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Yunnan Province, China...
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, I still can't believe Warren Goodfellow was working for SOMBRA all along!
Carmen: How does SOMBRA do it, <Name>? How come we never see them coming until the very end?
Chief Ripley: The details of Warren Goodfellow's involvement with SOMBRA remain sketchy. But the letter <Name> found has led us here to Yunnan.
Carmen: That's another thing I don't understand, Chief! Yunnan is a remote agricultural province of China. What could SOMBRA possibly want here?
Chief Ripley: That's what we need to find out! All we know is that Warren met his contact, the so-called Head Hunter here.
Chief Ripley: Make no mistake, <Name>: SOMBRA's already a step ahead of us, again! Smoking them out of their Chinese hideout is our first task!
Chief Ripley: I'm sending you on a reconnaissance mission! Start with the rice fields. I'm counting on you to come back with fresh leads, <Rank> <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Rice Field.
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, that boy's dead! Someone's slashed his throat!
Carmen: I know we're here because of SOMBRA, so finding a dead body doesn't surprise me... but a dead teenager? Is SOMBRA killing rice farmers now?
Carmen: Or is this murder just a local tragedy that will throw us off SOMBRA's trail again? I don't know what to think, <Name>!
Carmen: You're right, let's get back to basics. Any good clues at the crime scene?
Carmen: That rice farmer's basket won't take long to search through! And if we're lucky, those torn pieces are something that belonged to the victim.
Carmen: That postcard must've been the victim's, it was right next to the body. But it looks old, the writing's almost faded.
Carmen: Hey, well spotted! The postcard's addressed to one Guo Han! At least now we know our victim's name! Let's recover the writing, it'll tell us more about him!

Examine Faded Postcard.
Carmen: <Name>, the text on the victim's postcard says: "Be a good boy. We'll never forget you. Mom and Dad."
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, this message sounds like a farewell... You think that's why the boy kept the card?
Carmen: You're right: since you also revealed the address on the postcard, we can go to the victim's house. Let's go!

Investigate Victim's House.
Carmen: So, according to the address on the victim's postcard, this is where he lived.
Carmen: I hope we won't be mistaken for burglars, <Name>. Quick, what did you find?
Carmen: An intricately carved wooden box? You're right, it's just the place to hide a secret. But you'll have to work out how to open it first!
Carmen: And that framed picture is a great find! That boy looks like our victim, only younger.
Carmen: There's a woman with the victim in the picture, too! You're right, we should run her face in the database!

Examine Puzzle Box.
Carmen: <Name>, I didn't know you were so skilled at Chinese puzzle boxes! What did you find in it, a bracelet?
Carmen: You're right, there's the victim's name on it!
Carmen: And there's another word written on the bracelet, too: "Mei." Hmm, that could be anything, a person, a place, an organization...
Carmen: You're right, Elliot will know where to look for an answer. Let's give the bracelet to him!

Analyze Bracelet.
Elliot: Hello, <Name>! I've learned something cool from Dupont. The man's quite clever sometimes, did you notice?
Carmen: Erm, yes, Monsieur Dupont holds several doctorates and he's fluent in thirty languages. You could say he's clever. What else did you discover today, Elliot? That the Pope's Catholic?
Carmen: Actually, never mind. Just tell us about the word on the bracelet <Name> found among Han's belongings.
Elliot: That's what I'm talking about, <Name>. The word "Mei" on the bracelet is a name. And Dupont told me that in China, they put the surname before the given name, not after. So my name would be Clayton Elliot in China.
Elliot: Which was useful to know, because it meant I had to slightly alter the algorithm I wrote to search for the name "Mei" in the population of approximately 45.7 million people in Yunnan.
Elliot: Long story short, <Name>, the person you want to talk to is Zhao Mei, a 15-year-old girl.
Carmen: A 15-year-old girl? Hmm, they must have been close, if the victim had a friendship bracelet with their names.
Carmen: <Name>, I'm not looking forward to breaking the news to Mei, but it has to be done. Let's go!

Tell Mei her friend is dead.
Carmen: Mei, we're sorry to bring bad news about your friend. But <Rank> <Name> needs to ask you some questions about Han.
Mei: Han's dead! I always told him he was too clumsy to survive! And I was right!
Carmen: Too clumsy to survive? What do you mean?
Mei: I always had to look after Han when we played in the countryside. Climbing trees, jumping over fences, finding wild mushrooms...
Mei: I told him he had to be faster and stronger, or he'll get hurt. And I was right!
Mei: I'll miss Han, <Rank> <Name>. Who's going to go on adventures with me now?

Examine Old Picture.
Carmen: <Name>, the database turned up a hit for the woman in the picture you found in the victim's house. It's the victim's aunt!
Carmen: We don't know anything about the victim's family yet. I agree, we should talk to Aunty Hua!

Ask Aunty Hua about the victim's family.
Hua: Dead, you say? My poor boy!
Hua: As if this family hadn't suffered enough already!
Carmen: We're very sorry to bring bad news... but we need you to tell us about Han's life. Where are his parents?
Hua: <Rank> <Name>, Han's parents moved to Beijing when Han was only a baby. Many adults move away, as there is no work here in the village.
Hua: They left the baby with me, and I've raised him the best I could. Poor boy, all he had from his parents is an old postcard.
Hua: Han was such a good boy, <Rank> <Name>, I don't know who'd have wanted to hurt him!
Hua: At least his parents will never know they lost their child, <Rank> <Name>! But my heart is broken!
(After talking to Aunty Hua)
Carmen: <Name>, Han's childhood is sadly common in rural China. Many adults leave to find work in cities... Can you imagine how these children grow up, without parents?
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, if life was hard before, at least kids didn't die murdered in a rice field. We must find out what's going on!

