a new lead to push this forward!

Chapter 2

Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, Vanessa Carter, the victim's mother, is ready to see you. She's still in shock, though.
Ramirez (informative): They've also found a backpack on the crime scene. Apparently it belonged to Jennifer. Maybe you should have a look at it?

Talk to Vanessa Carter.
Vanessa (crying): I c-can't belie... believe my baby's dead! I told her! I t-told her not to go near that hobo camp! Deviants, murderers, the lot of them!
Vanessa (insistent; tears in eyes): She was seeing a boy in that camp! Oh, she wouldn't admit it, but I knew! I knew! And now she's dead!!
Jones: We'll keep that in mind, Mrs Carter. In the meantime, if you don't mind, <Rank> <Name> would like to have a look around your house.
(After talking to Vanessa Carter)
Jones: I wish Mrs Carter wouldn't chain-smoke like that. Makes my eyes water.
Jones (in need of fresh air): Can you search the kitchen without me, <Name>? I really need to get some fresh air!

Investigate Vanessa’s Kitchen.
Jones: Ah, teenage angst. Jennifer's torn the last pages of her diary to pieces! But I'm sure you can put them back together in no time, can't you, <Name>?

Examine Torn Page.
Jones (giving praise): Jennifer's diary looks good as new now! I didn't expect any less from you, <Name>. Nicely done!
Jones: Here's what she wrote in it: "Raphael and me are THROUGH! He's NEVER going to leave Trish-the-Cow, too afraid of losing his job! That family's POISON! I HATE THEM ALL!!" ...
Jones: Whoa, this thing between Jennifer and Raphael must have been more serious than we thought if she wanted him to leave Trish for her!
Jones: Uh, I agree <Name>, we need to have another talk with our two lovebirds! Let's go!

Talk to Trish Colletti.
Trish: A girl is dead and all you care to do is spread filthy lies around? You're disgusting!
Jones: We very much doubt Jennifer would lie in her own dia-
Trish (shouting): Shut up, SHUT UP! Raphael was NOT having affair with that... with Jennifer! He loves ME! He didn't care about that snobby flirt!
Jones (suspiciously): You seem to harbor a lot of hate towards Jennifer, Trish. Why is that, if she didn't steal your boyfriend?
Trish: Like I said. She was a snob, and a flirt! Sorry for not swooning over her! Now if you're done, I'd like to go out for a smoke. Dad hates it when I smoke inside.

Talk to Raphael Soza.
Raphael: Oh great, you found Jennifer's diary. Okay, yes, we fooled around once or twice...
Raphael: But she kept telling me to break up with Trish, that the Collettis were like poison, she was insanely hateful towards them!
Jones: And breaking up with Trish would have meant losing your job, wouldn't it? How convenient that Jennifer's dead...
Raphael: I would have never killed her! I just told her to get lost, I never hurt her!
Raphael: Look, are we done? Good. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have some cigarettes, would you? I could use some, it's been a really crappy day.

Investigate Jennifer’s Backpack.
Jones (giving praise): Perfect, <Name>! A teenager's cellphone contains her entire life, isn't that what they say? Let's see what Jennifer's life was like...

Analyze Cellphone.
Alex (whistling): Oh, there isn't much on that cellphone. Mostly just casual messages from Jennifer to her friends and her mom...
Alex (confidently): Well, of course, except for this, sent two hours before she died: "I'm not scared of you! I'm going to tell. You'll pay for what you did!"!
Alex: Intense, uh? And guess who she sent it to? ... Raoul Colletti!

Talk to Raoul Colletti.
Raoul: That... that message was nonsense! I just laughed it off. Thought she had dialed the wrong number.
Jones: Why would she have had your number in the first place, Mr Colletti? Fast orders of kidneys?
Raoul (nervously): Look, let's be serious here! You know how kids are, always making up stories! She was just having me on, that's all!
Jones: <Rank> <Name> will be the judge of that. Now, we need to know your shoe-size, and your daughter's as well.
Raoul: ... We both wear a size 10. Trish always complains that she got my feet, haha.
(After talking to Raoul Colletti)
Jones: I admit, I don't know what to think. If Jennifer's message was really addressed to Mr Colletti, then he's becoming our number one suspect.
Jones: But he denies it, and of course SHE can't talk anymore.
Jones (in thought): Good idea, <Name>. Let's go back to Cooperville! Maybe inspiration will strike us there...

Investigate Shack.
Jones: The blood on that rag is still fresh... and that's the kind of rag butchers use! <Name>, can you collect a sample?

Examine Bloodstained Rag.
Jones (giving praise): Perfect job as always, <Name>, but then again this rag you found in Cooperville was pretty much COVERED in blood! Let's get this to Grace!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: Most of the blood on that rag was Jennifer's, but not all. Your killer must have cut themselves doing their dirty job.
Grace (confidently): Comparing DNA with our entire database would take weeks, but I can tell you this straight away: your killer's bloodtype is O positive!

