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Chief Andrea Marquez: Ah <Rank > <Name>, I'm really glad to see you settling into Pacific Bay so well... and doing such a great job!
Chief Marquez: You'll be on night duty with Frank... Try not to see it as a punishment.
Frank: Alright, <Name>? I'm kind of relieved to be partnering up with you. I was scared I'd get stuck with Amy.
Chief Marquez: It's Amy who should be relieved. Hopefully not much will happen tonight, just watch out Frank doesn't fall asleep: he's a loud snorer.
Chief Marquez: Anyway, I'll leave you both to it. Have a good night.
Frank: Well <Name>, what do you say we go for a walk. At this hour, the beach is deserted, just the way I like it.

On the beach...
Frank: On quiet nights like these, it gets me thinking, maybe there's some good left in Pacific Bay after all.
Frank: And look over there, there's a bonfire raging. I guess there must be an end of summer party going on.
Frank: What's that <Name>? You think something's not right with that kid by the bonfire?
Frank: Hey you, by the bonfire!
Frank: They ain't answering, but they're probably just stoned. Anyway, let's leave them to it <Name>, we ain't babysitters...
Frank: Wait, <Name>, where are you going?!

Chapter 1

Investigate Beach.
Frank Knight: What the--?! We're in the middle of summer, in freakin' Pacific Bay... So how on earth did this girl end up as a human popsicle?!
Frank: And you're right <Name>, that icy stare belongs to Becky Walden! We warned that nosy kid to stay out of trouble: obviously she didn't listen...
Frank: You're right <Name>, we should start by sending Becky's body over to autopsy. I'm guessing Roxie is out partying by now, but she's gonna have to come back in.
Frank: And you found Becky's phone? You've got a point: it might help shed some light on all this madness, but only you have the skills to unlock it.
Frank: And what about this speargun? If you think it ties in with our investigation, we should dust this sucker for prints, see who it belongs to!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: The Tiki Shack was rocking, but this is way cooler! Your victim was frozen solid thanks to a little something called liquid nitrogen.
Roxie: Liquid nitrogen is the bomb! It causes rapid freezing as soon as it touches something!
Roxie: I analyzed the victim's blood, and I found an insane amount of alcohol in her system. This means she had a great time! ... Until she ended up dead, of course.
Roxie: About the body, pieces were broken off and you won't believe by what! It turns out your killer was listening to loud music which formed sound waves!
Roxie: The sound waves traveled through the body, delivering thousands of shocks. It's as if a thousand hammers were all hitting at once, from the inside out!
Roxie: These cracks on the body acted like a music sheet, and preserved the sound waves' beat: *Dum Dum Dum*. Turns out your killer was listening to electronic music!
Frank: Huh, everything you just said sounds like science-fiction. But if it helps us catch our killer, we'll take it!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Frank: You really are a phone whisperer, <Name>! Now that you've unlocked the victim's phone, how about we send it to the lab?

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah: How's it hanging, <Name>? I checked out the victim's phone and noticed it was overheating, for no apparent reason!
Hannah: So I dug deeper and discovered it was overheating because there was a program secretly running on it. A spy software to be exact!
Frank: And what does this spy software do?
Hannah: Take a wild guess, Frank: this spy software allowed a GPS device to track Becky's every move!
Hannah: I tried to pinpoint the location of the GPS device that was tracking your victim's phone. But it's been switched off, as if it wasn't of use anymore...
Hannah: But this proves that the GPS device was owned by your killer! With this information, you should be one step closer to catching them, <Name>!
Frank: So our killer uses a GPS device? You see <Name>, this is why I don't trust technology!

Examine Speargun.
Frank: Nicely done, <Name>. Now that you've dusted the speargun, you wanna run these prints through the database? That's fine by me.

Examine Fingerprints.
Frank: Smooth going, <Name>. So you found this speargun next to the victim's body, and now we know it belongs to Roger Strout.
Frank: Ah that's right, Roger was one of your suspects during that deep-sea diving case. Well, looks like he's back for a second round.
Frank: You ever hear the bedtime story of the speargun and the frozen girl, <Name>? Me neither, so let's go pull Roger out of bed and have him tell it to us.

Talk to Roger about his speargun.
Frank: Roger Strout, here's a fun fact: <Rank> <Name> found your speargun on the scene of Becky Walden's murder. How do you explain that one?
Roger: Becky's dead?!
Roger: Look, I was out on the boardwalk with my pet octopus...
Frank: Your pet octopus?
Roger: Why the look? It was in a special container to show to tourists. It's good for business.
Roger: Anyway, that girl decided to steal my octopus in its container and she ran away! I tried chasing her, but couldn't keep up!
Frank: Oh yeah, so how come we found YOUR speargun next to HER dead body?!
Roger: When I got to the beach, she was nowhere to be found. That's when I forgot my speargun!
Frank: This ain't over, Roger. And next time you lie, try and come up with a better story. It's embarrassing.
(After talking to Roger Strout)
Frank: I agree <Name>, Roger's a terrible liar, but one thing we did learn was that Becky went to the boardwalk tonight.
Frank: Good idea <Name>, we should check it out. And we could even stop for some food on the way... or even just a drink!