Examine Farmer's Basket.
Carmen: I wonder how that walking stick ended up in that basket, <Name>! Do you think it had something to do with the mur-
(Sen approaches the agents from behind.)
Sen: Hey, are you talking about my cane? Give it back!
Carmen: Eeeek! What the... Who are you?!
Sen: My name is Sen. The villagers call me Blind Sen. I live in the woods. I want my cane back!
Carmen: Well Mr Sen, considering your cane was at our crime scene, <Rank> <Name> will need to have a word with you.

Ask Blind Sen how his cane ended up on the crime scene.
Carmen: So your name is Mr Sen, and you live around here. What were you doing in the rice fields?
Sen: I was looking for my cane, <Rank> <Name>!
Sen: Thank you! I knew my cane would be here. I'm blind, but I have a sixth sense for these things.
Carmen: A sixth sense? Mr Sen, we're investigating the death of a local boy. Did you know Guo Han?
Sen: Guo Han! Something macabre happened to him! The shadows took him!
Carmen: That's one way to put it. Guo Han was murdered. I take it you didn't see... I mean, you didn't notice anything suspicious around the rice fields, Mr Sen?
Sen: The shadows! The shadows will descend upon the village, <Rank> <Name>! Only you can stop it!
Carmen: <Name>, I think we're done here. Be careful on your way home, Mr Sen.

Examine Torn Pieces.
Carmen: <Name>, those torn pieces you found near the victim were the shreds of a bamboo hat!
Carmen: Rice farmers wear hats like this, <Name>. Which means it could be our victim's! We'd better send it to Lars!

Analyze Farmer's Hat.
(June is also present in the lab.)
Lars: Hello, <Name>! My little assistant and I will present our findings about the bamboo hat you found in the rice field! June, please!
June (holding the farmer's hat): Here, Daddy!
Lars: Thank you, sweetheart. So, first, the DNA on the hair strands I found inside the hat confirm that it belonged to Han, your victim. Also-
June (putting down the hat): The black light, Daddy! Tell <Name> about the black light!
Lars: I was just coming to that. <Name>, I scanned the hat under black light, and it revealed a partial shoe print.
Lars: Now, June, go and play with your sisters for a minute until I finish this with <Name>, alright?
(June leaves.)
Lars: <Name>, it's great that the girls are now living with us full-time, but I didn't want June to hear the violent details of how this boy died. You can probably guess the rest anyway.
Lars: Since you found the hat torn at the crime scene, it's likely that there was a struggle between the killer and the victim, and the killer stepped on the hat in the tussle.
Lars: The print is incomplete, so I couldn't determine the shoe size. But the pattern on the sole matched a kind of footwear that is very common in the village: rubber boots!
Carmen: So we're looking for a killer wearing rubber boots, <Name>! Let's go get on their trail, then!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela (with April asleep on her back): Hi, <Name>! Give me a minute... April fell asleep on my shoulders while I was cleaning my instruments...
(Angela and April leave for a moment.)
Carmen: Take your time, Angela...
(Angela returns.)
Angela: There! Much better... My daughters are under my feet all day, asking questions! "Show me how the bone saw works, Mommy!" "Can I try those dissection scissors, Mommy?"
Carmen: Haha, I see they're ready to follow in their mother's footsteps!
Angela: I'm glad Lars and I decided to bring our kids here to spend more time with them after Lars nearly died in Bangalore, but I'm also anxious about their safety.
Angela: And now your new case, <Name>, this dead boy... it makes me especially worried.
Angela: This boy, as you suspected, bled to death after an injury that severed his carotid arteries.
Angela: The murder weapon is probably a sharp blade. Since you found the victim in a rice field, I'd keep an eye out for farming tools.
Carmen: Anything else to identify this killer? Who would slash the throat of a boy in a rice field?
Angela (holding a scalpel): The only clue on the body was faint traces of alcohol on the skin. It came from external contact, since there was no alcohol in the bloodstream.
Angela (puts the scalpel down): I analyzed a small sample and the alcohol is the product of fermented rice grains. Consistent with a popular liquor made locally from rice. It's called baijiu.
Carmen: So, the killer drinks rice liquor? I guess slashing children's throats would drive anyone to drink, <Name>!

A little later...
Carmen: <Name>, we've only just got to Yunnan, and we're already in the thick of it!
Carmen: We know that Warren Goodfellow met the mysterious Head Hunter here in Yunnan. But so far, no sign of SOMBRA.
Carmen: Instead, we found a teenager with his throat slashed in a rice field!
Carmen: The victim was raised by his aunt after his parents moved to Beijing...
Carmen: He grew up working on the rice farm, and playing with other kids in the countryside, while-
(A shocked Blind Sen arrives on the scene.)
Sen: <Rank> <Name>! I've SEEN a terrible thing! You must come to the Haunted Dragon Forest!
Carmen: What the... Mr Sen? You... how could you have "seen" anything? You're blind!
Sen: There's no time to explain! You must come with me at once!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, we've only just got to Yunnan, and we're already in the thick of it!
Carmen (taking out her notepad): We know that Warren Goodfellow met the mysterious Head Hunter here in Yunnan. But so far, no sign of SOMBRA.
Carmen (putting her notepad away): Instead, we found a teenager with his throat slashed in a rice field!
(A shocked Blind Sen arrives on the scene.)
Sen: <Rank> <Name>! You must come to the Haunted Dragon Forest!
Carmen: What the... Mr Sen? What's the matter?
Sen: A stranger is approaching the village! I've SEEN him!
Carmen: You've seen... Mr Sen, I don't wish to be rude, but how can you have seen anything, you're-
Sen: There's no time, <Rank> <Name>! Come with me to the Haunted Forest, and you'll see for yourself!
Carmen: Alright, Mr Sen... <Rank> <Name> will handle it. Show us the way to the Haunted Forest!

