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Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, call an exorcist: the haunted house on Elm Street has killed someone!
David Jones: Ah, not more crazy talk... What are you on about this time, Ramirez?
Ramirez: The haunted house of Grimsborough, Elm Street, has just killed it's owner! I tell you, that house is evil!
Jones: Ramirez, there are no ghosts or haunted houses. <Name> debunked it once with The Ghost of Grimsborough, and they'll prove you wrong once again!

Chapter 1

Investigate Haunted House.
(Before investigating)
Gloria Fernandez: NO! NO! Hector! MY HUSBAND! The house... it killed him!
Gloria: The house started shaking, the doors rattled, and then the screams... It locked me out and I could only listen, helpless, as the house took him!
Jones: Ramirez, get her out of here! She's obviously in shock!
Ramirez: See, I told you! I told you the house was haunted! We should all leave this house before it kills us too!
Jones: C'mon, <Name>, keep your head on straight: no ghosts, no haunting, just a possible homicide. Are you ready for this?
(After investigating)
Jones: What are the odds that a chandelier that looks to be in perfect condition would suddenly fall just as Hector Fernandez was walking under it?
Jones: I agree, <Name>, we should treat this as a murder and not as the result of a haunted house.
Jones: Let's send the body off for autopsy. Nathan's a rational man, so hopefully, he'll quickly dispense of any possibility of the death being caused by the supernatural.
Jones: I've got a feeling this case is going to be shrouded in mystery. How about we search through that basket? We might find something of interest.
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, the victim's wife was in such a shock that the paramedics had to heavily sedate her. She won't be available to talk for quite some time.
Ramirez: On the other hand, Margaret Littlewood wants to talk to you. She said as their neighbour, she might be of help.
Jones: Ah, I could have guessed Margaret was their neighbour: I can smell her cookies from here!

Autopsy The Victim's Body.
Nathan: Some things are clear: your victim was killed by the chandelier when it fell and CRUSHED his body.
Nathan: However, it crashed down with such an inhuman force, it's... well, it's almost supernatural.
Jones: What do you mean "supernatural"?
Nathan: I calculated the impact velocity of the fall, and given the chandelier weighs 220 lbs and it fell from 13 feet: IF it had fallen naturally, it couldn't have crushed Hector like it did.
Jones: Oh come on, don't tell us you also think this murder is the work of a haunted house!
Nathan: Of course not. But for now, I don't have any scientific lead, apart from traces of petrouleum jelly smeared on your victim's clothes.
Nathan: So IF Hector was really killed by a human being and not by a supernatural force, THEN your killer is in contact with petroleum jelly.

Talk To Margaret, The Victim's Neighbour.
Margaret: Here, have a cookie, fresh from the oven! Thank you for coming to see me, <Rank> <Name>: as Hector and Gloria Fernandez's neighbour, this is also of my concern.
Margaret: I mean, it's just so awful, isn't it? I heard the house come ALIVE as it tortured Hector. I heard his screams or torment and then a loud crash.
Margaret: And my poor dog, Astrid, she couldn't stop barking... I tell you, living next door to that haunted house is a real nightmare.
Jones: Thanks for the cookie, Margaret. But as for the house, we really don't think it is actually haunted.
Margaret: Of course it is! That house eats people's souls! I'm just glad Hector started going to church before this tragic happening.
Margaret: Even though you can't suddenly turn up at church and expect immediate salvation... But I guess he's finding that out for himself right about now.
(After talking to Margaret)
Jones: Haha, that's so true, <Name>: cookies are my greatest weakness!
Jones: And I agree, it is suspicious that someone who never went to church suddenly kept going there... Why did our victim suddenly feel so religious?
Jones: Good idea, the easiest way to solve this mystery is by going to the church ourselves!

Examine Basket.
Jones: This seems to be a family photo of the Fernandez's. And our victim has his eyes scratched out. Nope, that's not creepy at all.
Jones: ...Aw, I didn't know the Fernandez had a baby boy.
Camilla Brown: They DID have a baby boy, UNTIL the house killed him.
Jones: Argh, you can't creep up on people like that!
Camilla: I'm sorry, Officers, but as a housekeeper it's my duty to walk around noiselessly.
Jones: So you're the housekeeper... And wait a second, did you just say the house killed their baby boy?!