Investigate Boardwalk.
Frank: Ugh, all these neon lights aren't helping my headache. Did you find anything, <Name>? A torn T-shirt and the bargain bin from the souvenir shop?
Frank: I don't wanna be seen searching through bargain bins. With my Hawaiian shirt and all, it'd make me look like a cheap tourist...
Frank: And I guess we're gonna have to stitch this T-shirt back together... By "we", I mean "you", <Name>: I'm hopeless at this kind of thing.

Examine Bargain Bin.
Frank: What's this bloody sword doing among all these buckets and spades? You're right <Name>, we better collect some of that blood!

Examine Bloody Sword.
Frank: Okay, let's send this blood sample you got off that sword over to the lab. I'm curious to see how it fits in with our investigation.

Analyze Blood Sample.
Yann: Heya <Name>, don't you just love working night shifts? Everything is so calm, it's like working in a sacred temple.
Frank: Yann, before you turn into the next Dalai Lama, can you tell us about that blood <Name> collected from that sword?
Yann: That blood was mixed with stomach juices. This can only mean that the sword was swallowed, and the person cut their stomach from the inside.
Frank: Who would be stupid enough to swallow a freakin' sword?!
Yann: Well, this blood belongs to Lenny Spitfire. He's that street performer that <Name> dealt with just recently. Sword swallowing is a part of his act, but this time, something went wrong.
Frank: You're right <Name>, since Lenny was on the boardwalk along with the victim, he may have seen something. So what do you say we go question this clown?

Question Lenny about the victim.
Lenny: You think dragons are extinct? Well, think again as you watch me breathe... FIRE!!!
Frank: Keep that fire away from my face! <Rank> <Name> wants to ask you a few questions about Becky Walden...
Lenny: AAAARGH! I hate her so much! Earlier tonight, she distracted me when I was swallowing my sword. She made me cut myself!
Frank: Well, that's kind of your fault for swallowing swords in the first place...
Lenny: You don't get it! She was here all the time, trying to embarrass me!
Lenny: That girl was made of ice and I'm made of fire: maybe that's why she disliked me. But she should have known that fire ALWAYS wins!

Examine T-Shirt.
Frank: You're pretty good at fixing torn clothes, <Name>... Maybe I could give you my socks to fix one of these days?
Frank: You're right <Name>, it was a bad joke... Haha, I can be a real goof sometimes...
Frank: This T-shirt you pieced back together has a photo of Becky... But who's the grinning idiot next to her, <Name>?
Frank: You're saying this is Zack Taylor, a lifeguard you met during the shark attack case? I agree, we should pay him a visit and wipe that smile off his face!

Talk to Zack about his friendship with the victim.
Zack: Woohoo, <Rank> <Name>! Come party with us! It's been a crazy night so far!
Frank: Go easy on the enthusiasm, kid, it's irritating. <Rank> <Name> found a cheesy T-shirt of you and Becky Walden, and since she's been murdered, we wanna ask you some questions.
Zack: Oh my gosh, Becky's been killed?! But that's impossible, we were just hanging out on the boardwalk earlier tonight!
Frank: We have trouble believing a popular guy like you would be friends with a geeky girl like her.
Zack: She was always alone and I felt sorry for her, because everyone hated her. So I tried to cheer her up a bit: it's what I'm good at.
Zack: Sadly, I don't think anybody will miss her. Ugh, I don't wanna die like that: alone and unloved.
Frank: Here's a tip, kid: if you don't wanna die alone and unloved, put a damn T-shirt back on!

Later at the station...
Frank: So much for a calm night, hey <Name>? A girl, who everybody seemed to hate, ends up frozen on a beach in summer...
Frank: Let's see <Name>, we know that before getting killed, Becky went on a wild, drunken night.
Frank: Maybe her drunkenness explains why she decided to steal that octopus from Roger.
Frank: We also know Lenny hated her guts as she was always trying to make him mess up his performances just for fun.
Frank: And there's Zack who became friends with her. But that kind of guy never does anything just to be "nice", so I wonder what he was really after.
Frank: Huh, don't you find it strange that our three suspects so far have all been involved in previous murder investigations, <Name>? I don't like those odds.
Frank: But you're right <Name>, if we're to understand any of this, we need to retrace Becky's steps and find out where she started her wild night!
Chief Marquez: And I think I just may know where Becky went on her fatal night! The Little Mermaid club just filed a complaint.
Chief Marquez: They said a customer who fits Becky's profile tallied up a bill of 1005 dollars and ran away without paying!
Frank: Sheesh, a 1005 dollar bill?! What the hell did Becky do at that club?!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez: Frank, before you try and go to every bar and club under the pretext of finding out where Becky went on her wild night...
Chief Marquez: ... just let me tell <Name> that Becky was at the Little Mermaid club. They said a customer who fits Becky's profile tallied up a bill of 1005 dollars and ran away without paying.
Frank: You're right <Name>, we know Becky ended the night frozen on a beach, and now it's time to go see how it all started!