Later, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I don't know what to think anymore. It seems most of our suspects could have killed Jennifer!
Jones: Raphael was having an affair with her, and Trish, whether she believes in the affair or not, clearly hated Jennifer anyway.
Jones: And there's that weird message Jennifer sent to Mr Colletti...
Jones: At least you've discovered a new piece of evidence, the killer's blood type! With you by my side, I'm sure we'll catch that kiler soon, <Name>!

Chapter 3

David Jones: Well, <Name>, what do you make of this case? We've got one young girl killed like she was a piece of veal, and a lot of shady suspects...
Jones (in thought): To gain time, I've asked Ramirez to fill us in on our last suspects' shoe-sizes. Mrs Carter wears a size 9.5...
Jones: Sam wears a size 10.5. He also smokes like a chimney.
Jones: As for Raphael's shoe-size, it's a 10. Basically this means that-
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, sir! Mrs Carter is here to speak with you. She's in hysterics, she won't stop crying! I think you ought to come quick!

Talk to Vanessa Carter.
Vanessa (crying): My daughter's heart!! THEY SOLD ME MY DAUGHTER'S HEART!!!
Jones: What... please, Mrs Carter, calm down. Who sold you your daughter's heart? Where is it?
Vanessa (crying): This morning! Before they said my Jenny was dead!! I went to buy some meat! And there's... there's a heart in there, and I never bought any!
Vanessa (crying): Don't you understand? They gave me my daughter's heart so I would EAT it!!!
Jones: Those groceries, are they in your home? <Rank> <Name> will figure this out, don't worry!

Investigate Breakfast Table.
Jones (nervously): I'll, uh, let you search this bag, right <Name>? I think I saw something over... over there.

Examine Groceries.
Jones (sickened): Oh God, is that what I think it is? Let's take it to the lab!

Analyze Heart.
Grace: This is your victim's heart, alright. Are you telling me the killer sold Jennifer's heart to her own mother?!
Jones: Evidently, yes. Did you find anything else? Can you get fingerprints off of... of that?
Grace: No, but I found something else. There were yellow fibers stuck to her heart.
Grace (confidently): Plain cotton, nothing remarkable... but now you know your killer was wearing yellow clothes!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Well, I'm not sorry to see the end of this case. I only hope Jennifer's killer hasn't had time to carve somebody else up!
Jones: Let's go arrest that freak, shall we, <Name>?

Take care of the killer now!
Trish: Dad, you're not going to let them arrest me, are you? Dad! DO something!!
Raoul: I... they have proof, sweetie. How... how could you do such a thing?
Trish: That bitch slept with my boyfriend!! And she kept flirting with you dad, I SAW her! What, I was supposed to let that fly?!
Jones (confused): Are you meaning to tell us you cut open this girl because you thought she was a flirt?!
Trish (raging): She was a TRAMP! I had to teach her to behave!
Jones: By cutting her up?!
Trish (devil horns): SHE HAD IT COMING!! I don't regret nothing, nothing! She bled like the pig she was!
Jones: We've heard more than enough. Trish Colletti, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court...

Judge Hall: Never have I heard of such a heinous crime in all my years presiding this Court.
Judge Hall: For this reason, Trish Colletti, despite being 16 years of age, you have been tried as an adult for the kidnapping, torture and slaughter of Jennifer Carter.
Trish: I only did what had to be done! Raphael was under her spell, but now he knows I did it for love, for us!
Jones: I think what Raphael KNOWS is that he's lucky you didn't have time to carve him up as well...
Trish (angrily): STOP LYING!!! He hated her, he wanted her gone, she was a witch!!
Judge Hall: Silence in the Court! Trish Colletti, you are hereby sentenced to life in jail, with psychological monitoring and a chance for parole in 40 years. Court is adjourned!

Jones: I wonder how Mrs Carter will ever manage to rebuild her life... She couldn't even speak during the trial.
Jones: And I don't know how I'd feel in Mr Colletti's shoes. Knowing that your own child has been capable of such cruelty...
Jones: In any case, I'm impressed with you, <Name>: you didn't even puke once!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Rank> <Name>, you did splendidly with this case. I know it can't have been a walk in the park, but you kept your cool and got to the bottom of things. Great job!
Chief King: Now, I think you should check up on Mrs Carter and Mr Colletti. Both lost a daughter today, and I want to make sure they won't do anything they might regret.
Chief King: And while you're at it, please go talk to One-Tooth-Sam. He's brought up some serious concerns about the homeless camp's safety.

Talk to Raoul Colletti.
Raoul: I still cannot believe my own daughter could have done such a terrible thing...
Raoul: I haven't slept in two days, I see Jennifer's blood everywhere! ... Please, inspectors, could you inspect my warehouse and check there aren't any more objects tainted with her blood?
Jones: ... of course, Mr Colletti! We'll... be happy to look at all that blood for you!