Question Camilla About Her Job As The Victim's Housekeeper.
Jones: Let me get this straight, Camilla: You're the Fernandez's housekeeper, and you're telling us the house killed their baby boy?! What happened exactly?
Camilla: What do you think happened? The spirits of the house killed the baby boy in this very wing!
Camilla: Since then, Mr Fernandez closed this wing off because the hauntings were strongest in this side of the house.
Camilla: But if you ask me, the Fernandez should never have moved here in the first place. It's their foreign blood that angered the spirits of the house.
Jones: Uh, so it's a racist haunted house?
Camilla: Mock me all you want, but house killed the boy out of anger! And when Mr Fernandez refused to leave, the house took him too!
(After talking to Camilla)
Jones: Brrr, Camilla's just as creepy as this house... and I can easily understand why the house scares people.
Jones: You're right, <Name>: the fact that both the Fernandez's baby then Hector died in this house definitely help feed the rumours that the place is haunted.
Jones: And Camilla said that Hector closed this part of the house off because he believed in the hauntings. Well, that explains why it looked like such a run-down mess...
Jones: But if Hector was so scared of this part of the house... why the hell did he go back there?
Jones: Sadly, we can't ask his wife because she's still in too much shock from her husband's death. But hopefully the answer will turn up soon enough.

Investigate Chapel.
Jones: Margaret told us Hector kept coming to this church before his death. Now we need to figure out WHY he suddenly kept coming here...
Jones: And so if you think this broken device might be the key to answering that, <Name>, then would you mind piecing it back together?

Examine Broken Device.
Jones: Although you managed to perfectly piece back together this device you found in the church, I still have no idea what it is.
Jones: But luckily it's got a name on it: "Father Von Pratt". Let's go ask him what this device is for!

Quiz Father Von Pratt About The Mysterious Device You Found.
Father Von Pratt: Oh my Lord, Hector Fernandez is dead? I failed him! I failed to save him in time from that house!
Jones: Please, don't tell me even you believe that house is haunted?
Father Von Pratt: The house isn't haunted, it's POSSESSED! Hector came to me a few weeks back, he was a haunted man. He said the house talked to him, hungry for his soul.
Father Von Pratt: He told me of such truly terrifying events. I begged him to move out, but he refused. So I proposed to try and exorcise the house.
Father Von Pratt: I went to his house to monitor the level of paranormal activity with my Geiger counter and the levels were through the roof!
Father Von Pratt: Officers, stay away from that house. It is full of evil. DO NOT RETURN THERE!

Later That Night...
Jones: I'm completely lost, <Name>. Everyone around us believes that house killed Hector and his baby boy... and what if they're right?
Nathan: <Rank> <Name>, I've got fantastic news: the victim just spoke to me from beyond the grave!

Chapter 2

Nathan: <Rank> <Name>, I've got fantastic news: the victim just spoke to me from beyond the grave!
Jones: WHAT THE?!
Nathan: Calm down, I meant from beyond the morgue. You see, I did some digging... through the victim's brain actually...
Jones: That's so gross, Nathan.
Nathan: And that's when I noticed anomalies in the brain's neurotransmitters due to a psychoactive drug.
Nathan: The drug in question would induce sickening nightmarish visions. My guess is your killer wanted Hector to believe the house really was haunted.
Nathan: I'd need a fresh sample of the drug to be sure, but I think it's a mix of exotic plants.. which can only be found at the greenhouse.
Jones: Nice one, Nathan! C'mon, <Name>, let's hurry and close off the greenhouse as a crime scene before it gets contaminated!
(After talking to Nathan)
Ramirez: <Name>, I just got off the phone with the psychologist. She says Gloria Fernandez, your victim's wife, is now in a stable enough condition for questioning.
Jones: Thanks for the heads up, Ramirez. Your call, <Name>: should we talk to the victim's widow or search the greenhouse first?

Talk To Gloria About Her Husband's Death.
Jones: Mrs Fernandez, we're so sorry for your loss.
Gloria: I moved into the house a joyful wife and a blessed mother, and it took both my loves away from me!
Gloria: After the house killed my baby boy, I begged my husband to leave but he couldn't find a buyer: nobody wanted to buy a haunted house!
Gloria: My husband foolishly hoped an exorcism would finally get rid of the evil spirits... oh but how wrong he was.
Gloria: And now I'm left all alone, with nothing to live for. I hope the house hurries up and kills me too!
(After talking to Gloria)
Jones: Poor Gloria, losing both a husband and a child... both apparently killed by the supernatural happenings of the house.
Jones: I think you're onto something <Name>, what if the killer used people's belief that the house was haunted to try and get away with Hector's murder?
Jones: If we found out more about the circumstances surrounding this child's tragic accident, it might help us solve this whole mystery.
Jones: Churches usually keep birth and death registers. With a bit of luck, we might find out the real cause of death of the Fernandez's baby boy.