Investigate Night Club.
Frank: Good thinking in picking up that ice bucket, <Name>. I'll take two with a drop of whiskey, please... Oh, you want to search through it?
Frank: And let me guess, you want to restore that torn flyer as well. Do you ever think of anything other than work, <Name>?
Frank: You're right, we know the killer was using a GPS navigation device to track our victim's movements.
Frank: So it makes sense to check this one out. But of course it's locked...
Frank: You better handle it, <Name>. Electronic devices ain't good for my anger management: I just end up breaking them out of frustration.

Examine Torn Flyer.
Frank: I never had any patience for puzzles, but I'm glad you seem to enjoy 'em, <Name>. So you pieced back a flyer.
Frank: It's for the club event "Fire and Ice", and it was hosted by Derek Stone!
Frank: Huh, this guy acts like he's the Scarface of Ocean Shore! And this is the second time he's a suspect in one of your murder investigations, <Name>!
Frank: And you're right <Name>, the flyer says it was an electronic night. Since Derek was hosting, it's safe to say he likes the music!
Frank: I'm right behind you, <Name>: since our victim went to Derek's club event, we've gotta question the little creep!

Question Derek about his club event.
Derek: Yo, you want a hit of my bong, homie? This weed is so good it should be illegal!
Frank: Very funny, Derek. <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of a girl who went to your club night at the Little Mermaid.
Derek: Yeah, didn't you know? My parties are killer! I'll give you VIP tickets to my next one: it's a GPS party, where you can track the girls you like!
Frank: We don't want anything to do with your sleaze nights! Now a girl got killed tonight and you better give <Rank> <Name> answers before I give you a black eye!
Derek: Get real, man. This is Ocean Shore. Here we live fast and party hard. It's an art, and I guess some people just can't handle it. But it ain't no fault of mine.

Examine Locked GPS Device.
Frank: See, that's why I don't trust electronics: you can hack into them too easily... Or is that just you, <Name>? You're right, we should send this GPS device to the lab.

Analyze GPS Device.
Hannah: I analyzed that GPS device you found in the Little Mermaid club, <Name>. Turns out your victim's phone's location was programmed into it!
Hannah: As we already know the killer uses a GPS device, this one can only belong to them!
Hannah: Sadly I can't tell you much else because your killer is a slob: some substance fell on the GPS and has messed it up.
Frank: Well, what about the substance in question, what can you tell us about it?
Hannah: I flunked biology, Frank. I couldn't even explain why the sky is blue or why you're still standing after having drank so much or...
Frank: Okay okay, just give us a sample of the substance. <Name>, can you run it through the database before Hannah talks my ear off?

Examine Unknown Particle.
Frank: Smooth going <Name>, so you managed to identify the substance that was on the killer's GPS device. And it's a cocktail...
Roxie: Oh my gosh, that's my second most favorite cocktail! It's called a "Freeze Zone". Honestly, it's the bomb! It's made with liquid nitrogen!
Frank: The same stuff that killed our victim? Huh, I think I'll just stick to good old whiskey...
Roxie: A killer with a wild imagination, who drinks "Freeze Zone" cocktails and likes electronic music. They sound like my dream date...
Roxie: Ahem, I mean, apart from the whole killing thing of course.

Examine Ice Bucket.
Frank: You found a receipt for 1005 dollars in that ice bucket, <Name>? The Chief said Becky spent this exact amount in the club, so it must be hers!
Frank: There seems to be a drawing on it, but it got faded with all the water. I guess it's a dead end... Unless you can be bothered fixing it, <Name>?

Examine Faded Receipt.
Frank: I like your style, <Name>. So that drawing you recovered from the victim's receipt is of a mermaid, who seems pissed with our victim.
Frank: Good point, <Name>: we should send the receipt to Russell. For sure, he'll have a wise-cracking answer as to who this angry mermaid is.

Analyze Receipt.
Russell: Ah <Name>, I see your victim spent 1005 dollars in that club. It seems like she was desperate to impress people with her careless spending.
Russell: But back to the angry mermaid. I had to look through the records of all the Little Mermaid's employees, until I found a psychological profile that could match the receipt.
Frank: Wait a second, you identified the angry mermaid by matching her drawing to a psychological profile?!
Russell: Everything you do is a reflection of your inner self. In the drawing, the mermaid is threatening your victim. This proves that she has a short temper.
Russell: So when looking through the employee records, I found one waitress who kept getting into fights. A certain Eva Sanchez. She's your angry mermaid, <Name>!
Frank: I agree <Name>, I think we should go make this mermaid sing.