In the Haunted Dragon Forest...
Sen: There! Can you see the stranger approaching, <Rank> <Name>?
Carmen: Where? Over the bridge? Can you see anyone, <Name>?
(Ronin Ozawa approaches the group.)
Ronin: Greetings, fellow travelers. Are you lost?
Carmen: Wha... Whoa, I didn't even hear you!
Ronin: It's because of my rubber boots. They're made for walking without making noise. But you needn't be afraid of me. I'm just a traveler from the mountains. My name is Ronin Ozawa.
Carmen: Well, we're the police, and we're investigating a murder. <Rank> <Name> would like a word with you.
Ronin: It will be a pleasure to talk to you, <Rank> <Name>.
Carmen: Great! <Name>, I'll keep an eye on Mr Ozawa while you have a look around the forest.

Investigate Stone Forest.
Carmen: <Name>, handle that animal trap carefully! It's already stained with blood, you don't want YOUR hand stuck in it, too, while you collect a sample!
Carmen: And you're right, that bird feeder seems to have some faded drawings on it... Let's dust it to make out the pattern!

Examine Animal Trap.
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected blood from the animal trap! Let's look at it under the microscope!

Examine Blood Drop.
Carmen: <Name>, the blood you collected from the animal trap matches the DNA-profile of Blind Sen!
Carmen: You know, I know he's blind, but Blind Sen seems to know his way in the wilderness pretty well. He even alerted us to the stranger's approach!
Carmen: But you're right, it's best to ask Blind Sen how he walked into this trap!

Question Blind Sen about the animal trap.
Carmen: Mr Sen, <Rank> <Name>'s found an animal trap in the forest, with your blood on it. Did you... walk into it by accident?
Sen: Those darned children! I'm telling you, <Rank> <Name>, it's time they learned some respect! Of course, half of them are orphans, no-one teaches them discipline!
Carmen: Wait, you mean that trap was set by children?
Sen: Kids aren't like they used to be, <Rank> <Name>. Their games got violent. Even the animals hide from them. The children hurt them just for laughs.
Carmen: Mr Sen, forgive me for asking, but how can you be sure what the children are doing, if you can't see them?
Sen: I don't need eyes to know it was that little rascal Han who set up that trap! I heard him laugh from behind a tree!
Sen: I had a little too much baijiu that night, but my hearing's still perfect, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: Well, let's hope you didn't take revenge on Han by killing him! Or you sure won't have to worry about walking into traps in prison!

Examine Bird Feeder.
Carmen: <Name>, those drawings you uncovered on that bird feeder give me the creeps!
Carmen: You're right, the meaning of that stick figure with blood spurting from his neck is brutally obvious: it's exactly how our victim died!
Carmen: I agree, this must have been drawn by the killer!
Carmen: But the first symbol could be anything. It looks ominous, like a nail driven through a box... alright, best send these drawings to Dupont!

Analyze Drawings.
Dupont: Are you familiar with the Chinese writing system, <Name>? If so, you'll certainly share my fascination with these drawings you found on this bird feeder.
Carmen: Well, we figured the stick figure and the sickle was a description of the murder...
Carmen: <Name> thinks the killer scribbled it down as some kind of confession.
Carmen: But we're stumped by the third symbol. Are you saying it's a Chinese character, Monsieur Dupont?
Dupont: It is indeed... but here's a twist: see that rectangular frame around the character? The symbol is also one of the tiles in the traditional game of Mahjong!
Dupont: As you know, Mahjong tiles are full of symbolism. This symbol, the red dragon, stands for "success" or "achievement".
Carmen: Uhm, I'm not sure I get it, Monsieur Dupont. Do you mean the killer made these drawings, to say they successfully achieved the murder?
Dupont: <Name>, I won't pretend to understand the killer's intentions. But it's quite clear that they play Mahjong!
Carmen: Great, so now we have to find this Mahjong-playing killer, <Name>! I could use a walk to clear my head and think this over...
Carmen: Great idea, let's visit the victim's home again! Learning more about Han's life will help us understand what happened to him!

Investigate Victim's Room.
Carmen: <Name>, I'm not thrilled to ransack a teenager's home, but we have no choice. We need to find out everything about Han's friends and interests!
Carmen: You found a slingshot? You're right, there's something carved into the wood. Let's reveal what it says!
Carmen: Restoring those torn pieces will no doubt give us a fresh clue, too! Let's get to work, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: <Name>, those torn pieces you restored were the shreds of a book! It's the Lord of the Flies by William Golding! I didn't know it was popular even in China!
Carmen: Besides, the Lord of the Flies is a pretty dark story about teenage boys' adventures getting out of hand. It's an odd coincidence that Han was reading it just before he was murdered.
Carmen: Wait, there's a note attached to the book, too! It says "Han, you're clever enough to read this." Someone wanted Han to read this book!
Carmen: I agree, we must find out who gave this book to the victim, and why! Do they just love classic literature, or were they trying to tell the victim something?
Carmen: Hopefully, Marina can read between the lines of this message and tell us who wrote it!