Investigate Greenhouse.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! It looks like this pestle and mortar were recently used to pulverize some plants... maybe like the ones used to drug our victim!
Jones: Would you mind collecting a sample so that we can find out which plants were crushed up in the mortar?
Jones: And since when has the greenhouse doubled as a flower shop? There's a note written on the bouquet's wrapping paper: "To Gloria, my love for you is as eternal as your beauty".
Jones: Aww, Hector must be behind this. But you're right, it is odd that he never sent the bouquet.
Jones: And since we know the killer was here, we need to treat everything as possible circumstantial evidence. Let's start by sweeping the paper wrapping for prints.

Examine Mortar.
Jones: Good work, <Name>! Let's not waste any time and send this sample you collected from the mortar you found in the greenhouse over to Nathan!
Jones: Hopefully, this fresh sample will allow Nathan to learn more about the true nature of the hallucinogenic drug the killer used on Hector!

Analyze Plant Substance.
Nathan: I analyzed the substance you collected from the mortar in the greenhouse, and it was a composite of several exotic plants. 
Nathan: Each of these plants is benign when studied apart, but when combined they make an extremely potent hallucinogenic drug, the same substance ingested by Hector.
Nathan: This particular drug would target the epinephrine neurotransmitters and induce strong audio and visual nightmarish hallucinations in Hector.
Jones: Like what exactly?
Nathan: Imagine you're walking around your house when suddenly the walls would start moving, shadows would become ghastly specters, everyday sounds would become deathly wails.
Nathan: This drug would have tormented Hector, driving him insane with fear, and with his own home having turned against him, there was nowhere for him to seek refuge!
Nathan: For the killer to have created such a powerful drug with just a few plants, it's obvious that they are highly skilled in gardening.

Examine Flower Bouquet Note.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! Now that you've recovered this set of prints from that bouquet's paper wrapping, we should send them over to the lab.
Jones: Hopefully that way we'll be able to confirm whether Hector made this bouquet for Gloria, or whether it was someone else.

Analyze Fingerprints.
Alex Turner: The fingerprints you collected from the bouquet in the greenhouse belong to... Charles Parker, the Historical Center's botanist!
Jones: Gloria's husband is barely dead and Charles is already planning to woo her with flowers and love notes? He's not wasting any time!
Jones: We haven't seen him since the tragic death of that young man who wanted to travel to Australia. Well, it certainly seems Charles has been keeping busy.

Interrogate Charles About His Flower Bouquet For Gloria.
Charles: Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit: I'm madly, hopelessly in love with Gloria Fernandez. And if love is a crime, then I'm guilty!
Jones: Couldn't you at least try and wait a little longer than two hours to pass since her husband's death before sending her the first bouquet?
Charles: I was going to send that bouquet to her as a secret admirer. The fact that it coincided with Hector's death is just a happy accident.
Jones: A happy accident?! It's her husband you're talking about: Can you imagine the grief Gloria must be going through?!
Charles: Please, Gloria was wilting away with that man. It's a sin how he ignored her and now he's been punished for it!

Investigate Pews.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You're right, we should search through that chest to see if there are any documents that could be of interest to us.
Jones: And look at this note: "Pay me back you fraud or experience my wrath!" It's followed by a string of numbers but some are faded.
Jones: I don't know what it has to do with our "haunted house" but we DO know Hector came to this church and this note is menacing enough not to ignore.
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! If we recover the missing numbers, they might find out to be even more telling than a signature.

Examine Chest.
Jones: Your intuition was correct, <Name>! This chest does contain the city's death register. Now let's see if it recorded baby Fernandez's death.
Jones: Here it is: Aurelio Angelo, the son of Gloria and Hector Fernandez. The cause of death is unknown; it only states that the child was found dead on a staircase at his home.
Jones: What a tragedy, but there's no mention of any supernatural causes... So why does everybody keep saying it's the haunted house that killed him, just like with Hector's death?
Jones: We can't ask Gloria anything more about her baby's death, it'd be too hurtful. But maybe Margaret, as their neighbour, might be able to recall what happened.

Ask Margaret About Details Concerning The Fernandez's Baby's Death.
Margaret: Yes, I remember Gloria and Hector Fernandez's son: Aurelio. He was always smiling and he loved Astrid here... and then the house took him.
Jones: What happened exactly?
Margaret: Before I go on, I must warn you that few people can bear to hear this ghostly tale, so are you certain you want me to continue?
Margaret: Very well. On the night of Aurelio's death, the house became alive with evil! All the mirrors broke into a thousand pieces and there were the most terrifying screams...
Margaret: ...And apparently, when it all stopped, Hector found his sweet baby boy lying on the stairs. He had smashed right through them.
Margaret: The doctor said he accidentally fell from the top banister, but we all know it was the house that took the poor little soul!
(After talking to Margaret)
Jones: I guess sometimes believing the death of a child was due to something supernatural that couldn't be stopped is the only way to emotionally cope...
Jones: But you're right, <Name>, I'm also more and more convinced that Hector was killed by a real person who used this story of the haunted house to cover up the murder.

