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At the Bureau’s Spanish office…
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, let’s recap! We know that the Promethians are planning to bomb several major monuments in Europe in a bid to sway the results of the referendum on European unification.
Chief Ripley: And Jacqueline Proust says she knows where the bomb detonator is hidden!
Chief Ripley: I’m not sure we can trust her, given that she’s admitted to joining the Promethians… But she’s our only lead since Klaus went up in flames!
Chief Ripley: To complicate things further, thousands of tourists have flocked to Spain for the Semana Santa holy week carnival, so Proust is laying low in the countryside. You’ll meet her there.
Chief Ripley: Stay safe, <Name>, and remember the fate of Europe depends on you!

Jack: Nice to see you, <Name>. Proust refused to give us an exact address where we could find her, but she said she’d meet us here.
Jack: I haven’t seen any sign of her yet though. Perhaps we should take a look around those windmills!

Chapter 1

Investigate Windmills.
Jack Archer: Oh my God, <Name>! There’s… there’s a dead woman in that weird metal bull! And it… it looks like she’s been burnt to death!
Jack: No, I’m fine, <Name>. I must have just… eaten something dodgy.
Jack: WHAT?! You think that woman is Jacqueline Proust? This just gets worse and worse!
Jack: You’re right, I need to pull myself together. The Promethians must have realized she was going to lead us to the detonator and decided to make sure she stayed quiet.
Jack: But what are we going to do now?! Jacqueline was our only lead on where to find the detonator! The bombs they’ve planted across Europe could go off at any minute!
Jack: Oh, thank God you’ve picked up some clues, <Name>. You grabbed some broken pieces? Anything is worth a shot!
Jack: You also found a pocket watch? There’s something written on it, but it’s faded. Your dusting kit? Already on it.
Jack: You picked up a scroll, too?
Jack: Wait! This has a confession on it. It reads: “I hereby declare I am a traitor, a liar and a fool. I deserve my fate.” And it’s signed by Jacqueline!
Jack: There’s no way Jacqueline would have ever written something like this about herself! She must have done it under duress.
Jack: And you’re right, there’s a red stain on the scroll. You’d better collect a sample, but be quick – there’s no time to lose if the Promethians know we’re onto their plan!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Jack: <Name>, those broken pieces you found at the crime scene form a key ring! And I recognize that design! They’re sold as souvenirs at Park Güell, a popular tourist site!
Jack: You think the killer might have come from there? No time to dawdle then <Name>, let’s go!

Investigate Park View.
Jack: Tell me you found some clues in Park Güell, <Name>?
Jack: A paperback book? Honestly, I’ll take anything you can offer! We’ll have to recover the faded info.
Jack: And what’s that? Oh, a cigar box. But what’s this weird symbol-
Jack: Oh my God, it’s the Promethian symbol, <Name>! Quick, what’s inside?!
Jack: Check out all those rubies! We’re rich, <Name>!
Jack: Uh… Right, I’ll grab the vacuum kit so you can collect a sample!

Examine Cigar Box.
Jack: You really are a natural with that vacuum, <Name>! … Though not quite as good as me!
Jack: You reckon Elliot could trace the origin of the rubies we found in the cigar box? Well, he has been looking rather bored. Let’s give him something to do!

Analyze Rubies.
Jack: Did you manage to find out where those rubies in the cigar box came from, kid?
Elliot: A blindfolded five-year-old could have done it! Everybody knows that this particular hue was only produced in a limited edition series by jeweler Larry Winston in 2003.
Elliot: And Sir Archibald Gilchrist bought most of the batch!
Jack: That pompous old banker? I always thought he was hiding something, <Name>… You just can’t trust bankers!
Jack: Why on earth would Gilchrist have bought all these rubies? And why would he be keeping them in a cigar box which has a Promethian symbol on it?! I agree, we need to go find him, STAT!

Talk to Archibald Gilchrist about his rubies.
Archibald: Oh for crying out loud, <Rank> <Name>! Can’t a fellow go to a carnival without you appearing?
Jack: Gilchrist, we’re here to ask you about these rubies we found at Park Güell. Are they yours?
Archibald: Oh, thank heavens! I’ve been looking everywhere for those! I lost them on my way to a client meeting.
Jack: When you say “client”, do you mean “Promethian?” We found your Promethian cigar box! ‘Fess up!
Archibald: No need to get shirty, boy. I… I’ve just been doing a bit of business with the Promethians.
Archibald: I mean, I’ve never actually met the chaps. They just required some funding. Just a few rubies here, and a few million Euro there.
Archibald: All at a reasonable interest rate, of course. Nothing illegal about it, just a solid investment!
Jack: Gilchrist, we suspect the Promethians are involved in the murder of Jacqueline Proust, and possibly half a dozen more. And murder is definitely illegal!
Archibald: Murder, you say? Look here, this is the third time you’ve tried to pin a murder on me, and I won’t have it! Good day to you!

Examine Faded Book.
Jack: What’s the title of that book we found at Park Güell? “The Princess and the Thief,” huh? Sounds like some kind of trashy romance novel!
Jack: A trashy romance novel written by our victim, right! That’s quite a departure from her usual political mysteries!
Jack: Now you mention it… That woman on the cover does look familiar. Wait a second…
Jack: You’re right! That woman… It’s Princess Sofia of Girona! Didn’t you meet her in Paris?
Jack: Yeah, I know. That woman’s ridiculously vain, there’s no way she’d have agreed to this! We need to talk to Sofia!