Analyze Book.
Marina: Hello, <Name>! This book you found among the victim's belongings has some uncanny parallels with the murder you're investigating.
Carmen: Well, it's been a while since I've read it... But the story's about some schoolboy adventures ending in bloodshed, right? Just like our victim's.
Marina: Exactly. But what makes the book more interesting is the note. "Han, you're clever enough to read this." The tone is both encouraging and challenging, with a hint of authority in it, too.
Marina: Furthermore, the handwriting reveals that the person is educated and intelligent, and appreciates those qualities in others, too.
Marina: I'm sure you've already put two and two together, <Name>: the message was written by a teacher.
Carmen: A teacher! Well, it makes sense for a teacher to give a boy a classic novel to read... But still, Han's murder makes you wonder what this homework was really about...
Marina: The good thing, <Name>, is that this is a small village, and the school has only one teacher: Miss Yang.
Carmen: Well, then let's have a chat with Miss Yang about this book, <Name>!

Question Teacher Yang about the book she gave to the victim.
Carmen: Miss Yang, do all your pupils read the Lord of the Flies?
Teacher Yang: Oh, of course not, <Rank> <Name>... I'm sure you've noticed, but life around here isn't easy. Some of the children don't even go to school. They have to work on the rice fields.
Teacher Yang: Han was one of the bright kids. I wanted him to have a better future, so I encouraged him to read more.
Carmen: You must have heard that Han was murdered, Miss Yang. Did you notice anything odd in Han's behavior at school? Anything that could help us?
Teacher Yang: Han hadn't been to school for a while, <Rank> <Name>. He said his Aunty needed his help on the farm. Sadly, a lot of children drop out because of this.
Teacher Yang: Sometimes I put on my rubber boots and go out to the rice fields, to talk to the parents about their children's education. But it's a hard battle to fight.
Carmen: We understand, Miss Yang. Thank you, and please call us if you remember anything!

Examine Slingshot.
Carmen: <Name>, the slingshot you found in the victim's room had a message etched on it! It says "Cowards die," and it's signed by "Mei"!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, Mei was the victim's friend, but this message doesn't sound very friendly at all!
Carmen: Alright, let's find Mei and ask her what the story is behind this gift!

Ask Mei about the slingshot she gave to the victim.
Carmen: Mei, <Rank> <Name> found this slingshot in Han's room. Why did you call him a coward?
Mei: I told you, I liked Han. But he was weak. He spent hours in his room reading, or crying for his absent parents!
Mei: I gave Han dares, so he could toughen up and prove himself! I dared him to set my rubber boots on fire and throw them from the bridge in the Dragon Forest, but he chickened out!
Mei: Next I dared him to steal baijiu from his Aunty's kitchen. But Han refused to drink it! I drank the whole bottle myself!
Carmen: You drank a whole bottle of baijiu?! You must have been pretty sick after that!
Mei: That was the point! One must learn to endure pain and sickness. I was trying to teach Han to be stronger!
Carmen: You seem to take these games very seriously, Mei. But getting sick and setting things on fire don't sound like fun to me.
Carmen: Maybe we should have a word with your parents when we've wrapped up this case, Mei. Until then, stay out of trouble!

Ask Ronin Ozawa who he is.
Carmen (taking notes): So, why don't you start by telling us who you are and where you come from?
Ronin: I'm a traveler from a foreign land, <Rank> <Name>. I often pass through this village on my wanderings.
Ronin: I know most of the villagers. Whenever I come by, we sit down with a bottle of baijiu and talk. Most of them never leave this valley. I bring them news from the outside world.
Carmen (putting her notepad away): Well, the news here is that a teenage boy, Guo Han, was murdered. Do you know anything about that?
Ronin: Guo Han? Is that the boy from the rice farm? I regret to hear of his demise. But I've only just arrived from over the mountains. I don't know what happened to him.
Ronin: I'll stay in the village for a few days. Send for me if you need my help again, <Rank> <Name>.

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, is it just me, or is there something unsettling going on with the children in this village?
Carmen: I mean, just look at the clues you've found: first, that book about teenage boys turning feral. You've got to wonder if it was more than just homework.
Carmen: And what about the bloody animal trap in the forest? Blind Sen complained that the children are playing violent games and scaring animals!
Carmen: And the way Mei talked about "daring" Han to get drunk on baijiu is pretty alarming, too. I can't help being concerned, <Name>.
Carmen: Meanwhile, there's no sign of SOMBRA, or the mysterious Head Hunter who hired Warren Goodfellow. I wonder how they fit in the pic-
(A frantic Angela runs in the room.)
Angela: <Name>! Thank god you're here! You've got to help! You've got to find my little girl!
Carmen: Angela? What's going on?
Angela: It's June! She disappeared!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, is it just me, or is there something unsettling going on with the children in this village?
Carmen: I can't put my finger on it, but look at the clues: Lord of the Flies, the bloody animal trap in the forest, and the-
(A frantic Angela runs in the room.)
Angela: <Name>! Thank god you're here! You've got to help! You've got to find my little girl!
Carmen: Angela? What's going on?
Angela: It's June! She's disappeared! She's been spotted near the bridge in the forest! With a child-killer on the loose, I'm terrified she's been kidnapped, or hurt, or worse!
Carmen (pulling out her gun): June's in the forest? Get your coat, <Name>!