Examine Note.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! You deciphered the numbers from that note you found in the church in no time!
Jones: "Pay me back, you fraud or experience my wrath!" and that's followed by a string of numbers... Huh, but none of it makes any sense!
Jones: You're right, we DO know the victim kept going to the church where you found this note. So if you think it's linked to our investigation, I trust you!
Jones: Let's start by handing the string of numbers over to Alex: with this, he might be able to tell us who wrote this foreboding note and why.

Analyze String Of Numbers.
Alex: I ran the numbers written on that threatening note you found in the church and they make up a bank account.
Alex: And cue the drum roll: the bank account belonged to Hector Fernandez!
Alex: I pulled up Hector's recent money transactions and discovered that he placed a large sum in Father Von Pratt's personal account.
Jones: Huh, now why would a priest take money from Hector Fernandez... unless he's charging money for his exorcisms!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, I think it's time we asked Father Von Pratt for a full confession!

Quiz Father Von Pratt About The Large Sums The Victim Paid Him.
Jones: Father, does this note sound familiar: "Pay me back you fraud or experience my wrath!"? It was written by Hector to you...
Father Von Pratt: Hector called me a fraud because I performed an exorcism that didn't work on their house. But how is that my fault?
Father Von Pratt: He was convinced I cheated him. He vowed to take me to hell with him when the spirits of the house came for him!
Jones: And Hector being angry had nothing to do with the fact that he put a lot of money into your personal account?
Father Von Pratt: I... I admit I took advantage of him and made him pay me for the exorcism. May God had mercy on my soul, I saw a scared man and took advantage of it.
Father Von Pratt: But what difference did it make? When he first came to me, I could already tell that his soul was way past saving!
(After talking to Father Von Pratt)
Jones: I can't believe Father Von Pratt took advantage of Hector... And imagine if the community found out Von Pratt was a cheat. His reputation was be ruined!
Jones: But still, it sounds like Hector genuinely felt troubled. But why suddenly ask for an exorcism after all these years of haunting?

A While Later...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I did some research into the history of the haunted house, Elm Manor.
Ramirez: The manor was built by the Brianstones, a family who suffered tragedy after tragedy. Some say it was the house itself that brought upon the terrible happenings.
Ramirez: I tried to find out more about the Brianstone family, and I found this old portrait taken in front of Elm Manor. And look who's on it!
Jones: Is that... Camilla, our victim's housekeeper?! What the?! That's not possible. That couldn't possibly be her in the picture!
Ramirez: Unless Camilla's a ghost!!

Chapter 3

Jones: First of all, everybody's still convinced Hector Fernandez was killed by a haunted house...
Jones: And now Ramirez, you give us a centuries old photograph taken in front of the house and claim that Camilla, the victim's housekeeper, is in it!
Ramirez: She IS in it! The evidence is right here that Camilla is a centuries old ghost!
Jones: I'm sure the photograph isn't as old as it looks. There actually seems to be a date marked on it but it's too faded...
Jones: <Name>, would you mind using your supernatural skills to recover the date?
(After talking to Ramirez)
Chief Samuel King: Ah, there you are, <Rank> <Name>! A patrol unit spotted a ghostly figure trying to sneak into the greenhouse.
Jones: With all due respect, I honestly doubt the patrol unit saw "ghostly figures" ... It's most probably just some kids fooling around at night, Chief.
Chief King: Or it could be your killer who was trying to break into the crime scene to cover up their tracks!
Jones: Okay, Chief, we'll go check it out! Well, <Name>, it looks like we've got enough work to keep us busy for a while!

Examine Old Photograph.
Jones: As skilled as ever, <Name>! So what year was the photograph of Camilla in front of that house taken in?
Jones: What the--? It was seriously taken in 1841? But that's impossible: Camilla can't be 172 years old!
Ramirez: Unless she's a ghost!
Jones: She's not a ghost, Ramirez. And <Name>'s right: there must be a logical explanation to all this. An explanation I'm sure Camilla can give us...
Jones: Meanwhile, Ramirez, we've got an important mission for you: we need you to urgently find out which of our suspects use petroleum jelly.
Ramirez: I'll use my psychic powers and find that out for you in no time!