Talk to Sofia of Girona about the book the victim wrote about her.
Sofia: Nice to see you, <Rank> <Name>. Excuse the mask, I’m attending the carnival.
Jack: It’s funny, Your Highness. You look exactly like the woman on the cover of this book, “The Princess and the Thief.”
Sofia: Keep that monstrosity out of my sight! Can you imagine my shame when I discovered Jacqueline had created a character based on me for one of her “romantic” novels?
Sofia: I thought things couldn’t get worse after Pretty Fair magazine called me a “Royal Mess,” but now my reputation is truly in tatters!
Sofia: That’s why I’m having to take a break in the Spanish countryside!
Jack: Well, you won’t be featuring on any more book covers – we’ve found Proust burnt to death!
Sofia: How… atrocious! I might not have cared for her, but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!

Examine Scroll.
Jack: Awesome! You collected a sample of that red substance on the scroll we picked up at the crime scene, with Jacqueline’s “confession” on it. Quick, let’s send it to Lars!

Analyze Red Substance.
Jack: So what have you got for us on that substance from the scroll we found at the crime scene, bro?
Lars: Sangria, that’s what I’ve got!
Jack: What?! We’re trying to prevent the Promethians from bombing Europe here, dude! We don’t have time for drinks!
Lars: No, sangria is the substance on the scroll!
Lars: And as the wifey confirmed that the victim had no alcohol in her bloodstream, it must be the killer who spilt it!
Jack: So, we’re looking for a sangria-drinking killer! Their fiesta will soon be over with you on their trail, <Name>!

Examine Pocket Watch.
Jack: The message on the pocket watch you found at the crime scene reads, “Property of Armand Dupont”! As in, our Dupont?!
Jack: But… how could his pocket watch have ended up right where Jacqueline was murdered?!
Jack: Surely this isn’t possible – he couldn’t be involved in Jacqueline’s murder, could he, <Name>?
Jack: You’re right… We have to go talk to Dupont. I know the guy bores me to tears, but I refuse to believe he’s capable of betraying the Bureau!

Talk to Armand Dupont about his pocket watch being on the crime scene.
Dupont: Monsieur Archer, I do not have the patience for your wisecracks today. A dear friend of mine has just passed away.
Jack: That friend wouldn’t be Jacqueline Proust, would it? We found your pocket watch next to the body, Dupont!
Dupont: You have no empathy, Monsieur Archer! Please, a little compassion for a person in mourning.
Jack: We don’t have time for compassion! C’mon Dupont, how did your pocket watch end up on the crime scene?
Dupont: I gave Jacqueline the pocket watch. She must have dropped it when she… she was murdered.
Jack: Why would you give your pocket watch to someone you hate?! You were always saying what a terrible writer she was!
Dupont: It is true, she was a terrible writer… Mais mon Dieu, I read everything she wrote… It was my guilty pleasure!
Jack: Guilty pleasure? Do you mean you and Jacqueline…
Dupont: Voyons Archer! Jacqueline and I were pen friends. That’s all!
Jack: Well, after all those negative remarks you made about her, perhaps your friendship didn’t end on a positive note!
Jack: You need to leave the station, Dupont. We can’t have you here while you’re tied up in a murder investigation!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Hello, <Name>. I know you’re on the clock, so I’ll get to the point.
Angela: The cause of death itself is straightforward: Jacqueline Proust was tied up and burnt to death.
Angela: What’s interesting is the device that was used. According to my research, your murder weapon, the bronze bull, is an ancient Greek execution device.
Angela: It’s a particularly cruel execution method. A fire is lit underneath the bull and the metal heats up, roasting the person to death.
Angela: And fun fact: the device’s acoustic design transforms the victim’s screams into the sound of a bellowing bull!
Jack: That’s… that’s…
Angela: Brutal, yes, but there’s a certain artistry to it! Anyway, I also found something interesting on the body – the victim was branded just before she was killed!
Jack: Branded? <Name>, didn’t Klaus brand Father Agnelli back in Italy? Those Promethians really are obsessed with burning flesh!
Angela: I looked it up and discovered that the symbol means “traitor” in Aramaic. It’s a language spoken by only a few communities in West Asia.
Jack: So, you’re telling us the killer speaks Aramaic? They might have a knack for languages, but let’s see them talk their way out of this!

Later on, at Park Güell…
Jack: We’re in deep trouble, <Name>!
Jack: The bombs set all over Europe by the Promethians could go off any second now, and Jacqueline was the only one who knew where to find the detonator!
Jack: And we’re no closer to finding her killer. We just know that the Promethians must be behind the murder!
Jack: As for Gilchrist, we know he was funding the Promethians, but he claims not to have met them personally. Who knows what he might’ve done to ensure a return on his investment though!
Jack: And the face Dupont’s pocket watch was on the crime scene doesn’t look good… But would he betra-
Promethian: <Rank> <Name>, stop your investigation immediately, or suffer the same fate as the traitor Proust!
Promethian: I speak on behalf of the Promethians. We are everywhere. We will never stop. We will never give in. All of Europe will soon be under our control!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: We’re in deep trouble, <Name>! The bombs set all over Europe by the Promethians could go off any second now, and we’re still no closer to find-
Promethian: <Rank> <Name>, stop your investigation immediately, or suffer the same fate as the traitor Proust!
Promethian: I speak on behalf of the Promethians. We are everywhere. We will never stop. We will never give in. All of Europe will soon be under our control!
Jack: Who are you?! You’re under arrest!
Promethian: Ignorant fools! You have been warned!
Jack: HEY! Stop! <Name>, they’re headed towards the carnival hub at Plaza Mayor!
Jack: I can’t believe the Promethians would threaten us like that! And you’re right… It might even have been Jacqueline’s killer!
Jack: We need to follow them, NOW! Let’s go to Plaza Mayor!