Question Eva about threatening the victim.
Frank: Eva, <Rank> <Name> needs to ask you some questions concerning a certain Becky Walden. And why you threatened her.
Eva: Argh, that little trout kept mocking me! Every time I served her drinks, she'd joke about how I'm not a real mermaid! Can you believe that?!
Frank: But... You're not a real mermaid so...
Eva: HOW DARE YOU! I've researched my role for months! Watched that Little Mermaid documentary a gazillion times! I HAVE BECOME THE MERMAID!
Eva: I've even set my GPS device to Ivywood: all I need to do now is follow my dreams and become the most famous actress ever!
Eva: Oooh, and maybe Ivywood will make a movie about Becky's murder! Eeek, I'd be perfect for the mermaid role!
(After talking to Eva Sanchez)
Frank: Wow, Eva sure has a short temper... and seems overly protective of her mermaid role.
Frank: Ugh, this club stinks of sweat and regrets. Good idea <Name>, we should go back to the boardwalk, get some fresh air, and retrace our victim's footsteps.

Investigate Gift Shop.
Frank: What the?! Did you just pick up that live octopus from the gift shop shelves, <Name>? They really sell everything and anything these days...
Frank: Ah, right, this is most probably the octopus that Becky stole off Roger. If you ask me, we should just drop it off at the nearest sushi restaurant.
Frank: I'm joking of course... It's still alive, so you did the right thing putting it back in a fish bowl until we sort all this out, <Name>.
Frank: I still don't get what Roger was doing with this octopus on the boardwalk. Good idea <Name>, we should start by identifying the species to get a better idea of what's going on here.
Frank: And of course, you can't search a crime scene without finding a torn item, can you? I'll let you piece it back together <Name>, while I keep an eye on this octopus. I don't trust it.

Examine Torn Pamphlet.
Frank: Well, what did you piece back together this time, <Name>? Huh, it's some kind of infographic about how street performers make more money than your average citizen.
Frank: That's true, <Name>, that street performer looks an awful lot like Lenny.
Frank: Huh, and of course, it was created by Becky. Why did she have to anger EVERYBODY in Ocean Shore?
Frank: And you're right <Name>, if Lenny saw this infographic, he must have been breathing fire! Let's go talk to him!

Interrogate Lenny about the infographic.
Lenny: Woohoo, all this electronic music is getting to my brain! I feel like a robot. A fire-breathing robot!
Frank: Dial back on the crazy, Lenny! <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you a few questions concerning that infographic Becky made.
Lenny: Becky's ruined my life! Just because she wanted to see me sad and lonely like her, she told everyone to stop giving me money!
Lenny: When someone likes me and my performance, they give me money. Now that nobody's giving me money, how am I supposed to tell if they like me?!
Frank: Wait a second, you're a street performer because it's your only way to tell if people like you?
Lenny: Of course! But now I feel alone, I'm finished! I should just ask my GPS device to take me to Lonely Town. Population: Lenny.
(After talking to Lenny Spitfire)
Frank: Lenny should program his GPS to the nearest mental institute. That guy's crazy!
Frank: But Becky destroyed his reputation with that infographic, so I wouldn't be surprised if he destroyed her.

Examine Octopus.
Frank: Nice going, <Name>! You managed to identify what species Roger's octopus belongs to. "Octopus Carus"...
Frank: Hm, you're right: we should phone the shrimp expert, Yann, for more info.
Yann: Hello?
Frank: Yeah, <Name> found an "Octopus Carus" on the boardwalk. What can you tell us about this species?
Yann: Oooh, the great "Octopus Carus"! It's a very rare and protected species and it is sold for A LOT of money on the black market... Wait a second, what's it doing on the boardwalk?!
Frank: It's a long story, Yann, but thanks for your help.
Frank: So Roger was trying to sell this octopus illegally! No wonder he chased Becky after she stole it. He better tell us everything this time, or I'll shoot his speargun through his foot!

Interrogate Roger about his illegal dealings.
Frank: Hey Roger, did you miss us? <Rank> <Name> found your "pet" octopus. Turns out it's worth A LOT of money on the black market. You were planning on selling it, weren't you?
Roger: I was strapped for cash, and this octopus was worth a FORTUNE! It all started when someone gave me an address, I typed it into my GPS, and suddenly I had a new job!
Frank: But the black market is a dangerous place, isn't it? You promise your buyer something, say an exotic, very valuable octopus, and if you don't deliver it...
Roger: Exactly! When Becky stole the octopus, I had to get it back at any cost, otherwise I would have been in deep trouble!
Frank: So it was kill or be killed?!
Roger: No! I never managed to catch up with her, and now bad people are after ME!