Question Camilla About The Centuries Old Photograph You Found.
Jones: Camilla, can you explain to us what a woman who looks EXACTLY like you is doing in front of this house in this photograph from 1841?
Camilla: That woman is of my great-grandmother Beatrice the Second: the finest woman that ever lived!
Jones: Uh, and she was also a housekeeper in this house?
Camilla: Of course not, she used to OWN this house! And she would be turning over in her grave if she knew it was now owned by ghastly foreigners!
Camilla: This once great house was passed down from generation to generation... but my brother stupidly lost our family fortune and was forced to sell this house!
Camilla: But I could not let foreigners take over the house: I had to protect our lineage, so I turned up here and applied for a job as their housekeeper and gardener.
(After talking to Camilla)
Jones: So Camilla's family used to OWN the Fernandez's house?! I can't believe she decided to become a housekeeper, just so she could keep an eye on it.. or maybe on them.
Jones: Well, she's definitely creepy, but at least she's not a ghost. So you can stop going on about it, Ramirez.
Ramirez: Maybe I was wrong about that, but that house is definitely haunted. I'm going to head out there with my ghost hunting equipment and prove it to you.
Jones: That should be fun to watch. What do you say we head out there too, <Name>?

Investigate Raised Beds.
Jones: It's a good thing the killer didn't succeed in sneaking back in here to cover up their tracks: look at what they found, <Name>!
Jones: You're right: I wouldn't be surprised if this was the garden knife the killer used to cut their plants to make the hallucinogenic drug!
Jones: Judging by the blood on the garden knife, it seems the killer is rather clumsy with knives. Would you mind collecting a sample?
Jones: And about this object, it looks like some kind of whistle... I agree, <Name>, judging by how creepy it looks, we should probably send it to the lab.

Examine Garden Knife.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! Let's send this bloody sample you collected from the garden knife found at the greenhouse over to Grace!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Grace: You know that blood sample you collected from that garden knife you found in the greenhouse? Turns out it had traces of plant toxins mixed in with it.
Grace: I consulted with Nathan, who confirmed that those plants toxins were identical to those found in the hallucinogenic drug. Which means the killer used that knife... and cut themselves in the process.
Grace: Sadly, those blood cells were badly damaged by the greenhouse's pesticides, but I still managed to determine your killer's blood type.
Grace: <Name>, thanks to your expert skills and the killer's clumsiness, I can now tell you that your killer's blood type is A Positive!

Analyze Creepy Whistle.
Alex: That whistle you found in the greenhouse is actually pretty cool. It's designed to make what is supposed to be ghost sounds: it's often used in the haunted houses at funfairs.
Alex: I asked Grace to analyze a saliva sample from it, and it turns out the ghost whistle belongs to the botanist Charles Parker.
Jones: Hm, a whistle that makes ghost sounds belonging to a man who we know is in love with Gloria. I've got the spooky presentment that Charles is guilty.
Jones: But you're right, <Name>, let's go talk to him first before jumping to conclusions.

Quiz Charles Over The Ghost Whistle Which Belongs To Him.
Charles: You think I'm guilty of Hector's death just because you found a whistle of mine which makes ghost sounds? You've got it all wrong!
Charles: Sometimes I'd walk past Gloria's house grounds at night and if anybody became suspicious of my presence, I'd scare them away by making ghost sounds.
Jones: Back up a second: why were you secretly roaming around their house at night?
Charles: Ever since Gloria broke up with me, I went to spy on her and Hector, to see if she was really happier without me. I couldn't help it.
Jones: What the--? You and Gloria were actually lovers?!
Charles: For a beautiful but brief instant. After her baby's death, she buried her sorrow in gardening. I taught her everything I knew, and slowly, love bloomed.
Charles: And then, just like that, she ended it. But I've been finding it impossible to forget her. She haunts all my dreams and thoughts!
(After talking to Charles)
Jones: Uh, the dreaded love triangle: the cause of countless murders since time immoral.
Jones: I know, <Name>, I have a hard time picturing this grieving widow as having an extra-marital affair! I think it's time we got her version of the story!

Investigate East Wing.
(Before investigating)
Jones: Okay, I admit it: this place is kind of spooky but I'm not going to act scared like Ramirez and start whimpering about ghosts.
Ramirez: Booooooooooo!
Jones: A gho... gho... ghost!
Ramirez: Hahaha, you should have seen your face, Jones! <Rank> <Name> didn't even blink, they're braver than you!
Jones: Very mature. C'mon, let's get back to work. And no more jokes!
(After investigating)
Jones: Good job, <Name>! You're right, this looks like some kind of trap mechanism...
Jones: Hm, a trap mechanism right where the chandelier fell and killed Hector. I agree, it's more than just a coincidence!
Jones: We need to search this mechanism for clues!

Examine Hidden Trap.
Jones: You're right, <Name>! I don't think this bobby pin ended up stuck inside this ancient trap mechanism by accident!
Jones: And I've got to say, finding this trap mechanism at the scene of the murder makes it highly suspicious!
Jones: Let's send this bobby pin off to the lab and see what comes of it.