Investigate Carnival Procession.
Jack: Darn it, I can’t see that Promethian anywhere!
Jack: But check out this place, it’s totally insane! Seems like we missed the carnival procession though, there’s nobody here!
Jack: Wait, what have you got there? This… this effigy looks just like the victim!
Jack: And is that bull holding her? Right! We know that Jacqueline was murdered in a bronze bull! This must be linked to the murder!
Jack: Well spotted, there’s blood on it! Whoever made this creepy effigy of the victim must have cut themselves. You’d better collect a sample, ASAP!
Jack: And you’ve found a Spanish fan with “JP” on it? Right, those are Jacqueline Proust’s initials! Let’s swipe it for prints!
Jack: And that oil drum looks like it’s hot! You think that Promethian tried to burn evidence? There’s not a second to lose, let’s search through it!

Examine Victim’s Effigy.
Jack: Good job, <Name>! You’ve grabbed a sample of that blood on the victim’s effigy you found at Plaza Mayor.
Jack: We don’t have time to wait hours for results. Let’s put the blood under the microscope and see who it belongs to!

Examine Blood.
Jack: C'mon, did you manage to identify the DNA in that blood you collected from the victim’s effigy, <Name>?
Jack: The blood belongs to Oracle Papadakis?
Jack: Oh, right! That fake Oracle we met while investigating the finance minister’s murder in Greece!
Jack: But what on earth would the Oracle have been doing with an effigy of the victim?!
Jack: You’re right. Either she’s involved in the Promethians or she’s got a really nasty grudge against our victim!
Jack: There’s only one way to find out! I saw we disguise ourselves as Promethians and talk to the Oracle… We’ll see how she reacts!

Impersonate a Promethian and talk to Oracle Papadakis.
Jack: It’s time to use my disguise skills, <Name>! Let’s don these Promethian outfits and see if we can trick the Oracle into giving us some information!
Jack: See? We look exactly like the Promethians! Let’s go and interrogate the Oracle!

Jack (as a Promethian): So, it looks like that traitor Proust finally got what she had coming to her!
Oracle Papadakis: I’ll drink a glass of sangria to that, my Promethian brother!
Oracle Papadakis: Funny to think Proust and I were friends once…
Jack: You were friends with that traitor?!
Oracle Papadakis: Yes, we met at university. We were thick as thieves… until Proust stole my thesis to turn it into a novel, ruining my career!
Oracle Papadakis: Now I’m just an unemployed scholar with a useless knowledge of Aramaic!
Jack: So that’s why you made that effigy of her?
Oracle Papadakis: Haha, yes! Quite a masterpiece that was!
Oracle Papadakis: Wait, I’m sorry. Who did you people say you were? Has the Promethian world domination meeting been rescheduled for today?
Jack: Oh, haven’t you seen us around? We’re new recruits. In fact, we’d better dash. We have an initiation ceremony to get to!
(After talking to Oracle Papadakis)
Jack (unearthing his disguise): Those Promethian disguises worked like a charm, <Name>! So now we know for sure that the Oracle is involved in the Promethians!

Examine Hand Fan.
Jack: You’ve uncovered fingerprints on the victim’s fan you found at Plaza Mayor, <Name>!
Jack: Let’s see if we can find a match for these fingerprints in the database, quick!

Examine Fingerprints.
Jack: The fingerprints on the victim’s fan are a match for Princess Sofia!
Jack: How on earth did she get her hands on Proust’s fan? C’mon, <Name>, there’s no time to lose. Let’s see what Sofia has to say for herself!

Ask Sofia of Girona how she ended up with the victim’s fan.
Sofia: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>. Care to join me for a glass of sangria?
Jack: Cut to the chase, Sofia. How did you end up with Proust’s fan when you claimed to have hated her?
Sofia: Oh, how embarrassing. I thought I’d gotten rid of that…
Sofia: Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag! Jacqueline forgot her fan at a Promethian meeting. I liked it, so I swiped for it!
Jack: What?! You’re a Promethian?!
Sofia: Of course! Like I told <Rank> <Name> before, I want to bring about change in Europe! I decided conventional politics were useless, so joining the Promethians was the next best option!
Sofia: That wretch Jacqueline threatened to ruin everything when she started trying to muscle her way in. I knew she couldn’t be trusted. Thank goodness the others finally caught on!
Jack: Sofia, whether you killed Jacqueline or not, we’re placing you in custody for your involvement in the Promethians!

Examine Oil Drum.
Jack: Check out all this Promethian stuff from the oil drum at Plaza Mayor! This means that whoever threatened us really did try to burn evidence. So this chess piece might be an important clue!
Jack: And I bet Lars can help us figure out what this chess piece means! Let’s send it to him, quick!

Analyze Chess Queen.
Lars: Dude, thanks for sending me this queen chess piece you found at Plaza Mayor! I’m totally into chess!
Lars: Fun fact: it’s thanks to Queen Isabella I of Spain that the queen piece is able to move any number of squares in all directions, while the king piece can only move one square at a time!
Lars: It’s because Isabella was more powerful than her husband King Ferdinan-
Jack: Lars! We don’t have time! We know it’s a chess piece, what else can you tell us?!
Lars: Right, sorry <Name>! Well, I did find traces of sangria on it…
Jack: Then that means the Promethian who tried to get rid of it is definitely Jacqueline’s killer, <Name> is right!
Lars: And I don’t know if it helps, but when I was jamming in Park Güell, I noticed people playing chess there.
Jack: That’s the perfect lead! Let’s go back to Park Güell to catch our chess-playing killer, <Name>!