Later at the office...
Frank: What do you think of Ocean Shore now you've been here for some time, <Name>?
Frank: All these murders go unnoticed because everybody is too busy partying. But people need to see Ocean Shore for what it really is: a seedy place of excess!
Frank: You're right, we should try and recap this headache of a case, <Name>: we've got one ice queen and five suspects who hated her guts.
Frank: We know Becky got drunk at the Little Mermaid club event, which Derek was hosting. And whilst there, she managed to anger the waitress Eva.
Frank: And at some point on her drunken night, Becky stole the octopus Roger wanted to sell on the black market.
Frank: And let's not forget that she also tried to make people stop giving any money to Lenny. Seriously, why was Becky so mean to everybody?
Hannah: I've got a present for you Frank, but I'm not sure you deserve it...
Frank: Come on kid, stop acting smug and spit it out.
Hannah: You know how you've been trying to arrest Derek for years, but have never managed to?
Hannah: Well look, here's a picture of Derek selling drugs!

Chapter 3

Hannah Choi: Hey Frank, you know how you've been trying to arrest Derek for years, but have never managed to? Well, I've got a surprise for you.
Hannah: Look, here's a picture of Derek selling drugs!
Frank: What the?! This is amazing! Where did you even get this picture, Hannah?
Hannah: I found it while browsing through Becky's Friendnet account. And she uploaded it shortly before being killed!
Frank: Our victim took photos of Derek selling drugs? It looks like we've just found his murder motive, <Name>! I agree: we should go talk to the scum!
Frank: And you're right: we should also check out the Little Mermaid club since Derek was selling his drugs there. Besides, I could do with a drink.
Chief Marquez: FRANK!
Frank: I was joking, Chief. C'mon <Name>, can we please go before I get a talking to?

Quiz Derek about selling drugs.
Frank: Derek, we've seen pictures of you selling drugs in the Little Mermaid club. And the photos were taken by Becky.
Derek: Drugs? What drugs? I was selling baking soda.
Frank: In little baggies?
Derek: Yeah, the guy wanted to bake mini-cupcakes. Who was I to refuse?
Frank: You better stop with the jokes, Derek!
Derek: Or what?! I ain't stupid, this pic ain't enough to arrest me. Not without an eyewitness.
Frank: The eyewitness is dead, and you very well know that! You better tell <Rank> <Name> everything you did that night, starting now!
Derek: Oh jeez, I'm sorry Officer, but I drank way too many "Freeze Zones" that night... I can't remember a single darn thing.
Frank: Keep playing dumb, Derek! But one of these days <Rank> <Name> will get you, and you won't look so smart when we put you behind bars!

Investigate Club Table.
Frank: Wait, is that a mini printer? What is it doing in a club?! And you're right <Name>, given the stickers, it clearly belonged to Becky.
Frank: Huh, it's locked, but I'm sure you can fix that, <Name>.
Frank: And look at this lifeguard T-shirt you found. It makes sense that it'd belong to Zack, not that we've ever seen him wearing it...
Frank: And if you wanna collect a sample of that stain, I ain't gonna encourage you, but I ain't gonna stop you either.
Frank: And you're right, since Zack's T-shirt was in this club, it means he came by to enjoy a night of electronic music. We better write that down.

Examine Locked Printer.
Frank: I'm impressed with your hacking skills, <Name>. And look, now that you've unlocked Becky's printer, it seems to be printing something out.
Frank: It's a picture, but of course the printer had to be running low on ink. <Name>, you think you can fix this?

Examine Faded Picture.
Frank: So you recovered the ink on that faded picture from the victim's printer... What's it all about, <Name>?
Frank: Haha, look at this picture: it's Eva with a silly face! Becky was funny after all!
Hannah: Ooooh, I love that meme! I've even ordered a T-shirt of it!
Frank: What the heck is a meme, Hannah?
Hannah: Funny, I thought all the dinosaurs went extinct centuries ago... Seriously, you belong in a museum, Frank.
Hannah: A meme is a picture with silly captions that people on the Internet go crazy about. I didn't know Becky started this one!
Hannah: It's so popular at the moment, EVERYONE keeps posting it online! Eva must be super mad right now!
Frank: You're right <Name>, it looks like we should go pay a visit to our angry mermaid and see for ourselves.

Talk to Eva about the Meme.
Frank: Eva, we've just seen those pictures Becky made of you and...
Eva: And what, you've come to mock me too?! That tramp posted those pictures on the Internet and suddenly EVERYBODY is laughing at me!
Eva: All I ever wanted to be was an actress. I'm a good mermaid, and even if I love electronic music, I asked the club to only play ocean sounds. That's how dedicated I am!
Eva: But now my acting career is ruined! I bet everyone in Ivywood is laughing at me... I mean, I've always wanted to be famous, but not like this!
Eva: So you know what? I'm glad she's dead: she's ruined my life!
Eva: Boohoo, I'll never be an actress anymore! Now leave me alone, I need to go drown in an ocean of "Freeze Zone" cocktails.

Examine Stained T-Shirt.
Frank: I still don't know what you're hoping to find with this sample from Zack's T-shirt, <Name>, but if you think it's worth sending to the lab, I trust you.