Analyze Bobby Pin.
Alex: So I analyzed that bobby pin you found inside that trap mechanism at the crime scene.
Alex: First of all, the mechanism is an ancient yet highly effective type of winch, designed to automatically pull heavy objects ACROSS the room.
Alex: But your killer modified it slightly so that it pulls objects DOWN rather than across- and that's how the chandelier fell down at great speed.
Alex: I conferred with Nathan, and he agrees that this was how the the killer managed to murder Hector while making it look like a supernatural accident.
Alex: And to make the trap work, the killer added the bobby pin inside the mechanism so that it could support the extra weight of the carpet without making it trigger the trap.
Jones: So our killer uses bobby pins to set booby traps. I've got to admit, that's rather ingenious of them.
(After talking to Alex)
Jones: You're right, <Name>, given Camilla's hairstyle, she obviously uses bobby pins.
Jones: And Gloria must use bobby pins too to make her veil stay in place like that.
Jones: Haha, that's true: Margaret uses bobby pins to style her dog's hair!
Jones: Still, we can't rule out the other two suspects just yet. Let's keep our eyes open!

Talk To Gloria About Her Possible Love Affair With Charles.
Gloria: Yes, Charles and I were briefly lovers... but please try and understand: I was lost after my baby's death...
Gloria: ...And most people here refuse to talk to an "outsider". Charles made me feel a little less lonely, but I soon realised it was madness and broke it off.
Gloria: You see, a child is meant to bring a family together, not tear it apart. And so in memory of Aurelio, I decided to give my marriage another chance.
Gloria: Hector and I started afresh, we fell in love again and... even talked about having another child.
Gloria: But of course the house was only waiting for me to be happy once again before tearing it away from me!
Gloria: I don't even want to sell that cursed house to another family. Instead, I'm going to tear it down, with my bare two hands if I have to!
(After talking to Gloria)
Jones: Poor Gloria, that house has taken EVERYTHING from her. It might not be haunted, but to her it's definitely cursed.
Jones: I hope for her own sake that she moves away from this neighbourhood, somewhere where people are more accepting of her roots.

Later That Night...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I have a confession to make.
Ramirez: When the priest was searching the the haunted house for paranormal activity, he secretly set up a camera to take pictures at regular intervals...
Ramirez: ...He gave me all the photos that were taken in the house, but... they seem to have mysteriously vanished and --
Jones: Wait a second, you're telling us you have photos from the crime scene... and you kept them from us?!
Ramirez: They're photos taken BEFORE the murder ever happened so I didn't think they'd be of any use to you! I'm sorry!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we know the killer set up the trap possibly days before the actual murder. So there's a very slim chance the camera clicked a photo of them!
Jones: I've got an otherworldly feeling that the photos Ramirez lost will be somewhere in his desk drawer.

Examine Desk Drawer.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Ramirez had said the photos from the Fernandez's house had mysteriously vanished... and, like always, they were right here in his desk drawer!
Jones: The priest took those photos of the house with his hidden camera while looking for paranormal activity... and it looks like he hit the jackpot!
Jones: See, there's a ghostly figure circled in red. So Ramirez was telling the truth: the house really is haunted!
Jones: Ahem, you're right: we should send this photo over to Alex before jumping to such scary conclusions.

Analyze Photograph.
Alex: So I did an in-depth study of that photo the priest took of the house with the hidden camera while searching for paranormal activity...
Alex: ...And even though the photo is definitely spooky, it's definitely NOT of a ghost but of a real person.
Alex: And judging by the position of the person in the photo, I'd say it looks like they're setting up a trap.
Alex: Since the photo was taken at the crime scene, it must be the trap that activated the chandelier to fall on Hector.
Jones: Which means this is a photo of our killer!
Alez: Bingo! Now, I enhanced the photo and that's when I noticed a shiny object stand out on the person's chest. And by changing the saturation, the shiny object revealed itself to be a cross.
Jones: So our killer wears a cross? Thanks for the info, Alex!
(After talking to Alex)
Ramirez: I hope I'm not too late with this information, but I've finished investigating which of your suspects use petroleum jelly!
Jones: On the contrary, Ramirez, you're right on time with what could very well be the last piece of the puzzle. We're all ears!
Ramirez: Well, Charles Parker uses petroleum jelly to protect his hands during gardening.
Ramirez: Margaret says she uses petroluem jelly for Astrid's paws... and then she talked about a million other things while feeding me cookies.
Ramirez: Gloria uses petroluem jelly for her skin, because she says the air in the haunted house is always cold and bitter.
Ramirez: And Father Von Pratt uses petroleum jelly for his chapped lips.
Jones: Thanks, Ramirez, you've actually been a great help! Well, <Name>, we've got all the evidence we need. Are you ready to go and make this arrest?