Investigate Park Stairs.
Jack: This is a nightmare, <Name>. We’re no closer to finding out who killed Jacqueline, or locating the bomb detonator! Tell me you’ve found some clues!
Jack: You’re right – this bag has Proust’s name on it. We need to look through it, ASAP!
Jack: You also found a tablet? Wait! There’s a message on it. It reads: “For the Bureau.”
Jack: This could be somebody trying to help us, <Name>!... Or somebody trying to throw us off the scent. Only one way to find out, but it’s locked! Let’s crack it open!

Examine Victim’s Bag.
Jack: Woah, check out this gold thingy you found in Jacqueline’s bag, <Name>!
Jack: And… Urgh! Is that a bone inside? Creepy! Why the heck would Jacqueline have been carrying around a bone?!
Jack: You’re right, it doesn’t look recent. These Latin inscriptions should tell us something about its origin, but we can hardly ask Dupont to decipher them now he’s a suspect!
Jack: You think Marina could tell us more about it? Well, her beauty and brains always come through for us in an emergency. Let’s send this bone to her, STAT!

Analyze Relic.
Jack: I know you must be worried about me chasing after bombs and everything, Marina. But save your displays of affection – we need answers!
Marina: The only thing that worries me are your delusions, Archer. As for the bone you found in Jacqueline’s bag, it’s fascinating!
Marina: I studied the Latin inscriptions, and discovered it’s a relic from the 14th century.
Jack: Woah, so that dude has been dead for ages!
Marina: The individual was not a “dude”. The bone allegedly belonged to Catherine of Siena. She was a renowned theologian, and she’s now one of Italy’s patron saints.
Marina: What’s most interesting, however, is the story surrounding the bone. Considered a relic of utmost importance by the Catholic Church, the bone is reportedly cursed…
Marina: … And whoever removes it from its place of rest will die!
Jack: Aaand I’m guessing that place of rest wasn’t Park Güell?
Marina: Precisely. The relic is usually housed in a church owned by a certain Cardinal Salieri, who I’m sure <Name> remembers meeting in Italy.
Jack: I bet he wouldn’t have looked kindly on Jacqueline stealing the relic! Let’s go see if this cardinal has committed any mortal sins recently!

Ask Cardinal Salieri about the relic found in the victim’s bag.
Jack: Cardinal Salieri, can you tell us what your relic was doing in Jacqueline Proust’s bag?
Cardinal Salieri: Ah, si. Proust recently came to my church to confess her sins. I realized afterwards that the sacred relic was gone – she’d stolen it!
Jack: I wouldn’t put it past Jacqueline to steal something. But do you expect us to believe it’s a coincidence she was murdered after taking something from your church?
Cardinal Salieri: I told you last time we met, <Rank> <Name>. I am a man of God. I do not give in to anger. If Proust is dead, it is because the curse has come true!
Cardinal Salieri: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a game of chess to attend.
Jack: Don’t go far, Salieri, <Rank> <Name> will have more questions for you later!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jack: What does it say on that tablet with a message for the Bureau, which we found in Park Güell, <Name>?
Jack: The message reads: “I need your help. They’re after me! I don’t want to die!” And it’s signed by Gilchrist!
Jack: Oh, gimme a break, <Name>! What could that pompous idiot have gotten himself into this time?! Okay, okay. We’ll go find Gilchrist…

Talk to Archibald Gilchrist about his distress message for the Bureau.
Archibald: Thank goodness you’re here, <Rank> <Name>! You saw my message? I’m in dire need of help!
Jack: What is it now, Gilchrist? We’re trying to find a killer AND bring down a terrorist organization, so this better be good!
Archibald: I… I’ve been foolish. It’s these Promethian chaps, you see. They just won’t leave me alone! I thought it’d be an easy investment, but it’s turning into a jolly nightmare!
Archibald: It’s even more of a nightmare than when I had to learn Aramaic for a business venture! They keep pushing me for more money!
Archibald: I confided my concern to Proust over a game of chess and a pitcher of sangria, and look what happened to her! I need round-the-clock police protection!
Jack: Wait, how did you end up discussing that with Proust? Are YOU a Promethian?!
Archibald: I… I… What a preposterous question!
Jack: We’ll be keeping an eye on you, Archibald. And not just for your own protection!

Later on, at the Bureau headquarters…
Jack: This is impossible, <Name>! Most of our suspects have some kind of connection to the Promethians, but none has admitted to murdering Jacqueline.
Jack: We’ve got Princess Sofia in custody. We know she hated Proust, but is that enough to have killed her?
Jack: And Gilchrist claims his involvement in the Promethians has got out of hand, and now he needs police protection!
Jack: I sense he’s not telling us the whole truth about his role in the Promethians though. But would he have committed murder for them?
Chief Ripley: <Name>, this is a disaster! You need to take a look at the TV!
TV Reporter: I can confirm that the upcoming referendum, which will ask citizens to vote on whether Europe should be united under one central government, has been brought forward to tomorrow.

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: This is impossible, <Name>! Most of our suspects have some kind of connection to the Promethians, but none has admitted to murdering Jacqueline.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, this is a disaster! You need to take a look at the TV!
TV Reporter: I can confirm that the upcoming referendum, which will ask citizens to vote on whether Europe should be united under one central government, has been brought forward to tomorrow.
Chief Ripley: This is terrible news, <Name>! We know that the Promethians want to create a climate of fear in order to get a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum…
Chief Ripley: And if the referendum’s held tomorrow then the Promethians will have no choice… They’ll have to carry out their attack today!
Jack: There’ll be carnage if bombs go off all over Europe! We have to stop them, <Name>! Right, and we STILL need to find out which of the Promethians murdered Proust.
Chief Ripley: And as your suspects seem to be here for the carnival, I recommend you go back to the carnival hub at Plaza Mayor ASAP to see if you’ve missed anything!
Chief Ripley: There’s also a certain Cardinal Salieri here. He says he wants to talk to you, <Name>.
Jack: Oh come on, <Name>! You don’t seriously want to waste time talking to Salieri when we could be looking for clues? Well, it’s your call. But decide quickly, there’s not a second to lose!