A few minutes after, in the forest...
Carmen: <Name>, I can't see June anywhere! Where could she have gone?
Carmen: <Name>, June's only six years old! If we don't find her soon, she... I can't bear to think about it!
Carmen: We can't leave a stone unturned until we find June! Let's start the search around that cliff's edge!

Investigate Cliff's Edge.
Carmen: Still no sign of June, <Name>? I don't like the look of that cliff, what if she fell-
(June arrives on the scene.)
June: Hello <Name>! Guess what! I saw a panda!
Carmen: June?! Are you alright?
Carmen: You can't run off into the forest just like that, sweetheart! We're taking you back to the station!
(June leaves.)
Carmen: Hold on, <Name>... you're saying you've picked up some clues while looking for June?
Carmen: I agree, that bindle someone left behind is definitely worth a quick search!
Carmen: And that flat stone was used like a fireplace, it's covered in ashes. You think it's worth a closer look, too?
Carmen: You're right, fire is a good way to get rid of evidence. Let's vacuum up those ashes, then!
Carmen: Wait, you found a cellphone, too? In this remote village I almost forgot that such things existed! Alright, see if you can unlock it!
Carmen: <Name>, you found June, but Han's killer's still on the loose! Time to get back on their trail!

Examine Ashes.
Carmen: <Name>, you've vacuumed up a sample of the ashes! It's up to Lars now to tell us what they hide!

Analyze Burned Ashes.
Lars: <Name>, thanks for finding June! Angela was so distraught!
Lars: You know, we encourage the girls to be curious and confident, but sometimes they go a little overboard...
Lars: But I know you're here for your sample, <Name>, the ashes you found in the forest are the remains of burned paper.
Lars: The chemical composition of paper is different depending on its purpose: newsprint, cardboard, bank notes, hygiene tissues, etc. All have their distinctive chemical makeup.
Lars: Based on the composition of these ashes, they're the remains of books! Dozens of them.
Carmen: Someone burned a pile of books in the forest? That's a disturbing act of vandalism...
Carmen: But how does this fit in with Han's murder? We know Han was a bright boy, who liked to read... surely, he had nothing to do with this?
Lars: Well, I have an idea where to look for information, <Name>. Books are a scarce resource around here. The only place where you'd find them is the school.
Carmen: The school? <Name>'s right: the schoolmistress is already on our suspect list... what if Miss Yang's the missing link between the burned books and the murder!
Carmen: We should talk to Miss Yang! And Lars... don't let the kids play outside until this is over, alright?

Ask Teacher Yang what she knows about the burned books.
Carmen: Miss Yang, <Rank> <Name>'s found out that some books from your school were destroyed. Do you know anything about this?
Teacher Yang: The village kids did it, <Rank> <Name>! All of them took part in this disgrace! Even the quiet, smart ones like Han!
Carmen: The kids made a bonfire of their books? And Han was in on it, too?
Carmen: Miss Yang, if Han did something so out of character, why didn't you report it when we first asked you?
Teacher Yang: You don't understand, <Rank> <Name>! ALL of the kids are acting out of character! I don't know what's happening to them, but lately I fear for my own safety in the classroom!
Teacher Yang: I didn't report it because there's nothing to be done: the children are all turning into uncivilized beasts!
Teacher Yang: I'm not surprised Han ended up dead, <Rank> <Name>! Without education, they'll all end up killing each other!
Carmen: Miss Yang, I share your concern. But I hope you didn't lose it and hurt Han, or your next lesson will be in the prison classroom!

Examine Bindle.
Carmen: <Name>, the stuff you found in that bindle looks like a kid hurriedly packed up their belongings: clothes, games, some food...
Carmen: Wait, you're right, the label on that jam jar says "Aunty Hua's home-made plum jam"... Which means the bindle belonged to Han!
Carmen: Hold on... you think Han had an argument with his Aunty, and ran away from home?
Carmen: Interesting that Aunty Hua never mentioned any of this! You're right, she has some explaining to do!

Question Aunty Hua about Han running away from home.
Carmen: Aunty Hua, <Rank> <Name>'s found Han's belongings in a bindle in the forest! But you never mentioned he ran away from home!
Hua: <Rank> <Name>... I was too upset last time to tell you everything about Han, but here's the truth.
Hua: Han had been acting strangely lately. First, I thought he was just being childish: he would hide my rubber boots or cheat at Mahjong...
Hua: But then I discovered Han had stolen money from me! I couldn't let him get away with that! I didn't raise him to be a thief!
Carmen: So you confronted Han about the theft? How did he react?
Hua: Han confessed... he said he only did it as a dare, and regretted it instantly. But I was so angry I chased him out of the house! So he ran away!
Hua: <Rank> <Name>, I was harsh with Han, and now he's dead! My poor boy! If only I had known, I'd never have let him go!
Carmen: Aunty Hua, it must be hard to live with regrets, and I don't want to be unkind. But I hope there's nothing else on your conscience, because living with murder is even harder!

Examine Locked Phone.
Carmen: <Name>, I knew that cellphone was going to be significant! There's the victim's photo on the screen!
Carmen: And the caption under the picture says "Ronin, good candidate, watch him"! Hey, that name rings a bell...
Carmen: You're right: the stranger we met in the forest said his name was Ronin Ozawa! This must be his phone!
Carmen: Ronin said he was just a rambler, but it's pretty obvious that he lied! He was watching Han!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, Ronin said he'd stay in the village - let's find him!