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Yann: Heya <Name>, I analyzed that substance you collected from Zack's T-shirt, and I can tell you they are tears of sadness...
Yann: ... and those tears contain your victim's DNA. This means she was the one crying.
Frank: Tears of sadness, as opposed to tears of joy? C'mon Yann, there's no way to tell such things!
Yann: You found a girl's tears on a boy's T-shirt. Your victim was obviously crying over a broken heart.
Frank: Oh. Right... So Becky was in love with Zack? I guess she had a heart after all, despite what everyone keeps saying about her.
Frank: And you're right <Name>, Zack didn't mention any of this. Let's go see this heart breaker!

Quiz Zack about breaking the victim's heart.
Zack: Hey <Rank> <Name>, I heard you're a wizard with electronics. Could you please get my GPS device working again?
Frank: Not a chance, but we can wire you up to a lie detector if you don't start telling the truth about how you broke Becky's heart!
Zack: C'mon <Rank> <Name>, ever since Ice P, you know about my preference. I never led Becky on! I took her clubbing just to be nice...
Zack: ... and okay, I had a few too many "Freeze Zones"... and I kissed a guy in front of Becky. That's when she went crazy!
Zack: She was furious that I hadn't told her I was gay! She said she was going to blog all about how I was deceiving girls: she would have ruined my life!
Frank: So you had to stop her at any cost?
Zack: Look, even if she did want to destroy my life... I'd never destroy hers. I'm not like that!

Later at the station...
Frank: Argh, you know what <Name>, shall we just call it a night and pick it up in the morning? I need my beauty sleep.
Chief Marquez: Frank, you should take example on <Name>: they're not complaining... or falling asleep!
Chief Marquez: Besides, I've been keeping up to date on your case, and it's clear you're making progress, <Name>. You can't give up now!
Chief Marquez: Now you should go back to the crime scene. It's almost dawn, and people will soon be going to the beach. <Name>, I trust you'll find the final pieces of evidence you need!

Investigate Campfire.
Frank: Well I'll be damned, you found a canister of liquid nitrogen on the crime scene... This has got to be the murder weapon, <Name>!
Frank: And there seems to be something stuck on it. You're right, we'd better collect a sample!
Frank: Well spotted <Name>, this is Becky's hat and there's a weird stain on it. Can you collect a sample of that too?
Frank: Yes, we're this close to catching the killer, <Name>! I can feel it!

Examine Victim's Hat.
(Before examining victim's hat)
Frank: You did good finding the victim's hat, <Name>. And knowing you, I'm sure you'll be able to collect a sample of that substance in no time!
(After examining victim's hat)
Frank: Smooth going collecting that substance from Becky's hat, <Name>. The tide is turning! With this, we're gonna catch our killer before daybreak!

Analyze Flourescent Substance.
Yann: I analyzed that substance you collected from the victim's hat, <Name>. It turns out it's from a glow stick.
Yann: Every clubber wears them these days. Electronic music, neon lights... Ocean Shore sure ain't as mellow as it used to be.
Yann: But anyway, about the glow stick substance that you found on your victim's hat. I'm guessing your victim fought with her killer...
Yann: ... and she ripped off one of the killer's glow sticks, spilling the substance on her hat!
Frank: Ha, it's like our killer is wearing a neon sign that says "Arrest Me". Do you hear that <Name>? They're done for!

Examine Liquid Nitrogen.
Frank: Not bad, <Name>! And you're right: since you collected this skin sample from the murder weapon, it would make sense to send it to Roxie.

Analyze Skin Sample.
Roxie: I analyzed that skin sample you collected from the liquid nitrogen canister, <Name>, I can tell you it's not from your victim...
Roxie: ... And since the skin was on the murder weapon, it can only mean it belongs to your killer!
Roxie: Now, you might remember that your killer was very drunk at the time of the murder, because they spilt their cocktail all over their GPS.
Roxie: Point is, your killer wasn't thinking straight and stuck their skin against the canister: it was so cold it instantly burnt them!
Frank: So we're looking for a killer with burn marks? Happy hour's coming up, <Name>: because you can bet I'll be grinning like an idiot when we arrest our killer!
Roxie: Oh Frank... You're a great detective and all, but humor just isn't your thing.

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Yes, this is it <Name>! We've got all the evidence we need, so what do you say we go put this killer scum behind bars?

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Derek Stone, I've been waiting so long for this: you're under arrest for the murder of Becky Walden!
Derek: Yeah, right. You ain't got no eye witnesses or whatever, you can't arrest me. Besides, I'm innocent!
Frank: Think again, Derek, <Rank> <Name> has all the evidence we need to arrest you! You're done for!
Frank: <Rank> <Name> discovered that you used your GPS to track Becky. And that before dying, she ripped one of your glow sticks off.
Frank: And then when you killed her, you blasted loud electronic music! Not only that, but <Rank> <Name> also found your skin on the murder weapon!
Derek: Damn it, I guess I'm really done for! ... But I'm not ready to give it all up, not yet! I've just reached the top and want to enjoy the view a little longer, yo!
Derek: You know how I ended up here? I asked my GPS to take me to a place where I could be a king and it led me to Ocean Shore.
Derek: It's been like one big party yo... Until <Rank> <Name> turned up in my flat, asking me about that street racing death.
Derek: That's when I knew <Rank> <Name> was gonna bring this party to an end.
Derek: I make my money because people here want to have a good time. They want drugs. This is what makes Ocean Shore.
Derek: And that's why people know to turn a blind eye... But not Becky! She was always taking pictures... of EVERYTHING!
Derek: So that girl had to go: she didn't belong here!
Frank: Only scum like you would think that drugs are worth more than a human life! I've heard enough! Let's handcuff him, <Rank> <Name>!