Ask Cardinal Salieri what he wants.
Jack: Cut to the chase, Salieri, we’ve got a European-wide bomb plot on our hands! Why are you here?
Cardinal Salieri: Just to have a glass of sangria while I watch your investigation fail miserably, Signor Archer.
Cardinal Salieri: How naïve you were to think you could stop us. Why waste time investigating the murder of a traitorous soul like Proust, when soon even the Bureau will be under Promethian control?
Jack: Wait, "us"? Don’t tell us you’re a Promethian too! You’re supposed to be a man of faith!
Cardinal Salieri: This is God’s wish for Europe, <Name>. We, the elite, will take our rightful place as rulers over the continent’s lesser souls.
Jack: You’re insane, Salieri! <Name> will never allow the Promethians to come to power. We’re taking you into custody!

Investigate Cerberus Float.
Jack: Tell me what you’ve found, quick! The Promethians could launch their bomb attack at any moment!
Jack: A picnic hamper?! There’s no time for a picnic, <Name>! Oh, you think there’s something hidden inside? Get looking through it then!
Jack: You also picked up some torn paper? Well, it’s useless until you put it back together!

Examine Picnic Hamper.
Jack: Quick, what did you find in that picnic hamper you picked up at Plaza Mayor, <Name>? A postcard?
Jack: You’re right – that’s Park Güell on the front! And the message is addressed to our victim!
Jack: The postcard reads: “Meet me at 7pm in Park Güell. Come alone.” And it’s signed by Papadakis!
Jack: So Papadakis met up with Jacqueline just before she was killed!
Jack: I was thinking the same, <Name>. The Promethian disguises worked brilliantly last time we spoke to Papadakis… Let’s try it again!

Talk to Oracle Papadakis about her meeting with the victim.
Jack: Here we go again, <Name>! Let’s put my master of disguise skills into action once more, and go talk to Papadakis!

Jack (as a Promethian): Hello again, fellow Promethian. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have lost a postcard at Plaza Mayor, would you?
Jack: Only we found this while taking a stroll to contemplate our imminent takeover of Europe…
Oracle Papadakis: Haha, oh yes! That postcard was a stroke of genius! Would you like to hear all about it? You see, I had a key role in getting rid of that traitor!
Jack: By traitor, you mean-
Oracle Papadakis: Proust, of course! I was chosen by our dear leader to lead her to her death. I invited her to play chess at Park Güell, pretending I wanted to reconcile.
Oracle Papadakis: But when she arrived, our dear leader was there to put an end to her miserable existence!
Jack: Right, right… Can you uh, remind me again… What’s our dear leader’s name?
Oracle Papadakis: What do you mean, what’s their name?! Who ARE you?! You’re not Promethians!
Jack (unearthing his disguise, drawing his gun): This is <Rank> <Name> and you’re under arrest for being an accessory to murder!

Examine Torn Photograph.
Jack: Woah, that photo you found at Plaza Mayor shows the Promethians!
Jack: How can we tell who’s who though? They’ve all got their hoods on! This is useless, <Name>!
Jack: You’re right – Marina always comes through for us. Let’s send her the photo, NOW!

Analyze Photograph.
Jack: Quick, Marina. Can you identify the Promethians in the photo <Name> found at Plaza Mayor?!
Marina: Yes. The individual with the clasped hands is clearly of a religious nature, and must therefore be Cardinal Salieri.
Marina: The outstretched hand of the person on the far left, meanwhile, indicates royal heritage. And their feminine eyes and figure prove it is consequently Princess Sofia.
Marina: I’m a bit stumped about the individual in the middle though. The way they’re bowing to kiss Sofia’s hand implies they’re a stickler for tradition and culture…
Marina: And their protruding stomach and posture… suggest a slightly overweight gentleman… in his 60s…
Marina: No, wait… It can’t be! This… this Promethian… It’s Armand Dupont!
Jack: What the heck?! Dupont is a Promethian? How dare he betray the Bureau! I’m gonna-
Marina: Anger is not an attractive quality, Archer. If I may, <Name>, I’d like to interrogate Dupont with you. I’d enjoy the chance to make him sweat a little. Let’s go!

Question Armand Dupont about his involvement in the Promethians.
Marina: Hello, Armand. Tell me, were you bullied as a child?
Dupont: Well, children can be cruel at times. Why do you ask, Mademoiselle Marina?
Marina: It explains why you reached the top of your field, Armand. Children who are bullied are often motivated to overachieve and seek power in their later years. Power like the Promethians could offer, perhaps?
Dupont: What are you implying?
Marina: <Name> found a photo of you dressed up as a Promethian, Armand!
Dupont: It is not what it seems, <Name>! Jacqueline and I were working together, trying to destroy the Promethians from the inside.
Dupont: I managed to infiltrate the organization over a game of chess. I had a glass of sangria to give me some Dutch confidence.
Dupont: But the Promethians were so impressed by my fluency in Aramaic, they let me straight in!
Marina: I’m not convinced you’d do that without informing the Bureau first, Armand. We hope you had nothing to do with Jacqueline’s death, but <Name> has no choice but to take you into custody!

Later, at the Bureau’s headquarters…
Jack: We need new leads, <Name>! We’ve got four people in custody but no idea where the bomb detonator is!
Jack: Papadakis obviously played a part in the murder, but she claimed the Promethian leader actually killed Jacqueline.
Jack: We also know Dupont joined the cult, but do we buy his story about trying to bring them down from the inside?
Chief Ripley: <Name>, I’ve just had word that the carnival procession is headed towards your crime scene!
Chief Ripley: You need to get back to the crime scene immediately, before any final clues are lost in the crowds!