Question Ronin Ozawa about his surveillance of the victim.
Carmen: Ronin! It's time you told us who exactly you are, and what you wanted from our victim!
Ronin: Have I offended you, <Rank> <Name>? I sincerely apologize.
Ronin: I have business interests in the region, <Rank> <Name>. The villagers can vouch for my integrity.
Ronin: As for young Han, I wanted to hire him as an apprentice. He deserved a chance to get out of this village and make a life for himself. Many of the local urchins dream of such an opportunity.
Carmen: And what made you choose Han as your apprentice?
Ronin: I chose him after playing Mahjong with the brightest youngsters. Mahjong's an excellent test of logic and strategy. Han and his friend Mei were both talented. But Han won.
Ronin: Too bad I hadn't taken Han away before his bad fortune had befallen him. But none of us can escape our fate, <Rank> <Name>
Carmen: Well, aren't you a smooth talker, Ronin. But rest assured if you killed Han, you won't escape the prison sentence you deserve!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, I'm more and more certain that something strange is happening to the local children!
Carmen: Aunty Hua told us that Han had suddenly started to play pranks on her. He even stole money! His confession was further proof he wasn't being his usual self!
Carmen: And if the schoolteacher's testimony can be trusted, all the kids took part in burning books! <Name>, I'm not sure what to believe anymore!
Carmen: But worst of all, we still don't know who wanted to kill Han, and why!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, we should head back to the rice fields and re-think this case... God forbid more children perish because we've overlooked something!

Investigate Farmer Cart.
Carmen: <Name>, that tiny square you found must be a Mahjong tile! The symbol on it looks familiar... isn't it the same one we saw painted on the bird feeder?
Carmen: This could be our lucky break, <Name>! The tile is stained with some substance! If we can collect a sample, we can finally be onto the killer!
Carmen: And that bloody sickle could be the murder weapon! We'll need a sample of that blood to be sure, but that won't stop us now, <Name>!

Examine Stained Mahjong Tile.
Carmen: <Name>, let's send that sample from the Mahjong tile to Lars! Time to beat this killer at their own game!

Analyze Transparent Substance.
Lars: <Name>, the substance you found on the Mahjong tile led me to a valuable discovery.
Carmen: Spill the beans then, Lars. I fear for the other kids' safety if we don't act fast.
Lars: Well, first, the substance contained traces of baijiu. So far, so good: we know the killer drinks baijiu...
Carmen: ... So the Mahjong tile must be the killer's, too! Go on, Lars!
Lars: Well, the sample also contained a tiny fragment of DNA...
Lars: ... And in the DNA, I identified two distinct sequences of nucleotides, which means the DNA comes from a person with two X chromosomes... in short, they're female!
Carmen: So, the killer is a woman! Alright, <Name>, will make sure she's going straight to jail when we're done with her!

Examine Bloody Sickle.
Carmen: <Name>, let's send that blood sample from the sickle to Lars! With a bit of luck, he won't just confirm if the sickle's the murder weapon, but he'll get us closer to the killer, too!

Analyze Red Substance.
Carmen: Lars, what can you tell us about the blood <Name> found on the sickle?
Lars: You're in luck, <Name>: the sample you collected contained two different blood types. One matched the victim's profile...
Lars: Which, together with some skin cells, confirm that the sickle is your murder weapon.
Lars: But I found a different blood type in the sample, too... only a very tiny amount, so I doubt it originates from a visible injury caused by sickle...
Lars: But enough to identify the killer's blood type: it's A+!
Carmen: Thanks, Lars! Make sure your kids stay indoors until this is over!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected all the evidence to arrest Han's killer! Time for the truth to come to light!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Mei, you're under arrest for Guo Han's murder! But... I don't understand why you did it! We thought he was your friend!
Mei: I liked Han, <Rank> <Name>. I didn't want to hurt him.
Carmen: But then... what happened? We know you pushed Han to take part in your pranks... Did one of your games go wrong?
Mei: I gave Han opportunities to prove himself! I wanted Han to be stronger, so he'd survive!
Carmen: Survive? How was Han supposed to survive getting his throat slashed? <Rank> <Name> found your blood on the murder weapon! Or were you too drunk on baijiu to remember?
Mei: The weak die, <Rank> <Name>. It's nature's way.
Carmen: "The weak die"? What on earth does that mean? You killed Han because he was weak?
Mei: I killed him because the fate of the weak is to die at the hands of the strong, <Rank> <Name>.
Carmen: Mei, I... I don't understand why you're acting like this! You've just admitted killing Han, so why can't you tell us WHY you did it?
Mei: I already told you, <Rank> <Name>. Han wasn't strong enough!
Carmen: Han was your friend, Mei! You know what you did was wrong, or you wouldn't have scribbled your confession on the bird feeder! I can't believe you don't have any feelings about this!
Mei: Everything is futile, <Rank> <Name>. The weak die. It's nature's way.
Carmen: Alright, Mei. I think you need help more than you need a prison sentence. But we can't help you if you refuse to engage with us.
Carmen: Our duty is to act on the evidence, and it clearly points to you. You're under arrest for Han's murder.

Judge Adaku: Zhao Mei, you're charged with the murder of your friend, Guo Han. <Rank> <Name>'s report says you never explained why you killed him. Do you have anything to say now?
Mei: I did what I had to do, Your Honor. Han was weak, and the weak perish in the competition for resources.
Judge Adaku: The competition for... what nonsense is that?!
Carmen: Your Honor, forgive me for interrupting. But the Bureau is concerned for Mei's welfare. She's only fifteen, and, as you see, she's unable to give a coherent account of the events.
Judge Adaku: Very well. The Court orders Mei to be examined by a criminal psychologist. Until then, she'll be detained in a young offenders' facility. All rise!
Mei: Your Honor, I'm sorry. But everything is futile. The weak die.