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Gloria Fernandez, you're hereby under arrest for the brutal murder of Hector Fernandez!
Gloria: Fine, take me away. But don't look at me like I'm crazy: I'm proud of what I did, that liar had it coming!
Gloria: When Aurelio died, Hector convinced everyone that it was the house that killed my baby boy... I foolishly believed him too.
Gloria: Until recently, when in a drunken stupor, Hector admitted that he wasn't watching our child that night like he was meant too...
Gloria: My baby was always such a little explorer: he just loved discovering the world. But that night, he was crawling around unsupervised... and he slipped and fell from the top landing onto the stairs.
Gloria: Hector couldn't remember telling the truth and so I decided to make his lie become real: I gave him a drug that made him believe the house really was haunted.
Gloria: The fool called in an exorcist but that just helped me: the more people believed the house was haunted, the less they would suspect a murder.
Gloria: And so when the time was right, I killed him. Now do what you want with me, but I did what any mother would have done!

Judge Olivia Hall: Gloria Fernandez, do you have anything to add before the jury delivers their sentence?
Gloria: Whatever punishment you give me cannot be worse than the cruel fate of losing your child!
Judge Hall: Although your not impervious to your sufferings, you had no right to kill a man, your husband no less.
Gloria: I had every right after that monster killed my baby... and then dared keep it a secret!!! All I did was deliver justice!
Judge Hall: Gloria Fernandez, you're hereby sentenced to life imprisonment and let it be a reminder that revenge only begets more tragedy.

Jones: That case has left me feeling empty inside. Isn't it crazy how a tragedy can haunt you all your life?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it's good to finally see a bit of sun. How about a stroll through the forest to try and let a bit of warmth back into our souls?

Additional Investigation

Chief King: Congratulations on a job well done, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief King: I'd like to close this case, but apparently Mrs Littlewood encountered a problem at Elm Manor. She was helping to clean it up so it could be sold, and she found something she wants you to see.
Nathan: Sir! Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to know if people can go back in the greenhouse again. I'm here on the club's behalf. You know, I'm an active member of the Orchids Fanatics club and--
Chief King: Alright, Nathan, we're done in the greenhouse, your club can meet there again. Now, I believe you all have work to do!
(After talking to King)
Nathan: Hey, <Name>, you should come to our next meet! That way you could check up on Charles afterwards, because he seemed a bit devastated after the trial.
Jones: That's a good idea, and-- Wait a second, is that Father Von Pratt? I wonder why he came to the station. Let's talk to him, <Name>!

Check Up On Charles Parker.
Charles: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. Hello, Nathan, how are your orchids? How did your Orchids Fanatics club meeting go?
Nathan: My flowers are perfectly healthy. And I actually brought <Rank> <Name> with me for an introduction to the beauty of orchids. They've got quite the green thumb, just as I guessed!
Nathan: Anyway, I heard what happened during the investigation. How are you holding up?
Charles: The woman I loved turned into a cold-blooded murder, that was quite shocking! I really loved Gloria, I loved the woman she was. But that tragic accident changed her, more than I could comprehend...
Charles: So I thought I would do something to distract myself from those depressing thoughts: I wanted to breed a new carnivorous flower! A beautiful, but deadly one. Like Gloria turned out to be.
Charles: But I'm so unfocused, I even lost the pollen I needed! I stored it in a vial and put it somewhere around here. Please, <Name>, can you help me? I really need it!

Investigate Greenhouse.
Nathan: I didn't realise how fun searching scenes could be! I love this place, and digging through it is fantastic! What made you notice this pile of dirt in particular, <Name>?
Nathan: Do you think the pollen vial Charles lost is in it? Well, I'll let you search through it, then.

Examine Pile Of Dirt And Flowers.
Nathan: Amazing, this is the vial Charles needs for his breeding! How did he manage to drop his precious pollen in this pile of dirt?
Nathan: We should give it back to him. I know how good gardening is to relieve stress and the man needs a good distraction. Do you think he could teach me to breed a new kind of orchid too?

Give The Pollen Vial To Charles Parker.
Charles: My pollen vial! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!
Charles: Thanks to you, my new flower will be perfect! Beautiful, tremendous! It'll be my masterpiece!
Nathan: You already look better, Charles, I'm glad this breeding project is cheering you up.
Nathan: Thanks to you, this greenhouse is an amazing place. And nobody gives as good gardening advices as you, my orchids look healthier every time I bring them here!
Charles: Of course, as long as I can take care of my plants, I can get over anything. Even this drama with Gloria...
Charles: Thank you again, <Rank> <Name>. The breeding will take some time, but come see my new carnivorous plant someday.