Honorable Dante: Derek Stone, you are being tried for the murder of Becky Walden. Before I announce the final verdict, do you have something to say?
Derek: You can't do this: I spent years trying to climb to the top. THIS IS MY TIME! This is what was promised to me!
Honorable Dante: In all my time as a judge, I've learnt two things: never leave your pudding unattended and... Oh, I forget the second thing.
Honorable Dante: But I can tell you this: a killer never deserves anything! And that is why I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment!
Frank: Yikes, it looks like it's game over for you "homie"!
Honorable Dante: Frank, don't start talking like a gangster. Given that you and Derek both have the same shirts, it's already very confusing!

Frank: Gee, I don't know if it's the drink that's talking, but you've really proved your mettle <Name>, I'm impressed.
Frank: I mean, I've been trying to put Derek behind bars for a long time. And then you come along, and everything falls into place!
Frank: You know, I don't usually like working with a partner. I'm kind of a loner... But I'm happy the Chief paired me up with you, <Name>!

Additional Investigation

Frank Knight: Alright, <Name>! Let's have a toast for locking up that rat Derek once and for a-
Chief Marquez: That'll have to wait, Frank. Eva Sanchez just arrived at the station, and she's asking for you, <Rank> <Name>.
Frank: Man, seriously, I know why I just live with a turtle. Duke is quiet, and he lets me enjoy my breaks in peace...
Chief Marquez: I don't have time for your moods, Frank. I have to finalize the official speech for the city council, about how Derek Stone was put behind bars thanks to <Rank> <Name>...
Frank: That woman's always busy like a busy bee.
Frank: But hey, I'm sure Eva won't mind waiting until we had our celebratory dr-
Chief Marquez: Frank!
Frank: Andrea! Back so soon?
Chief Marquez: I just got told that someone has been mugged on the boardwalk! A lot of tourists go there, I can't risk their safety!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, I know I'm asking a lot from you, but could you please go over there and see if you can find the culprit? I really need to work on that speech!
Frank: Another busy day at the office, huh? So, <Name>, what do you want to start with? The angry mermaid or the boardwalk?

See what's going on with Eva.
Eva: <Rank> <Name>, you've got to help me out please! My life is ruined! It's so unfair!
Eva: I was about to sign my first contract in Ivywood! Something huge, my first step to success!
Eva: Becoming an actress, in Ivywood! Do you realize? I'll be a movie star!
Eva: But my boss found out. He was furious and I just got laid off! I'm banned from the nightclub! I can't go back inside!
Frank: Well, you're in luck. Personally I don't really care about your career, but <Rank> <Name>'s more generous with their time than I am.
Frank: You're up for it, <Rank> <Name>? Alright, let's go back to the nightclub then!

Investigate Night Club.
Frank: Is that Eva's paperwork? It's torn to shreds! Someone really didn't like the fact that she was seeking for opportunities...
Frank: Sure, <Name>, let's put those pieces back together! It's been a while since I haven't laid my hands on some Ivywood fancy paperwork!

Examine Torn Contract.
Frank: Not too shabbily done, <Name>! That contract's good as new, but that's an... interesting picture, for sure.
Frank: Wait a second, this contract is from "Magnus Entertainment"! This is one of the biggest adult films company in Ivywood Hills!
Frank: The people in this industry aren't choir-boys, that's the least you can say! I've worked in Ivywood long enough to know it.
Frank: I did drug busts there, dealt with stars, producers and other sneaky rats in the industry... put them behind bars...
Frank: And I've also seen many a starlet get lost on her way to success... I wonder if Eva realizes she's applying to an adult film company, <Name>?
Frank: You're right, we need to give Eva her contract back anyway. We might as well make sure she knows what she is getting into here.

Give her contract back to Eva.
Frank: Hey, Eva, <Rank> <Name> got your contract back, along with your... your picture.
Eva: Thanks a lot! That contract is an opportunity I cannot miss! I'm going to become a star, just you wait and see!
Frank: Uh, Eva, you do realize Magnus is an adult films company, right?
Eva: Of course I do! Oh please, don't tell me you're all shocked. Like you've never watched any of their movies!
Frank: Hey, I didn't say that, missy! It's just that... It's a tough industry to work in.
Eva: I'm not some wide-eyed doll, I know what I'm getting into. I don't intend to work for Magnus forever, it's just a way of getting noticed by the big studios!
Frank: Well, as long as you've thought this through... But be careful, okay? We'd hate to see a girl like you come to harm.
Eva: ... Alright, maybe I'd better watch my back, you're right. Pretty decent of you to look out for me, <Rank> <Name>. I won't forget that.
Eva: Hey, once I'm a star, I'll totally invite you to movie premieres and stuff! In the meantime, please, take these clothes, as thanks!