Later, at headquarters...
Lars: <Name>, I'm relieved you've solved this murder, but it was a pretty disturbing case. Teenagers killing teenagers!
Carmen: Well, I must admit it's not what I expected when we came to China. But it's not the first time that chasing SOMBRA has taken us in unexpected directions.
Lars: I just hope the children are safe now that <Name>'s closed this case. Angela's sick with worry for our own girls. I hope it wasn't a mistake to bring them here.
Carmen: Well, <Name>'s right: there are still some unanswered questions about the killer's motives... And possibly about the children's lives in general.
Carmen: I'm afraid there's still work to do, <Name>. We'd better get ready for the debrief with Chief Ripley!

Innocence Lost (1/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, your first case in Yunnan has left us with some unanswered questions.
Chief Ripley: First: Mei's strange behavior during her arrest and trial prompted the Judge to order a psychological report. I want you and Marina to interview the girl again.
Marina: Leave it with us, Chief. We'll talk to Mei and find out what went on in her head.
Chief Ripley: Good. But that's not all. You must also get back on the trail of the Head Hunter. We know he's Warren Goodfellow's link to SOMBRA.
Chief Ripley: I'm assigning Jonah to help you do some field work, <Name>.
Jonah: I already have a plan, Chief: <Name> and I will go through the Dragon Forest with a fine-toothed comb. If SOMBRA or Warren have left the smallest trace, we'll find it.
Chief Ripley: I expect swift results, <Name>, as usual. Report back soon!

Investigate Stone Forest.
Jonah: <Name>, you're a pro at field work! That tent you spotted could be what we need to get back on SOMBRA's trail! Alright, let's search it!

Examine Tent.
Jonah: <Name>, you spot clues better than a sniffer dog! That button you found in the tent looks familiar...
Jonah: You're right: that smiling man on the button is Warren Goodfellow!
Jonah: But Warren Goodfellow's now in jail! Which means the button and the tent must have been left here by someone else! <Name>, this could be the clue that finally leads us to the Head Hunter!
Jonah: Alright, <Name>, you know I'm good with guns but clumsy with the forensic kit, so I'll let you brush that button for clues!

Examine Faded Button.
Jonah: Nice job lifting those fingerprints off Warren's button! Now we just need Elliot to check the database for us!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Elliot: <Name>, identifying the fingerprints on the Rising Hope button was tricky... I ran it through a whole bunch of databases without finding a single hit!
Jonah: Are you telling us the fingerprints belong to no-one?
Elliot: No, I'm telling you I'm brilliant! Because then, it occurred to me to cross-check the fingerprints with all the data <Name> logged for the last investigation, and compare them with your suspects' prints.
Elliot: ... Until I finally found a match! Remember that cellphone you found in the forest earlier, <Name>? Guess what, the fingerprints on the button matched the fingerprints on that phone.
Elliot: <Name>, the fingerprints belong to Ronin Ozawa! It seems like that dude lives off the grid and likes to cover his tracks.
Jonah: <Name>'s right: if Ronin Ozawa knew Warren Goodfellow, we have to talk to him. Let's go!

Ask Ronin Ozawa about Warren's button.
Jonah: Your game's up, Ronin. <Rank> <Name>'s found this button among your belongings! Tell us how you know Warren Goodfellow!
Ronin: I met Mr Goodfellow on the road. It's been a while since I heard from him.
Jonah: It could be because Warren's in jail for murder! We're trying to trace his links to a criminal organization called SOMBRA!
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, your words shock me. I didn't know Mr Goodfellow was a criminal! I thought he was an honorable man who worked for a charity!
Jonah: You seem to make interesting acquaintances on the road, Ronin. You followed a boy who ended up dead, and now it turns out you knew a convicted killer.
Ronin: The traveler's life is full of strange encounters, <Rank> <Name>.
Ronin: I'm sorry I can't help you more. Perhaps you'll accept an invitation for a meal instead? It will restore your strength and your spirit, <Rank> <Name>!

Question Mei about her motive for the murder.
Marina: Hello, Mei. You must be upset about what happened to Han. Can we talk about him?
Mei: Han was my friend. I liked him. We often played together in the countryside.
Marina: Very good, Mei. What happened the last time you and Han played in the rice fields?
Mei: We were running around... laughing...
Mei: And then it hit me... The resources are finite, and the weak must die.
Marina: "The weak must die?" Mei, it's clear you're still in shock... Let's try a different angle. Tell me about the happy times you had with Han.
Mei: Sometimes we played in Han's house, too. I remember giving Han a gift. I think it's still in his room.
Mei: But everything is futile, <Rank> <Name>. You will see. There's nothing you can do.
Marina: <Name>, we have to stop, we can't push Mei too hard. But we've heard quite enough already.
(After talking to Zhao Mei)
(In Marina's office...)
Marina: <Name>, Mei's behavior shows the same symptoms I've seen with patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Marina: Mei's repressing her feelings to cope with some difficult experiences in her past. It's understandable, given how some of these children grow up.
Marina: But you're right, <Name>: Mei mentioned giving something to Han.
Marina: Perhaps if we find that gift, we'll learn something more about Mei's background. Let's go to Han's house!