Investigate Warehouse.
(Before investigating Warehouse)
Jones: Okay, Raoul can't be serious, can he? This place is COVERED with blood! How are we supposed to figure out which is pork and which is woman?!
Jones: I'm relying on your instincts on this one, <Name>. If anyone can find human blood in this mess, it's you!
(After investigating Warehouse)
Jones (giving praise): See, what did I tell you? You've probably found the only object with Jennifer's blood on it!
Jones: ... uh, since you've found them, I'll leave you the honor of collecting a sample for Grace, okay?

Examine Glasses.
Jones: Amazing work on those glasses, <Rank> <Name>! Let's send this blood sample to Grace and see what comes up!

Analyze Blood.
Grace: I've analyzed the blood you collected from those glasses, <Name>, and it comes up positive for the victim!
Grace: But, hm... I thought this case was closed?
Jones: Haha, yeah... long story. Anyway, thanks Grace, I don't know what <Name> and I would do without you!
Jones: Now all we have to do is go tell Raoul about the glasses!

Talk to Raoul Colletti.
Jones: Here you go, Mr Colletti! Those glasses were the only objects on which <Rank> <Name> found traces of Jennifer's blood!
Raoul: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! If everyone was as selfless as you, maybe my daughter wouldn't have become a murderer.
Jones: Well, unfortunately we'll never know about that, will we?
Raoul: I guess not. Anyway, thanks again. Maybe now I'll finally manage to sleep at night!

Talk to One-Tooth-Sam.
One-Tooth-Sam: Oh good, just the people I needed! Look, between the Vipers and Marconi's henchmen, things here are getting worse and worse. We have to hide everything we have, or those goons take it from us!
Jones: I understand your frustration Sam, but so far we haven't been able to pin anything on those guys...
One-Tooth-Sam: Ha, I'm not asking for that much! But I've heard that your pal here, <Name>, is a crack at finding lost stuff, and I can't figure out where I've hidden my lucky gold tooth.
Jones: You hear that <Name>? We've got a bit of a reputation!
Jones: Don't you worry, Sam. We'll find that tooth in no time! It must be around the camp, anyway!

Investigate Homeless Camp.
Jones: Are you sure you want to search through that trash can, <Name>? Your flair might not be as good after those fumes, you know!

Examine Trash Can.
Jones: Great job on finding this tiny tooth in that huge trash can, <Name>!
Jones: Let's go give it back to Sam, you're right!

Talk to One-Tooth Sam.
Jones: Here you go Sam! One gold tooth, fresh from the trash!
One-Tooth-Sam: Already?!
One-Tooth-Sam: Ha, I see the guys didn't lie, <Name> really IS a crack! Thanks, <Rank>!
Jones (wanting attention): Hey, I helped a bit too, you know!
One-Tooth-Sam: Sure... the important thing is that you believe it! I'm pretty good at finding stuff too. Here, <Name>, this is for you!

Talk to Vanessa Carter.
Jones: Hello Mrs Carter! <Rank> <Name> and I just came by to see how you were holding up.
Vanessa (crying): Oh officers, you've got to help me! My sweet little baby will be buried tomorrow and I cannot find her baptism medal anywhere! She needs to wear it for her eternal rest!!
Jones: Of course we'll help you! <Name>'s instincts never fail; we will find your medal in no time, don't you worry! Let's start by having a look at your kitchen!

Investigate Vanessa's Kitchen.
Jones: <Name>, I think you've struck gold, as usual!
Jones: Well, I say "gold" but... what kind of cheap medal breaks into so many pieces?!
Jones: We cannot give the medal back to Mrs Carter in that state! ... <Name>, do you think you could manage to put it back together?

Examine Broken Medal.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! This is indeed a baptism medal... Let's just hope it's the one Mrs Carter was looking for!

Talk to Vanessa Carter.
Jones: Mrs Carter, <Rank> <Name> has found and repaired this medal. Is this your daughter's?
Vanessa: It... looks like it, yes. But my oldest daughter has the same. Let me see...
Vanessa (crying): I... I cannot read the birthdate! How can I know for sure? Oh, my poor baby girl!!
Jones: Mrs Carter, calm down. <Rank> <Name> is used to this kind of thing. They will decipher this birthdate for you!

Examine Medal.
Jones: I don't know how you manage to decipher these things, <Name>! It all looks like giberrish to me!
Jones: Let's show this birthdate to Mrs Carter right away!

Talk to Vanessa Carter.
Jones: Mrs Carter, <Rank> <Name> has done wonders once again! Is your daughter's birthdate: 04/12/1995?
Vanessa (crying in relief): Yes, it is! Oh, what a relief! Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! Now my daughter can truly rest in peace! Please, take this, as thanks!