Investigate Boardwalk.
Frank: Hm, you're right, <Name>, this fanny pack must belong to Zack, there's even his lifeguard card inside! So he's the one who got mugged!
Frank: Whoever took this from him has serious anger issues though! It's been torn to shreds and... And it's covered in spit, lovely.
Frank: Hey, you're right, that spit might give us the robber's DNA! Pretty clever, <Name>! Let's get a sample from the pack!

Examine Fanny Pack.
Frank: Great, you've collected enough saliva off Zack's fanny pack. Yeah, <Name>, let's get it to Yann.

Analyze Saliva.
Yann: <Name>, I analyzed the saliva you collected from this lifeguard fanny pack, and it seems Zack Taylor's aggressor is a cousin...
Frank: What do you mean, like, Zack's cousin?
Yann: A cousin a bit further up in the family tree, actually... This saliva belongs to a monkey!
Frank: No way! So, that boaster was attacked by a monkey?! You gotta be kidding!
Frank: Please, <Name>, let's give his belongings back to Zack. I'm burning to hear him talk about how he got owned by a monkey!

Give his fanny pack back to Zack.
Zack: <Rank> <Name>, you found my fanny pack!
Frank: Yeah, and they also found out a monkey stole it from you... Anything to say about it, tough guy?
Zack: This damn monkey came out of nowhere, jumped on my face and attacked me! It was vicious, you've got to believe me!
Zack: Actually, I'm pretty sure it's around here somewhere. Something threw a coconut at my head a few minutes ago, I'm sure it was the monkey!
Frank: Terrorized by a monkey... Aaah, good times. Anyway, <Name>, you're right, we'd better have a look around the beach and see if we can find that little rascal.
Zack: Thanks for not laughing at me, <Rank> <Name>. And hey, you deserve something for bringing back my fanny pack! Here, have a burger, I cooked it myself!

Investigate Beach.
Frank: Good call, <Name>, those fruits have been nibbled on! You're right, we should have a look through them!

Examine Pile of Fruit.
Frank: So this is what terrorized Zack... A fighting machine, indeed! Little buddy's asleep!
Frank: What the... It woke up! Get off my shoulder! Get off!
Frank: Okay... Whatever... What do we do now, <Name>? We can't lock up a monkey!
Lenny: <Rank> <Name>! You found him! You found Billy, my monkey! I thought I'd lost him forever!
Frank: Hold on, hold on... This monkey's yours? Do you have a minute, we'd like to have a word with you...

Ask Lenny about the monkey.
Lenny: <Rank> <Name>! I'm so happy you found my monkey! It seems to have taken a liking to your friend, too!
Frank: Lenny, your monkey attacked a lifeguard and stole his fanny pack... Are you using it to get some extra money?
Lenny: Oh, no! Not at all! Billy wouldn't harm a fly! And you know I make enough money, I wouldn't risk prison for a few more bucks!
Lenny: But... Sometimes, when Billy sees a certain type of people... He can get grumpy. The little boy definitely doesn't like superficial people.
Frank: "Superficial", eh? I guess it matches Billy's target pretty well... Good on you, monkey!
Lenny: I promise I'll be more careful next time, <Rank> <Name>. I don't want him to get into trouble. Come here Billy!
Frank: Oh, so soon? I was just starting to like that little dude!
Lenny: Good boy, Billy! And thanks for finding him, <Rank> <Name>! Please, accept this little contribution for the Police Fund!

After completing all tasks...
Frank: Alright, <Name>! Our burglaring monkey has been caught, and Eva's career has been salvaged, I guess. All in a day's work! Pretty good, if you ask me!
Frank: Now, about that celebratory drin-
Chief Marquez: Not so fast, Frank! I need you and <Rank> <Name> in my office asap!
Frank: You heard the lady, <Name>... Let's do it before she loses her nerve...

In Chief Marquez's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, I just wanted to congratulate you again on the spectacular job you've done in Ocean Shore.
Chief Marquez: I think it's time for you to move on to another District. I'm warning you though, it'll be a tougher environment, bu-
Frank: Yeah, right! It's not like it's not violent and tough enough out here...
Chief Marquez: Frank! It's a very interesting place, very different from Ocean Shore. You'll work in swamps, forests, and you'll see old architecture, alligators an-
Frank: Alligators? Oh, don't tell me we're going to...
Chief Marquez: Oh yes you are. <Rank> <Name>, I'm sending you all to Bayou Bleu! Don't listen to Frank-the-grump, it's a fascinating district!