Investigate Victim's House.
Marina: <Name>, you found a tiny soldier figure? That's a strange gift... but then again, it's from a strange girl.
Marina: You're right, it looks like something was written on the soldier's shield. Alright, I'll get the forensic kit!

Examine Soldier Figure.
Marina: <Name>, that's SOMBRA's mark on the soldier's shield!
Marina: Hold on... you're right: if this figurine came from Mei, it means she was in contact with someone from SOMBRA!
Marina: <Name>, if Mei's fallen into the hands of SOMBRA, it could explain her strange behavior!
Marina: But how does Han come into the picture? The figurine was given to him... Does that mean he knew about SOMBRA, too?
Marina: <Name>, you're right! We can't ask Han, but maybe his Aunty remembers a crucial detail! Let's talk to her!

Question Aunty Hua about the SOMBRA soldier figure.
Marina: Aunty Hua, do you recognize the symbol on this figurine?
Hua: Let me see... Well, it's not a Mahjong tile, nor anything else I'd know...
Marina: Aunty Hua, it was Mei who gave this soldier figure to Han. Have you ever heard the children mention the word SOMBRA?
Hua: SOMBRA? I... don't remember. But I always thought that girl was strange, <Rank> <Name>.
Marina: What about Han? Did he ever repeat odd phrases to you? About nature? Or the weak dying?
Hua: We're farmers, <Rank> <Name>, our whole lives revolve around nature and dying... I'm sorry, I can't help more.
Hua: But I'm grateful to you for finding my boy's killer, <Rank> <Name>. Please take this small gift as a sign of my gratitude.

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>! Have you made any progress?
Marina: We've interviewed Mei again, Chief. She shows the symptoms of post-traumatic stress...
Marina: ... And, more to the point, <Name> found evidence that Mei was in contact with SOMBRA!
Marina: Unfortunately, in her current state, there's no point in questioning Mei about the details of what SOMBRA could have done to her.
Chief Ripley: That's an alarming development!
Chief Ripley: My biggest fear is that Mei isn't the only child who's been affected! <Name>, learning more about SOMBRA's role in this will remain a priority!
Chief Ripley: What about Warren Goodfellow and the Head Hunter?
Jonah: We strongly suspect Warren's contact is Ronin Ozawa. Ronin admits he knows Warren Goodfellow. But he denies any knowledge of SOMBRA.
Jonah: But that guy is like a ghost. Elliot said he erases his tracks... what do you want to bet he's SOMBRA, Chief?
Chief Ripley: We don't have time for bets, Jonah! We must be sure! If you think Ronin's SOMBRA, you must find proof!
Chief Ripley: Go back to the rice fields! And don't come back without results!

Investigate Rice Field.
Jonah: Quick work, <Name>! Alright, restore those broken pieces, let's see what we learn from them!

Examine Broken Plastic.
Jonah: <Name>, that broken gadget you restored is a GPS tracker! I've seen plenty of them before. See the little pin in the middle?
Jonah: But I'm afraid this tracker isn't in working condition... it's no use giving it to Elliot.
Jonah: You're right, even if the data's lost, we might still find other clues on the device! Let's send it to the forensic lab!

Analyze Tracking Device.
(In Lars' lab...)
Angela: Hi, <Name>. It's Lars turn to watch the kids... so I've had a look at this GPS tracker for you.
Angela: The tracker was worn as a bracelet, so it was easy to find skin cells on it. Most of them belong to Mei.
Jonah: Somebody was tracking Mei?
Jonah: We already know she fell into SOMBRA's hands, it wouldn't surprise me if they were keeping track of Mei's movements!
Angela: Well, I managed to isolate biological material with a different DNA-sequence on the device, too. And it matched the profile of Ronin Ozawa!
Angela: <Name>, the idea of that man following children makes my skin crawl! Just make sure you stop him, alright?
Jonah: Fear not, Angela! We already suspect Ronin's in cahoots with SOMBRA. This new evidence might be all <Name> needs to zero in on him!

Interrogate Ronin Ozawa about following Mei.
Jonah: Come on, Ronin, we know you're SOMBRA! Just admit you followed Mei on SOMBRA's orders, too!
Ronin: <Rank> <Name>, your words confuse me. If it's about the tracker on Mei, I have a perfectly innocent explanation.
Ronin: Mei isn't from this village, <Rank> <Name>. She disappeared from Sichuan Province a few months ago. Social services were worried about her.
Ronin: I agreed to help find Mei and make sure she wouldn't run away again. Unfortunately, I arrived too late. She'd already fallen in with the wrong crowd.
Jonah: First Han, now Mei... you keep posing as the guardian angel of children, Ronin. How is it then that we keep bumping into you, following the trail of SOMBRA?
Ronin: There's nothing more I can say, <Rank> <Name>. And now I must be on my way. Take this money as my small contribution to your work.

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Name>, your investigations have yielded alarming results.
Chief Ripley: First, we must learn more about Ronin Ozawa! The fact that we can't arrest him despite his apparent links to SOMBRA leaves me very dissatisfied!
Chief Ripley: Ronin's managed to slip through our fingers this time, but I've instructed Elliot to keep him under surveillance. But we can't make another mistake with him!
Chief Ripley: But your discoveries about Mei are even more concerning, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: If Mei's fallen into SOMBRA's hands somehow, it might not be an isolated incident. We must make sure other children won't fall prey to them!
Chief Ripley: Right now, our only clue is that Mei ran away from Sichuan. We shall all go there and try to pick up SOMBRA's trail again. Get ready!