Ask Margaret Littlewood What Is Wrong.
Margaret: <Rank> <Name>! Thank God you're here! I was afraid you wouldn't have time to come help me!
Jones: Of course we came, Margaret. It's our duty to help the citizens! We heard you have something to show us, what is the problem?
Margaret: Well, I was helping Camilla to clean the house. You know, it's going to be sold. Hopefully Camilla will be able to buy it back, the poor woman couldn't handle other strangers in her family's house...
Margaret: Anyway, I was about to clean the hall. The place is such a mess, my help was really needed! But my lovely Astrid suddenly started to bark. She was sniffing around a pot and seemed determined to open it.
Margaret: I know my girl, and she has a good nose! I instantly knew there was something wrong with this pot. When I opened it, it was filled with a white powder!
Margaret: I'm scared, and after all that happened with the Fernandez family, I wouldn't be surprised if it was drugs! I left the pot in the manor and called you immediately. You have to take a look!

Investigate Haunted House.
Jones: Margaret was right, the powder in that pot looks like a drug! I wonder what it's doing in this manor...
Jones: I hope it's not something dangerous. Come on, <Name>, let's take a powder sample from this pot for Grace!

Examine Powder Pot.
Jones: Here we go, this powder sample will soon tell us what's inside this pot! Looks like this house still has stories to tell, let's go to the lab.

Analyze Powder Sample.
Jones: So Grace, what can you tell us about this powder we found from the pot from Elm Manor?
Grace: You're going to be surprised, but this powder isn't a drug. I don't think there are a lot of drug dealers in the historical district anyway...
Grace: The powder you found is just baby milk powder. Totally harmless, although judging by the smell and it's color, it's clearly gone off.
Jones: Baby milk powder? No wonder Astrid went crazy over it! That dog is so used to its master's cooking, I bet it could find food anywhere... Let's tell this to Margaret, she'll be relieved.

Give The Analysis Results To Margaret Littlewood.
Jones: We're back, Margaret, and we have good news: the powder Astrid found isn't a drug!
Margaret: I'm glad to hear this <Rank> <Name>! Can you imagine? Drugs in my own neighbours house! That would have been so scary! But what was this powder then?
Jones: It was just baby milk powder. Our expert confirmed it was old, the Fernandez's probably forgot about it after the dramatic death of their boy. It became quite smelly, that's why Astrid noticed it.
Margaret: Really? My Astrid is so talented! She'll win every medal possible at the Dog Pageant! I'm so excited!
Jones: No offence, but she probably just wanted to eat the powder...
Margaret: She's so talented and beautiful! Aw, my darling, you're going to win for mommy, right? Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! Take this, I was in such a state, I just had to cook to relax!

Ask Father Von Pratt What Is Wrong.
Father Von Pratt: Ah! <Rank> <Name>! It's a good thing you're here, I need some help!
Father Von Pratt: After what happened with Hector, and your investigation, I reflected upon my actions. I was wrong, I deceived my parish and didn't live up to my title as a priest.
Father Von Pratt: But I wish to make amends! And I'll put the money I got from innocent people to good use! I'm planning a charity fair in our dedicated scouts honour, with a big raffle!
Father Von Pratt: All the money I have will go into it, and all the money given will go to our Scouts' Association.
Father Von Pratt: But the beautiful kite I wanted to raffle off vanished! I misplaced it somewhere in the chapel... Please, <Rank> <Name>, it's the raffle's best prize! Can you help me find it?

Investigate Chapel.
Jones: This coloured fabric seems rather out of place in a church. People seem to forget all kinds of stuff here, but I bet this is Father Von Pratt's kite!
Jones: If it's the raffle's top prize, we can't leave it like this! Let's honour your reputation and repair it, <Name>!

Examine Fabric Pieces.
Jones: Wonderful, I bet the kid who'll get this kite at the raffle will be very happy! You did a great job repairing it, <Name>!
Jones: Let's give it back to Father Von Pratt! It's good thing he decided to redeem himself, the community would be shaken if he was exposed as a fraud...

Give The Kite To Father Von Pratt.
Jones: Father Von Pratt, here is the kite you lost! <Rank> <Name> found it broken, so you might want to keep an eye on the children who come in here!
Father Von Pratt: Broken? But you repaired it so nicely, thank you so much! With this kite as a prize, I'm sure the charity fair will be very successful!
Father Von Pratt: If I still have some money from my shameful frauds afterwards, I'll use it to create a choral for the church! It should have a positive impact on the community!
Father Von Pratt: Would you be interested in joining the choir, <Rank> <Name>? I'm sure the costumes I created will suit you perfectly! Please, you have to at least try them on!