Investigate Brazen Bull.
Jack: C’mon, what did you find at the crime scene, <Name>? Do I need to remind you that there’s not just a killer on the loose, but thousands of lives in danger!
Jack: This lighter has a bull on it – this can’t be a coincidence! I bet our killer used this to light the fire under the bronze bull!
Jack: There’s a golden substance on the lighter? Collect a sample then, quick!
Jack: And what’s this golden chalice doing out here in the middle of nowhere? Well spotted, there’s a dark powder on it! Let’s vacuum it up, STAT!

Examine Chalice.
Jack: Great, you’ve collected a sample of that dark powder from the golden chalice you found at the crime scene. Let’s get it to Lars, pronto!

Analyze Black Powder.
Jack: We’re on the home stretch, dude. Quick, what can you tell us about that dark powder from the chalice we found at the crime scene?!
Lars: The substance is dried Queimada. It’s a drink containing wine, herbs, coffee beans-
Jack: Lars, we’re on the clock here!
Lars: Sorry, <Name>. In short, Queimada is a ceremonial beverage, thought to give the drinker special powers.
Jack: And we know the Promethians are all about ceremony, so the killer must have drank from this chalice before the murder!
Lars: And it gets better! I found some tiny hairs in the dried liquid.
Lars: I didn’t have time to do a DNA profile, but the hairs were so short and coarse that they could have only come from a mustache…
Jack: So our killer has a mustache! Well, things are about to get hairy for them!
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. I know, of course we don’t have time for jokes…

Examine Lighter.
Jack: You collected a sample of that golden substance from the killer’s lighter! We need to send it to Lars, now!

Analyze Golden Substance.
Jack: Lars, we’ve been waiting for your results for hours! Please tell us you identified the substance <Name> collected from the killer’s lighter!
Lars: You’re in luck, <Name>! I know EXACTLY what this substance is. It’s a nightmare getting it off the walls!
Jack: Quit being cryptic, bro. Tell us what it is!
Lars: The substance is adhesive glitter used for arts and crafts. Angela and I use it all the time with the girls!
Lars: But more specifically, it’s a type of glitter glue used to decorate masks. The kind everyone in Spain is wearing for the Semana Santa carnival!
Jack: So we’re looking for a killer wearing a mask! They might be hiding their face, but they won’t be able to hide from <Name> for much longer!

After completing all tasks…
Jack: Well, <Name>, we’re no closer to finding the detonator…
Jack: But you’ve collected all the evidence we need to arrest Jacqueline Proust’s killer. And a little disguise might help us finish the job. Let’s do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack (as a Promethian): Good evening, dear leader-
Archibald: How preposterous! How dare you call me by my Promethian name when I’m not in costume?
Jack: My sincerest apologies. I was just so in awe thinking about the brilliance of your plan to murder Proust that I forgot my manners.
Jack: I was wondering if you could tell the story again, it’s such a great one!
Archibald: Why of course, young recruit! First of all, I had Papadakis lure Proust to Park Güell with a postcard…
Jack: How ingenious!
Archibald: Then I ambushed her and dragged her out to the countryside! I branded her with the word “traitor” in Aramaic, as a warning to anyone else who might consider betraying me…
Archibald: … As if the fact I had Prince Albert and the Greek Finance Minister killed wasn’t enough to make people fear me! Those fools should have never stood in the Promethians’ way!
Archibald: Anyway, I digress. Then, I took my lighter and lit a fire under the bronze bull. It was just as magnificent as I’d hoped!
Archibald: But the finishing touch was playing the victim in front of those Bureau fools! <Rank> <Name> will never suspect it was me who killed Proust!
Jack (unearthing his disguise): I wouldn’t be so sure, Gilchirst.
Jack (drawing his gun): You’re under arrest for the murder of Jacqueline Proust!
Archibald: I… I… How is this p-possible?

Judge Adaku: Mr Gilchrist, you stand accused of murdering Jacqueline Proust by… roasting her to death?
Judge Adaku: And you’re also involved in a European-wide bomb plot?!
Judge Adaku: You’ve been busy, Mr Gilchrist. Tell us where to find the detonator and I’ll be lenient in my sentencing!
Archibald: Never, Your Honor! I acted to rid the Promethians of the traitor within our midst and now Europe will be ours! You’ll never find the detonator!
Judge Adaku: In that case, the International Court hereby sentences you to life in prison for refusing to cooperate and endangering the lives of thousands. Oh, and for killing that Proust woman. All rise!
Archibald: Ignorant fools! You think this is the end, but this is just the beginning. You’ll never stop us!

Chief Ripley: <Name>, now that Gilchrist is safe behind bars, I’m going to set up teams to track down all the Promethians across Europe.
Chief Ripley: Your work isn’t done, though. You still need to find that bomb detonator before the remaining Promethians can launch their attack ahead of the referendum on European unification!
Chief Ripley: And we haven’t gotten to the bottom of Dupont’s involvement in the Promethians. You need to find out if we can trust him.
Chief Ripley: You’ll have your work cut out for you, <Name>. But I have faith that you can do it!

Europe in Crisis 6

Back at the Bureau’s European headquarters…
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: Good job, <Name>. You’ve successfully put Archibald Gilchrist behind bars!
Chief Ripley: But we can’t rest until we’re sure the detonator Gilchrist was planning to use to set off bombs all over Europe won’t fall into the wrong hands!
Jack: Gilchrist won’t tell us anything though, so what do we do now?!
Dupont: If I may interrupt, <Name>, I’d like to help. I don’t know much about the Promethians’ plan, but I’m happy to tell you the little I do know.
Jack: You’d better wait in the interrogation room then, Dupont. <Name> will be with you shortly.
Chief Ripley: I’ve also been thinking, <Name>. In case you don’t find the detonator, the next best option is to try and cancel the referendum.
Jack: If there’s no referendum, the Promethians have no reason to launch their bomb attack! And anyway, this whole thing never really sat right with me.
Chief Ripley: But you have to be careful who you talk to. We know there are Promethians in high places and they might intensify their efforts if they realize what we’re trying to do!
Jack: Well, we do know one person who must be in contact with tons of influential people…
Jack: Princess Sofia! I’m dying to try out my charm on royalty. Let’s go talk to her, <Name>!

Question Armand Dupont about the location of the bomb detonator.
Dupont: I want to start by saying sorry, <Name>. It was irresponsible to infiltrate the Promethians. I hope you can forgive me.
Jack: That depends on whether you prove you’re trustworthy. We need you to help us stop this bomb plot!
Dupont: Évidemment, Monsieur Archer. Of course, Gilchrist didn’t give me or the other Promethians any details about the detonator.
Jack: What?! That’s completely useless!
Dupont: However, I do remember him saying, “When all else fails, turn to Güell.”
Dupont: I didn’t pay it much attention at the time. I thought it was just a madman’s ramblings. But now I wonder if it was a clue about how to complete the plan if he got arrested!
Jack: “Turn to Güell”? He must have meant Park Güell, <Name>! If he left with the detonator there for his followers to find, we need to retrieve it, STAT!
Jack: I’m already busy with this referendum though. Can you go with <Name> instead, Dupont?
Dupont: Avec plaisir, Archer. And I’d like to contribute some of my savings to the investigation, to say sorry. Now, off to Park Güell!

Investigate Park View.
Dupont: Vite, what did you find in Park Güell, <Name>? Some faded paper?
Dupont: Mais oui! That’s the Promethian symbol! You must uncover the rest of the text, <Name>!

Examine Faded Note.
Dupont: Hmm, the note you found in Park Güell reads: “The wind will always blow you in the right direction.” And there’s a drawing of a windmill!
Dupont: This is useless, <Name>! Time is running out and all we’ve found is a vague note about windmills! Who does Gilchrist think he is? Don Quixote?
Dupont: You’re right… We must follow the clues we have. You say there are windmills at the crime scene? Well, en avant!

Investigate Windmills.
Dupont: Please say you have found a clue, <Name>. I fear that those bombs could go off at any moment!
Dupont: You picked up a cell phone? Must I remind you we’re looking for a detonator which could set off bombs all across Europe?!
Dupont: Oh, cell phones are commonly used as detonators? This newfangled technology baffles me.
Dupont: You had better unlock the phone then – I hear you’re talented at that sort of thing!

Examine Locked Phone.
Dupont: Mon Dieu! Look at this list of European cities, <Name>! There’s London, Paris, Berlin… And a “detonate” button next to each of them!
Dupont: This must be the detonator Gilchrist was going to use to set off bombs across Europe!
Dupont: But what do we do with it now?!
Dupont: Good thinking, young Mister Elliot will know what to do with it. Let’s send the cell phone to him, quickly!
Dupont: And please, be careful not to touch any of the buttons, <Name>!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Dupont: Young Elliot, tell us you’ve disarmed that detonator <Name> found at the crime scene!
Elliot: Of course I did, old man. The Bureau didn’t hire me for my wit!
Elliot: There was an iffy moment where I almost blew up London… But I managed to salvage it! None of those bombs will go off now, <Name>!
Dupont: Tremendous, Elliot! Perhaps the Bureau will give you some extra pocket money…
Elliot: … Please. My parents already give me loads of money. Anyway, I actually ALMOST had fun for once.
Elliot: Now excuse me, I need to go brag about saving Europe to my mates online. See ya!

Ask Sofia of Girona for her help in stopping the European referendum.
Jack: Hello, Sofia. You’re looking gorgeous… Orange really is your color!
Sofia: Oh, I’m so glad to see you, <Name>! I’m in desperate need of help!
Jack: Actually we need YOUR help, Sofia!
Sofia: I feel terrible, <Rank> <Name>. As if I hadn’t already brought shame on the royal family, I lost the Spanish crown when you arrested me!
Sofia: That crown has been in the family since the 1700s! Imagine when papa finds out…
Sofia: You can help me, can’t you, <Name>? Will you go to Plaza Mayor and find my crown?
Jack: You’re lucky we need your help, Sofia. Come on, <Name>. Let’s go to Plaza Mayor to look for Sofia’s crown!

Investigate Carnival Procession.
Jack: Did you find anything at Plaza Mayor, <Name>? I can’t believe we’re running errands for a stuck-up princess when we’ve got a referendum to stop!
Jack: Uh-oh. You think those broken pieces are Sofia’s crown? Better put them back together, quick!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Jack: Good job restoring that crown, <Name>!
Jack: You’re right though. We’d better be 100% sure this crown is Sofia’s – there’s no time for mistakes.
Jack: I’m sure Lars can check it’s the real deal. Let’s send the crown to him, ASAP!

Analyze Spanish Crown.
Lars: <Name>, you’re just in time! I’ve got a joke for you. Knock, knock.
Jack: Who’s there?
Lars: Eiffel.
Jack: I’m not sure <Name> is digging this, but… Eiffel who?
Lars: Eiffel down and broke my crown! Haha! Get it? I fell down?
Jack: Haha! Great one-
Jack: Sorry, <Name>. I know we’ve got a referendum to stop and all. What did you find out about the crown, bro?
Lars: I checked the DNA of the hair I found inside, and I can confirm that the crown belongs to Sofia.
Jack: There’s no time to lose then, <Name>! Let’s return the crown to Sofia!

Return the Spanish crown to Sofia of Girona.
Jack: We found your crown at Plaza Mayor, Sofia. Though I doubt you’ll have much occasion to wear it in prison…
Sofia: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>. I would have disgraced myself even further if I’d lost such a family heirloom!
Sofia: So, what can I do for you in return?
Jack: We want to stop the referendum on European unification. And we figured maybe you could use your influence to help us!
Sofia: Well, I suppose since I can’t play at having all the power now that I’m stuck in prison, then nobody should be able to!
Sofia: I’ll make a few phone calls, <Rank> <Name>. I’ll have a meeting with the President of the European Commission organized for you by the end of the day.
Sofia: Now, before you go <Name>, I’d like to treat you to lunch in the prison canteen as thanks for returning my crown!

Persuade the President of European Commission to cancel the European referendum.
Chief Ripley: This is it, <Name>. I’m counting on you to convince the President of the European Commission to cancel the referendum on European unification.
Chief Ripley: This might be the most important meeting you ever have. Europe’s fate depends on you, <Name>! The President is waiting to talk to you in his office.

In the office of the President of the European Commission…
European Commissioner: Good afternoon, <Name>. I’m sure you’ll understand I’m a busy man, so let’s make this quick.
Jack: We’ll get straight to the point, Sir. We don’t believe Europe is ready to be united under one government.
European Commissioner: And why should I listen to you?
Jack: Because we’ve just thwarted a European-wide conspiracy linked to this referendum!
Jack: If the Promethians were prepared to blow up cities all over Europe to get a “Yes” vote in the referendum and take control of a United States of Europe…
Jack: Can you imagine what lengths other organizations might go to once unification is implemented?!
European Commissioner: We had heard chatter about the Promethians, but I had no idea the problem was so extreme…
European Commissioner: You have a solid argument, but I cannot waltz in and call off a referendum just like that! I’ll make some calls and see what I can do…
European Commissioner: In the meantime, as a sign of the European Office’s gratitude to the Bureau, I’d like to offer you this, <Rank> <Name>.

Later, at the Bureau headquarters…
Chief Ripley: <Name>, you found the bomb detonator AND managed to get the referendum postponed. The Bureau is immensely proud of you!
Jack: Yeah, congrats, <Name>! Even I have to admit you were pretty awesome!
Jack: Now, who’s up for drinks? I hear Park Güell is lovely at this time of day!

A short while later, at Park Güell…
Marina: Cheers, <Name>! And here’s to many more investigations together.
Dupont: <Name>, I want to thank you again for trusting me. Infiltrating the Promethians was a foolish old man’s bid for adventure. It won’t happen again!
Carmen: I’ve just heard! You kicked Promethian butt, <Name>!
Chief Ripley: As eloquent as ever, Carmen.
Chief Ripley: Anyway, you’re a real asset to the Bureau, <Name>. In fact, you’re one of the best detectives we’ve ever had!
Chief Ripley (stabbed with a dart): Let’s toast to- ARGH!
Jack: Oh my God! Chief?!
Chief Ripley (dropping her glass): I… I…
(Chief Ripley faints)
Carmen: Chief? CHIEF?!

A few moments later…
Carmen: Ingrid, call an ambulance! We need to get the Chief to the hospital, ASAP!
Carmen: And we need to scout out the park. Whoever did this might-
Jack: Carmen, pull yourself together! They could be anywhere by now. We need to listen to <Name>, they’ll know what to do.
Jack: You’re right, <Name>. We can’t do anything to help the Chief right now. She’ll be in good hands at the hospital.
Jack: And good thinking, the dart! We need to find it to get a lead on whoever shot the Chief! It must have fallen down somewhere… Let’s search the park, STAT!

Investigate Park View.
Jack: You think the dart fell into that ice chest when the Chief fell down, <Name>? Quick, let’s look through it!

Examine Ice Cooler.
Jack: You’ve found the dart which the Chief was shot with! We’ve gotta send it to Lars, NOW!

Analyze Dart.
Jack: Quick, Lars! What did you find out about the dart which the Chief was shot with?
Lars: Man, I can’t believe this is happening… I really hope the Chief’s going to pull through!
Lars: I know you don’t know her that well, <Name>, but Ripley really is the backbone of the Bureau. She always has our backs.
Jack: But right now, we need to focus on finding whoever shot her! So c’mon Lars, what do you know about the dart?
Lars: Well, the tip of the dart was imbued with fast-acting poison, which means it doesn’t look good for the Chief…
Lars: And also found that the feather fletching was colored with vegetable dye. More specifically, with poppy flower dye.
Lars: The type of poppy flower used is called Papaver atlanticum, otherwise known as the Moroccan poppy.
Lars: As you might have guessed, it’s native to Morocco, in North Africa. But I’m afraid that’s all I can tell you!
Jack: Now we know the dart was made in Morocco! That’s more than enough, bro. Come on, <Name>, we need to go tell Ingrid. She might have news about the Chief!

A few moments later…
Ingrid: I’ve just heard from the hospital, <Name> The Chief… she didn’t make it…
Carmen: You can’t really mean that, Ingrid. The Chief can’t really be… dead.
Jack: But… what are we going to do without her, <Name>? I mean… Ripley accompanied me out on my first trip into the field with the Bureau. She’s always been there for me…
Jack: And we’d only just found the lead we needed… Lars told us that the dart came from Morocco…
Ingrid: And now the Chief’s dead, it’s more important than ever that you follow that lead, <Name>. Because now we’re looking for a killer! There’s no time to lose, we’re taking the next flight to Morocco!